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Beer was the staple drink in Mesopotamia and was issued as rations to workers.啤酒是美索不达米亚的主要饮料,用以分配给工人饮用。Money, laws, trade, employment; this is the stuff of early writing, and it#39;s writing like the writing on this little tablet that changes the nature of state control and state power-bureaucratic and economic.金钱、法律、贸易、雇佣:这些便是早期写作的内容。 如本节中写字板般的记录,最终改变了国家管理与政府权力的本质。Only later does writing move from rations to emotions; the accountants get there before the poets.到后期,文字的作用才从记录变为抒情,这也就是说,会计师掌握书写的年代远比诗人更早。It#39;s all thoroughly bureaucratic stuff, and so we asked Gus O#39;Donnell, the head of the British civil service, to talk to us about why he thinks the first writing in Mesopotamia was about organising the state:文字是彻头彻尾的行政系统的产物。我曾为此询问英国内阁秘书长格斯奥唐奈爵士的看法:;This tablet is amazing. You#39;ve got a civil service here, starting to come into place in order to record what#39;s going on.这块写字板是对文字的最早记录,同时,它也能让我们了解早期国家的发展,当时巳有公务人员开始记录正在发生的事。Here is very clearly the state paying some workers for some work that#39;s been done, they need to keep a track of the public finances, they need to know how much they#39;ve paid: it needs to be fair.;很明显,这里记录的是国家向工人分发工作报酬。他们需要将公共财政的出记下来,并了解付出的酬劳有多少,这些都要秉公处理。So, by 3000 , the people who had to manage the various city-states of Mesopotamia were discovering how to use written records for all kinds of day-to-day administration, keeping large temples running or tracking the movement and storage of goods.公元前三千年,美索不达米亚各个城邦的管理者发现了如何将文字记录运用到日常管理,运用到大型庙宇的运作、活动记录以及货物储存中的方法。Most of the early clay tablets in our collection, like this one, come from the city of Uruk, roughly halfway between modern Baghdad and Basra.大部分的早期黏土板,如本节中的这块,都来自今巴格达与巴士拉之间的乌鲁克。Uruk was just one of the large rich city-states of Mesopotamia that had grown too big and too complex for anyone to be able to run them just by word of mouth. Gus O#39;Donnell again.乌鲁克是美索不达米亚的大型富庶城邦之一,城市已经发展得过于庞大复杂,无法仅靠口头表达来进行统治。奥唐奈爵士再次解释道。 Article/201406/306118

#39;They were a very important part of the Egyptian economy. It became essentially a symbol for life.#39; “它们是古埃及经济相当重要的一部分,牛在本质上已经成为一种生命的象征。” #39;It#39;s not that easy for archaeologists to pin down how food processing worked in these early stages, but some of these artefacts can give us a good insight into it.#39; “对于考古学家来说,精确地找出在这些人类早期阶段食品加工究竟是怎么样的,可不是一件轻松活;不过有些文物可以给我们提供一向很好的启示。”Our history of the world in 100 objects 100件藏品中的世界史A painted clay medel of four cattle, approximately 5 and a half thousand years old.四牛模型,绘泥塑,距今约五千五百年前。Four horned cows stand side by side upon fertile land. And indeed they#39;ve been grazing on their little patch of grass for about five and a half thousand years. They#39;re ancient Egyptian, more ancient even than the pharaohs or the pyramids.这四只带角的牛肩并肩站成在肥沃的土地上,它们就在那块小草地上吃草,渡过了五千五百年的漫长岁月。它们来自古埃及,甚至比古法老金字塔的年代还要久These cows are miniatures - small models, hand-moulded out of a single lump of Nile river clay. And on them you can still see very faint traces of black-and-white paint applied after the clay had been lightly baked. 这四只牛是实物小缩影,或者说是小模型,一次性手工造模成型,材料是一小块尼罗河粘土。在它们身上,当初粘土微火烘培后所涂上的黑白涂料仍旧留有隐隐约约的痕迹。Like toy farm-animals of the sort most of us played with as children, they stand only a few inches high, and the clay base that they share is roughly the size of a dinner plate. These cows were buried with a man in a cemetery near a small village near El Amra in southern Egypt. 就像我们当小孩时玩的玩具农场动物一样,这些陶牛模型站着有几英寸高,托着它们的粘土盘也就餐盘大小。这些陶牛是一个男性的随葬品,地置大概在南部埃及靠近El Amra地区的小村落附近。 Article/201404/288612

