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大理市无痛人流好的医院大理市第一人民医院收费好不好Google and Apple are the most valuable companies in the world, and undoubted winners from the smartphone boom. 谷歌(Google)和苹果(Apple)是全球市值数一数二的两家公司,无疑也是智能手机大发展的赢家。In their wake lies Nokia’s handset business, which was sold to Microsoft and later wound down.在他们身后躺着诺基亚(Nokia)的手机业务,后者被出售给微软(Microsoft),后来关闭了。But, when it comes to defending themselves against the arsenal of patents Nokia built up in its years at the top, the US tech heavyweights want the world to view them as victims of unfair and anti-competitive behaviour.但是,在谈到对抗诺基亚在其巅峰时期累积的专利库的时候,这两家美国科技巨擘希望世界将它们视为不公平和反竞争行为的受害者。That rather delicious irony emerged this week, as Apple filed a private antitrust suit against two companies that have acted as enforcers of Nokia’s patent portfolio. 这种极具讽刺意味的事情发生在上周,苹果对代理诺基亚专利组合的两家公司提起了反垄断私人诉讼。Apple claimed that Nokia was taking advantage of a legal system that is ripe for abuse by carving up its patent holdings and passing them on to specialist firms. 苹果宣称,诺基亚将所持专利切割成几块、将其转移至专业公司,是在利用一个易于被滥用的法律制度。In the heated rhetoric of the intellectual property industry, Nokia had become that most detested of animals: a patent troll.在知识产权领域激烈的口水仗当中,诺基亚已成为最令人憎恶的专利流氓。Google took aim at the same arrangement in a complaint to European regulators four years ago. 谷歌4年前在向欧洲监管机构提起的申诉中将矛头对准了同样的行为。It accused the Finnish company and Microsoft of colluding to raise smartphone prices and sidestep patent concessions that are essential to the smooth running of tech markets.它指责诺基亚和微软合谋提高智能手机价格,回避科技市场平稳运转的关键——专利特许。Today, it is tempting to view all of this as a battle involving deep-pocketed companies that are more than capable of taking care of themselves. 如今,人们会忍不住将这一切视为那些财大气粗、完全有能力照顾自己的公司之间的一场战斗。But it has thrown a spotlight on an important question for the tech industry at large.但它也突显出整个科技行业的一个重要问题。At issue are patent assertion entities — specialised companies set up to buy and enforce IP rights. 争议焦点是专利主张实体,即那些专门为了收购并行使知识产权而设立的公司。According to critics, these mercenaries feel no qualms about abusing a shaky legal system to demand excessive royalties, upsetting a delicate balance in the tech world between inventors and the companies that gain from their inventions.批评者们表示,这些雇佣兵放肆地滥用一个漏洞百出的法律体系来要求过高的专利费,打乱了科技行业发明者和发明受益公司之间的微妙平衡。Some aspects of the patent enforcers are more obnoxious than others. 专利行使公司的其中一些做法尤其令人反感。In a recent study, the US Federal Trade Commission generally approved of what it termed portfolio PAEs — companies that buy large bundles of patents — as they provide a useful economic function, and more than half of them share profits with the inventors.在最近的一项研究中,美国联邦贸易委员会(FTC)基本上持其所称的组合式专利主张实体,即大量购买专利的公司,因为它们提供了有用的经济功能,而且其中逾半数公司与发明者分享了利润。True, they may be more willing to resort to legal action than tech companies with industry relationships to protect, and they are set up with the expertise and risk capital to go to war. 的确,与需要考虑维护行业关系的科技公司相比,它们可能更愿意诉诸法律行动,而且它们有充足的专长和风险资本来发起诉讼战。But this by itself does not make them evil.但这本身并不让它们成为魔鬼。A second, more serious question is whether PAEs engage in asymmetric warfare. 第二个更为严肃的问题是,专利主张实体是否发起了不对称战争。