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Most of us have to deal with them. The extra bit of flabby skin at the side of your abdomen troubles even the best of us.Here our VideoJug tips for getting rid of your love handles.大部分人都必须处理这种情况。即使我们中间状况最好的人也面临着腰间多余脂肪的烦恼。Step 1: Diet1.饮食Love Handles are a build up of fatty deposits at the side of your hips so the first thing you need to think about if you are serious about doing something about them is your diet. Exercise plays a part but if you continue to eat badly then this is going to cancel it out. Try and eat more foods which keep you fuller for longer such as proteins and fibre, which can be found in things like chicken, brown bs and cereals. This will stop you from the temptation of snacking and hopefully cut down on your sugary food intake. Plan your meals when you do a weekly shop and this will stop you over or under buying food and stop you having to get takeaways when there is no food in the house. It may even save you money too, so you will have more to spend on going out and showing off your new figure.赘肉是臀部两侧脂肪累积的结果,所以,如果要采取措施的话,首先要注意的就是饮食。锻炼也起到一定的作用,但是如果不注意饮食,锻炼也没有什么效果。多吃一些可以让你更长时间饱腹的食物,例如蛋白质和纤维,这些成分在鸡肉,全麦面包和谷类中都有。这样可以抑制你吃零食的欲望,也有望减少含糖食品的摄入。每周购物的时候做好计划,这样可以预防食品采购过量或不足,以免家里没有食物的时候去买方便食品。还可以省钱,当你外出的时候就有更多钱来配,同时展现你的身材。Step 2: Targeted exercises2.有目标的运动Twist Crunches - Lay on your back with your arms behind your head. Bend up your knee to the opposite elbow and hold for 5 seconds. Relax and repeat with the other leg. Do 10 repetitions of each to start off with.扭转躯体——平躺,手臂放在脑后。一条腿的膝盖向相反方向的肘部曲起,坚持5秒钟。放松,换另外一条腿。重复10次。Sit Up#39;s - These are a great way to tone the muscles in your stomach to compliment the weight loss on your hips. Please see VideoJug#39;s ;How to do sit-ups; for the perfect technique.仰卧起坐——这是锻炼腹部肌肉,减掉臀部赘肉的好方法。可以看一下本网站“怎样做仰卧起坐”视频节目,了解一下做仰卧起坐的技巧。Step 3: Aerobic exercises3.有氧运动Exercises such as running, cycling, swimming or even dancing are great ways of toning up your whole body and giving you more energy and stamina to train. Aerobic exercise helps with your overall fat burning regime. You can also introduce some simple resistance training such as weight lifting to help tone your newly developed muscles.跑步,骑自行车,游泳,甚至跳舞等运动都可以锻炼全身,让你有更多精力和耐力。有氧运动可以促进全身脂肪燃烧。还可以加入一些简单的耐力训练,例如举重,帮助你增强新形成的肌肉。Step 4: Tips4.建议Try training with a friend as you will motivate each other if one of you is having a down day. A specially made music selection of upbeat tunes will also give you that feel-good feeling when you are working out.试着找个朋友和你一起锻炼,这样当其中一人感到情绪低落的时候可以互相鼓励。锻炼的时候听一点积极上进的音乐也可以让你感觉比较好。Thanks for watching How To Get Rid Of Love Handles.感谢收看“怎样减掉腰间赘肉”视频节目。 Article/201302/226960Tengchong County is situated in Baoshan City, western Yunnan Province, China. It is well known for its volcanic activity.Various traditional villages around the town have been developed as tourist attractions. The village of Heshun features impressive architecture that was built with wealth from multi-generational trading families who sent children to Burma. A large but seasonal fresh water wetland to the north attracts bird-watchers and nature-lovers, and tourists also visit a commercially developed volcanic park to the south. Article/201009/112772

