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It’s hard to believe that no one had computers a few years ago. I wonder how people lived. There must have been a lot of paperwork. I can’t imagine writing everything by hand. I also wonder how everything worked without computers. We need computers today for everything. Hospitals, airports, the police… nothing can work without computers. I’m sure I’d be ten times busier than now if I didn’t have a computer. Imagine having to find a piece of paper and an envelope and then walking down the street to mail a letter! I love my computer. It makes everything in my life so convenient. Sure, it freezes and crashes sometimes. Sure I lose some data. But that’s not often. Most of the time my computer is like my best friend. Article/201104/131258。

Two months later, I reached Geneva. That evening I hid among some trees outside the town, and went to sleep. But I woke when a little boy ran into my hiding place. I thought I would catch the child and make him my friend before he was old enough to be frightened of my terrible face.I caught the little boy, but when the child saw me, he covered his eyes with his hands and screamed loudly.两个月后,我到了日内瓦。那天晚上我躲到城外的几棵树中间并且睡着了。但是在我醒来时有个小孩跑到了我躲藏的地方。我想我可以抓住那个小孩以便在他长大到害怕我那令人恐怖的脸之前同他交个朋友。我抓住了那个小男孩,但当那个孩子看到我时,他用双手捂住了脸并大声尖叫了起来。;Let me go, you monster,;the child shouted.;Let me go,or I will tell my father, Mr Frankenstein.He will call the police,and they#39;ll punish you.;“放开我,你这个怪物。”那个孩子嚷道,“放开我,不然我就要告诉我父亲弗兰肯斯坦先生了。他会叫警察来,而且他们会惩罚你的。”;Frankenstein!;I shouted.;You belong to my enemy, the man that I want to hurt.;“弗兰肯斯坦!”我大喊道,“你属于我的敌人,我想要伤害的那个男人。”The child fought and screamed, and I put my hand round his neck to stop him shouting.In a moment, the child lay dead at my feet.I looked down at his body, and was pleased with what I had done. I knew that the death of this child would hurt you,Victor Frankenstein,my creator.那个小孩一边搏斗一边叫喊,我于是用手卡住他的脖子以阻止他叫喊。过了一会儿,那个孩子便倒在我的脚下死了。我俯视着他的尸体,对我所做的事感到高兴。我知道这个孩子的死会伤害你,维克多·弗兰肯斯坦,我的创造者。Then I saw something bright round the child#39;s neck. It was a gold chain,and on the end of it was a picture of a very beau-tiful woman.I knew that a beautiful woman would never smile at me, and I wanted to run into Geneva and kill as many people as I could.But I stopped myself,and went to look for an-other hiding place.Soon I found a hut, which seemed to be empty,but when I entered I saw a pretty young woman asleep on the floor. I hated her because she was pretty.So I put the gold chain into one of her pockets, and then, before she could wake up, I ran away.I knew the police would think that she had killed the little boy.后来我看见孩子的脖子上有个亮闪闪的东西。那是一条金链,它的末端有一张非常漂亮的女人的照片。我知道漂亮女人是绝不会朝我微笑的,于是便想跑到日内瓦去尽量多杀死几个人。然而我阻止了自己的行动,并去找别的躲藏之处。不久我发现了一个茅屋,它似乎是空的;但当我进去后便见到一个年轻漂亮的女人熟睡在地板上。我恨她就因为她漂亮。于是我把那条金链放到了她的一个口袋中,然后在她醒来之前跑开了。我知道警察会认为是她杀死了那个小男孩的。 /201205/182489。

