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No need for any more expensive gifts, romantic breaks or big bouquets of flowers. It seems the secret to a happy marriage is completely free – a good night#39;s sleep.无需任何贵重的礼物,浪漫的假期或者是一大束鲜花。看起来,婚姻幸福美满的秘诀完全是免费的--那就是晚上美美地睡上一觉。Psychologists have found that having seven or eight hours#39; sleep a night means partners are less likely to focus on the negative aspects of their relationship and more inclined to think about the bigger picture.心理学家们发现,晚上睡上七至八个小时,就意味着夫妻双方会更少地关注于彼此关系的消极方面,转而更多地憧憬幸福画面。Researchers at Florida State University say sleep also helps to restore function in the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that manages self control.佛罗里达州立大学的研究人员们表示,睡眠有助于恢复前额皮质--大脑中管理自控能力的部分--的功能。Although divorce rates in the UK are at their lowest levels of 40 years, the numbers separating every year are still significant. About 260,000 couples in the UK get married each year but at the same time nearly 120,000 part.虽然英国的离婚率正处于近40年内最低水平,但是每年离婚的人数依旧居高不下。英国每年约有26万人结婚,但与此同时有近12万人离婚。Experts regard honesty, warmth and respect as the bedrock of any relationship. But the latest study, in the Journal of Family Psychology, shows a good snooze is equally important.专家们把诚实,暖心和尊重视为一切关系的基础。但是发表在《家庭心理学杂志》的最新研究表明,良好的睡眠也同样重要。Scientists asked 68 newlywed couples to record their sleep patterns for a week. They also kept a diary on how they felt about their marriage and how rows affected their view of the relationship.科学家们要求68对新婚夫妇记录他们一周的睡眠状况。他们每天还记录了自己对婚姻的感受以及矛盾是如何影响了他们对于彼此关系的看法。Finally, researchers used something called the Kansas Marital Satisfaction Scale to assess volunteers#39; levels of satisfaction with their sex lives, levels of affection, time spent together, partners#39; mood and how they resolved rows.最后,研究人员们使用了一种叫Kansas婚姻满意感量表,来评估志愿者们对他们的性生活,感情状况,共度的时光,夫妻情绪以及如何化解矛盾的满意程度。Husbands benefited most from a proper night#39;s sleep, the study found. Even on days where they fell out with their wives, they felt upbeat about their marital status – providing they had a good rest the night before.研究发现,丈夫从良好睡眠当中获益最多。即使当他们与妻子发生争吵,他们也会对自己的婚姻状况感到信心满满——前提是他们在前一个晚上休息得不错。The researchers said: #39;Sleep is an important factor that affects marital satisfaction. Up to a third of married or cohabiting adults report that sleeps problems burden their relationship.#39;研究人员们对此表示:“睡眠是影响婚姻满意度的一个重要因素。高达三分之一的已婚或未婚同居成人声称,睡眠问题会给彼此关系带来负担。” /201607/457469Women’s body confidence has become a “critical issue” around the world and pressure from the media is largely to blame for our low self-esteem, a new report warns.一项最新报告指出,女性对自身外形缺乏信心已成为全球性重要问题,来自媒体的压力是主要原因。The Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report, given exclusively to The Huffington Post UK, has been created using interviews with 10,500 women and girls across 13 countries and is the largest the brand has ever commissioned.由《赫芬顿邮报》英国版独家披露的《多芬全球美丽自信研究报告》来源于对13个国家10500位妇女和女孩的采访。这是该品牌委托进行的最大型的调研。It found that women in the UK have one of the lowest body confidence scores in the world, with only 20% of us saying we like the way that we look.研究发现,英国女性的外形自信位列全球最低之一,仅20%的人表示喜欢自己的外貌。Globally, more than two-thirds of women (69%) and girls (65%) say increasing pressures from advertising and media to reach an unrealistic standard of beauty is the key force in driving their appearance anxiety.从世界范围看,超过三分之二的妇女(69%)和女孩(65%)表示,广告和媒体宣传的不切实际的美丽标准,给女性造成越来越大的压力,是导致她们外貌焦虑的主要原因。Meanwhile, 56% of all women recognise the impact of an “always on” social media culture in driving the pressure for perfection and negative body image.