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and so through the stories they can connect to the animals所以通过这些故事他们便能和动物们在情感上建立联系and be inspired by the animals,cuz the animals have healed so to coney同时也受到动物们的激励 因为动物们都能痊愈得那么快amazing job you are doing and the story is a great story how you got started你的工作是一个很棒的工作 你怎么起步的故事也是一个很棒的故事and your fiance is working with you Jay and hi Jay而你的未婚夫也陪你一起干 杰 嘿 杰Its really a cool thing so we want to help you out because they need money这确实是一件很酷的事 所以我们想要帮助你走出困境 因为 他们需要钱and they are helping so many animals that need to be taken out of horrible situations他们正在帮助一些急需 被带离困境的动物们So we have friends at Tonic.com who have been so extraordinarily generous with us for any occasion when they know somebody needs money在Tonic.com上我们有一些朋友 无论何时当他们得知有人需要经济资助的时候 他们都表现的异常的大方I know you are trying to raise 100 thousands dollars to rescue some dairy cows我知道你正在筹集10万美元 来救助奶牛场的一些奶牛们there give you 50 thousand dollars right now,OMG现在给你5万美元 天啊alright and we can help,everything you donate helps是的 我们可以伸出援手 你所捐赠的任何一样东西都有用please log on to our website to learn,how you can help the Gentle Barn reach their goal of raising 100 thousand dollars请打开电脑登陆我们的网看看你能为“温柔之乡” 的筹集10万美元的梦想做些什么and go to our website and you have to log on to the Gentle Barn来到我们的网站 你得先打开电脑来到“温柔之乡”because when you see the stories and when you see everything they are doing for these amazing animals因为你会了解到那些故事 你会看到他们为这些可爱的动物们所付出的一切and go visit if you can its an amazing experience and bring your kids to learn more about that如果有可能去参观一下那里吧 那确实是一个美妙的地方 带上你的孩子让他们也有更多的了解any way congratulations.Simon Cowell will be here after this无论如何 恭喜 西蒙·考威尔马上就会来到这里 /201606/448497

Free exchange自由交流For richer, for poorer贫富皆为One way or another, Americas government will end up bailing out Puerto Rico无论如何,美洲政府都会出钱援助波多黎各IN DECEMBER, as a winter chill descends on the continental ed States, temperatures in Puerto Rico often reach 30°C. Palm trees sway alongside the Spanish colonial buildings in Old San Juan; the blue Atlantic stretches to the horizon. Yet the economic outlook for Americas Caribbean dependency is anything but sunny. Its government owes billion in debt, which it says it cannot repay. On December 1st the territory is supposed to make—and is almost certain to miss—a 4m debt payment. And that is just the first of a series of repayments that add up to .4 billion (or nearly 1.5% of GDP) due in December and January.11月,美国大陆寒气袭人,加勒比地区的属地波多黎各却是30°C。那儿的圣胡安老城留有西班牙殖民时期的建筑,街道两旁的棕榈树来回摇摆。还有蔚蓝的大西洋,一眼望不到头。可它的经济前景并不明朗。政府欠债720亿美元,还还不了。12月1日应当还款3.54亿美元,这肯定是做不到的。12月和1月要还款14亿美元,而3.54亿美元的还款仅是第一步。Politicians in Washington are scrambling for a solution. The islands fiscal woes are in part the result of chronically bad budgeting. But they also stem from structural economic weakness. Bailing out Puerto Rico, which is self-governing but not a state, is not a popular option. Yet when any corner of America faces a deterioration in its long-run economic fortunes, the costs will end up being shared, one way or another.此时,华盛顿的政要们正在寻找对策。波多黎各遭遇了财政灾难,既因为长期以来预算糟糕,又因为结构性经济疲软。