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These are the reasons I founded University of the People,a nonprofit, tuition-free,degree-granting university to give an alternative,to create an alternative to those who have no other,an alternative that will be affordable and scalable, 由于这些的原因,我创办了人民大学,一所非盈利性的、免学费的、授予学位的大学它提供了另一种选择,为那些没有其它选择的人创造了一种选择,一种价格合理的选择,一种可扩展的选择,an alternative that will disrupt the current education system,open the gates to higher education for every qualified student regardless of what they earn, where they live,or what society says about them. 一种打破现行的教育体系的选择,为每一位合格的学生打开高等教育的大门,不论他们的收入,不论他们身处何处,不论社会如何议论他们Patrick, Debbie and Wael are only three examples out of the 1,700 accepted students from 143 countries.帕特里克、黛比和瓦伊尔只是来自143个国家的1700位被录取的学生中的三个例子Thank you.谢谢。We didnt need to reinvent the wheel.我们不需要重新发明轮子。We just looked at what wasnt working and used the amazing power of the Internet to get around it.我们只是看到那些有问题的地方,并使用互联网的神奇力量来绕开问题。We set out to build a model that will cut down almost entirely the cost of higher education,and thats how we did it.我们着手建立一种模式,它将削减掉高等教育的绝大部分成本,我们是这样做到的。First, bricks and mortar cost money.首先,大楼需要花钱。Universities have expenses that virtual universities dont.大学有很多的开销是虚拟大学所没有的。We dont need to pass these expenses onto our students.我们不需要将这些开销转移到我们的学生头上。They dont exist.这些开销不存在。We also dont need to worry about capacity.我们也不需要担心可容纳的人数。There are no limits of seats in virtual university.在虚拟大学里没有座位数的限制。Actually, nobody needs to stand at the back of the lecture hall.事实上,没人需要站在讲堂的后面。Textbooks is also something our students dont need to buy.我们的学生也不需要购买课本。By using open educational resources and the generosity of professors who are putting their material free and accessible,we dont need to send our students to buy textbooks.使用开放的教学资源以及教授们的慷慨馈赠,很多教授把他们的教学材料免费公开,我们不需要让我们的学生去购买课本。All of our materials come free.我们所有的材料都是免费的。201508/389907THE PRESIDENT: Hello, St. Paul! (Applause.) It is good to be back in Minnesota. (Applause.) AUDIENCE MEMBER: We love you!THE PRESIDENT: I love you back. That’s why I came here. Good to see you.Although, can I just say that when we got off the plane, Secretary Foxx, who is from North Carolina, turned to me and he said, this is the coldest I’ve ever been in my life. (Laughter.) Now, we were only out there for like a minute -- (laughter) -- which goes to show how soft these folks from North Carolina are when it comes to the weather. (Laughter and applause). I, on the other hand, am from Chicago -- (applause) -- I walked off those stairs and I was like, this is balmy, this is great. (Laughter.) February, in Minnesota -- can’t beat it. Cannot beat it.Now, in addition to Secretary Foxx, who I want to -- give him a big round of applause for that introduction. (Applause.) You’ve two champions for the people of Minnesota who are here today. You’ve got Representative Betty McCollum -- (applause) -- and Representative Keith Ellison. (Applause.) You’ve got your Mayor, Chris Coleman, in the house. (Applause.) The new Mayor of Minneapolis, Betsy Hodges, is here. (Applause.) And my great friend, who actually told me I was running for President before I knew I was running for President -- R.T. Rybak. Love that name. (Applause.) Where’s R.T.? Now, I want to thank everybody who showed me around Union Depot and gave me a preview of this new light rail line. It is fantastic. (Applause.) And I also just want to say -- even though he’s not here today -- I want to say to everybody how Michelle and I have been keeping in our thoughts and prayers one of the great Americans that we know, as well as a great Minnesotan -- Walter Mondale. (Applause.)Now, like millions of Americans, I’ve spent some time with Minnesotans lately -- because I was watching the Olympics. (Laughter.) Minnesota sent 19 athletes to the games. (Applause.) That’s tied for second most of any state, and they did us all proud. It is not shocking that Minnesotans might be pretty good at the Winter Olympics. (Laughter.) What is particularly interesting is that, once again, the tiny town of Warroad proved that it really is Hockeytown, USA, thanks to T.J. Oshie and Gigi Marvin, who we’re just so proud of. And T.J.’s shootout performance against the Russians I might say I enjoyed a lot. (Applause.) I tweeted at him about it. So we’ve spent some time over the last few weeks on hockey, but I’m not here to talk about hockey. By the way, I cannot play hockey. (Laughter.) I grew up in Hawaii -- we do not have hockey in Hawaii. But I’m here to talk about what you’re doing in the Twin Cities, and how you’re helping to create new jobs and new opportunities for every American.We are at a moment when our economy is growing. Our businesses have created about 8.5 million new jobs in the past four years. Unemployment is at the