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2017年12月18日 16:47:26

Google ordered to give up info 谷歌被判需向制作公司提供用户信息 U.S. court orders Google to turn over to Viacom records for every watched on YouTube. ITN's Harry Fawcett reports.YouTube's multibillion-pound success was built initially on user-generated content; so successful has it become that the company's owner Google recently announced plans to pay contributors shares of advertising revenue. But as anyone who uses the site knows, and who doesn't, there are also vast amounts of professionally-made material, so why, says one film and TV giant, shouldn't it be paid as well?Hello, and welcome to This Week In God.Viacom's cases are far from being user-generated. Much of YouTube's most popular content is actually made at great expense on a commercial basis by film and television companies. And that for such material simply to be regurgitated free of charge on what essentially is a rival channel amounts to copyright theft.A New York court has granted Viacom access to Google's records of Internet Protocol addresses—every individual signature of every individual computer which has been used to watch clips on the site. Viacom has given what it calls an unequivocal promise not to use the information to uncover users' identities; it says it simply wants to find out how much of YouTube's business is predicated on people watching copyrighted material. So is there a real risk to privacy?It's actually much harder than it might seem to, to truly anonymize this quantity of data. It's not just a matter of taking off the usernames or even replacing the IP addresses with random-looking numbers. If you've got records of individuals viewing tens or hundreds or, in some cases, thousands of different YouTube s, it actually can be quite easy to link those together and then to link them back to a given individual.Google says it's disappointed that the court granted, what it calls, Viacom's overreaching demand for viewing history, and is pressing to be allowed to anonymize the information before it hands it over. But the search engine company has come into criticism itself from electronic privacy campaigners for keeping user data for commercial purposes. This high-stakes bet between old and new media giants has thrown a light on wider-reaching issues of privacy and anonymity on the Internet.regurgitate:v. to repeat facts, ideas etc that you have or heard without thinking about them yourself - used to show disapproval200811/56268深圳隆鼻需要多少钱At the ASEAN Defense Ministers meeting in Hanoi, Chinese Minister of Defense Liang Guanglie invited his U.S. counterpart Defense Secretary Robert Gates to visit China, in what seems like an easing of military tensions in the region.Diplomacy appears to be making some progress in reducing tensions at the ASEAN Plus Eight defense ministers' meeting. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations invited the ed States, China, Japan, Russia and other regional powers to address security issues in the Pacific.在东盟加八国国防部长的会议上,外交举措似乎为缓解紧张关系起到一定作用。东南亚国家联盟邀请美国、中国、日本、俄罗斯以及其他区域内大国一同商讨太平洋地区的安全问题。China resumes military relationsBy inviting Defense Secretary Robert Gates to visit next year, China is resuming high-level military relations with the ed States. Earlier in the year, China suspended military contacts because of U.S. planned arms sales to Taiwan.中国邀请美国国防部长盖茨于明年访问中国,这将恢复中美两国的高层军事交流。今年早些时候,中国由于美国对台军售而终止了与美国的军事接触。The Chinese Defense Minister also said talks with Japan's defense officials were positive. Tensions between the two countries have increased after a Chinese fishing boat collided with Japanese coast guard patrol ships in waters claimed by both sides.中国国防部长梁光烈还说,与日本防卫省官员的会谈是有建设性的。中日两国的紧张关系有所升级,原因是一艘中国渔船与日本海上保安厅巡逻船相撞,事发地点位于有争议的钓鱼岛水域。