这个岛屿虽然自治但未独立。经济援助并不欢迎,但美洲只要有国家经济面临下滑,人们就各种方法共同解决问题。For decades Puerto Rico, which is poorer than the mainland, enjoyed a special tax status designed to encourage economic development. From 1976 the income of some manufacturers was exempt from both federal and local tax. Investment poured in, notably in pharmaceuticals. But in the 1990s the tax break fell victim to efforts to balance Americas federal budget and was phased out. When it came to an end in 2006, the island sank into a deep and protracted depression. The economy has since shrunk by 14%. Employment is 12% below the peak of 2006. As the economy has withered, obligations to creditors have loomed larger.波多黎各比美国大陆穷。几十年来,为鼓励经济发展,税收状况特殊。1976年以来,某些制造业免除了联邦税和地方税。投资拥入,尤其是药业。1990年代,人们努力平衡美洲联邦财政,实行了减税政策,结果失败,并逐步停止。2006年废止时,经济已经陷入大萧条,旷日持久。自此,经济缩减14%,就业率12%,低于2006的最好时期。经济萎缩,债权人负担加重。Many Puerto Ricans have not waited for a recovery. More than 200 move to the mainland every day. Roughly 5m Americans of Puerto Rican descent live in the continental ed States; 3.5m remain on the island. Its labour force has shrunk 11% since .波多黎各很多人都等不起复苏。每天有200人流向美国大陆。将近有500万波多黎各血统的美国人住在美国大陆;350万人未走。年后,劳动力缩减11%。This migration to more prosperous places saps the Puerto Rican economy of potential, but it is precisely what economists think ought to happen when one region of a larger economy falls on hard times. At 5.7%, the unemployment rate in Detroit, a cash-strapped American city, is ten percentage points below the level of six years ago, when the car industry was in crisis. It would be much higher but for the shrinkage of Detroits labour force, which has contracted by about 5% since . Between 2000 and 2014 about 90,000 Detroiters, or 2% of the population, moved away. In much of Americas industrial heartland, labour forces are shrinking. The migration of working-age adults away from struggling areas reduces joblessness. The country as a whole benefits as labour is drawn toward places that are on the up.人口流向更加富庶的地区,破坏了本地经济的潜力。这就是大经济体中小区域落难时的情况,跟经济学家想的一样。美国城市底特律缺乏资金,失业率为5.7%,比6年前低10个百分点。但假如劳动力不萎缩,失业率还会更高。年后,萎缩近5%。2000 至2014年间,底特律约有9万人(总人口的2%)出走。美洲很多工业中心城市,劳动力都在缩减。适龄工作人口离开艰苦的地区,减轻了失业状况。总体来看,波多黎各还是受益了,因为劳动力都流向了富庶的地区。Migration reduces unemployment, but it cannot liberate struggling spots from accrued obligations—most notably pensions. Puerto Ricos biggest government-pension programme has sufficient funds to cover just 0.7% of future obligations. State pension pots are not in quite such bad shape, but massive liabilities still loom. In Illinois, where the labour force has shrunk by about 3% since 2007, pensions are just 39% funded. Puerto Rico will not be the last local government to run out of money.人口外流可以减少失业,但不能解放那些艰苦的地区,因为那里债台高筑,主要是养老金方面。波多黎各养老计划是最大的项目,有充足的资金,未来可以负担0.7%。波多黎各养老金体系并不差劲,但巨大的债务还是令人担忧。2007年后,伊利诺斯州劳动力缩减约3%,州出资的养老金只占39%。波多黎各不会成为把钱花光的最后一个地方政府。