同时,56%的女性意识到,“始终在线”的社交媒体文化迫使她们追求完美,并对负面的身体形象感到压力。The report reveals that low body-esteem is causing the majority of women (85%) and girls (79%) to opt out of important life activities – such as trying out for a team or club, and engaging with family or loved ones – when they don’t feel good about the way they look.报告显示,对外形缺乏自信导致大部分妇女(85%)和女孩(79%)在不满意自己的外貌时放弃生活中的重要活动——比如参与团队或俱乐部活动,和家人或心爱的人在一起。Additionally, seven in 10 girls with low body-esteem say they won’t be assertive in their opinion or stick to their decision if they aren’t happy with the way they look, while nine out of 10 (87%) women will stop themselves from eating or will otherwise put their health at risk.此外,有七成对外形不自信的女孩说,如果她们不满意自己的外貌,就无法肯定自己的观点或坚持自己的决定。而近九成的妇女(87%)会为此节食,或进行其他危害健康的行为。What’s more, nearly eight in 10 (78%) of both women and girls feel some pressure to never make mistakes or show weakness.还有近八成(78%)的女性,包括妇女和女孩,感受到从不犯错或示弱的压力。“This latest research shows that low body confidence is a global issue,” says Dr Nancy Etcoff of Harvard Medical School.哈佛医院学院的南茜#8226;埃特考夫士说:“这项最新研究显示,对外形缺乏自信是一个全球性问题。”“Though troubling, these results are also unsurprising, given the increasing pressures women and girls face today.“考虑到当今妇女和女孩面临的压力持续增长,这些结果虽让人不安,但也不足为奇。”“We need to help empower women and girls in many ways, including increasing body-confidence education, driving meaningful conversations around the pressures women and girls face, and advocating for change in how females and their appearance are talked about and portrayed in the media.”“我们需要以各种方式帮助妇女和女孩获得力量,包括开展增强外形自信的教育,围绕她们面临的压力进行有意义的交流,并且倡导女性及其形象在媒体报道和呈现上的改变。”The report found that beauty and appearance anxiety is a global issue, but one that women are experiencing differently by culture and country.该报告发现,美丽和外貌焦虑是一个全球性问题,但女性的体验会因为身处不同国家和文化环境而不同。While women in South Africa are the most body confident with 64% saying they have “high body-esteem”, women in the UK come in 12th out of 13 countries, with only 20% of us saying we feel good about the way we look.南非女性对自身外形的自信程度最高,有64%的女性表示“对外形高度自信”。而英国女性在13个国家中排名第12位,只有20%表示满意自己的外貌。Percentage Of Women Who Feel Body Confident对外形感到自信的女性比例:1. South Africa: 64%1. 南非:64%2. Russia: 45%2. 俄罗斯:45%3. Turkey: 42%3. 土耳其:42%4. India: 40%4. 印度:40%5. China: 37%5. 中国:37%6. Mexico: 36%6. 墨西哥:36%7. Germany: 34%7. 德国:34%8. Brazil: 27%8. 巴西:27%9. US: 24%9. 美国:24%10. Canada: 22%10. 加拿大:22%11. Australia: 20%11. 澳大利亚:20%12. UK: 20%12. 英国:20%13. Japan: 8%13. 日本:8%But it’s not all bad news for women and girls when it comes to body image.但妇女和女性在身体形象方面也并非都是坏消息。The report reveals there is a pro-active desire among females to challenge existing beauty norms.报告显示,女性中存在一种主动挑战现行美丽标准的渴望。A total of 71% of women and 67% of girls want to call on the media to do a better job portraying women of diverse physical appearance, age, race, shape and size.71%的妇女和67%的女孩希望呼吁媒体做出改善,更好地塑造不同外貌、年龄、种族、身材和体型的女性形象。Additionally, while 60% of women believe they need to meet certain beauty standards, at the same time, 77% agree it is important to be their own person and not copy anyone else.此外,尽管60%的妇女认为她们需要符合一定的美丽标准,而同时,77%的人同意坚持自我、不模仿他人是重要的。For many women and girls, the key to breaking a cycle of beauty and appearance anxiety seems to be the experience of taking time to care for their minds, body and appearance.对于许多妇女和女孩来说,打破美丽和外貌焦虑的关键,似乎在于花费时间关爱自己的心灵、身体和外貌。In fact, seven in 10 women and eight in 10 girls report feeling more confident or positive when they invest time in caring for themselves.实际上,七成妇女和八成女孩报告称在投入时间关怀自己时感到更自信、更积极。 /201606/451954

