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Soil pollution has reached alarming levels in China, and will cause enormous economic losses and affect the health of people for generations, experts warned.有关专家日前警告称,中国的土壤污染已经达到了令人震惊的水平,并将造成巨大的经济损失,影响几代人的健康。Chinas arable land is shrinking due to soil pollution and is bringing huge economic losses to a country aly short of farmland.由于土壤污染,中国的耕地正在萎缩,给本就缺少农田的国家带来巨大的经济损失。China has 22 percent of the worlds population but only 9 percent of the planets arable land, Gao Guilin, a law professor at Beijings Capital University of Economics and Business, said at a forum held last Sunday, news site legaldaily.cn reported on Sunday.北京首都经济贸易大学法学院教授高桂林在上周日举行的一个论坛上表示,中国的人口占世界的22%,但耕地只占世界%。Gao cited statistics released by Chinas Ministry of Environmental Protection that 12 million tons of crops in China are polluted by soil contaminated with heavy metals annually, which would cause a yearly loss of 20 billion yuan (.9 billion).高桂林教授引用中国环境保护部发布的统计数据称,中国每年有1200万吨作物受到土壤重金属的污染,每年造成200亿元的损失(29亿美元)。Soil pollution also poses a great threat to public health as pollutants, including heavy metals, pesticides and agricultural antibiotics, and severely affects the quality of crops.土壤污染也对公众的健康构成了极大的威胁,包括重金属、农药和农业抗生素等污染物,严重影响了作物的质量。The Guangzhou Food and Drug Administration revealed that among the 18 batches of rice tested during random checks, eight were found to contain excessive amounts of heavy metal, which is known as a strong carcinogen and can cause pathological changes in kidney and other organs.据广州食品药品监督透露,在随机检查的18批次的大米中,有8批次含有过量的重金属,被称为强致癌物质,可导致肾脏和其他器官的病变。Gao said preserving protected arable land should be a priority, surveillance of land should be enhanced, and cleaning up should be done as soon as pollution is detected.高桂林教授说,保护耕地应该是一个优先考虑的事,应加强对土地的监测,一旦发现污染就应该进行清理。According to latest figures from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Land and Resources, about 16.1 percent of Chinas surveyed land is polluted by heavy metals including cadmium, arsenic, lead and mercury.根据环境保护部和国土资源部的最新数据,在我国接受调查的土地中,约有16.1%被包括镉、砷、铅和汞的重金属所污染。Last year, the central government allocated 2.8 billion yuan for anti-pollution projects in 30 prefecture-level cities, but experts said it is far from enough.去年,中央政府拨8亿元用于30个地级市治理污染的项目,但专家表示,这还远远不够。来 /201612/481533

The damage a President Trump could do to the American republic is thankfully limited. A president is not a king. There are laws and a court to enforce them. There is Congress to block him. If a president breaks the law, he can be impeached. America may become a more intolerant and chaotic place under Donald Trump, but thanks to its institutions the republic will survive. 谢天谢地,唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)当选为总统对美利坚共和国的破坏将是有限的。总统不是国王。他们会受到法律和法庭的限制,而且还有国会的掣肘。如果总统违法,他可能受到弹劾。在特朗普的领导下,美国可能成为一个更加偏狭和混乱之地,但得益于其制度,美利坚共和国将会存活下来The world is a different matter. The president enjoys his or her greatest power in foreign policy. His power to use force is well known. As important, though, is what he can choose not to do. He can unilaterally refuse to defend an ally. He can choose to strike a bargain with Russia instead of deterring it. He can pull out of a trade deal. There are fewer checks and balances. Damage done in one year may never be undone. 全世界的情况则有所不同。美国总统在外交政策上的权力最大。他动用武力的权力众所周知。然而,同样重要的是,他可以选择不做什么。他可以单方面拒绝捍卫盟友。他可以选择与俄罗斯达成协议而非威慑。他可以退出贸易协定。美国带来的制衡作用将会减弱。一年的破坏就可能永远难以消除A Trump administration would pose the greatest shock to international peace and stability since the 1930s. This is not because Mr Trump would invade other countries but because he would unilaterally liquidate the liberal international order that presidents have built and defended since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. If the word “isolationisthas any meaning, he qualifies as one. 