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If youre like many people, when you think of algae you picture the unsightly green film that forms on neglected swimming pools and fish tanks.如许多人一样,当你想到藻类的时候,你会在脑海中即刻闪现出在无人问津的游泳池和鱼池里表面覆盖着一层难看的绿膜的画面。Scientists, however, have made some discoveries that might change the way you think about this common plant.然而科学家的发现却可以改变你对这种普通植物的看法。Researchers are working on ways to use algae to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels to powercars, trucks, and even airplanes.研究人员正致力于如何利用藻类来减少我们对用化石燃料发动小车,卡车甚至飞机的依赖。Algae has attracted attention because it is simple and economicalto grow and carries fewer financial and environmental costs when compared to other alternatives.藻类会引起科学家们的注意是因为相对于其它可选择的燃料来说,种植藻类更简单,经济,并且花费的财政和环境成本较少。Algae needs only water to grow, and can use fresh water, salt water, marshlands, and evenwastewater for a habitat.只要有水藻类就可以存活,它可以在淡水,咸水,沼泽地,甚至污水中生长。The plants highly-adapted photosynthesis process allows it to thriveanywhere that abundant sunshine can be found.该植物高度适应的光合作用过程让其在任何阳光充足的地方都能茁壮成长。And even sunshine is optional for this versatile plant because scientists have discovered ways to grow algae in the dark using sugar as a food source.甚是阳光也只是一个可选择的条件,因为科学家们发现通过把糖作为食物来源也可以在黑暗中种植藻类。To use algae as a replacement for fossil fuels, oil is extracted from the plant and developed into abiofuel that can be burned in diesel engines.若用藻类代替化石燃料,油就会从植物中提取出来,并被加工为可以在柴油机中燃烧的生物燃料。The yield produced from the algae has proven fargreater than other biofuels currently being developed.藻类的产量大大高于目前正在开发的其他生物燃料。For example, soy produces an averageyield of fifty gallons of biofuel per acre per year.例如,大豆平均每年每英亩可生产五十加仑的生物燃料。Canola, another common alternative, producesroughly 130 gallons of biofuel per acre per year.菜籽,另一种常见的替代品,平均每年每英亩大约可生产130加仑。In contrast, scientists have found that algae can produce up to 4,000 gallons of biofuel per acre per year.与此相反,科学家们发现藻类平均每年每英亩可生产达4000加仑。In addition, because algae can be grown on water rather than land and without fertilizers, it may prove to be a more efficient and environmentally sound alternative to the biofuels in use today.此外,藻类可以在水中而不是陆地上生长,也不需要施肥。因此可以明目前在使用的生物燃料中它是更有效更环保的替代品。In the future, then, when you see algae you might think about more than just pond scum!未来,当你看到藻类的时候你或许想到的不仅仅是“池塘败类”。201409/332188泉州市新阳光妇科医院怎么样Thats sweet,thank you,have a sit everybody真太感人了 谢谢你们 大家请坐Have a sit,thank you so much,that goes right back to you谢谢 大家请坐 所有的掌声都还给大家I appreciate all that energy and it goes right back to you我感谢这些热情 并把它们如数奉还Did you enjoy the superBowl everybody,do you like that超级碗大家都玩得开心吧 喜欢吧Look at that on one is bulling like all you think your team won看看居然没有人在吹嘘说自己喜欢的队伍能赢Will I like to say congratulation to the NY giants那么我还是得说恭喜纽约巨人对Good for you,Its a great game I mean it really spectacular很厉害 很精的比赛 确实非常完美I want talk everything that happened,but Im a little hangover to remember all我想聊聊发生的所有事 可我有点喝大了 记不住那些事了So I talk about probably tomorrow,I that every year of that superbowl所以也许我明天会聊聊 我每年都会关注超级碗 1.5 million people call it sick to work,because they are so hangover听说每年有150万人因为玩的太嗨了 都生病不能上班了They call it superbowl flu,which is wired because my producer might get superbowl flu 他们叫它超级碗流感 奇怪的是我的制作人也许会 after New Years Day,after Presidents Day,after Grand Hall Day and