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North Korea has warned of strikes against key sites in the US in retaliation for Washington blaming Pyongyang for the recent Sony cyber attack, saying any US punishment over the incident would lead to damage “thousands of times greater”.Late on Sunday North Korea’s National Defence Commission said President Barack Obama was “recklessly” sping rumours that Pyongyang was behind the cyber attack. The film studio has pulled The Interview , a satirical movie depicting the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, after the hacking and subsequent threats of terrorist attacks against cinemas that screened it.The NDC said its 1.2m-member army was y to use all types of warfare against the US. “Our toughest counteraction will be boldly taken against the White House, the Pentagon, and the whole US mainland, the cesspool of terrorism, by far surpassing the ‘symmetric counteraction’ declared by Obama,” said the NDC statement, carried by official news agency KCNA.Pyongyang has routinely made similar threats against South Korea and the US during times of confrontation but the latest hostile rhetoric against Washington underlines Pyongyang’s anger over the movie.The threat comes as US officials are scrambling to come up with ways to retaliate after the FBI announced on Friday that it believed North Korea was behind the cyber attack against Sony, and warned that it would impose “costs and consequences” on those responsible.Huge amounts of Sony Pictures data were accessed and then destroyed in last month’s hack. Employee pay details, health records, social security numbers and other personal data were then dumped online. The hackers, who call themselves Guardians of Peace, also released Sony executives’ private emails to the media.Mr Obama has said he is considering imposing new sanctions on North Korea, including putting Pyongyang back on its list of state sponsors of terrorism, six years after it was removed from the list.Pyongyang has denied its involvement and proposed a joint investigation into the cyber attack, but it promised in June to “mercilessly destroy” anyone associated with The Interview.Experts believe North Korea has the capacity to hack any organisation in the world, with South Korea’s former defence minister Kim Kwan-jin saying last year that the communist country operates an elite unit of 3,000 cyber experts.Seoul has accused Pyongyang of numerous cyber attacks over the past five years. It is now investigating the online leak of data related to its nuclear reactors after a recent attack on the country’s nuclear plant operator’s computer systems.翻译仅供参考朝鲜警告说,为报复美国政府将索尼(Sony)最近所受网络袭击归咎朝鲜政府的行为,朝鲜将对美国重要目标发动袭击。并表示,美国围绕该事件的任何惩罚措施,都将招致“成千上万倍的”损失。周日晚些时候,朝鲜国防委员会(National Defence Commission)表示,美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)“十分鲁莽地”传播了朝鲜政府是这次网络袭击幕后主使的谣言。在遭遇网络袭击和针对电影《刺杀金正恩》(The Interview)播出影院的恐袭威胁后,索尼的工作室已经停止了该电影的发行。朝鲜国防委员会表示,其120万军队已准备好动用各种武器对付美国。这份声明由官方朝鲜中央通讯社(KCNA)发布。在该声明中,朝鲜国防委员会表示:“我们将对白宫(White House)、五角大楼(Pentagon)、以及作为恐怖主义泥潭的整个美国本土,大胆发动最残酷的反击。这种反击的力度将远远超过奥巴马宣称的‘系统性反击’。”在与韩国和美国对峙期间,朝鲜政府会经常发出针对两者的类似威胁。不过,朝鲜最近对美国政府的这一敌意言论,凸显出朝鲜政府对《刺杀金正恩》的愤怒情绪。在朝鲜发出这一威胁之际,美国官员正在考虑对朝鲜反击的方式。此前,美国联邦调查局(FBI)曾在周五宣称,该机构相信朝鲜是索尼所受网络袭击的幕后主使,并警告说它将让责任人“付出相应代价并承担相应后果”。奥巴马曾表示,他正在考虑向朝鲜施加新的制裁措施,其中包括将朝鲜再次列入持恐怖主义的国家名单。6年前,美国曾将朝鲜从该名单上移除。朝鲜政府否认曾参与这次网络袭击,并提议开展对该网络袭击的联合调查。不过,今年6月,朝鲜曾发誓要“无情毁灭”任何与《刺杀金正恩》有关的人。此外,由于朝鲜涉嫌通过中国网络发起对索尼的袭击,美国官员还曾与中国接触,请中方帮忙封堵源自朝鲜的网络攻击。不过,中国并未回应美国对朝鲜采取措施的呼吁,而只是表示中国反对任何形式的网络攻击。中国外交部周一在一份声明中表示:“中国反对任何一个国家以及任何人使用其他国家的系统对第三方国家进行网络攻击。” /201412/350218TAIPEI — A TransAsia Airways plane with 58 passengers and crew on board cartwheeled into a river shortly after taking off from a downtown Taipei airport on Wednesday, killing at least 16 people and leaving about a dozen missing, officials said.台湾官员表示,一架载有58名乘客和机组人员的复兴航空(TransAsia Airways)客机周三在台北松山机场起飞后不久在侧飞状态下坠入河中,导致至少31人死亡,还有几人失踪。As many as 28 people appeared to have escaped from the crash after the plane lurched sickeningly between buildings, clipped an overpass with its port-side wing and crashed upside down in the shallow river.多达28人似乎从这起坠机事故中生还。此前这架飞机摇摇摆摆地在建筑物之间穿过,左侧机翼擦撞高架桥,最后坠入一条浅河。Dramatic pictures taken by a motorist and posted on Twitter showed the plane cartwheeling over the motorway soon after the turboprop ATR 72-600 aircraft took off in apparently clear weather on a domestic flight for the island of Kinmen.