Tom Staggs, chief operating officer of Walt Disney, is to leave the company after losing the support of the board to succeed Bob Iger, its chairman and chief executive, in 2018. The move threatens a repeat of Disney’s troubles with succession under Michael Eisner, Mr Iger’s predecessor, which culminated in a shareholder revolt in 2004. 华特迪士尼公司(Walt Disney)首席运营官汤姆#8226;斯塔格斯(Tom Staggs)在失去董事会对自己2018年接替鲍勃#8226;伊格尔(Bob Iger)出任公司董事长兼首席执行官的持后,将选择离开迪士尼。此举可能使伊格尔的前任迈克尔#8226;艾斯纳(Michael Eisner)执掌迪士尼时期的继任者人选难题再次上演,上次危机最终在2004年招致了股东的反抗。 Mr Eisner’s cultivation and then rejection in turn of Jeffrey Katzenberg and Mike Ovitz as his second-in-command at Disney in the mid-1990s marred his tenure. In his 2005 book about the period, ‘DisneyWar’, James Stewart described the company as a place “deeply rooted in a culture of fantasy” where executives “take on the aura of hereditary royalty”. Mr Iger’s departure date has been put back three times. 上世纪90年代中期,艾斯纳先是栽培,随后又连续否决了杰弗里#8226;卡岑伯格(Jeffrey Katzenberg)、迈克#8226;奥维茨(Mike Ovitz)担任自己在迪士尼的副手,这成为其任期内的污点。在2005年出版的讲述这一时期故事的《迪士尼战争》(DisneyWar)一书中,詹姆斯#8226;斯图尔特(James Stewart)将迪士尼形容为一个“深深地植根于幻想文化”的地方,这里的高管“都戴着世袭王室的光环”。伊格尔的离任日期已经三次被推迟。 Once upon a time in Disneyland, content was king but the king was not content. 曾几何时,在迪斯尼王国,内容为王,但“国王”并不满足。 The magic kingdom had prospered during King Bob’s reign, multiplying severalfold in value and extending its rule over various make-believe empires such as Pixar Animation and Marvel Entertainment. King Bob grasped the value of a franchise better than anyone else. But the crown now sat heavily on the monarch’s head. His past was coming back to haunt him. 这个魔幻王国在“鲍勃大王”(King Bob)的领导下兴旺发展,公司价值翻了好几番,并且收购了多个虚幻帝国,如皮克斯动画(Pixar Animation)、漫威公司(Marvel Entertainment)。鲍勃大王比其他任何人都更好地实现了特许经营权的价值。但如今,他头上的王冠更加沉重了。过去的经历正回过头来困扰着他。 King Bob thought of his days of struggle as a prince in the court of King Michael, trying discreetly to ascend the throne. Oh, Lord, King Michael had been a piece of work. Bob remembered one bitter day in Sun Valley, where rival monarchs gathered for jousts each year, when the king had promised to introduce Bob as his successor. He had promised! The guy never kept his word. 鲍勃大王回想起自己作为“亲王”在“迈克尔大王”麾下奋斗的日子,小心翼翼地设法登上王位。噢,上帝,迈克尔大王曾经只是一份工作。鲍勃记得在太阳谷令人痛苦的一天(每年的这一天各商业帝国的君主聚在一起进行比拼),那天,迈克尔大王事先承诺要宣布鲍勃为他的继任者。他承诺过!但他从不信守诺言。 Prince Jeffrey, the hot-blooded pretender whom King Michael called his “golden retriever” (perhaps Jeffrey should have taken the hint), and Prince Mike, a chilly Hollywood courtier, had both been discarded. It had taken every ounce of Prince Bob’s self-control and charm to outlive the curse on the princes of Disneyland. 热情洋溢、觊觎王位并被迈克尔大王称为自己的“金毛猎犬”的“杰弗里亲王”(或许杰弗里本应理解这一提示)以及冷面、好莱坞式的侍臣“迈克亲王”都被抛弃了。“鲍勃亲王”凭借全副的自制力和魅力才战胜了迪士尼亲王们身上所背负的诅咒。 When he looked in the Wall Street mirror each morning and asked, “Who is the fairest ruler of them all?” it always answered, “King Bob”. It did not once mention Prince Tom, or even hesitate. Becoming king was not like being Winnie the Pooh and borrowing a magic blue balloon from Christopher Robin in order to float up and take honey from the beehive. You had to climb the Disneyland tree yourself. 每天早上他看着华尔街魔镜,问道:“谁是世界上最公正的统治者?”魔镜总是回答“鲍勃大王”。从未提到过汤姆亲王,甚至从未犹豫过。要成为国王并不像当小熊维尼(Winnie the Pooh)那样简单——后者可以向克里斯托弗#8226;罗宾(Christopher Robin)借一个有魔力的蓝色气球,让自己漂浮起来,然后从蜂巢窃取蜂蜜。你不得不自己爬上迪士尼的大树。 