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Singer and ;Voice; judge Christina Aguilera has come a long way from her disastrous red carpet look at last year#39;s American Music Awards. In a stunning white gown with a plunging neckline, Aguilera completely redeemed herself with this year#39;s carpet sashay.身为流行歌手并兼任美国版“好声音”评委的克里斯蒂娜·阿奎莱拉,在今年全美音乐奖上的表现是大大超越她去年灾难性的红毯形象。惊艳的白色礼配上深V领口,阿奎莱拉在今年的红毯上摇曳生姿赚足了风头,也完完全全地打了个翻身仗。Last year#39;s fashion tragedy featured Aguilera in a cinched lavender Pamella Roland dress and platinum bob. The ensemble could#39;ve been a ;yes; look for the singer, but it was run off the tracks when paired with her profoundly orange tragi-tan.在去年的全美音乐奖上,阿奎莱拉的淡紫色的罗兰收腰礼和铂金色波波头可谓是去年的时尚界悲剧。她的团队本可以为她设计一套看起来很棒的衣着,但在配上她晒成深橘色的皮肤之后,意外地跑偏了。The singer also appeared at her all time highest weight (which by the way, she said she loved. You go girl!), forcing her to take a different but ultimately unsuccessful attempt at prepping for the red carpet.那次全美音乐奖也是阿奎莱拉有史以来最胖的时候(顺带说一句,阿奎莱拉说自己喜欢这样的体重。姑娘你可以了!),这样的体重也迫使她采取不同战术,但最终却导致了红毯秀的失败尝试。But thank goddess, Xtina is back to a natural hue this year, looking classically glamorous in a white Maria Lucia Hohan dress. With cut out panels to accentuate her once again svelte waist, and a slit to show off her fit legs, Aguilera dazzled in the elegant dress accentuated with blinged-out Christian Louboutin peep-toe heels, pave rings and bedazzled clutch.但不过谢天谢地,克里斯蒂娜今年终于让自己的皮肤回到了自然的色调,身着白色的玛丽亚·露西亚合欢礼,显得古典大方而又魅力四射。礼上开出的侧面突显出她重回苗条的腰部,裙部的开襟与腿相称得完美无瑕,配上Christian Louboutin的露趾高跟鞋,镶满钻的戒指和耀眼的鸽子蛋,这套优雅的礼使阿奎莱拉显得相当惊艳。Unfortunately for Aguilera, actress Eva Longoria was spotted in an almost identical dress over a year ago at the 2012 Padres Contra El Cancer’s El Sueno De Esperanza Benefit Gala. The only difference being that Longoria#39;s dress had a mermaid bottom instead of a slit.不过对于阿奎莱拉来说不幸的是,有人发现,在一年多前的2012年Padres Contra El Cancer’s El Sueno De Esperanza Benefit联欢晚会上,女星伊娃·朗格利亚身着一件几乎相同的礼。唯一的区别在于朗格利亚的礼有人鱼底部,而阿奎莱拉的则是开了狭缝。Regardless of who wore what and when, we#39;re thrilled to have Christina Aguilera is back to her amazing self, hopefully ditching her awful spray tan days for good!无论是谁在什么时候穿什么衣,我们都很高兴能看到克里斯蒂娜·阿奎莱拉回到了那个让人惊艳的女神,也希望她能永远摆脱晒成棕色的糟糕肤色! /201311/266353

Not long ago, an American friend was driving rather too vigorously in the west of Ireland when he was pulled over by a Gard (police officer). #39;What would happen if you were to run into Mr. Fog?#39; the Gard inquired gruffly in his thick Irish brogue. Stung by this patronizing query, my friend replied with heavy sarcasm, #39;Well, I guess I#39;d put Mr. Foot on Mr. Brake.#39; Whereupon the officer stared at him rather strangely and growled, #39;I said mist or fog.#39;不久前,一位美国朋友在爱尔兰西部开车时有些过猛,结果被警察拦到了路边。“万一你撞上了‘雾先生’(Mr. Fog)该怎么办?”那名警察粗暴地问道,说话带有浓重的爱尔兰土腔。朋友对这种高高在上的质问感到不悦,语带强烈讽刺地回答道:“嗯,我想我会把‘脚先生’搭在‘刹车先生’上面吧。”结果,那名警察以非常异样的眼神盯着我的朋友,大吼道:“我说的是‘mist or fog’。”My friend, as it happens, is an anthropologist. For one enthralling moment he thought he had stumbled upon a tribe in the west of Ireland which personified aspects of the weather, speaking of Mrs. Hailstorm, Master Sunshine and so on. But it was just another case of international miscommunication.我的朋友碰巧是一位人类学家。在警察质问他时,有那么迷人的一瞬间,他还以为自己在爱尔兰西部偶然遇到了一个喜欢将各种天气状况拟人化的部族,比如把冰雹叫做“冰雹夫人”,把阳光称为“阳光大师”等等。然而,事实明这只是国际交流中又一个误解案例而已。Most people know that when a British schoolteacher asks his pupils to take out their rubbers, he is inviting them to produce their erasers, not about to give them a lesson in contraception. British people who live in flats do not set up home in burst tires. The word #39;bum#39; in British English means buttocks as well as vagrant.