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A: Good morning, I made an appointment with Dr. Smith, but I have to change it.B: When you made your appointment, what day did you choose?A: My appointment was on Wednesday.B: At what time was that appointment?A: It was :00 in the afternoon.B: I can see the appointment that you had. What day do you need to change to?A: I want to change to next Tuesday.B: What time would you prefer?A: I would prefer three o’clock in the afternoon.B: I will put you down that time. Thank you calling to reschedule.内容来自: 96Discount 折扣A: Even with volume sales, our costs the Exec Uciser won't go down much.即使是大量销售,我们的“健身乐”生产成本仍无法降低太多B: Just what are you proposing?那么你的建议是?A: We could take a cut on the price. But 5% would reduce much our profit margin. We suggest a compromise %.敝公司可以降价但是七五折会过度削低我们的毛利率我们建议打九折B: That's a big change from 5%! % is beyond my negotiating limit. (pause) Any other ideas?那根七五折相差太多了!九折实在超出我们的谈判限度(停顿)有其他方案吗?A: I don't think I can change it right now. Why don't we talk again tomorrow?我现在没办法更改方案 这样吧,我们何不明天再谈?B: Sure, I have to talk to my office anyway. I hope we can find some common ground on this.可以反正我也得和公司讨论一下希望我们能够达成共识(next day) 次日B: Robert, I have been instructed to reject the numcers you proposed; but we can try to come up with something else.罗伯特,奉公司指示,我得拒绝你们的折扣,但我们还可以找出其他可行的办法A: I hope so, Dana. My instructions are to negotiate hard on this deal, but I'm trying very hard to reach some middle ground.希望如此,丹上面指示我们要强硬地谈这笔生意,但我一直想达成折中的方案B: I understand. We propose a structured deal. the first six months, we get a discount of %, and the next six months we get %.我了解那么我们提议阶段式交易前半年先给我们打八折,后半年则打八五折A: Dana, I can't bring those numbers back to my office, they'll turn it down flat.丹,我没办法向公司报告这样的数字,他们一定会断然拒绝B: Then you'll have to think of something better, Robert.罗伯特,那你就得想出更好的方案了重点解释:discount n. 折扣;打折扣We give a special discount of per cent cash. 如用现金购买,我们给予九折优待 compromise n. 妥协方案;折衷办法The interior decoration of the house is a compromise between Chinese and eign styles. 这所房子的内部装饰是中西两式的折衷物 negotiate vi. 谈判common ground 共同点Bob and Frank don't like each other because they have no common ground. 鲍勃跟弗兰克互不喜欢对方,他俩毫无共同之处 70

A: I need help picking out a lotion.B: It would be my pleasure to help you. What do you need help with?A: I picked up some poison oak while hiking, and I can’t stop itching.B: We have Technu, and it is available in lotion or cream.A: Do you find that one works better than the other?B: I have heard that the cream is longer lasting.A: Is there anything I can take that will help with the itching?B: If you take an antihistamine, that would help a lot.A: Thank you helping me figure out what to do with my poison oak.B: It was a pleasure. Come back anytime. 97

巧嘴英语做导游Chapter(旅途中事宜) 3 At the Post Office 邮电通讯文本 导游界的先锋人士编写了这本《巧嘴英语做导游全书分为带队之前、旅途中事宜、景点介绍及走遍大江南北四大章共33个单元根据多年实践经验把做导游所能涉及的情景单元列出,内容实用而广泛,语言纯正而富有大众化,宜于活学活用从名言格言到流行句子,再到流畅的英语对话以及举一反三的实践操练,相信这本《巧嘴英语做导游会帮助涉外导游和欲从事导游工作的人员提供一个自成训练口语能力的良好平台 638Disney has provided an insight into the future of its theme parks, where robotic versions of its iconic characters could soon walk among guests.迪斯尼公布了他们对主题公园的设想——机器人版的经典卡通形象可能不久后将在游客中穿梭The entertainment firm discussed plans to embrace brand new technologies at SXSW , where it also showed off footage of a robot Pascal, the lizard from Tangled.该公司在年西南偏南大会上,表示将计划引进全新的技术他们还在现场展示了一台机器人帕斯卡(《长发公主中的宠物蜥蜴)的视频影像As if the thought of an enormous, roaming robot Mickey Mouse wasnt disconcerting enough, Disney also confirmed that artificial intelligence will allow its robots to interact with people.