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Social Structure and Way of Payment in Egypt埃及的社会结构和付方式Egyptian society had a strictly organized class structure. The majority of people consisted of farmers and craftsmen who were led by the land-owning elite of officials and priests.埃及社会有一套严格组织起来的社会等级结构大部分人都是农民和工匠,他们由拥有土地的官员和牧师所组成的精英阶级所领导Everyone belonged to a group and worked in a team, usually in huge workshops, or ;Storehouses;, which were controlled by the king and the temples.每个人都隶属于一个群体,在团队里面劳作,工作常常是在国王和神殿掌控下的大型的作坊里,或叫做“储藏所”The organization of society was based on the master-servant principle: just as the king was the servant of the gods and was himself the master of his people, so was every Egyptian the master of one and the servant of another. At the top of this social ladder were the high officials, the intellectuals or ;Scribes;, and on the lowest rungs were those who did the simple but heavy work, such as kitchen staff and farm laborers. The heaviest work was done by prisoners-of-war and criminals.整个社会的组织结构是建立在主仆原则上的:正如国王是诸神的仆人同时又是他的臣民的主人,每个埃及人都同时是一个人的主人又是另一个人的仆人在这个社会等级结构顶端的是高级官员们、知识分子或者“抄书吏”,最底层的则是那些做着简单却繁重的工作的人们,比如在厨房里干活的人们和农场的劳工最重的活儿是由战俘和罪犯来做的A working week lasted nine days and was followed by one day of rest. There was no work almost half of the year, since nobody worked on festival days to honor the gods (and there were a lot of those in Egypt), or other special occasions.一个工作周持续9天,休息一天之后另一个工作周又开始了一年中大部分的时间都不用工作,因为不会有人在敬神的节日里(在埃及有许多这样的节日)或其他特殊场合里工作Barter, rather than circulated money, was the means of payment. A basket cost so much grain, a stone coffin so many cows or other goods. Taxes were paid in products and grain, but also in work, such as compulsory work the king. Economic depressions, often caused by famine, could result in social unrest and even strikes.在埃及,付方式是以物易物,而不是使用流通的货币一个篮子值这么多的谷子,一座石棺值那么多的母牛或者别的货物赋税是用产品和谷物缴的,但也可以用劳务来缴税,比如强制为国王干活通常因饥荒而引起的经济不景气会引发社会动乱甚至罢工 8。

James walks by an hour laterJames:You know that this afternoon meeting is cancelled, right?Jess: Why am I always the last to know these things?James:I sent out a notice. Youve stopped checking your e-mail?Jess: No, but Bean did send me like a hundred wards today. My mailbox must have been overflowing.James:How obnoxious! I heard he was sending you dirty jokes.Jess: He not only sent me nasty e-mail, but he so bored, he even asked me to search the Net even more wards him!参考译文:詹姆士一小时后走来詹姆士:你知道今天下午的会议取消了吧?洁 丝:为什么我总是最后一个知道这些事情的人?詹姆士:我寄了一个通知你不检查电子邮件了吗?洁 丝:没有啊,不过炳今天转寄了大概一百封信给我我的信箱一定爆掉了詹姆士:真是讨人厌!我听说他还寄黄色笑话给你洁 丝:他不只寄恶心的电子邮件给我,而且还超无聊的,他甚至要我上网找更多的转寄信给他重点词汇:overflow (v.)多得无法容纳Trash in Taipei often overflows into city streets.台北的垃圾常常满到路边都是obnoxious (a.)讨厌的,可憎的My little brother voice is really obnoxious.我小弟的声音真的很难听nasty (a.)令人作呕的,使人难受的Dont be nasty to your mother!别对你妈这么坏! 369。

Ask an American: civility; sour versus tart; (something) is king; thorough versus comprehensiveWords:to get out in fronttone of voiceon the goslower-pacedcourtesydetrimentalput off bycaptive audienceto take upto give way toanaloguesourtart(something) is kingthoroughcomprehensive 359。