一名驾车者拍摄并上传至Twitter的惊险画面显示,这架飞机在高速公路上方侧飞。当时这架ATR 72-600型螺旋桨飞机刚刚起飞,在显然晴朗的天气下执飞前往金门的国内航班。Television footage showed survivors wearing life jackets wading and swimming clear of wreckage. Others, including a young child, were taken to shore by rescuers.电视画面显示身穿救生衣的幸存者在涉水和游泳,以逃离飞机残骸。其他人,包括一名幼童,被救援人员带到岸边。Emergency rescue officials in inflatable boats crowded around the partially submerged fuselage of flight GE235, lying on its side in the river, trying to help those on board.搭乘充气橡皮艇的救援人员围着GE235航班的机身,试图营救仍在机上的人。机身有一部分淹没于水中,处于侧立状态。Taiwan’s fire department classified 10 of the passengers as showing “no sign of life” and one killed. Twenty-eight people had been rescued, it said in a text message, leaving 19 unaccounted for.台湾消防部门曾表示,10名乘客“没有生命迹象”,另一人死亡。消防部门还曾在一条短信中透露,有28人获救,这意味着当时还有19人下落不明。Other Taiwanese government authorities said the aircraft was carrying 58 passengers and crew, including 31 tourists from mainland China.台湾政府的其他部门表示,该机载有58名乘客和机组人员,其中包括来自中国大陆的31名游客。The plane appeared to miss apartment buildings by metres. Footage showed a van skidding to a halt on the damaged overpass after barely missing the plane’s wing, with small pieces of the aircraft scattered along the road.该机似乎从几米开外掠过公寓楼。画面显示,一辆面包车几乎被这架飞机的机翼擦到,该车在受损的高架桥上急刹车,路上散落着飞机上掉下来的一些小碎片。The chief executive of TransAsia, Chen Xinde, bowed deeply at a televised news conference as he apologised to passengers and crew.复兴航空首席执行长陈欣德在新闻发布会上深鞠躬,向乘客和机组人员致歉。The last communication from one of the aircraft’s pilots was “Mayday Mayday, engine flame-out”, according to an air traffic control recording on liveatc.net.根据liveatc.net网站发布的空中交通管制录音,该机一名飞行员的最后一次呼叫是“紧急呼救,发动机熄火”。A flame-out occurs when the fuel supply to the engine is interrupted or when there is faulty combustion, resulting in an engine failure. Twin-engined aircraft, however, are usually able to keep flying even when one engine has failed.当发动机燃料供应中断或出现燃烧故障时,就会发生熄火,导致发动机故障。不过,双发飞机即使有一台发动机发生故障,通常也能继续飞行。Taipei’s downtown Songshan airport, the smaller of the city’s two airports, provides mostly domestic flights but also connections to Japan, China and South Korea.地处台北市中心的松山机场是该市两个机场中较小的一个,主要提供国内航班,但也有前往日本、中国大陆和韩国的航班。A statement from China’s Taiwan Affairs Office said 31 one of those on board were tourists from the southeastern city of Xiamen, which lies close to Taiwan’s Kinmen island.中国国务院台湾事务办公室的一份声明称,机上有31人是来自东南部城市厦门的游客,该市与台湾的金门岛隔海相望。The crash is the latest in a string of disasters to hit Asian carriers in the past 12 months. An AirAsia jet bound for Singapore crashed soon after taking off from the Indonesian city of Surabaya on December 28, killing all 162 people on board.此次坠机是过去12个月里打击亚洲航空公司的一连串灾难的最新一起。12月28日,一架飞往新加坡的亚航(AirAsia)喷气式客机从印尼泗水市起飞后坠海,机上162人全部遇难。Also last year, a Malaysia Airlines jet disappeared and one of its sister planes was downed over Ukraine with a combined loss of 539 lives.同样在去年,马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines)的一架客机失踪,另一架客机在飞越乌克兰时被击落,共计有539人遇难。TransAsia is Taiwan’s third-largest carrier. One of its ATR 72-500 planes crashed while trying to land at Penghu Island last July, killing 48 of the 58 passengers and crew on board.复兴航空是台湾第三大航空公司。去年7月,该公司一架ATR 72-500型客机在澎湖岛尝试降落时失事,导致58名乘客和机组人员中的48人死亡。Taiwan has had a poor aviation safety record in recent years, including the disintegration of a China Airlines Boeing 747 on a flight from Taipei to Hong Kong in 2002, killing 225. In 1998, a China Airlines A300 crashed while trying to land at Taipei’s main international airport, killing 196.近年来台湾在航空安全记录方面表现糟糕。2002年,华航(China Airlines)一架波音747 (Boeing 747)客机在从台北飞往香港途中解体,造成225人遇难。1998年,华航一架空客A300 (Airbus A300)客机在台北主要国际机场试图降落时坠毁,造成196人遇难。In 2000, a Singapore Airlines jetliner taking off for Los Angeles during a storm hit construction equipment on the runway, killing at least 77 people.2000年,新加坡航空公司(Singapore Airlines)一架客机在暴风雨中起飞准备前往洛杉矶,结果撞到跑道上的工程机械,造成至少77人死亡。The aircraft involved in Wednesday’s crash was among the first of the ATR 72-600s, the latest variant of the turboprop aircraft, that TransAsia received in 2014 as part of an order of eight aircraft two years earlier.周三坠河的飞机是复兴航空在2014年接收的首批最新型ATR 72-600螺旋桨客机之一,两年前该公司订购了8架此型飞机。The 72-seat aircraft are mainly used to connect the capital, Taipei, with smaller cities and islands.这款72个座位的客机主要用于连接台北与台湾各地的较小城市和岛屿。ATR is a joint venture between Airbus and Alenia Aermacchi, a subsidiary of Italy’s Finmeccanica.ATR是空客与意大利芬梅卡尼卡(Finmeccanica)子公司阿莱尼亚-马基(Alenia Aermacchi)组建的合资公司。 /201502/358692