The king could feel his courtiers gazing at him oddly and whispering in corners, as if the mess were his fault and he had turned into King Michael. He recalled the scene in Toy Story when Buzz Lightyear falls from a window and the other toys think that Woody — solid, likeable Woody — got jealous and deliberately pushed Buzz out. It was an accident! 鲍勃大王可以感觉到侍臣们用奇怪的眼神打量着他,并在角落里窃窃私语,好像这件麻烦事都是他造成的,好像他已经变成了迈克尔大王。他想起了《玩具总动员》(Toy Story)中的一幕,巴斯光年(Buzz Lightyear)从窗户跌落,而其他玩具认为是结实、可爱的伍迪(Woody)出于嫉妒,故意将巴斯推出窗外。那只是一场意外! Selecting a potential successor last year from between Prince Tom and some other prince whose name now slipped the king’s mind had been like making a choice between two dwarfs called Happy and Grumpy. Sure, Tom was happy and he played the trumpet but what could King Bob say? Tom did not grow into the job. 去年,从汤姆亲王和一些如今国王连名字都不记得的其他亲王之间挑选一位接班人选,就像在叫做“欢乐”(Happy)和“暴躁”(Grumpy)两个小矮人之间做出选择。当然,汤姆很欢乐,吹起了小喇叭,但鲍勃大王说了些什么呢?汤姆最终没能成为继任者。 The problem was that Disneyland was a vast empire, stretching far and wide. It took a big guy to run it, if King Bob said so himself. Long ago, the kingdom had been ruled jointly by its founding brothers, King Walt and King Roy. Walt did the creative alchemy and Roy handled the money. That had worked out very well. But King Michael had insisted on ruling over everything and Bob did, too. 问题在于,迪士尼王国是一个庞大的帝国,幅员辽阔。迪士尼王国需要一位强人驾驭,鲍勃大王认为自己就是这样的人。从前,这个王国由其创始人兄弟——“沃尔特大王”(King Walt)和“罗伊大王”(King Roy)共同管理。沃尔特负责为公司带来创造性的魔力,罗伊掌管财务。他们干得非常好。但迈克尔大王坚持自己裁决公司一切事宜,鲍勃也是如此。 King Michael had warned that if a financial wizard were ever put in charge, Disneyland would freeze over and spring never come. Running a creative kingdom was hard. Animators were like princesses: you had to keep kissing them or they fell asleep. 迈克尔大王曾警告称,如果让一名金融奇才来掌管迪士尼,那迪士尼王国将会陷入冰封,而且春天永远不会到来。领导一个创造性的王国很困难。动漫设计师就像公主:你必须不断地亲吻她们,否则她们就会睡着。 King Bob’s thoughts often turned to princesses. It struck him that most princes in Disneyland films were either evil or just phoning it in. 鲍勃大王脑海里的念头经常转向公主们。他意识到,迪士尼电影里的王子们大多或者邪恶,或者只会自以为是。 They thought that it was sufficient to be handsome and unattainable until the time came for them to ride up on a horse and sweep their conquests off their feet. Meanwhile, most of the hard work was being done behind the scenes by the Disney princesses. 他们认为,只要英俊且高不可攀就足够了,直至他们骑上骏马,引人坠入爱河。与此同时,大部分艰苦工作都是由迪士尼的公主们在幕后完成。 That was the problem, King Bob realised. He had remained foolishly blind to the moral of his stories — that women are the true overachievers. They might be dressed in rags, spending their days and nights cleaning up the mess in the scullery, but put them in glass slippers and they are good to go. 这正是问题所在,鲍勃大王意识到。他一直愚蠢地对自己亲身经历的故事的寓意——女人是真正的成功者——视而不见。她们或许衣着破烂,昼夜在后厨清洗碗筷,但如果让她们穿上水晶鞋,她们会表现得很好。 Prince Tom had not filled King Bob’s shoes but perhaps there was someone else who could. Bob knew a princess in the kingdom of Facebook called Sheryl. He had admired Princess Sheryl as she strode through Sun Valley, and had gained permission from King Mark of Facebook to recruit her to his privy council. Bob liked Princess Sheryl’s style; he liked it a lot. 汤姆亲王未能接替鲍勃大王,但或许有人能够。鲍勃知道Facebook王国有位公主名叫谢里尔#8226;桑德伯格(Sheryl Sandberg)。当谢里尔公主大步穿过太阳谷时,鲍勃对她大加赞赏。他还得到了Facebook“马克大王”(King Mark)的许可将她招募至自己的枢密院。鲍勃喜欢谢里尔公主的风格,非常喜欢。 No one seemed to believe King Bob but he really did want to retire. Every night, he wished upon a star for his puppets to turn into leaders but he had to keep pulling their strings. Princess Sheryl might be the answer to his prayers. Everyone would applaud if she inherited his crown. Good King Bob is truly enlightened, they would exclaim. What a wise sovereign! 似乎没人相信鲍勃大王会退休,但他真的想要退休。