U.S. support for Southeast AsiaEarlier in the day, speaking to members of the military and students at the Vietnam National University in Hanoi, Secretary Gates sent a message to reassure Southeast Asia.星期一早些时候,盖茨在河内的越南国立大学对军官和学生们发表讲话时,对东南亚地区再度做出保。"I think all Asia can be confident that the U.S. intends to remain engaged in Asia as we have been for so many scores of years before and that we intend to be an active party, not only in economic and political matters but also in defense and security matters," Gates said.盖茨说:“我想整个亚洲都应当有信心,美国有意与亚洲继续保持接触,就像我们数十年来一直做的那样,我们也有意作为一个积极的参与者,不仅仅在经济和政治事务上,也包括国防和安全事务。”The ed States is concerned territorial disputes over small island chains in the region could hurt access to one of the world's busiest sea lanes.美国担心,由于对东南亚地区一些群岛的领土问题存在争议,这可能会影响到这里世界上最繁忙的海上通道之一。Beijing says its claims over the Spratly and Paracel islands are a "core national interest." Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia also claim all or part of the islands. Although largely uninhabited, the islands are believed to sit atop vast reserves of oil and natural gas.北京表示,中国对南沙群岛和西沙群岛拥有的主权涉及“核心利益”。台湾、越南、菲律宾、文莱和马来西亚也都声称拥有这些岛屿的全部或部分主权。201010/115466深圳市福田人民医院激光除皱多少钱The Neolithic新石器时代Boom-time machine时间机器解密:新石器时代的繁荣期A new technique lets archaeologists reconstruct the past in greater detail 考古新技术让考古专家们能更加详尽地重构远古原貌Building site, 3670公元前3670年的建筑遗址THAT economic expansion leads to building booms seems to have been as true 6,000 years ago as it is now. When agriculture came to Britain, it led to a surge of construction as impressive—and rapid—as the one that followed the industrial revolution.在经济扩张时期,人们往往喜欢大兴土木。如今的这条经济定律在6000年前似乎也同样适用。随着农业在英国生根萌芽,建筑业也随之蓬勃兴旺,其发展速度之快,令人印象之深刻毫不逊色于英国工业革命之后的那次农业变革。Which is all a bit of a surprise to archaeologists, who had previously seen the arrival of the Neolithic as a rather gentle thing. But that may be because of the tools they use. Radiocarbon dating provides a range, often spanning 200 years or more, rather than an exact date for a site. Stratigraphy, which looks at the soil layers in which artefacts are found, tells you only which ones are older and which younger. None of these data is precise. They do, however, limit the possible range of dates. And by using a statistical technique called Bayesian analysis it is possible to combine such disparate pieces of information to produce a consolidated estimate that is more accurate than any of its components. That results in a range that spans decades, not centuries.这一切让考古学家们显得有些惊讶,他们之前一直认为新石器时代是经济发展较为和缓的时期。不过这可能是由于他们使用的考古技术方法还不够先进。采用放射性碳技术来测定一处考古遗址的年代,得到的并不是一个准确日期,而是一个时间跨度范围通常为200年或更久远的数值。而地层学采用的方法是通过对已发现古代文物的土壤层进行探测分析,从而判断土壤年代的远近。这种方法得出的数据也都不精确。然而它们确实是缩短了可能估算的时间跨度。通过贝叶斯分析的统计方法,这些分散孤立的信息可能被整合成一个可靠详实的估计数值,这比单一研究其中的任何一条信息都更为精确。采用地层学断代推算出的时间范围是几十年,而不是几百年。A team led by Alex Bayliss, from English Heritage, a British government agency, has just used this technique to examine digs from hundreds of sites around Britain. The results have caused them to reinterpret the Neolithic past quite radically.Alex Bayliss领导的研究小组来自于英国政府机构的古迹署,他们刚刚采用这项技术对英国周围几百处的人工挖凿遗址进行了研究。这些成果可以让他们更为彻底地重新诠释新石器时代。201106/141186How much is a trillion? CNN's Christine Romans speaks to a math expert to break down how big a trillion dollars is. American Morning, the most news in the morning. Weekdays 6 ET. OK, a million dollars is a lot of money, a billion dollars is a thousand million, and a trillion is a thousand billion. Johnny Curnon is here with me. A little gut-check, just how big a trillion dollars is? It’s got twelve zeros, that’s easy to understand. Or think of it this way. One trillion one dollar bills stacked tight would reach nearly 68,000 miles into space, one third of the way to the moon. Republicans are hardly over the