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导购口语:Good morning, miss. Do you want to buy something here?晚上好,要买东西吗?Are you being served?有人招呼您吗?Is there anything you’re interested in here?有什么您感兴趣的吗?语句:Are you being served? 有人招呼您吗sever表示“(在商店等处)接待(顾客)或为顾客去货物”的意思还可以说成:Are you being helped?Is there anybody waiting on you?情景再现:A: Is anybody waiting on you?A:有人招呼您吗?B: No. I am trying to find a green sweater in extra large.B:没有 我想买一件特大号运动衫 183858

5.Tron: Legacy – Icehotel – Jukkasj#;rvi, Sweden5.《创·战纪--冰雪客栈(瑞典·朱卡斯雅维)Lovers of Tron: Legacy wont believe their eyes when they take a look at the Icehotel in Sweden. This is one hotel stay you wouldnt get, as it is set 0km in the Arctic Circle, and the room is made out of ICE! You can step inside the Sci-Fi fantasy, as the Legacy of the River room use of light really brings the movie to life, and the futuristic design is simply ungettable.《创·战纪的粉丝们一旦见到瑞典的这家冰雪客栈一定会感到难以置信这是一家让你终身难忘的酒店该酒店地处距北极圈0千米的小镇,这个房间全部由冰雪建造而成!在这里你将步入科幻小说的奇妙世界,因为世纪之川套房的灯光设计将电影完美地还原到了真实世界中,其超现代化设计简直让人难以忘怀This is unlike your run-of-the-mill hotels, as the hotel itself is created from 1,500 tons of snow and 900 tons of ice.可能与你之前见过的普通酒店不同,该酒店完全是由.万吨雪加上900吨冰建设而成.Batman Suite– Eden Motel – Taiwan, China.《蝙蝠侠--伊甸风情旅馆(中国·台湾)Comic book lovers all over the world will be running to their computers to book a stay in the Batman Suite in Taiwan Eden Motel. As it a motel, you dont even have to book it the night, and so you can feel like Bruce Wayne just one hour!世界各地的漫迷都会争相预订台湾伊甸旅馆的蝙蝠侠套房由于该酒店属于汽车旅馆,你不用因解决住宿问题去预订它,而可以仅仅预订一小时去过一把蝙蝠侠的瘾!The suite offers everything from a bat-style bed, a flat screen TV, a batmobile protruding through the walls, and even miniature gargoyles. Youre bound to have a great ;knights; sleep when you stay here.套房内配备蝙蝠侠式床、全屏电视、;破;墙而出的蝙蝠车以及一些小型的怪兽状滴水嘴在这里你绝对可以像蝙蝠侠英雄一样享受美妙的夜晚3.Marilyn Monroe – Platine Hotel – Paris, France3.玛丽莲·梦露--普拉蒂娜卢浮宫酒店(法国·巴黎)The Platine Hotel offers 6 rooms dedicated to the iconic movie and fashion star, Marilyn Monroe. Exceptionally elegant and glamorous, it was created fans of the blonde bombshell. Whether you love Marilyn movie career, her eftless style or her passionate persona, this hotel is you!普拉蒂娜卢浮宫酒店设有6间套房,致敬电影偶像兼时尚明星——玛丽莲·梦露所有房间都非常的优雅迷人,可是说就是为了梦露美人的粉丝们而打造的无论你是欣赏玛丽莲·梦露所扮演的电影角色,她与生俱来的气质风格或是热情如火的个性魅力,这家酒店都会给你完美的诠释.Star Wars – Hotel Pelirocco – London, England.《星球大战--佩利罗科酒店(英国·伦敦)Calling all Star Wars fans! You have to stay in Lord Vader Quarters in Hotel Pelirocco. It designed as the perfect father and son cabin, and so is ideal Sci-fi fans who are visiting the capital city. Offering light sabres, Star Wars DVDs and even a Darth Vader costume, you will never want to leave your hotel room to explore London.昭告所有的星战粉!你不得不去佩利罗科酒店体验一下;黑武士大人;的住所该套房的设计为子母舱,对前往伦敦游览的科技迷来说是理想之选房内配备有光剑、《星球大战的DVD、甚至是黑武士的戏入住后你就不想走出房门去外面看看了!1.Captain Phillips – Capsule Hotel – Scheveningen, Holland1.《菲利普斯船长--胶囊酒店(荷兰·哈昆根)The Capsule Hotel is basically a lifeboat capsule that looks like it straight out of the movie Captain Phillips. The capsules were made by artist Denis Oudendijk and they are just .5m – so if you are looking an intimate break, this will definitely offer an intimate experience!