As off-the-shelf legal vehicles with no operating businesses of their own, they can sue without fear of a countersuit. 作为自己没有任何运营业务的现成法律实体,他们可以放心提起诉讼而不用担心反诉。They might also act as shell companies for the original patent owners, making it harder for defendants to press for legal discovery from the companies that first won the patent rights. 它们也可能作为专利初始所有人的壳公司,让被告方更难要求对最初赢得专利权的公司进行法律取。These less welcome side-effects seem acceptable if they are outweighed by the benefits of outsourcing legal rights. 如果外包法律权利的收益超过这些不太受欢迎的副作用,那么这一点似乎还可以接受,But there are other, more pernicious results that may be harder to swallow.但还有其他更有害的结果更难以让人接受。One is the secrecy around some PAEs. 一是一些专利主张实体的神秘性。When the ultimate beneficiary of a legal action is hidden, it is impossible for defendants to hit back with their own legal action.当一起法律诉讼的最终受益人不明确的时候,被告方不可能发起自己的法律诉讼予以反击。PAEs may also resort to dubious tactics, 专利主张实体也可能使用一些阴招。such as sping a portfolio of patents through a number of different legal entities then forcing a company such as Apple to buy multiple licences to what amounts to the same technology. 比如将一系列专利转移至许多不同的法律实体,然后迫使苹果等公司为本质上相同的技术购买多项专利。This practice is known in the industry as royalty stacking.这种做法在业内被称为专利费叠加(royalty stacking)。Another valid concern is whether some companies have used PAEs to escape their obligations to maintain open industry standards. 另一个站得住脚的担忧是,一些公司是否利用专利主张实体来逃避保持开放行业标准的义务。When they own patents to technology that plays a part in industry standards, companies such as Nokia accept limits on how aggressively they can enforce their rights. 当拥有对行业标准有影响的技术专利时,对于其能够以多大力度行使权利,诺基亚等公司接受一定的限制。But, once the patents are held by an arm’s length company, the same restraints might not apply.但一旦专利是由一家关联公司持有的,同样的限制可能不适用。Apple’s claims would carry more weight if the company itself had not been accused of balking at the industry’s usual methods for dealing with technology standards. 如果苹果自身没有被指回避业内处理技术标准的通常做法,它的主张将更有分量。But one of Nokia’s suits charges the iPhone maker with refusing to license a set of patents used in the H.264 compression standard, even though many other tech companies have accepted the same terms. 但诺基亚在一起诉讼中指控苹果拒绝向H.264视频压缩标准中使用的一系列专利付专利费,即便其他许多科技公司接受了同样的条款。It is also questionable whether European competition regulators would race to the defence of US tech companies that have come under other scrutiny in Brussels.同时还令人质疑的是,欧洲反垄断监管机构是否会急于捍卫在其它问题上受到布鲁塞尔审查的美国科技公司。With the amounts at stake rising — and patent enforcers now an entrenched part of the legal landscape — a closer look at their tactics appears overdue.随着牵涉到的利益不断加大——专利行使公司如今是法律版图中根深蒂固的一部分——我们似乎早该密切关注它们的战术。 /201612/485726大理州医院妇科挂号 In April a group of Finnish farmers outfitted a spindly black drone with a remote-controlled chainsaw and filmed it decapitating snowmen. They called it “Killer Drone.” More formally it was a DJI S1000.四月,一群芬兰农民装备了一架细长黑色、带有遥控电锯的无人机并拍摄下它砍下雪人头部的画面。他们称呼它为“凶手无人机”。更正式的称呼为大疆S1000。This spring marine biologists flew a drone over the Sea of Cortez to capture samples of the fluid sprayed from the blowholes of blue whales. They called it “SnotBot.” It was a DJI Inspire 1.这个春季,海洋生物学家们驾驶一架无人机飞越加利福尼亚湾,采集从蓝鲸头顶的呼吸孔喷射出的液体标本。他们称它为“鼻涕机器人”。