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泉州妇幼在哪里永春医院无痛人流An inexpensive vitamin can help reduce the occurrence of common skin cancers in people prone to that disease, researchers reported on Wednesday.周三,研究人员报道,一种便宜的维生素有助于降低常见皮肤癌高危人群中此类疾病的发生率。In a clinical trial, people who took two pills a day of nicotinamide, a form of vitamin B3 available as a nutritional supplement, had a 23 percent lower risk of developing non-melanoma skin cancer than those who took placebo pills.在临床试验中,每天用两片烟酰胺作为营养补充剂(一种维生素B3)的人比用安慰剂药片者发生非黑素性皮肤癌的风险低23%。“It’s safe, it’s almost obscenely inexpensive and it’s widely available,” Dr. Diona Damian, the lead investigator of the study, said in a news conference organized by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, who said the findings could be put into practice right away.该研究的负责人,澳大利亚悉尼大学(University of Sydney)的皮肤病学教授迪奥纳·达米安(Diona Damian)士在美国临床肿瘤学会(American Society of Clinical Oncology)举办的新闻发布会上说道:“它(烟酰胺)安全,价格极其低廉,且很容易买到。”该学会称这一发现可以立即付诸实践。“This one’s y to go straight into the clinic,” said Dr. Damian, a dermatology professor at the University of Sydney in Australia. However, she said the vitamin should be used only by people who get frequent skin cancers, not by everyone.达米安士说:“该研究结果可以直接进入临床。”不过,她也指出这种维生素只能用于皮肤癌高危人群,而不适用于所有人。The study will be presented at the annual meeting of the oncology society, which begins May 29 in Chicago. Abstracts for most of the nearly 5,000 studies were released late Wednesday, and a few results were discussed in a news conference organized by the society.这项研究还在5月29日开始的芝加哥肿瘤学会年会上发表。与会的近5000项研究中的大部分研究摘要在5月13日晚些时候发布,其中的一些研究结果在该学会组织的新闻发布会上得到了讨论。Investors and Wall Street analysts began poring over the abstracts late on Wednesday, looking for information that could affect the stocks of pharmaceutical companies.从5月13日晚上起,投资者和华尔街分析师们就开始钻研这些文献摘要,以期从中寻找可能影响制药公司股票的信息。In another study, an experimental drug for relapsed multiple myeloma being developed by Bristol-Myers Squibb and AbbVie reduced the risk of cancer progression by about 30 percent when added to two existing drugs.另一项研究报道,在现有的两种药物——雷利米得(Revlimid,即来那度胺)和地塞米松——的基础上,添加使用百时美施贵宝公司(Bristol-Myers Squibb)和艾伯维公司(AbbVie)开发的一种治疗复发性多发性骨髓瘤的实验性药物elotuzumab,可将癌症进展的风险降低约30%。Those who received the experimental drug, called elotuzumab, had a median of 19.4 months before their cancer worsened or they died, compared with 14.9 months for those who received only the two existing drugs, Revlimid and dexamethasone.在仅接受现有两种药物的患者中,中位无进展生存期(即癌症恶化或患者死亡前的时间中位数)为14.9个月,相比之下,在加用了elotuzumab的患者中,中位无进展生存期为19.4个月。A spokeswoman for Bristol-Myers said it was premature to say when the company would apply for approval of the drug. Another trial is in progress.百时美施贵宝公司的一位女发言人说,谈论公司将何时申请批准该药还为时过早。还有一项试验正在进行当中。The skin cancer prevention study focused on non-melanoma skin cancer, particularly basal cell carcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas. Together, these are the most common form of cancer in the ed States, with the most recent study estimating that in 2006 there were 3.5 million cases in 2.2 million Americans. Most of these are curable through surgery or other techniques, though the surgery can leave scars and in some cases the cancers do become more serious.