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!In addition to Presidents Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln, whose face is carved on Mount Rushmore? You know what to do. 除了华盛顿总统、杰斐逊总统和林肯总统,总统山上的面孔还有谁?你知道该怎么做,开始!Is it: Benjamin Franklin, Franklin Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt or John Adams? You#39;ve got three seconds, go!它是本杰明·富兰克林、富兰克林·罗斯福、西奥多·罗斯福还是约翰·亚当斯?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The missing man here is Theodore Roosevelt, the 26 president of the ed States. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.这里缺少的一位总统正是西奥多·罗斯福,美国第26任总统。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Yesterday, it was president#39;s day in the ed States. 昨天是美国的总统日。But what#39;s interesting is, it really wasn#39;t. 但是有趣的是,它其实并不是。Officially, the holiday is known as Washington#39;s Birthday. 从官方上讲,这个节日是华盛顿的生日。George Washington was born on February, 22 1732. 乔治·华盛顿于1732年2月22日出生。Congress eventually moved the celebration to a Monday, so government workers could get a three day weekend. 国会最终把庆祝日移到了周一,这样公务员会有一个三天的周末。What Congress didn#39;t do was officially change the name to president#39;s day in honor of Washington and Lincoln who were both born in February. 国会没有做的是正式把名字改成总统日来纪念都是出生在二月份的总统。Many Americans still call it President#39;s Day and Lincoln, after all, did get a memorial.许多美国人仍然叫它总统日,而最终林肯也得到了一座纪念堂。 /201402/277193British Army Team Ready To Scale EverestA team of British troops will set off to climb Mount Everest in April to raise awareness about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.There are a few places in Europe, more remote, in the cangons in winter, bleat, unpredictable, perfect conditions train for Everest. The team, all Afghan adventurers, want to raise the wareness for come back stress. The expedition also coincide with the some team ri of wooder 1, in 19 kinda of versary of maneries doomed attempt on the Everest. Coursed is the team doctor Tudato is hard to navigate. Mack ings skills are a central,everyone must be confident in each other. Suwner is her medcial skills but callden weption. Johner, the second commander, is falling through hold covered by the snow hit its arm hard on the boud.;It#39;s all right, he felt free that becal on this basic ownerbretion all freeze,on that big contretion big breeze. I need just not some the reminds, but watching unless mute quite geniles, he is lotpa, so gonna give some pain killers and I will recess him later, and get him some cold ilserna,and try get breson down. Yeah, he is tafi.;;We#39;ve just come through vally cold larick ecrak, and then up and over you coner should say it#39;s so misty now, but when now in something could show a mean gap which bow in the dewest, and chaps some ropes I#39;ll pile up and down pilst rope work. Drills t I#39;ve been doing two weeks time and time again,doing absolutely spot on when they get all rest, it#39;s perfect.;Crimer homeson honest get one, this is the triffic time feel the heads, parcle bearic spirits.;Won#39;t you start get into the ocktion dead, you start to lose it right attach we don#39;t so allien moved....;Tatakens is one member of the team who has successfully climbed the Everest before.;All the train preparation is really important, so I am the sky the guy, you know, carecly say, moving on the rock, moving on the snow and ice in the opposite white#39;s land and pull, and for progration for in the mountain , there quite proud to, to locreate guasing.;;Wofeving savfree they are zibuck,so, so let#39;s keep it.;On Everest, even the smallest tarf swarts will sakanergy like nothing, they#39;ve ever experienced.;Clim stay hightlight look at free each other eight for a wolf ates chales.;This is the last time the team will train together. They fly in just over a month the Himlayas and Everest.Else Bongus, Sky News, the Cangon in Scotland /201403/278620

尼尔·帕斯理查的客“一千个美妙时刻”讲述了生活中许许多多细小的快乐时刻,这些时刻包括得到免费续杯和用上干净的床单。在TED多伦多站系列演讲中,他揭示了让生活变得美妙的三个秘诀(都以字母A打头)。 Article/201303/230428

Gold Prices Drop as Investors Throw in TowelAnalysts cite a strengthening economy, dollar for the decline in precious metals.Gold, there’s a dramatic drop on Friday, and today gold is at its lowest point since March of 2011. What’s going on?Yeah, there seems to be a bit of give-up(抛弃) here in the gold market. The gold had a phenomenal rally(反弹) in last 12 years really. But it’s struggled in the past 6 months or so, and I think the fact that it, it wasn’t able to gain more attraction even with the Fed doing quantitative easing, and another Bank of Japan, doing quantitative easing, which in theory, would stimulate inflation. The inflation is not taking hold, and a lot of, I think a lot of speculative investors who bid in(故意出高价以便买得) gold are throwing in the towel(认输), giving up and that is feeding on itself right here. It’s, honestly, it’s getting kinda ugly for gold, and maybe we’re gonna till the end to sell off, but it’s not pretty right now.So is it officially in a bear market(空头市场) and will affect other industries?Yes, it’s officially in a bear market - as of this morning down more than 27% from its all time high. You know, it affects other industries and I think again the tide is back to the story, the broader story for the commodities, selling off amid fears that China’s economy is slowing, the US economy, you know, we’re doing it okey, but not great, Europe’s a basket case, Japan, they’re trying to get off the mess, so where’s the growth, where’s the great story that’s gonna drive the demand for commodities, maybe it’s Brazil, maybe it’s India, but there’s not enough there to really spur the kind of demand you need to get the prices moving higher from here. /201305/238094Malaysia said on Sunday that French satellites have spotted ;potential objects; in the southern search area for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet. Malaysia#39;s Transport Ministry said in a statement that Malaysia relayed these images to the Australian rescue co-ordination centre immediately after receiving them.马方于周日表示,法国卫星已经在南部的搜索区域发现了失联马航的疑似物体。大马交通部在一则通告中表示马方在接收到这些信息后立即将这些图像转发给了澳大利亚救援协调中心。Malaysia#39;s Ministry of Transport has released a press statement on the search for MH370. For more, our correspondent Rian Maelzer joins us from Kuala Lumpur.大马交通部已经就MH370的搜索工作发布了新闻声明。让我们连线我台记者Rian Maelzer,听听他从吉隆坡发回的信息。Rian, what does the statement contain? Does it have details about the new satellite images that France has provided?你好!这则新闻声明包含哪些内容?声明中是否有法方提供的卫星图像的相关细节? Article/201403/281630

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