What Is the Truth behind the Mummy's Curse? 都是法老王诅咒搞的鬼?For over a century, tales of Egyptian mummies seeking revenge over their disturbed tombs have excited the curiosity of people around the world. However, according to British archaeologist Dominic Montserrat, curses that protect the remains of ancient Egyptians are simply an invention of storywriters.Montserrat has found that the idea of a curse was created 180 years ago by novelist Jane Loudon. In 1821, Loudon got the idea for a horror novel while watching an exhibition of mummies being unwrapped in London. Her novel featured a mummy coming back to life and seeking revenge against an archaeologist.During the late 1860s, the vengeful mummy idea evolved into the concept of the mummy’s curse, which was made popular by several American and British novelists. Another author, Marie Corelli, issued a warning after the discovery of King Tutankhamen’s (King Tut) tomb that anyone who dared enter would be severely punished. Stories of mummy curses were widesp in the early 20th century. Some journalists even said that the Titanic sank in 1912 because an ancient Egyptian coffin was on board. Later, in 1923, the discovery of King Tut’s tomb added new life to the legend. The unexpected death of Lord Carnarvon, who led the exploration of the tomb, propelled the curse story onto the front pages of newspapers around the world. According to Dominic Montserrat, however, there was nothing unusual about Carnarvon’s death, since he was in poor health anyway. Moreover, almost all the 26 members of the exploration team were still alive ten years later. Some curse! Montserrat actually sees the discovery of the tomb as beneficial to King Tut’s soul. Ancient Egyptians believed that the soul of the departed survived only as long as the name was remembered. If that is true, then the discovery of King Tut’s tomb and those of other Egyptians ensures that their souls will survive for many years to come.100多年来,埃及木乃伊向盗墓者报复的传说激起了全世界人的好奇心。然而根据英国考古学家多米尼克·蒙瑟雷特的说法,保护古埃及人遗骸的诅咒只是小说家的一个创造。蒙瑟雷特发现这种诅咒的构想是小说家简·劳敦在180年前创作的。1821年当劳敦在伦敦观看一个解开木乃伊裹布的展示时,便想到这个构思来写恐怖小说。她的小说表现了一个木乃伊复活并向考古学家复仇。19世纪60年代末,木乃伊复仇的构想演变成为木乃伊诅咒的观念,并在被许多英美小说家采用后,已蔚然成风。在埃及图坦克哈门王(塔特王)的陵墓被发现后,另一位作家玛丽·柯瑞里发出警告:擅闯者将严惩不怠。20世纪初木乃伊诅咒的故事广为流传。一些新闻记者甚至说,1912年泰坦尼克号的沉没是因为船上放置了一副古埃及棺木。之后1923年塔特王陵墓的出土也为此传说注入了新生命。率领挖掘陵墓的卡纳文勋爵的猝死,更将此诅咒传说推上全球报纸的头版。然而根据多米尼克·蒙瑟雷特的说法,卡纳文的死并无异常之处,因为他的健康状况一直欠佳。而且10年后勘探队的26名成员几乎都还健在。这算什么诅咒﹗ Article/200803/28385。

A 79-year-old man was slightly injured on Saturday while waiting in his brand new convertible in a drive-through lane at Burger Prince restaurant. Herman Sherman of Northville suffered a mild burn about 9:00 p.m. when a young female employee accidentally spilled a cup of coffee into his lap. Sherman said the coffee was hot but not scalding.He refused medical aid, saying the only problem was the stain on his slacks, but it would wash out. He was given a fresh refill. Before Sherman drove off, the restaurant manager, John Johnson, gave him two free gift certificates--one for an extra-large coffee and one for the restaurant's newest sandwich, the McRap.The employee, who was a new hire, was let go later that evening. She was quite upset. She said she would probably sue Burger Prince for letting her go. She said it was the man's fault for ordering something that she might be able to spill. Article/201106/139877。

I’m a bit shy when I have to speak in English. I’m a little worried about making mistakes. I also still lack confidence. Many of my friends don’t worry about mistakes. They just talk and talk. They always get their message across, even if their grammar is wrong. I think this is the best thing to do. My teacher always says it’s best to learn by doing. If I don’t try to speak English, I’ll never be able to use it when I need it. One thing I started doing recently was talking to myself. I have short conversations with myself. I think it works. I also make short stories about people and say them aloud. I do this in my room, of course. People would think I’m crazy if I did it in class or on the train. Article/201104/132394。