moon. “ If you’d started spending the day that Jesus was born, and you spend a million dollars every single day, you still wouldn’t have spent a trillion dollars. ”“We checked the senator’s numbers with noted mathematician John Allen Paulos. A million dollars a day for two thousand years is only about three quarters of a trillion dollars. It’s, it’s a number no matter how you slice it. ”So let’s slice it another way. A million seconds is about 11.5 days, a billion seconds is about 32 years, and a trillion seconds is 32,000 years. Well, people tend to lump them together perhaps because they rhyme. Million, billion, the national debt tops 10 trillion. After a 700 billion dollar bank rescue, and proposed 800 billion dollar stimulus, are we numb? “Number itself can be parsed 'number' or 'numb-er' and maybe in this case the latter is a better pronunciation. ”“One million dollars?! ”Just like Dr. Evil discovered in the movie Austin Powers, times have changed. Back in 1993, “Immediate package of jobs, investments of over 30 billion dollars”, he didn’t get it. Just last year, “So the whole purpose of the stimulus package is to have something robust enough to make a difference”. President Bush signed an emergency economic stimulus of a now paltry 168 billion dollars. And now, “A trillion, a trillion, a trillion, a trillion dollars.” Can we afford it? “The Gross National Product is, you know, 12 trillion dollars. Whatever it is, we do have a big economy that may not be as vibrant as it was, but it’s still a powerful economic engine. So knock on wood, we’ll see what happens. ”Knock on wood, we’ll see what happens. The stimulus probably won’t reach a trillion, but consider this, all the financial interventions, the loans, the guarantees, the bailouts, the rescues, there’re now more than 7 trillion dollars. Johnny Curon, 7 trillion, let’s turn around, wrap our heads around that.VOCABULARY1. gut-check a test of one's nerve, courage, or determination2. stack v.堆叠n.堆, 一堆, 堆栈 3. noted adj.著名的 4. lump together vt.放在一起,组合在一起 5. national debt n.国债 6. parse vt.n.分列 7. paltry adj.不足取的, 无价值的, 琐碎的, 下贱的 8. Gross National Product n.国民生产总值(GNP) 9. knock on wood vi. 但愿老走这种好运 摸摸木头 10. guarantees n.抵押品 11. bailout A rescue from financial difficulties:紧急融资02/61926深圳南山人民妇幼保健医院纹眉多少钱

深圳治疗血管瘤要哪家医院好深圳双眼皮吧US Autoworkers Voice Frustrations, Suggestions on Auto Restructuring美国汽车工人国会山表达心声  As Congress and the Bush administration continued negotiations on a billion loan for U.S. auto companies, a group of autoworkers traveled to Washington to draw attention to their concerns about the future of the American auto industry. 美国国会和布什政府正在讨论汽车工业是否应该获得150亿美元的救助。与此同时,一些美国汽车工人来到华盛顿,表达他们的心声。他们对美国汽车工业的未来感到担忧,并希望引起舆论的关注。Members of the ed Auto Workers and other labor unions appeared at a news conference on Capitol Hill Monday as lawmakers and the White House were negotiating details of a loan package for General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. 就在白宫和国会针对向通用、福特和克莱斯勒三大汽车公司提供贷款的方案细节展开讨论的时候,美国汽车工人联合会(UAW)和其他工会组织在国会山召开了记者会。They came not only from Michigan, where the companies are based, but also from Indiana, Ohio, New York and other states where tens of thousands of Americans work directly in or contribute to automobile production. 这些工会成员不仅来自三大汽车公司总部所在地密西根,同时也来自印第安纳、俄亥俄、纽约和其他一些州。在这些地区,成千上万名美国人从事和汽车生产直接或间接有关的工作。All urged Congress and the Bush administration to approve the loan, which is now less than half of the billion originally requested by the "Big Three" car companies. 他们敦促国会和行政部门批准对汽车工业提供贷款。目前讨论的贷款额度不足三大汽车公司原先要求的340亿美元的一半。But their main goal was to combat the assertion by auto industry executives and other critics that a large portion of the blame for the industry's inefficiencies and financial weakness can be placed on the shoulders of high cost union workers. 