Perhaps for that reason, many politicians are adamant that the federal government should never rescue insolvent localities. Detroit, for one, was left to write down its debts in bankruptcy court. Puerto Rico cannot do that. The law bars states and territories from declaring bankruptcy, in order to deter profligate behaviour.That makes little sense when redistribution among states is aly enormous. Because Americas tax system is progressive, rich states contribute much more per person to the Treasury than poor ones. Alabama and West Virginia routinely receive more than in federal spending for each dollar they pay in federal tax; New York and California receive less than Michael Phelps is famous for listening to music at swimming competitions. 众所周知,菲尔普斯喜欢在游泳比赛前听音乐。The nineteen time gold medalist is known to wear his headphones right up until jumping into the pool for a race. 跳入泳池比赛前,这位19枚奥运金牌得主酷爱戴上耳机听音乐。Now many olympics fans are wondering just what hes listening to. 现在许多奥运迷都在好奇他听什么。Phelps hasnt revealed his musical selections for the RIO games, but theres a good chance it is mostly hip hop. 菲尔普斯没有透露他在里约奥运会听什么音乐,但很有可能是嘻哈。The swimmer has previously declared his fandom of rap stars like Eminem, young Jeezy and Lil Wayne.此前菲尔普斯宣布自己是说唱歌手艾米纳姆、杰伊·詹金斯和李尔·韦恩的歌迷。译文属。201608/459535.70 on the dollar. Most of the redistribution comes in the form of programmes like Social Security (the national pension scheme) and Medicare (public health insurance for the elderly), for which average spending per person is not that different from one state to another.可能由于此,很多政要都坚定认为,联邦政府不能求助破产的地方政府。底特律就是例子,当时底特律在破产法院记录下了自己的债务。波多黎各不能这样,因为法律规定,州和属地不能宣布破产,就是为了避免挥霍。这就是说不通了,因为美国各州之间分配差异巨大。较富裕的州上缴国库,对个人的分配多于较贫穷的州。阿拉巴马州和西弗吉尼亚州,每上缴联邦税收1美元,就会收到联邦2美元多的返还。纽约和加利福尼亚返还却不足0.7美元。重新分配多是以社会保障(国家养老金计划)和医保制度(老年人医辽保险)的形式进行,为的是对个人花费州与州之间不能差异太大。During the financial crisis these handouts to poorer regions became even more generous. The federal government stood behind all American banks and borrowed to finance infrastructure spending and increased unemployment benefits. It also took in less tax, offsetting some of the pain of the recession. Indeed, Americas fiscal union is so good at absorbing shocks that it is often cited as a model for the more accident-prone euro zone.金融危机期间,贫困地区的援助更加大方。联邦政府持所有的美国,让他们放款去资助基础设施建设,增加失业救济。同时,还减轻税务,减轻因衰退产生的悲痛。其实,美国的财政同盟十分擅长吸收冲击,都被事故多发的欧元区引为典范。In sickness and in health无论生病还是健康The administration of Barack Obama has released a sensible plan to repair Puerto Ricos finances. It would allow indebted government agencies, such as the islands power company, to declare bankruptcy, and would provide for a restructuring of other debts and pension obligations. The federal government would also oversee the territorys future public spending; as a sweetener, residents of the territory would gain full access to various anti-poverty schemes that are less generous there than on the mainland.奥巴马执政后,实施了一项明智的举措,来修补波多黎各的财务。政府欠债的各种单位,比如能源公司可以允许破产;还可以重组其它债务和养老金债务;联邦政府将会负责本地区的公共开。让地区居民尝到甜头的是,他们可以充分享受各种扶贫政策,当然钱比美国大陆的要少。