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You see, as a young woman in these situations, you have two options.你们看,作为一个年轻女人遇到这些状况,你有两个选择。You can either decide to internalize these negative messages that are being thrown at you,你可以决定去内化这些被丢在你身上的负面讯息,to let them make you feel like a failure,任凭他们让你自我贬低,like success is way too hard to ever achieve,就像成功是遥不可及般的,or you can choose to see that others negativity is their own issue,或者你可以选择去看待:别人的负面能量是他们自己的问题,and instead transform it into your own personal fuel.而取而代之地转换这些变成你的个人动力。I have learned to always go for option two,我已经学会总是选第二个选择,and I have found that it has taken me from strength to strength.然后我发现这带领我不断强大。And its true what they say: success is the best revenge.而他们说得是正确的:成功就是最好的复仇Some women in the Middle East are lucky enough to be married to someone supportive of their career.有些中东的女性够幸运地可以嫁给某个持她职业生涯的人Correction: I should say ;smart enough,;修正一下,我应该说是够聪明because who you marry is your own choice,因为你嫁的人是你的选择,and youd better marry someone supportive if you plan to have a long career.而你最好可以嫁给很持你的人,如果你计划要有很长的职业生涯。Still today, the Arab man is not an equal contributor in the home.时至今日,阿拉伯男姓在家中仍不是个公平的贡献者。Its simply not expected by our society, and even frowned upon as not very manly.在我们的社会简而易见地不被期待,甚至会因为没有男人味而被人不满。As for the Arab woman, our society still assumes对阿拉伯女性来说,我们的社会仍然认为that her primary source of happiness should be the happiness and prosperity of her children and husband.阿拉伯女性主要的幸福快乐应该来自于她小孩与丈夫的幸福与成功。She mostly exists for her family.她几乎是为了她的家庭而存在。Things are changing, but it will take time.事态正在改变,但这会需要些时间。For now, it means that the professional Arab woman has to somehow maintain the perfect home,现在来说,它代表着职业阿拉伯女性必须以某种方法维持她的完美家庭,make sure that her childrens every need is being taken care of and manage her demanding career.确保她孩子的每个需求都有被照顾到,然后经营她耗费尽精力的职业生涯。To achieve this, I have found the hard way that you need to apply your hard-earned professional skills to your personal life.为了完成这项成就,我发现了难处在于你需要在你的私生活中去运用你得来不易的职业技能。You need to work your life.你需要巧妙地安排你的生活。Here is how I do this in my personal life.以下就是我在我个人生活中做的事.201611/476038

So what comes next? The people.那么接下来呢?我们的百姓。How do we get people to own this?我们如何才能让人们去接受这个想法?How do we get people to believe that its possible to build a society without fossil fuels?我们如何才能让人们相信,建造一个没有石油的社会是有可能的?A lot of work from the ground up is needed.从最基本的工作开始是必经过程。That is why, in 2014, we created Costa Rica Limpia.这就是为什么在2014年的时候,我们创建了Costa Rica Limpia (“纯净哥斯达黎加”)。;Limpia; means ;clean,;;Limpia; (西班牙语)的意思是“干净”,because we want to empower and we want to inspire citizens.因为我们想启发、鼓励我们的公民。If citizens dont get engaged, clean transportation decisions will be bogged down by endless,如果公民们不参与开发无污染的交通系统的决定and I mean endless, technical discussions, and by avalanches of lobbying by various established interests.将会被无限的技术研讨会所淹没,和代表不同利益的组织所游说阻挠。Wanting to be a green country powered by renewables is aly part of our story.成为一个全由可再生资源供电的绿色国家的这个想法,早已是我们国家故事中的一个篇章。We should not let anybody take that away from us.我们不能让任何人夺走属于我们的故事。Last year, we brought people from our seven provinces to talk about climate change in terms that matter to them,去年,我们聚集了从7个省来的群众讨论了气候变化对于他们的影响。and we also brought this year another group of Costa Ricans to talk about renewable energy.而今年我们又聚集了另一群哥斯达黎加人讨论了可再生资源。And you know what? These people disagree on almost everything你们猜怎么着?这些群众平常几乎是没有众口一致过的,except on renewable energy and clean transportation and clean air. It brings people together.但他们在关于可再生资源,无污染交通系统和干净空气的问题上达成了一致。这也让哥斯达黎加人团结了。And the key to real participation is to help people not to feel small.真正能引导群众积极参与的关键,是去让人们意识到自己的一举一动不再渺小。201702/490807

