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reputationhonor and reputationseek money and honor and reputationfar better than to seek money and honor and reputationTo care wisdom and truth and improvement of the soul is far better than to seek money and honor and reputation.名声荣誉和名声追求金钱、荣誉和名声远比追求金钱、荣誉和名声要好注重智慧、真理和进步,远比追求金钱、荣誉和名声要好reputation:名誉、名声;实用短语:of no reputation:默默无闻的;实用例句:He have a reputation courage.他以勇敢闻名会唱歌的生日蛋糕 57

778I arrived my meeting at the headquarters of Woon Enterprises and I stopped at the kiosk to ask directions. It’s a huge organization and the offices are located on a 30-acre compound, so it’s very hard to find your way around without some help. Guard: Good morning. Edyta: Good morning. I’m here a meeting with Mark Johnson. Could you tell me how to get to the right building? Guard: Sure. Take this road and follow the bend to the right. When you see the k in the road, take the road on your right. Follow that to the parking structure. You can’t miss it. Edyta: Okay, so when the road splits, I should veer right. Guard: That’s right. Here’s a guest parking permit. Make sure it’s visible on your dash at all times. Drive past the lot and go into the parking structure. You can park on any level and in any space that isn’t reserved. The building right next to the structure is where Mark Johnson’s office is. Edyta: Thanks, I think I’ve got all that. The guard raised the arm of the gate and let me through. As I drove through the huge compound to the parking structure, I couldn’t help thinking that this Woon must be one very successful businessman. 3

9th, January 195.195年1月9日My dearest one, I have just heard the news that all the Army men taken POW are to return to their homes.我的挚爱,我刚刚听到一个消息战俘们就要返乡了Because of the shipping situation we may not commence to go bee the end of February, but can probably count on being in England sometime in March, maybe sooner.鉴于航运情况,二月底之前我们可能都上不了船不过三月应该就能回到英国了也许更快It made me very warm inside. 想到这儿,我心里暖洋洋的It is terrific, wonderful, shattering.激动、喜悦、兴奋I dont know what to say. And I cannot think.无以言表,我甚至没法思考The delay is nothing, the decision is everything.延误算不了什么只要有能回家的决定就够了I must spend the first days at home. I must consider getting a party somewhere. 刚回去那几天我要待在家里,可能会办个聚会Above all I must be with you.但最重要的是一定要和你在一起I must warm you, surround you, love you, and be kind to you.我一定要哄你开心,和你形影不离,宠着你I would prefer not to get married, but want you to agree on the point.我个人更希望不结婚,但必须征得你的同意In the battle I was afraid, you, my mother, myself.在战场上,我很害怕担心你和我的母亲,也担心我自己Wait we must, my love, my darling, let us meet, let us be, let us know. 我们必须等待,我的爱人,我的宝贝But do not let us now make any mistakes.我们必须相见,在一起互相了解但不能犯下错误How good us to see each other bee I am completely bald.真好,在我头发掉光之前还能见到你I have some fine little wisps of hair on the top of my head.我头顶上还有几缕头发It not much good me trying to write about recent experiences, now that I know I should be able to tell you everything myself within such a short time.已经没什么必要给你讲我最近的经历了因为不久我就能面对面地向你述说What I have my eye on now is the first letter from you saying that you know I am all right and the next saying you know I am coming to you.眼下我手边放着你给我的第一封信,说你知道我已平安还有第二封说你知道我就要回去了Plan a week somewhere, not Boscombe or Bournemouth. 我们去那儿待一周吧,只要不是斯库姆或伯恩茅斯就行Think of being together.想想看,就我们俩The glory of you.你是如此美丽I hope you will not start buying any clothes if you have any coupons left because you think you must look nice me. 我希望你别去添置衣,就算你的折价券还没用光,你可能觉得需要为了迎接我而精心打扮Just carry on as near as possible to normal.但我只希望看到最平常的你I shall tell my family I hope to spend a week away with you somewhere during my leave.我会告诉家人回家期间我想要花上一周和你一起外出My counsel to you is to tell as few people as possible to avoid preening yourself and saying much. 我建议知道这件事的人越少越好这样免去了炫耀的嫌疑,也省了口舌This is my advice, not anything but that. Hope you understand.这是我的建议,并没什么重要希望你能理解I do not ever want it to be anything but our affair. Do not permit any intrusion.