This week some British charities have an unexpected reason to smile. On Wednesday, European and American regulators imposed fines of .3bn on six large banks for rigging foreign exchange markets. In the past, the British government has directed some of the money raised from so-called “misdemeanour fines” to worthy causes such as a physical rehabilitation programme for soldiers; it will probably do the same this time. As George Osborne, the UK chancellor, put it: “We’re using the money raised from fines on those who demonstrated the very worst of values in our society to support those who demonstrate the very best.”一些英国慈善机构有了一个惊喜的理由。上周三,欧洲和美国监管当局以操纵外汇市场为由,向6家大开出43亿美元的罚单。在过去,英国政府曾把这类来自所谓“不端行为罚款”的收入部分投入到高尚的事业中,比如士兵身体康复计划。这次英国政府很可能也将这么做。正如英国财相乔治#8226;奥斯本(George Osborne)所说:“我们把对于那些在我们的社会里展示出最糟糕价值观的人的罚款所得,用来资助那些展示出最美好价值观的人。”Yet this type of initiative is the exception, not the rule. The fines now being imposed by western regulators are dramatically higher than anything seen before, but much of the money is not being used in a transparent way. That flies in the face of politicians’ demands for finance to become more open. It also risks undermining the search for a sense of justice – and closure.不过,这种做法属于例外,而不是通行规则。西方监管机构如今开出的罚款金额比以往高很多,但部分罚款的使用并不透明。这与政治家们关于提高财政透明度的要求背道而驰,也可能破坏社会对正义感——以及有始有终的感觉——的追求。“It’s very hard to see what is really going on,” observes Roger McCormick, a London-based economist who has been tracking the recent bank penalties. Charles Calomiris, a finance professor at Columbia Business School agrees: “The situation is strange – its incredibly hard to get much data at all.”“很难看清罚款到底怎么使用的,”伦敦的经济学家罗杰#8226;麦考密克(Roger McCormick)说。他一直在关注近来受处罚的事情。哥伦比亚商学院(Columbia Business School)的金融学教授查尔斯#8226;卡洛米里什(Charles Calomiris)表示认同:“眼下的情形很奇怪——想要获得数据真是太难了。”What public numbers do exist are thought-provoking. According to Professor McCormick’s research, between 2009 and 2013 the 12 global banks paid out #163;105.4bn worth of fines to European and US regulators, for crimes ranging from the mis-selling of mortgages to rigging the Libor index of interbank lending rates. They also made #163;61.23bn provisions for future fines.能找到的公开数字发人深思。麦考密克教授的研究显示,2009年至2013年,12家全球性共向欧美监管机构缴纳了1054亿英镑的罚款,因为它们犯下了从不当销售抵押贷款到操纵伦敦间同业拆借利率(Libor)等各种罪名。它们还为未来罚款做了612.3亿英镑的拨备。Data from the Financial Conduct Authority, the British regulator, suggests that it has collected about #163;2.5bn since 2012, including this week’s fines. Traditionally, regulators used to keep the money they collected in penalties. But since 2012, the FCA has handed this money to the Treasury (after deducting #163;40m of annual staff costs) and Mr Osborne has said that he will hand over about #163;300m of this to charity.英国金融市场行为监管局(FCA)的数据表明,包括上周的罚款,自2012年以来其收到了约25亿英镑的罚款。传统上,监管机构通常会保留它们所收的罚款。但自2012年以来,FCA已把这笔收入上缴至英国财政部(事先已扣除了每年4000万英镑的人员费用),奥斯本表示,他将把其中约3亿英镑资金投入到慈善事业中。What will happen to the rest is unclear; it is currently placed in a general government pot. But the situation in the US is lamentably more opaque, since fines are being imposed by numerous different entities.但其余罚款如何处置,目前不得而知;这笔钱存放在一个一般政府资金池中。但美国的情况更为不透明,因为罚单是由形形色色的机构开出的。The large federal agencies, such as the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency or the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (both of which fined the banks for forex abuses) hand money from penalties over to the Treasury. There it vanishes into a general budget pot. When state regulators and other bodies collect fines they tend to shower the money on plaintiffs, community groups and lawyers, as well as state attorneys-general, usually in private settlements that entail minimal public disclosure.大型联邦机构会把罚款上交美国财政部,比如美国货币监理署(OCC)和商品期货交易委员会(CFTC),这两家机构都曾以操纵外汇市场为由对开过罚单。于是罚款会进入一个一般预算资金池。当州监管当局和其他机构收到罚款时,它们往往把罚款用于原告、社区团体和律师,也会用于州总检察长——在公开披露程度极低的私下和解时通常如此。Take the .7bn “comprehensive settlement” that Bank of America unveiled in August with the Department of Justice, a collection of federal agencies and six state attorneys-general. When BofA announced this, it said it would pay out .95bn for “civil monetary penalties” and so-called “compensatory remediation payments”, but it did not reveal who would receive those sums.以美国(BoA)为例,该行8月公布,跟美国司法部(DoJ)、多家联邦机构和6位州总检察长达成了167亿美元的“全面和解”。在宣布这一消息时,美银表示将缴纳99.5亿美元“民事罚款”和所谓“赔偿补救款”,但没有透露罚款接受方是谁。