似乎觉得想像一个巨大的米老鼠机器人穿行在游客中间还不够令人惊喜,迪斯尼还确认,人工智能技术将使机器人能与游客交流互动;I think AI and machine learning is going to be very important what we do,; Jon Snoddy, Disney senior vice president research and development, told the B.;我认为人工智能和机器学习将对我们的工作有重要作用,;迪斯尼研发部高级副总裁乔恩·斯诺迪这样告诉英国广播公司;Things like characters that can move around among our guests. Theyre going to need to understand where theyre going, have goals, and theyre going to have to know how to navigate in a world with humans.;;比如,如果让卡通形象在游客周围活动,那么它们就需要知道自己要去哪里,要有目标,并且它们还需要知道如何在行人中穿行;However, the company is also aware of some of the fear surrounding AI, and Mr Snoddy added that Disney will carry out tests to ensure its creations make a positive impression on fans.然而,迪斯尼公司也意识到了有些人对于人工智能的恐惧斯诺迪还表示,迪斯尼会进行检测,以确保机器人给游客们留下好印象;Obviously were not the business of scaring kids!; he continued. ;That wont be part of what we deploy. We go and do tests in our parks to gauge the reaction and try and understand what kids find entertaining about these things.;他还说,;很显然,我们不想吓唬孩子这不是我们要做的我们会在园区内进行一系列评估游客反响的测试,并尝试理解孩子们对这些机器人的兴趣点;;Were not going to put up a sign that says Look! Artificial intelligence, because no-one would come to see that. They really come to be moved emotionally, that will not change.;;我们到时候不会张贴一个标志,写着;看!这是人工智能;,因为不会有人来看这个游客们来这里只是为了寻找感动,这一点永远也不会变;A recent report found a number of security vulnerabilities in existing robots, and warned that criminals could exploit the flaws to gain control of them in homes and workplaces.最近报道发现,现有的机器人存在很多安全隐患,并且警告称,犯罪分子可能会利用技术漏洞控制家用或工作用机器人;Hacked robots could start fires in a kitchen by tampering with electricity, or potentially poison family members and pets by mixing toxic substances in with food or drinks,; it .报道称,;受到黑客攻击的机器人可能会篡改电路,从而使厨房起火,或者可能会在食物和饮用品中混入有毒物质,从而毒害家庭成员和宠物;;Family members and pets could be in further peril if a hacked robot was able to grab and manipulate sharp objects.;;如果受黑客攻击的机器人能够接触到并操纵利器,家庭成员和宠物还有可能面临更多危险; 50

Organize a client meeting 组织客户会议A: Hello, John. Please invite all our clients to the conference next week.B: How should I get their contact info?A: Get the clients' contact info from my Rolodex.B: Where should I put them up?A: How about the Holiday Inn?B: The clients like the Shangri-la Hotel more.A: Well, the client is always right.B: What else would I prepare, Sir?A: Please print out the meeting agenda me to look over.B: Certainly.A: And make sure to return my Rolodex to my desk when you are done with it.B: Of course. I'm on it.A: 嗨,约翰,请你邀请我们所有的客户参加下周的会议B: 我怎样才能知道他们的联系方法呢?A: 从我的客户联系单中找他们的联系方法B: 让客户在哪里住宿呢?A: 假日酒店怎么样?B: 客户更喜欢香格里拉酒店A: 好吧,客户永远是正确的B: 还有什么要我准备的,先生?A: 打印一份会议的议程表给我看看B: 好的A: 你用完客户联系单之后,把它放回到我的桌上B: 当然,我会这么做的 79A: Could you bring me some food, please?B: Sure. What do you fancy?A: Can I have a bottle of champagne, lobster tail, and filet mignon, medium rare?B: Sir, the filet mignon was so popular tonight that we ran out. May I suggest the porterhouse?A: Oh, no filet? Okay, porterhouse will be fine then.B: Perhaps you would like chocolate-covered strawberries with the champagne?A: Not tonight, but thank you the suggestion.B: Okay. This will be charged to your amenities , okay?A: No problem.B: Your food will be brought to you momentarily. I hope you enjoy it. 01This is the hair-raising moment a stunning Russian model posed a death-defying photoshoot on top of one of the world tallest skyscrapers.这是一个惊心动魄的时刻:一位美貌的俄罗斯模特在世界最高的天大楼之一拍下了这张“亡命照”Viki Odintcova, 3, was held up only by the hand of a male assistant as she leaned out into thin air from the 1,0-foot tall Cayan Tower in Dubai in a bid to get the perfect Instagram shot.为了拍下完美照片在Instagram分享,3岁的Viki Odintcova爬上英尺(约3米)高的迪拜卡延大厦楼顶,探身出去,置身于稀薄的空气中她仅仅靠抓住一名男助理的手保自己不摔下去The Russian model first tilted backwards over the huge drop, bee dangling high above the ground from the arm of her bearded helper.她先是身体尽量向后倾斜,随后整个身体悬挂在空中,仅靠抓住助理的手保不掉下去The Instagram queen, who has more than three million followers on social media, admitted that she was a bit nervous bee the stunt.