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In a very candid interview, Princes William and Harry opened up about what theyve learned from their father, but also made very personal revelations about their family, fatherhood and the friendship the two brothers share.在近日的一次采访中,威廉和哈里王子敞开心扉,畅谈父亲对他们的影响,两人同时还透露了王室家庭的一些生活细节,谈到了为父心得以及两兄弟情谊The princes sat down at Kensington Palace the a documentary celebrating 0 years of Prince Charles charity The Prince Trust.两位王子在肯辛顿宫接受采访,录制庆祝查尔斯王储的“王储信托”慈善基金成立0周年纪录片Prince William, 33, spoke movingly about how fatherhood has changed his life.33岁的威廉王子动情地表示,为人父改变了他的生活;Im a lot more emotional than I used to be, weirdly. I never used to get too wound up or worried about things,; he said, as he discussed how his children Prince George and Princess Charlotte have affected him.在谈及乔治小王子和夏洛特小公主对自己的影响时,他说道:“挺神奇的,我变得比过去更多愁善感了过去,我从来不会因为什么事而过度兴奋或担心”The death of Prince William’s mother Princess Diana when he was just seemed to weigh heavily on his mind as he told the presenters that as a parent he has realized how ;precious life is.;威廉王子的母亲戴安娜王妃在他岁时去世,此事似乎一直让他难以释怀他告诉主持人,作为一名父亲,他已经意识到“生命有多么宝贵”;But now the smallest little things, you well up a little more, you get affected by the sort of things that happen around the world or whatever a lot more, I think, as a father,; William said.威廉说:“现在,即使是最微小的事物,也会比以往更加触动你的心弦你开始为世界上发生的很多事所触动或者说,你开始从一位父亲的角度进行思考”;Just because you realize how precious life is and it puts it all in perspective, the idea of not being around to see your children grow up and stuff like that,; he said.他还说:“正是因为你认识到生命的宝贵,它使你能够正确看待一些事物,比如担心不能看着孩子长大之类的问题”William and Harry grew up with Charles and Diana in Kensington Palace and now both make their homes as neighbors. Harry, 31, clearly relishes his role as uncle to Prince George and his baby sister Princess Charlotte, describing their home as a ;giant playground; his nephew and niece.威廉和哈里随查尔斯王储和戴安娜王妃在肯辛顿宫长大,现在两位王子住所相邻作为乔治小王子与夏洛特小公主的叔叔,31岁的哈里王子显然十分享受这一角色哈里称他们的房子是侄子和侄女的“大型游乐场”;I can hear the wheels of those plastic tractors Prince George loves playing on,; he said.哈里表示:“小乔治喜欢玩塑料拖拉机,一听到轮子滚动的声音我就知道他来了”William teased his younger brother, saying, ;He comes and scrounges food,; showing that even though he has his own family now, Harry is still a big part of their life.威廉王子挪揄弟弟说:“他(哈里)常过来蹭吃蹭喝”可见虽然威廉有了自己的家庭,但哈里仍旧是他的家庭的重要一份子”The documentary was shot over the last year with British presenters Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, better known as Ant and Dec.该纪录片摄于去年,主持人是英国人安东尼·麦克帕特林和德克兰·当纳利人们常称这对搭档为安特和戴克 076




  Lights shine on the National Christmas Tree in front of the White House on Dec. 1 in Washington. President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle, and daughters Malia and Sasha, helped press the button to light the illuminate the Colorado blue spruce.   月1日,位于华盛顿的美国白宫前的国家圣诞树灯光闪耀总统巴拉克·奥巴马、第一夫人米歇尔和女儿玛丽亚、萨莎,一同下灯光的钮,点亮了科罗拉多州的蓝色云杉 9BEIJING — Ten years ago, when producers at the state-run Beijing bidden City Film Corporation began searching a director the movie adaptation of the Chinese novel “Wolf Totem” by Jiang Rong, they had no plans to look beyond China’s homegrown stable. It was a Chinese story, after all, written by a Chinese author, and had sold more than a million copies in the country in the year since its publication in . (It has sold four million more there since.)