每天晚上,他向星星许愿,希望他的木偶变成领袖,但他不得不继续拉住木偶的提线。谢里尔公主可能就是他祈祷的。如果她继承了他的王冠,所有人都会鼓掌。他们会欢呼,我们伟大的鲍勃大王真是开明。多么英明的君主! If the queen thing worked, Bob would still be the best king Disneyland had ever known. And if not, he could always rule a little longer. 如果迪士尼能迎来一位女王,鲍勃仍然会是迪士尼王国历史上最伟大的国王。如果不能的话,他总能再统治一段时间。 /201604/436614When grieving Almeda Errell went to pay her last respects at her son#39;s funeral, the last thing she expected to find was love.当悲伤的阿尔梅达·艾瑞尔在儿子的葬礼上向他告别的时候,她怎么都没想到竟会邂逅爱情。Following a whirlwind three-week romance, she and Gary Hardwick – 17 – tied the knot in a ceremony which he arranged for just 0 (£137) in six days.在3周旋风式恋爱之后,她和盖瑞·哈德威克(17岁)就举办了婚礼,而这个婚礼盖瑞只用了6天,花了200美元就安排好了。And now the unlikely pair are sharing Almeda#39;s house with one of her grandsons who is three years older than her new husband.如今,这对不可思议的夫妇和阿尔梅达的一个孙子一起住在她的家里,而阿尔梅达的孙子比她的新老公还要大3岁。Almeda knew straight away that Gary was the man for her after bumping into him at her son#39;s cremation.当阿尔梅达在儿子的火化仪式上碰见盖瑞之后,她立刻就明白盖瑞就是她想要的男人。Almeda wore a dress borrowed from Gary#39;s cousin for their wedding.在他们的婚礼上,阿尔梅达穿着从盖瑞的表那儿借来的裙子。Almeda admitted that she#39;d been searching for a soulmate but never dreamed of finding a younger man.阿尔梅达表示,她一直在寻找一位灵魂伴侣,但她从未想过要找一个年轻小伙。As far as Gary is concerned age is just a number. His previous girlfriend was 77 years old.盖瑞认为,年龄只是一个数字。他前女友就77岁了。Young-at-heart Almeda and Gary are convinced they are the perfect match.永葆心龄的阿尔梅达和盖瑞相信,他们是天生一对。 /201607/455616The Use of Zodiac Animal Signs生肖的运用A Chinese horoscope may predict that a person born in the Year of the Horse is ;cheerful,popular and quick to compliment others;. The year of a person#39;s birth is considered the primary factor in determining a person#39;s personality,physical and mental attributes,ability and level of success and happiness throughout his or her lifetime. Events and occurrences in a given year are influenced by the nature of that year#39;s animal.中国占星可以预测,在马年出生的人“性格开朗,受欢迎和善于恭维别人”。出生那年的生肖被认为是决定他或她的一生的主要因素,他/她的个性、身体和精神属性、能力、成功和幸福水平。在某一年发生的事件受当年生肖影响。Animal signs also have a useful social function for determining someone#39;s age. Instead of asking directly how old a person is,the Chinese often ask about his or her animal sign,which places a person within a cycle of 12 years. This is a popular way to socialize.生肖对确定一个人的年龄也很有用。中国人经常问他或她的属相而不是直接问别人多大了,属相是12年为一个周期内。这是一种流行的社交方式。 /201606/449312

King Kong considering something that might have changed the whole thing金刚考虑一些可能会改变整体的事情WAXING salon脱毛沙龙 /201607/454515A groundbreaking trial to see if it is possible to regenerate the brains of dead people, has won approval from health watchdogs.探究死者大脑能否重获新生的开创性实验已获卫生监管部门批准可以开展。A biotech company in the US has been granted ethical permission to recruit 20 patients who have been declared clinically dead from a traumatic brain injury, to test whether parts of their central nervous system can be brought back to life.美国一家生物科技公司获得伦理许可,将招募20位因脑创伤被宣布临床死亡的病人,用于测试他们的部分中枢神经系统能否被复苏。Scientists will use a combination of therapies, which include injecting the brain with stem cells and a cocktail of peptides, as well as deploying lasers and nerve stimulation techniques which have been shown to bring patients out of comas.科学家们将合用多种治疗方法,包括给大脑注入干细胞和混合多肽,以及利用激光和神经刺激技术等等。激光神经刺激技术此前被实能让病人从昏迷中苏醒。The trial participants will have been certified dead and only kept alive through life support. They will be monitored for several months using brain imaging equipment to look for signs of regeneration, particularly in the upper spinal cord - the lowest region of the brain stem which controls independent breathing and heartbeat.