almost Wednesday they has that在新年之后 在总统日后 在大礼堂日后 还有大部分的周三他们都会得这种流感actually I wasnt hangover this morning,Ill tell you what I was doing其实我今儿个早晨没有喝大 我告诉你们我干了什么I like to get to know my fans,so I spend my morning going through the Facebook page that every single person in this audience我喜欢去了解我的粉丝们 所以我今天早晨花了时间去看 这里每一位观众的Facebookand Im gonna surprise the couple of them right now我现在就要给你们其中一些人点惊喜Cause I found a few that I would like to,I have questions因为我发现有一些我很想去 我有点问题Where are shary Luniduski and Hungs Fini? where are youShary和Hungs在哪呢 在哪呢 /201607/452355福建省泉州市妇幼保健院门诊时间Daye,thank you so much for being here.Thanks for having me.戴维 非常感谢你前来 感谢邀请So much to talk about.First of all,I know you are just such a new york guy.I am,New york!很多可以聊的 首先我知道你是个地道的纽约客 我是的 纽约万岁But youre living in los angeles now?How are you liking it?How do you like L.A?但是你现在住在洛杉矶 你喜欢这里吗 你喜欢洛杉矶吗Ill tell you something about L.A. L.A is awesome.我告诉你洛杉矶怎么样 洛杉矶太棒了You can do anything in this town,except make a left turn.I mean thats it.你可以在这座城市做任何事 除了左拐 就是这样If its even on the left,dont even look at it.Youre never gonna get there.就算在路左边 也别看 你永远也到不了那里Doesnt matter what it is.audition,jobs family.Im sorry.You should have been on the right side.不管那边有什么 面试 工作 家人 抱歉 你们应该在路右边的All right,you turned 50 earlier this year,is that right?How does it feel?好的 你今年初刚满五十岁 对吗 感觉如何Well,you see that fear in the crowd?你感受到观众里的恐惧了吗Well,these are my big years,Ill tell you that right now.我得吃降血脂药了 我可以现在就告诉你I thought being 50 would be kind of like,you know what?我以为到了五十岁 你猜怎么着Who cares?You dont have to work out.没人在乎 你不用健身You can just sit in the rocking chair listening to like a police scanner and wait to die.you know.你可以坐在摇椅上 听着警用频道等死 你懂吗But now its extreme,youve got to like kayaking,have you ever kayak,但是现在很极端 你得划皮艇 你划过皮艇吗never gone kayak.Ok,let me tell you something about kayaking.从没有过 我告诉你一件关于皮艇的事kayaking is the unicycle of the sea.Its so boring.皮艇相当于海上独轮车 太无聊了 Am I right? Have you ever seen a guy look like hes having a good time when hes kayaking?No.我说的对吗 你见过划皮艇的人看起来很开心吗 没有过He always has that look like,if I had one friend,Id be canoeing.他的表情总是在说 如果我有一个 朋友 我就去划独木舟了So no kayaking for you.what about any other sports or other thing?所以你不划皮艇 你还能在水中做其他运动吗Oh,kayaking is,swimming with dolphins.A dolphin ride.have you done it?never done it.除了划皮艇 还可以和海豚一起游泳 骑海豚 你试过没有 从没试过I dont think I could even affort it.I mean honestly I could not afford it.Thats like a 1% thing.说实话 我都不知道我能不能负担起 我负担不起 那是1%的富人的运动I would have to go for the poor man dolphin ride.You know what that is?No,I dont know.我只能去玩穷人版骑海豚 你知道那是什么吧 不 我不知道Bottle of whiskey,baby pool,wet dog.一瓶威士忌 儿童泳池 落水201607/454962泉州新阳光妇科医院

福建中医院做人流好吗泉州医院在线So anyway, we finally went to bed,and thats when Portia said the three words反正最后 我们准备睡了 这时候 波西娅说了三个字that nobody wants hear when they are about to go to sleep.谁在睡觉前 都不想听到的三个字Whats that sound?It was a beep.And it wasnt the smoke detector.啥声音 是哔哔声 不是烟雾报警器的声音It was a mysterious beep, and I have heard a lot of beeps.是很神秘的哔哔声 我也算听过很多种哔哔声了I... I have never heard this one.I didnt have beeping clue of what it was.但这种还真没听过 我不知道这是什么东西发出来的And here is what I learn.Its impossible to find whats beeping,because everything beeps nowadays. Everything!然后我的结论是 根本不可能找到哔哔声的来源 因为现在几乎所有的东西都会哔哔响A few years ago, the only thing beeps in my house is smoke detector,几年之前 我家里唯一哔哔响的 就是烟雾报警器or when moms jazzy was backing up.She has a big flag on it, so you can see.