皮肤癌的预防研究主要侧重于非黑素性皮肤癌,特别是基底细胞癌和鳞状细胞癌。这些都是美国最常见的癌症,据最近的研究估计,2006年,此类癌症在220万名美国患者中就达350万例。其中大部分都可以通过手术或其他技术治愈,只不过手术会留下疤痕,而且在某些情况下,癌症还会变得更加严重。The study involved 386 people in Australia who had had two or more such skin cancers in the previous five years. The average for the patients in the trial was eight cancers over the past five years; one patient had 52 cases.本文开篇介绍的研究纳入了386名在过去5年内曾发生至少2例上述皮肤癌的澳大利亚人。参与试验的患者在过去5年平均发生过8例癌症;其中一名患者甚至多达52例。Those who were randomly assigned to take the vitamin had an average of 1.77 new cancers in the year of the study compared with 2.42 cases for those in the placebo group, a risk reduction of 23 percent, after certain statistical adjustments. Those getting nicotinamide also had fewer cases of actinic keratosis, thick patches of skin that may become cancerous.经过一定的统计学校正后,被随机分入维生素组的患者在研究的一年期间平均出现了1.77例新发癌症,较之安慰剂组的2.42例风险降低了23%。用烟酰胺的患者中光化性角化病、有癌变风险的皮肤胼胝病例也较少。Dr. Damian said the effect of the vitamin seemed to disappear once people stopped taking it. She said that nicotinamide did not have the side effects, like headache and flushing, of niacin, another form of vitamin B3.达米安士表示,一旦停止用该维生素,它的效果似乎就会消失。她还说,烟酰胺不像另一种维生素B3——烟酸那样有头痛和潮红等副作用。Protecting oneself from the sun is perhaps the most effective way to prevent non-melanoma skin cancers. Drugs called retinoids, which are related to vitamin A, can also be used, but they can cause birth defects and other side effects. Some studies have suggested that aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can also be preventative.防晒是预防非黑素性皮肤癌的最有效方式。也可以使用与维生素A有关的维甲酸类药物,但它们可能导致出生缺陷和其它副作用。一些研究表明,阿司匹林和其它非甾体类抗炎药也有预防作用。Two experts not involved in the study said the results were “interesting and potentially important,” in part because nicotinamide had fewer side effects than the pharmaceutical alternatives for skin cancer prevention.两位没有参与这项研究的专家——美国亚利桑那大学(University of Arizona)皮肤癌研究所(Skin Cancer Institute)的临床主任克拉拉·库列尔-莱万多夫斯基(Clara Curiel-Lewandrowski)士和药理学家史蒂文·斯特拉顿(Steven Stratton)都表示,这些结果“很有趣,且可能有重大意义”,部分原因是烟酰胺的副作用比皮肤癌防治的替代药物要少。The experts, Dr. Clara Curiel-Lewandrowski, clinical director of the Skin Cancer Institute at the University of Arizona, and Steven Stratton, a pharmacologist there, said in a joint email that patients should nonetheless talk to their doctors before taking the vitamin.他们在一封联名电子邮件中写道,无论如何,在用该种维生素前,患者仍应该与自己的医生商量。 /201510/405501福建省泉州妇保医院私立还是公办 泉州哪家医院能做超导可视无痛人流

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泉州治疗生殖疱疹去哪家医院比较好Fashion show finales follow a familiar rhythm: after the models march along the catwalk for a last hurrah, the designer comes out to take a bow. Their demeanour is often telling, an indicator of their attitude to the collection they#39;ve shown — are they a bag of nerves, or grinning from ear to ear? 时装周的压轴戏总是大同小异:模特们在T型台上最后一次华丽亮相后,设计师就会出场向观众鞠躬致谢,其行为举止通常反映了他们对展出时装系列的态度——是紧张得要死,还是乐得合不拢嘴?Also noteworthy is the look they choose to take their bow in. Are they even wearing their own work? One of the most celebrated designers of our time never wears his own designs. Karl Lagerfeld may create the occasional menswear look at Chanel and he designs a whole men#39;s collection for his eponymous label but he has long been a customer elsewhere: Dior Homme. 他们鞠躬致谢时所穿的行头同样是关注焦点。他们此时会穿自己设计的时装吗?