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辽宁本溪钢铁公司总医院看妇科好不好本溪妇女儿童医院可以做引产吗辽宁本溪医院网上挂号 The next time you power on your television or game consoles, take a second to think about the waste associated with it.大家下次给电视或游戏机通电时,花点时间想想这些设备造成的浪费吧。A report by the International Energy Agency, an organizations that advises developed nations, released on Wednesday did just that and the sum is astounding. Over billion in power was spent unnecessarily in 2013 because of inefficiencies with the world’s 14 billion online electronic devices, including printers, gaming consoles and televisions.上周三,为发达国家提供建议的国际能源机构(International Energy Agency)公布报告,分析了联网设备造成的浪费,计算出的数额之大令人震惊。2013年,由于全球140亿台在线电子设备能效低下,导致800多亿美元的电能白白浪费。这些设备包括打印机、游戏机和电视机。By 2020, that number is expected to climb to 0 billion as more devices like washing machines, light bulbs and refrigerators are connect online, according to the report.这份报告还指出,到2020年,随着洗衣机、电灯泡和冰箱等设备也纷纷联网,这个数字预计将攀升至1200亿美元。“Electricity demand of our increasingly digital economies is growing at an alarming rate,” the report said. The IEA, which is based in Paris, found that devices consumed about 616 terawatt-hours of power in 2013. The catch? Most of that power was used while the devices were in standby mode.报告指出,“在日益数字化的各大经济体中,电力需求正在以惊人的速度增长。”总部设在巴黎的国际能源机构发现,各类设备2013年大约消耗了616太瓦时电能。问题在于,其中大部分电能是设备处于待机模式时消耗的。“The problem is not that these devices are often in standby mode, but rather that they typically use much more power than they should to maintain a connection and communicate with the network,” said Maria Van der Hoeven, the IEA’s executive director, in a statement.国际能源机构总干事玛丽亚o范德胡芬在声明中称:“问题不在于这些设备往往处于待机模式,而在于它们维持联网状态、与网络通信所耗费的电能过多。”The IEA also said that the idea of the standby option on a devise is a “misnomer.” While it “suggests that the device has gone to sleep and is almost off,” the agency found that’s not the case. “In reality, most network-enabled devices draw as much power in this mode as when activated to perform their main tasks,” theagency explained.国际能源机构还表示,设备上的“待机”选项“名不副实”。“待机”听起来感觉设备已经休眠,几乎跟关机差不多。但国际能源机构发现,事实并非如此。该机构表示:“事实上,大多数可联网设备在待机模式下与被激活执行主要任务时的能耗一样大。”“Just by using today’s best-available technology, such devices could perform exactly the same tasks in standby while consuming around 65 percent less power,” she added.范德胡芬补充说:“通过采用当今最先进的技术,这类设备能在待机模式下执行完全一样的任务,同时少消耗约65%的电能。”To put it in perspective, the agency said that more efficient technologies could save the equivalent of over 600 million metric tons of CO2 emissions, or closing the doors on 200 coal-fired power plants.国际能源机构称,采用更高效技术所能节省的电能相当于减少6亿多公吨二氧化碳排放,或关闭200座燃煤发电厂。 /201407/310995本溪本溪县治疗龟头炎多少钱

本溪南芬人民医院开展无痛人流吗Frankfurt airport has caused controversy after it painted a section of its car park pink and designated it entirely for the use of women.法兰克福机场近日将部分停车区涂成粉色并将其指定为女士专用,这一举动引发了广泛争议。Worse still for people striving for equality, the Ladies Parking section has bigger parking bays insinuating they require less skill to manoeuvre their vehicle safely into the parking spot.对于那些追求男女平等的人来说,更过分的是“女士专用停车区”的停车位比普通停车位要宽敞,似乎在暗示她们即使技术欠佳也可将自己的座驾安全停进这种停车位。According to airport authorities, the new bays offer #39;quick, safe and convenient from your parking to the terminal.#39;机场管理人员表示,新停车位会使您“快速、安全且便捷地从停车场到达航站楼”。