胶囊酒店的原身是电影《菲利普斯船长里的一个救生艇,由艺术家丹尼斯·乌登迪克设计而成酒店仅有.5米高所以如果你只打算一个人歇歇脚,这里便是一个绝佳的选择!Two guests can stay in a capsule, which will also offer fishnet hammocks and blankets a true Captain Phillips experience. However, if you want something a little more luxurious – and less like the movie – you can upgrade to a luxury capsule, which will include silk bedding, a DVD player, champagne and a funky disco ball.舱内可供两人入住为了让顾客能亲身体验菲利普斯船长的历程,舱内提供渔网吊床和毛毯但如果你想要更高档的务而不像电影里那么原汁原味的话,那你可以升级为豪华舱,内部提供丝质寝具、DVD放映机、香槟以及时髦有趣的迪斯科球灯翻译:木木 审校:晴晴晴天 来源:前十网 38877

We all know we shouldnt eat dirt, but we do it anyway. Mostly not on purpose – dirt gets into our bodies all day, every day, whether we want it to or not. It understandably difficult to figure out exactly how much is getting in, but that might be beside the point.我们都知道不该吃灰尘,但总会吃到大多数时候都不是故意的——不管我们想不想,灰尘每天都从早到晚地进入我们体内可以理解,想要准确计算我们每天吸入多少灰尘是很难的,但这并不重要We get our daily dirt allowance in all kinds of ways, from contaminated food, dust inhalation, and from not washing our hands bee eating. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has compiled an enormous amount of research on dirt consumption. About 5 percent of the stuff we inhale or inadvertently eat is soil, and 55 percent is dust.我们每天以各种方式吸入灰尘,通过脏的食物、吸入的尘土、还可能是因为吃东西之前没洗手环境保护署汇集了大量关于吸入灰尘的研究,我们吸入或无意间吃下去的大约5%是土,55%是灰尘The EPA numbers on unintentional dirt consumption focus on children, with one study reporting that babies from 6 weeks to 1 year old generally get 60 milligrams a day. From ages 1 to , that amount goes up to 0 milligrams a day. If you take those daily numbers and make them annual, that would be 36,500 milligrams or 1.3 ounces per year.环境保护署关于无意间吸入灰尘的数据主要关注的是儿童根据其中一项研究报告,6周到1岁的婴儿通常一天会吸入60毫克灰尘从1岁到岁,会增加到每天0毫克如果以年为单位换算,就是每年36500毫克或1.3盎司Kids, as we all know, just love eating dirt, especially between the ages of 1 and 3. One researcher theorized that although childhood dirt-eating certainly is based in curiosity about the world and the new ability to play and grab, it could also be an eft to get some vitamins and minerals. Purposeful dirt-eating usually happens around a year old, which is when many babies stop breastfeeding, so maybe theyre trying to regain some of that nutrition.众所周知,孩子就喜欢吃灰尘,尤其是1-3岁的孩子一个研究人员系统地指出,虽然儿童时期吃灰尘绝对是出于对世界的好奇,孩子也在锻炼玩和抓的新能力,但这种行为也能使孩子吸收一些维生素和矿物质有意识地吃土通常发生在一岁左右,这时很多孩子断了母乳,他们可能是在努力摄取一些母乳中的营养However, some people keep eating dirt after early childhood, a condition called geophagy, or soil pica (pica is the habit of eating nonfood items). In American culture, geophagy is regarded with concern. Pica, in fact, is a recognized disease by the U.S. Agency Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, with intentional dirt consumption of 500 milligrams a day qualifying as ;pathological;. But historically, and in many other cultures, it not so odd or abnormal to eat dirt. Some pregnant women in sub-Saharan Africa eat dirt to soothe stomach upsets during morning sickness or to add extra nutrients to the developing fetus body.