北京——十年前,国营的北京紫禁城影业公司的制片人们决定将姜戎的小说《狼图腾搬上银幕,寻找导演时,他们并没考虑在中国电影圈之外找人毕竟这是一个中国的故事,由中国作家所创作,年出版时在中国卖出了0万本以上(其后又卖出了00万多本)But almost every big-name Chinese director the producers approached, including Zhang Yimou and Ang Lee, turned them down, some citing their reluctance to work with wolves. It probably didn’t help that the novel, a not-so-thinly-veiled critique of Chinese civilization, dealt with topics deemed sensitive by the government, such as ethnic relations in China and the environmental costs of the country’s breakneck industrialization.但是制片人们接触的所有著名华人导演都令他们大失所望(其中也包括张艺谋和李安),其中有人不大愿意和狼一起工作况且,这本书对于中国文明有些较为露骨的批评,涉及一些对政府来说比较敏感的题材,诸如中国的民族关系,以及中国的快速工业化带来的环境代价After several years of searching, producers finally found their man: Jean-Jacques Annaud. The choice was an unexpected one, since it was widely reported that the French director had been banned from China his 1997 film “Seven Years in Tibet.”历时数年,制片人们终于找到了合适的人选:让-雅克·阿诺(Jean-Jacques Annaud)这个选择非常出人意料,因为这位法国导演因其1997年的《西藏七年(Seven Years in Tibet)在中国遭禁,这件事曾被广泛报道过The movie “Wolf Totem” finally arrived in theaters in China on Thursday, the first day of the Chinese New Year, and will open in France on Wednesday. (Sony’s Columbia Pictures has acquired its North America distribution rights.)星期四,即春节的大年初一,电影《狼图腾在中国上映,下周三亦将于法国上映(索尼哥伦比亚电影公司获得了该片的北美发行权)The book — reported to be the best-selling contemporary novel of all time in China — tells the story of a young Han Chinese student named Chen Zhen (played in the movie by Feng Shaofeng), who goes to live among nomadic herdsman in Inner Mongolia during the Cultural Revolution. There he learns about nomadic culture and becomes fascinated with wolves, even capturing and raising a cub.据报道,这本书是中国最畅销的当代小说,它讲述了汉族青年学生陈阵(由冯绍峰饰演)在“文化大革命”期间,下放到内蒙古与牧民生活在一起,在那里学习了游牧民族的文化,并且迷上了狼,甚至捕获并抚养了一只小狼崽Both the film and the book depict the encroachment of the Han Chinese population on the Mongol plains, which leads to the killing off of the wolves and the gradual destruction of the grasslands.影片和书中都描写了汉族人口对蒙古平原的侵入,导致狼群被杀,草原逐渐遭到破坏“There has without question been no one single novel in China with as great of an impact bee or since ‘Wolf Totem,”’ said Jo Lusby, managing director of Penguin China, which published the book in English.“毫无疑问,在中国,无论是之前还是之后,都没有一本小说有着《狼图腾这样的影响,”这本书英文版的出版者、企鹅中国的总经理周海伦说The book, which is semi-autobiographical, quickly resonated across the demographic spectrum in China. Political dissenters found in it anti-Communist Party messages, example, while corporations gave it to employees to encourage them to work together like wolves. The book has also been translated into 39 languages 1 countries. “It was one of those black swan events in publishing,” Ms. Lusby said.这本书带有半自传性质,很快在中国的各种人群中激起了反响比如,政治异见者们在其中找到了反对中国共产党的信息,与此同时,公企业也把这本书发给雇员们,鼓励他们像狼群一样合作这本书被翻译成39种语言,在1个国家发行“这是出版界的黑天鹅现象之一,”周海伦说Despite the book’s political undertones, the process of making the million Chinese-French co-production was a relatively smooth one by most s — somewhat unexpected, some said, given Mr. Annaud’s unflattering portrayal of the People’s Liberation Army’s 199 invasion of the region in “Seven Years in Tibet.”