Airport officials said the bays are #39;bigger, nicer and close to the terminals#39;.机场官员说,新停车位“更大、更好且靠近航站楼”。They added: #39;This is our exclusive parking offer at Frankfurt Airport for women only. With new and special designed parking areas, which are colour-coded and easy to find.#39;他们还补充说道:“这是我们法兰克福机场为女士提供的专享停车务。我们的新停车区专为女士设计,这一区域用色标出很容易找到。”Women hoping to avail of the new parking zones have to find their way to the pink areas which are located in several areas.然而,这些粉色停车区分散在多个地点,那些希望使用新停车区的女士不得不想办法找到前往那里的路线。According to the airport#39;s website, forward-planning women can avail of #39;early bird online rates#39; and save more than 50 per cent on the cost of their parking.机场网站上称,提前计划出行的女士可以享受“网上预订优惠价”,可以省下一半以上的停车费。Geraldine Herbert, editor of Wheels for Women magazine told The Local that many areas in Germany have a requirement that 30 per cent of parking spaces are allocated exclusively for women.《Wheels for Women》杂志的编辑杰拉尔丁·赫伯特(Geraldine Herber)在接受The Local采访时说道,德国很多地方都要求划出停车区域的30%给女司机专用。She said: #39;It#39;s very patronising for women to be singled out in this way. All this does is reinforce the stereotype that women are bad at parking.#39;她说:“以这样的方式给女性搞特殊化,施舍的意味很浓。这种做法只会强化女司机停车技术差的成见。”Ms Herbert said that all parking spaces needed to be increased in size to accommodate larger, modern vehicles.赫伯特女士说所有的停车位都需要加大以停下更大的现代车辆。She branded the women-only spots as #39;sexist parking spaces#39;.她将这种女士专用停车位称作“性别歧视停车位”。Campaigners claim that women-only parking spots enable the introduction of better security and CCTV systems to help lady drivers feel safer.持者称女士专用停车位意味着可以引进更好的安全和闭路电视(CCTV)监控系统,使女司机感到更安全。The German Automobile Association added: #39;We believe that in car parks, every parking space should be a ;women#39;s; parking space.德国汽车协会(German Automobile Association)补充道:“我们认为停车场的任一停车位都应该是女士停车位。”#39;This means making sure every space and stairwell is well-lit, avoiding blind spots and corners and installing sufficient electronic security systems - most importantly surveillance and emergency call systems.#39;“这意味着我们要确保每寸空间、每个楼梯口都要配备良好的照明系统,避免出现盲点和看不见对向来车的转弯,并且安装充足的电子安全系统,其中最重要的是安装视频监控和紧急呼叫系统。” /201508/392808南芬医院医生在线咨询 本溪人民医院男科在线

本溪人民医院等级Capitalism seems to be getting it from all sides these days.这几天好像所有人都在对资本主义品头论足。French economist Thomas Piketty made the rounds in New York and Washington, D.C. last week to promote his new, widely praised tome, Capital in the Twenty First Century, an exhaustive analysis that argues that inequality and the concentration of wealth among the few are the norm, rather than the exception, within capitalist societies.上周,法国经济学家托马斯#8226;皮凯蒂赴纽约和华盛顿宣传自己的大部头新作《21世纪的资本主义》(Capital in the Twenty First Century)。这本书通过详细的分析明,在资本主义社会,贫富差距以及财富集中在少数人手里是一种常态,而不是个别现象。In a less sobering -- at times, overoptimistic -- side of a similar coin, political consultant and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin#39;s recently published The Zero Marginal Cost Society highlights a capitalism that seems to be running itself out of business.政治顾问和社会理论学家杰里米#8226;里夫金最近出版的作品《零边际成本社会》(The Zero Marginal Cost Society)探讨的也是类似问题,只是这本书不是那么冷静,有时甚至过于乐观。里夫金在书中强调,资本主义似乎正在断送自己的前程。