接受试验者必须已经被确认为死亡,只靠生命维持设备维持生命体征。研究者将通过大脑成像设备进行几个月的监测,寻找重生信号,特别是在高位脊髓区域。高位脊髓是脑干的最低部位,它控制着独立呼吸和心跳。The team believes that the brain stem cells may be able to erase their history and re-start life again, based on their surrounding tissue – a process seen in the animal kingdom in creatures like salamanders who can regrow entire limbs.研究团队相信,基于周围组织,脑干细胞也许可以抹去历史,重启生命。这样的过程经常见于动物王国,比如像娃娃鱼这样的生物就可以重新长出完好的肢干。Dr Ira Pastor, the CEO of Bioquark Inc. said: “This represents the first trial of its kind and another step towards the eventual reversal of death in our lifetime.“Bioquark”公司执行总裁艾拉·帕斯特士说:“这是人类首次进行此类实验,是我们在有生之年逆转死亡的又一次尝试。;We just received approval for our first 20 subjects and we hope to start recruiting patients immediately from this first site – we are working with the hospital now to identify families where there may be a religious or medical barrier to organ donation.“我们刚得到批准,可以先对20位受试者进行试验,我们希望能立刻开始招募病人,就从这里的第一个试验地点开始着手——我们现在正与院方携手,看看哪些家庭可能由于宗教或医疗限制不能捐献器官。;To undertake such a complex initiative, we are combining biologic regenerative medicine tools with other existing medical devices typically used for stimulation of the central nervous system, in patients with other severe disorders of consciousness.“为了开展如此复杂的试验,我们将运用生物再生医学方法,并结合其它通常用于刺激中枢神经系统的医疗手段,治疗患有其它严重意识障碍的病人。;We hope to see results within the first two to three months.;“我们希望在两三个月内看到结果。”The ReAnima Project has just received approval in India, and the team plans to start recruiting patients immediately.这项重生计划也刚在印度获得批准,研究团队计划立即开始招募病人。The first stage, named #39;First In Human Neuro-Regeneration amp; Neuro-Reanimation#39; will be a non-randomised, single group #39;proof of concept#39; and will take place at Anupam Hospital in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand India.此研究的第一阶段——“人类首次神经复苏和再生”,将会是一组非随机的“概念验”,试验将在印度北阿坎德邦卢德拉普尔的安努帕姆医院进行。The peptides will be administered into the spinal cord daily via a pump, with the stem cells given bi-weekly, over the course of a 6 week period.在长达六周的疗程里,研究人员每天都会通过泵送的方式往病人脊髓里注入多肽,每两周注入一次干细胞。Dr Pastor added: ;It is a long term vision of ours that a full recovery in such patients is a possibility, although that is not the focus of this first study – but it is a bridge to that eventuality.;帕斯特士补充说:“我们认为,从长远来看,这样的病人是有可能完全复苏的。尽管我们第一次试验还达不到这样的目标,但却是最终实现这一目标的桥梁。”Brain stem death is when a person no longer has any brain stem functions, and has permanently lost the potential for consciousness and the capacity to breathe.如果一个人的脑干不再有任何功能,并永久失去了恢复意识和恢复呼吸的可能,就算脑干死亡。A person is confirmed as being dead when their brain stem function is permanently lost.如果一个人永久丧失了脑干功能,就被临床确认为死亡。However, although brain dead humans are technically no longer alive, their bodies can often still circulate blood, digest food, excrete waste, balance hormones, grow, sexually mature, heal wounds, spike a fever, and gestate and deliver a baby.然而,尽管从技术上讲,脑死亡的人已经死了,但他们的身体通常还能进行血液循环、消化食物、排泄废物、平衡荷尔蒙、生长、性成熟、愈合伤口、抑制发烧、怀和生小孩。Recent studies have also suggested that some electrical activity and blood flow continues after brain cell death, just not enough to allow for the whole body to function.最近的研究也表明,脑细胞死亡后,脑电活动和血液流通仍在继续,只不过还不足以作用于整个身体。And while human beings lack substantial regenerative capabilities in the central nervous system, many non-human species, such as amphibians and certain fish, can repair, regenerate and remodel substantial portions of their brain and brain stem even after critical life-threatening trauma.