然而一些人过了幼儿期还会吃土,这种情况被称为食土癖或土壤异食癖(异食癖就是吃非食物东西的习惯)在美国文化中,食土癖使人们很担心其实异食癖是被美国有毒物质和疾病登记处认定的一种疾病,每天有意识地吃掉500毫克土就被认定为“病态”但从历史上看,在很多其他文化中吃土没那么怪,也不算病态一些撒哈拉以南非洲的期妇女吃土来缓解晨吐时肠胃不适或补充胎儿生长所需的额外营养So while there definitely cause concern about contaminated food and soil, maybe we dont need to worry so much about inadvertent dirt consumption. It only natural, right?所以,虽然我们绝对有理由去担心脏的食物和土,但无意间吃的土可能真没必要太过担忧这只是自然状况,对吧? 155

  A: Hi, this is Nicole.B: Nicole, it's Richard. You know why I'm calling.A: Yes, I know. It's the rent, isn't it?B: Yes, just like last month, your rent is overdue.A: What about my grace period?B: Are you getting Alzheimer's? There is no grace period in the rental agreement.A: Sometimes my memory isn't so good. Maybe I do have Alzheimer's.B: I'm looking ward to receiving your check in the very near future.A: Is Monday okay? I get paid tomorrow.B: Remember that the check amount must include the late fee.A: Okay, if the rental agreement actually has a late fee, I'll pay the .B: Look at your agreement. There's a big red circle around the late fee.A: As soon as I find my rental agreement, I'll it again.B: I'm not giving you any more chances. Be late again, and you'll be evicted.

  How to buy things online 网上购物A:I have been thinking about buying things online a long time.我一直想在网上购物,但是我不是很熟悉网购的流程B:That is just a piece of cake. First of all, you should find a good ecommerce site.那很容易的首先,你要找到一个好的网址A:Such as...?例如……B:Such as Amazon com., Ebay.com, etc.例如亚马逊在线,易趣等A:Then?然后呢?B:Then, use the search engine and scan the category to find what you are interested in and confirm what you want to buy through inmation presenting and exchanging. Next, place an order if the price is OK. After completing electonic payment, you just wait the delivery of goods or service as required.然后,你应该用搜索引擎查找你想要的商品目录,找到你感兴趣的产品,并通过信息的传递与交换加以确认接下来,如果价格合理你就可以订货了在你完成电子付款之后,就只是等待有人照你的要求送货上门了A:Is it so simple?这么简单吗?B:As far as I know, it is.据我所知是这样的A:Is that time-consuming?费时间吗?B:It hard to say. Usually, it is quite easy since it is unnecessary you to go the real market. The only thing to do is to send you request and exchange your inmation with the seller.这个很难说一般情况下,很简单因为你不需要去市场唯一要做的就是发出要求,并与卖方交换信息A:Great. Maybe from now on, I should try to buy goods online.太好了,我也应该尝试着在网上购物了B:It really a good idea.真是个不错的主意 1818。

  get New York, London or Hong Kong. Here are seven cities that are racing up the rankings of the world richest, and will be among the top by 5, according to researchers from McKinsey.忘了纽约、伦敦或香港吧据麦肯锡发布的报告,以下这7个城市正在向全球最富有城市的头衔冲刺,到5年,他们将跻身全球十大最富有城市排行榜Doha, Qatar多哈,卡塔尔Qatar Doha is predicted to be one of the rising stars in terms of per capita GDP. The country is aly among the richest in the world, and huge investments ahead of the Soccer World Cup are set to give it extra boost.