再就是我妈在放爵士乐 她还有一大面旗子 所以你懂的Now you have to rule everything out,and every appliances in my house has a beep.现在得排除一切选项 我家的任何设备都会哔哔响So, so many different beeps, dings, chirps in my house.各种各样的哔哔声 叮叮声 啾啾声True story, last week, a sparrow flew into our living room,and tried to make love to our firmer steps.讲个真事 上个星期一只麻雀飞到了我们家客厅 想和我们家楼梯做爱Back to the mystery, so I looked every room,the great room, the good room,the roller rink, Portias roller rink.回到神秘的哔哔声 我把所有房间转了个遍 大厅到;好厅; 旱冰场 波西娅的旱冰场I couldnt find the beep,so I went to the kitchen and get a glass of water.我还是找不到声音来源 就去厨房拿了杯水And thats why I noticed the refrigerator door was opened,我这才发现冰箱门没关好just a jar, as they would say.Just a tiny bit, and I went to close it.被一个罐子卡住了 开了一条小缝 我就去把门关了Mystery solved, and my refrigerator door was beeping.谜团解开了 原来是冰箱门在响Apparently, my refrigerator comes with a ;smart door technology; that beeps if you leave it up很显然 我的冰箱有个智能的门 你不关门 它就哔哔响well I say it was really smart will it closed itself.能自己关门才是真正的智能You know.Smart.So,thats how I solve the mystery of my beeping fridge.对吧 智能 所以 我就是这么解开的秘密 哔哔响的是冰箱Two and next time, when I try to figure out whats ting for blocking my freezer.我不止一次想要去搞清楚 到底是冰箱哪部分在响I dont know.Right now, lets all dance, okay?我还是不知道 现在我们跳舞吧 /201602/428360Leaders Italian politics in turmoil先驱 意大利政坛动荡不安Run, Mario, run马里奥,快跑A rare chance of reform in Italy—but its current prime minister needs to come out fighting意大利改革,机会难得;现任总理,应挺身而出For a moment, it was like the bad old days in Italy. After the main centre-right party, the People of Freedom (PdL), withdrew its support for the technocratic prime minister, Mario Monti, he dramatically announced his forthcoming resignation on December 8th. Worse, Silvio Berlusconi said that he would run as the PdL’s candidate for prime minister, for the sixth time, in the election now expected in February (though he may change his mind). No wonder the financial markets were spooked.有那么一瞬间,意大利仿佛重返糟糕的旧时代。12月8日马里奥·蒙蒂戏剧性地宣称其即将提交辞职申请,而此前主要中右翼党派自由民主党(PdL)表示不再持这位坚持专家统治论的总理。更糟的是,预计在明年2月举行的大选中,西尔维奥·布卢斯科尼(尽管期间他可能会改变注意)还称将以PdL候选人身份第六次竞选总理一职。难怪金融市场已如惊弓之鸟。In the 13 months since the clownish Mr Berlusconi was ousted, Mr Monti has brought calm, some significant reform and a lot more dignity to his country. Yet Italy is still potentially one of the weakest links in the euro. It has the world’s fourth-biggest debt stock and is mired in the deepest recession among the euro zone’s biggest economies. Over the past decade its economy has barely grown. Although the budget deficit is under reasonable control, far more extensive reforms are needed to restore Italian competitiveness and to reignite growth. Mr Monti’s resignation will stymie further reform until after the election. The big question is, who will win?13个月前,小丑布卢斯科尼被罢黜,自那以来,蒙蒂给意大利带来了平静,并已开展了一些有意义的改革,提升了意大利的口碑。然而意大利依旧是欧元区链条中最薄弱的一环,是全球第四大负债国,相较欧元区其他最大经济体,意大利在经济衰退泥沼中陷得最深。过去的10年里,意大利经济停滞不前,虽说预算赤字在合理可控范围内,但它依旧需要更多的改革来重塑其竞争力,重振其经济。然而蒙蒂的辞职会在至下一次大选期间内扼制改革的进一步推行。一个很重要的问题是:谁会赢得此次大选?There is a terrible option, an acceptable one and a potentially very good one. The awful would be the return of Mr Berlusconi. Fortunately, the PdL is languishing at little more than 15% in the opinion polls, and the elderly media tycoon will also be blamed by some voters for bringing down Mr Monti.