大多数人都知道,在英国,当老师要学生们拿出他们的“rubber”时,他只是让他们拿出橡皮,并不是要给他们上一堂有关避的课(译注:“rubber”在美国亦指避套)。住在“flat”中的英国人并不是把家安在了瘪掉的车胎中(译注:英国把公寓称为“flat”,而该词在美国可指漏气的轮胎)。“Bum”这个词在英国英语中既有“臀部”之意,也可指“流浪汉”。People in Britain do not usually say #39;I appreciate it,#39; have a hard time, zero in, reach out to other people, stay focused, ask to be given a break, refer to the bottom line or get blown away. The word #39;scary,#39; as opposed to #39;frightening#39; or #39;alarming,#39; sounds childish to British ears, rather like talking about your buttocks as your bottie. Brits tend not to use the word #39;awesome,#39; a term which, if it were banned in the States, would cause airplanes to fall from the sky and cars to lurch off freeways.英国人表达感谢通常不会说“I appreciate it”,也没有have a hard time(很辛苦)、zero in(把注意力集中于)、reach out to other people(联系他人)和stay focused(专心致志)这样的说法。他们在想休息时不会要求“given a break”,也不会使用“bottom line”(底线)或“get blown away”(惊叹不已)这些词。在英国人听来,与“frightening”或“alarming”相比,“scary”一词听起来极其幼稚,就像把“屁股”说成“小屁屁”一样。此外,他们一般也不会用“awesome”这个词,而若是在美国禁用这个词,飞机恐怕都要从天空坠落,汽车也要从高速公路冲出去了。Using the word #39;aggressive#39; positively also sounds strange across the pond. In Britain, it sounds almost as bizarre as complimenting someone on being as ugly as sin. The habit of using the word #39;like#39; every four seconds, widesp among American youth, has now caught on in Britain as well. Perhaps it has to do with an attempt not to sound dogmatic. #39;It#39;s 9 o#39;clock#39; sounds unpleasantly authoritarian, whereas #39;It#39;s, like, 9 o#39;clock#39; sounds suitably tentative and nondoctrinaire. It is rumored in Europe that you can now find tombstones in the U.S. ing #39;To Our Beloved Son, Brother and, Like, Husband.#39;在大西洋彼岸,使用“aggressive”一词来表达正面意义听上去非常奇怪,英国人觉得这几乎就像赞美别人奇丑无比一样怪异。在美国年轻人当中盛行的、说话时每四秒钟就加上 “like”一词的习惯如今在英国也流行开来了。这或许与试着让自己的话听上去不那么傲慢专断有关。例如,“It#39;s 9 o#39;clock”听上去比较独断,让人不悦,而“It#39;s, like, 9 o#39;clock”听起来则是适宜的商榷口吻,不显得像是说教。欧洲有传闻称,如今在美国甚至能发现有墓碑上写着“To Our Beloved Son, Brother and, Like, Husband”这样的碑文。The phrase #39;to feel comfortable with#39; is quintessentially American. The British would not usually say #39;we feel comfortable with using this taxi firm,#39; any more than they would feel comfortable with being scourged until the blood ran down their thighs.“To feel comfortable with”(觉得……很舒适)这个词组是典型的美式说法。英国人通常不会说“;we feel comfortable with using this taxi firm”(我们觉得坐这家出租车公司的车很舒),就如同他们绝不会觉得遭到鞭打直到鲜血从大腿上流下来会很舒。Americans tend to say #39;Excuse me#39; when they accidentally get in your way, while the British say #39;Sorry.#39; Americans say #39;Excuse me#39; even when they are 10 paces away from you, since they are accustomed to a lot more space than we are in Europe. One knows one is back in the U.K. when everyone is constantly saying sorry for no reason whatsoever.美国人在借道时一般会说“Excuse me”,而英国人则说“Sorry”。即便距离别人还有10步的距离,美国人也会说“Excuse me”,因为他们习惯的间隔空间要比欧洲人大很多。当你听到别人总是无缘无故地不断说“Sorry”时,你就知道你到了英国。What you say in Britain when you mishear what someone says depends on your social class. The working class say #39;Aye?#39;; the lower middle class, #39;Pardon?#39;; the middle class, #39;Sorry?#39;; and the upper class, #39;What?#39;在英国,如果一个人没听清别人说了什么,这时他所说的话要取决于他的社会阶层。