尽管书中蕴含着政治的弦外之音,这部斥资500万美元的中法合拍片的拍摄过程堪称顺利鉴于阿诺在《西藏七年中曾经坦率地展示了中国人民解放军199年入侵西藏的过程,这样的结果不免令人意外“The idea that a story many viewed as critical of the Chinese government would be directed by a eigner who had previously made a film that criticized China’s policies is rather astonishing,” Rob Cain, who runs Chinafilmbiz.com, a blog about China’s film industry, wrote in an e-mail. But in this case, Mr. Cain said, Mr. Annaud’s directorial experience and technical expertise may have superseded his past actions. “China’s film industry is awash in cash, hungry success, and eager to partner with people who possess know-how and international access,” Mr. Cain added.“一本很多人都觉得是在批评中国政府的书,由一个曾经批评中国政策的外国人执导,这本身就很令人吃惊了,”Chinafilmbiz.com网站的甘敏中(Rob Cain)在接受记者的电子邮件采访时说道;该网站是一个关于中国电影工业的客不过,甘敏中说,中方可能看中阿诺的导演经验与技术技巧,才无视他过去的行为“中国电影业金元泛滥,渴望成功,他们希望能和懂行、有国际声望的人合作,”甘敏中说In an interview, Mr. Annaud acknowledged that he, too, was taken aback when representatives of the Beijing bidden City production company approached him at his office in Paris. He said the producers told him: “China has changed and we are practical people. We don’t know how to do what you do and we need you.”在采访中,阿诺说,当北京紫禁城影业的代表到他巴黎的办公室和他进行接触时,他也大吃一惊他记得那些制片人们告诉他,“中国已经变了,我们是实干家我们不知道该怎么做你的工作,我们需要你”La Peikang, chairman of the state-owned China Film Group, which took over the film’s production duties from Beijing bidden City, said that while “Seven Years in Tibet” had indeed “hurt the feelings of the Chinese people” only the film — and not the director himself — had been banned in China. “It was important to us to find someone who could make this movie well and tame the wolves,” said Mr. La, citing Mr. Annaud’s previous experience working with animals. “With regard to films that he made in the past, I don’t think this is very important.”国有的中国电影公司总裁喇培康从北京紫禁城影业手中接下了拍摄这部片子的职责,他说,《西藏七年这部影片确实“伤害了中国人民的感情”,在中国遭禁的是电影,而非导演本人“我们应该找能拍好电影、又能驯狼群的人来,这非常重要,”喇说他引述阿诺之前拍摄动物的片子,“看过他之前拍的那些电影,我觉得这没什么大不了”Mr. Annaud said he was given “carte blanche” throughout the process. He also insisted on making the movie in Mandarin and Mongol (not English, as the film’s producers had suggested) and cast both Chinese and Mongol actors.阿诺说,他在工作中得到了“全权委任”他坚持影片要在东北和蒙古拍摄(而不是像影片制片人们建议的那样,在英国拍摄),而演员必须既有中国人,也有蒙古人And just as many have expressed surprise that Mr. Jiang’s original book was able to escape the red pens of censors, Mr. Annaud said he was surprised at the apparent leniency of China’s censors. “The film went through censorship with no problem at all,” he said. “I enjoyed a level of freedom that is almost inexplicable.” Throughout the creative process, Mr. Annaud said he sought input from Jiang Rong, the pen name of Lü Jiamin, a 78-year-old retired professor at the China Institute of Industrial Relations in Beijing who spent time in prison participating in the 1989 Tiananmen Square democracy protests.姜戎的原作竟然能够通过审查,这令很多人都表示惊讶;阿诺也说,当前中国审查制度表面上的宽松也让他震惊“影片过审完全没有问题,”他说“我享受的自由程度几乎是令人费解的”在创作过程中,阿诺说,他从作者姜戎处求教“姜戎”是78岁的退休教授吕嘉民的笔名,他曾在北京的中国劳动关系学院任教,曾因参加1989年天安门广场民主抗议活动入狱A French beret worn by one of the Han Chinese characters in the film, example, was nixed by Mr. Jiang. (“Are you kidding me?” he said. “During the Cultural Revolution if you were seen wearing a beret you would be subject to criticism.”) Mr. Jiang said he also signed off on major changes to the plot, such as the inclusion of a love story between the main character, Chen Zhen, and a Mongol woman, played by Ankhnyam Ragchaa, as well as a reworking of the film’s ending to make it more uplifting.比如说,姜戎不许电影中的汉族人物戴法式贝雷帽“你开玩笑?”他说,“在‘文革’期间,被人看见戴贝雷帽肯定要遭到批判的”姜戎说,他也同意了电影中重大的情节变化,比如片中两个主角——陈阵和由昂哈玛尼饰演的蒙古女人——之间的爱情故事,此外还有影片的新结局,它令故事变得更加振奋人心“The book is the book and the film is the film,” said Mr. Jiang, who won the inaugural Man Asian Literary Prize in the English translation of the book.