特朗普政府对国际和平和稳定的冲击将会是上世纪30年代以来最大的。这不是因为特朗普将会入侵其他国家,而是因为他将会单方面地瓦解自富兰克林#8226;德拉#8226;罗斯Franklin Delano Roosevelt)起美国历任总统创建和捍卫的国际自由秩序。如果“孤立主义者”这个单词有意义的话,他就是一个孤立主义者Mr Trump has a coherent and consistent worldview that dates back almost 30 years when he spent ,000 on a full-page advertisement in the New York Times to publish an open letter to the American people on US foreign policy. It was this worldview that he described to the Washington Post editorial board on Monday. It appears in virtually every interview and speech he has given about world affairs since the 1980s. 特朗普拥有一套连贯一致的世界观,其痕迹可以追溯至0年前,当时他拿出9.5万美元在《纽约时报New York Times)刊登了一整版广告,向美国民众发表关于美国外交政策的公开信。他在本周一向《华盛顿邮报Washington Post)的编委描述了这种世界观。实际上自上世纪80年代以来,他在几乎每场关于世界事务的采访和演讲中都阐述了这种世界观Simply put, Mr Trump thinks America’s allies and partners are ripping it off and he wants out of America’s leadership role in the international order. Over and over again, Mr Trump has questioned why the US defends Japan, South Korea, Germany and other nations without being paid for it. Just this week, he promised to significantly diminish US involvement in Nato and when asked if America “gained anythingfrom having bases in east Asia he replied “personally I don’t think so This is not about a more equitable share of the burden, which many have called for. Mr Trump believes that the US gains little from having allies unless it is paid handsomely paid by them. 简言之,特朗普认为美国的盟友和合作伙伴在敲美国的“竹杠”,他希望美国退出国际秩序中的领导角色。特朗普一次次地质问,为何美国要不计报酬地捍卫日本、韩囀?德国以及其他国家?就在本周,他承诺大幅削减美国在北约的参与,而且在被问及美国是否从东亚的基地“获得什么”的时候,他回答称“我个人认为没有”。这不是像许多人呼吁的那样更加公平地分担责任。特朗普相信,美国几乎没有从结盟中受益,除非盟友们付丰厚报酬He also opposes every trade deal America has signed over the past 30 years. He wants to use tariffs and other protectionist measures to bludgeon other countries into accepting lopsided agreements that disproportionately benefit the US. He has suggested charging other countries for use of the sea lanes. Under his presidency, the open global economy would slam shut. 他还反对美国在过0年签署的所有贸易协定。他希望动用关税和其他保护主义措施来强迫其他国家接受让美国从中极大受益的不对称协议。他提议对其他使用航路的国家收取费用。如果他担任美国总统,开放的全球经济将砰然关闭As he shuns America’s allies, Mr Trump would seek to strike deals with Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, and other authoritarian strong men. Mr Trump has received Mr Putin’s endorsement and has called for much better relations with Russia. 在避开美国盟友的同时,特朗普会寻求和俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)等专制的政治强人领袖达成协议。特朗普已经得到了普京的持,并呼吁大力改善美俄关系Meanwhile, to deal with threats to the American homeland, Mr Trump has promised his own Chechnya-style scorched-earth policy of targeting civilians and using torture. 同时,为了应对美国国土的威胁,特朗普承诺实施他的车臣式焦土政策——把平民列为打击目标,并使用酷刑Some think that Mr Trump will moderate these positions if he is elected, but it is unlikely that a 70-year old who has held these views for decades and probably views himself as a prophet will abandon them at exactly the moment he feels vindicated and empowered. 有些人认为,当选后特朗普的这些立场会有所缓和,但一个数十年来都抱着这些想法,并且很可能把自己看成先知的70岁的人,不太可能在他感到自己被明有理而且掌握权力的那一刻放弃这些想法The day after his election, allies in Europe and Asia will rightly worry if their security relationship with the US remains intact. Russia and China will have an unprecedented opportunity to achieve in a single presidential term what they thought would take decades, namely the destruction of the US-led alliance system. 在他当选之后,美国在欧洲和亚洲的盟友完全有理由担忧它们与美国的安全合作关系是否还能保持原样。