从人均国内生产总值来看,卡塔尔的首都多哈,被认为是一颗冉冉升起的新星这个城市曾经站在全球最富有的城市队伍中年世界杯前的巨大投资将会让这个城市变得愈加富有Bergen, Norway卑尔根,挪威Bergen is the second most populous city in Norway. It is aly at the efront of the country economy, but McKinsey researchers predict it will rise to become one of the richest cities globally. It serves as the hub Norway energy industry, shipping, and marine research.卑尔根的人口规模在挪威城市排行中位列第二位目前,这个城市已经站在了挪威经济的最前沿不过,麦肯锡的研讨人员预测,该市还将跃升为全球最富有城市之一卑尔根是挪威能源行业、船运和海运研讨的枢纽Trondheim, Norway特隆赫姆,挪威Another Norwegian city on the list, Trondheim is the birthplace of mobile tech. It is where the GSM standard was invented in the 1980s. Since then, the local tech scene has been booming, and now boasts over 550 startups with more than ,000 employees, according to officials.挪威还有一个城市也上榜了:特隆赫姆是移动技术的诞生地创建于上个世纪八十年代的GSM标准,就是在这个城市根据官方数据,自那时起,特隆赫姆本地技术行业蓬勃增长,现已有550家新兴企业,雇员规模高达1万人Hwaseong, South Korea华城,韩国Hwaseong, although not widely known outside South Korea, is a booming city south of Seoul. It home to the global research facilities of Hyundai (HYMTF) and Samsung (SSNLF), as well as flagship plants Kia and LG Electronics. The city is investing heavily in new residential real estate in the super modern Dongtan district.虽然知道这个城市的人不是很多,不过它是首尔南部一个新兴城市该市是现代和三星旗下全球研讨中心的所在地,同时也是起亚和LG电子旗舰工程所在地华城正在斥巨资投资新住宅房地产市场Asan, South Korea牙山,韩国Like its neighbor Hwaseong, Asan is home to several large industrial complexes.It also benefits from being near the port of Pyeongtaek, which is the closest port to east China, and a global shipping hub.和邻市华城一样,牙山是数家大型工业企业的故乡另外,该市距离平泽的港口很近,并受益平泽港口是距离中国东部最近的港口,也是全球船运枢纽Rhine Ruhr, Germany莱茵-鲁尔,德国Rhine-Ruhr is aly one of the most successful urban areas in Germany. It the third largest in Europe, trailing only Paris and London. Many powerhouses of German industry and finance are based in the region, including tune 500 companies.莱茵-鲁尔,曾经是德国最成功的城市地区之一它是欧洲第三大城市,仅次于巴黎和伦敦德国工业和金融业很多“大块头”都位于该市,其中包括《财富杂志世界500强中的家Macau, China,中国Macau is an example of how quickly things can change. Tipped to become one of the richest cities in the world by 5, Macau suffered a huge recession at the end of last year. Its economy slumped % after an anti-corruption drive hurt Macau casinos, the main driver of the territory economy. Growth is expected to return next year, but experts sayMacau must find other sources of income to recover its momentum.是明事情能够飞速改变的范本就在其大步向5年全球十大最富有城市排行榜迈进的同时,该市年年底遭遇了大规模的衰退受累于中国政府反腐力度的加大导致该市行业受重创,经济暴跌%,经济增长有望在来年回暖不过,专家指出,必须找到其他收入来源以重获增长动力 57391

  A: I haven’t seen you around, so you must be new here.B: As a matter of fact, I am.A: It’s nice meeting you.B: Nice to meet you too.A: When did you move out here?B: I moved here about a month ago.A: What do you think of it so far?B: It’s great.A: Don’t you think that it’s beautiful here?B: It really is gorgeous.A: Well, welcome to the neighborhood.B: Thank you making me feel welcome. 7366