这架无人机是大疆Inspire 1。In March 2015 two men in Ottawa equipped a sleek white drone with Roman candle fireworks and sprinted away shirtless as the machine fired spark-spewing projectiles. They called it “Roman Candle Attack Drone 2.0.” It was a DJI Phantom 2.2015年三月,两个男人在渥太华装备了一架有光泽的白色、带有罗马烛光烟花的无人机并在这架机器发射喷射火花的弹丸时裸奔。他们称它为“罗马烛光袭击无人机2.0”.这架无人机是大疆 Phantom 2。DJI which stands for Da-Jiang Innovations is a midsize company based in Shenzhen China and it essentially put recreational drone-flying on the map. Fans call it the “Apple of drones” and for good reason — the company owns 70% of the consumer drone market analysts say. As of March it was valued at about billion. It may be the first Chinese company to create and then dominate a hot new class of consumer electronics.DIJ代表大疆创新科技有限公司,这是一家中等规模的中国深圳公司,它从本质上使无人机飞行摆上台面。粉丝们称呼它为“无人机中的苹果”,而这是有原因的——据专家称这家公司占据70%无人机消费市场份额。截至三月它的估价约8亿美金。它可能是头一家创造并配着一个热门新兴消费电子工业种类的中国公司。As China’s decades-long investment and exports-driven “economic miracle” comes to an end the Chinese government is attempting to boost innovation to keep the country’s economy afloat. Officials are investing billions of yuan in gleaming new office parks university engineering programs and start-up incubators.当中国数十年投资和出口驱动的“经济奇迹”结束,中国政府正尝试促进创新来维持国家免于经济困难。行政官员投资了上亿人民币在闪亮的新办公楼区、大学工程项目和创新启动孵化器上。 /201607/453123Swiss national Louis Palmer fulfilled a childhood dream when he set off from his home country on July 3, travelling over desert, city and sea in 17 countries by a “solar taxi” to reach UN Climate Change Conference in Bali, Indonesia."In 1986, I was a 14-year-old boy, I was dreaming that when I will be an adult, I want to drive around the world," he told reporters."Then it came to my mind, how can I travel around the world and enjoy the beauty of this world with a car that is polluting the world? Then I thought the perfect car would be a solar car."His car, which has become a major attraction at the gates of the summit of some 188 nations, was built in three years with scientific help from four universities and 15 Swiss companies.The car pulls a trailer with six squares metres of solar panels which soak up the sun. The electricity is fed into the battery which powers the car, and can run for up to 100 kilometres a day."It's the first time in history that a car is driving around the world without a single drop of petrol," boasted Palmer, a teacher by training.His epic solar journey is not his first adventure -- he traversed Africa on a bicycle and North America in a light aircraft.So far, Palmer has gone by land through Europe and the Middle East, then by sea to India and on to Indonesia.After traversing much of Asia, Australia, North America and Africa, he will return to Switzerland to try and drum up support for the commercial possibilities of solar cars.For the moment, he has his hands full, with more curious customers waiting to take a ride in his unique automobile which, he said, "works like a Swiss clock." 瑞士男子路易斯#8226;帕尔莫终于圆了他儿时的一个梦。今年7月3日,他驾驶一辆“太阳能出租车”从瑞士出发,穿越了沙漠、城市和海洋,途经17个国家,最终抵达印度尼西亚的巴厘岛,参加在此召开的联合国气候变化大会。他在接受记者采访时说:“早在1986年,当我还是个14岁的小男孩时,我就梦想着长大以后能开车环游世界。”“后来我想,我怎么能开着一辆会给世界各地带来污染的车环游世界,欣赏各地美景呢?所以,我觉得最理想的工具应该是一辆太阳能车。”在约有188个国家参加的联合国气候变化大会会场外,帕尔莫的车成了最大亮点。这辆车在四所大学和15家瑞士公司的技术持下,用时三年制造而成。太阳能轿车后面是一个拖车,上面载有6平米太阳能采集面板。轿车依靠太阳能电池供电,每天能行驶100公里。身为培训教师的帕尔莫自豪地说:“一辆车没费一滴汽油,就跑遍了全世界,这在历史上还是首例吧!”然而,对于帕尔莫而言,类似这种壮观的“太阳能之旅”的冒险可不是第一次了。他曾骑车穿越非洲大陆,还曾开着一架轻型飞机穿越北美。截至目前,帕尔莫从陆路穿越了欧洲和中东地区,通过海路抵达了印度和印度尼西亚。在穿越亚洲、澳大利亚、北美和非洲的大部分地区后,帕尔莫将打道回府,并打算为太阳能轿车争取商业机会。而眼下,帕尔莫可是忙得不可开交,很多好奇的人们都等着上这辆奇特的车过把车瘾,帕尔莫说:“它现在简直像个瑞士钟一样连轴转。” /200803/29703云南省大理打孩子多少钱