尽管人类中枢神经系统中缺少强劲的重生能力,但很多非人类物种,比如两栖动物和某些鱼类,甚至在大脑受到威胁生命的严重创伤之后,仍然可以自我修复、新生并重建大脑和脑干的很多部分。“Through our study, we will gain unique insights into the state of human brain death, which will have important connections to future therapeutic development for other severe disorders of consciousness, such as coma, and the vegetative and minimally conscious states, as well as a range of degenerative CNS conditions, including Alzheimer#39;s and Parkinson#39;s disease,” added Dr Sergei Paylian, Founder, President, and Chief Science Officer of Bioquark Inc.“Bioquark”公司创始人、总裁兼首席科学官谢尔盖·佩林士说:“通过这项独特的研究,我们可以深入了解人类大脑死亡的状况,对今后治疗其它严重意识障碍有重要影响,比如昏迷、植物状态、阿尔兹海默和帕金森等一系列中枢神经系统退化问题。”Commenting on the trial, Dr Dean Burnett, a neuroscientist at the Cardiff University’s Centre for Medical Education said: “While there have been numerous demonstrations in recent years that the human brain and nervous system may not be as fixed and irreparable as is typically assumed, the idea that brain death could be easily reversed seems very far-fetched, given our current abilities and understanding of neuroscience.卡迪夫大学医学教育中心神经科学家迪恩·伯内特士这样此次试验:“近年来,尽管很多据都表明人类大脑和神经系统也许不像人们通常设想的那样不可更改、难以修复,但是,鉴于我们现有的能力和对神经科学的理解,‘大脑死亡能被轻易扭转’的这个想法仍然是非常不着边际的。”;Saving individual parts might be helpful but it#39;s a long way from resurrecting a whole working brain, in a functional, undamaged state.;“修复某几个部分也许还有可能,但要复活整个大脑,使其功能运转正常、完好无损,还有很长的路要走。” /201605/442274

A cup of tea solves everything, so they say, especially for Richard Branson. The Virgin Group boss, who is worth over billion, recently admitted that he chain-drinks around 20 brews a day – even if he#39;s abroad.人们常说有茶万事足,对身价50亿美元的英国维珍集团老板理查德·布兰森来说尤为如此。近日,他表示自己每天会连续喝20杯左右的茶,即使身在国外也不例外。;I#39;m not sure how I#39;d survive without English Breakfast tea,; the 65-year-old told the Daily Mail. ;Even in the Caribbean I must drink 20 cups a day [...] a cup of tea will never be far away.;65岁的布兰森告诉英国《每日邮报》的记者:“我不知道没有英式早茶的日子该如何度过,即使是在加勒比海地区,我每天也一定要来上20杯茶,茶永远都伴随着我。”It#39;s a wonder Branson has much time for business, in between trips to the kettle and bathroom, but he isn#39;t the first hugely successful entrepreneur to have an unusual fuel source ...奇怪的是,即使每天工作的时间很长,且频繁穿梭于水壶和厕所间,布兰森却不是第一个有特殊饮食喜好的成功企业家。Warren Buffett: Ice cream (for breakfast)沃伦·巴菲特:冰淇淋早餐The American businessman and philanthropist, 85, who is reputedly worth .9 billion, has the diet of a small child. Deliberately.85岁的美国商人和慈善家,坐拥669亿美元身家,却刻意保持着孩子般的饮食习惯。;I checked the actuarial tables, and the lowest death rate is among six-year-olds. So I decided to eat like a six-year-old. It#39;s the safest course I can take,; the famously canny investor says.这位以精明著称的投资家说:“我查过死亡率统计表,表上显示,六岁儿童的死亡率最低,所以我决定像6岁孩子那样吃东西。这是最保险的做法。”Buffett#39;s daily buffet includes chocolate chip ice cream at breakfast, five Coca-Colas (regular at work, cherry at home) and endless shoestring potato crisps. Despite that, he continues to work into his 80s and shows no signs of lacking energy.巴菲特每天的自助食物包括早餐的巧克力冰淇淋、5瓶可口可乐(工作时喝普通的,在家喝樱桃口味的)以及大量的薯条。尽管如此,80多岁的他仍能精力充沛地对待工作。;If I eat 2,700 calories a day, a quarter of that is Coca-Cola. I drink at least five 12-ounce servings. I do it everyday,; Buffet says.巴菲特说道:“如果一天摄入2700卡路里,那么有四分之一来自可乐。因为我每天至少喝5罐12盎司的可乐,从不间断。”Bill Gates: Diet Coke比尔·盖茨:健怡可乐Warren Buffet isn#39;t the only American millionaire with a vicious Coke habit. Microsoft founder Bill Gates, whose net worth is said to stand at billion, is rarely seen without a can of Diet Coke. (That#39;s despite Donald Trump never having seen a ;thin person; drinking one, of course.)