比如说,劳动阶层会说“Aye?”,中下阶层会说“Pardon?”,中产阶层则说“Sorry?”,上层人士则问“What?”Americans tend to lapse into the present tense when speaking of the past much more commonly than Brits do. #39;I#39;m in the kitchen and there#39;s this terrific bang and I dive under the table#39; is distinctively American. Perhaps the British rate the past more highly than their trans-Atlantic cousins. People in Britain might call children kids, but not in newspaper headlines or on television news. Americans tend to prefer the ugly monosyllable #39;kids#39; to the rather beautiful word #39;children,#39; seemingly content to regard their offspring as small, smelly goats.在讲述过去的事情时,美国人比英国人更常使用现在时态。“I#39;m in the kitchen and there#39;s this terrific bang and I dive under the table”是美国人特有的风格。这或许是因为,英国人比他们在大西洋彼岸的堂亲更重视过去。英国人可能也会叫小孩子“kid”,但他们在报刊标题或电视新闻中不会使用这个词。美国人对不甚优美的单音节词“kids”的喜爱多过对优美的“children”的喜爱,似乎很乐意把他们的后代视为散发着膻味的小山羊(译者注:“kid”也有小山羊的意思)。American road signs tend to be more colloquial than British ones. #39;Wrong Way─Go Back#39; or #39;Ped Xing#39; are too idiomatic for the British. The road sign #39;Way Out#39; in the U.K. is not a relic of the hippie era but means #39;Exit.#39; There used to be signs on garbage cans in Britain which #39;Refuse to Be Put in This Basket,#39; which are puzzling only until you realize that #39;refuse#39; can mean #39;trash.#39;美国的路标也往往比英国的路标更口语化。“Wrong Way─Go Back”(走错路--请返回)或“Ped Xing”(斑马线)在英国人看来都过于俗语化了。在英国,“Way Out”并非嬉皮士时代的遗留物(该词有“反传统、非主流”之意),它的意思是“出口”。英国的垃圾箱上过去常常写着“Refuse to Be Put in This Basket”这样的话,着实让人摸不着头脑,直到你意识到“refuse”也有“垃圾”的意思时才恍然大悟。Brits and Americans, in short, are more alien to each other than they usually imagine. Every now and then, an American will reveal that he or she does not understand the word #39;fortnight,#39; has never used a teapot or does not know how to boil an egg. At such times one can feel the NATO alliance straining and buckling.简而言之,英国人与美国人之间的差异比他们通常想象的要大。时不时会有美国人说他们不知道“fortnight”(两星期)的意思,从来没用过teapot(茶壶),也不知道如何boil an egg(煮鸡蛋)。在这时候,你就会感觉到北约(NATO)的这两个盟友似乎是被生拉硬拽在了一起的。 /201308/251714Chinese students and parents are demanding an apology from US Vice-President Joe Biden for ;insensitive; comments, weeks after he referred to China as the nation that cannot “think different” or “breathe free” during a commencement speech at the University of Pennsylvania.5月13日,美国副总统乔·拜登在美国宾夕法尼亚大学毕业典礼上发表演说,称中国是不能“自由思考”或“自由呼吸”的国度,这样的言论引起了在场中国学生和家长的不满,要求其进行道歉。“I believe Biden should apologise over his inappropriate comments made at my commencement in the face of at least hundreds of Chinese people,” Zhang Tianpu, a graduating Wharton senior and Chinese citizen, told the South China Morning Post on Wednesday.宾夕法尼亚大学沃顿商学院毕业班的中国学生张天璞周三对香港《南华早报》表示,“我认为拜登应该为他的不恰当道歉,当时毕业典礼上至少有数百名中国人。”“It was a humiliating experience,” he said. “And how can a graduation speech be this political?”“这是一次羞辱的经历,一场毕业演说为何会变得这么政治化?”Zhang and his peers have aly drafted a letter to Biden demanding an official apology. The letter has 343 signatures as of Wednesday and will be sent to the university’s president before reaching Biden#39;s desk. Requests for comment from Biden#39;s office have not been returned.张天璞和他的同学已经起草一封信,要求拜登做出正式道歉。到22日为止已有343人签名,信件将先被呈递给该校校长,然后转交到拜登办公室。拜登办公室暂未就此事做出答复。Biden’s comments, which were called ;inappropriate;, hugely disappointed the Chinese in his audience. They were delivered in the middle of his May 13 speech, reported by the Guardian as “by far the funniest of the recent commencement addresses”.拜登在5月13日的毕业典礼上的“不当言论” 让在场的中国听众非常失望。而正是这场演说,被英国《卫报》评为“目前为止近来最有趣的毕业典礼演说”。But not everyone appreciated his jokes. Touching on the concern that “the Chinese are going to eat our lunch”, Biden assured his audience that they had nothing to fear.但不是所有的人都欣赏他的玩笑话。在谈到对“中国会吃掉我们的午餐”的担忧时,拜登向他的听众保,没有什么值得害怕的。