Its time for a president who can make America great again, ahead of budget, and ahead of schedule, too.是时候选一个能使美国再次强大的总统了;是时候选一个能以更低预算,更快速度施政的总统了。My father has revitalized run down neighborhoods, shaped skylines across the country, and turned dreams into reality his entire career. Its what he does; its who he is.整个职业生涯中,我父亲振兴萎靡的行业,塑造了全国的天际线,将梦想变为现实。这就是他做的事,他就是这样一个人。Oprah Winfrey once famously asked my father if he envisioned running for the presidency of the ed States.欧普拉·温弗里曾经问过我父亲一个经典问题,问他有没有想过竞选美国总统。His answer? Only if it got so bad that I had no choice. Only if it got so bad that I had no choice.他的回答是什么?“只有当国家糟糕到我别无选择时。”“只有当国家糟糕到我别无选择时。”Well, ladies and gentlemen, that day has come.是的,女士们先生们,这一天已经到来。As I travel the world that my dad built, and the greatest golf courses and hotels and real estate projects, I see the unmistakable look in his eyes.当我走在父亲创造的世界,顶级高尔夫球场、酒店和房地产项目,我准确无误地捕捉道了他眼中的情绪。I see in his eyes the indignity and frustration of a domestic infrastructure back at home that is in complete disarray and no longer on par with so many other developed nations.我从他的眼中看到了他对国内基础设施的耻辱和沮丧,杂乱无章的布局远不如其他发达国家。I see in his eyes the sadness of innocent lives lost, like those of Kate Steinle and Jamiel Shaw and so many others cut short by illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities, victims of a revolving door of government ineptitude and corruption that leaves innocent Americans defenseless.我看到了他对无辜生命的逝去而感到悲伤,像凯特·施泰因勒和杰米尔·肖,以及许多其他生活在避难城市因非法移民而削减了其利益的人,因关系户政府的无能和腐败而不断遇难的受害者,那些手无寸铁、无辜受害的美国人。I see in his eyes the humiliation of an education system ranked 30th in the world.我在他的眼中看到,他对全球排名第30位的教育系统而感到屈辱。I see in his eyes the disgrace of a nearly 0 billion trade imbalance with China, the billion trade imbalance with Mexico, and the continued destabilization of the Middle East, which has cost our nation trillions and trillions of dollars and thousands and thousands of lives.我在他的眼中看到,他对近4000亿对华贸易差额、600亿对墨西哥贸易差额和对中东持续动荡而感到耻辱,而代价是数以万亿计的美元和成千上万人的生命。But today I see in his eyes a man who truly loves his country, who is proud of his country, and who wants his country to be great again.但今天,我在他眼中看到的是,他对国家真挚的爱,为国家感到骄傲,想要使美国再次强大。201612/481958

Thank you so much for those words. Wow. President of the General Assembly, ed Nations, UN Deputy Secretary-General, Executive Director, UN Women, Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, When I was a very young person, I began my career as an actress. Whenever my mother wasnt free to drive me into Manhattan for auditions, I would take the train from suburban New Jersey and meet my father – who would have left his desk at the law office where he worked – and we would meet under the Upper Platform Arrival(s) and Departure(s) sign in Penn Station. We would then get on the subway together and when we surfaced, he would ask me, ;Which way is north?; I wasnt very good at finding north in the beginning, but I auditioned fair amount and so my Dad kept asking me, ;Which way is north?; Over time, I got better at finding it. I was struck by that memory yesterday while boarding the plane to come here – not just by how far my life has come since then, but by how meaningful that seemingly small lesson has been. When I was still a child, my father developed my sense of direction and now, as an adult, I trust my ability to navigate space. My father helped give me the confidence to guide myself through the world. In late March, last year, 2016, I became a parent for the first time. I remember the indescribable – and as I understand it pretty universal – experience of holding my week-old son and feeling my priorities change on a cellular level. I remember I experienced a shift in consciousness that gave me the ability to maintain my love of career and also cherish something else, someone else, so much, much more. Like so many parents, I wondered how I was going to balance my work with my new role as a parent, and in that moment, I remember that the statistic for the USs policy on maternity leave flashed in my mind. American women are currently entitled to 12 weeks unpaid leave. American men are entitled to nothing. That information landed differently for me when one week after my sons birth, I could barely walk. That information landed differently when I was getting to know a human who was completely dependent on my husband and I for everything, when I was dependent on my husband for most things, and when we were relearning everything we thought we knew about our family and our relationship. It landed differently. Somehow, we and every American parent were expected to be ;back to normal; in under three months. Without income? I remember thinking to myself, ;If the practical reality of pregnancy is another mouth to feed in your home, and America is a country where most people are living paycheck to paycheck, how does 12 weeks unpaid leave economically work? The truth is: for too many people, it doesnt. One in four