And though local academics, such as Prof Calomiris, have been trying to research the issue, they have found it hard to get any information, since once the money flows into the budget of state officials the local attorneys-general have huge discretion about how they use these large windfalls. “It is a real subversion of the fiscal process,” Prof Calomiris observes.此外,尽管卡洛米里什教授等本国学者一直在研究此问题,但他们发现很难获取任何信息,因为罚款进入州官员的预算之后,州总检察长对这笔巨大的意外收入有着很大的自由处置权。“这实际上破坏了财政流程,”卡洛米里什教授表示。This opacity is undesirable. There is good reason to impose hefty fines on the banks, given the scale of the scandals of recent years; unless they are punished it will be hard for the public to ever feel that justice has been done. But at the very least, there needs to be more public debate about how this punishment pot will actually be used; after all, one lesson from the financial crisis is that opacity has a nasty habit of breeding abuse.这种不透明状况非常不可取。鉴于近些年来的丑闻范围波及之广,监管当局有充足的理由对处以高额罚款;若不处罚这些,将很难让公众产生正义得到伸张的感觉。但最起码,需要对罚款资金池的未来用途进行更公开的讨论;毕竟,金融危机的教训之一,就是不透明很可能滋生不端行为。Or to put it another way, the British government deserves one cheer for trying to find a way of using the misdemeanour fines for greater public good; indeed, it is a move that politicians in America should consider copying.换个角度来说,英国政府设法将不端行为罚款用于增进公共利益,是值得称赞之举;事实上,美国的政治家们应当考虑效仿这一做法。The UK Treasury would deserve a second cheer if it published audited accounts of how this money is used (a move it is now considering). But what is really needed is a public database of what is happening in the whole of Europe – and, above all, in the US.如果英国财政部能够公布关于罚款使用情况的审计账目(其正在考虑这一举措),将是另一值得称赞之举。但是,当前真正需要做的是针对整个欧洲——更重要的还有美国——的罚款使用情况,建立一个公共数据库。Particularly since that eye-popping #163;167bn tally is unlikely to be the final hit.何况目前已高得令人瞠目的1670亿英镑罚款不太可能是最终的罚款总额。 /201411/343560

Pope Francis’s forthcoming encyclical on climate change and nature looks set to be one of the defining statements of his pontificate. In the two years that he has occupied the throne of St Peter, the Argentine pontiff has charted a radical course, departing from his predecessors on key topics such as sexuality and marriage while pursuing reforms to the administration of the Church itself. Now, he is intervening in one of the most heated political and scientific debates of our age in a way that will delight many environmentalists and alarm conservatives among his flock.教皇方济各(Pope Francis)即将发表的关于气候变化和自然的通谕,看来将成为其教皇任期内具有代表性的声明之一。在登上圣彼得宝座的两年里,这位阿根廷籍教皇为自己绘制了一条激进路线,他在性别与婚姻等关键议题上采取了与前几任教皇不同的态度,同时推动教会管理改革。如今,他正在介入我们这个时代最激烈的政治与科学争论之一。他的介入将使许多环保主义者感到欢欣鼓舞,也会让其信徒中的保守人士感到惊慌。In “Laudato Si” (Be Praised), to be published tomorrow but some of whose contents have been leaked in advance, the Pope has thrown his weight behind the nostrums of climate science. He acknowledges the weight of scientific evidence that places the blame on “human action”. That may not seem an earth-shaking conclusion to some. The Vatican has long overcome its historic reticence about accepting scientific advance.在周四即将发表的题为《赞美你》(Laudato Si)的通谕中(部分内容已被提前泄露),教皇方济各阐明自己持气候科学解决方法的立场。他承认科学据的价值,而科学把气候变化归因于“人类行为”。在有些人看来,这或许并不是一个惊天动地的结论。梵蒂冈在接受科学进步方面早就克了其历史上的沉默。What is striking and courageous, however, is the overt political content of the statement. Its timing is significant, given that the world is preparing for this December’s climate conference in Paris, widely seen as the last chance to secure a deal on global emissions.然而,让人印象深刻且感到鼓舞的是这则声明显而易见的政治含义。它发表的时机意义重大,因为全世界正在筹备今年12月将在巴黎举行的气候变化会议,而此次会议被普遍视为达成全球减排协议的最后机会。The document also offers something much more ambitious than a dry technical critique. Francis is seeking to redefine a secular topic — one that is generally pursued on the level of这一文本还提供了比干巴巴的技术批判更有抱负的信息。教皇方济各正试图从宗教和信仰角度重新定义一项通常只在科学层面上探求的世俗议题。其核心是一项指责,即批评气候变化是发达国家沉湎于消费与便利生活的产物。除非人类的态度发生变化,否则这种状况将不会改变。science — in terms of religion and faith. At its heart is the charge that climate change is the product of the developed world’s addiction to consumption通谕的全文尚未发表,就已经引发了大量争论。一些人认为,教皇的立场存在矛盾。他是全球贫困人口的代言人,他们中很多人属于居住在拉丁美洲和非洲的10亿信仰天主教的居民。如果要让这些生活在发展中国家的人口摆脱贫困,他们将需要依靠工业发展获得更高的生活水平。and convenience. This will not change, unless human attitudes change as但教皇有一点无疑是正确的,他指出穷人是最容易遭受气候变化毁灭性影响的群体——无论是作物被沙漠化毁坏的非洲农民,还是生计受到海平面上升威胁的亚洲居民。well.但当教皇方济各谈到解决方案时,他的听众中将会产生分歧。他呼吁增加对可再生能源的投资,这是正确的。但他并不看好基于市场的全球变暖挑战解决方案(如碳排放信用交易),称这“可能导致一种新形式的投机”,这就回到了梵蒂冈对资本主义持有的传统怀疑态度。这将否定许多机制,这些机制可以帮助推动发达社会减少自身活动产生的排放和污染。