Rifkin argues that the private market#39;s drive for efficiency and productivity has brought us ever closer to a world in which the marginal cost to produce just about everything will inch closer and closer to zero.里夫金指出,私营市场追逐效率和生产率,导致我们越发靠近这样一种态势,那就是几乎所有产品的边际成本都会一步步地接近于零。Picture factories run entirely by robots, powered by renewable energy sources like wind and the sun, creating products delivered by driverless vehicles, also run on renewable energy. Maybe these products won#39;t even need to make any kind of journey at all. Perhaps they can simply be produced at your home or a few blocks away with the help of a 3-D printer.里夫金在书中做了这样的设想:工厂完全由机器人负责运营,使用风能或太阳能这样的可再生能源;制造出来的产品由无人车辆运送,这些车辆同样使用可再生能源。更有甚者,这些产品可能都不需要运输——借助3D打印机,人们在家里或者几个街区之外就能进行生产。Speaking of your home, in Rifkin#39;s new world, your next one may very well be built by locally generated, 3-D-printed materials, in record time, removing the considerable expense of transporting construction goods. Rifkin cites an MIT lab that is working to develop a house frame in a single day ;with virtually no human labor.; An equivalent frame, Rifkin says, ;would take an entire construction crew a month to put up.;说到我们的家,在里夫金的新世界里,人们用来修建住宅的很可能是3D打印机就地取材所制造的材料,而且修建时间之短前所未有,从而节省了大量的建材运输费用。里夫金提到,麻省理工(MIT)的一座实验室正在开发“不用人力”就能在一天内建起房屋构架的技术。他说,同样的构架“可能需要整整一建筑队伍工作一个月。”That home will be powered by -- you guessed it -- increasingly cheap renewable energy, and it will be stocked with more sensors than you can imagine, all feeding data into a smart grid, so your house knows how much energy you need and when, and what needs to be repaired.大家应该已经想到,这样的住宅将越来越多地使用清洁的可再生能源,其中安装的传感器数量之多将超过大家的想象;所有数据都将汇集到智能电网中,这样住宅就能知道人们在什么时候需要多少电力,以及哪些东西需要维修。This is a technological utopia brought to you by the convergence of what Rifkin calls the Communications Internet (how information is shared), the Energy Internet (how energy needs are shared and energy itself is distributed), and the Logistics Internet (how products are built and delivered), all equaling the so-called Internet of Things.构建这样一个高科技乌托邦的途径就是把里夫金所说的通信互联网(怎样共享信息)、能源互联网(怎样共享能源需求信息以及怎样分配能源)和物流互联网(怎样制造并运送产品)融合起来,这些网络就是人们所说的物联网。Granted, the initial cost of building such a system will be substantial. But once it#39;s up and running, Rifkin argues, the benefits will fundamentally reshape our economic order. ;The Internet of Things is aly boosting productivity to the point where the marginal cost of producing many goods and services is nearly zero, making them practically free,; Rifkin writes. ;The result is corporate profits are beginning to dry up, property rights are weakening, and an economy based on scarcity is slowly giving way to an economy of abundance.;的确,打造这样一个系统的初始成本可能会非常高。但里夫金认为,建成并投入运行后,这个系统所带来的益处将从根本上改变我们的经济秩序。他写道:“物联网已经让生产率达到了以接近于零的边际成本提供诸多产品和务的水平,这些产品和务实际上已经处于免费状态。由此产生的结果是,公司利润开始枯竭,产权开始弱化,富裕经济开始慢慢取代以稀有性为基础的经济。”Actually, corporate profits in the U.S. are increasing, both in absolute terms and as a portion of national income. Sure, some industries are struggling against the waves of technological disruption (e.g. almost the entire media sector). And then there are energy giants like Exxon and Chevron, which are facing daunting, expensive headwinds in the search for and cultivation of additional sources of fossil fuel. But businesses overall are making money, and quite a bit of it.