lowest it’s been in over five years; in Minnesota, it’s lower than it’s been in six and a half years. (Applause.) And, by the way, you’ve got a great governor who I served with in the Senate, Mark Dayton, who is helping to make that happen. (Applause.)So in a lot of ways things are looking up. But in some ways, the trends that had been battering middle-class families for a long time have gotten even starker, because those at the top are doing better than ever, while wages and incomes for a lot of families have barely budged. And too many families are working harder than ever just to keep up. So as I said at the State of the Union address a few weeks back, our job is to reverse those trends. (Applause.) We’ve got to build an economy that works for everybody. We’ve got to restore opportunity for all people, so that no matter who you are, where you come from, what you look like, you can get ahead if you work hard and you’re responsible. And so I laid out an opportunity agenda that has four parts. Number one, good jobs that pay good wages in manufacturing, in energy, in innovation and infrastructure. Number two, train folks with the skills they need to get those good jobs, something that your senator, Al Franken, is doing great work on every single day. He cares a lot about that job training issue. (Applause.) Number three, guaranteeing every child has access to a world-class education. (Applause.) And, number four, making sure that hard work is rewarded with wages you can live on, and savings you can retire on, and health care you can count on. That’s what we’re fighting for. (Applause.) Minnesota is helping to lead the way on these issues. Your state legislature is poised to raise your minimum wage this year. (Applause.) In my State of the Union address, I called for a new women’s economic agenda. It’s actually a family economic agenda -- equal pay for equal work, paid sick leave and more. And there are leaders in your state legislature that are working hard at this, because they know when women succeed, America succeeds. (Applause.)So on all these issues, we’re reaching out to members of Congress, looking to see if they’re willing to work with us on some of these priorities. But what I also said at the State of the Union is, in this year of action, whenever I can partner directly with states or cities or business leaders or civic leaders to act on this opportunity agenda, I’m going to go ahead and do it. We can’t wait. We’ve got to move. We’ve got to get things going. Too many families are counting on it. (Applause.) So yesterday, I launched new hubs to attract 21st century manufacturing jobs to America. And today, I’m here to launch a new competition for 21st century infrastructure and the jobs that come with it, because any opportunity agenda begins with creating more good jobs. And one of the fastest and best ways to create good jobs is by rebuilding America’s infrastructure -- our roads, our bridges, our rails, our ports, our airports, our schools, our power grids. We’ve got a lot of work to do out there, and we’ve got to put folks to work. (Applause.)201502/358723

And along with all my other exterior choices, I worked on, what actors call, my interior adjustment. I adjusted my natural temperament which tends to be slightly bossy, a little opinionated, loud, a little loud full of pronouncements and high spirits, and I willfully cultivated softness, agreeableness, a breezy, natural sort of sweetness, even shyness if you will, which was very, very, very effective on the boys. But the girls didnt buy it. They didnt like me; they sniffed it out, the acting. And they were probably right, but I was committed. This was absolutely not a cynical exercise; this was a vestigial survival courtship skill. I was developing. And I reached a point senior year, when my adjustment felt like me. I had actually convinced myself that I was this person, pretty, talented, but not stuck-up. You know, a girl who laughed a lot at every stupid thing every boy said and who lowered her eyes at the right moment and deferred, who learned to defer when the boys took over the conversation. I really remember this so clearly and I could tell it was working, I was much less annoying to the guys than I had been. They liked me better and I like that. That was conscious but it was at the same time motivated and fully felt. This was real, real acting.在我对外部事物不断做出选择的时候,我也致力于调整内部状态,这一点也是演员们经常提及的。我开始调整我的内在个性,改变原来的跋扈、固执、大声讲话、喜欢下命令、训斥和心高气傲的个性,逐渐培养自己轻柔、亲和、语音甜美自然甚至害羞的小女生气质。这一招,如果你愿意用的话,对男孩子很奏效。但是女孩却不买账,她们不喜欢我,对我的娇柔做作嗤之以鼻,说我是在演戏。也许她们是对的,但我觉得我应该这么做。这不是开玩笑,我是在练习已经退化了的情场生存技巧。随着时光的流逝,我不断改变自己。到了高三,我真的成了我想象中的那个女孩,我说自己相信我就是那个漂亮、聪明、平易近人的女孩。她在男生讲各种蠢笑话时咯咯地笑,适时低下眼睛假装害羞;在男生高谈阔论的时候表现出顺从。这些事情仍记忆犹新,事实上,这个方法真的很有效。那些男生都因此更喜欢我,包括原来那些不喜欢我的,而我也乐得继续假装下去。这些都是有意识的假装,但是同时,我却被此激励鼓舞,并且感觉这确实是完全真实的表演。201403/279243