俄罗斯和中国将获得一个史无前例的机会在一届总统任期内完成它们此前认为需要花数十年才能实现的目标——即摧毁美国领导的同盟体系These are the true stakes of the 2016 election. The campaign will be unlike any other as the fundamental pillars of post-second world war American foreign policy are put up for debate. Hillary Clinton, the probable Democrat nominee, might be synonymous with the establishment, but her destiny is clear. It is to explain why an open and liberal international order benefits ordinary Americans. It is to show how the closing of the global economy, the end of alliances and dawning of an authoritarian age poses as great a threat to American interests now as it did in the late 1940s when the architecture of US leadership was created. 这是2016年的美国大选真正关系重大的地方。这场大选不同于其他任何一场,因为美国二战后外交政策的核心成为了辩论的焦点。很可能会成为民主党总统候选人的希拉里#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)或许是建制派的代名词,但她的使命很清楚。那就是解释为何自由开放的国际秩序让普通美国人受益,向他们展示国际经济的封闭、同盟的瓦解,以及威权时代的到来对美国利益威胁之大将不亚于上世纪40年代末由美国扮演领导角色的架构刚建立的时候The international order can survive many things terrorist attacks, Russian aggression, Chinese revisionism and an international financial crisis but the collapse of American leadership may prove a disaster too far. 国际秩序能够经受住许多东西的侵袭——恐怖主义袭击、俄罗斯的侵略、中国的修正主义和一场国际金融危机——但美国领导地位的崩塌很可能会被明是一场破坏性过大的灾难。来 /201603/433537

In an election season where cybersecurity has been a major issue from Hillary Clinton’s email server to the hacks, believed to be tied to Russia, that compromised her campaign chairman and the Democratic National Committee 前阵子希拉里的邮件务器被黑客攻破,让她的竞选主席和民主党全国委员会陷入尴尬境地,导致网络安全问题成了本次美国大选的一大关注点。据认为入侵务器的黑客行动与俄罗斯有关。a group of computer scientists stumbled upon evidence possibly connecting a Donald Trump mail server to a separate server belonging to Russia’s Alfa Bank. 据《Slate》杂志报道,近日一群电脑科学家无意间发现了特朗普的邮件务器可能与俄罗斯阿尔法的一个独立务器相连接的据。The discovery, reported by Slate, came just as the New York Times reported that the FBI found no direct link between the Trump Organization and the Russian government.而就在此前《纽约时报》刚报道称美国联邦调查局没有发现特朗普组织与俄罗斯政府之间存在直接联系。Following revelations about the DNC hacks over the summer, a group of computer scientists wanted to look into whether the Trump campaign had been similarly compromised by hackers.就在今夏曝出民主党全国委员会被黑的丑闻后,一群电脑科学家想调查一下特朗普的竞选活动是否也同样遭到黑客的攻击。We wanted to help defend both campaigns, because we wanted to preserve the integrity of the election, 其中一位网络安全专家告诉《Slate》杂志的富兰克林.弗尔说,我们想帮助守卫竞选双方的网络安全,因为我们想保持大选的公正性。one of the cybersecurity experts told Slate’s Franklin Foer upon condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of his work.因为他工作性质的关系,这位专家没有透露自己的名字。In the act of trying to uncover any malware that might be affecting Trump servers, a scientist who asked to be referred to by the pseudonym Tea Leaves detected what he thought was Russian-originating malware that had the destination domain Trump in its name.为了捕获可能影响特朗普务器的任何恶意软件,一位化名为茶叶的科学家探查到他认为是源于俄罗斯的恶意软件,软件目标域名包含特朗普。Tea Leaves ended up finding that the Alfa Bank, a Moscow-based financial institution whose leaders have ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, had a server that was irregularly pinging a server registered to the New York-based Trump Organization.茶叶最后发现阿尔法是一家总部在莫斯科的金融机构,它的高管们与俄罗斯总统普京有联系,而且该有一个务器与总部在纽约的特朗普组织注册的一个务器之间有不规则的共振。Computer logs indicate there were thousands of digital contacts. 电脑日志显示,这两个务器间有数千条数据联系。The logs suggested that Trump and Alfa had configured something like a digital hotline connecting the two entities, shutting out the rest of the world, and designed to obscure its own existence, Foer writes.弗尔写道:日志显示,特朗普和阿尔法已经安装了某种类似于数据热线的东西,将两台务器连在一起,这样便可以把世界上的其他所有人屏蔽出去,不让人发现任何痕迹。But according to the latest report, no clear evidence of wrongdoing was found.不过,根据最新报道,并没有发现特朗普有不正当邮件往来的任何确切据。A US cybersecurity firm hired by a Russian bank to investigate allegations of a secret line of communication with the Trump Organization said on Tuesday there was no evidence so far of substantive contact, email or financial links.一家俄罗斯雇佣了一个美国网络安全公司去调查与特朗普组织有联系的这条秘密线路,并于周二表示到目前为止尚未发现任何表明二者有实质接触、邮件往来或经济联系的据。Mandiant, which is owned by the California-based company FireEye, said it examined internet server logs presented to the bank by media organisations investigating the link and found nothing suspicious.这家公司名叫Mandiant,隶属于总部位于加利福尼亚州的火眼公司。Mandiant公司表示它查看了调查这一线路的媒体机构呈给的网络务器日志,没有发现任何可疑的据。来 /201611/475746