姑娘,当你读到这朴素的诗行, 你当尽享你的青春,因为它不会停留;你要尽享你美丽年华的芬芳,噢!因为人生不可能总是阳光明媚! It Is Not Always May by Henry Wadsworth LongfellowThe sun is bright, - the air is clear,The darting swallows soar and sing.And from the stately elms I hearThe bluebird prophesying Spring. So blue you winding river flows,It seems an outlet from the sky,Where waiting till the west-wind blows,The freighted clouds at anchor lie. All things are new; - the buds, the leaves,That gild the elm-tree's nodding crest,And even the nest beneath the eaves;There are no birds in last year's nest! All things rejoice in youth and love,The fullness of their first delight!And learn from the soft heavens aboveThe melting tenderness of night. Maiden, that 'st this simple rhyme,Enjoy thy youth, it will not stay;Enjoy the fragrance of thy prime,For oh, it is not always May! Enjoy the Spring of Love and Youth,To some good angel leave the rest;For Time will teach thee soon the truth,There are no birds in last year's nest! Article/200912/92173。

One day, the teacher inquired Peter: "How much is four minus four?" Peter was tongue-tied. The teacher got angry and said: "What a fool! You see, if I put four coins in your pocket, but there is a hole in your pocket and all of them leak out, now what is left in your pocket?" "The hole." Replied Peter.一天,老师问彼得:“4减4等于几?”彼得张口结舌答不上来。老师生气地说:“真笨!比如我给你衣袋里装进4个硬币,可你衣袋上有个窟窿,硬币全从这里漏掉了,那么,你衣袋里还剩下什么?”“还剩下个窟窿。”彼得答道。 Article/200805/38255。

《哈克贝里·费恩历险记》第6章:第6节 相关专题:· 有声读物-安徒生童话故事·有声读物-浪漫满屋· 新概念优美背诵短文50篇 Article/200809/47647。

