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Koala in a tea cup: Nestled into a cup, with his tiny paws clasping the edge, this happy koala called Raymond contentedly suckles on a tiny bottle.茶杯里的考拉:坐在杯子里用爪子紧紧抓住边缘,这只名叫雷蒙德的快乐小考拉心满意足地吸吮着奶瓶里的奶。But just a month ago the future did not look so positive for Raymond - he was found weak and abandoned on a roadside in Brisbane.但就在一个月前,对于雷蒙德而言,未来看上去没有这么美好:它被遗弃在澳大利亚城市布里斯班的路边,被发现时十分虚弱。It is believed his mother had either been hit by a car or was too ill to care for the 2/3-month-old.据推测它的母亲可能是被车撞了,也有可能是太不关心自己这个不满一个月的孩子。Named after the man who discovered him, Raymond was dehydrated and skinny, and weighed just 260g.小考拉雷蒙德是以那个发现他的男子的命名的。他被发现的那会儿已经脱水,骨瘦如柴,体重仅260克。Initially, carers feared that the tiny animal wouldn#39;t survive because he weighed so little and wouldn#39;t feed properly.一开始,照顾他的护工们都担心这个小家伙不能存活,因为它太小太轻了了很难喂养。Julie Zyzniewski, who is looking after Raymond said: #39;He had to be coaxed to feed. He was frail and his future was uncertain. #39;负责照顾雷蒙德的朱莉·伊妮维思奇说:“必须哄着才能喂它。它很虚弱,将来真的不好说。”Luxury life: Raymond spends his days sitting at Julie#39;s desk, where she is able to feed him his diet of special bottle formula every three hours奢华生活:雷蒙德一整天都在朱莉的桌上度过,在这里朱莉可以每三小时喂它一次特殊配方的食物。Positive future: Julie Zyzniewski said: #39;Suddenly, one day he decided life wasn#39;t so bad and he has been absolutely powering along ever since#39;.美好未来:朱莉·伊妮维思奇说:“突然有一天他发现日子没那么坏,从此他就完全开始独立生活了。”He is a welcome addition to the workplace and Julie#39;s boss Paulette Jones has a soft spot for wildlife and has embraced having the happy koala recuperate in the office.它在朱莉工作的地方很受欢迎,朱莉的老板波莱特·琼斯对野生动物情有独钟,很高兴地接受了这只快乐的小考拉在办公室养病。 /201211/210712。

As China#39;s new leaders take up their posts this fall, one of the most critical tasks that faces them will be reforming the country#39;s broken health-care system. 今年秋天中国新一届领导人上任的时候,摆在他们面前最关键的任务之一,将是改革这个国家离破碎的医疗体系。 The Chinese government has spent 5 billion over the past three years to extend insurance coverage to 95% of the population while also improving access to hospitals and clinics. But despite that effort, the country#39;s health-care system still has a long way to go to and the challenges ahead are mounting, according to a new study from consultancy McKinsey amp; Co. 中国政府在过去三年投入了1,250亿美元,将医保覆盖范围提高到占全国人口95%的水平,同时改善看病难问题。但咨询公司麦肯锡(McKinsey amp; Co.)新发表的研究报告显示,中国的医疗体系改革还有很长的路要走,接下来的挑战将越来越严峻。 The report notes that China#39;s health care spending is poised to triple to trillion by 2020 and while the rate of insurance coverage is high, so are the out-of-pocket burdens on consumers. Most of China#39;s insured still don#39;t understand the limits of their coverage plans, which will leave them financially devastated in the case of a catastrophic incident, the report said. 报告指出,到2020年,预计中国的医疗出将达到1万亿美元,比目前水平高两倍。报告说,虽然医保覆盖率高,居民自缴部分的负担也不轻。报告说,中国很多参保人员仍不了解所缴医保的限制,如果碰到大病,这些限制将使他们陷入财务困境。 Another problem highlighted in the study: a still yawning disparity in quality of health care between rural and urban regions. The country lacks a sufficient national drug supply to ensure that rural patients are provided the same access to pharmaceuticals as their urban counterparts, the study finds. Meanwhile, hospitals in rural areas are hard to reach and lack high-quality equipment and manpower, leaving many to flock to urban centers for care. The result is overrun, aly underfunded city hospitals. 报告还强调了另外一个问题:城乡医疗质量差距仍然很大。报告发现,全国药品供应不足,因此无法确保农村病人能像城镇病人一样能够获得药品。与此同时,农村地区就医难,缺乏高质量的设备和人员,所以很多人涌向城市地区看病。