但是,他们此行最主要的目的是想反驳汽车公司高管和行业批评人士常常表达的一种看法,即美国汽车工业的不足和财务困境在很大程度上应该归咎于工会成员高昂的劳动成本。Frank Hammer, a retired president of the ed Auto Workers union, or UAW, Local 909 in Detroit, says now is the time for big solutions, not criticisms of workers. 弗兰克.海默是美国汽车工人联合会底特律地区909分会的前主席。他说,美国汽车工业现在需要的是庞大的解决方案,而不是对工人的指责。"The reality is that our labor constitutes just eight percent of the price of a new car," he said. "We could work for free and it would not solve the crisis." “现实情况是,劳工成本仅仅构成一辆新车价格的8%。我们可以不要钱白干,但是公司还是会赔钱。”Tony Browning has worked for more than 34 years in a Chrysler plant in Sterling Heights, Michigan. 托尼.布朗宁在密西根州斯特灵海茨地区的克莱斯勒工厂干了34年。"People are giving the auto industry a bad reputation," he said. "They are saying we are lazy, we are overpaid and under worked. But that is far from the truth." 他说:“人们对汽车工业的一些指责是没有道理的。他们说汽车工人懒惰,挣钱太多、工作太少。事实不是这样的。”The workers contrasted federal money that General Motors, Ford and Chrysler are seeking with the hundreds of billions of dollars the government quickly came up with for banks and financial institutions. 这些工人还把汽车公司希望获得的联邦贷款和美国政府为业提供的上千亿美元的救助计划加以对比。Bill Alfred, President of UAW Local 235 in Michigan, says the government needs to help the U.S. auto industry survive the current financial storm. 比尔.阿尔弗雷德是汽车工人联合会密西根235分会的主席。他说,政府需要帮助汽车工业度过金融风暴。"It's just ridiculous that the auto industry is getting tormented over getting a fraction of the money we have given Wall Street," he said. "And that was a blank check. It was [for Wall Street] a walk in, take the money, and walk out."  “我们要的钱只不过是华尔街得到的零头而已,但是汽车工业为此却倍受指责。这太荒唐了。而且华尔街得到的还是张空白票。他们什么都不用做,拿了钱就走。”Wendy Thompson, a retired former president of UAW Local 235 in Michigan, says the federal government should provide oversight of the auto industry as it attempts to transform itself. 温蒂.汤普森是汽车工人联合会密西根235分会的前主席。她说,联邦政府应该带领汽车行业进行变革。Among her suggestions: retooling factories to focus on rebuilding America's transportation system. 她的建议包括围绕重新建设美国交通系统这个重心来重组汽车工业。"Remember World War II? Do you know your history? Auto plants transformed into making airplanes and other war products overnight," said Thompson. "Why can't we do this again? It's another crisis. Let's start making mass transportation; let's start doing light rail [and] speed trains. We can do that work; we're skilled workers; we have shown that we have the capabilities. Let us do that work." 她说:“记不记得第二次世界大战?记得那段历史吗?当时的汽车生产线一夜之间就转换成了飞机和其他武器装备的生产线。现在为什么不能这样呢?现在我们面对的是又一次危机。我们应该开始着眼公共交通,我们应该开始建造轻轨和高速列车。我们可以做这些,我们是高技术工人,我们有这个能力。”Mark Deagle and Steven Waskul are auto industry workers in Michigan.[If] you start closing these plants, you're not only going to affect them, you're going to affect our membership, you're going to affect the suppliers, you're going to affect a lot of Americans," Deagle said."Nobody has mentioned rail cars that transport the vehicles throughout the country. Nobody has mentioned the car haulers. Nobody has mentioned all the people, the peripheral people, who are involved in the auto industry," Waskul said.When they received auto company restructuring proposals last week, U.S. lawmakers also heard from experts about the effect of potential bankruptcy by any or all of the Big Three companies - something a government loan is aimed at preventing. 当美国国会议员收到汽车公司递交的重组方案的时候,专家也对议员发出警告说,三大巨头中的任何一家,或者三家一同破产的话,后果将非常严重。而政府贷款的目的正是为了使这些公司免于这种命运。David Friedman, Research Director for the Clean Vehicles Program of the Union of Concerned Scientists, said the question is whether U.S. automakers can change. 大卫.弗里德曼是"关注时事科学家联盟"(Union of Concerned Scientists)的低污染汽车项目负责人。他说,现在的关键问题是汽车工业能否变革。"We need to acknowledge what we aly know," he said. "The survival of the Detroit auto industry depends on their ability to deliver the products consumers need in a world of volatile oil prices and a changing climate." “我们必须承认我们已经知道的事情。