James Baldwin Wrote About Race and Identity in AmericaVOICE ONE:I'm Shirley Griffith.VOICE TWO: James Baldwin And I'm Steve Ember with People in America in VOA Special English. Today we tell about James Baldwin, one of the most important American writers of the twentieth century. Critics praised him for honestly and bravely examining race relations and identity in the ed States. (MUSIC)VOICE ONE:James Baldwin wrote more than twenty novels, reports and commentary, plays and poetry. He wrote most of them during the nineteen-fifties and sixties. Some critics say his first book, "Go Tell it on the Mountain," was his best effort at storytelling. The book is based on his early life. James Baldwin was born in nineteen twenty-four in New York City. He grew up in a mostly black area of New York called Harlem. During the nineteen thirties, the ed States was suffering an economic crisis called the Great Depression. Many African-Americans, including his family, were even poorer than white Americans.James Baldwin was the oldest child in a family of nine. He never knew his biological father. When he was three years old, his mother married a factory worker. James grew up with a severe step-father. He writes about a similar difficult relationship between father and son in "Go Tell it on the Mountain". Another similarity between the book and the writer's life is the importance of Christianity and the church. James's step-father was also a preacher in a small church in a business area of Harlem. Such religious centers that were former stores were called "storefront churches." They were common in African-American areas.VOICE TWO:The boy in "Go Tell it on the Mountain" struggles between choosing to be like his father or doing something else with his life. The events happen on one day -- the boy's fourteenth birthday. In the end, he decides to do what his father wants. James Baldwin faced a similar struggle. He became a preacher in his step-father's church for three years. But at age seventeen, he left the church. This struggle and his experience in the church greatly influenced his writing.Critics and Baldwin himself have said the Christian holy book, The Bible, influenced his writing. Critics also said he writes the way African-American clergy speak in church. Baldwin uses similar words, sentence rhythms, and descriptions. Jazz and blues music traditions also influenced his writing. All these have made his writing more powerful and emotionally moving.James Baldwin blamed Christianity for providing support to slavery. He also criticized some black Christians for using their religion as an excuse to accept oppression. But, Baldwin also praised Christianity for helping African-Americans join together to fight racism.VOICE ONE:The book "Go Tell it on the Mountain" also describes how and why the boy's parents moved separately from the South to New York City. They were part of a great movement of southern blacks to the northern ed States in the first half of the twentieth century. It was called the Great Migration. African-Americans moved to escape southern laws on racial separation. Also, there was not enough farm work for everyone, while jobs in industries were increasing in the northern states. Baldwin explains this historical event in the personal stories of one family. His expert storytelling brings history to life.(MUSIC)VOICE TWO:James Baldwin said he had to write "Go Tell It on the Mountain" so that he could write everything else. He also said he realized at a very young age that he did not have very much as a black person in America. But he knew he had his brain. So he spent a lot of time in libraries ing. And he began to write for his school magazine. James Baldwin finished high school at about the same time that he realized that he did not want to continue as a church preacher. He left home and moved to an area of New York City called Greenwich Village. The area was popular with artists. Baldwin got jobs that did not pay much. He was very poor. But he continued to write. He published reports in magazines such as the Partisan Review and the Nation. They were not very widely . Baldwin communicated with Richard Wright, a well-known African-American writer. Wright helped Baldwin get financial help to travel to Europe to write. He went to Paris and London in nineteen forty-eight.Baldwin lived in Paris and the south of France for the next six years. He also lived in Istanbul, Turkey. He wrote "Go Tell It On the Mountain," which was published in nineteen fifty-three. Critics in the ed States announced the arrival of a great new voice in American writing. But the book did not become popular until much later.VOICE ONE:In nineteen fifty-five, the essays and commentary Baldwin had written earlier were collected and published in a book. It is called "Notes of a Native Son." He wrote about social, political and cultural issues facing black people in America. He also told of his experience as a black man in Europe. Critics praised the book for clearly dealing with one of the most troubling issues of that time: racism. Baldwin continued to write stories based on his experiences. "Giovanni's Room" was published in nineteen fifty-six. It is about a white American man in Paris who loves both an Italian man and an American woman. The book is about the struggle to accept one's sexuality. James Baldwin faced a similar struggle. His former religion condemned homosexuality, as did most of society. So it was difficult for Baldwin to accept himself.He wrote about the same issue in his next book, "Another Country." This book is mainly based in New York City. It explores race, sex and identity among artists. Some critics said "Another Country" and "Giovanni's Room" were not very good books. But James Baldwin wrote openly and bravely about subjects that many people would not discuss in public in those days.(MUSIC)VOICE TWO:Critics praised Baldwin's books that directly examined true events more than they praised his fiction. His book, "The Fire Next Time," became one of the best-selling books of nineteen sixty-three. It was called a powerful and leading voice of the civil rights movement. African-Americans and liberal white Americans increased demands and demonstrations for equal rights for black people and other minorities. Many activists went to the southern states to help more black people sign up to vote. Baldwin left Europe for some time to take part in this action."The Fire Next Time" is in the form of two letters. In the first, Baldwin tells a young family member about the problems he faced as a black man in America. Baldwin also tells him to be strong and fight for justice. The second letter is to America. Baldwin warns that race relations are so bad that something terrible might happen if they do not improve. He urges white Americans to change for their own good because they cannot live without their black brothers. The writer says love is the only way for America not to destroy itself. "The Fire Next Time" was an influential book. It made Baldwin even more famous. His picture appeared on the cover of Time magazine. "The Fire Next Time" remains one of his most widely books. (MUSIC)VOICE ONE:James Baldwin wrote short stories, books and plays throughout the nineteen seventies and early eighties. He continued to explore issues of race, religion, sexual identity and history. These books include "The Amen Corner," "Tell me How Long the Train's Been Gone" and "If Beale Street Could Talk." His last book, "The Evidence of Things Not Seen," was published in nineteen eighty-five.Baldwin lived both in the ed States and France during this time. He taught in colleges, including the University of Massachusetts. He supported new African-American writers who later became famous, such as Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou. James Baldwin was made a Commander of the French Legion of Honor in nineteen eighty-six. He also received many awards in the ed States.James Baldwin died at his home in southern France in nineteen eighty-seven. But his voice lives on in the books that young people still in many American classrooms and around the world. Critics say his urgent warning that we must learn to accept one another's differences is still important today.(MUSIC)VOICE TWO:Our program was written by Doreen Baingana and produced by Dana Demange. I'm Steve Ember.VOICE ONE:And I'm Shirley Griffith. You can download transcripts and archives of our shows at voaspecialenglish.com. Join us again next week for PEOPLE IN AMERICA in VOA Special English. Article/200803/31362。