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哈尔滨阳光妇儿医院评论怎么样Researchers have found that Zika virus can live in eyes and have identified genetic material from the virus in tears, according to a mouse study released last Tuesday.根据上周二发布的一项小鼠实验,研究人员已发现寨卡病毒可在眼部存活,并在眼泪中发现了寨卡病毒的遗传物质。The study, published the U.S. journal Cell Reports, may help explain why some Zika patients develop eye disease and suggests that contact with infected eyes may play a role in sping the disease.这项发布在美国期刊《细胞报告》上的研究,可能有助于解释为什么部分寨卡患者罹患眼疾。;Our study suggests that the eye could be a reservoir for Zika virus,; said Michael Diamond, professor of medicine at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and one of the study#39;s senior authors.该研究的高级作者之一、圣路易斯华盛顿大学医学院的教授迈克尔·戴蒙德表示:;我们的研究表明,眼睛可能是寨卡病毒的储主。;;We need to consider whether people with Zika have infectious virus in their eyes and how long it actually persists.;;我们需要了解寨卡患者的眼部是否存在传染性病毒以及病毒实际可存活多久。;Zika virus causes mild disease in most adults but can cause brain damage and death in fetuses.寨卡病毒在大多数成年人会引起轻微的疾病,但却可以导致胎儿的脑损伤和死亡。About a third of all babies infected in utero with Zika show eye disease such as inflammation of the optic nerve, retinal damage or blindness after birth.在子宫中感染寨卡病毒的婴儿,大约有三分之一出现了眼部疾病,如视神经发炎、视网膜受损或失明的征状。In the new study, the researchers infected adult mice under the skin, similar to the way humans are infected by mosquitoes, and found live virus in the eyes seven days later. That means that Zika is able to travel to the eye.在这项新研究中,科学家为模仿蚊子叮咬而在老鼠皮下注射寨卡病毒,七天后他们发现老鼠的眼睛里有寨卡病毒。这意味着寨卡病毒可以到达眼睛中。;Even though we didn#39;t find live virus in mouse tears, that doesn#39;t mean that it couldn#39;t be infectious in humans,; said Jonathan Miner, the study#39;s lead author.该研究的第一作者乔纳森·迈纳表示:;虽然我们未在老鼠眼泪中发现活病毒,但这不表示它对人类无传染性。; /201609/466391哈尔滨市妇女儿童医院预约四维彩超 Fastest growing economy - The country was illiterate, poor and backward compared to the rest of the world up until a few decades ago, but that changed and it#39;s changing so fast. It’s simply fascinating.快速发展的经济——几十年前,中国和其他国家相比无疑是贫穷、落后的。但是,现在发生了变化,变得如此之快。这太让人吃惊了!Entertainment - China offers the unlimitted amount of entertainment, leisure and numerous different activities for having fun. The nightclubs here are giants stadiums with IMAX 3D screen, they have things like escape rooms, unbelievable theme parks, outdoor natural parks and much more.方式丰富——中国有太多的活动了,3D巨屏电影、密室逃脱、主题公园、夜店等等。Technologically, China is of course advanced in many ways. For example, electric transport has been very developed here for years. You can find electric bikes, personal transportation vehicles (like kick scooters or mono wheels), electric taxis and cars, even electric buses.中国在很多技术方面都很先进。特别是电子交通方面。你可以找到电瓶车、电动汽车,甚至是电动公交车等等。The Chinese messenger app (WeChat) is very advanced and makes it easy to make payments and much more; it’s a technology marvel.微信这款app非常先进,付钱超级方便还有更多的功能!真是一个科技的奇迹!Safety——In most places you won#39;t see any police. In some others they are present in security posts. They just do their job, i.e. sit there silently and behave reasonably, adding to the security and order.安全——在很多地方你几乎看不到警察。有些时候,他们会出现在安检口,只是静静坐在那里,履行他们的工作,维护治安。China has the 27th lowest murder rate in all 218 countries and regions.中国,在全球218个国家和地区中,谋杀率排倒数27位。Murder rate in US is 4.7, while the rate in China is 1.0.美国的谋杀率是4.7而中国的谋杀率只有1.0。I#39;ll give you an example from the city I live in, Shenzhen. There are two giant parks I live near. I regularly go walking or “ninebotting” through those parks at 2AM or later. I wouldn’t try doing that in San Francisco or New York City.我住在深圳,附近有两个大公园。我经常会凌晨两点或者更晚去那儿散步。但我从来不敢在旧金山、纽约这么做。Last time I got scared in the park, it was 4AM and I heard a strange noise from behind the trees. I went around the corner to investigate and there was an elderly couple practicing Tai Chi.上次,凌晨四点,我在公园里听到了一些奇怪的声音,我很害怕。跑过去一看,竟然是对老夫妻在那打太极。 /201704/503754哈尔滨武警黄金医院看病贵吗

