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Anne Hathaway wears an arm sling while heading to lunch on Wednesday (May 30) in Brooklyn, New York. The 9-year-old actress ;had a minor accident over the weekend and injured her wrist,; a rep explained, adding that it ;nothing serious.; Anne is reportedly in early talks to star in the upcoming indie Song One. ;Kate Barker-Froyland will make her feature directorial debut with the romantic drama, which she also wrote,; Variety Showblitz reports. In case you missed it, check out Anne singing ;I Dreamed a Dream; in the Les Miserables trailer, which was recently released.5月30日,安妮·海瑟薇手部缠绕绷带现身纽约布鲁克林据说,这位9岁的女星上周末出了点小事故,手肘受伤当天她正外出用午餐,笑容满面,看起来心情不错之前有报道称,安妮·海瑟薇将出演独立片《一首歌 18955。

The Hunger Games is set in a future America in which wars have wiped out all but small population centers (known as Districts). The Capitol rules over the Districts, and each District is responsible one major industry. And after an uprising which saw one District completely obliterated (District ), the Capitol now controls every aspect of life the citizens of each District. 《饥饿游戏故事背景设定在未来的美洲,战争摧毁了那里的一切,只剩下几个小的人口聚集地(被称之为“辖区”)每个辖区负责一个重要产业,而所有辖区都受国会区统治在经历一次叛乱后,有一个辖区——第区被彻底毁灭了,国会区如今掌管着其他个辖区民众生活的方方面面As a punishment and a reminder of what happens when Districts revolt, the Capitol has set up an annual competition known as the Hunger Games. Each District must send one boy and one girl (known as Tributes) between the ages of and 18 to take part in the Hunger Games, with the names drawn at random in ;reaping; ceremonies. Once selected, the Tributes are immediately whisked away to the Capitol where they are assigned a team to both make them presentable to potential financial sponsors and prepare them the competition: a televised fight to the death between all Tributes from which only one Tribute may emerge victorious. 为了惩罚发动叛乱的辖区,也为了“杀鸡儆猴”,国会区发起了一年一度的竞技比赛——“饥饿游戏”每个辖区必须派送年龄在至18岁之间的男孩和女孩(也就是“贡品”)各一名去参加饥饿游戏这些孩子都是在所谓的“收获”典礼上随机抽取的,一旦被抽中,他们就会作为贡品被立马带到国会区在那里,他们被分配入队接受训练,一方面要吸引那些潜在的资金赞助商,另一方面为比赛做着准备比赛通过电视直播,一场殊死搏斗在个贡品之间展开,但只有一位会最终胜出District is the poorest of all the Districts and seldom has a Hunger Games winner. Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), a skilled hunter with a bow and arrows who, along with her best friend Gale (Liam Hemsworth), has been illegally hunting outside the District compound years, steps ward and volunteers her year old sister, Prim, after Prim name is drawn. District other Tribute is Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), the baker son who years earlier had tossed Katniss a loaf of burnt b which helped keep her family from starving at one of the Everdeen family lowest points. After making sure Gale will take care of Prim and her mother, Katniss bravely prepares the Games, believing she is capable of winning. Peeta equally sure he cant win, but, no matter what, hopes to remain true to himself and not wind up just another player in the Capitol game. 第区是最贫穷的一个辖区,几乎没有在饥饿游戏中胜出过凯妮丝#86;艾佛丁(詹妮弗#86;劳伦斯 饰)是一位技术娴熟的猎手多年来,她经常拿着弓箭与最好的朋友加尔(利亚姆#86;海姆斯沃斯 饰)一起在第区以外的地方非法捕猎在得知她岁的普里姆被抽中参加饥饿游戏后,凯妮丝挺身而出,自愿代替前往第区派出的另一位贡品是面包师的儿子皮塔(乔什#86;哈切森 饰)几年前,艾佛丁家境窘迫,皮塔曾给凯妮丝扔过一个烤焦的面包,要不是因为这个面包,她一家人早就被饿死了在确信加尔会照顾普里姆和母亲后,凯妮丝开始英勇备战,并坚信自己一定能胜出皮塔却坚定地认为自己肯定赢不了,只是不管结果如何,他希望做真实的自己,不想让别人卷入国会区的这场游戏It a battle to the death, with the Capitol residents celebrating the slaughter of innocent young people in gruesome ways, while the Districts can only hope their sons and daughters will return victorious. 这是一场生死决战,无辜的年轻人用残忍的方式自相残杀,而就在国会区的居民为此欢呼时,辖区的百姓们只能盼望着他们的儿女可以胜利归来 18736。

1. Wash your hair at least every other day. 至少要每隔一天洗一次头发A girl loves a boy who smells nice, and cares about his image. Besides, greasy hair is not a good look on anybody, even if they look like Brad Pitt. By taking care of your hair, you at least show that you're interested in your appearance and care enough about yourself to take good care of yourself.女孩喜欢身上气味不错的男孩子,而且挺在乎他的形象况且,油头在任何人身上都不好看,即使他们长得像布拉德皮特护理好你的头发至少表明你在乎你的外形,而且花了不少心思照顾好自己 019358。

Stress has become a part of big-city life, and a new TV series now focuses on it.压力已经成为大城市生活中的一部分,而近日一部新的电视剧也关注到这个题材上了Launched on Nov 7, two episodes of the Swan Dive Love are aired during prime time every night on Beijing Satellite TV. Set in Guangzhou, the -episode series narrates the story of a white-collar couple — the wife from Shanghai and the husband from Beijing — striving to make themselves richer amid a series of challenges. Veteran actress Ma Yili and rising actor Zhu Yawen play the lead roles.月7日晚间,《北上广不相信眼泪在北京卫视的黄金时段两集连播这部在广州拍摄的集电视剧,讲述的是两位职场白领--来自上海的妻子和来自北京的丈夫,在面对生活诸多挑战中,通过不断地奋斗来让自己致富的故事资深演员马伊琍和新生代演员朱亚文主演该剧;When I graduated from Beijing Film Academy in , I found it had been very difficult to get a minor role in a movie or TV series,; Zhu, said of the early days in his career. ;To survive, I had to wait in queues stand-ins every day,; he said at a Beijing event the TV series on Nov 3.朱亚文谈起他早些年的职业生涯时说道:“当我在年从北京电影学院毕业之后,我发现,即使是在影片中寻找到一个小角色都非常困难”他在月3日北京电视台的剧集宣传中表示:“为了生存,我每天都要排队做替身演员”Li Jun, the director, hopes the series will tell young Chinese that they should face the challenges, as ;tears and running away; doesnt solve problems.该剧的导演李骏,则希望这部剧电视剧可以提醒国内的青年们,他们应该直面挑战,因为“眼泪和逃避”并不能解决问题 39。