南涧县人工流产多少钱Fears that almost all of Britain’s ash trees face annihilation may be exaggerated, according to a comprehensive genetic analysis of ash across the UK and Europe.根据在英国和欧洲大陆对白蜡树(ash tree)进行的全面遗传分析,有关英国几乎所有白蜡树都面临灭绝的担心可能被夸大了。The study, carried out by a collaboration of 12 academic research teams and published in Nature, found that British trees are more likely than their continental counterparts to carry genes that protect against ash dieback, a fungal infection with the potential to wipe out 90 per cent of the European ash population.这项研究由12个学术研究团队协同开展,结果发表于《自然》(Nature)杂志。研究发现,相比欧洲大陆的白蜡树,英国的白蜡树更有可能携带抵御白蜡树枯梢病(ash dieback)的基因;这是一种真菌感染,有可能杀死90%的欧洲白蜡树种群。“It’s an encouraging hint that things may not be as bad as we had feared,” said study leader Richard Buggs of Queen Mary University of London and Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.“这是一个令人鼓舞的消息,表明事情可能不像我们此前担心的那样糟糕,”伦敦大学玛丽皇后学院(Queen Mary University of London)和皇家植物园邱园(Royal Botanic Gardens Kew)的研究带头人理查德.巴格斯(Richard Buggs)表示。“But these are preliminary indications and I wouldn’t want to see government policy on ash dieback shaped by the research until we have more evidence for the susceptibility of British trees.”“但这些都是初步迹象,在我们有更多据表明英国白蜡树的易感性之前,我不想看到针对白蜡树枯梢病的政府政策受到此项研究的影响。”The encouraging news comes from the discovery of a link between reduced susceptibility to ash dieback and lower levels of plant chemicals called iridoid glycosides. Most British ash trees produce less of these compounds than continental ones, the genetic analysis suggests.这一令人鼓舞的消息源于这样一个发现:较低的白蜡树枯梢病易感性与较低水平的植物化学物质“环烯醚萜苷类”(iridoid glycosides)之间存在关联。遗传分析似乎表明,相比欧洲大陆的白蜡树,多数英国白蜡树生成的这类化合物较少。Mr Buggs said the findings might explain why ash dieback has not sp as rapidly in the UK as feared in 2012 when the fungus first arrived from continental Europe. “Most of our early models were based on the Danish experience,” he said.巴格斯表示,这些研究结果可能解释了为什么2012年白蜡树枯梢病从欧洲大陆传播至英国时,没有像人们担心的那样快速传播。“我们使用的多数初期模型都是基于丹麦的经验,”他说。The disease causes trees to lose their leaves and eventually die. It has killed millions of plants in eastern and northern Europe since reaching Poland in 1992. Young trees die fast while mature ash often take several years to succumb.这种疾病会导致白蜡树落叶,最终枯萎而死。自1992年传播至波兰以来,它已在东欧和北欧杀死了数以百万计的白蜡树。幼树很快死亡,而成年白蜡树往往在几年后死亡。“Plants use a vast range of chemicals to defend against fungal attack, and the primary objective [of the project] was to identify differences which could be used to screen young ash trees and choose the best ones for replanting,” said co-author Murray Grant of the University of Warwick. “Our findings underline the need for further research to ensure that we select ash trees resilient to present and future threats.”