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Less than 1% of Germans were Jewish,and few dared to now claim they were Communists.当时德国只有不到1%的犹太人,几乎没有人敢承认自己是共产党。So the vast majority of Germans were not at risk from prosecution as long as they embraced the new world of Nazism.大部分德国人没有遭迫害,只要他们拥护纳粹主义的新世界即可。And since unemployment was falling and the economy seemed to be picking up,many ordinary Germans now felt this was the beginning of a new, more optimistic era.由于失业率降低,经济似乎也开始回暖,很多德国老百姓觉得,这是乐观的新时代。At first, you were carried along by a wave of hope,because we had it better.引自德国学生记述 起初我们心中充满希望,因为社会变好了。We had order in the country. We had, well, security.国家有了秩序,人人有安全感。In particular, the young were taught the Nazi world view.特别是年轻人的纳粹世界观中。Most importantly, that Hitler was a flawless leader.最重要,希特勒是完美的领导人。These members of the Hitler Youth were the future soldiers of Germany,from whom Hitler would demand absolute loyalty.这些青年团成员,是德国未来士兵,希特勒要求他们绝对忠诚。It was hammered into us even in the Hitler Youth-Germany must live, even if we have to die.在青年团中我们被灌输这种思想,德国必须生存,即使要牺牲性命。Then, I realised that people in the Hitler Youth had a vulgar way of dealing with each other.当我看到其成员时,对待彼此都很粗鲁时。A very unpleasant and violent manner was customary.不客气和暴力习以为常。The way, for example, we were told,例如我们被告知。If your teachers havent yet grasped this new era,then smack them in the mouth!若你们的老师还不认可这个新纪元,就去掌掴他嘴巴。Now that they were in power, many of those close to Hitler found their belief in him had intensified still further.现纳粹掌权,本跟希特勒共事的人,对他信心更是有增无减。 译文属201512/416054Michigan has more than 280 contaminated sites that are ;orphans.; That means the company that made the mess no longer exists and the state has to deal with it.But Michigan is running out of money to tackle these environmental problems. That was not good news for Antrim County, home to one of the largest contaminated sites in the country. State management of an underground plume of trichlorethylene (TCE) has been crucial here for years and will be needed in the future.A lack of state funding to clean up the plume is causing concern Its been more than a decade since residents like Ruth Ann Clark went onto city water because of the TCE contamination. Her water comes from Mancelona, about eight miles away from her house.Clark has a small farm with llamas and donkeys. She says she spends more than 0 a month on water. She doesnt know if the TCE plume has reached her land yet, but shes not worried because she has clean water.;Its been okay,; she says with a smile.But its not okay for everyone in Antrim County. In fact, millions more dollars must be spent to keep all her neighbors safe. Where that money will come from is a critical question for this community.An expanding legacy of pollutionNot far from Clarks home is Summit Village, part of Shanty Creek Resort. The resort is one of the main drivers of economic growth in this area. It was purchased in 2007 and the new owners say theyve put another million into it.Realtor Donna Gundle-Krieg says a lot of money has been spent in Summit, one of three villages in Shanty Creek, where theres a hotel and conference center.;This is probably the area with the most expensive homes,; she says.But homes here will need to hook up to city water soon, because the TCE plume is moving towards them.Gundle-Krieg has a vacant lot listed in Summit Village for ,000. She doesnt expect to see a house on it anytime soon. She thinks it will be bought by someone who wants the beach access that goes with it on Lake Bellaire.There is some confusion about exactly what is happening with the water. Gundle-Krieg says she frequently comes across homeowners who say they werent told anything about the plume when they bought property and ask her what the situation is.Property owners between Mancelona and Bellaire have this trouble today because of a degreaser used to clean machinery 50 years ago.Herb Tipton got a job at Mount Clemens Metal Products in the 1960s.;The cleaning fluid was kind of a last resort,; Tipton says. ;It was expensive.;He says what they did use, they poured down the drain.;But I dont think anybody really knew the after-effects,; he says. ;Course, thats true all over the