  5.The Square-bottomed Paper Bag5.方底纸袋Margaret Knight didnt invent the paper bag, but those first paper bags werent all that useful carrying things. They were more like envelopes, so there was no way theyd become the grocery store staple that they are today. that, we have to thank Knight. Knight realized that paper bags should have a square bottom; when weight was distributed across the base in this way, the bags could carry more things. In 1870, she created a wooden machine that would cut, fold and glue the square bottoms to paper bags. While she was working on an iron prototype of the machine to use her patent application, she discovered that her design had been stolen by a man named Charles Annan, who had seen her wooden machine a few months earlier. She filed a patent interference suit against Annan, who claimed that there was no way that a woman could have developed such a complex machine. Knight used her notes and sketches to prove otherwise, and she was granted the patent the device in 1871. That was hardly Knight first patent, though. At the age of , Knight had developed a stop-motion device that would automatically bring industrial machines to a halt if something was caught on them, which prevented many injuries; all told, Knight was awarded more than patents.纸袋不是玛格丽特·奈特发明的,而最初用这些纸袋装东西并不是那么有用它们更像信封,所以它们没有办法像今天这样成为杂货店的主要商品为此,我们必须要感谢奈特她意识到纸袋应该采用方形底;当重量通过这种方法分散在底部各部分时,纸袋可以携带更多的东西在1870年,她发明了可以为纸袋剪裁、折叠和粘合方形底部木头机器当她正在制造这样的一台铁制机器用于申请专利时,却发现一个叫查尔斯·安南的男人盗用了她的设计安南曾在几个月前看过她的木头机器,他宣称一个女人不可能研制出这么复杂的机器于是奈特对安南提出了诉讼,用笔记和草图明了自己,最后她在1871年获得该设备的专利然而这并不是奈特的第一个专利在岁的时候,奈特研制了一个自停装置如果一些东西阻碍了工业机器,自停装置会让它们自动停止,这预防了很多事故奈特总共获得了多项专利.Dishwasher.洗碗机You might think that the first dishwasher was invented by someone who spent years washing dishes, bemoaning the wasted time and the dishpan hands. Actually, Josephine Cochrane, who received the patent the first working dishwasher, didnt spend that much time washing dishes. The real impetus her invention was frustration over her servants breaking her heirloom china after fancy dinners.你可能会以为世界上第一个洗碗机是由一个洗了好多年碗的人发明的,他抱怨着洗碗浪费时间,而且还使他的手变得粗糙事实上,第一个获得洗碗机专利的约瑟芬·科克伦并没有在洗碗上花太多时间她发明洗碗机的真正动力是她的仆人在丰盛的晚餐之后打碎了她的传家宝瓷盘,她而感到非常沮丧Cochrane was a socialite who loved to entertain, but after her husband died in 1883, she was left with massive debt. Rather than selling off that beloved china, she focused on building a machine that would wash it properly. Her machine relied upon strong water pressure aimed at a wire rack of dishes, and she received a patent the device in 1886. Cochrane claimed that inventing the machine was nowhere near as hard as promoting it. At first, the Cochrane dishwasher tanked with individual consumers, as many households lacked the hot water heaters necessary to run it, and those that had the capacity balked at paying something that housewives did free. Undaunted, Cochrane sought appointments with large hotels and restaurants, selling them on the fact that the dishwasher could do the job they were paying several dozen employees to do. In time, however, more households acquired the device as greater numbers of women entered the workplace.科克伦是位社交名媛,喜欢宴请宾客,但是1883年她的丈夫去世,给她留下了大笔债务她没有卖掉心爱的瓷器,反而集中精力发明了一台能够洗碗的机器她的洗碗机依靠强大的水压冲洗金属架上的碗碟,她在1886年获得了洗碗机的专利刚开始只有个别消费者使用科克伦洗碗机,因为很多家庭没有使之运行的热水器,而且很多人对花钱买洗碗机犹豫不决,毕竟家庭主妇洗碗可是免费的科克伦并未放弃,她努力寻求与大型酒店和餐馆进行合作,因为洗碗机可以做几十个带薪洗碗工的工作,他们很可能会购买洗碗机然而一段时间之后,很多女性开始参加工作,这使得更多的家庭接受了洗碗机3.Windshield Wiper3.