Today in History: Thursday, February 07, 2013历史上的今天:20132月7日,星期四On Feb. 7, 1964, the Beatles arrived in New York for their first American tour, kicking off rock #39;n#39; roll#39;s ;British invasion.;1964年2月7日,甲壳虫乐队第一次美国之旅抵达纽约,拉开了摇滚乐“英国入侵”的序幕。1812 Author Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, England.1812年,作家查尔斯·狄更斯在英国朴茨茅斯出生。1944 Germany launched a counteroffensive at Anzio, Italy, during World War II.1944年,二战期间,德国在意大利安齐奥发起反攻。1962 President John F. Kennedy imposed a full trade embargo on Cuba..1962年,约翰·肯尼迪总统对古巴实施全面贸易禁运。1974 The island nation of Grenada won independence from Britain.1974年,格林纳达岛国从英国获得独立。1984 Space shuttle astronauts Bruce McCandless II and Robert L. Stewart went on the first untethered space walk.1984年,航天飞机宇航员布鲁斯·麦卡二世和罗伯特L·斯图尔特第一次实行脱缰太空行走。1986 Haitian President-for-Life Jean-Claude Duvalier fled his country, ending 28 years of family rule.1986年,海地终身总统ean-Claude Duvalier逃离自己的国家,结束了28年的家庭统治。1990 The Soviet Union#39;s Communist Party gave up its monopoly on power by agreeing to let other political parties compete for control of the country.1990年,苏联共产党放弃其垄断权利,同意让其他政党争夺这个国家的控制权。1991 Jean-Bertrand Aristide was sworn in as Haiti#39;s first democratically elected president.1991年,Jean-Bertrand Aristide 宣誓就任海地首任民选总统。1992 European Community members signed the Maastricht Treaty, which led to creation of the euro.1992年,欧洲社区成员签署《马斯特里赫特条约》,此举导致欧元的制造。1995 Ramzi Yousef, the alleged mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, was arrested in Islamabad, Pakistan.1995年,涉嫌策划1993年世界贸易中心爆炸案的Ramzi Yousef在巴基斯坦首都伊斯兰堡被捕。1999 Jordan#39;s King Hussein died at age 63.1999年,约旦国王侯赛因去世,享年63岁。2011 AOL Inc. announced the 5 million purchase of The Huffington Post website.2011年,美国在线公司宣布以3.15亿美元收购《赫芬顿邮报》网站。 /201302/224853

如果一部音乐电视作品不是用来表达导演想传递的一个概念而是纯粹诠释音乐本身,会如何演绎呢?身为设计师的Jakob Trollback 和我们一起来分享他的创作。 Article/201302/226358