Donald Trump warned that “bad things would happenat the Republican convention in July if the GOP establishment tried to deny him the presidential nomination despite his resounding victories in the second Super Tuesday contests. 唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)警告说,如果共和党内的建制派试图否认他的总统候选人提名,而不顾他在第二次“超级星期二Super Tuesday)竞选中获得巨大胜利,那月份共和党全国代表大会将会有“不好的事情发生”Speaking after his wins in Florida, Illinois and North Carolina, Mr Trump told CNN on Wednesday that he believed he would win an outright majority of delegates before the convention, but said the party would be obliged to give him the nomination even if he failed to reach the 1,237 threshold for an outright victory. 在佛罗里达州、伊利诺伊州和北卡罗莱纳州赢得选战后,特朗普在周三向美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)表示他相信自己会在全国代表大会前赢得绝大多数选举人票,但他表示即使他未能达到1237张选举人票的门槛,没有取得彻底胜利,共和党还是不得不将提名给他“If we’re 20 votes short, or if we’re 100 short and we’re at 1,100 and somebody else is at 500 or 400 I don’t think you can say that we don’t get it automatically,Mr Trump said. “I think you’d have riots.特朗普说:“如果我们少0票,或者我们少00票,最终获100票,而其他人00票或400票……我认为你不可以说,我们不能自动获得提名。我认为到时候会发生骚乱。Mr Trump’s comments were a veiled threat to party elders not to intervene in a so-called convention in Cleveland in July to thwart him. In the meantime, the real estate mogul is working to deny them the opportunity by wooing his rivalsfollowers. 特朗普这番话其实是在暗中威胁党内大佬不要插手7月克利夫兰全国代表大会,企图阻止他。同时这位房地产大亨还拉拢起竞争对手的追随者,努力不给党内大佬任何机会。来 /201603/432410

Kim Jong Un has ordered North Korea’s nuclear weapons to be placed on standby, ratcheting up tensions on the Korean peninsula following a UN Security Council approved tough new sanctions on the country. 金正Kim Jong Un)已命令朝鲜的核武器要处于值班状态。在联合国安理会(UN Security Council)批准对朝实施严厉的新一轮制裁后,朝鲜半岛紧张局势再度升级The North Korean leader also said his country should turn its military posture to “pre-emptive attackmode, the official Korean Central News Agency said on Friday. 据朝鲜官方的朝中Korean Central News Agency)周五报道,朝鲜领导人金正恩还表示朝鲜的军事姿态要向着先发制人的方向转化“The only way for defending the sovereignty of our nation and its right to existence under the present extreme situation is to bolster up nuclear force both in quality and quantity,the KCNA ed Mr Kim as saying. The news agency added that he had stressed the need for the country’s nuclear warheads to be “always on standby so as to be fired any moment 朝中社援引金正恩的话称:“在当前的极端形势下,捍卫我们国家主权和生存权的唯一途径,只能是从质和量两方面加强核力量。”朝中社还表示,金正恩强调朝鲜的核弹头必须“做好随时发射的准备”The UN Security Council voted on Wednesday to impose tougher sanctions on the Communist nation in response to North Korea’s fourth nuclear test and a long-range rocket launch earlier this year. 联合国安理会周三表决通过对朝实施更严厉的制裁,以回应该国今年早些时候进行的第四次核试验以及远程导弹发射Responding to the KCNA report, Bill Urban, a US defence department spokesman, said: “We urge North Korea to refrain from provocative actions that aggravate tensions and instead focus on fulfilling its international obligations and commitments.美国国防部发言人比#8226;厄本(Bill Urban)回应朝中社的报道称:“我们敦促朝鲜避免采取挑衅性行动来加剧紧张局势,而是应致力于履行其国际义务和承诺。Mr Kim’s comments came ahead of joint military exercises between South Korea and the US this month, which Pyongyang sees as preparations for an invasion. 金正恩是在本月韩国和美国举行联合军演前发表上述讲话的,平壤方面将此次军演视作入侵朝鲜的准备工作“Now is the time for us to convert our mode of military counteraction toward the enemies into an pre-emptive attack one in every aspect,Mr Kim was ed as saying. 朝中社援引金正恩的话表示:“对我们来说,现在是时候将我们的对敌军事应对全面转向先发制人模式了。”来 /201603/430529

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  • (责任编辑:郝佳 UK047)