world.;Michigan comes up short for clean waterThe TCE plume sping across Antrim County might be the largest in the country, contaminating trillions of gallons of water.Thats too expensive to clean up, so the state has spent million to keep people from drinking the stuff. More will be needed to get clean water to everyone who will eventually need it. Thats why community leaders were surprised in 2014 when they were told there wasnt enough money to extend more water lines.They went to Lansing and proposed the state spend another million to expand and upgrade the city water system. The state offered 0,000.The idea that the state couldnt afford to protect drinking water in Antrim County sent shockwaves through the community last year.Dean Branson, with Three Lakes Association, says the states ability to manage this problem is critical. Without it, he says property becomes worthless since nobody will build a home on a lot that might not have clean water one day.;You arent going to pay anything for that lot,; Branson says. ;You arent even going to pay your taxes. Youre basically going to let it go back to the bank.;Branson helped work out a novel solution last spring. It involves the county sharing some of the costs of the next phase of work on the water system. Local governments seldom finance this kind of project. Its usually left to the state or federal government.The agreement was not easy to get. Some county commissioners said the state would find the money one way or another and voted against the plan. County officials insisted this is the only time theyll spend money on this problem.Who will pay?The agreement will protect everyone for a few years before more work is needed. Dean Branson says hes confident the state will be there to help.Thats because at a meeting this summer, a division chief from the Department of Environmental Quality told a room full of people that the state will protect their drinking water. On tape, Bob Wagner said if anyone asks the DEQ whether its safe to buy property in Antrim County, the answer will be ;yes.;;Its safe. Its fine,; he said. ;There is no risk. Its all managed. Thats our message.;Where the money will come from to keep that commitment is the question.More than 280 contaminated sites were identified in Michigan in 2014 that still need work, including the TCE plume coming from Mancelona, and there is no more money to start new projects. In fact, Wagner says the state might have to pull back on groundwater monitoring at some of these sites next year.The pool of money that has been used for this work in recent decades came from voter approved bonds. Voters have agreed to let Michigan borrow more than billion since 1988 for an array of environmental initiatives. Finding a new long-term funding source is one of the goals laid out in Michigans new water strategy, a comprehensive approach to a variety of water-related issues. Conversations about how that could happen are just beginning in Lansing.201601/422134Describing a newly-expanded U.S. missile defense system as a threat to his countrys security, 称新扩展的美国导弹防御系统对其国家安全构成威胁,on Friday Russian President Vladimir Putin sharply criticized western policy toward Moscow.周五,俄罗斯总统普京严厉抨击西方对莫斯科的政策。Arriving in Athens on a two-day visit, Putin emerged from talks with the Greek government to lash the ed States and NATO allies. 抵达雅典进行为期两天的访问,普京与希腊政府会谈抨击美国和北约盟国。He also accused them of stifling trade and energy cooperation with Russia.普金还指责他们遏制与俄罗斯的贸易和能源合作。The U.S. missile defense program was declared operational in Romania, earlier this month. NATO says the system is purely defensive.美国导弹防御计划于本月早些时候在罗马尼亚宣布投入运营。北约称该系统是纯粹防御性的。Putin said late Friday, ;We keep hearing that its not a threat against Russia, that its not aimed at Russia.;普京周五晚些时候说,“我们一直听到这对俄罗斯不是一个威胁,它不是针对俄罗斯。”译文属。201605/446622We just slide your hand like that,Its so smooth.There are someone smoking.我们挥挥手就能打开它 缓缓地开启 有人在这里抽烟Ok,its like a Star Trek door or something OK,so Im backstage now and heres my friend Ron.这像个星际迷航的门 现在我在后台 这是我的朋友Ronhow are you,Ron?Damn.Whatever,Ok,So here we go.你好吗?Ron 该死 不管了 我们这里开始We are backstage and this is because you usually see me on the other side.我们在后台 因为你们平时在另一边看到我So Im gonna come around this way.