One of the most important ways that we are delivering these benefits is by working closely with partners to deliver comprehensive enterprise solutions.要使客户享受到以上益处,我们的主要作法之一就是与合作伙伴紧密合作,从而为客户提供更全面的企业解决方案。With the acquisition of Digital, we have enhanced our ability to provide customized solutions for key markets like finance, manufacturing and communications.随着对DEC的收购,康柏增强了其为重要市场,如金融市场、生产制造市场以及通讯市场等提供定制解决方案的能力。But many of our customers - big and small - are looking for packaged, high-volume solutions that they can implement quickly and efficiently.但我们的大多数客户--无论规模大小--都在期望我们能够提供大容量的套装解决方案,以便使其能够迅速高效的进行实施。This is an area where Compaq has an opportunity to change the competitive landscape.在这里,康柏有机会改变竞争的格局。Let me explain.现在让我解释一下。Two strategic inflections have emerged over the last decade.在过去十年间发生了两种战略性的变革。The first was standards based platforms.第一种即是基于标准平台的出现。The second was the replacement of custom applications with packaged applications from companies like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and others. IDC projects that 72 percent of all new enterprise applications purchased this year will be shrink-wrapped.第二种即是套装的应用软件取代了客户化应用软件,推出这种套装应用软件的厂商有SAP、Oracle、Microsoft以及其它一些厂商。IDC公司预计今年销售的所有企业应用软件中有72%将是套装软件。Today, we are approaching a new inflection point based upon tools, information and methods that will simplify implementation of industry standard applications.今天,我们正面临着一个新的转折点,这次转折将以工具、信息和方法为基础,它们将简化工业标准应用软件的使用。In fact, I foresee a day when enterprise applications will work almost as plug-and-play modules. An information manager will take the software module plug it in to his information infrastructure and see an immediate return on the companys investment.实际上,我已经可以预见到会有那么一天,公司的应用软件几乎可以象即插即用的模块一样易于使用。信息管理人员可以拿出一个软件模块,将其插入公司的信息基础设施中,并且亲眼看到公司的投资获得即时回报。It may be hard to conceive of today but its going to happen.这一切在今天似乎难以想象,但终有一天将成为现实。Compaq is turning its knowledge and expertise into repeatable, volume-based solutions that we will make available to customers through Compaqs large reseller network and dedicated websites.康柏正在将其知识和技能转变成可重复利用的大容量解决方案,我们可以通过康柏巨大的分销商网络和专门的站点向客户提供这些解决方案。Next month, for example, we will introduce an enterprise extranet that will standardize the knowledge and best practices we have collected around planning, designing, implementing and managing enterprise solutions.例如,下个月,我们将推出一种企业外联网,这种外联网将把我们在企业解决方案的规划、设计、实施和管理方面长期以来积累的知识和最佳的实践经验进行规范化。This knowledge will be available to channel partners and, ultimately, customers in the form of tools and enablers that will help them plan more effectively deploy more rapidly and operate more efficiently.这些知识同时将向我们的渠道合作伙伴和客户以工具或授权的方式提供,它可以帮助客户更高效地规划,更快速地安装并且更有效地运行其计算环境。201311/264736

When a new inhabitant moves into the tower,当一个新的居住者搬进这座大楼,they aly have a roof over their head,他们已经有一个可以遮盖的房顶,so they just typically mark their space with a few curtains or sheets.所以他们通常只是使用很小的窗帘和单子来突出他们的地方。Slowly, from found materials, walls rise,慢慢地,从现成的材料,高墙,and people create a space out of any found objects or materials.人们创造了一个从任何现成物体和材料搭建的空间。Its remarkable to see the design decisions that theyre making,看到他们的设计规划决定很让人惊叹,like when everything is made out of red bricks,例如当所有东西都是红砖建的时候,some residents will cover that red brick with another layer of red brick-patterned wallpaper just to make it a kind of clean finish.一些居民会在红砖墙外覆盖上另一层红砖样式的墙纸只为了让它看上去有干净的感觉。The inhabitants literally built up these homes with their own hands, and this labor of love instills a great sense of pride in many families living in this tower.这些居住者真的是用他们的双手来搭建自己的房子,这种充满着爱的劳动渗透出一种伟大的自豪感充盈在很多住在这儿的家庭里。They typically make the best out of their conditions,他们特别是要尽最大可能利用他们周围的环境and try to make their spaces look nice and homey,来让他们的生活空间更温馨,更有家的感觉,or at least up until as far as they can reach.或者至少做到他们能尽的最大可能。Throughout the tower, you come across all kinds of services, like the barber,在大楼里,你可以找到各种各样的务,比如理发店,small factories, and every floor has a little grocery store or shop.小铺子,每层都有小的食品杂货店和商店。And you even find a church.你甚至可以找到一个教堂。And on the 30th floor, there is a gym where all the weights and barbells are made out of the leftover pulleys from the elevators which were never installed.并且在30层有一个健身房那里所有的器械和杠铃都是由剩下的滑轮制成的,这些滑轮是从那些没有安装的电梯上拿来的。From the outside, behind this always-changing facade,从外面,在这个不断变化的外墙后面,you see how the fixed concrete beams provide a framework for the inhabitants to create their homes in an organic, intuitive way that responds directly to their needs.你可以看到固定的混凝土梁柱是如何为居民提供一个房屋框架以便让他们以一种有机而直观的方式去搭建他们的房子来直接应对他们的需求。Lets go now to Africa, to Nigeria,让我们现在去看看非洲,尼日利亚,to a community called Makoko,来到一个叫马卡卡的住宅区,a slum where 150,000 people live just meters above the Lagos Lagoon.一个居住着15万人的贫民窟住在仅在拉各斯湖上面几米的地方。201601/422874

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