底特律的生死存亡取决于他们能否在油价剧烈波动和全球气候变暖的情况下生产消费者需要的产品。”Key points in auto company loan legislation include strong government oversight to ensure that companies implement restructuring plans. 为汽车工业提供贷款的立法草案包括政府加强对汽车行业重组过程的监管。Representative Barney Frank, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, says change will require significant sacrifices and compromise. 巴尼.弗兰克众议员是众议院金融务委员会主席。他说,汽车工业的变革需要有关各方做出实质性的妥协和牺牲。"There would be requirements that the various parties here, the stakeholders - whether they are the bond holders or the workers or the shareholders or the top rank employees - that all of them are going to have to make some kind of sacrifice in this," he said. "There will have to be contributions from all sides." “最终的方案会要求所有有关方面,所有利益攸关者,不论是股东、债券持有人、工人、还是高级主管,他们所有人在这个过程中都必须付出一定代价。他们要为这个过程做出贡献。”House of Representative Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that if by early next year - in the early months of President-elect Barack Obama's administration - companies are not meeting conditions, they should not expect what she calls "an endless flow of money". 众议院议长南希.佩洛西说,如果汽车公司在明年早些时候,也就是奥巴马执政的最初阶段无法达到国会的要求的话,这些公司就不应该指望获得政府源源不断的救助。200812/58446Gates' search legacy As Bill Gates prepares to exit Microsoft, questions remain about its troubled Internet search divisionWe are all aware of the latest news of Microsoft and Yahoo. It’s clear that one of the reasons that Microsoft has been vying for Yahoo is to boost their questionable internet search division. So, with Microsoft founder Bill Gates retiring in June of this year, is part of his legacy tarnished without having a search division to match the likes of Google or Yahoo? For more on that is Andy Serwer, he knows all about this, Managing Editor, Fortune Magazine. Has Bill Gates failed if he walks away without a strong search division at Microsoft?Wow, err, failed? No way, Poppy, I mean, look, he’s not going out with all things being roses, no question, (I) mean, first of all, you know, you talked about search, but really the entire internet strategy of Microsoft, is not exactly running on all cylinders. I mean they've really never been able to crack that nut, but you know when you talk about operating software and application software, there is one company, and that is Microsoft. Look around all the desktops in your offices, most of them, all of them, probably running on Microsoft’s products. So you know, when someone steps down, there’s always issues, there’s always problems. I mean this is a bit of crossroads for the company, but still, I mean, obviously this guy built this company into an incredible Juggernaut.What do you think the Gates wants to see happen, because the Microsoft-Yahoo story just continues, it’s, new developments, almost everyday. But the man that we are hearing from is Steve Ballmer, we are really not hearing much from Gates, in fact, he is reportedly telling everyone that is, it's, it's up to Ballmer.Yeah, it's buddy Steve's gig now, I mean no question about that Ballmer is the CEO, and I think again, this speaks to Gates’ transition out of Microsoft and running the company, I mean. He’s really done a great job, I mean He’s taken a long time to set this thing up, it’s not like the founder, CEO of the company getting hit by a bus, uh-oh, there’s no succession strategy here. I mean this has been telegraphed to investors, to Wall Street, to people in the business, for, if not months, years, Poppy. So we've seen this for a long time. As far as this specific deal, you know, it’s a deal now. All things are on the table, anything can happen. We talked about Carl Icahn being in the mix. You know, you’ve got all kinds of bankers, and I