If Congress spurns this plan, Puerto Ricos government will be forced to raise taxes to crippling levels and slash spending to pay its bills. That would hit the islands residents, 40% of whom live below the poverty line, hard. It is difficult to imagine the federal government ignoring the humanitarian crisis that would probably follow. In addition, emigration to the mainland would presumably jump, initiating a vicious cycle whereby a shrinking tax base leads to rising taxes and curtailed services, prompting further emigration. As American citizens, the migrants will be eligible for public support of various kinds on the mainland. There is no question, in other words, that America will end up bearing much of the cost of Puerto Ricos past profligacy. The only question is how considered and efficient its assistance will be.假如国会通过此项决计,波多黎各政府将会被迫提高税收,减少出,来偿还债务。这将会严重伤害岛内居民,其中40%生活在贫困线以下。这也很难想象,联邦政府会忽视随之而来的人道主义危机。此外,移居美国大陆的人可能会更多,进而开始恶性循环,因为税基萎缩,导致税收提高,务缩减,又进一步激发人口出走。波移民也是美国居民,在美国大陆有资格申请各种公共持。换言之,毫无疑问,波多黎各曾经肆意挥霍,最后需要美国共同承担。问题的核心是援助的效率和成熟度。 /201512/413888

London embassies伦敦大使馆Envoy envy招人嫉妒的大使馆Embassies in London are worth a lot of money伦敦的大使馆价值不菲IN America sold its embassy in fashionable Grosvenor Square for a reported £500m (0m) to Qatars sovereign wealth fund. By 2017 its new embassy should be y in gritty Vauxhall. The details of embassies ownership or leaseholds are not known, but a new survey has created a sort of “fantasy embassy valuation”, estimating how other nations could be cashing in.年,美国以媒体报道的5亿英镑(8亿美元)向卡塔尔主权财富基金出售了其位于时尚的格罗夫纳广场的大使馆。美国在地表多沙的沃克斯豪尔(位于英国伦敦南部)的新使馆也将于2017年建成。使馆所有权和使用权的细节都不为人所知,但是一项新调查却创造了一种“大使馆估算体系”,以此来评估其他国家如何赚得个盆满钵盈。The report, by Spears, a magazine, and Lichfields, a buying agent, suggests that the embassies of Japan, Germany and Saudi Arabia could be worth more than £100m each (assuming they were sold as residential freeholds). More surprisingly, the Nepalese embassy and Zambian high commission, both in Kensington, are worth £30m and £40m respectively. Many members of the British Commonwealth gained locations in central London decades ago: Uganda, Zimbabwe and Tanzania have swanky central digs that would fetch a fortune.Spear杂志和买方代理商Lichfields的一项报告声称,日本、德国和沙特阿拉伯大使馆的价值可能超过1亿英镑/一座(如果他们把大使馆作为住宅不动产来出售的话)。更令人惊讶的是,位于肯辛顿的尼泊尔大使馆和赞比亚高级专员公署,分别价值3亿英镑和4亿英镑。早在数十年前,就有许多英联邦成员在伦敦中心占有一席之地:乌干达、津巴布韦和坦桑尼亚在伦敦中心地带都有房产,都可以大赚一笔。Some are aly liquidating their assets. Canada sold the long lease on Macdonald House, its consular section in Grosvenor Square, for £306m last year. The Dutch embassy on Hyde Park Gate is for sale and could fetch £150m. The Chinese may sell their embassy in Portland Place and search for a new site, perhaps also in Vauxhall.有些国家甚至已经开始清算他们的资产。加拿大去年以3.06亿英镑的价格出售了麦克唐纳大厦的长期租赁权,麦克唐纳大厦是加拿大在格罗夫纳广场的领事处。荷兰位于海德公园大门的大使馆也在出售,可能会卖到1.5亿英镑。中国也打算卖掉其在波特兰的大使馆,正为新使馆寻找一个合适的地址,或许也是在沃克斯豪尔。The cheapest embassy appears to be North Koreas semi-detached house in Gunnersbury. But least proportionate to national wealth could be the consulate of Tuvalu, based in a £750,000 property in Wimbledon. If sold, it could pay off 11% of the tiny states national debt.最便宜的大使馆似乎是朝鲜在根拿斯贝利的半独立式房屋。但与国民财富最不相当的要数图瓦卢的领事馆了,位于温布尔登,价值75万英镑。如果出售,所卖得的钱就可以偿还这个小国家国家债务的11%。 译者:胡雅琳 校对:邵夏沁译文属译生译世 /201411/340141


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