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三峡仁和医院看前列腺炎好吗荆门龟头炎症宜昌治疗早泄贵不贵 Businesses must brace for further cyber attacks this week on a potentially “significant scale”, British intelligence officials warned yesterday, less than 48 hours after the debilitating WannaCry software virus swept across the world.毒性较大的“想哭”(WannaCry)软件病毒肆虐世界各地不到48小时之后,英国情报官员昨日警告,企业本周必须准备好对付进一步的网络攻击。Data show more than 1.3m computer systems are still vulnerable to infection by WannaCry, which paralysed hospitals, disrupted transport networks and immobilised businesses, according to cyber security analysts.据网络安全分析人士介绍,数据显示,超过130万电脑系统仍然容易被“想哭”感染,这种勒索软件已经致使医院瘫痪、扰乱了运输网络,还使企业无法运转。So far, 200,000 computers across 150 countries are known to have been infected in the first wave of the cyber attack, Europol said yesterday. “The recent attack is at an unprecedented level and will require a complex international investigation to identify the culprits,” Europe’s police agency added.欧洲刑警组织(Europol)昨日表示,迄今已有150个国家的20万台电脑在第一波网络攻击中受到感染。“最近这起袭击达到前所未有的水平,将需要展开一场复杂的国际调查来找出幕后黑手,”该组织补充称。Intelligence agencies in Europe and the US spent the weekend warning companies and organisations that the threat from the ransomware — malicious software that encrypts machines’ hard drives and demands payment to release the data — may escalate.周末期间,欧洲和美国的情报机构忙着警告企业和组织,来自勒索软件(对电脑硬盘进行加密,然后要求交钱以换取释放数据的恶意软件)的威胁可能会升级。(上图为“想哭”软件病毒的勒索信息。——编者注)“We are aware of attempts to attack other UK centres beyond the health service,” Ciaran Martin, director of the National Cyber Security Centre, an arm of the electronic intelligence agency GCHQ, told the Financial Times.“据我们掌握,有一些针对医疗部门以外的英国其他中心的攻击企图,”隶属英国电子情报机构——政府通信总部(GCHQ)的国家网络安全中心(National Cyber Security Centre)主任夏兰?马丁(Ciaran Martin)告诉英国《金融时报》。He said although the agency had warned British organisations there were likely to be further attacks today, there was no evidence WannaCry had been updated by its creators to address the element in its coding that halted its sp late on Friday. Officials still believe WannaCry is the creation of a criminal group.他说,尽管该机构已警告英国境内的组织:今日可能会发生进一步攻击,但尚未有据明,“想哭”的作者已更新其代码,以解决导致其在上周五停止传播的编码问题。官员们仍然相信,“想哭”是一个犯罪集团的产物。“With the National Crime Agency we have an around-the-clock effort to work out who is responsible,” Mr Martin said. “We have a number of leads but we can’t comment on them.”“我们正与国家打击犯罪局(National Crime Agency)合作,全天候追查罪魁祸首,”马丁表示。“我们有一些线索,但现在不能置评。”Anthony Ferrante, a former director for Cyber Incident Response at the US National Security Council, said: “We could see activity on Monday morning when people show up for work.”美国国家安全委员会(National Security Council)网络事件响应(Cyber Incident Response)前主任安东尼?费兰特(Anthony Ferrante)表示:“周一上午,当人们上班后,我们可能会看到一些活动。”Mr Ferrante, now managing director at FTI Consulting’s forensics and litigation unit, said the US government was taking the threat “extremely seriously”.如今担任富事高咨询(FTI Consulting)司法鉴定和诉讼部门董事总经理的费兰特表示,美国政府“非常重视”这一威胁。The list of organisations hit by WannaCry has lengthened in the past 48 hours: alongside Britain’s National Health Service, which saw more than a third of hospitals and clinics incapacitated, victims include German rail operator Deutsche Bahn, US logistics group FedEx, Russia’s interior ministry, French carmaker Renault, Spanish telecoms group Telefónica and state-owned China National Petroleum Corp.“想哭”袭击的组织名单在过去48小时变得更长:除了英国国家医疗务体系(NHS)三分之一以上的医院和诊所陷于瘫痪,受害者还包括德国铁路(Deutsche Bahn)、美国物流集团联邦快递(FedEx)、俄罗斯内务部、法国汽车制造商雷诺(Renault)、西班牙电信(Telefónica)以及国有的中国石油天然气集团公司(CNPC)。Despite urgent appeals from security authorities for organisations to address the critical Windows security vulnerability exploited by WannaCry, many still have not done so. “We must change our approach,” said Julian King, EU security commissioner. “We all need to take responsibility for cyber security.”尽管安全部门紧急呼吁各组织堵上“想哭”利用的Windows严重安全漏洞,但仍有许多组织没有这样做。“我们必须改变我们的做法,”欧盟安全专员朱利安?金(Julian King)表示,“我们都需要对网络安全负责。” /201705/509185宜昌男健医院网上预约