American women go back to work two weeks after giving birth because they cant afford to take any more time off than that. That is 25 per cent of American women. Equally disturbing, women who can afford to take the full 12 weeks often dont, because it will mean incurring a ;motherhood penalty; – meaning they will be perceived as less dedicated to their job and will be passed over for promotions and other career advancement. In my own household, my mother had to choose between a career and raising three children – a choice that left her unpaid and underappreciated as a homemaker – because there just wasnt support for both paths. The memory of being in the city with my Dad is a particularly meaningful one since he was the sole bwinner in our house, and my brothers and my time with him was always limited by how much he had to work. And we were an incredibly privileged family – our hardships were the stuff of other familys dreams. The deeper into the issue of paid parental leave I go, the clearer I see the connection between persisting barriers to womens full equality and empowerment, and the need to redefine and in some cases, destigmatize mens role as caregivers. In other words…thank you. In other words, in order to liberate women, we need to liberate men. The assumption and common practice that women and girls look after the home and the family is a stubborn and very real stereotype that not only discriminates against women, but limits mens participation and connection within the family and society. These limitations have broad-ranging and significant effects for them and for the children. We know this. So why do we continue to undervalue fathers and overburden mothers? Paid parental leave is not about taking days off work; its about creating the freedom to define roles, to choose how to invest time, and to establish new, positive cycles of behavior. Companies that have offered paid parental leave for employees have reported improved employee retention, reduced absenteeism and on-training costs, and boosted productivity and morale. Far from not being able to afford to have paid parental leave, it seems we cant afford not to.201703/500988

Thank you, Texas! God bless the Lone Star State, and God bless the great state of Oklahoma.In 324 days, Marine One will depart Washington, D.C., with a very important dignitary onboard – former President Barack Obama.This much is certain. January 20, 2017 will be President Obamas last day in office. And, on that day, we will have a new president of the ed States.Tonight, tonight, this campaign enters a new phase. We began with 17 Republican candidates. Through the first four states, the race narrowed considerably. Tonight was another decision point, and the voters have spoken.Tomorrow morning, we have a choice. So long as the field remains divided, Donald Trumps path to the nomination remains more likely, and that would be a disaster for Republicans, for conservatives and for the nation. And after tonight, we have seen that our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten, that can beat, and that will beat Donald Trump.I congratulate Donald Trump on his victories tonight. But we are the only campaign that has beaten Donald Trump once, twice, three times. 15 states have now voted. Every one of those states so far has been won by either Donald Trump or myself.Republicans, we have a choice. We are blessed with a deep, talented, honorable field. For the candidates who have not yet won a state, who have not racked up significant delegates, I ask you to prayerfully consider our coming together. ing.For those who have supported other candidates, we welcome you on our team, standing united as one. That is the only way to beat Donald Trump. Head to head, our campaign beats Donald Trump resoundingly. But, for that to happen, we must come together. And the Republican primary voters in upcoming states, you, too, have a choice.In our nations darkest hours, FDR told us that “we have nothing to fear but fear itself”. JFK told us “to ask not what our country could do for us, but to ask what we could do for our country.”America shouldnt have a president whose words would make you embarrassed if your children repeated them. Our president should make us all proud, should inspire hope in all of