Even before the full text has been published, it is aly attracting a great deal of debate. Some argue that there is a contradiction in the Pope’s position. He is the voice for the global poor, many of whom are found among the 1bn Catholic inhabitants of Latin America and Africa. If those living in developing countries are to come out of poverty, they will need to rely on industrial development to secure higher living standards.教皇方济各的介入还表明,比起以前的许多教皇,他准备在紧迫的社会议题上从更广阔的视角进行更大胆的思考。他对气候辩论的贡献不应被忽视。But the Pope is surely right to observe that it is the poor that are most at risk from the devastating effects of climate change, whether the African farmer whose crops are destroyed by desertification or the inhabitant of Asia whose livelihood is menaced by rising seas.虽然控制碳排放和污染在很大程度上是一项技术挑战,但教皇方济各在人与环境的关系方面开启了更深层次的关于道德的讨论。如果资本主义要持续发展,就不能继续破坏这个地球并加深人与人之间的不平等。这是那些足够幸运生活在发达社会中的人们需要关心的问题,不论他们信教与否。 /201506/382064

The southern Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung has asked a court to freeze LCY Chemical Corp.#39;s assets, while investigating the petrochemical producer#39;s role in the island#39;s deadliest gas explosion.台湾高雄市政府提请法院冻结李长荣化学工业股份有限公司(LCY Chemical Co., 简称:李长荣化工)的资产。当局正在调查李长荣化工在一场气体爆炸事故中的责任,这是台湾伤亡最惨重的一起可燃气体爆炸事故。At least 30 people were killed and 309 injured in the gas explosions that shook the city shortly before midnight on July 31. A series of blasts rocked the bustling Cianjhen District of Kaohsiung, Taiwan#39;s second largest city by population and a major petrochemical hub.事故发生在7月31日临近午夜时分,繁华的高雄市前镇区发生多次爆炸,震动了整座城市,导致至少30人丧生,309人受伤。高雄是台湾人口数量排名第二的城市,也是台湾重要的石化产业中心。According to the city#39;s preliminary investigations, LCY owns the faulty pipe that caused the explosions, which destroyed homes, ripped off manhole covers and tore open several roads.据高雄市初步调查,导致爆炸的破损管道系李长荣化工所有。爆炸造成沿街房屋受损,井盖被炸飞,多条道路塌陷碎裂。At a news conference on Wednesday, Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu said the city is seeking to prevent LCY from transferring its assets, should the company be found guilty and liable for compensating the victims. Prosecutors are still investigating the cause of the blast and a final conclusion is awaited.高雄市长陈菊在周三的新闻发布会上称,如果认定李长荣化工有罪并负有赔偿责任,高雄市政府将提请法院阻止李长荣化工转移资产。检方仍在调查爆炸原因,尚未作出最终结论。The company was the only chemical operator transferring propene--the only type of gas detected at the explosion sites--underground in Kaohsiung that night, the city government said.高雄市政府称,李长荣化工是爆炸当晚唯一通过高雄市地下管道输送丙烯的化工运营商。爆炸现场只检测到丙烯这一种气体。#39;We have ruled out the possibility the explosion was caused by another type or a mixture of gas. We also have no evidence that shows the pipe was previously damaged during construction work,#39; the city government#39;s spokesman, Ting Yun-Kung, said.高雄市政府发言人丁允恭表示,已排除另一种气体或混合气体导致爆炸的可能性,目前没有据表明这条管道曾在施工中受损。This isn#39;t the first time that the 49-year-old company has been named in a major environmental disaster. In 1986, LCY#39;s plant in Hsinchu City in central Taiwan was forced to shut down after residents complained the factory was emitting hazardous chemicals into the local water supply.对于有49年历史的李长荣化工来说,这并不是其第一次卷入重大环境污染事件。1986年,李长荣化工在台湾新竹市的工厂被当地居民举报向供水系统排放有害化学物质,该厂被迫关闭。The company said it hasn#39;t received the court#39;s official notice on the city#39;s request to freeze its assets, which totaled 57.7 billion New Taiwan dollars (US.92 billion) by the end of the first quarter. The company said in a separate statement late Wednesday that it will set aside 500 million New Taiwan dollars (US.6 million) to meet potential claims from victims, but didn#39;t elaborate.李长荣化工称,尚未接到法院就高雄市请求冻结公司资产发出的正式通知。截至第一季度末,该公司资产总额达新台币577亿元(约合19.2亿美元)。李长荣化工周三晚间另外发表声明称,将划拨新台币5亿元(约合1,660万美元)用于损害赔偿,但没有透露详情。Despite the weeklong, round-the-clock cleanup efforts, many streets are still littered with debris and thousands of homes remain without water and electricity. The underground pipeline network in the area has been suspended since the explosions. Nearly 200 people are still taking refuge at government shelters, data shows.虽然清理工作已经不间断地持续了一周,许多街道仍布满了残砖断瓦,数以千计的家庭仍断水断电。发生爆炸以来,这一地区的地下管道网络已经停用。数据显示,有将近200人仍留在政府提供的临时住所。Fingers are also being pointed at the city and the central governments for possible regulatory oversight for failing to make sure the companies are performing routine maintenance of pipes.舆论矛头还指向高雄市和台湾中央政府,人们怀疑监管部门督责不力,未能确保企业对管道的例行维护。According to Kaohsiung#39;s initial estimate, it will cost at least 1.9 billion New Taiwan dollars to fix the roads and at least another 10 billion New Taiwan dollars in victim compensation.