“书是书,电影是电影,”姜戎说,年,他曾书的英译本获得英仕曼亚洲文学奖Shot on location in Inner Mongolia, the 3-D film is packed with stunning vistas and action scenes featuring real Mongol wolves that were trained over three years — making the film’s message about the ecological perils of modern China’s development all the more vivid.影片采取3-D形式,在内蒙古拍摄,充满壮丽的奇景和动作场面,使用了经驯化三年的蒙古狼群,令片中关于现代中国发展造成的生态危机问题更加鲜明生动“My fear was it was just going to end up being a pretty film about animals,” said Ms. Lusby of Penguin China. “But it was a lot more blunt than I’d expected it to be on the environmental side of it. I was really quite shocked.”“我原本担心它最后拍出来只是一部关于动物的漂亮影片,”企鹅中国的周海伦说,“但它在反映环境问题方面,比我原本想像得要直率得多我感到非常震惊” 361995

  Vladimir Putin on Thursday admitted he isin love, fuelling rumours over a relationship with Olympic gymnast AlinaKabayeva.普京周四承认自己正在恋爱中,有谣言称他的对象正是奥林匹克运动员阿林娜·卡巴耶娃Denying he had completely gone wild inhis romantic life, the divorced strongman revealed that he loves and is lovedin return, but refused to disclose the identity of his mystery partner.他拒绝承认自己疯狂的陷入了恋爱,而是说他爱着这个女人,而这个女人也爱着他,并拒绝透露他神秘伴侣的身份If true, it could mean that Russiamost eligible man is no longer available.如果真是如此的话,这意味着这个最令人中意的俄罗斯男人已经心有所属了Putin has been leading bachelor life more than a year since he split with wife Lyudmila after 30 years of marriage.在与共处30年的妻子离婚后,普京已经单身了一年多The subject of Putin private life hasbeen seen as taboo in Moscow but yesterday he was asked by a journalist at hisannuThe 6 year old replied: I do, I tell you.俄罗斯一直将普京的个人生活视为禁忌,但是昨天记着询问他这个问题时,他说:“是的,我有爱人了”By contrast, when reports first emerged sixyears ago linking him to Kabayeva, now 31, he angrily denounced those who withtheir snotty noses and erotic fantasies prowl into others lives.与此形成鲜明对比的是,六年前第一次有报道说他和现年31岁的阿林娜·卡巴耶娃有关系时,他愤怒的谴责了那些窥探他人私生活的人It is more than a year since he broke fromLyudmila, mother of his two grown-up daughters who are never seen in public.现在,他与自己的妻子Lyudmila已经离婚一年多了,育有两个成年的女儿,她们从来没有在公共场合出现过 5Critically acclaimed or not, well received by audiences or not, the film Up in the Wind is undoubtedly going to be compared with Love Is Not Blind, the dark horse of Chinese cinema.不管《等风来是否广受好评,观众是否买账,该片都无疑会被人拿来同年的影坛黑马《失恋33天比较一番From the same director (Teng Huatao) and the same screenwriter (Bao Jingjing), Up in the Wind even has a similar theme to Love Is Not Blind: A female white-collar who is at a low point in her life meets the seemingly annoying male protagonist. With his company and care, she gradually finds her confidence again.《等风来是导演腾华涛和编剧鲍鲸鲸继《失恋33天后再度联手打造的作品,甚至就连影片主题也与上部作品有着相似之处:处于人生低谷的女白领遇见看似惹人厌的男主角,并在他的陪伴与关心中逐渐重拾信心In the film, the pair is young food columnist Cheng Yumeng (Ni Ni) and Wang Can (Jing Boran), an ignorant yet loving member of the rich second generation. Together with a few other friends from different backgrounds, they go on a trip to Nepal.在影片中,男女主人公分别是美食专栏作家程羽蒙(倪妮饰)和头脑简单却一副热心肠的富二代王灿(井柏然饰)二人各自与形形色色的好友们一起踏上了尼泊尔之旅In the m of a road movie, Up in the Wind follows the spiritual healing trip of these young people drifting in big cities, and looks deep into their state of mind.《等风来以公路电影的形式,讲述了大城市中“漂泊族”的心灵疗伤之旅,探讨内心深处的故事tunately, we see the film continuing with what made Love Is Not Blind a success: relatable instead of grandiose, funny but not ridiculous, emotional but not pretentious, a low-budget film that is really smart in its marketing.