This is the exact moment that I started creating something called Tinkering School. 就是在那个时候我开办了一个叫做修补学校的项目。 Tinkering School is a place where kids can pick up sticks andhammers and other dangerous objects, and be trusted. Trusted not to hurt themselves, and trusted not to hurt others. Tinkering School doesn't follow a set curriculum. And there are no tests. We're not trying to teach anybody any specific thing.修补学校里,孩子们可以拿起木棍和锤子以及一些其他危险的物品,并且给予信任。相信他们不会让自己受伤,相信他们不会让他人受伤。修补学校没有固定的课程。也没有测试。我们不去尝试教任何人任何具体的事情。 When the kids arrive, they're confronted with lots of stuff, wood and nails and rope and wheels, and lots of tools, real tools. It's a six-day immersive experience for the kids. And within that context, we can offer the kids time. Something that seems in short supply in their over-scheduled lives. Our goal is to ensure that they leave with a better sense of how to make things than when they arrived, and the deep internal realization that you can figure things out by fooling around.当儿童来这的时候他们将会接触到很多东西,木头,铁钉,绳索及轮胎, 以及很多很多工具,真正的工具。这六天对儿童来说是一个身临其境的体验。 并在这方面,我们可以提供时间给孩子。 这些似乎就是他们所缺少的在日程过满的生活中。我们的目的是确保在他们离开的时候能更好的理解怎么去建造东西比他们来之前更好的理解,以及一个扎根于内心的领悟那就是你瞎忙也可以搞明白一件事情。 Nothing ever turns out as planned ... ever.And the kids soon learn that all projects go awry -- (Laughter) and become at ease with the idea that every step in a project is a step closer to sweet success, or gleeful calamity. We start from doodles and sketches. And sometimes we make real plans. And sometimes we just start building. Building is at the heart of the experience. Hands on, deeply immersed and fully committed to the problem at hand. Robin and I, acting as collaborators, keep the landscape of the projects tilted towards completion. Success is in the doing. And failures are celebrated and analyzed. Problems become puzzles and obstacles disappear.从没有任何事情是按照计划运行的,从来没有。然后孩子们马上就发现所有的项目都出了差错但同时也造就了一个轻松的想法,那就是在项目中的每一个过程都让你向甜蜜的成功靠拢,或者是一个欣喜的灾难。我们从涂鸦和草图开始。有时候我们也做一些真正的计划。有时候我们直接从建造开始。建造是体验的核心。动起手来,把自己深深的浸入和全力的投入到你手头的问题里。罗宾和我,就像合作伙伴,保持着这些项目向完成的方向进军。 功就在过程中。我们庆祝和分析失败。问题变成一个个迷题紧接着障碍消除了。When faced with particularly difficult setbacks or complexities, a really interesting behavior emerges: decoration. Decoration of the unfinished project is a kind of conceptual incubation. From these interludes come deep insights and amazing new approaches to solving the problems that had them frustrated just moments before.当我们遇到特定的困难的时候比如说挫折或复杂时,一个十分有趣的行为就显现出来了: 装饰。装饰那些未完成的作品是一种概念般的孵化。从这些间隙中产生了更深的见解以及解决问题的新奇尝试这些问题在此之前还让人沮丧。All materials are available for use. Even those mundane, hateful, plastic grocery bags can become a bridge stronger than anyone imagined. And the things that they build amaze even themselves.我们可以运用所有的材料。甚至是那些平凡,可恨的塑料购物袋也可以变为一个桥梁而且任何人都没想到可以如此坚固。有时候我们对我们自己所建造的东西感到惊讶。 Video: Three, two, one, go!影片中: 三,二,一,发射!Gever Tulley: A rollercoaster built by seven-year-olds.基弗尔·杜雷: 一个7岁小孩造的过山车。 Video: Yay! (Applause)影片中: 耶! Gever Tulley: Thank you. It's been a great pleasure. (Applause)基弗尔·杜雷:谢谢你们。这是我的荣幸。 Article/201003/99281【视频欣赏】How To Save Money on Howcast(视频受网速和浏览器影响,如果暂时没看到,请亲们耐心等待或换个浏览器(最好换成IE)试试哦!)【听力文本】People who manage to sock away money – even on a tight budget – all live by this motto: Make it over, use it up, make do, or do without. Now you can learn from their secrets!You Will NeedMotto Due diligence Quality merchandise Price monitoring Self-sufficiency Priorities Promotion codes (optional) Coupons (optional) Free shipping (optional) Store policies (optional) Step 1: Do your homework(在购买东西之前,先做好功课,对比价格)Do your homework before buying anything, especially big-ticket items. With the internet, comparison shopping is easier than ever.Once you’ve made a buying decision, search online for “promotion codes,” “coupons,” and “free shipping.”Step 2: Invest in quality(买质量好的)Buy quality merchandise. It’s cheaper in the long run because it won’t need to be fixed as often or replaced as soon.Step 3: Check every receipt(审查每一笔账单,不要多付)Check every store receipt and restaurant bill to make sure you’ve been charged correctly. If you put a meal on a credit or debit card, keep the restaurant receipt to compare with your credit card or bank statement; some restaurants engage in so-called “tip-jacking,” – adding in a tip or increasing the one you gave them.Know the store policy on price accuracy; some give away an item if it’s scanned higher than the advertised cost.Step 4: Ask yourself this question(在买东西之前,给自己2天时间缓冲)When buying a non-necessity, like clothing, ask yourself if you really, really love it. If not, put it back. Even if you do love it, wait a few days before buying it; by then, the urge may have completely passed.Step 5: Become a do-it-yourselfer(自己动手)Become a devotee of do-it-yourself. Learn how to make simple home repairs, do basic sewing, and cook meals from scratch.Step 6: Establish priorities(分清主次)Set priorities, such as home ownership or early retirement. Saving up is easier if you have savings goals.Researchers have discovered that thrifty people and spendthrifts tend to marry each other. Article/201005/104913由于费用高昂,路途遥远,在发展中国家,恒温箱的使用非常有限,这导致了每年上百万的早产儿夭折。TED成员简·陈展示了一款可以给上百万婴儿保暖的发明,是集安全使用,方便携带,格亲民,拯救生命于一身的发明。 Article/201203/175943

A knife hand strike can be used to hit an attacker in the neck or throat in self defence. Learn how to condition your knife hand and how to perform two different knife hand strikes with Richard Newcombe, instructor for the Taekwondo Association of Great Britain.来自大不列颠跆拳道协会的理查德前辈将向你展示如何使用剪刀手来攻击对方的颈部和喉咙以进行防御。Top Tips顶级秘诀The knife hand strike is performed with the outer part of the palm. It is soft tissue, but can be condition to form a harder outer skin which can be used to strike softer parts of the body such as the neck.剪刀手通过手掌的下半部分进行攻击。这个部位是软组织,但在一定的条件下可以对人体中更柔软的部位尽兴攻击,比如脖子。You can condition the knife hand by hitting a kick shield. As you get more advanced you can condition your knife hand on wood and breaking boards.你可以通过练习来提高剪刀手的攻击性,更高级的练习者能够徒手打破木头和木板。There are two versions of the knife hand strike, one moving in an inwards direction and one moving in an outwards direction.剪刀手一共可以分为两大类:外向挥出和内向合击。The inward moving knife hand strike is not as effective, but can be successfully used in close quarters.内向合击的剪刀手并不是那么有效,但是适合近身战。Thanks for watching How To Do A Knife Hand谢谢收看本期“自卫剪刀手”节目。 /201208/194875

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