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英语日常口语 41:Tickets for lunch本单元是关于午餐换世界杯门票的对话Tim: Yeah and just tidy up that display now. Oh good morning madam.Customer: Hello. It's nice to see you on this side of the counter for a change. Tim: Yes, I've been promoted. I'm an Assistant Manager now!Customer: Oh does your ambition know no bounds? Congratulations!Tim: Thank you. Now how can I help you today?Customer: It's more about how I can help you. I've got the option of some World Cup tickets and, quelle suprise, football bores me silly. Would you care for them? Tim: I'd love them! But I could never afford them. Customer: Well, that's where you're wrong. Just keep a gal company over lunch some time soon and they're yours for nothing... Vocabulary:(词汇)the counter (n):(柜台)the table or shelf in shop that separates the shop assistant from the customersyour ambition knows no bounds:(理想抱负很远大)there is no limit to your goals or dreams 本单元语言点是英语中借用的外来语,外来语主要有两种形式。第一类,英文直接引用一些外语的单词或片语,不作任何修改或翻译,例如,'quelle surprise' 是法语,但是英语里也直接引用,不作任何修改,意思是'what a surprise'。事实上,甚至连'surprise'这个字的发音都按照法语。第二类,一些英语的单词最早来自于外语,但是带进英语的时候已经经过修改或变化。Foreign wordsThere are lots of English words that come from other languages. There are two main types of foreign or loan words. First, there are words and phrases which are used without being translated or changed in any way. For example, 'quelle surprise' is French but we use it in English to mean 'what a surprise' without changing the French at all. In fact, we even pronounce 'surprise' in the French way, rather than the English way.Second, there are words that have a foreign origin but which have been changed or adapted when they were brought into English. For example, the Czech word 'robota' meaning 'labour' or 'drudgery' was changed to 'robot' when it was introduced to English. 英文里面有许多外来语,外来语主要有两种形式。第一类,英文直接引用一些外语的单词或片语,不作任何修改或翻译,例如,'quelle surprise' 是法语,但是英语里也直接引用,不作任何修改,意思是'what a surprise'。事实上,甚至连'surprise'这个字的发音都按照法语。第二类,一些英语的单词最早来自于外语,但是带进英语的时候已经经过修改或变化,例如,捷克文里面的'robota'指的是'labour'或'drudgery',在英文里面被修改成'robot'。 Foreign words used in English without translation:(直接引用的外来语) déjà vu (French): a feeling in the present that you've experienced something before a fait accompli (French): a thing has aly been decided and there's no point arguing about it because it can't or won't be changed a faux pas (French): an embarrassing mistake (often in a social situation)glasnost (Russian): openness, especially in government the hoi polloi (Greek): the ordinary, common people or the majoritysushi (Japanese): dish made of raw fish, vegetables or other ingredients and rice, wrapped in seaweedvice versa (Latin): changing the order of two things, putting them the other way rounda wok (Cantonese): a large, deep frying pan (often used in Asian cooking)English words with foreign roots:(源自于外语的单词)a bungalow (Hindi): a house built on one only floor a coffee (Turkish): a hot drink a guru (Sanskrit): spiritual teacher or very knowledgeable coach or trainer an opal (Sanskrit): a precious stone (usually clear or white) an orang-utan (Malaysian): a large ape with red, long hairpaparazzi (Italian): photographers who follow famous people and take pictures of them (often without the famous person's permission) pyjamas (Persian): clothes we use when we're sleeping, made up of trousers and a loose jacket or top a safari (Swahili): a hunting or fishing trip (often in Africa) or to see animals in a wild environment shampoo (Hindi): liquid soap used to wash your hair yoghurt (Turkish): semi-solid food made from fermented milk (sometimes with fruit added) /200707/16045And then in later experiments, we found the opposite,而在随后的实验中,我们发现了相反的情况,that fir was sending more carbon to birch than birch was sending to fir,花旗松给纸皮桦送的碳比纸皮桦给它的碳多,and this was because the fir was still growing while the birch was leafless.这是因为当纸皮桦树叶掉光了的时候花旗松还在不停的生长。So it turns out the two species were interdependent, like yin and yang.