据高雄市初步估计,修复道路将至少耗资新台币19亿元,另外还需要至少新台币100亿元用于赔偿受害者。Public reaction to the explosion has been overwhelming. Various social sites are teemed with sympathy for the victims and their families. Donations from the business community and individuals have reached over 800 million New Taiwan Dollars so far.公众对这起爆炸反应强烈。各种社交网站充满了对受害者及其家属的同情。截至目前,来自商业协会和个人的捐款已超过新台币8亿元。 /201408/319476Smokers in the developed world are out in the cold. Regulators have moved smoking from bars into streets; advertising has moved from screens to, at best, still pictures. Two years ago, Australia introduced “plain” packaging – adorned with such gruesome warnings that the adjective hardly fits.发达世界的烟民受到了冷落。监管机构已迫使吸烟者从酒吧转战街头,烟草广告也从屏幕上转移到至多是静止的图片上。两年前,澳大利亚还推出了香烟的“平装”包装,但包装上印制的可怕警示可一点儿也不“平淡”。Yet the stocks have done well. Since late 2008, the top five names in the sector have returned between 144 per cent (Imperial) and 347 per cent (Altria). Most tobacco companies have beaten the 130 per cent return of the MSCI World index. Such resilience may be ending.然而,烟草公司的股票表现不错。自2008年末以来,5大烟草公司的股价回升幅度在144%(帝国烟草(Imperial))至347%(奥驰亚(Altria))之间。大多数烟草公司的股价超过了根士丹利资本国际全球指数(MSCI World Index) 130%的涨幅。这样的强韧表现可能要结束了。This week China, home to 300m smokers and accounting for a third of the world’s tobacco use, according to Euromonitor, announced a ban in Beijing’s indoor public spaces, to commence in June.本周,北京市政府宣布,从明年6月起,北京室内公共场所将全面禁止吸烟。欧睿信息咨询公司(Euromonitor)的数据显示,中国有3亿烟民,贡献了全球三分之一的烟草消费量。The Chinese market is dominated by state-owned enterprises and counterfeit goods, so the direct impact on multinationals will be small. But the message is clear. Growth will become harder to find, even in the emerging world.中国市场由国有企业和假冒伪劣产品主导,因此控烟令对跨国公司的直接影响将会很小。但它传递的信息是明确的。烟草行业将更难找到增长机会,即便在新兴世界。Last year, tougher regulations hit developed-market volumes and even pricing – often hidden behind tax rises – is softening a bit.去年,更为严厉的监管打击了发达市场的销售量,甚至定价(通常隐藏在加税背后)也有所松动。So far this year, both Japan Tobacco and Philip Morris International have seen sales declines accelerate in previously reliable markets such as eastern Europe.今年迄今以来,日本烟草(Japan Tobacco)和菲利普莫里斯国际公司(Philip Morris International)在东欧等之前可靠市场的销售全都加速下滑。Forecasts are faltering: expected earnings per share have fallen about one-tenth as the year has progressed. Typical is Philip Morris, with 70 per cent of sales in emerging markets. Since its 2008 spin-off from US-focused parent Altria, the company has achieved annual earnings per share growth of one-tenth. This year, growth will fall 6 per cent.预期也很惨淡:随着时间的推移,预期每股收益下降了十分之一左右。70%的销售来自新兴市场的菲利普莫里斯国际公司尤为典型。自2008年从其专注于美国市场的母公司奥驰亚拆分出来之后,该公司的每股收益每年增长10%。今年其每股收益将同比下降6%。Japan Tobacco and British American have a similar tale of woe. And yet the stocks are not cheap, on mid-teens multiples of 2015 EPS.日本烟草和英美烟草公司(British American)同病相怜。然而,它们的股价并不便宜,2015年的预期市盈率达到15倍左右。These companies generate lots of cash. Their dividends look safe. But weaker profits could cut into share buybacks. These have long been a key reason to invest in Philip Morris shares.这些公司产生了大量的现金。它们的股息发放看起来没有问题。但利润下降可能影响到股票回购。股票回购长期以来一直是投资者买入菲利普莫里斯股票的关键原因。British American had been ramping up buybacks, until its recent investment in Reynolds American. Quitting will be hard.英美烟草公司在最近投资于雷诺烟草(Reynolds American)之前一直在加大股票回购力度。退出将很艰难。 /201412/346753

HONG KONG — As demand dwindles, steel prices in China have fallen 12 percent in the first five weeks of this year, almost as much as in all of 2014.香港——随着需求的减少,中国钢材价格在今年的头五周下降了12%,几乎相当于2014年全年的降幅。The tonnage of China’s imports of rubber, oil, iron ore and other industrial materials also fell sharply in January. And the global market for bulk freighter charters is in free fall, aly below levels in the worst days of the global financial crisis in late 2008 and early 2009.今年1月,中国橡胶、石油、铁矿石及其他工业材料的进口量也急剧下降。全球散货船包租市场一落千丈,已经跌至2008年底2009年初全球金融危机期间,最糟糕的水平之下。”In the past two months, it has been more or less a vertical correction, and this is a proxy for China,” said Basil M. Karatzas, a Manhattan ship broker.曼哈顿的船舶经纪人巴西勒·M·卡拉察斯(Basil M. Karatzas)说,“过去两个月有些像是直线下降,这反映了中国的情况。”Heavy industry in the country, the world’s second-largest economy, is experiencing a much sharper downturn than was apparent or expected even several weeks ago. That slowdown seems to be mirrored to a lesser extent in other sectors. But the full scope of China’s economic weakness is obscured by limited data, as the country prepares for a nationwide, weeklong holiday beginning Feb. 18, in observance of the Lunar New Year.