雨刮器At the dawn of the th century, Mary Anderson went to New York City the first time. She saw a much different New York City than the one tourists see today. There were no cabs honking, nor were there thousands of cars vying position in afternoon traffic. Cars had not yet captured the American imagination and were quite rare when Anderson took that trip, but the woman from Alabama would end up inventing something that has become standard on every automobile. During her trip, Anderson took a tram through the snow-covered city.在世纪的一个清晨,玛丽·安德森第一次来到纽约她当时看到的纽约和今天游客所见的大不相同街道上没有不停鸣笛的出租车,也不会出现成千上万的汽车在下午的交通高峰期拥堵不堪的状况汽车还没有引起美国人的重视,还十分稀有但是这位来自亚拉巴马的女性最后发明的东西竟然成了汽车的标准配件她在旅程中乘坐电车穿越了这座白雪覆盖的城市She noticed that the driver had to stop the tram every few minutes to wipe the snow off his front window. At the time, all drivers had to do so; rain and snow were thought to be things drivers had to deal with, even though they resulted in poor visibility. When she returned home, Anderson developed a squeegee on a spindle that was attached to a handle on the inside of the vehicle. When the driver needed to clear the glass, he simply pulled on the handle and the squeegee wiped the precipitation from the windshield. Anderson received the patent her device in 19; just years later, thousands of Americans owned a car with her invention.她注意到电车驾驶员每隔几分钟就要停下来扫掉挡风玻璃上的雪那个时候所有的驾驶员都这么做;雨雪是司机们不得不处理的东西,即使处理后司机仍然看不清前方安德森回家以后发明了一个“橡胶清洁刷”,将刷子固定在细长的杆上,并把这根杆系在车辆内部的一个手柄上需要清扫挡风玻璃时,司机只需要拉动手柄,清洁刷就会扫掉挡风玻璃上积累的雨雪19年安德森获得了雨刮器的专利;仅在年后,成千上万的美国人都拥有了一辆配有她的发明的汽车.Nystatin.制霉菌素Long-distance romantic relationships are often troubled, but Rachel Fuller Brown and Elizabeth Lee Hazen proved that long-distance professional relationships can yield productive results. Both Brown and Hazen worked the New York State Department of Health in the 190s, but Hazen was stationed in New York City and Brown was in Albany. Despite the miles, Brown and Hazen collaborated on the first successful fungus-fighting drug.异地恋常常出现问题,但蕾切尔·富勒·布朗和伊丽莎白·李·哈森的故事却明了相隔较远的职业关系可以带来丰厚的成果世纪0年代,布朗和哈森都为纽约州卫生部工作,但是哈森常年在纽约,布朗却在奥尔巴尼尽管隔着数英里,但是布朗和哈森却在合作,并研制出了第一种抗菌药物In New York City, Hazen would test soil samples to see if any of the organisms within would respond to fungi. If there was activity, Hazen would mail the jar of soil to Brown, who would work to extract the agent in the soil that was causing the reaction. Once Brown had found the active ingredient, it went back in the mail to Hazen, whod check it against the fungi again. If the organism killed the fungi, it would be evaluated toxicity. Most of the samples proved too toxic human use, but finally Brown and Hazen happened upon an effective fungus-killing drug in 1950. They named it Nystatin, after New York state. The medication, now sold under a variety of trade names, cures fungal infections that affect the skin, vagina and intestinal system. It also been used on trees with Dutch elm disease and on artwork affected by mold.