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Nearly half of US employers research the online profiles of job candidates on social networks such as Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn, according to a new survey.一项最新调查显示,美国近一半的雇主会上Facebook、MySpace或LinkedIn这样的社交网站搜索应聘者的在线资料。Forty-five percent of the employers surveyed for CareerBuilder.com, the largest US online job site, said they use social networking sites to check on job candidates, up from just 22 percent in a survey conducted last year.这项为美国最大的求职网站CareerBuilder.com开展的调查显示,45%的受访雇主称他们通过社交网站来查看求职者的信息,这一比例较之去年的22%有所提高。Another 11 percent said they plan to start using social networking sites for screening.另有11%的雇主称他们打算开始使用社交网站来筛选人才。"As social networking grows increasingly pervasive, more employers are utilizing these sites to screen potential employees," CareerBuilder said in a statement.CareerBuilder网站在一份声明中说:“由于社交网站日趋流行,如今越来越多的雇主使用这些网站来筛选潜在雇员。”It said job seekers should "be mindful of the information they post online."声明称,求职者应“注意他们贴在网上的个人资料”。CareerBuilder said that of those who conduct online searches as background checks on job candidates, 29 percent use Facebook, 26 percent use LinkedIn and 21 percent use MySpace.CareerBuilder网站称,在那些通过网络核查职位候选人背景的雇主中,有29%的人使用Facebook,26%的人使用LinkedIn,21%使用MySpace。Eleven percent search blogs while seven percent follow candidates on micro-blogging service Twitter.11%的雇主进行客搜索,7%的人在微型客网站Twitter上对职位候选人进行跟踪。Thirty-five percent of those surveyed said they have found content on a social network that caused them not to hire a candidate, CareerBuilder said.CareerBuilder网站说,在受访雇主中,有35%的人说他们在社交网站中发现过一些导致他们决定不雇佣某个候选人的内容。Examples included "provocative or inappropriate photographs or information" or content about drinking or using drugs.这样的例子包括“挑衅或不雅的照片或信息”,或是一些有关酗酒或吸毒的内容。Other reasons cited were badmouthing a previous employer, co-workers or clients, poor communication skills, making discriminatory comments, lying about qualifications or sharing confidential information from a previous employer.其他一些被列举的原因包括恶意攻击前雇主、同事或客户,拙劣的交流技巧,发表歧视性言论,谎报资质或是泄露从前雇主那得知的机密信息等等。Information found on social networking profiles was not always a negative factor in finding a job.但雇主从社交网络上了解的信息并不总是这么消极。Eighteen percent of employers said they have found content on social networking sites that caused them to hire the candidate, CareerBuilder said.CareerBuilder 网站称,18%的雇主说他们在社交网站上发现过让他们决定雇佣某位应聘者的内容。Some profiles "provided a good feel for the candidate's personality" or supported their professional qualifications while others demonstrated creativity or solid communication skills.一些(候选人)的个人资料“让人对他们的个性产生好感”或是明了他们的专业资质,而另外一些信息则显示出了候选人的创造性或良好的沟通技巧。Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at CareerBuilder, recommended that candidates "clean up digital dirt" before beginning a job search by removing photos, content and links which could hurt their chances.CareerBuilder网站人力资源部副总监罗丝玛丽·海弗娜建议求职者在开始找工作之前先“清理网上垃圾”,删除可能影响他们就业机会的照片、内容和链接。The survey of 2,667 hiring managers and human resource professionals was conducted by Harris Interactive between May 22 and June 10. It has a sampling error of plus or minus 1.9 percentage points.这项对2667名招聘经理和人力专员的调查由哈里斯互动调查公司开展,于5月22日至6月10之间进行。该调查的抽样误差为正负1.9个百分点。 /200908/82324I was told that you if you eat the same thing everyday for a long period of time, such as having a hard-boiled egg everyday for lunch, your body will develop a toxicity FROM it. Is this true, even of good foods?No, eating the same things every day - especially healthy foods - won't affect you adversely, and your body won't become toxic as a result. However, it is important to vary your diet to make sure that you are covering all your nutritional bases and that you're not getting too much of any one thing. I checked with pediatrician Sandy Newmark, M.D. to see if eating the same foods daily could pose a health problem for children. He said that he had seen no research that suggested any such danger, but he agreed that a variety of foods is best, for children as well as for adults.It may be possible, however, to develop intolerances to foods you eat often - you may find you are less able to digest them than you used to be or that you react badly to some of them. But with certain exceptions (lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance) food intolerances are highly individual and mysterious. In some cases they are triggered by physical or emotional stress or exposure to environmental toxins. Lactose intolerance stems from a deficiency of the enzyme lactase, which is needed to help digest lactose, a sugar in milk. Individuals with this problem develop bloating, abdominal pain and, often, diarrhea when they consume milk. Gluten intolerance is caused by an abnormal immune response to gluten, the major protein in wheat and some other grains. These problems have a genetic basis.Some people react to natural substances like the histamine in foods such as cheese, some wines and certain fish, particularly tuna and mackerel. Eating a food with a high level of histamine can lead to what seems to be an allergic reaction but is really just a response to the effects of the compound, sometimes called "histamine toxicity."I encourage you to vary your diet - include as much fresh food as possible, minimize your consumption of processed foods and fast food and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. If you follow my anti-inflammatory diet, you'll get the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and dietary fiber you need for optimal health.Andrew Weil, M.D. 问:最近,我被告知,如果每天都吃相同的食物,例如每天午饭都吃一个水煮蛋,这样过一段时间后,你的体内就会因此产生毒素。这是真的吗?即使吃营养好的食物也会对身体有害吗?答:每天吃相同的食物,尤其是健康食品,不会对你的身体造成副作用,当然,你的身体也不会因此而中毒。但是,为了确保摄取所有的基础营养,也为了确保不过量食用某类食品,丰富饮食的品种也是相当重要的。我曾与儿科医生仙蒂·纽马克士联系,询问道,儿童每天吃同样的食物是否会引起健康问题,他回答说,他还没有见过任何研究表明这类危险的存在,但是,他也赞同,无论是儿童还是成人,保饮食的多样性都是上上之举。但是,如果你经常吃相同的食物,你就有可能对这些食物产生不耐症。或许你会发现食物比过去更难消化,或许你会对这些食物产生不良反应。但是,除了一些特例(如乳糖不耐症,麸质不耐症),食物不耐症因人而异且很难抓住病因。在一些病例中,食物不耐症的发作往往伴随着物质或精神的压力,要不就是暴露在环境毒素之下。乳糖不耐症的病因是缺乏乳糖酶,这些乳糖酶是消化乳糖的必需物质,牛奶中的糖就属于此类。患有乳糖不耐症的人会引起腹涨,腹痛,喝牛奶时经常会有腹泻的情况发生。麸质是一种蛋白质,它是小麦和其它谷物的主要成分,对麸质不正常的免疫反应则是麸质不耐症的最终病因。麸质不耐症有遗传因素的存在。一些人对某些天然物质有特殊反应,如食物中的组织胺,包括芝士,特定的酒和鱼,特别是金鱼和鲭鱼。食用高组织胺含量的食物可以引发类似过敏的症状,事实上,这只是临床观察上的反应,通常被称为“组织胺中毒”。我建议,你应该丰富你的饮食种类,尽可能的多吃蔬菜,减少加工食品和快餐食品的摄入量,多吃瓜果蔬菜。如果你遵照我提出的“抗发炎饮食食谱”来选择食物,你将会得到理想健康状态下所必需的维他命,矿物质,适量的脂肪酸和膳食纤维。安德鲁·威尔医生 /200805/39775来自日本网站goo的调查,大家看看自己符合几个吧:1. A “carnivorous” guy (3289)1.肉食男(3289)2. A jock (1769)2.运动狂(1769)3. A megane guy (1091)3.眼镜男(1091)4. A science guy (719)4. 科学男(719)5. A herbivorous guy (706)5. 草食男(706)6. An omnivorous guy (642)6. 杂食男(642)7. Otomen ["a girlish boy"] (607)7. 乙男(女孩子气的)(607)8. A bento boy [a miser] (427)8. 便当男(守财奴)(427)9. A literary guy (199)9. 文学男(199)10. A mori guy ["forest"/"outdoors" guy] (171)10. 丛林男(经常在户外活动的)(171) /201104/132412My husband asked me to go to the post office to mail his resume in anticipation of a job interview. He instructed me to send it the fastest way possible.   Struck by the urgency in his voice, I grabbed a handful of change and dashed out the door. Arriving at the post office, I rushed to the counter and breathlessly explained to the clerk that my envelope had to be delivered immediately . He casually weighed the envelope and said it would cost $ 10.03.I fumbled through my pockets and tallied up my coins. "But I don't have $ 10. 03, " I said. He punched some more buttons and said, "Okay, that will be $ 7. 40, ma am.  Once more I said in dismay, "Sorry, I don't have $ 7.40.  "Well," he sighed, "exactly how much do you have?"  I meekly answered, "I have exactly $ 2. 15, sir."   