中国是世界第二大经济体,中国重工业的下滑程度,比几周前显示的情况或预期的情况都要糟糕。这种放缓似乎在其他领域也有较小程度的体现。但由于中国正在准备迎接从2月18日开始的长达一周的全国假日,以庆祝春节,因而数据有限,中国经济走软的总体情况并不明确。”It’s too early to be saying we’re moving toward disaster, but there’s nothing in this data to be cheery about,” said Louis Kuijs, the chief China economist at the Royal Bank of Scotland.苏格兰皇家(Royal Bank of Scotland)首席中国经济师高路易(Louis Kuijs)说,“现在说我们正在走向灾难还为时过早,但这些数据不怎么令人高兴。”Following its standard practice, China’s National Bureau of Statistics will not release a wide range of monthly economic statistics for January — a month in which the timing of the Lunar New Year, from late January to mid-February, can distort figures. So investors, business executives and others will get only limited, partial figures on industrial production, real estate investment, retail sales and other crucial barometers until mid-March, when figures for all of January and February are scheduled to be released.按照惯例,中国国家统计局不会全面公布1月份的各项经济数据。1月时春节即将到来,这种情况会对数据产生扭曲。因此,投资者、企业高管及其他人在3月中旬之前,只能看到有关工业生产、房地产投资、零售销售和其他关键指标的有限的部分数据。1月和2月的全部数据将于3月中旬发布。The People’s Bank of China, the central bank, signaled its concern last week when it unexpectedly cut the proportion of assets that banks must hold as reserves, freeing them to lend about 0 billion to businesses and consumers. The reserve requirement had not been cut since 2012.中国的央行中国人民上周发出了担忧的信号,出人意料地降低了必须作为储备而持有资产的比例,释放了1000亿美元(约6000亿元人民币)的资金,为向企业和消费者发放贷款提供了空间。这是自2012年以来,央行首次下调存款准备金率。China’s General Administration of Customs released trade data on Sunday that showed a slight dip in exports. Imports plunged, although that was partly because the effect of falling tonnages of key commodities was compounded considerably by lower commodity prices.中国海关总署周日公布的数据显示,出口额略有下降,进口额大幅下降。进口额降幅巨大的部分原因在于,关键大宗商品进口量下降的同时,这些商品价格也显著降低了。The statistics agency plans to release inflation data Tuesday morning in Beijing. Producer prices have been falling faster and faster since last July, partly because of lower commodity prices, and are expected to be down close to 4 percent in January compared with a year earlier. Consumer prices have nearly stopped rising.国家统计局计划周二上午在北京公布通胀数据。去年7月以来,生产物价的下降也越来越快,其部分原因是大宗商品价格下降,根据预期1月的生产物价同比将下降近4%。消费物价几乎已经停止上涨。Some businesses selling consumer products are complaining of weak sales this winter. “Our business has slowed down in recent months; I think it has to do with the overall economic slowdown in China, as well as internationally,” said Fred Zhang, the sales manager at the Qingdao Oulang Hair Product Company, a small maker of wigs in Qingdao.有些出售消费品的企业抱怨,今年冬季销售情况不景气。青岛小型假发制造商青岛欧朗发制品有限公司的销售经理弗雷德·张说,“最近几个月,我们的业务已经放缓了,我认为这与中国经济的整体走软有关。”China has many tools to halt a slowdown, although all of them have potentially undesirable side effects. The banking system is still under tight central government control and can be told to step up lending further. Overall credit, though, has aly grown faster as a share of economic output since 2009 than practically anywhere except Ireland. Some restrictions on housing market speculation have been lifted, at the risk of making homes more expensive.中国有许多可以阻止经济放缓的工具,不过都有潜在的副作用。系统仍然被中央政府严格控制,政府可能会命令进一步扩大贷款规模。然而,2009年以来,中国总信贷在经济产出中所占比例的增长速度,其实已经超过了除爱尔兰之外的所有经济体。一些旨在遏制房地产市场投机的限制政策已经取消,尽管这样有抬高房价的风险。A slowdown in home construction and car sales has contributed to trouble in the steel and iron ore sectors and in the energy sector. The tonnage of iron ore imports is down 9.3 percent in January from a year ago, while the tonnage of imports of refined products like gasoline and diesel was down 37.6 percent.房屋建设和汽车销售的放缓,给炼钢和铁矿石行业,以及能源领域带来了困难。1月,铁矿石进口总量同比下降9.3%,而汽油和柴油等精炼石油产品的进口总量也下降了37.6%。Some of the slowdown in industrial commodity imports last month may reflect that many Chinese companies built above-average stockpiles last autumn as prices were falling, and now find themselves with scant room to store more. They also face losses on their earlier purchases, as prices have continued to drop.上个月,工业用大宗商品进口的某些放缓迹象或许反映出,去年秋天价格下跌时,许多中国企业都积累了高于平均水平的库存,现在已经没有多少空间储存更多了。由于价格持续下降,它们过去采购的商品也可能会造成损失。In the iron ore sector last autumn, “they bought every single cargo, and they were able to buy at lower and lower prices,” said Jeffrey Landsberg, a commodity analyst and managing director of Commodore Research amp; Consultancy in New York.