哈森在纽约测试土壤样本,检验里面是否有有机体会对真菌做出反应如果有反应的,哈森将寄一罐这样的土壤给布朗,布朗则会提取土壤中导致反应的物质布朗一旦发现了活性成分,就会寄回给哈森,让他再次进行检测如果有机物杀死了真菌,它的毒性将得到评估大部分样品毒性太大而不适合人类使用,但最终,布朗和哈森在1950年偶然发现了一种有效的杀菌药物他们借用纽约州的名字把它命名为制霉菌素,这种药现在有很多商标名称,用于治疗皮肤、阴道和肠道系统的真菌感染这种药也被用于治疗荷兰榆树病和解决艺术品受到霉菌影响的问题1.Kevlar1.凯夫拉It was just supposed to be a temporary job. Stephanie Kwolek took a position at DuPont in 196 so she could save enough money to go to medical school. In 196, she was still there, researching how to turn polymers into extra strong synthetic fibers. Kwolek was working with polymers that had rod-like molecules that all lined up in one direction.这只是斯黛芬妮·克劳莱克的一份临时工作196年,斯黛芬妮·克劳莱克在杜邦公司工作,有了这份工作她就可以存下足够的钱去医学院上学196年,她依然在那里,研究如何把聚合物变成坚韧的合成纤维克劳莱研究的聚合物具有棒状分子,并且排列在一个方向Compared to the molecules that med jumbled bundles, Kwolek thought the unim lines would make the resulting material stronger, though these polymers were very difficult to dissolve into a solution that could be tested. She finally prepared such a solution with the rod-like molecules, but it looked unlike all the other molecular solutions shed ever made. Her next step was to run it through the spinneret, a machine that would produce the fibers. However, the spinneret operator almost refused to let Kwolek use the machine, so different was this solution from all the others bee; he was convinced it would ruin the spinneret. Kwolek persisted, and after the spinneret had done its work, Kwolek had a fiber that was ounce--ounce as strong as steel. This material was dubbed Kevlar, and it been used to manufacture skis, radial tires and brake pads, suspension bridge cables, helmets, and hiking and camping gear. Most notably, Kevlar is used to make bulletproof vests, so even though Kwolek didnt make it to medical school, she still saved plenty of lives.与混乱的分子束相比,克劳莱克认为方向统一会使生成的材料更坚硬,尽管这些聚合物很难溶解成能够测试的溶液她最终准备好了这种棒状分子溶液,但是这个看起来与她得到的其他溶液都不一样下一步就是用能够产生纤维的吐丝器对它进行处理然而,操作吐丝器的人几乎拒绝克劳莱克使用这台机器,因为这种溶液与之前的相比差别太大,他认为这样做会毁掉机器克劳莱克坚持这样做,经过这道工序之后,克劳莱克得到了跟钢一样坚韧的纤维这种材料被称为凯夫拉,广泛用于制造滑雪板、子午线轮胎和刹车垫、吊桥缆线、头盔、远足和野营装备最值得注意的是,凯夫拉被用于制造防弹背心,所以即使克劳莱克没能去医学院上学,她还是挽救了很多生命审校:敖有没 来源:前十网 55768


  Y: Hi, 我是Yang Chen.P:我是Patrick.(Rowing)Y:今天天气特别好我和Patrick正在波多马克河上划船P: Hey, Look over there! Arent those girls members of the Potomac Boat Club?Y: Let go say hello to them.Sarah: ;Potomac boat Club is one of the best, kind of feeder programs onto the national team.;Y: 这是波多马克划艇俱乐部成员Sarah. Patrick,Sarah刚才说的feeder programs,你知道是什么意思吗?P: Feeder program means.........Y 没错,这个俱乐部已经送了位选手进国家队了她们的教练是Matt Madigan: ;Rowing is an expensive sport,. You have to travel. You have to have a car to transfer your boat. The equipment itself runs between 6000 and 000 dollars your own shell..;Y: 他说划艇是一项expensive sport,原来那些设备都要自己买,国家不管啊?P: They are basically on their own. Luckily these rowers, a high-tech company called tuisOne provides them a secure job, steady income and allow them to focus on their training.Here is team member Ruth Stiver: ;having found this job, I can manage both things and have both passions in my life.;Y: Ruth刚才说这份工作满足了both passions in her life. 看来每个人都要有两个passionsP: 不见得我只有一个,Crew! Rowing!Y: Patrick, 咱们今天别回去上班了,继续划船好吗?P: Lets keep on rowing. Yang Chen. 3756。