值得庆幸的是,该片延续了《失恋33天的成功元素:接地气而不浮夸;搞笑却不荒唐、感人却不做作,成本低却善于营销The first part of the film’s slogan says, “It’s no chicken soup the soul”, maybe in an attempt to avoid being too preachy. But essentially, the film is indeed a “chicken soup”. And it’s not a bad thing at all, because unlike one filled with artificial ingredients, Up in the Wind is a soup made with real substance.影片一开始便打出“不是心灵鸡汤”的口号,可能是想避免落入说教的俗套但从本质上来说,该片可谓是不折不扣的“心灵鸡汤”当然这并非坏事,因为不同于那些满是“人工添加剂”的影片,《等风来这份“鸡汤”来得诚意十足No particular emphasis on timeless romance, sorrowful farewell, or great awakening, the film takes more of a moderate approach. some, this unusual angle may make the film seem unfocused. But that’s what I like most about it. And no, Cheng and Wang don’t end up falling in love with each other, because the film is larger than that.片中并未刻意突出永恒的爱情、悲伤的离别、亦或是发人深省的主题,更多地是走一条温和路线 对一些人而言,这种与众不同的拍摄角度使得该片有些摸不着重点,但这正是我最欣赏的地方 程羽蒙和王灿最终没有陷入爱河,因为相对于谈情说爱,电影有着更深刻的主题Teng’s perseverance with his down-to-earth theme and authentic style should be applauded, especially in today’s film scene, in which many filmmakers look a shortcut to fame and tune.腾华涛导演凭借质朴的主题以及真实的拍摄手法,理应收获赞誉,特别是在如今的影坛中,很多电影人都在寻求通向名利的捷径In the film, when the trip ends, everyone returns to their normal life. The trip neither changes who they are nor enlightens them from deep within. But some memory will be there ever, striking a chord once in a while and reminding them of the way they were. That’s what Up in the Wind is really about.片中,当旅行结束时,所有人都回归了正常生活尽管这次旅行没有改变他们,也没有带来任何内心深处的启迪但是一些记忆将永存,偶尔触动心弦,提醒他们回首过往 这才是《等风来真正的主题 36

  ;Hello, can you hear me?; sang Adele to the world. And the world answered: yes, and were watching you too. Many many times.阿黛尔向世界唱响“你好,能听到我说话吗?”而世界给她的答复是:是的,我们听到了,而且我们也看着你呢,看了很多很多遍Adele new single Hello has broken Taylor Swift records the most views on Vevo in hours. The clip accumulated 7.7m views in its first day online, beating the .1m views that Swift Bad Blood and its star-studded cast of celebrities attracted in its first hours.在知名视频在线平台Vevo上,阿黛尔全新单曲《Hello的视频在上线小时内的首日浏览量达770万次,这一成绩打破了之前由泰勒·斯威夫特保持的小时内单日浏览量的纪录此前的纪录保持者斯威夫特群星云集的单曲《Bad Blood首播小时内的浏览总量为万次Teased with a 30-second clip in the ad break of Sunday UK X Factor, Hello went viral when the full was released on Friday, along with details of the singer thcoming third album 5, which she says will be a ;a make up album;.当地时间周日(月18日),英国版《X Factor节目在广告时段插播了30秒《Hello的预告片,这单曲的完整版于周五发布并火了起来,同时公布的还有阿黛尔即将发行的第三张专辑 《5的一些细节,阿黛尔说该专辑是单曲的一个补充The was filmed in Montreal and directed by French Canadian film-maker Xavier Dolan, who said there was an instant connection when he first met the singer in London.该视频在蒙特利尔拍摄,由法裔加拿大导演哈维尔·多兰(Xavier Dolan)执导多兰表示,第一次在伦敦见到阿黛尔时,就有种似曾相识的感觉;We chatted about our lives and our loves and our romances,; Dolan told Entertainment Weekly. ;It was so much about who we were. We had so much in common. Basically, all of her songs are revolving around the theme of unrequited love and so are my movies.;多兰在接受《周刊的采访时说:“我们聊起我们的生活、爱情和罗曼史,我们谈了很多关于我们是谁的话题我们有很多相似之处阿黛尔所有歌曲基本上都以单恋为主题,而我拍的影片也是如此”Adele has yet to beat Swift other Vevo record, the 1.bn views the Blank Space has accumulated to make it the service all-time most watched , although Hello has aly clocked up an admirable 8m views and counting.不过,阿黛尔尚未打破斯威夫特在Vevo上其他视频浏览量方面的纪录虽然目前《Hello的浏览量已高达80万次且还在不断上涨,斯威夫特的单曲《Blank Space仍是Vevo平台上有史以来点击率最高的视频,其浏览量高达亿The single is also set to break sales records, shifting 5,000 copies in three days including 6,000 downloads in the UK and 50,000 US downloads in 8 hours.