所以我今天从这边走This is where Andy usually gets his short shorts measured right here.这里是Andy量他的短裤的地方And these are not,well those arent done.Those are the long ones you wear,so.这裤子还没完成 这些是长的Those are what we are talking about,thats good.所以 这才是我们在说的东西 很好All right,great.So,ah,lets see what else happens back here.好,让我们看看这里还有什么发生Oh,these are our game show.Oh,I didnt know you were together.哦 这是我们的游戏 哦,我不知道你们是一对Okay,So,yeah,this is what they do.They show the...,look like that,right?One more time,yeah.这就是他们做的事 他们像这样展示这个 对吗? 再来一次So,and heres,this is Dave who actually does this whenever we do that he plays the harp.这个是Dave 他在我们做这个动作的时候弹竖琴的人Once again.Good job,really good.Especially the few strings you have right there.再来一次 干得好 真的很好 特别是你仅有的几根弦All right,Jones is right here.This is what you usually see me do I take a slip hmm,of water.这里是Jones 你们经常看到我吸一口水Then I throw the Mentos up here.Hmm,I missed.Sometimes I miss.So,this Usually I got it but today,so.然后把薄荷糖扔上去 我们接到 有时候我接不到 平时我能接到但今天没有And heres our Know or Go Machine right here.You are cleaning that Jason?这里是我们“Know or Go”机器 你在打扫它吗 Jason?Yeah.All right,So thats what happens when Know or Go Machine is up there.这就是“Know or Go”机器在这里的时候做的工作These arent hooked up right now and I would push that button.它们现在没有插电源 然后我按下按钮 /201604/436216

thats not hard thats thats the,my back is so far you can iron a shirt on my back一点都不难吧 你们看看 我的背几乎没有弧度 都可以在上面熨衣了and my feet closed together which is just harder to do than我的脚离的也很近 这样子难度要大很多you can,look how wide her feet,you can do that,you can definitely do that你们看看她两脚之间的距离宽很多 这样子谁都能做 绝对可以Actually those pushups have a name called ;the cheater pushups;事实上 我觉得这样的俯卧撑有个专有名词 叫做“山赛俯卧撑”all right,so lets keep the tap rolling来 继续往下看fourteen,fifteen,we were pretty good,we were both doing well十四 十五 我们都很厉害 我们其实不分上下and Im realizing I shouldnt keep,that embarrassing the first lady,I decided to stop不过我觉得如果我再继续做的话 会让第一夫人尴尬的 所以我收手了all right,so I have to say,that really is impressive话说回来 还是挺精的I mean really,thats the first lady Id say to do push-up我是说真的 第一夫人在做俯卧撑唉thats amazing,twenty-five push-ups很让人叹为观止 25个呢I mean I dont know when the last time youve tried to do put their heart to twenty five push-ups,that really impressive我不知道你们有没有试过 一鼓作气做25个俯卧撑 太让人钦佩了and I mean shes six years younger than me but I still think thats really虽然她比我还年轻了6岁 不过话说回来So congratulations on your ;victory;还是要恭喜你获得“胜利”and I do want a rematching the next time itll be knuckles下次有机会的话再较量一次 不过要做指节俯卧撑because I understand you cant do knuckle one but I can因为我知道你不会做 但是我会So the next time shes here well do knuckle push-ups所以下次比指节俯卧撑好了but anyway I thought that was pretty amazing,Im really really proud of her so er ;victory;,all right well be back.当然你做到那样已经很厉害了 实在我她的“胜利”感到骄傲 休息一会 马上回来 /201607/453522

But not all caves were created equal.但并非所有洞窟都生而平等。The base of the city complex is where the poor, foot soldiers, farmers and their families lived.下层洞窟住着穷困的步兵及农人。These labours worked at fields, constructed public works and served the rich.这些劳力在野外工作建造公共工程及为富人提供务。They were the foundation of Khri-bkra-shis-grangs-pa-ldes kingdom.他们是赤扎西扎巴德王朝的基础。Out here in the extreme harsh climate, a cave made quite a comfortable home.在极度严厉的气候中洞窟成为舒适的住所。The clay walls provided insulation from both a searing heat of summer and a freezing cold of winter.在洞窟内冬天温暖夏天凉爽。Climbing up the mountain also means climbing up the social ladder.顺着土山往上爬渐渐步向较高的社会阶层。Living in caves half way up, were merchants, the middle class and monks.住在土山中间地带的是商人,中产阶级及僧侣。Further up, the mountain becomes more fortress like, protecting those of higher status.更往上走,山变得更像要塞,保护社会阶级更高的人。At the very top, lived king Khri-bkra-shis-grangs-pa-lde, his family, the ministers and their retainers.最顶端住着赤扎西扎巴德国王,大臣及仆人。All the royal power was located on the summit of the Tsaparang formation, and its really like being in a penthouse.皇室宫殿位于札布让堡垒的顶端,形式真的很像一间阁楼。I mean you have un-obstructive views, 360 degrees, you can see the rest of the kingdom, the rest of the people below you.你拥有广阔的视野四周的景物尽收眼底,你能看到王国的其它部分和住在下层洞穴的人民。It really gave you a sense of being in command and Im literally on top of the world.真的会给你一种掌控感,还有,照字面上说,就是身处世界之巅。 译文属201601/421700

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