我们这个时代最知名的设计师从不穿自己设计的时装登台致谢。卡尔·拉格菲尔德(Karl Lagerfeld,绰号老佛爷)或许时不时会设计一把香奈儿(Chanel)男装,他也设计了自己同名品牌的全部男装,但长久以来,他一直是迪奥男装(Dior Homme)的忠实客户。Lagerfeld started wearing Dior Homme when he was in his late sixties, shedding six-and-a-half stone to fit into the skinny styles of the label#39;s then designer Hedi Slimane. Lagerfeld has stayed loyal to the brand ever since, even after Slimane, now creative director of Saint Laurent, quit in 2006. And although the label is known for its emphasis on youth, Lagerfeld, now in his eighties, remains one of Dior Homme#39;s most visible clients. 老佛爷临近古稀之年才开始穿迪奥男装,他足足减了40公斤体重才穿上时任迪奥设计总监艾迪·斯理曼(Hedi Slimane)设计的窄版男装,从此以后他一直“痴心不改”,甚至2006年艾迪·斯理曼(如今是圣洛兰(Saint Laurent)创意总监)离开迪奥后依然如故。尽管迪奥的关注重点一直是年轻人,但如今已是耄耋之年的老佛爷仍是迪奥男装的忠实拥趸。Raf Simons, meanwhile, Dior#39;s creative director of womenswear, is partial to Prada: his presence in the documentary film Dior I (2014) is most clearly announced via his distinctive studded Prada sneakers and he often takes his catwalk bow in a head-to-toe Prada look. For his first Christian Dior y-to-wear show he wore a vintage denim jacket with red stripes by Austrian designer Helmut Lang. 与此同时,如今迪奥女装创意总监拉夫·西蒙斯(Raf Simons)则对普拉达(Prada)情有独钟:在迪奥2014年记录片《璀璨风华Dior之夜》(Dior and I)中,担任主演的他以一双与众不同、打满饰钉的普拉达运动鞋出场,时尚格调显露无遗;他常常从头到脚一副普拉达行头登台致谢。举办自己的首个迪奥成衣展时,他穿的是奥地利设计师赫尔穆特·朗(Helmut Lang)设计的饰有红色条纹、复古风格的牛仔夹克。And yet many designers do wear their own work, especially if the brand carries their surname. Editors scan the wardrobe of Miuccia Prada for clues to her latest collection: is she feeling utilitarian, elegant or purposefully off-kilter? When Donatella Versace takes her bow, she often wears a look from the collection she#39;s just shown — for AW15, it was a pinstriped, flared pantsuit. And even Simons has worn pieces from his own-label collaboration with Sterling Ruby 然而,许多设计师的确会穿自己设计的作品,尤其是穿同名品牌的衣饰。时尚主编留意到缪西娅·普拉达(Miuccia Prada)个人所穿的衣,希望找出它们与她最新设计的时装之间的关系:是优雅还是有意惊世骇俗?当唐娜泰拉·范思哲(Donatella Versace)在T型台上鞠躬致谢时,穿的行头往往选自自己刚刚展示的时装系列————她身穿细条纹喇叭款套装参加了2015年秋冬季时装展(AW15)。甚至拉夫·西蒙斯也选择穿自己与斯特林·鲁比(Sterling Ruby)合作设计的同名品牌时装。So if the name is on the label, does it mean the clothes will always be on the designer#39;s back? Not necessarily. ;I#39;ve never been into wearing clothing with my own brand name inside,; says Jonathan Anderson, designer behind JW Anderson and now creative director of Loewe. ;I find it odd and arrogant.; 那么,如果标签上印有自己名字,是否意味着设计师始终会穿它呢?也不尽然。“我一点都不喜欢穿自己的同名品牌装。”JW Anderson时尚总监乔纳森·安德森(Jonathan Anderson)说,他如今出任罗意威(Loewe)创意总监。“我觉得这样做既怪异,又显得自大。”Anderson#39;s own wardrobe is a familiar uniform: crewneck sweater, faded blue jeans, Nike sneakers. It#39;s entirely opposite to the menswear looks he creates for his own label#39;s catwalk presentations, which have included bandeau tops and frilled shorts. He seems to favour a clean-palette approach: keeping himself neutral so as to not deflect from his experimentation elsewhere. 安德森个人所穿衣橱是众所周知的千篇一律:圆领羊毛衫、褪色牛仔裤及耐克运动鞋。它们与他发布会上推出的男装(细带式上衣与镶花边的短裤)风马牛不相及。他似乎对清爽颜色情有独钟:个人始终穿中性色装,为的是专心致志于自己的大胆时尚尝试。This kind of wardrobe is common among fashion designers. Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler appear to have no desire to create menswear for themselves or others, dressing instead in a similar style to Anderson: crewnecks, polo shirts or button-downs, usually with jeans and sneakers. Mary Katrantzou, meanwhile, recent winner of the 2015 BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund, may have built her business on print and embellishment but she is usually found in a black knit dress by Azzedine Alaa. Alaa himself has perhaps the ultimate clean-palette wardrobe: for decades he has worn black cotton Chinese pyjamas, fastened by simple floral buttoning. 设计师个人喜欢穿中性风格装,这在时尚圈里随处可见。普罗恩萨·施罗(Proenza Schouler)的双星组合杰克·麦克洛(Jack McCollough)与拉萨罗·赫南德斯(Lazaro Hernandez)似乎无心自创自己或别人的同名男装品牌,相反,他们的穿着风格酷似安德森:圆领衫、有领短袖运动T恤(polo shirt)或是纽扣领衬衫,通常用牛仔裤与运动鞋进行搭配。与此同时,2015英国时装理事会/《Vogue》设计师时尚基金奖新科得主玛丽·卡特兰楚(Mary Katrantzou)或许会创立印花纹与修饰类时装品牌,但自己却常穿阿瑟丁·阿拉亚(Azzedine Alaa)的黑色针织裙。阿拉亚本人所穿衣也许最为单一:几十年来,他一直穿简单花扣款的黑色中式棉睡衣! /201510/403356 Inspired by his accumulated concern for his mother, 17-year-old from Jane and Finch builds working heart rate alert device.由于长期担心母亲的病情,17岁的青少年制作了一种心率警报器。Frank Nguyen wasn’t like most kids. When he went to school, his heart stayed at home. That’s where his mother was.Frank Nguyen和大多数孩子不一样,去上学后,他的心却在家里,因为妈妈在家。He couldn’t stop worrying about her. In Grade 6 he confessed that he was distracted by the clock on the wall in his classroom. He’d keep looking at it to see the time, and he’d burn to know whether she was all right.他无时无刻不在担心他的妈妈。6年级时,他承认,教室墙上的钟表让他分心。他不停的看表,看时间,急切的想要知道妈妈是否一切都好。“My mom started getting really sick,” Frank recalled. “I’d be scared she would have problems and I didn’t know about it.”“我妈妈生了重病,” Frank回忆道,“我害怕,她出了事情我却不知道。”The disquiet trailed him for years. Now he’s 17 and she’s blind in one eye, partially sighted in the other, and has trouble hearing. She’s also prone to bouts of dizziness, has thyroid issues, and was recently referred to a cardiologist for an irregular heartbeat.这种焦虑折磨他很多年,如今他17岁了。妈妈一只眼失明,另外一只眼弱视,而且有听力困难。此外,她经常头晕,甲状腺分泌失调,最近一名心脏病科医师说她的心跳不规律。But Frank has big plans.对此,Frank有很大的计划。Inspired by his accumulated concern for his mother, who is 60 and named Lan, Frank poured himself into a summer project at a special tech camp at Ryerson University. Now he has a prototype of a working heart rate alert device that he hopes will one day launch a start up business. Called the HelpWear HeartWatch, the blocky yellow contraption sits on the wrist and uses a light and censor to track the heart rate. In the event of a heart attack, it is programmed to send a text message to a loved one or emergency services.他的母亲名叫Lan,今年60岁。由于长期为母亲担心,Frank倾注全力参与了瑞尔森大学特殊科技营实施的一个暑期项目。他有一个工作心率警告装置的原型,希望有一天他可以创业。这个块状的黄色装置可戴在腕上,使用光线和传感器追踪心率。如果心脏病发作,它将通过编程向亲人或急救站发送短信。That means no more worrying in the dark.这就意味着,即使不知道母亲的情况,也不用担心了。“I had an idea of trying to make something that could help her, but it wasn’t until this year, when her doctor said her heart sounded kind of weird … That’s when the idea of a heart monitor came up,” said Frank. “You just hear a lot of statistics about people dying of heart attacks. It’s really scary.”“我一直有这个想法,制作一些对她有帮助的东西,但是直到今年她的医生说,她的心脏听起来有点怪……这个时候,我才想到制作一个心脏监护器,Frank说,经常听到很多人死于心脏病,真的很可怕。”译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201510/402296泉州有哪些医院福建省儿童医院看产科需要多少钱



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