该单曲还有望打破销量记录在英国,《Hello三日内销量就达.5万张,其中包括网络下载的.6万次而在美国,8小时内的下载量就达5万次Reviewing the song, Alexis Petridis wrote: ;Adele sounds great: she sells the song without over-singing it, leaving the melismatic vocal fireworks to the inevitable spate of X Factor cover versions ... Hello underlines what we aly know: [5] is clearly going to be enormous.;亚历克西斯·彼得里迪斯(Alexis Petridis卫报记者)在评述此歌时写道:“阿黛尔唱的太棒了:她为这首歌做了宣传单又没一下子透露太多, 她绚丽无比的花式唱腔留在无穷尽的《X Factor系列节目的开场版中……《Hello再次明了我们已知的一件事:《5这张专辑显然会取得巨大的成功Adele will perm Hello on Saturday Night Live on 1 November, a day after the release of her album.阿黛尔将在她的新专辑发行后的那天,也就是月1日做客《周六夜现场(Saturday Night Live)

  Most people don’t know the name of the champion of Hunan TV’s Super Boy, which is considered China’s first commercialized TV music talent show. In the last years, music talent shows have become one of the most celebrated ms of TV entertainment in China.大多数人都不知道湖南卫视届《超级男声的总冠军是谁,该节目被称为国内首档商业化音乐选秀节目在过去年间,音乐选秀节目已成为最为家喻户晓的电视节目之一Talent shows like The Voice of China, The X Factor, Chinese Idol, and Super Boy are bombarding TV audiences.像《中国好声音、《中国最强音、《中国梦之声和《快乐男声这类选秀节目正在对观众进行轮番轰炸Apart from providing entertainment, these shows also reflect the country’s cultural and societal transmation as it strides toward modernity. But despite their commercial success, experts are skeptical as to the potential of TV music talent shows to boost the country’s struggling music industry.除了大众之外,这些节目还反映出当今中国在步入现代化进程中文化与社会的转型然而,尽管这些节目在商业上大获成功,专家对于选秀节目能否重振乐坛雄风仍持怀疑态度Transmed culture文化变革Zheng Xin, professor at the School of Journalism amp;Communication at Nanjing University, says a grassroots-oriented rather than elite-based culture is emerging in China. While individuality and personal opinions are now tolerated and celebrated, audiences still yearn a collective recognition of their own identity.来自南京大学新闻传播学院的郑欣教授表示,相比精英文化,草根文化在中国正开始崭露头角虽然当下个性化与独到见解深受认可且备受推崇,但观众们仍渴望自我能够得到大众的广泛认同“The popularity of music talent shows is inevitable in an era in which audiences seek out ‘idols’ with a similar social background to their own, ” says Zheng.“在一个观众热捧‘平民偶像’的时代,选秀节目的走红是大势所趋”郑欣说Luo Gang, professor in Chinese literature at East China Normal University, agrees.华东师范大学中文系教授罗岗十分赞同郑欣教授的观点“When participants who belong to the same class as them take the spotlight and succeed, it resonates with mass audiences.”他说:“当草根选手一夜成名并大获成功时,便会使得大批观众产生共鸣”Luo adds that the new generation is changing its attitude toward showing off talents, which is also fuelling the phenomenon. Chinese tend to be shy and are reluctant to demonstrate their talents due to a traditional value of humbleness. But recent decades have witnessed an increasing willingness among young Chinese to show off their talents, highlight their individuality and be unique.罗岗教授还表示,新生代年轻人正改变着自己对于施展才艺的态度,从而推动了这股“选秀潮”由于传统价值观中的谦逊态度,中国人往往很内向、不愿展现才华但近几十年来,越来越多的中国年轻人自发地施展才艺,突出个性与独特魅力Wu Mochou, example, from ’s The Voice of China expressed strong willingness to show off her talent on stage.例如,从年《中国好声音中走出来的吴莫愁在舞台表演时就具有很强的表现欲“We are entering an era in which the demonstration of talents can be consumed like a product, ” says Luo.