mean, if the deal doesn’t happen with Yahoo, Microsoft will continue. If the deal does happen with Yahoo, Microsoft will continue on. I mean, so it’s not so critical to the future of this company in that. It won’t survive without it.Ok, well, you know these big fish, you know these big players pretty well. What does happen? Do we see Microsoft offer that 47.5 billion-dollar bid again for Yahoo, did they come in a little lower? What do we see, and I know we have to wait until July, 3rd, till the shareholder meeting, but what do we see between now and then?Well, you know, it’s really impossible to tell, I hate to cop out with the answer like that. But I mean really who knows, and everything changes day by day, it’s such a fluid situation. You know, you have Yahoo, you have Microsoft, you have Icahn, you've got bankers, you've got lawyers, you've got government oversight, you've got Google in the mix, you've got AOL in the mix, you've got Time-Warner playing around. So to try to predict what's gonna happen, you know, over the next couple of weeks, anyone who says they know the answers is lying to you, they really don't know. Because it's like the weather, I mean I have no idea what the weather’s gonna be like in early July, I mean I know some's gonna be going on, but I don't know exactly what's gonna be happen, I know it will be hotter, but I don't know exactly what's gonna be going on.Ok, so we will wait and see, but, if we can see this tie-up and Microsoft can strengthen their internet division, that is just another, eh, accomplishment for Gates, but still he leaves a strong legacy behind.Absolutely.Andy, thank you so much.Thanks Poppy.More on this on our website01/61168福田医院韩式三点多少钱Nancy Martiny has made it in a man's world. She started making western saddles as a hobby but there's now a three-year waiting list of people lined up to buy her designs.南西·马蒂尼开始制作马鞍时,只是为了兴趣。而现在,要买她的马鞍要等三年呢。曾几何时,马鞍制作是牛仔们包揽的。但马蒂尼对此从不在意。Martiny builds her saddles from the ground up, eventually carving and stamping intricate patterns into the leather. She works in a field that’s been dominated by cowboys for years, but that's never bothered her.Martiny is no stranger to working with men. She grew up on a ranch, working cattle, riding and roping. 对南西·马蒂尼来说,和男人一起工作不是什么新鲜事。她在一个牧场长大,整天和牛、马、套索打交道。"From whenever I was a little kid I was always doing what the men did," she says. "And then, as I got older and rodeoed and then, producing rodeos, I’ve always worked with men."她说:“我从小就经常做男人的工作。长大以后,我学习牛仔竞技表演,然后又制作牛仔表演节目。我总是和男人一起工作。”So it never occurred to her that she couldn’t build her own saddles, something that men -- cowboys -- usually do. Something that comes as a surprise to many.既然男人--也就是牛仔--通常都自己制作马鞍,所以马蒂尼从来就没想过她为什么就不能为自己制作一套马鞍。"They think you have to big and strong to build saddles but you don’t," says Martiny. "You have to have a sharp knife."And you need an artistic eye for carving and stamping designs into the leather.马蒂尼说,把图案雕刻和烙印在皮革上,需要有艺术眼光。"It’s more of a finesse thing than a strength thing. If you’re trying to overpower your leather, you’re going to get in a wreck and you probably haven’t done it right."“与其说这是件力气活儿,不如说是件细活儿。如果你只会下死力去整治你的皮革,你八成没做对。”Carving elaborate patterns into the leather is a skill Martiny first learned as a teenager, while watching her father tool leather.马蒂尼在皮革上雕出花朵的枝干,花瓣,叶子。它们看来就像是从皮革上长出来的。马蒂尼十几岁时就看着父亲加工皮革,慢慢也学会了这种技巧。"So when I was 15, I talked him into helping me start tooling," she recalls. "And then I kind of took his tools and made myself a belt and of course my friends at school wanted a western belt and it kind of started just like that."她说:“我15岁那年说父亲帮助我开始加工皮革。我用他的工具给自己做了一条皮带。我在学校的朋友都想要西部式的皮带,我就这么开始了。”201104/131957深圳龙岗区人民医院激光祛太田痣多少钱

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