宜昌中心人民医院不孕不育多少钱湖北省宜昌前列腺炎哪家医院最好 Xia Dynasty夏朝General概况The first prehistoric dynasty is said to be Xia, from about the twenty-first to the sixteenth century B.C.第一个史前朝代应该是夏朝,从公元前21世纪至公元前16世纪。Until scientific excavations were made at early bronze-age sites at Anyang, Henan Province, in 1928,在1928年对河南省安阳的青铜时代早期遗址进行系统挖掘以前,it was difficult to separate myth from reality in regard to the Xia.将关于夏朝的传说同现实区分开是困难的。But since then, and especially in the 1960s and 1970s,但是从那时起,尤其是在20世纪60年代和70年代,archaeologists have uncovered urban sites, bronze implements, and tombs that point to the existence of Xia civilization in the same locations cited in ancient Chinese historical texts.考古学家们开掘出了位于与古代中国历史文章中提到的相同位置的城区、青铜器以及墓穴,而这些都表明了夏王朝的存在。At minimum, the Xia period marked an evolutionary stage between the late Neolithic cultures and the typical Chinese urban civilization of the Shang dynasty.至少,夏朝标志着新石器文化末期与商朝典型的中国城市文明之间进化的阶段。 /201508/393948宜昌割包皮多少钱

宜昌哪个医院治疗前列腺增生好HONG KONG — An online payment affiliate of Alibaba Group, the Chinese e-commerce giant, said on Tuesday that it had raised .5 billion from investors in an indication of its larger ambitions. 香港——周二,中国电商巨头阿里巴巴集团旗下的一家在线付公司宣布从投资者手中募集到45亿美元。这一迹象表明,该公司的抱负在扩大。 The affiliate, called Ant Financial, is one of the world’s largest electronic-payments companies by virtue of Alipay, a payment service resembling PayPal that is commonly used in China. Like Alibaba, it is controlled by Jack Ma, one of China’s richest men. 凭借付宝,名为蚂蚁金的这家公司成为了全世界最大的电子付企业之一。付宝是一种与PayPal类似的务,在中国使用广泛。和阿里巴巴一样,蚂蚁金由中国数一数二的富豪马云掌控。 Ant Financial is part of a rising trend in online payments in China, where slow state-run banks and an initial lack of regulation allowed faster-moving private-sector companies to integrate themselves into many facets of Chinese life. Ant Financial has added to Alipay a whole range of Internet financial services, like low-risk money market funds and a wallet app that enables easy payment from smartphones around China. 蚂蚁金是中国日益高涨的在线付潮流的一部分。在中国,国有效率低下,再加上起初的监管欠缺,使得反应更迅速的私营公司能够融入民众生活的诸多方面。蚂蚁金为付宝增添了一系列互联网金融务,如低风险货币市场基金和一款钱包应用。该应用使中国各地的用户能够通过智能手机轻松付款。 Ant Financial, which is privately owned, did not disclose details about the size of the stake the investors will hold. It said the investors included a number of state-controlled Chinese companies, including arms of China Construction Bank and China Life, indicating the level of government support Ant Financial enjoys in a country where much of the economy is still state-directed. 蚂蚁金属私人公司,并未透露有关投资者持股规模的细节。公司宣布的投资者涵盖多家国有企业,包括中国建设和中国人寿的分机构。这表明,在很多经济领域仍由国家指导的中国,蚂蚁金得到了政府的持。 In a move that could further ingratiate the company with Chinese officials, Mr. Ma has said he hopes to take Ant Financial public in China. China’s markets have been turbulent in recent months and saddled investors with losses. Alibaba has not disclosed timing, and the fund-raising on Tuesday suggests it could have enough money to take its time selling shares to the public. 马云一直表示希望让蚂蚁金在中国上市。此番表态可能会令该公司进一步讨好中国官员。最近几个月,中国市场动荡不安,投资者蒙受了不少损失。阿里巴巴尚未公布上市的时间安排,而周二宣布的融资也表明,它可能有足够的资金,可以从容推进公开募股一事。 In its statement on Tuesday, Ant said it would use the money it had raised to support its global expansion and also would continue its work to connect rural Chinese with its payment, loan and banking services. 在周二的声明中,蚂蚁金表示将把筹集到的资金用来持全球扩张,并表示将继续致力于把中国农村地区同其付、贷款和业务连接起来。 