“植物利用多种多样的化学物质来抵御真菌侵袭,(该项目的)主要目标是识别差异,以便筛选幼树,挑选出最佳的树进行补种,”研究报告联名作者、华威大学(University of Warwick)的默里.格兰特(Murray Grant)表示。“我们的研究结果突显了进一步研究的需要,以确保我们筛选出对当前乃至未来的威胁具有抵抗力的白蜡树。”While the genetic analysis is encouraging news for the fungal resistance of British ash, it may have a downside, too. Iridoid glycosides help to protect plants against insect pests, so low levels could make the British trees more vulnerable to the other big threat to European ash, a beetle called the emerald ash borer.虽然遗传分析在英国白蜡树的真菌抗性上带来了令人鼓舞的消息,但它也可能意味着一个弱点。环烯醚萜苷类有助于保护植物免受虫害,因此这类化合物的含量较低可能使英国白蜡树在另一大威胁——一种被称为白蜡窄吉丁(emerald ash borer)的甲虫——面前更为脆弱。The beetle has devastated vast tracts of ash in North America and is sping westward from Russia into Europe. Although emerald ash borer has not reached the UK, arboriculturists fear its arrival is just a matter of time.这种甲虫在北美摧毁了大量白蜡树,并正从俄罗斯向西扩散,直扑欧洲。虽然白蜡窄吉丁尚未抵达英国,但树木栽培者担心,它们的到来只是一个时间问题。 /201612/485706大理市昌邑区妇幼保健院 I just remember that my dreams when I was younger appear to be more vivid than what they are now. Upon reaching adulthood, my dreams started to wane and at best I could not recall any dream upon waking up.According to experts, in a typical lifespan, humans spend a total of six years dreaming. There is yet no consensus or established explanation why we dream. That is why, there are theories that try to explain this phenomenon.I gathered some of these theories and came up with eight explanations why we dream:Adler's Theory. Dreams were a way of addressing our insecurities. In a dream we can safely face things that would otherwise scare us. We can try out strategies for overcoming our shortcomings or simply compensate for them via wish-fulfillment.Freud's Theory. Freud believes that we dream mainly because we want to fulfill our wishes. In other words, we dream mainly to fulfill our desires.Jung's Theory. He suggested that dreams may compensate for one-sided attitudes held in waking consciousness.Hartmann's Theory. Dreams, he said, function like psychotherapy. What someone cannot do during waking life, he tries to fulfill in his dreams.Griffen's Theory. Dreams provide a venue to satisfy an emotional expectation. This lowers stress on the dreamer.Hobson and McCarley's Theory. Dreams were simply the result of random electrical brain impulses that pulled imagery from traces of experience. Our brain tries to make sense of what these imageries mean and our mind creates stories out of it.Hall's Theory. He argued that a dream was simply a thought or sequence of thoughts. Dream images are the dreamer's own personal construct.Cayce Theory. More inclined on the spiritual explanations, he claimed that through dreaming, people are given access to their spirit. Well, these dream theories appear to point out that dreaming is a personal thing. Each one has a unique dream not dreamt by anybody else. And I would suggest that the best explanation to our dreams should come from ourselves.Besides, we cannot dwell on our dreams. We have to face our everyday realities. If you dream good, enjoy it. If not, wake up! 我只是记得我年轻时候做的梦比我现在做的梦记得清楚得多。成年以后,我的梦开始减少了而且我醒来后记不起任何东西。根据专家所言,典型的一个人的一生要花一共六小时来做梦。关于为什么我们会做梦至今还没有达成共识或者既定的解释。