  As a pilot city of modern architecture industrialization in China, Shenyang has been focusing on building a ;capital; of modern architectures. However, during this ;modern architecture revolution;, some bizarre buildings have attracted the public attention.作为中国现代建筑产业化的试点城市,沈阳一直致力于建设一个现代化建筑的;首府;然而,在这种;现代建筑革命;中,一些奇异的建筑吸引了公众的注意The thermometer building is -floor-high. The indicator of the thermometer is made of LED modulator tubes. The thermometer shows the temperatures on the basis of the temperature tested by the thermometer screen on top of the building.温度计建筑有层高温度计的指示器由发光管制成温度计以通过在建筑物顶部的温度计显示屏测试的温度为基础来显示温度The Fangyuan Building in Shenyang is in the shape of an ancient coin. It was named as one of the ten ugliest buildings in the world by a lifestyle and travel website owned by CNN.沈阳方圆大厦是一个古钱币的形状美国有线电视新闻的生活旅游网称它为世界上十个最丑陋的建筑之一In , a golden building that looks like a pair of big boxer shorts was built. It later became the office building of a bank. Citizens call it the ;golden boxer shorts.;年,一个看起来像拳击运动员短裤的金黄色大厦建立后来成为一家的办公楼市民称之为;金黄色的短裤;In April , the construction of the ;messy code; building finished. Citizens joke about its appearance, and some even say the building makes people want to ;scan; the code with their mobiles every time they pass by.年四月,施工中的;乱码;建筑完成市民们拿它的外观开玩笑,一些人甚至说每次他们经过这一建筑,就想用手机;扫描;代码 13

  Transfer patents 专利转让A: Wed like you to provide us with a technical licence to improve our present products and develop new ones.我们想要你们提供一项技术许可来改进我们现有的产品并开发新产品B: I hope we can satisfy your requirements. Well guarantee that machine and technology are of advanced world levels, and the technology provided is integrated, precise and reliable.希望我们能够满足你的需要我们将保机器和技术是世界先进水平,所提供的技术是全面,精确,而且可靠的A: What right will the license grant to us?这项许可给予我们什么权力呢?B: It will grant rights of both manufacture and sales of our products.给予生产和销售我们的产品的许可A: Does the license include the patent?这项许可包括专利吗?B: Yes, it does.包括A: How long will you allow us to use the patent?你们将允许我们专利多长时间?B: 3 years. In 3 years you should keep confidential all the technical inmation and know-how offered by us.三年,三年内你应该对我们提供的一切技术信息和专有技术保守秘密A: Certainly. But you should also guarantee the ownership of the patent, know-how and technology.当然,但是你们也应该保专利,专有技术和工业技术的所有权B: If any third party disputes your rights to use them, you should bear the full responsibility.如果发生任何第三者争议我们使用它的权利,你们应当承担全部责任A: All right.可以B: How do we settle the disputes if there are any of them between us?如果我们之间出现争执如何解决?A: All disputes and differences of any kind arising from the execution of this contrast shall be settled amicably by the parties, or shall be submitted to the Council Promotion of International Trade arbitration.在执行本合同期间产生的所有争执和分歧,应由双方自行友好解决,否则应该提交国际贸易促进委员会仲裁B: We agree with you.我们同意;satisfy one requirements;是;满足某人;的要求,需求的意思;;be of advanced world levels;是;具有世界先进领先水平;的意思;;arise from;是;由于,产生于;的意思,例如:Mistakes that arise from a basic misunderstanding. (基本上是出自误解的错误) 9733

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