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Learn a super simple method of getting out bird dropping stains from clothing. Everythings aly in your cupboard, so learn how to remove bird dropping stains from clothes in an instant.去除衣上的鸟粪污染有一个超级简单的方法。一切原料你的橱柜中都有,那么,现在跟着我们学习怎样瞬间清除衣上的鸟粪污渍吧。Step 1: Pooper Scooper1.用勺子刮With a dull knife or spoon, scoop up any excess residue. Work from the outside in to prevent sping the stain.用一把比较钝的刀子或勺子挂掉任何残余的鸟粪。在衣外面刮,防止污渍扩大。Step 2: Flush It2.冲洗Many times, water will be able to get rid of all or most of the stain at hand. In this case, flush the stain with cool water until the stain is gone or nearly gone.许多时候,水能够清除全部或大部分污渍。在这种情况下,用冷水冲洗鸟粪污染处,直到污渍全部或大部分清除掉。Step 3: Bleach It3.漂白If the stain is still visible, use hydrogen peroxide or some other bleach that is safe on the fabric. Use 3% hydrogen peroxide that is most often used for first aid. Be sure to test a hidden area for colorfastness before treating the stain.如果仍然能看到污渍,使用双氧水或其他对布料安全的漂白剂。使用经常用于急救的3%的双氧水。在用来处理污渍之前最好先找一个隐蔽的地方测验一下是否会染色。Thanks for watching How To Remove Bird Dropping Stains From Clothes.感谢收看“怎样清除衣上的鸟粪污渍”视频节目。201211/208608。

Ben Cameron英文作为艺术行政员及现场戏剧表演迷,本;卡梅隆就现场艺术的现状提出问题;;现场戏剧,现场音乐及现场舞蹈的魅力如何与无时不在的互联网竞争?在TEDxYYC,他对未来作了大胆的展望。201202/169666。

Got a double chin? Want a safe and effective way of getting rid of it? Personal trainer Dan Roberts shows you how in this VideoJug film.你有双下巴吗?是不是想要通过安全高效的方式来减掉?个人教练Dan Roberts在这段视频中教给你怎么做。If youre a little bit wobbly here and you have a double chin, there are a few things you can do to remedy this. First of all, you need to look at your lifestyle. If youve got a stationary job, try to be as active as you can.如果你面部比较圆胖,有双下巴,有几个途径可以矫正。首先,应该看一下自己的生活方式。如果你的工作比较固定,试着尽可能地活跃一点。Next, look at your nutrition. Its really important. Nutrition is about six percent of the results when it comes to body fat levels, and if you had less body fat, you wouldnt have much of a double chin.接下来,看一下你的营养状况。这是非常重要的。在身体脂肪水平方面,饮食的原因可以占到6%。如果身体脂肪比较少,你的双下巴也不会那么明显。Make sure you eat little meals often. Five, even six, small meals a day is much better for digestion, as well as weight management. Also, try and eliminate alcohol and toxins from your diet.确保少食多餐。每天进食五六餐对消化和体重控制都比较好。同时,饮食中要除掉酒精和毒素。Try and eat clean food, high in protein, healthy, slow releasing GI foods, that mean carbohydrates which release slowly as opposed to really, really quickly. So, get rid of the junk food, healthy vegetables, that kind of stuff. Next, you need to think about your training.食用清洁,健康,富含蛋白质,糖类释放速度比较慢的食品,而不是迅速释放糖类的食物。所以,丢掉垃圾食品,选择健康的绿色蔬菜。接下来,你需要考虑一下训练。Now, training, most people think it is just cardio, cardio, cardio to lose weight; thats not actually true. The best weight loss training is to combine resistance training with cardiovascular training. Resistance can be with weights or using your body.现在来说一下锻炼。大部分人一说减肥就想到有氧运动,这是不正确的。减肥最好的训练是将耐力训练和有氧运动训练结合起来。耐力训练可以使用重物或者自己的身体。Anything. Squats. Press-ups.任何运动都可以,俯撑下蹲促腿,俯卧撑都可以。Pull ups. To a gym. Bicep curls.引体向上,去健身馆,二头肌屈伸。Its all good. Ideally, you should do muscles which are quite big in the body, so if you spend time working on your legs and back, youll get much better results in terms of fat than if youre working on your calves and forearms, for example, because theyre much smaller. So as I said, the weight training is important but combine it with the cardiovascular training.这些运动都比较好。比较理想的是,最好锻炼全身比较大块的肌肉,如果锻炼双腿和背部,减掉脂肪的效果肯定比锻炼小腿和前臂好的多,因为小腿和前臂的肌肉更小。所以,就像我说的,负重锻炼非常重要,但是与有氧运动结合起来效果更好。Cardiovascular training: running, dancing, all that kind of stuff, anything where you keep your heart rate up. That is good for you. If you combine that with weight training, youre really maximizing what your body can do to lose weight.有氧运动包括跑步,跳舞等等,任何可以让你心率加快的运动。这些运动对你都很好。如果和负重训练结合起来,可以使减肥的幅度最大化。So, to recap, lifestyle, nutrition, and training - work on all three and youll see your double chin go in no time at all.让我们来简单复述一下,生活方式,营养和锻炼——三管齐下,不久你就会发现你的双下巴消失了。Thanks for watching How To Lose A Double Chin.感谢收看“怎样减掉双下巴”视频节目。201210/203231。