哈尔滨妇儿医院的地址 More unusual addictions更多不常见的上瘾Addictions are persistent, obsessive behaviors and sufferers will feel anxious if they can’t do them, regardless of any negative consequences. But while most people imagine addictions to be related to drugs or alcohol did you know there are other more unusual ones involving food and drink that can be equally as damaging?上瘾是持续的着迷行为,不管会带来多少负面影响,如果上瘾者不做则会感到焦虑。然而尽管大多数人认为上瘾是与药物或酒精相关,但你知道吗,还有更多涉及饮食的不常见上瘾也会带来同样的危害。French fries炸薯条Thirty-something American woman Amber Scott has only eaten French fries since she was a child. She suffers from Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) that affects her ability to eat a balanced diet.30多岁的美国女性安贝#8226;斯科特打小时候起就开始吃炸薯条了。现在她患有抗激限制性食物摄入紊乱(ARFID),这一疾病影响了她饮食平衡的能力。Harm rating: This mental illness can lead to serious nutritional deficiencies.危害评级:这一精神疾病会导致严重的营养失调。Bananas香蕉Diet guru Freelee the Banana Girl eats a largely raw diet that’s fruit and veg based; it’s not unusual for the Australian to eat between 30-50 bananas a day.饮食专家“香蕉姑娘Freelee”会吃大量的果蔬天然食物;对这位澳大利亚姑娘来说每天吃30-50个香蕉都不是事儿。Harm rating: Bananas are rich in potassium, which is essential to health but too much can put a strain on the kidneys.危害评级:香蕉富含钾元素,这对身体健康至关重要,但钾元素过多则会导致肾脏压力过大。Milk牛奶A woman called Sandra, from Stockport in the UK, is addicted to milk. She’s drunk about 10 pints (nearly 6 liters) a day for decades and will do a midnight shop if she’s running low.来自英国斯托克波特的女子桑德拉有牛奶上瘾癖。数十年来,她每天喝10品脱左右(近6升)的牛奶,如果午夜时分发现家里牛奶不够了,她甚至会出去购买。Harm rating: Too much of any one food can lead to a nutritional deficiency.危害评级:任何食物食用过多都会造成营养失调。Carrots胡萝卜It’s possible to develop a craving for carrots and numerous examples have been reported. Beta-carotene – an antioxidant that is converted in the body into vitamin A – is probably what people are drawn to.热爱胡萝卜是可能的,已报道过很多例子。β胡萝卜素是一种抗氧化剂,在人体内会转化为维他命A,可能这就是人们对胡萝卜上瘾的原因吧。Harm rating: Eating more than two pounds of carrots a day can turn the skin, nails and organs yellow, though this is reversible.危害评级:每天吃两磅以上的胡萝卜会使得皮肤、指甲和器官变成黄色,尽管这是可逆的。Cheese奶酪Countless people claim cheese is their weakness and there is some truth in its habit-forming quality. Cheese contains casein, which releases casomorphins into the body – peptides that trigger the brain’s opioid receptors, which are responsible for addiction.无以计数的人都宣称奶酪是他们的致命点,这一习惯形成品质是有一定道理的。奶酪含有酪蛋白,会在人体内释放酪啡肽,这种肽类会触发大脑中负责成瘾的阿片受体。Harm rating: Cheese is high in saturated fat, which can raise cholesterol and contribute towards obesity.危害评级:奶酪富含饱和脂肪,会提高胆固醇含量,导致肥胖。Tofu豆腐A Chinese man called He Dong had more than 400 kidney stones removed as a result of consuming large amounts of tofu.一位叫做何东的中国男性由于摄入了大量豆腐,体内移出的肾结石达400多个。Harm rating: Tofu, especially gypsum tofu, is a soy product high in calcium, too much of which can cause kidney stones.危害评级:豆腐,尤其是石膏豆腐,是一种豆制品,富含钙元素,摄入过多会造成肾结石。译文属 /201611/475918齐齐哈尔医学院附属第三医院预约巴彦县妇幼保健医院怎么走



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