但实际情况是,美国公司的利润正在上升,无论用绝对水平,还是用占国民收入的比例来衡量都是如此。当然,在科技的颠覆之下,有些行业正在苦苦挣扎(比如几乎整个媒体行业)。同时,埃克森(Exxon)和雪佛龙(Chevron)等大型能源企业在寻找和开发新化石燃料资源方面遇到的高成本阻力让人望而却步。但总的来说,企业都在赚钱,而且赚的相当多。Where does capitalism fit into Rifkin#39;s world? ;In the coming era,; he says, ;both capitalism and socialism will lose their once-dominant hold over society, as a new generation increasingly identifies with Collaboratism.;资本主义和里夫金的世界有什么契合点呢?他的是:“在即将到来的时代,随着新生代越来越认同协作主义(Collaboratism),资本主义和社会主义都将失去主导社会的能力。”To explain how we reached this novel economic moment, The Zero Marginal Cost Society takes ers on a grand historical tour, from feudal Europe, to Adam Smith and Karl Marx, to the rise of steam, steel, and railroads, and the oil age. Rifkin argues that creating the industrial order of the past few centuries was so expensive that it required massive, publicly held companies like General Electric, Ford, and ATamp;T. Electrifying society, connecting them by phone and rail, and putting the masses behind the wheel of a car were wildly ambitious projects. Centralized corporations were up to this task. Today, Rifkin argues, those companies are becoming less relevant.为了阐释我们怎样才能迈向这个经济新篇章,《零边际成本社会》带着读者在历史中畅游了一番,从欧洲的封建社会到亚当#8226;斯密和卡尔#8226;马克思,再到蒸汽、钢铁和铁路的兴起,然后是石油时代。里夫金指出,过去几百年中,建立工业秩序的成本如此之高,以至于我们需要通用电气(General Electric)、福特汽车(Ford)和美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T)这样的大型上市公司。实现社会电气化,用电话和铁路把人们联系在一起,以及让普通民众用上汽车,这些都是规模极为宏大的项目。过去,集权型企业可以胜任这项任务。但里夫金认为,今天,这些公司正在变得不那么举足轻重。To Rifkin, we are entering the age of the social commons, where ownership of goods is less essential to consumers than merely having access to them, pointing to car sharing services like Zipcar, apartment sharing sites like Airbnb and Courchsurfing.com, and children#39;s toy exchanges like Baby Plays and Spark Box Toys as pioneers. Expand this kind of behavior to other parts of the economy -- peer-to-peer renewable energy sharing and crowdfunded personal and business loans, for example -- and all sorts of companies may soon end up selling far fewer goods and services to even fewer people. You would need to put aside measurements like GDP and profits to gauge the success of such an economy.对里夫金来说,我们正在进入社会要素的时代;就消费者而言,和只是获得物品相比,物品所有权已经不再处于那么核心的位置。他指出,汽车共享网站Zipcar、租房网站Airbnb和Courchsurfing.com以及儿童玩具交换网站Baby Plays和Spark Box Toys都是这方面的先驱。把这样的行为延伸到其他经济领域后,比如点对点的可再生能源共享以及通过众筹方式获得个人和企业贷款,所有公司的产品和务销量可能很快就会大幅下降,而他们的客户甚至会减少得更厉害。衡量这样的经济是否成功也许不能再用GDP和利润这样的指标。There are, of course, hitches to this master plan. Rifkin himself admits several of them. To start, how can you deliver all the wonders of an ;Internet of Things society; when, for example, a little less than 30% of the U.S. population has a fixed broadband Internet subscription? Rifkin praises incipient efforts to build a nationwide, free Wi-Fi network in the U.S., but such proposals are in their infancy and will likely face opposition from broadband behemoths like Time Warner Cable and Comcast, two companies that will gain even more control of the market if their proposed merger goes forward.当然,这个宏伟计划也面临着一些障碍。里夫金自己也承认存在这样的不利因素。比如,首先一点,在只有将近30%的美国人能用上宽带的情况下,怎么创造出“物联网社会”的所有这些奇迹呢?里夫金对在美国建立全国免费无线Wi-Fi网络的初步努力表示赞赏,但这样的方案才刚刚起步,而且时代华纳有线(Time Warner Cable)和康卡斯特(Comcast)这样的宽带市场巨无霸可能会出面阻挠——如果这两家公司的合并计划付诸实施,它们对市场的控制力就会进一步加强。