With that, he yelled over his shoulder to a coworker, "Hey, Charlie, get the pigeon y. 邮政快递  我丈夫让我到邮局寄他的履历,期望能得到工作面试的机会。他告诉我要用尽可能快的方式把它寄出去。  我感到他语气紧急,就抓了一把零钱,冲出了家门。到了邮局,我冲到柜台,上气不接下气地向职员解释说我的信必须马上寄出。他漫不经心地称了一下信的重量,说邮费是十元零三分。我翻遍了我的口袋,把所有的硬币都算上。“可是我没有十元零三分,”我说。他又敲了几个键,然后说:“那好吧,七元四角,夫人。”  我又一次茫然地说:“对不起,我没有七块四。”  “那,”他叹了口气,“确切地说你有多少?”  我很谦和地回答道:“我有整整两块一角五分,先生。”  听了这话,他转过头向身后的同事喊道:“嗨,查理,准备好鸽子。” /201108/148642Eating Breakfast May Help You Lose WeightAll calories aren't created equal. And breakfast matters.Those are some of the lessons from today's Health Journal column, in which Melinda Beck writes that what you eat─and when you eat it─can make a big difference in controlling appetite and satiety.Ms. Beck reports on the 'The Skinny,' a new book by Louis J. Aronne, longtime director of the Comprehensive Weight Loss Program at NewYork Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. 'It's true that a calorie is a calorie,' Dr. Aronne told Ms. Beck. 'But what that doesn't take into account is how some calories affect what people eat later on.'One of Dr. Aronne's key messages is a tough one for many jugglers and their kids to follow : Eat breakfast. But don't just grab a muffin or a pastry on-the-go, for you and the kids.Instead, have the family load up on lean protein─ideally from egg whites or a protein shake. Eating protein-rich foods in the morning reduces hunger all day long, Dr. Aronne says, which lessens the chances of bingeing later on. Eating muffins, b, sugar cereal or juice does the opposite.Dr. Aronne suggests trying his plan yourself: 'Have 200 calories of egg white omelette or protein shake for breakfast, and then another day have 200 calories of juice and look at your hunger, hour after hour.'Some people argue that they aren't hungry in the morning, but Dr. Aronne notes that ghrelin, the hormone that typically signals hunger, adjusts to habitual meal patterns. After a few days of eating breakfast, you should find that you are hungry in the morning, and are eating less the night before, he writes.If it's too much trouble to make eggs, protein shakes are just as effective. What's more, you can sip them while you're getting dressed or on the commute. You can buy protein shakes in cans at health food or vitamin stores (but if you're trying to lose weight, don't go for ones high in sugar, made with sweet yogurt or ice cream.) You can also make your own. His book includes the following simple recipe:1 1/2 cups of frozen strawberries2 tablespoons ground flaxseed2 scoops of protein powder (vanilla-flavored works best)1 pint water or skim milkBlend until smooth. It's just 300 calories for two pints, if you make it with water. (More recommendations from Dr. Aronne's research can be found in today's column.)Readers, is breakfast a part of your juggle, or are you just too time-strapped, or not hungry early in the day, to eat well in the morning? What's your family's typical breakfast routine? /200904/67596

In older people with mild cognitive impairment, having a drink now and then -- up to an average of one drink of alcohol each day -- may delay progression to dementia , new research suggests.In older people with mild cognitive impairment, having a drink now and then -- up to an average of one drink of alcohol each day -- may delay progression to dementia , new research suggests. "While many studies have assessed alcohol consumption and cognitive function in the elderly, this is the first study to look at how alcohol consumption affects the rate of progression of mild cognitive impairment to dementia," study authors Dr. Vincenzo Solfrizzi and Dr. Francesco Panza, from the University of Bari in Italy, said in a statement. In the study, reported in the medical journal Neurology, the researchers assessed the occurrence