作为Instagram “女王”,Viki拥有超过300万粉丝,她承认这次拍摄前有点紧张I still cannot believe that I did it. Every time I watch this , my palms get sweaty, said the St Petersburg-based beauty.这位来自圣彼得堡的美女说:“每次我回看这段画面都会手心出汗,真不敢相信我做到了”Ms Odintsova posted the on her social media page where it quickly went viral.她把视频上传到了社交网站上,这段视频迅速走红The model is a big proponent of a healthy lifestyle and has said she takes her fitness very seriously.这位模特是健康生活方式的坚定持者,还曾表示自己非常看重身体健康Many of her fans were stunned she permed the stunt without any safety equipment. If she did use any secret safety equipment, it certainly well hidden from the naked eye.很多粉丝都惊呆了,她竟然在不使用任何保护措施的情况下表演特技如果她的确使用了一些秘密的安全装备,那肯定隐藏得很好,让人看不见Some pointed out that she would not have had a chance of surviving if anything had gone wrong.有人指出,如果出了什么差错,她连生还的可能性都没有One commented: How can you disregard your life like that? If I was your parent I would smack both you and the guy with the beard!还有人:“你怎么能这样不顾性命呢?如果我是你的父母一定把你和那个助理都揍一顿”Some users accused her of copying another beautiful young Russian, Angelina Nikolau, 3, who has made headlines around the world with her dangerous selfies taken on top of skyscrapers.一些用户指责她模仿了另一位年轻的俄罗斯美女,3岁的Angelina Nikolau,她也曾因为在天大楼拍摄了危险的自拍照而登上全球媒体的头条The Cayan Tower was the world tallest building with a 90-degree twist when it opened in .卡延大厦年对外开放时是世界最高建筑,楼体旋转90度 98

5.Condoms Replaced Weasel Testicles5.避套代替了黄鼠狼睾丸While it now the most tried and tested m of birth control, condoms didnt boom until the th century. Bee that there are s of varied and far more fascinating birth control methods. In Europe during the Middle Ages, women were advised to wear weasel testicles on their thighs or hang an amputated foot from their necks. It was also believed in some quarters that should a woman wish to avoid pregnancy she need only walk three times around the spot where a pregnant wolf had urinated. Quick, easy and none of that awkward pausing or worrying that the condom ripped.尽管避套已经是最久经考验的节育方式,可直到世纪,它依然没有在世界范围内普及在此之前,也有大量不同形式,甚至是更加奇葩的节育方式中世纪的欧洲,想避的女性被建议大腿戴上黄鼠狼的睾丸,或是脖子上挂一只被截肢的脚在某些地区,甚至有人认为,要是有女性需要避,她们只需要围着狼撒尿的地方绕三圈根本没有现如今这种简单快捷的操作——只需在爱爱时暂停一小会儿撕开安全套的包装A more dangerous method comes from centuries old China, where women would be encouraged to drink mercury or lead. Technically, that was effective, as those who partook generally either died or became sterile.中国古代的避方式更是危险,他们竟然鼓励女性通过摄入汞或铅来避单纯从技术上来说,其实这种方式是可行的,可是对于个人的身体而言,这种方式会导致终生不育甚至是死亡.Celebrities Endorse Them.避套的名人代言It was announced in that One Direction had turned down the opporty to appear on a range of condoms. Their management team was so against the idea that theyre considering a lawsuit against an American brand which released a One Erection range. But history has shown us that not every celebrity feels the same way.年,单向乐队发表声明拒绝了一种新系列的避套代言的机会这家美国避套品牌店推出;永勃;系列,然而乐队的运营团队十分抵制他们的代言邀请,并考虑状告这家避套公司但是历史明,并非所有名流都这么认为The boy band JLS released a condom range with Durex in . It was announced that every penny made would go back into the JLS Charitable Foundation. Heartwarming stuff. Other celebrities to get involved have included Daft Punk, Kesha and Madonna. There were even commemorative royal wedding condoms. What better way to celebrate the marriage of Prince William and Princess Kate? They were imaginatively titled Crown Jewels, though they were, tragically, a novelty item only. The next celebrity condom endorsement is anyone guess, but our money is on Bieber.年,;摇摆不定;男生乐队与杜蕾斯共同推出了一种新系列的避套双方声明,此系列避套挣得的每一分钱都将捐给;摇摆不定;创立的慈善机构此举实在令人感动其他参与的大佬们还包括:蠢朋克组合,凯莎,麦当娜甚至还有纪念皇室婚礼的避套;还有比‘皇室更适合威廉王子与凯特王妃婚礼的吗?;这是;皇室;牌避套创意十足的宣传语悲剧的是,该标语不过是个空中楼阁般的创意罢了谁也说不准下一个为避套代言的名人会是谁,但是就影响力及名人效应来看,比伯再合适不过了3.They Have Surprising Secondary Uses3.