And even if you somehow build a powerful, expansive Internet that can bring a nation#39;s energy and economic infrastructure into a new, nearly costless era, you will need to protect it from all kinds of harm. To his credit, Rifkin devotes significant attention to the potential consequences of cyberterrorism, especially if the U.S. continues to develop a centralized energy grid (the kind that could be taken out by a massive cyberattack) rather than building several individual microgrids, which is what the European Union plans to do.就算人们设法建立起了功能强大而且面积广泛的互联网,从而可以让一个国家的能源和经济基础设施进入新的近似零成本时代,还需要保护它免受各种各样的侵害。值得赞扬的是,里夫金非常关注网络恐怖主义可能带来的后果,特别是如果美国继续建设集中式能源网络(这种能源网络可能因为大规模网络袭击而瘫痪),而不是建立几个独立的小型网络(欧盟正计划这样做)。Then there#39;s the granddaddy of all threats to just about any future economic arrangement: the untold effects and consequences of climate change. Unpredictable weather and limited food supplies, clean water, and raw materials all pose major complications, whether or not you take advantage of technology that can reduce the cost of production.接下来就是气候变化的作用和影响,所有威胁今后几乎任何经济举措的因素都源于此,而且这个问题说不清道不明。无论能否利用先进技术来降低生产成本,无法预测的天气以及有限的食品供应、清洁的水资源和原材料都会成为重大问题。Rifkin, who initially made his name as an environmental activist in the 1970s and #39;80s, is all too aware of these potential setbacks, and argues that the kind of collaborative, sharing economy he sees developing could be just what we need at this point, pointing to the power of cooperative and nonprofit organizational models as a way forward. ;We will need to leave behind the parochialisms of the past and begin to think and act as a single extended family living in a common biosphere,; he writes.里夫金最初成名于20世纪70和80年代的环保活动,对这些不利因素绝对了如指掌。他认为,目前我们需要的可能恰恰就是他所预见的这种处于成长状态的协作和共享经济,而且协作的力量和非营利组织的模式就是今后发展的方向。他写道:“我们需要摒弃以往的狭隘主义,像生活在同一个生物圈里的一个大家庭那样思考和行动。”The Zero Marginal Cost Society is admirable in its scope. Rifkin offers a wide-ranging overview of the kind of tech advances that will redefine how many people live in the coming decades (the wildest of all: 3-D bioprinters that can produce human tissue and perhaps one day generate entire human organs). While his techno-utopian vision may seem unrealistic at times, Rifkin makes sure to ground much of his predictions in data, documented scientific advances, and a fair amount of caveats.《零边际成本社会》的眼界令人赞叹。里夫金谈到了大量的技术进步,这些技术进步将重新定义今后几十年很多人的生活状态(其中最非同寻常的一项是3D生物打印机,它能制造出人体组织,也许有一天还能造出完整的人体器官)。虽然他所描绘的高科技乌托邦有时候看起来似乎并不现实,但里夫金利用数据、记录科技进步的文献和相当数量的预先声明,从而确保他的许多构想都有据可查。Much of what Rifkin writes about has been covered by the business and tech press in recent years. But what makes The Zero Marginal Cost Society worth ing is its audacity, its willingness to weave a vast string of developments into a heartening narrative of what our economic future may hold for the generations to come. You can call it naive, but it#39;s much more than that. It#39;s hopeful. And, perhaps in a moment of hope-induced blindness, Rifkin fails to mention the ultimate cost for us mortals, the one that really isn#39;t going anywhere anytime soon: time.里夫金在书中写道的很多东西已经出现在近几年的商业和科技报道中。但《零边际成本社会》想法大胆,而且乐于把各种各样的科技进步组织成一种令人振奋的声音来描述未来几代人的经济前景,这一点成就了它的可读性。大家可以认为这是天真,但这本书远不仅限于此,它还传递着希望。而且,也许是因为眼里只有希望,里夫金并没有提到我们凡人短期内无法真正摆脱的终极成本:时间。 /201405/295594 David Cameron, who has notoriously poor schoolboy French, is urging today#39;s youngsters to abandon the language of Molière and Voltaire to concentrate on the tongue of the future – Mandarin.众所周知,卡梅伦的法语水平相当一般。但他却呼吁英国年轻人放弃法语学习,集中精力学习“未来的语言”——汉语。In a parting shot, as he left China after a three-day visit, the prime minister said that pupils should look beyond the traditional French and German lessons and instead focus on China.卡梅伦在结束了为期三天的访华行程后表示,英国的年轻人应该打破只关注法德语学习的传统局限,今后应集中学习汉语。To reinforce his message the prime minister ed Nelson Mandela, who said learning someone else#39;s language is the best way to their heart. Cameron said: ;I want Britain linked up to the world#39;s fast-growing economies. And that includes our young people learning the languagesto seal tomorrow#39;s business deals.为了更有说力,卡梅伦还引用了南非前总统曼德拉的名言——“要了解一个国度的精神世界,最好的方法就是学习他们的语言”。卡梅伦表示:“我希望英国能紧跟世界经济发展的脚步。其中重要的一方面就是让我们的年青一代学习正在崛起的中国的语言。”;By the time the children born today leave school, China is set to be the world#39;s largest economy. So it#39;s time to look beyond the traditional focus on French and German and get many more children learning Mandarin.“等到这一代学生走出校门的时候,中国很可能已成为世界最大的经济体。所以现在是时候将注意力从传统的德法语学习转向汉语学习。”;As Mandela once said: #39;If you talk to a man in a language he understands that goes to his head, if you talk to him in his own language that goes to his heart.#39;;“正如曼德拉曾说过,‘以对方能听懂的语言说的话只能进入对方的大脑,以对方的母语说的话才能走入对方的内心’”。Cameron, who visited a school for six- and seven-year-olds learning English in Chengdu, said that a partnership between the British Council and Hanban – the Chinese National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language – will double the number of Chinese language assistants in the UK by 2016 and provide increased funding to lower the cost to schools of offering Mandarin as a language option.卡梅伦访问了成都的龙江路小学。他还表示,英国文化委员会和中国汉办(中国国家汉语国际推广领导小组办公室)将会继续合作伙伴关系,计划到2016年将英国的汉语助教人数提高一倍,并为开设汉语教学的英国学校提供资金持以降低其办学成本。In an expansion of the UK-China School Partnerships programme, funding will also be provided for 60 headteachers to make study visits to China in 2014.卡梅伦表示也将继续推进与中国学校的合作项目,计划在2014年公费持60位中小学校长访问中国。The announcement was welcomed by the British Council and the British Academy, both of which have been pushing for policies to reverse the decline in students taking modern languages at school and university level.卡梅伦的上述声明受到了英国文化委员会和英国社会科学院的欢迎,这两个组织都在努力扭转英国大学和中学学生对现代语言学习逐渐丧失兴趣的局面。Martin Davidson, the British Council#39;s chief executive who has been visiting China with Cameron, said: ;The promotion of Chinese language in the UK and the English language in China are both vital to economic and cultural relations between the two countries. This initiative will increase collaboration and is particularly significant given that recent British Council research shows that Mandarin is one of 10 languages not widely spoken in the UK and yet crucial to our future growth and prosperity.;同卡梅伦一起访华的英国文化委员会执行总裁马丁·戴维森(Martin Davidson)表示:“同时推进中国的英语教学事业和英国的汉语教学事业对于加强两国的经济文化联系是至关重要的。首相此次的倡议不仅会加强两国合作,对于英国自己也有重要意义。英国文化委员会的调查显示,在英国汉语是普及率最低的10种语言之一,但汉语对于英国未来的发展繁荣无疑是十分重要的。”