“我们正在进入一个‘才艺消费时代’”罗岗说Troubled industry困境中的产业According to the Chongqing Economic Times, more than music talent shows are scheduled on various TV stations across the country this summer. Beijing Youth Daily reported recently that The Voice of China, broadcast by Zhejiang Satellite TV, has generated more than 0 million yuan in net profits since the show completed airing last year, mostly through concerts and commercials.根据《重庆商报报道称,今年夏天预计将有超过档音乐选秀节目登陆全国各大电视台近日,《北京青年报报道称,浙江卫视的《中国好声音自去年播出之后已创造了超过1亿元的净利润,大部分来自于演唱会和广告But Shen Lihui, president of Modern Sky, a record company, doesn’t think the booming business of music talent shows is a cure the music industry, which has long been haunted by a lack of innovation and unequal profit distribution.但登天空唱片公司总裁沈黎晖却认为,中国乐坛长期处于创新匮乏、利润分配不均的病态下,选秀节目的勃勃商机并非一剂“良方”“Music is nothing more than a platm, or a tool, entertainment, ” says Shen. “These shows are not helping to fundamentally tackle the problems in China’s music industry.”“音乐只不过是一个平台或工具,”沈黎晖说,“这些选秀节目没有从根本上解决中国乐坛的问题”Wang Lei, a veteran music producer and critic, warns of the risks entailed in TV music talent shows.资深音乐制作人、乐论人王磊提醒道,电视选秀蕴含风险“No matter what m they take, talent shows are just shows at the end of the day, ” Wang told Beijing Daily recently. “The monopoly of TV stations in signing and marketing artists is suffocating the industry.”“无论是什么形式的选秀节目,它们不过是一天下来的尽兴节目,”王磊在接受《北京日报采访时表示,“电视台对于艺人签约与宣传的垄断阻碍了乐坛的发展”Song Ke, a renowned music producer, acknowledges these problems but also believes that music talent shows are pushing the industry in a new direction. While record companies do not have the financial resources to promote new artists, TV music talent shows have become an alternative discovering new talents.著名音乐制作人宋柯也承认的确存在这些问题,但他依然相信音乐选秀节目正将整个乐坛推向一个新方向虽然唱片公司没有资金来推广新人,但是电视选秀节目已然成为发掘新人的新途径“TV shows have an obvious edge in promoting music artists among the public, ” Song told CBN Weekly.“电视选秀在向公众推广歌手方面优势显著,”宋柯在接受《第一财经周刊采访时表示 8931。



  America proved its Bieber Fever was strong: The teen singer dominated the American Music Awards on Sunday night.美国明了比伯热的强大:这位青少年歌手在周日晚上横扫全美音乐盛典Bieber’s wins included the show’s top award, artist of the year. The singer’s mom joined him onstage as he collected the top award. He looked to his mom: “I wanted to thank you always believing in me.”比伯囊括了该节目的最高奖项年度艺术家大奖当他赢得最高奖项时这位歌手的妈妈陪着他一起出现在舞台上他望着他的妈妈说:“我想谢谢你总是相信我”He said it’s “hard growing up with everyone watching me” and asked that people continue to believe in him.他说这是“在大家的注视下成长是困难的”,希望人们继续相信他The 18-year-old also won favorite poprock album Believe, and male artist.这位18岁的歌手也因《Believe赢得了最受欢迎流行摇滚专辑奖和男艺术家奖He permed two songs at the award show, one stripped and another upbeat with Nicki Minaj.他在颁奖节目现场演唱了两首歌,一首是stripped和另一首是与尼基#86;米纳什一起的upbeatHere is a full list of the winners:这里是一个完整的获胜者名单:Artist of theyear: Justin BieberNew artist of the year: Carly Rae JepsenPoprock female artist: Katy PerryPoprock male artist: Justin BieberPoprock band, duo or group: Maroon 5Poprock album: Justin Bieber, BelieveCountry female artist: Taylor SwiftCountry male artist: Luke BryanCountry band, duo or group: Lady AntebellumCountry album: Carrie Underwood, BlownAwayRaphip-hop artist: Nicki MinajRaphip-hop album: Nicki Minaj, PinkFriday: Roman ReloadedSoulRamp;B female artist: BeyonceSoulRamp;B male artist: UsherSoulRamp;B album: Rihanna, Talk ThatTalkAlternative rock artist: Linkin ParkAdult contemporary artist: AdeleLatin artist: ShakiraContemporary inspirationalartist: tobyMacElectronicdance music artist: DavidGuetta 1885

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