这就是为什么,有如此多的理论试着来解释这一现象。我摘录了这些理论中的一部分列举了我们为什么做梦的八个解释。1. 阿德勒的理论。梦是一种消除我们的不安全感的方式。在梦中我们能够安然地面对在现实生活中会令我们害怕的事情。我们能够通过如愿以偿的方式尝试种种策略来战胜我们的弱点或者只是简单地对它们进行补偿。2. 弗洛伊德的理论。弗洛伊德认为我们做梦主要是因为我们想要实现我们的愿望。换句话 说,我们做梦主要是为了满足自己的欲望。3. 荣格的理论。他的观点是梦是对清醒意识的片面态度的一种补偿。4. 哈特曼的理论。他说,梦的功能类似于心理疗法。在现实生活中不能做的事情,他会在梦境中试着实现。5. 格里芬的理论。梦提供了一个满足情感期待的地方。这给做梦的人缓解了压力。6. 霍布森和麦卡利的理论。梦仅仅是随机发放的大脑电信号把过往的经历变成意象。我们的大脑试着弄清楚这些意象的含义和我们创造的故事。7. 霍尔的理论。他认为梦仅仅是一种想法或一系列的想法。梦的意象是做梦者自己的创造。8. 凯西的理论。他认为更多的倾向于精神上的解释,他声称通过做梦,人们得到通向他们心灵的途径。这些梦的理论指出梦是一件个人的事。每个人都有其它人没有的自己独一无二的梦。我认为关于我们的梦最好的解释来自我们自己。此外,我们不能停留在我们的梦境中。我们不得不面对生活现实,如果你做了个美梦,好好享受,如果你做了个噩梦,那么赶紧醒来吧! /200804/35922洱源县人民医院做彩超B超价格

大理市妇保医院体检多少钱Woman Falls in Love with 3D-Printed Robot, Wants to Marry It女子想要嫁给3D打印机器人 Leading artificial intelligence expert David Levy recently said that he expects human-robot marriages to become commonplace by 2050, and the recently revealed romantic relationship between a French woman and a robot she 3D-printed herself seems to confirm the beginning of this trend.人工智能专家David Levy最近预言,在2050年,人类和机器人结婚将再正常不过。最近,一位法国女子就首开这种趋势的先河,恋上了自己的3D打印机器人。The first time I saw this story circulating online, I was almost convinced it was just a prank, not because it seems impossible to believe, but because the media tends to blow things out of proportion to attracts as many eyes as possible. However, this one appears to be legit. The woman in question, known only as Lilly, or by her Twitter handle @LillyInMoovator, describes herself as a ;proud robosexual; and told News.com.au via email that she is attracted only to robots and actually dislikes physical contact with human flesh.这件事最初曝光时,人们都以为是谣传。并不是因为这难以置信,而是媒体似乎在过度夸大此事。但此事似乎确实是真的!这个女子名叫Lilly,她的Twitter账号是@LillyInMoovator,签名则为“为爱上机器人感到自豪”。她通过邮件告诉澳大利亚新闻网,自己只对机器人感兴趣,不想跟人有什么肢体接触。Lilly claims that she loved the voices of robots as a child, but it was at the age of 19 that she discovered she was actually attracted to them as well. Her relationships with real men only seemed to confirm this. ;I#39;m really and only attracted by the robots,; the woman says. ;My only two relationships with men have confirmed my love orientation, because I dislike really physical contact with human flesh.;Lilly说她小时候就喜欢机器人的声音,19岁那年发现自己爱上了机器人。之前和人的恋情让她更加确定自己的取向。But, up until a few years, actually having a robot to fall in love with was nearly impossible for a regular person. Then 3d-printing happened, and everyone could create virtually anything. Lilly seized this opportunity to create her own robot, using open-source technology from a French company. That#39;s how her robotic partner InMoovator came to be. The two are now reportedly ;engaged, and Lilly says they will be married as soon as such a union become legal in France.但前些年,对正常人来说,有个机器人伴侣不大可能。随后,3D打印技术应运而生,人们几乎可以打印任何实体物品。Lilly利用法国一家公司的开源技术,利用3D打印技术,打印出自己专属的机器人伴侣InMoovator。据报道,他们俩目前已经订婚。Lilly说,等人类和机器人婚姻在法国合法时,他们就结婚。;I#39;m really and totally happy,; @LillyInMoovator says. ;Our relationship will get better and better as technology evolves.;“我真的超级开心,”@LillyInMoovator表示。“随着技术的进步,我们的关系会变得越来越好。”She adds that her unusual romantic relationship has been accepted by family and friends, but that ;some understand better than others.;她还补充说,他们的恋爱关系已经得到家人和朋友的认可,但大家接受能程度不同。