The Notre Dame de Paris巴黎圣母院As a testament to the correlation between glorious spaces and heavenly thoughts, the Notre Dame de Paris has stood 750 years as the apex of European religious architecture.作为荣光之地与神圣思想互相关联的明——巴黎圣母院,至今已有750年的历史了,它是欧洲宗教建筑登峰造极之作Seeking to liberate their creation from the sepulchral atmosphere of the plague-ridden medieval era, the Notre Dame architects conceived of a design more spacious than that of their predecessors.寻求把他们的创作从世纪黑死病蔓延的死寂气氛中摆脱出来,圣母院的建筑师们构思出比他们的前人更宽阔的设计New developments in arched doorways and supports allowed thinner outer walls and larger windows, including the famous Rose Windows on the cathedral north, south, and west sides.而拱形门道和柱的崭新设计,为较薄的外墙和较大的窗户,包括教堂北、南、西三面著名的“蔷薇花瓣小圆窗”的建造做了准备The west window is 9.75 meters in diameter and depicts the infant Jesus surrounded by prophets, 3 Old Testament kings, and 3 high priests, in concentric circles. With the added light and color provided by these windows, the architects created an ethereal ambience without compromising structural integrity.西窗直径长9.75米,上面描绘了位先知、旧约全书里的3位列王以及3位大祭司,呈同心圆围绕着襁褓中的耶稣借着这些窗户呈现的光线和色,建筑师营造出了天镜般的氛围,同时也兼顾了结构上的完整性Since its fundamental completion in 50, the cathedral has borne witness to many of the significant events of European history, as well as bearing the scars of its vilolent periods. It was the scene of the coronation of Henry VI of England in 30, and later, that of Mary, Queen of Scots.50年基本竣工后,这座大教堂见了欧洲历史上的许多重大事件,也在动荡时代留下了累累伤痕它也是30年英王亨利六世和其后苏格兰玛丽皇后加冕典礼举行的地方It survived attempted destruction during the French Revolution to witness the crowning of Napoleon and Josephine. Since then, the Notre Dame de Paris has survived two world wars, and it remains a symbol of European history and resilience.它幸免遭受法国大革命时期试图的破坏,得以为拿破仑和约瑟芬的加冕做见此后,巴黎圣母院在两次世界大战中保存了下来,它依然是欧洲历史与复原力的象征 80。

Native American casinos; YouTube; impact versus influence, created inonby; so far versus to dateWords:to gamblecasinoautonomyreservationincomeheritageto uploadexcerptto be copyrightedto sueoffensive contentto flagimpactinfluencecreated bycreated in created onso farto date 13636。

World Mourns Beloved Star Wars Princess全世界为《星球大战公主默哀Carrie Fisher, known best her role as Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy, died this week at age 60. The world-renowned actress suffered a heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles on December 3 and died in hospital a few days later. Fisher was 19 when the original Star Wars film, A New Hope, was released. Fans were delighted when Fisher recently returned to the screen starring as General Leia Organa in the The ce Awakens ( VII), the first of a new Star Wars trilogy. The filming of VIII is aly complete, and filmmakers have confirmed that Carrie Fisher character will be in it.因出演《星球大战旧三部曲中的莱娅公主而最负盛名的凯丽·费雪于本周逝世,享年60岁这位享誉世界的女演员在月3日从伦敦飞往洛杉矶的航班上突发心脏病,几天后在医院去世首部《星球大战:新希望上映时,费雪年仅19岁最近费雪重返荧幕,出演新《星球大战三部曲第一部《原力觉醒(第七部)中的莱娅·奥加纳上将,粉丝们都非常欣喜第八部的拍摄工作早已结束,制片人已经实凯丽·费雪饰演的角色将会出现译文属原创,,不得转载 860。

George Walker Bush乔治·布什In his father’s presidential race in 1988, Bush Jr. became his father’s aid. This was the first time the two had worked together closely as adults, and Big George came to appreciate his son’s political instincts. When George Bush won the election, his eldest son returned to Texas, a move that shocked Washington careerists. But Junior had something also in mind.1988年在他父亲竞选总统时,小布什成为父亲的助手这是他们俩人第一次作为成年人在一起密切合作于是老布什逐渐欣赏儿子的政治素质当老布什在大选中获胜后,他的大儿子却返回德克萨斯,这一举动使华 盛顿的野心家们感到很吃惊,但小布什已另有打算了He was thinking hard about running Governor of Texas. Texas is a big media state. Name identification is important. And Bush had got it. But he needed an accomplishment that belonged to his own. He didn’t want anyone to say “he is riding on Daddy’s name.” So he bought a baseball team titled “Texas Rangers”. He gave speeches across Texas in support of the team. His down-home style was always on display. He hated to ride in limo, even someone else,s,and the Bushes lived in a modest brick house. Their only luxury was private school their twin daughters, Barbara and Tenna. He dressed as indifferent as ever, in cheap suits and boots emblazoned with the flag of Texas. At the Rangers office, he insisted on wearing a pair of shoes with a large hole in them.这时他在认真考虑竞选德州州长德州是一个传媒 大州,知名度是很重要的,而小布什拥有这一点不过他还需一份属于自己的成就,他不想别人说“他是靠爸爸的名气”于是他买下了名为“德克萨斯骑警队”的 棒球队他到德州各处发表演说为该球队寻求赞助他不断表现出纯朴的风格他讨厌坐豪华轿车,即便是别人的也不坐布什一家住在一所朴素的砖房里他们惟一奢侈的就是让他们的双胞胎女儿芭芭拉和坦娜在一所 私立学校就读小布什的穿着还像以前一样很普通—— 廉价的西装和印有德州旗帜的靴子在“骑警队”的办公室里,他坚持穿着一双已有一个大洞的鞋子Someone said that Bush’s political base was built on twin platms: his Rangers celebrity and the prodigious campaigning he had done his father throughout Texas in 1980,198, 1988 and 199. In 199, after his father lost in his presidential re-election, Bush began to run Governor of Texas. He traveled across the state, applying the lessons he’d learned from his parents: trust your instincts, be down-home, ence discipline and walked all the way into the state house.有人说,小布什的政治基础是建立在两个跳板上的:他的“骑警队”的名气和他于1980年、198年、 1988年和199年在德州为他父亲所做的大量竞选工作 199年在他父亲第二次竞选总统失败后,小布什开始竞 选德州州长他踏遍德州,运用他从父母那里学到的:相信你的素质、保持淳朴、加强纪律,结果走进了德州的州政大厅 3661。