这就说明这两种树其实是相互依赖的,就像“阴”和“阳”。And at that moment, everything came into focus for me.在那个时候,事情开始变得清晰起来。I knew I had found something big,我知道我有了重大发现,something that would change the way we look at how trees interact in forests,这个发现可以改变我们对森林中树木互动方式的看法,from not just competitors but to cooperators.树木之间不仅有竞争关系,同时也有合作关系。And I had found solid evidence of this massive belowground communications network, the other world.并且我当时已经找到了关于在那个世界中树木的巨大地下交流网络的确凿的据。Now, I truly hoped and believed that my discovery would change how we practice forestry,现在,我真诚地希望和相信我的发现能够改变我们的林业实践活动,from clear-cutting and herbiciding to more holistic and sustainable methods,能够让我们放弃皆伐和大范围的使用除草剂转而采用一些更全面和更可持续的方法。methods that were less expensive and more practical.这些方法更经济,也更实用。What was I thinking? Ill come back to that.当时我在想什么呢?我等一下会说到。So how do we do science in complex systems like forests?那么,在像森林这样复杂的系统中应该怎么做科学研究呢?Well, as forest scientists, we have to do our research in the forests,其实,作为林业学家,我们就是要实实在在地在森林里做研究,and thats really tough, as Ive shown you.即使,就像我刚才给你们讲的,你所面对的环境会非常恶劣。And we have to be really good at running from bears.我们要非常擅长于,逃脱熊的追赶。But mostly, we have to persevere in spite of all the stuff stacked against us.但在大多数时间里,我们必须要坚持不懈,即使所有的事情都跟我们作对。And we have to follow our intuition and our experiences and ask really good questions.我们必须要遵从自己的直觉和经验,然后提出有价值的问题。And then weve got to gather our data and then go verify.之后我们还得收集并且核实数据。201611/480239

85 Plants Words Flower root stem trunk seed pollen fruit bark branch twig leaf bush jungle rainforest cactus desert savannah coniferous deciduous forest hardwood softwood blossom wood Cherry blossom rose petal bamboo Phrases Plant a tree Several species of Prune a bush/hedge Cut the grass Rely on Beginner A: your garden is looking beautiful this summer. The flowers are really colorful. B: thank you. I have roses, tulips, and daffodils. Do you like the rockery with the smaller flowers? A: yes, I do. Those are violets, aren’t they? B; yes, they are. This afternoon, I’m going to prune the hedge. A:; the lower branches on that tree are hanging very low. Would you like me to cut them off for you? B: thank you! That would be very kind of you. I have a saw in the garden shed. A: when the lower branches are removed, you’ll be able to sit under the tree. B; tomorrow, I’ll cut the grass. Then the garden will lock perfect. A; just make sure children don’t play in the flower beds and destroy the flowers. Intermediate A: I watched a very interesting documentary about plants yesterday evening. It was called “unusual plants” and looked at several species of plants from around the world which have unusual features. B: really? Tell me about some of the plants they showed. A: well. There was one type of plant that catches insects and eats them. B; is that type of plant found in this country? A; no, it isn’t. it’s a pity, because I’d like to see it in action. B; so would i. what other unusual plants did they show? A: they showed flowers that only provide their nectar to one type of butterfly or bee. The insect has to be the exact size to get the nectar. Other insects cannot get it. Of course, when the insect collects the nectar, it also takes some pollen from one flower to another. B: that’s very specialized. So, the insects and the flowers rely on each other. If one became extinct, the other would too. A: that’s right. That’s one reason why it’s so important to protect every species. B: I see. The plants that fascinate me most are cacti. I find it amazing that they can survive in such dry desert conditions. A: according to the documentary, they have an incredible ability to find water supplies, however small, and then store them without losing much through evaporation. B: that’s why they often have long roots to find water spines instead of leaves, to reduce water loss. /200705/13768

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