us. We can nominate a Washington deal maker, profane and vulgar, who has a lifelong pattern of using government power for personal gain. Or we can nominate a proven conservative whos fought consistently for working men and women, and to defend the Constitution.Its our choice.Donald Trump has pledged to expand Obamacare into socialized medicine, with the federal government controlling and rationing your health care. As president, I will repeal every word of Obamacare.Donald Trump promises to cut deals with Democrats and to continue the Washington cronyism, just like he supported Obamas T.A.R.P. Wall Street bailout. I will stand with the people of this country and end corporate welfare, adopt a flat tax and abolish the IRS.Trump funded the Gang of Eight. With your help, I led the successful opposition to the Gang of Eights amnesty plan.Donald Trump supports Planned Parenthood. I will direct the justice department to investigate Planned Parenthood.Donald Trump promises to compromise with Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer on Supreme Court nominees. I will never compromise away our religious liberty.And unlike Donald Trump, I will never compromise away our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.Donald Trump pledges to be neutral between Israel and the Palestinians. As president, I will not be neutral. America will stand unapologetically with the nation of Israel.Donald Trump says he will keep in place the Iranian nuclear deal to try to renegotiate, I will rip to shreds this catastrophic Iranian nuclear deal on the very first day in office.If youre angry with Washington, I understand. But Donald Trump has been part of the Washington corruption for 40 years. Hes Harry Reids favorite Republican candidate and Jimmy Carters. Just yesterday, it was reported that the New York Times has a secret tape recording of Donald saying that he doesnt mean what hes saying on immigration, that its all flexible, that he wont build a wall, that he wont deport illegal aliens. But Donald refuses to allow them to release the tape. Donald, release the tape. If you are telling the New York Times editorial board that youre lying to the voters, the voters have a right to know.Enough with the Washington corruption, with the deception, with using government to benefit the rich and powerful at the expense of the American people!Five years ago, I promised the people of Texas to fight with every breath in my body to stop Obamacare, to stop amnesty and to secure the border, to stop the debt that is bankrupting our kids and grandkids, to defend religious liberty, the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights.And I have kept my promise. Thats why we were supported in this election by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, by Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, our campaign chairman, by former Governor Rick Perry, a true patriot, by nearly half of the Republican state legislators in Texas, and by thousands upon thousands of Republican women and grassroots activists. They know my record. They know me personally. They know my heart. And they know that I have kept my word to fight for them each and every day. America, Ill do the same as president.Together, we will repeal Obamacare, abolish the IRS, pull back the EPA regulators that are killing small businesses, stop amnesty and secure the borders. And the results will be small businesses exploding, millions of high-paying jobs, wages going up, and young people coming out of school with two, three, four, five job offers.From this day forward, let us together show that Reagans love, optimism and faith in the American people were not misplaced.Let us show that we will not let the American light go out, that we will fight for our Constitution, for life, and for freedom.You have shown that we remain a strong and just people, a people who do not give in to fear, but rise always in our righteous might to meet the challenges of the future.Together, we can do it. If we stand together and return to the free market principles and the constitutional liberties that built America, once again, we can have morning in America.Thank you, and God bless each and every one of you.201604/436876

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