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Dec. 31st, on the airplaneBrooke: Did everyone fill out their entry permits? Jack: Yes. The grapher has aly started filming my parents trying to speak English with the flight attendants. Brooke: Speaking of flight attendants, they keep smiling at me. I wonder why... Jack: Look at the screen. We'll be passing the international date line in five minutes. Brooke: It'll be the year 00! The flight attendants are coming over here. They're carrying bottles of champagne!fill out    填写(表格) A: How can I get my visa extended? 我要如何延长我签的期限? B: First, you have to fill out this m. 首先你得填写这张表格entry permit (n.)    在飞机上所填写的入境许可卡flight attendant (n.)    空员「女性空员」是stewardess,「男性空员」是stewardinternational date line    国际换日线,大抵以经度180°的子午线为基准,该线以东的地区比该线以西的地区慢一天champagne (n.)    香槟酒十二月三十一日,在飞机上布鲁克:每个人都填好入境卡了吗? 杰 克:对录像师已经开始在拍我父母努力跟空员讲英文的样子了 布鲁克:说到空员,他们一直冲着我笑我正纳闷…… 杰 克:看镜头我们在五分钟内就会通过国际换日线 布鲁克:公元两千年就要到了!空中走过来了她们还带着一瓶瓶的香槟! 9859

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Lucy: Jeff, here's a question. I was just talking to Dawn. You know, they had their first wedding anniversary last week. Guess what her husband gave her as a present. Jeff: I don't know. What?Lucy: He gave her a vacuum cleaner .Jeff: Didn't she want a vacuum cleaner?Lucy: Yes, the old one was broken, but that's not the point! It was their wedding anniversary, their first one. Dawn was really upset that he wasn't more romantic. He really let her down. Jeff: Oh, great. Women are always saying that men aren't romantic. But we are! Just not in the way that women want.Lucy: What do you mean?Jeff: It's a man's job to protect his wife and family. When something goes wrong, they want to fix it. That's the mark of a good husband. Lucy: I can see that, but that's not romantic in my book.Jeff: That's because you women have this idealized view of romance that you get from a lifetime of watching chick flicks and ing romance novels. Even if a man wanted to, he could never get into the head of a woman and guess what she wanted. That's why women have to just tell us what they want. Lucy: That's the problem. We women think men should just know what we want, without us having to tell them that is, if the man really loved and understood us. That's why we don't want to tell you. But, I see your point, too.Jeff: So, I guess it's really true. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Lucy: Yeah, that's what makes life interesting, right?Script by Dr. Lucy Tse 186Risk is endemic in human affairs. To say to someone ;I love you; or to say in church ;I believe; can never be risk-free undertakings. They are to make investments in things that are not fully under one control. The other person may not love you back. The God in whom you stake your trust may turn out not to exist. The French philosopher Pascal famously attempted a metaphysical hedge with regards to the existence of God. He argued that if believers are right about God existence, then they have gained everything. But if they are wrong about it, they have lost nothing. It an attempt to eliminate risk from believing. But, like the risk avoidance strategies of investment banks, where you invest your heart and your soul can never be risk free. All commitment, whether it be financial, emotional or religious, is subject to the possibility of failure. That life. And indeed it may well be that the attempt to eliminate risk from life can, in extreme ms, become an attempt to eliminate life itself.冒险几乎是人群中的常见病对别人说“我爱你”或者在教堂里说“我相信”其实一直都是有风险的他们所作的承诺并不完全由自己掌控对方也许不爱你你相信的上帝有可能根本就不存在法国哲学家Pascal曾就上帝的存在与否尝试过一个形而上的推敲如果信众对于上帝存在的认识是正确的,那么他们就得到了一切,如果不对,那他们也毫无损失这是对消弭信仰风险的尝试但是,就像投行规避风险的策略一样,这个你投入一切的地方绝不是个全无风险的地方所有承诺,不管是资金方面的,感情方面或是宗教方面的,都有失败的可能性这就是生活在某些极端情况下,想从生活中消除风险就等于消除生活本身 77

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The cherry tree is something the same, but more sturdy.樱桃树和白杨差不多,只是更加顽强Now, in the last week of April, the cherry blossom is still white, but waning and passing awayit is late this year, and the leaves are clustering thick and softly copper in their dark blood-filled glow.现在都已是四月的最后一个星期,白色的樱桃花依然绽放,可已经渐渐虚弱,即将逝去今年的时节晚了,树叶团团紧簇,鲜红的光亮中挥洒着轻柔的铜色It is queer about fruit trees in this district.这个地方的果树十分不同寻常The pear and the peach were out together.梨花和桃花会在同一时节开放But now the pear tree is a lovely thick softness of new and glossy green, vivid with a tender fullness of apple-green leaves, gleaming among all the green of the landscape, the half-high wheat, emerald, and the grey olive, half-invisible, the browning green of the dark cypress, the black of the evergreen oak, the rolling of the heavy green puffs of the stone-pines, the flimsy green of small peach and almond trees, the sturdy young green of horse-chestnut.不过,现在这里有还未伸长的麦子、翠绿色的橄榄、柏树所没有地棕绿、常青橡树的黑色、石松浓重的绿团团、小桃树和杏树脆弱的绿色、七叶树强壮的新绿而在这所有的绿色中,梨树清新光亮的绿色是可爱地、浓密的、轻柔地像苹果绿色叶子柔和的饱满一样鲜明So many greens, all in flakes and shelves and tilted tables and round shoulders and plumes and shaggles and uprisen bushes, of greens and greens, sometimes blindingly brilliant at evening, when the landscape looks as if it were on fire from inside, with greenness and with gold.在这绿色的海洋中,绿色一片一片的,一层一层的,像斜斜的一块板,像圆圆的肩膀,又像羽毛,像矮树丛像挺直地灌木有时在夜晚,从外面向绿色里望去仿佛绿色带着绿色,带着金色在里面燃烧,显得光夺目 8751Marion: I’m trying to decide whether to get cable or satellite TV. Which one do you have at your apartment? Cesar: I have satellite, but I used to have cable. Marion: What’s the difference? Cesar: Not a lot. With satellite, you have to have a satellite dish installed on the roof and you don’t with cable. Otherwise, you get similar options. You can get basic channels and choose from a lot of different premium channels. I have a package that includes the basic channels and some premium movie channels, and I also have a sports package so I can watch all of the soccer matches I want. Marion: How much is the monthly fee? Cesar: I think I pay .99 a month, excluding the taxes and fees, but the basic service is probably cheaper. When I had cable, I had to pay a deposit the cable box, but with satellite, I had to buy the dish outright, but it wasn’t too expensive. Marion: What I want are pay-per- view channels, so I don’t need to run to the rental store every time I want to watch a movie. Cesar: That’s not a problem. There’s on demand on both cable and satellite, and there are a lot of movies to choose from. Marion: That’s great. I’ll check out whether my local cable company or satellite service has better packages and make a decision this weekend. Cesar: You could always start with the basic channels and then add services as you go along. Marion: That’s a good idea, especially since I know someone who has premium channels and round-the-clock soccer. Cesar: You bet. Drop by anytime, but don’t get the beer and popcorn! 1898

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