Today in History:Thursday, June6, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月6日,星期四June 6th, 1944. Allied forces storm the beaches of Normandie, France, in the D-Day invasion of WWII. Commanding the massive operation General Dwight Eisenhower who tells the troops:“You are about to embark upon the great crusade towards which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you.”Years later, D-Day veteran Vernon Grosscup recalls what he saw on the beaches firsthand:“The destruction that will end the death, the bodies lay all over, and there’s other words I said before but this was the all term I decide to say.”1982. In the Mid-East, Israel invades neighboring Lebanon, to drive out Yasser Arafat and his Palestinian fighters. Months later, Arafat and the PLO leadership leave Lebanon, relocating to Tunisia in North Africa. Israel withdraws most of its troops 3 years later, but holds a border zone in South Lebanon until 2000.1985. In Brazil, authorities exhume a body later identified as remains of Josef Mengele, the fugitive Nazi doctor. Known as the Angel of Death, Mengele performed cruel medical experiments on inmates of the Auschwitz concentration camp during the Holocaust.And 1933. The first Drive-In movie theatre opens in Camden, New Jersey. Drive-In’s become a pop culture sensation across the ed States in the first few decades after WWII.Today in History, June 6th. Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201306/243175。

Louis may not have wanted to go to war with his own people,but many of them now wanted to go to war with him.路易可能不想和他的子民开战 但他的许多子民想和他开战Three months after the fall of the Bastille,a group of angry Parisians marched on Versailles itself.巴士底沦陷后的三个月 一批愤怒的民攻入了凡尔赛The rioters vowed to kill the one person theyblamed forall their troubles,the symbol of the hated rich—Marie Antoinette.暴乱分子扬言要杀掉玛丽·安托瓦内特 他们认为她是一切动乱的起因 也是无恶不作的象征Theres no doubt that some elements of this crowd had very bloodthirsty thoughts in their mind.毫无疑问 部分暴乱分子 心中非常嗜血Marie Antoinette has become a figure of absolute hatred for the population of Paris at this point.此时 在民心中 玛丽·安托瓦内特已经是口诛笔伐的对象Marie Antoinette was the main target,because shes been the main target for many years now.玛丽·安托瓦内特是主要目标 她已经是多年的主要目标了She was considered that...the person who really was giving poor advice to Louis XVI,她被认为是向路易十六献谗言的坏人would be at the origin of the fiscal crisis because of her lavish expenses.也由于她的挥霍无度 国家财政才出现赤字One reason the crowd hated Marie Antoinette was because of a phrase she was said to have uttered when told that the poor had no b.暴民憎恨玛丽·安托瓦内特的一个原因是当她被告知穷人吃不起面包时 她所说的一句话;Quils mangent de la brioche;—;Let them eat cake;.让他们吃蛋糕吧Marie Antoinette never said ;Let them eat cake,;and she never could have said it.玛丽·安托瓦内特从未说过这句话 她也不可能这么说She was brought up in the philanthropic court of Austria,她生长在奥地利仁慈爱的宫廷里where her mother Maria Theresa would tell them to go round giving soup and b to old women in farmers cottages.她的母亲 玛利亚·特丽萨 嘱咐她的孩子们 用汤和面包救济村庄里的老农妇And it was inconceivable.She would have given the brioche to...这实在是难以置信 她是会把奶油蛋卷给...She was much more like the late Princess Diana, you know.她更像是已故的戴安娜王妃 你懂吗She wouldperforma gesture like that.So, shecouldnever have said it.她会这么做的 所以 她不可能那样说 201207/190701。

^0cY[pyu##6W;r+qSA-@r@mq4Pa2Lead poisoning in children is confirmed when two consecutive blood tests show a lead content in a childs blood of over 100 milligrams. There are many ways for children to become poisoned by lead. Such as air pollution and poor health habits. In the home, paint, colorful toys and tableware all contain lead. Its good to eat more calcium-rich foods, such as milk, as well as foods rich in zinc, iron and vitamin C.Mx7|FCO!!,u!M儿童铅中毒已经被实,实验已经明经过两个连续血液检测后显示一名儿童的血液中铅含量超过100毫克x]frB#28XMuz]jgm[。很多种途径都能造成孩子铅中毒dFkFx_s(EN。如空气污染和很多恶习#bqhFfP(!_w。在家里,油漆,五缤纷的玩具和餐具当中都含有铅J_+yKW097c(。多摄取富含钙的如牛奶等的食品对人体非常有益,也有食物中含有丰富的锌、铁和维生素Cfb-gs2lFdPTHN6sPk;。V2Vq7rceQ5NSF!T词语解释:*K_BvH(R.,(G1. lead n. 铅2. confirm v. 明,确认3. poison n. 毒bTMU7!]3xXWIqLbC;5p93LKl44!FUb4p996LCh9I;YY201111/162185。