这造成缺乏资金的城市医院超负荷运转。 Even relatively well-off Chinese feel health-care facilities are inadequate, with 31% saying it#39;s difficult to access care in public hospitals, according to a McKinsey survey of 1,000 people with annual incomes greater than 80,000 yuan (,600). 甚至相对富裕的中国人也觉得医疗设施不足。麦肯锡调查了1,000名年收入超过8万元的人士,31%的人表示在公立医院很难看上病。 A crisis between China#39;s chronically underpaid doctors, who look to pad their low pay checks with kickbacks from pricey drug prescriptions, and skeptical patients is well underway, highlighted by a spiking number patient attacks against physicians, the report said. According to McKinsey#39;s survey of nearly 6,000 physicians in 3,300 hospitals, 59% of doctors said they had been verbally assaulted by a patient or a patient#39;s family member. And 6% said they have been physically assaulted by patients. 长期以来,中国医生工资一直不高,为弥补低工资,他们通过开高价药的方式来赚取回扣。报告说,病人对医生的怀疑情绪与日俱增,病人攻击医生的事例越来越多就是这种矛盾的体现。麦肯锡调查了3,300家医院的近6,000名医生,59%的人表示被患者或患者家属骂过,6%的人表示被患者攻击过。 Recent articles from the Economist and the Associated Press cite mistrust and anger over perceived inadequate treatment as reasons for the assaults. 近期《经济学人》(Economist)和美联社(Associated Press)刊发的文章认为,打骂医生的原因是患者觉得没有得到足够的治疗,因此不信医生,心生怨恨。 Asked if tensions in the relationships with patients had changed in the last year, 44% of respondents in the McKinsey survey said it had worsened and 51% said it remained the same. McKinsey also found that 在被问到过去一年医患矛盾有无变化时,麦肯锡调查中44%的受访者表示矛盾恶化,51%的人表示没有变化。麦肯锡还发现,中国37%的医生表示对自己的工作不满意,5%的人表示正在考虑改行。 37% of doctors in China said they were not satisfied with their work and 5% said they were considering a career change. 如何让这一切得到控制,将是令中国领导人头疼的一件事。这同样也曾是美国总统奥巴马(Barack Obama)等其他国家领导人感到头疼的事情。但麦肯锡提到,虽然有这些艰巨挑战,企业──不管是中国企业还是跨国公司──也将迎来前所未有的机会:从药品到医疗设备,从私立医院到私人医保,所有市场都将扩大。 /201209/198346。

1. Stop caring what people think of you1. 别在乎别人的眼光Many people hesitate to haggle because they don#39;t want to seem cheap. But are you really willing to pay top dollar just so you can preserve the esteem of total strangers? You#39;re only meeting them this once, and you#39;ll probably never meet them again. Even if you#39;re shopping with people you know, they might raise an eyebrow when you start haggling, but they#39;ll sure be jealous when you get a better price than they did!很多人在砍价上犹豫是因为不想让别人看低自己。但是你真的愿意为了在陌生人面前保持所谓“尊严”而多花银子吗?何况那些卖家你以后再也不会碰到。即便是跟认识的人一起购物,你开始砍价的时候他们也许会挑一下眉毛,但如果你能拿到比他们更好的价格,就只有被羡慕的份儿啦。2. Bring cash2. 带现金A lot of times, offering cash upfront will entice a retailer to meet your price. Split your cash in increments so that you can show the seller the money you#39;re offering without them seeing how much more money you have sitting in your wallet.很多时候,预付现金可能让卖家更愿意接受你的价格。当然要把钱分开放,不要让卖家看到你包里还有更多的钱。3. Show hesitation about buying the product3. 对购买东西表现出犹豫不决Even if it#39;s the perfect item, the moment the seller sees that wistful look in your eyes, they#39;ll know they#39;ve got the upper hand. Appear interested, as if you#39;re willing to buy the product if the price is right, but you can certainly live without it as well.即使商品再完美,一旦让卖家看到你饥渴的眼神,你就输了一半了。表示出一定的兴趣:如果价格合适你会买,但是不买也无所谓。4. Pretend to consult with a reluctant partner4. 假装询问一个不情愿的伙伴When the seller makes an offer that is almost what you want, look distressed and say ;Oh, okay. Well, let me ask my husband/wife/mother/father. I#39;ve been dying to get one of these for months now, but they keep saying it#39;s too expensive.; If you have a cell phone, pull it out and call your partner in crime, or even fake the call if you have to: ;Yes, but it#39;s what I#39;ve been looking for...I don#39;t know...OK...Yes, fine...; End your call, turn to the seller, and say ;I can buy it for...; giving a price that is slightly below what they#39;ve offered.