;I#39;m a proud robosexual, we don#39;t hurt anybody, we a re just happy,; Lilly#39;s Twitter profile s.“我为自己恋上机器人感到骄傲,我们并没有伤害到任何人,我们在一起很幸福,”Lilly的Twitter简介这么写着。;It is not ridiculous, bad or pathology, it#39;s just a new love direction, a new lifestyle.; Despite her peaceful attitude, Lilly has become the target of cyberbullying after her story went viral in international media. Things apparently got so bad that she had to make her Twitter profile private. That#39;s sad, as she said, she really isn#39;t hurting anybody, so people should mind their own business.“这既不荒谬也不是病态,只是一种新的性取向和生活方式。”虽然Lilly心态平和,但自从她的故事在全世界的网络上传播后,她就成了众网友攻击的对象。事态最后严重到她不得不把Twitter账户设为不对外开放。这真令人伤心,她说,自己真的没有伤害任何人,人们管好自己的事情就行了。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201701/487812 Survey finds what British women really want in Mr Right France overtook Ireland as the fertility champion of Europe in 2007 HE should be clean-shaven, good-looking and drive a silver Mercedes. And, most important of all, he should be more than 178cm. Height is apparently more important than looks to women looking for Mr Right, a survey claims. With blue eyes, short dark-brown hair and medium build, the ideal candidate would appear to be film star Jake Gyllenhaal. Looks aside, the perfect partner must also love pets and appreciate fine wine, theatres and nice restaurants. Coupled with this he should have a "wacky" sense of humour, according to the study of 40,000 women by UKdating.com. Mr Right wears smart jeans and a T-shirt, weighs exactly 80.5kg and is a doctor or lawyer who owns a home in a good location. He has had three serious relationships, no more than six sexual partners, has never been married and doesn't have children. Also important is a university education: many women specify a man with a BA degree. Smokers and football fans were given the thumbs-down. Only 1 per cent of women questioned would date a chap who hates pets. The majority -- 66 per cent -- want to find a partner who is fit. Even more -- 68 per cent -- are looking for a wacky sense of humour. David Brown, managing director of UKdating.com, said: "The female daters on our website certainly know what they want and they are not afraid to let the men know. "They are looking for a man in a similar way to looking for a mortgage -- by going to websites, saying what they want and comparing what is out there." Fortunately for imperfect men, however, not all women go for the Gyllenhaal ideal. "Cuddly lovers" were favoured by 21 per cent, while 16 per cent would like to find a balding gent like Bruce Willis. Another 11 per cent said their Mr Right would be ginger, while 18 per cent said they would prefer a man with grey hair. And 28 per cent claimed they do not care how much a man earns. Facial hair proved surprisingly popular: 28 per cent of those surveyed admitted they liked a goatee and 21 per cent said they would like to meet a man with a moustache. Only 2 per cent of women, however, said they wouldn't mind dating someone who was less than 152cm tall. /200801/25615大理无痛人流手术医院排名医院人流大理



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