“Their problems are immense, and they lack much of what we have,” he said, citing America’s universities, its “open and fair legal” system, vibrant venture capital markets and innovative minds.“中国的问题很多,他们缺少我们所拥有的很多东西”,拜登引用美国的大学举例说,如“开放和公平” 的法律体系、充满活力的风险资本市场以及创新思维。The key to all these, Biden argued, was the ability to “think different”, in a reference to Steve Jobs#39; slogan for Apple.拜登说道,这些的关键是“自由思想”的能力,这里他提到的是史蒂夫·乔布斯为苹果公司设计的口号(“不同凡响”)。“You cannot think different in a nation where you cannot breathe free; you cannot think different in a nation where you aren’t able to challenge orthodoxy, because change only comes from challenging orthodoxy.”“在无法自由呼吸的国家,你无法自由思考;在无法挑战正统观念的国家,你无法自由思考,因为改变只能来源于挑战正统”。To which Zhang argued: “Come on, my ancestors were challenging orthodoxy even before his ancestors got to America.”对此张反驳说:“拜托,我们的祖先在他的祖先到美洲之前就开始挑战正统观念了。” /201305/241303

I hear there's new research on the hair color/cancer issue. Has a connection been established?The latest word on this continuing concern comes from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which has concluded that working regularly with hair dyes in hair salons and barbershops probably increases the risk of cancer and that long term employment in these establishments is "probably carcinogenic to humans."However, the IARC, a World Health Organization panel, reported that there is not enough evidence to conclude that occasional personal use of hair coloring raises the risk of cancer.This new report, published in the April, 2008, issue of Lancet Oncology, is the first scientific word on the subject since 2005, when Spanish researchers reported that their review of 79 studies from 11 countries yielded no strong evidence of a link between hair dye and cancer risk. The only connection the Spanish team observed was the possibility of a slight increase in the risks of leukemia and multiple myeloma, but they concluded that the causal effect was too weak to be a major concern.Earlier, researchers at Yale University found that long-term use of dark hair dye by women who began coloring their hair before 1980 may increase the risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. No such risk was seen among women who began dyeing their hair after 1980. Here, the difference may be due to the elimination of coal-tar-derived ingredients used in the older products that are known carcinogens. The Yale study was published in the Jan. 15, 2004, issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology.In general, I discourage use of hair dyes containing artificial coloring agents, which to my mind are as suspect in cosmetic products as they are in food. Hair dyes applied to the head are absorbed through the scalp, where there's a very rich blood supply that may carry them throughout the body. I'm sure that the new IARC report won't be the last word on this subject. I'll keep you posted on developments. 我听说了关于染发致癌的新研究。这两者间有关系吗?人们对于染发致癌持续关注,最新的说法来源于国际癌症研究机构,机构推断在理发沙龙和理发店工作、定期接触染发剂,将会增加得癌症的几率,在这些地方长期受雇会对人体产生致癌物质。然而,国家癌症研究机构,作为世界卫生组织的代表,报道说并没有足够的据说明偶然使用染发剂会有致癌风险。此最新报道出版于08年4月的《柳叶刀—肿瘤学》。这是自2005年来,西班牙研究者重新研究了11个国家的79项调查并得出没有足够的据持染发剂和致癌风险的关系之后,第一次有科学上的报道。早些年的时候,耶鲁大学的研究者发现,在1980年前开始使用染发剂的女性长期使用黑色染发剂,也许会增加得非霍金奇淋巴瘤的几率。在1980年后染发的 女性中没有看到如此症状。也许原因归于旧时产品中的衍生的煤焦油元素,它是一种致癌物质。耶鲁大学的研究发表于2004年1月15日的《美国流行病学杂 志》。总体来说,我不赞成使用带有人工色素染剂的染发剂,对于我来说,对化妆用品的不可信就像对食物中一样。用于头部的染发 剂被头皮吸收,头皮处有非常丰富的血液供给组织,也许将会把他们传送到全身上下。我确信国家癌症研究机构的最新报道不会是对这一问题的最终说法。我会为你 们提供这方面的最新消息。 /200806/42273

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