有三种可能:一个很糟,一个可勉强接受,还有一个非常有前景。最糟的是布卢斯科尼重返政坛。所幸的是,自民党的声望在下降,其持率在民意测验中只有15%多一点,而且布卢斯科尼这位年长的媒体界巨头会因蒙蒂的离开而受部分选民谴责。Far more likely is a win for the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) led by Pier Luigi Bersani, which has 30-35% in the polls, enough for his bloc to secure the winner’s premium of extra seats in the lower house. Mr Bersani was a reformer when he was last in government, between 2006 and 2008. He has promised broadly to stick to the combined policies of fiscal austerity and structural reforms laid out by Mr Monti. But he may find it hard to deliver, as he will depend for support on allies from the far left and on unions that are hostile to change.相较之下,更有可能的情况是,由皮尔·路易吉·贝尔萨尼领导的中左翼民主党(PD)获胜,该党派拥有30-35%的持率,一旦胜任,该党在下议院中便可获得更多席位。2006至2008年在贝尔萨尼上一次担任政府要职期间,他坚持改革,承诺继续持蒙蒂提出的财政紧缩和结构改革并行的政策。然而,实施改革困难重重,因为这需要他既得到极左派的持,又赢得反改革派工党的帮助。Last week we said that Mr Bersani as prime minister with Mr Monti as president might be a reasonable outcome. Now, however, there is a chance of something better: Mr Monti could be elected as prime minister himself. His unexpected resignation is, by his technocratic standards, an aggressive political act. Italy’s business leaders are urging him to stand—by joining a centrist party, perhaps Pier Ferdinando Casini’s Union of Christian and Centre Democrats or a new group created by Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, the boss of Ferrari.上周本报说,以贝尔萨尼为总理,蒙蒂为主席的组合可能会是个不错的结局。然而,现在有一种更好的结局:总理之职仍由蒙蒂自己担任。他出人意料的辞职,按照专家统治论的标准,只是以退为进的政治手段。并且意大利商界领袖强烈要求蒙蒂做好准备,加入一个中立党派从而赢得大选,可以是皮尔·费迪南多·卡西尼领导的基督教民主党,也可以是由法拉利老板卢卡·科尔德罗·迪·蒙特泽莫罗创立的新政党。The risk is that a Monti candidacy could split the anti-Berlusconi ticket, letting il Cavaliere in by the back door. But there is also a huge opportunity. If a Monti-led party drew enough votes from left and right to win, he would have a real mandate for reform, especially when it came to opening up markets to competition and reshaping the state sector. Italy has never had such a government. With a pro-business centrist at the helm, some of Mr Berlusconi’s supporters might join up. If Mr Bersani’s PD were offered enough posts—he himself could perhaps become deputy prime minister and thus Mr Monti’s presumed successor—he might also join in.然而这样存在风险,原先反对布卢斯科尼而持蒙蒂的票数将一分为二,反而让“邪恶骑士”布卢斯科尼乘虚而入。但蒙蒂还有很大的胜算。如果蒙蒂领导的党派能获得足够多的左翼右翼人士的持,那么他便能赢得选举,便能真正授权推行改革,特别是此事意大利需要开放市场,面向竞争和重整国营部门。在意大利历史上从未有过这样的政府。若掌权的是一名亲商的中间派,一些贝卢斯科尼的持者也会加入该阵营。如果贝尼萨尔的民主党获得足够的票数,他便可能成为副总理,也就认定是蒙蒂的继任人,那么他自然也会加入蒙蒂的阵营。Stay in Rome, not St Moritz留在罗马,别去圣莫里茨It might not work. Mr Monti is not a natural politician, never having run for elective office. He might not win. Previously he has seemed more drawn to the Italian presidency (or the European Union’s). If he does not feel up to the job, he should duck out now. But if he cares about his country, this is the time to come out fighting—and persuade other centrists to join him. Italians are fed up with the mess their country is in. This is a rare opportunity to change things.然而这未必能实现。蒙蒂不是一个天生的政客,他从未参选担任公职,所以他可能赢不了。之前,他似乎更倾向于意大利总统之职(或是欧盟总统之职)。如果他觉得自己不能胜任这一工作,他就应当马上退出。但是,如果他心系祖国,他应此时挺身而出——并且说其他中立党派加入他的阵营。意大利人受够了他们国家的长期以来的混乱糟糕。这是千年难遇的改革良机。 翻译:郁炳睿译文属译生译世201609/465879泉州四个月引产要多少钱福建医科大学二院服务

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