当卖家的出价接近你的心理价位时,做出为难的样子说:“好吧,不过我得问问我老公/老婆/妈妈/爸爸。因为虽然我已经想买这个很久了,但是他们总说太贵了。”如果你有手机,打给你的伙伴,或者干脆假装打电话:“是的,可是我想要它很久了……我不知道呀,好吧,嗯……”挂掉电话,对卖家说:“如果是XX元,我就买。”当然,这里的XX元要比卖家刚才给出的价格低。5. Keep the conversation going5. 保持谈话Besides smiling a lot, it is important to keep the conversation going while actively pursuing your desired price. Keeping talking makes the seller feel more at ease and makes him/her confident that you are sincere with your offer. Don#39;t ever go quiet, this makes the seller believe you have lost interest and he will no longer tend to your requests.除了多微笑,保持谈话不间断在砍价的过程中也很重要。不停的说话让卖家感到轻松愉悦,并且相信你给出的价格是认真的。千万别沉默,否则卖家会觉得你没兴趣了,他们也就不想再考虑你的出了。 /201211/211033。

Recently I was chatting with a thoughtful young woman about love. She asked: #39;What is a soulmate? Do you get just one?#39;最近,我与一个挺有想法的女孩聊起了爱情。她问我:“什么是灵魂伴侣?你会找到一个吗?”You become soulmates在时间流逝中成为灵魂伴侣I do not believe that the universe prepares one perfect person who is your destiny, whom you need to go out to find, after which your lives will be forever happy.我认为宇宙不会为你准备好一个是你真命天子的完美之人,你需要走出去寻找,之后你的生活将永远幸福下去。I believe the world contains multiple people with whom you could fall in love. You choose one (of course, he needs to choose you too). You and he decide to build a life together. Together, you go through life#39;s ups and downs.我相信世上有几个你可能会爱上的人。你选择了其中一个(当然他也需要选择你),你和他决定共同开创生活,一同经历人生的起起伏伏。Then over time, your bond becomes symbiotic, like yin and yang. Over time, you become soulmates.随着时间的流逝,你们将变得和谐共生,就像阴和阳。你们是在时间流逝中成为灵魂伴侣的。What about destiny?如何看待缘分?Some of my ers protest at the whole idea of choosing or headhunting! - a mate. They think it#39;s unromantic. On my Weibo they ask: But what about yuanfen (destiny)?有些读者对上篇专栏中“挑选甚至是猎寻一个伴侣”的观点提出了异议,她们认为这个观点太不浪漫了。有读者在微上问我:“如何看待缘分呢?”For those of us who have fallen in, and out, of love, more than once, we know from experience that falling in love is easy. But those early tidal waves of emotion are not enough to sustain a lifetime. This can be really confusing, because no other experience is quite as exhilarating as falling in love.对我们这些已经陷入或走出爱河不止一次的人来说,经验告诉我们,陷入爱河很容易,但最初的爱终不能永远澎湃。这的确让人迷惑──因为没有其他经历能像陷入爱河一般让人迷醉。Marriage is nothing like dating婚姻与约会大不相同Some couples are so busy gazing into each other#39;s eyes that they don#39;t realize it#39;s more important that as they face the future, they#39;re looking out in the same direction.有些恋人总在深情对望,却没有意识到,面对未来,更重要的是两个人的眼睛要看着同一个方向。Here#39;s a typical modern marriage scenario: Date someone you happen to know who happens to like you. After a period of time, marry him.Then make a lot of compromises and work really hard to try to make it work. When it doesn#39;t work, get divorced or drift apart living separate lives.典型的现代婚姻是这样的:与某个你恰巧知道他正好也喜欢你的人约会,约会一段时间之后就和他结婚了,接下来做出很多妥协、非常努力地维系婚姻,当这些都行不通时便离婚或彼此疏远分居而过。What was different about the mountain lovers Xu Chaoqing and Liu Guojiang?那么,“爱情天梯”的主人公徐朝清和刘国江有什么不同之处?They knew HOW to love他们知道如何去爱It#39;s easy to fall in love. Even the term #39;fall in love#39; makes it seem like an accident. #39;Oops! Fell in love again!#39;Teenagers can fall in love with passion and abandon. But stay in love for a lifetime? That#39;s a different matter.陷入爱河很容易,“陷入爱河”(Fall in love)这个词句本身也使它显得就像是一次意外。“哎呀!又陷入爱河了!” 十几岁的孩子也会爱得忘我,爱得抛下一切。但是永浴爱河呢?这又是另外一码事了。