Chinese consumers use Alipay to shop online, transfer money to each other, hail taxis, buy movie tickets and even invest their spare change. A money-market fund affiliated with Ant Financial was once one of the world’s largest. According to the release on Tuesday, Alipay has more than 450 million users. 中国消费者可以使用付宝网购、转账、叫出租车、买电影票,甚至用零钱投资。蚂蚁金旗下的一货币市场基金的规模一度在全世界名列前茅。根据周二的声明,付宝用户已超过4.5亿。 Still, Ant Financial and Alipay face intense competition from Tencent Holdings, a Chinese rival that owns the WeChat mobile-messaging system. Tencent has integrated e-commerce and financial services into recent versions of WeChat, encouraging uses as varied as department stores, municipal water and electricity departments and neighborhood bicycle repair shops and noodle stands. 不过,蚂蚁金和付宝依然面临着来自竞争对手腾讯控股的激烈竞争。腾讯拥有移动端即时通讯平台微信。在微信的最近几个版本中,腾讯加入了多项电子商务和金融务,鼓励用户通过它们去连接百货商店和市政水电部门,乃至社区里的自行车修理铺和面点摊。 Ant Financial came into existence as a separate company amid controversy. Alibaba separated the two businesses in 2011, motivated, it said, by regulatory concerns. Yahoo, which then owned more than 40 percent of Alibaba, said it learned of the move only after it was completed. 蚂蚁金是在争议声中成立的一家单独的公司。2011年,阿里巴巴对两项业务进行了分离。阿里巴巴自称是出于监管方面的考虑才这么做的。当时持有阿里巴巴逾40%股份的雅虎(Yahoo)则称分离完成后才获悉此事。 As a result, investors did not get a share of that business when they bought shares of Alibaba in 2014, when it listed its shares publicly in the ed States. At the time, many pointed to Ant as being in charge of some of the more innovative ideas that Alibaba had recently developed. 因此,当阿里巴巴2014年在美国首次公开募股时,投资者即使购买阿里巴巴的股票,也并不持有蚂蚁金的股份。当时,很多迹象表明,阿里巴巴在那不久前形成的很多更有创新性的主意,均由蚂蚁金负责。 /201604/439937 The world#39;s most popular messaging apps are failing to adequately protect users#39; security and privacy, according to Amnesty International.据国际特赦组织表示,世界上最受欢迎的即时通讯软件正面临无法充分保护用户隐私和安全的境地。Amnesty looked at 11 of the most popular messaging apps and found big variations in security. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp came out on top, with scores of 73 out of 100.国际特赦组织观察了11个最受欢迎的即时通讯软件,发现了在安全问题上的巨大差别。脸书手机即时通和WhatsApp位于前列,在满分100分中得到了73分。;For example in WhatsApp, the application uses very strong encryption,; said Amnesty#39;s Sherif Elsayed-Ali led the research, who led the research. ;It does a very good job of telling people what kind of encryption it uses and how it protects people#39;s information.;这项研究的负责人、国际特赦组织的谢里夫·艾尔赛义德-阿里表示:;比如说,在WhatsApp这个应用软件里使用了很强的加密法。在告知人们他们使用了何种加密法以及如何保护人们的信息安全方面,这个应用软件做得不错。;Conversely, Skype — which is owned by software giant Microsoft — and Snapchat performed poorly.相反,图片分享软件Snapchat以及软件巨头微软旗下的网络电话Skype表现得并不好。;They do not use end-to-end encryption, which is essentially a kind of encryption that means that only the sender and the receiver are able to the messages,; Elsayed-Ali said.艾尔赛义德-阿里说:“他们没有使用点对点的加密法,这种算法基本上只允许信息的发送者和接收者读到信息。”Snapchat disputes Amnesty#39;s conclusions, and says privacy and security are ;foundation values.;不过Snapchat对国际特赦组织的这一结论提出了质疑,并称隐私和安全问题是他们“赖以建立的基础”。Microsoft told VOA in a statement: ;Skype uses encryption and a range of other technical security measures, and we protect people#39;s privacy through legal challenges, advocacy, and strong policies to notify customers when we receive government requests for their data.;而微软则在一份声明中向“美国之声”透露:“Skype使用了加密法以及一系列技术安全措施,当政府要求我们用户的信息时,我们也通过法律质询、律师工作以及强硬政策来告知用户。”At the bottom of Amnesty#39;s rankings was the Chinese firm Tencent, which owns the messaging apps WeChat and QQ. It scored zero out of 100.在国际特赦的排名中,垫底的是中国网络公司腾讯。微信和QQ都是腾讯旗下的即时通讯软件。它们的得分是0分。 /201611/478244宜昌市泌尿系统在线咨询宜昌人民医院能治疗前列腺炎吗



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