我希望这是完全属于我们的时光我不想受任何打扰I do not know how long a leave I shall get. I could get as little as days I may get as much as a month.我不知道我能放多久的假期,可能只有天,也可能有足足一个月Im wondering how I shall tell you I am in England. Probably still quicker to send a telegram than a letter.到达英国之后我该如何告诉你呢可能发电报比寄信快I hope to send you one announcing that I am on the same island.我希望一踏上英国土地我就发电报通知你I would send another one I am actually soon to get to the London bound train and you can ring Lee Green when you think I have arrived there.登上火车前往伦敦之前还会再给你发一封,你觉得快到了就打Lee Green It a strange thing because I cannot seem to get going and write very freely.真奇怪,因为想到要出发,我反而没办法好好写信了All I am thinking about is I am going home, I am going to see her.我脑子里想的全是“我要回家了!我要见到她了!”It a fact, a real thing, an impending event like Shrove Tuesday, X mas Day, or the Lord Mayor Banquet.这是事实,千真万确像是忏悔节、圣诞节或者市长大人的宴会一样近在眼前You have to be abroad, you have to be hermetically sealed off from you intimates from you home to realize what a gift this going-home is.只有远在海外漂泊,彻底与亲朋挚友切断联系才懂得回家是怎样的幸福The few letters of yours that I had on me I burnt the day previous to our surrender so no one but myself has your words.我随身带着你的几封信,但在投降前一天我把它们都烧了所以你的话语只有我读过It a pity that the winter weather will not be kind to us out of doors. 真遗憾,现在是寒冬,在屋外我们得忍受严寒But it would be nice sitting next to you at the pictures no matter what may be on the screen.但只要想到是和你坐在一起,无论在哪都是幸福It would be grand to be having each other support and sympathy.我们彼此持,相互理解真是三生有幸It would be wonderful to be together,really together in the flesh, not just to know that a letter is all we can send.能和你在一起是多么美妙,而不是互通书信,是真的和你在一起,肌肤相亲I Love you, Chris.我爱你克里斯 39187But in spite of Tess decision to get her ancestors,但是尽管苔丝决意忘掉她的祖先the dairy, called Talbothays,especially attracted her那个叫塔尔勃塞的牛奶场之所以特别吸引她because it was near the mer lands of the old d;Urberville family.却正是因为它挨着古老的德伯家族的土地She would be able to look at them,她可以看到它and not only observe that the noble d;Urberville family had lost its greatness,这样她不仅可以看到高贵的德伯家族失去了它的辉煌but also remember that a poor descendant had lost her innocence.还会记起它的一个可怜的后代失去了她的贞操She wondered if some good might come of being in the land of her ancestors.她想知道生活在她祖先的土地上是否能给她带来一些好运Hope and youthful energy rose up in her again,新的希望和青春的活力再度在她心中涌起like leaves on a young tree in spring.就像春天小树上的新叶 570Carl: Uh! What that smell?卡尔:呃!那是什么味道?Jody: Im working on my latest invention. Im turning our old food into an energy source our car and our house.乔迪:我在研究我最近的发明我要把陈旧的食物转化为能源,为汽车和房屋供能Carl: Why? There are aly lots of types of renewable energy that power cars and homes, and none of them smell like this!卡尔:为什么?已经出现了许多类型的为家庭和汽车供能的再生能源,但没有一种闻起来像这样!Jody: Well, I think Im onto a better alternative. Imagine being able to recycle your unwanted food into fuel. That the wave of the future.乔迪:不过,我想要提供一个更好的选择想象一下,你能够回收利用多余的食物,把它变成燃料这是未来的潮流Carl: You mean you think that it would be more efficient than wind power and solar energy? There are geothermal and hydroelectric power plants that aly provide energy lots of homes and businesses.卡尔:你的意思是它比风能和太阳能更有效? 有些地热和水力发电厂已经在为许多家庭和企业提供能源务了Jody: But Im using food that would otherwise be wasted.乔迪:但我是要利用食物,不然会被白白浪费掉Carl: I hate to break it to you, but if you want to convert food into fuel, there are aly different types of biofuels that work pretty well.卡尔:我不愿扫你的兴,但如果你想把食物转化为燃料,我得提醒你已经出现了多种类型的效果显著的生物燃料了Jody: You mean somebody has aly beaten me to the punch?乔迪:你的意思有人已经先下手为强了?Carl: Yes, and I bet theyve found a way to do it without this stench!卡尔:是的,我猜他们已经找到了切实可行的,且不带臭气的方法了!原文译文属! 57