of mild cognitive impairment in 1445 subjects and the progression to dementia in 121 patients with mild cognitive impairment. The participants were between 65 and 84 years of age at the start of the study, and they were followed for 3.5 years. Alcohol use was assessed before the survey. Drinking was not associated the development of mild cognitive impairment, according to the report. However, once mild impairment occurred, subjects who had up to one drink per day of alcohol had an 85 percent reduced risk of dementia compared with those who abstained. The benefit was seen with both alcohol in general and with wine in particular. Having more than one drink a day, however, offered no protection against dementia compared with abstaining, the report indicates. "The mechanism responsible for why low alcohol consumption appears to protect against the progression to dementia isn't known. However, it is possible that the arrangement of blood vessels in the brain may play a role," Solfrizzi and Panza conclude.有轻度认知损害的老年人可以喝点酒,一项最新研究发现,每天喝点酒可以延缓病情向痴呆症的发展。 研究报告撰写者、意大利巴里大学的温森佐·索尔弗里兹士和弗朗西斯科·潘萨士在一份声明中说:“此前有很多研究对老年人饮酒与认知功能间的关系进行过探讨,而此项研究则首次对饮酒会如何影响轻度认知损害向痴呆症的发展速度进行了探究。” 此项研究结果在《神经学》医学期刊上发表。研究人员对1445名研究对象中轻度认知损害的发生及121名有轻度认知损害的病人向痴呆症的发展进行了研究。 研究对象的年龄在研究开始之时在65岁至84岁之间,他们被跟踪调查了三年半。研究对象的饮酒情况在调查之前已被确定。 据研究报告显示,轻度认知损害的发生与饮酒无关。但这种情况一旦发生,每天喝一杯酒的研究对象与那些不喝酒的相比,患痴呆症的几率降低了85%。 从总体来看,酒精饮品都可以实现这种功效,其中葡萄酒的功效最强。 报告指出,每天饮酒超过一杯和不喝酒一样,对预防痴呆症起不到作用。 索尔弗里兹和潘萨士总结说:“为何少量饮酒可以预防痴呆症还没有。这可能与脑部血管的分布有关。”Vocabulary: dementia: 痴呆症 alcohol consumption :饮酒 /200809/48441

Britain's lawyers and judges are to break with centuries-old tradition and cease wearing white horse-hair wigs in non-criminal cases, the head of the country's judiciary announced on Thursday.The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers, said new dress rules would mean the wigs, which British legal professionals have worn since the 17th century, would not be needed in civil or family court cases.Wing collars and bands -- white cotton strips worn round the neck -- can also be dispensed with in such cases according to the reforms, while judges will need just one gown in future instead of a variety of colorful outfits currently required.The wigs will still be worn in criminal courts."At present High Court judges have no less than five different sets of working dress, depending on the jurisdiction in which they are sitting and the season of the year," Phillips said in a statement."After widesp consultation it has been decided to simplify this."A review carried out in 2003 found that more than two thirds of respondents wanted to eliminate the wigs in civil cases, although most said criminal court judges should still wear them.Opponents of wigs thought they were anachronistic, as well as uncomfortable and expensive.A shoulder-length wig costs more than 1,500 pounds (,000) while the shorter ones worn by lawyers cost about 400 pounds each.However, the idea of abolishing them has met with disapproval from some lawyers who feel the wigs give them an air of authority."While there will never be unanimity of view about court dress, the desirability of these changes has a broad measure of agreement," Phillips said. 英国司法界领袖上周四宣布,英国的律师和法官们将告别一个沿袭了几个世纪的传统,在出庭审理非刑事案件时不用再戴白色的马鬃假发。高等法院首席法官、沃斯麦特勒佛的菲利普斯勋爵说,这一新的着装规定意味着从17世纪起司法界专业人士开始戴的假发在今后的民事或家庭纠纷案件中不需要再佩戴了。根据新规定,翼形领和围在脖子上的白色棉质饰带在此类案件中也不需要戴了;此外,今后法官在审理案件时不用再穿现在那一套五颜六色的法官了,而只需穿一件法官袍。但在出庭审理刑事案件时,还需要佩戴假发。菲利普斯在一份声明中说:“现在,英国高等法院的法官至少有五套不同的工作,他们根据不同的司法场合和季节着装。”“经过广泛征询意见后,我们决定对此进行简化。”2003年开展的一项调查发现,三分之二的受访者希望废除民事案件中佩戴假发的规定,同时大多数人称法官在审理刑事案件时还是应该佩戴假发的。反对佩戴假发者认为假发已过时、戴着不舒适而且价格昂贵。一个齐肩的假发需要1500多英镑,律师们佩戴的短假发则需大约400英镑。然而,废除假发的规定遭到一些律师们的反对,他们觉得假发能让他们看起来有一种权威感。菲利普斯说:“对于法庭着装,从来不会有一致的意见。目前的这些改革得到了广泛持。” /200803/28881

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