大宗商品分析师、纽约Commodore研究与咨询公司的董事总经理杰弗里·兰兹伯格(Jeffrey Landsberg)说,去年秋季,在铁矿石部门,“它们买下了每一批货,而且还能以越来越低的价格买进。”With the purchases slowing, ship charters have slowed to a crawl. Large freighters that cost ,000 to ,000 a day to operate, plus ,000 or more a day in interest payments and other ownership costs, are now leasing for about ,000.随着采购的步调放缓,包租船只的业务也几近停滞。大型货船每天的运营成本在8000到9000美元,再加上超过2万美元的利息以及其他成本,但现在的租金只有大约4000美元。The daily cost to charter a so-called capesize freighter, a large ship particularly used to supply China, has fallen fastest of all, down 75 percent since mid-November.在所有船型中,包租海岬型船每天所需的花费降得最快,自11月中旬以来降了75%。这种大型货船经常被用来给中国运货。“It’s pretty grim at the moment,” said Tim Huxley, the chief executive of Wah Kwong Maritime Transport, a large Hong Kong shipping line. “The bulk carrier market is at the lowest it has been in 30 years.”“目前的情况非常糟糕,”香港大型航运公司华光海运控股有限公司(Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings)的首席执行官蒂莫西·赫胥黎(Timothy Huxley)说。“散装货轮市场目前处在30年来的最低点。” /201502/359372President Barack Obama has unveiled the biggest changes to the US immigration system in decades, removing the threat of deportation hanging over nearly 5m people but intensifying a fierce battle with Republicans over the limits of his power.美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)公布了美国移民制度几十年来最大规模的改革方案,让近500万人免受被驱逐出境威胁。不过,此举也进一步激化了他与共和党人在其权限问题上的争端。In a high-profile televised address, Mr Obama appealed directly to America’s history as a nation of immigrants, saying allowing unauthorised immigrants with long-term ties to the US to “come out of the shadows and get right with the law” was part of the American ideal.在一次备受关注的电视讲话中,奥巴马回顾了美国作为移民国家的历史,并表示,让那些与美国建立了长期联系的非法移民“不再生活在阴影中,得到法律认可”是美国理想的一部分。“For all the back-and-forth of Washington, we have to remember that this debate is about something bigger. It’s about who we are as a country, and who we want to be for future generations,” the president said.奥巴马计划为美国许多非法移民授予临时法律地位,这些移民的人数估计高达1100万。这一计划是美国现代历史上对移民问题动用总统权力最为激进的一次,并引发了共和党人的愤怒反弹。“Are we a nation that tolerates the hypocrisy of a system where workers who pick our fruit and make our beds never have a chance to get right with the law?”在11月中期选举中取得了一系列压倒性胜利之后,共和党人将从明年1月开始执掌美国国会参众两院。对于奥巴马绕开国会,就移民改革采取单边行动的决定,资深共和党人誓要迅速予以强硬回应。Mr Obama’s plan to grant temporary legal status to a large chunk of America’s estimated 11m unauthorised immigrants is the most sweeping use of presidential authority on the issue in modern US history, and has aly prompted a furious backlash from the GOP.美国政府高级官员表示,白宫在周四勾勒出的改革计划将令逾400万非法移民免遭驱逐出境。这些人除了是美国公民或合法永久居民的父母之外,还要满足在美国居留了5年以上的条件。根据这一计划,他们还将有权获得工作许可。With the party set to take charge of both the Senate and the House of Representatives in January after a stunning series of wins in November’s midterm elections, senior Republicans have vowed to respond immediately and forcefully to the president’s decision to bypass Congress and take unilateral action on immigration reform.其他改革举措还会影响到另外几十万人,其中包括了部分来自国外的熟练技术员工——尽管硅谷企业的呼吁并未全部得到满足。此前,这些硅谷企业曾游说要求发放更多工作许可。While some members of the party are still pushing for a government shutdown similar to the one it precipitated last year over the president’s equally contentious healthcare law, other senior figures are advocating a more measured tone.其他商业团体对该计划却反应冷淡。他们警告说,这些改革措施弊大于利,原因是它们会降低更大范围立法改革的可能性。而后者才能促进劳工市场的发展、提高消费以及增加税收。“He needs to understand something,” said Mitch McConnell, the incoming Republican Senate majority leader, on Thursday. “If President Obama acts in defiance of the people and imposes his will on the country, Congress will act.”奥巴马政府高级官员表示,此举将有助于美国经济,并为美国家庭带来更多安全感。不过,共和党人却抨击奥巴马越权,并批评他奖励的是那些违反美国法律的人。The White House plans outlined on Thursday will shield more than 4m unauthorised immigrants from deportation, said senior administration officials. They are the parents of US citizens or legal permanent residents who have been in the country for more than five years and will also become eligible for work permits.对于与高科技有关的移民,白宫表示,将努力帮助在美国大学学习科学技术的外国学生毕业后留在美国,不过具体细节仍有待研究。Other changes will affect several hundreds of thousands more people – including some highly skilled tech workers from overseas, although Silicon Valley companies that had lobbied for more work permits will not get everything they called for.此外,针对那些能明他们拥有创业计划并能找到投资者,从而能开办企业增加就业的外国创业者,美国政府还设立了一种“有条件许可(parole)”项目。 /201411/344667

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