令人脑洞大开的第二用途The average modern condom can hold an astonishing one gallon of liquid, although hopefully theyll never be called upon to do so. But their reputation surprising strength, along with their general versatility, has seen them used other purposes. There are reports of soldiers using them to protect their rifles from water damage. They can even be used to start a fire, help with the application of first aid and be weaponized as part of a slingshot to hunt small game.尽管正常标准的避套能容纳一加仑(约3.8升);液体;,不过人类恐怕没这个能力装满它们避套的通用性和意料之外的用处为其赢得了好口碑,现在看来它们在别的领域也有用武之地据报道,士兵们用避套保护步免受水渍损坏它还可以用于生火,用于急救,甚至武器化成弹弓狩猎小型猎物After the Indian government began distributing free condoms to combat both HIV and a rapidly increasing population, many of the recipients found purposes them that the government hadnt quite intended. Health workers state that road building contractors acquired a large amount in order to mix them with concrete and tar, thereby creating crack resistant and smoother road surfaces. Builders sp beds of condoms along the base of cement plastering to prevent water seepage, while weavers would use them to lubricate and polish their looms. And in the countryside, villagers would use the condoms as disposable water containers to help them wash up after a bathroom break in the field.印度政府先前开始发放免费的避套来应对艾滋病问题和人口增长过快问题,在这之后,许多受助者们发现政府本意并非如此道路建筑施工队需要大量避套与混凝土以及沥青混合在一起,铺出的路面既平整也不易开裂施工人员顺着水泥路的路基一层层铺上避套,这还能防止地面渗水而织布工人则用避套来润滑,磨亮他们的织布机在乡下,村民们常常把套套用作一次性盛水容器,田间地头,方便完以后洗手用再合适不过了.New Advances Have Been Made.避套的新进展Sexual health and avoidance of pregnancy were long the priority of condom development. With those now covered, companies have been able to move on to attempting to remove the stigma of equating condoms with less enjoyable sex.性健康和避免意外怀是避套发展的长期关注点随着避套的发展,避套公司都在尝试尽力消除避套等同于降低性快感的污名The 1990s was a decade to remember condom enthusiasts. Flavored options appeared, while variations and combinations of lubricated, ribbed, studded, thinner and even glow-in-the-dark condoms emerged as well. An increase in the enjoyment both partners was the driving motivation behind these creations. The march of progress continues today — Origami Condoms is currently developing the Receptive Anal Intercourse condom, which they call ;radical new condoms the 1st Century.;对收藏避套的爱好者来说,1990-00这年是值得被记住的这时有味道的避套可供人们选择,而润滑型避套、螺纹型避套、爽滑颗粒型避套、超薄避套,甚至是夜光避套也出现在人们视野中性伴侣双方对性的享受成为避套各种创意的推动力直至今天,避套仍在发展——折叠避套目前发展成为能接受的避套,被称为是;1世纪最激进的新型避套;1.The Future1.避套的未来From animal intestines to rubber, the condom has been on quite a journey in its history, and the next big step could be just around the corner. Scientists have been working on an ;invisible; condom, a gel that hardens when subjected to increased temperatures. Let all cross our fingers and hope that science can figure this one out sooner rather than later.从动物的小肠到橡胶,避套已经拥有了相当长的历史而避套的进一步发展也是指日可待了科学家一直致力于研究;隐形;避套,这是一种温度升高时,就会硬化的凝胶让我们双手合十祈祷科学家们能尽早解决这个问题审校:喵喵 编辑:listen 来源:前十网 7Apply a patent 专利申请A: Mr.Li, I want to apply a patent in your country, but I dont know about China Patent Law. Would you please tell me the essentials?李先生,我想在中国申请专利,但我对中国的专利法不太了解,您能给我概要地讲讲吗?B: Yes, of course. The aim of the Patent Law is to protect and encourage inventions and to promote the development of science and technology. The law came into effect in 198. It comprises 8 chapters with 69 s.当然可以,专利法的制定是要保护和鼓励专利发明,促进科技发展我国的专利法于198年生效,共有8章69款A: How does a eign enterprise apply a patent in China?外国企业怎样申请专利呢?B: He has to appoint a patent agency designated by our government to act as his patent agent. And this is usually done by the Patent Agent Department.他必须委托一个由我国政府设立的专利代理部门执行此任务通常有专利代理部门执行A: How long is the duration of patent right an invention according to the law?根据这个法律,发明专利权的期限是多久?B: years.年;act as;是;担当;的意思例如:Ill act as interpreter. (我来当翻译);;apply ;是;申请;的意思;;essentials;意为;要领,概要;例如:The book deals with the essentials of English grammar. (这本书论述英语语法的要点);;the Patent Law;是;专利法;的意思;;come into effect;意为;生效; 9

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