Love is a skill. In fact, I#39;ve come to believe that learning to truly connect with another human being is life#39;s hardest but most important skill. It requires learning respect, empathy and kindness, for both oneself and others.爱是一种技能。实际上,我慢慢相信学会与另一个人真正地融合在一起是人生当中最艰难也是最重要的技能。它需要你学会尊重、移情(empathy)和善良,对自己和对他人都是如此。And having to live beside and cooperate every single day with another human being is the ultimate test of one#39;s emotional skills. Xu and Liu passed that test. Without nannies or outside childcare, they survived on the land and successfully raised seven children together. That took a huge amount of cooperation.每一天都必须与另一个人共同生活和合作是对一个人情感技能的终极考验。徐朝清和刘国江老人通过了这个考验。在没有保姆和外界帮助照看孩子的情况下,他们在那片土地上活了下来,而且一同成功养大了七个孩子。They wanted the same things out of life他们对生活有同样的期望If at any point, either Xu or Liu had decided to opt for a life with electricity, hot water, great restaurants, a busy social life, and a career in the big city, then we now would not have 6,000 steps to ponder on.在某一时候,如果徐朝清或刘国江决定选择去过大城市里的生活,那里有电、热水、高档餐厅、忙碌的社交和自己的事业,那6000级引起我们深思的“爱情天梯”现在都不会存在。But even after their children went off into the world, they both were devoted to their beautiful, rustic life. And that was crucial to their ability to stay together over half a century.然而,即使在他们的孩子离开他们进入社会之后,他们二人也专心过着他们美好的乡村生活,这对他们能半个多世纪相濡以沫至关重要。Human beings are diverse in our values, and that diversity is what makes society interesting.人们的价值观各不相同,而正是这种多样性让社会变得丰富多。But a soulmate shares the same basic values as you. He wants the same things out of life that you do. You love and cherish his friends and family. He loves and cherishes yours.灵魂伴侣应该与你拥有相同的基本价值观,他对生活的期望与你对生活的期望相同。你爱并珍惜他的朋友和家人,他也如此。They were true partners他们是真正的伴侣We now revel in the romance of the mountain lovers, but their daily lives were not all about candle-lit dinners with violins playing in the background. They planted their own vegetables, caught their own fish, ground their own flour, fended off wild beasts, lived by the light of one kerosene lamp, and got soaked when it rained. With a family of nine.当我们沉醉于“爱情天梯”的浪漫故事中时,要意识到,他们的日常生活并不是有小提琴伴奏的烛光晚餐。他们要自己种菜、、磨面粉、驱赶野兽、只靠一盏煤油灯照明,每当下雨时还浑身淋透。而且,这还是一个九口之家。Marriage is nothing like dating. Marriage is more like a mundane small business in which you and he are co-partners and co-employees for life. For your little company to succeed, you must believe in each other, and trust in each other#39;s good judgment. You must agree on who does what. You must agree on the direction of your company and the values by which it will run.婚姻与约会大不相同。婚姻更像一个世俗的小企业,你和你的丈夫既是联合雇主又是联合雇员。为了让你们的小企业获得成功,你们必须信任彼此,相信对方拥有良好的判断力;你们必须确定哪些事情要完成以及由谁来完成;你们必须在企业的发展方向和经营理念上达成共识。Those values will be especially tested if you choose to produce offspring. Because children learn by example, and they#39;ll start off their lives with the emotional skills and values that you model.如果你们选择繁衍后代的话,这些理念会受到特别的考验。因为孩子们会模仿你们,他们将会用你们展现出的情感技能和理念开始他们的生活。All this talk of small businesses may make marriage sound boring, but when you get it right, it can be really really nice, and something worth fighting for. And that#39;s why the story of the mountain-top soulmates makes all of our hearts skip a beat.关于小企业的说法或许会使婚姻听上去很枯燥,不过如果你经营得当,它会非常非常棒,是值得我们去争取的东西。这也是为什么“爱情天梯”灵魂伴侣的故事让所有人的心灵为之一颤的原因吧。 /201211/209638。

Scorpio天蝎座 (10月24日~11月22日)Scorpio is a Water element, and this makes it a somewhat enigmatic sign.水相星座的特质使蝎子有些神秘。TIPS: Study would never be a problem for Scorpio. You just need more confidence.学习相 学习对蝎子来说从来都不是问题。你只需要更多自信。 /201210/205287。