In recent research the British Council placed Mandarin in the top five most important languages for Britain#39;s future prosperity, security and influence. But it found only 1% of the adult population speaks Mandarin to a level that allows them to conduct a basic conversation. Just 3,000 pupils in England, Wales and Northern Ireland entered for Chinese languages GCSEs in 2013, putting it far behind the traditional choices of French with 177,000, Spanish with 91,000 and German with 62,000 entrants, as well as Urdu, Polish and Arabic.在英国文化委员会最近的一项研究中,汉语被列为关乎英国未来繁荣、安全和影响力的最重要语种前五名。但研究发现,只有1%的英国人能够使用汉语进行基本的日常对话。2013年度英格兰、威尔士和北爱尔兰一共只有3000名初中学生报名了GCSE标准中文课程,这远远少于选择其他语言的学生人数。例如,选择法语的学生有177,000名,选择西班牙语的有91,000名,选择德语的有62,200名。除了这些传统的热门语言之外,选择汉语学习的学生人数也少于乌尔都语、波兰语和阿拉伯语。But the popularity of Chinese languages improves at A-level, where it was the fourth most popular modern language in 2013, with 3,300 entrants compared with 11,000 taking A-level French and 4,200 taking German.不过,学习中文的高中生呈现出增多的趋势。高中的中文课程是2013年度最热门的4大现代语言课程之一,共有3300名学生参加。选择法语课程的高中生有11,000名,选择德语课程的高中生有4,200名。The estimated 500,000 ethnic Chinese living in Britain make it the largest overseas Chinese population of any European country.目前约有50万华裔人士居住在英国,这一数字高于欧洲其他国家。Professor Dame Helen Wallace, the British Academy#39;s foreign secretary, said her organisation had been arguing for an improvement in foreign language skills, and had identified Mandarin as one of the extended range of languages to be promoted in schools.英国社会科学院外事发言人海伦·华莱士(Dame Helen Wallace)教授说:“一直以来,我们都十分赞成提高公民的外语水平,我们已把汉语列为各大学校应设立学科进行教学的语种之一。”But a lack of qualified teachers could be a barrier to improving its popularity, Wallace said.华莱士补充说:“不过现在缺乏专业的汉语教师,这将会给普及汉语学习带来一定困难。”;The supply chain needs to work in both ways. Children need to be persuaded to do it and you need the availability of capable teachers at all levels – primary, secondary and university – to develop positive reinforcement in the availability of teachers and the interest of teachers.;“增加中文教师数量需要双管齐下。一方面,要说学生们选择中文课程;另一方面,需要有能力的教师站上中小学和大学的讲台,明中文教师的实际价值,吸引更多同行加入。”And she warned: ;No such strategy works unless you stick at it. There#39;s no use doing this for two or three years and then forgetting about it – you have to make a long-term investment in this kind of change capacity.;Laura Chan, one of the co-founders of the Marco Polo Academy, a bilingual Mandarin-English primary school opening in Barnet next September as part of the free schools programme, said the prime minister#39;s announcement was good news for the status of Mandarin.华莱士还提醒道:“任何计划只有坚持才能奏效。推广汉语学习也一样,只做个两三年然后置之不理是没有用的。改变目前的语言学习状况需要长期的努力。”明年9月将有一所名为“马可波罗学院”的中英双语小学在巴尼特成立,这所学校也是英国“免费学校”计划的项目之一。这所学校的创始人之一劳拉·陈(Laura Chan)认为,首相此次的呼吁对于提高汉语在英国的地位来说是一个好消息。;It#39;s a great help. It will increase people#39;s awareness of Mandarin as a language they can learn,; she said.她说:“这无疑大有帮助。首相的呼吁让人们意识到汉语也是他们需要学习掌握的语言之一。”;One reason we wanted to set up the free school is that the teaching of language in the UK is not particularly effective, especially for young children.;“我们想要建立这所免费学校也是因为在英国语言教学的成效并不显著,尤其是对于年纪小的孩子。”From September 2014, studying foreign languages will be compulsory in primary schools under the new national curriculum.根据最新修订的国家课程大纲,从2014年9月起,外语学习将成为英国小学的必修科目。 /201312/269437南芬观音阁八卦城街道医院收费标准平山医院不孕不育多少钱



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