[00:.]Listen and Share[00:.65]知行哈哈糖[00:.]Essence of things 事物的本质[00:.]词汇扫描[00:.71]master 硕士学位[00:33.50]essence 本质[00:37.19]英文原文[00:38.70]Wondering why my niece, Charlotte,[00:1.]was returning to college to get a master's in philosophy,[00:.8]I asked, "What can you do with a degree like that?" [00:7.9]"Well," she explained,[00:9.51]"it will qualify me to deal with questions like,[00:5.6]'What is existence?' 'What is the essence of things?'[00:55.73]and 'Do you want fries with that?' " [01:00.30]中文大意[01:7.81]逐句对照[01:3.5]Wondering why my niece, Charlotte,[01:.0]was returning to college to get a master's in philosophy, I asked,[01:5.]"What can you do with a degree like that?" [01:9.01]"Well," she explained,[01:50.8]"it will qualify me to deal with questions like,[01:59.6]'What is existence?'[:01.6]'What is the essence of things?'[:.99]and 'Do you want fries with that?' " [:.55]多学一点[:.71]master 硕士学位[:1.96]bachelor(学士)[:3.78]master(硕士)[:5.58]PhD(士)[:.]master's of philosophy[:30.39]master's degree of philosophy[:39.18]doctor[:0.83]PhD[:.1]a PhD degree 士学位[:5.88]PhD of mathematics 数学士[:9.7]doctor[:53.1]Dr. Philip[:56.35]master 主人,大师或师傅[:.00]essence 本质,精髓[:.]The essence of religious is belief[:.5]The essence of the problem is race conflict[:.97]essence 精华,素,精[:5.35]rose essence(玫瑰精)[:7.58]natural essence(天然香精)[:.]重新听一次故事原文[:36.88]Wondering why my niece, Charlotte,[:38.9]was returning to college to get a master's in philosophy,[:.7]I asked, "What can you do with a degree like that?" [:5.58]"Well," she explained,[:7.]"it will qualify me to deal with questions like,[:50.]'What is existence?' 'What is the essence of things?'[:53.38]and 'Do you want fries with that?' " 37。

Voice 1: Thank you joining us today Spotlight. Im Liz Waid.声音1:欢迎大家收听今天的重点报道节目我是利兹·韦德Voice : And Im Rebekah Schipper.声音:我是瑞贝卡·席佩尔Voice 1: ty percent of Japan population uses the Internet. In fact, Japan is one of the world most wired Internet–using nations. Many people find friends on the Internet. But some of these friendships are proving to be dangerous. Some Japanese people are using the Internet to find people to die with.声音1:日本网民人数占总人口的0%实际上,日本是世界上使用有线互联网最多的国家之一许多人会在网络上寻找朋友但是其中有些友谊可能会很危险一些日本人正在利用互联网寻找结伴死亡的人Voice : In March , Japanese police found the bodies of eight young people. They were in two separate cars. Tape blocked the windows. There were stoves in the cars. These stoves let out poisonous smoke. The people were dead.声音:年3月,日本警方发现了8个年轻人的尸体这8具尸体分别在两辆车中被发现胶带封住了车窗车内有火炉这些火炉释放出了毒烟导致8名年轻人死亡Voice 1: The police investigated the situation. They believe that the young people met through the Internet. They believe that this group decided to kill themselves together.声音1:警方对现场进行了调查他们认为这些年轻人是通过互联网认识的他们认为这几个人决定一起自杀 译文属 86。