visit with a tramp一个流浪汉的来访I was swinging on the front gate, trying to decide whether to walk down the street to play with Verna, my best friend in fifth grade, when I saw a tramp come up the road.我在院门口晃悠,想着要不要去街对面找维娜玩,她是我五年级最好的朋友这时,我看见从街上走来一个流浪汉“Hello, little girl,” he said. “Is your mama at home?”“你好,小姑娘,”他说,“你妈妈在家吗?”I nodded and swung the gate open to let him in the yard. He looked like all the tramps who came to our house from the hobo camp by the river during the Great Depression. His shaggy hair hung below a shapeless hat, and his thbare shirt and trousers had been rained on and slept in. He smelled like a bonfire.我点点头,把门打开让他进了院子经济大萧条时期,有许多流浪汉从河那边的游民营来过我家,他看起来跟他们一样,蓬乱的头发从那顶不像样的帽子下露了出来,破破烂烂的衬衣和裤子显然被雨水淋湿过,还穿着睡过觉他浑身散发着一种篝火烧焦的味道He shuffled to the door. When my mother appeared, he asked, “Lady, could you spare a bite to eat?”他慢吞吞地走到门口我妈妈出来了,他问:“夫人,能不能给我点吃的?”“I think so. Please sit on the step.”“好吧,请坐在台阶上等一下”He dropped onto the narrow wooden platm that served as the front porch of our two room frame house. In minutes my mother opened the screen and handed him a sandwich made from thick slices of homemade b and generous chunks of boiled meat. She gave him a tin cup of milk. “I thank you, lady,” he said.他坐在狭长的木板平台上,那是两间屋的走廊不一会儿,妈妈打开帘子,递给他一个三明治,用家里自制的厚面包片夹着几大块熟肉她还给了他一杯牛奶“谢谢您,夫人”他说I swung on the gate, watching the tramp wolf down the sandwich and drain the cup. Then he stood and walked back through the gate. “They said your mama would feed me,” he told me on the way out.我在门上一边摇晃着,一边看着这个流浪汉狼吞虎咽地吃下那个三明治,喝干牛奶然后,他站起来,往外走穿过了大门“他们说你妈妈会给我东西吃”他出门的时候对我说Verna had said the hobos told one another who would feed them. “They never come to my house,” she had announced proudly.维娜曾说过,谁给流浪汉们东西吃,他们就会互相转告“他们从不去我家”她骄傲地说道So why does Mama feed them? I wondered. A widow, she worked as a waitress in the mornings and sewed at nights to earn money. Why should she give anything to men who didnt work at all?妈妈为什么要给他们东西吃呢?我很奇怪妈妈是一个寡妇,上午在餐厅做务员,晚上还要做缝纫来挣钱她为什么要把东西给这些毫不相干的人吃呢?I marched inside. “Verna mother says those men are too lazy to work. Why do we feed them?”我大步走进屋子,“维娜的妈妈说,这些人太懒了,不工作我们为什么要他们给吃的呢?”My mother smiled. Her blue housedress matched her eyes and emphasized her auburn hair.妈妈笑了,她蓝色的围裙和眼睛很相称,也衬托着她赤褐色的头发“Lovely, we dont know why those men dont work,” she said. “But they were babies once. And their mothers loved them, like I love you.” She put her hands on my shoulders and drew me close to her apron, which smelled of starch and freshly baked b.“宝贝,我们不知道他们为什么不工作,”她说,“但他们也曾是孩子,他们的妈妈爱他们,就像我爱你一样”她把双手放在我肩头,把我拉到她的围裙边,围裙散发出浆洗过的和新烤的面包的味道“I feed them their mothers, because if you were ever hungry and had nothing to eat, I would want their mothers to feed you.”“我给他们东西吃,是为了他们的妈妈如果你饿了,又什么吃的都没有,我希望他们的妈妈也能给你东西吃” 37587I was driving down the road when I saw a group of teenagers holding up signs a fundraising car wash their school. My car was very dirty, so I pulled over and paid a car wash and a wax.我开车沿着路前行,这时我看到一群学生举着洗车为学校募集钱的牌子我的车很脏,于是我停下车,付了洗车和打蜡的费用I think that the students had more enthusiasm than car washing skills. Yes, they had hoses, buckets filled with soapy water, and sponges, but they seemed more interested in getting each other wet than in getting the dirt off the car. I kept wanting to jump up and say, ;Hey, you missed a spot!; but I didnrsquo;t.我觉得学生拥有更多的热情而不是洗车技巧是的,他们有水管,还有装满肥皂水的桶和海绵,但是他们看上去对让彼此浑身都沾上水更感兴趣,而不是擦掉车上的污垢我想蹦起来喊道:;嘿,有污点没有擦掉!;但是我没有那样做After washing the car, they rinsed it and dried it with towels. They also vacuumed the interior and washed the windows. At least the windows were spotless. Finally, they waxed and polished the car, and were finished.洗完车后,他们冲洗车并用毛巾擦干他们还用吸尘器打扫车的内部,并擦洗车窗至少玻璃没有污点最后,他们给车打上蜡并擦亮,洗车完成了I went over to inspect the washed car. All I can say is Irsquo;m glad this was a fundraiser to support their school. If these students do as well in their classes as they did on my car, they need all the education they can get!我走过去检查洗过的车我只能说能出钱资助他们的学校我很高兴如果这些学生学习成绩和洗车一个水平,那他们需要全面的教育【生词注释】hold up 举着fundraising car wash 洗车来募集钱wax n.打蜡enthusiasm n.热情hose n. 水管bucket n. 桶soapy water 肥皂水sponge n.海绵dirt n. 污垢missed a spot 有污点没有擦掉rinse v. 冲洗vacuum v. 用吸尘器打扫interior n. 内部spotless adj. 无脏污的polish v. 擦亮inspect v. 检查 1961

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