巴菲特并不是唯一一个爱喝可乐的美国百万富翁。微软创始人比尔·盖茨(据说净资产高达870亿美元)手里经常拿着一罐健怡可乐(当然,这推翻了唐纳德·特朗普关于“从没见过身材苗条的人在喝健怡可乐”的言论。);Once I#39;m at the office, I usually open a can of Diet Coke,; he blogged in 2014. ;Over the course of the day I might drink three or four. All those cans also add up to something like 35 pounds of aluminum a year.;2014年,比尔·盖茨在客上写道:“我只要一到办公室,就会开一罐健怡可乐,一天下来,我可能会喝三到四罐,而一整年下来,喝完的可乐罐子加起来有35磅那么重。”It#39;s quite a habit, or was: last year Gates liquidated his stake in Coca-Cola Co. Maybe he kicked the can once and for all?这完全是一种习惯,又或者曾经是一种习惯。去年,盖茨清算了他在可口可乐公司的股份。也许从此他再也不必喝可乐了。Henry Ford: Weeds亨利·福特:草It must be a lot easier to amass great fortune if your food bill is minuscule, and they don#39;t come much thriftier than Henry Ford, the original hipster, who mostly ate foraged weeds and shrubs.如果你食物花销极小,要积聚大量财富一定轻松得多。在这方面,没有人比亨利·福特更节俭了,这位个性潮人主要吃草料和灌木叶。;Lunch consisted of what Henry blithely called #39;roadside greens.#39; These were simply assorted weeds, variously prepared as salads, or lightly-oiled, or even stewed – and often appearing in sandwiches,; wrote Sidney Olson in his 1963 biography Young Henry Ford: A Picture History of the First Forty Years.西德尼·奥尔森在1963年发表的《青年亨利·福特传:图说福特的前四十年》中写道:“亨利的午餐由各式各样的的野草组成,他却戏称它们为‘路边蔬菜’,这些野草可以用来制作沙拉,或者用少许油翻炒,甚至还可以炖。还经常被用来制作三明治。”;There is nothing quite like a dish of stewed burdock, followed by a sandwich of soy bean b filled with milk-weeds, to set a man up for an afternoon#39;s work.;他说:“没有什么比一盘红烧牛蒡加上一个黄豆面包片和乳草属植物做成的三明治更美味的了,这可以让人提起精神干完整个下午的工作。”Delicious.太美味了。Hugh Hefner: Playboy-approved food休·海夫纳:特许食物According to a 2007 interview, even when Hefner wines and dines his female companions at restaurants, he will eat food prepared at home.2007年的一个采访中,海夫纳表示,即使餐厅中有美女相伴,共享美酒佳肴,他也只吃家中准备的食物。;[The models] pick from the , but I have lamb chops and a baked potato sent in from the mansion, so [my meal] is set,; he is ed as saying.报道曾援引他的话说:“女模们点餐,而我只吃家中送过来的羊排和烤土豆,所以我的一日三餐是固定的。”Hefner has 12 full-time chefs at his disposal, and orders from a set of 31 options.海夫纳有12个任其吩咐的全职主厨,他只需从一份有31道菜的菜单中选择每餐的菜样。;He enjoys lamb chops, and he has half a grapefruit every day,” executive chef William Bloxsom-Carter once revealed. ;He likes fried chicken with mashed potatoes, which is his mother#39;s recipe. He#39;s a Midwestern gentleman, so he enjoys those kinds of foods. He has two piles of mashed potatoes with a poached egg placed in each one. Pretty wild stuff but it#39;s OK.;海夫纳的厨师长威廉·布洛克森姆-卡特曾透露:“海夫纳先生喜欢羊排,而且每天都要吃上半个葡萄柚。他还喜欢他妈妈独制的炸鸡配土豆泥。海夫纳先生来自美国中西部,喜欢土豆等食物。他一般吃两份土豆泥,并且每份土豆泥都要加个荷包蛋。搭配非常随意,但是还是能接受的。”Steve Jobs: Carrots史蒂夫·乔布斯:胡萝卜A biography released shortly after Steve Jobs#39;s death in 2011 revealed the extent of the technology pioneer#39;s bizarre dietary habits. And, yes, he liked apples a lot.2011年,乔布斯逝世不久,出版商便发表了其个人传记。传记中介绍了这位科技先驱人物奇异的饮食习惯。当然,除了热爱苹果公司,他还很爱吃苹果。Jobs would apparently purge his body by going for weeks at a time eating just one type of food, usually a fruit or vegetable, and once had so many carrots his skin turned ;a sunset-like orange hue.;为了净化身体,乔布斯通常好几个星期只吃一种食物,要么只吃水果,要么只吃蔬菜,有次吃了太多胡萝卜,以至于肤色都变成“夕阳般的橘黄色”。A near vegan, it has also been said that Jobs thought his clean diet prevented him from needing to wear deodorant or take regular showers.据说乔布斯是几近严格的素食主义者,他认为干净的饮食使他不需要使用体香剂或是频繁洗澡。Oprah Winfrey: Potatoes奥普拉·温弗瑞:土豆;I have been controlled by potatoes for 40 years,; admitted Oprah Winfrey in a Weight Watchers meeting in January. ;Any kind of fried potato, baked potato, scalloped potato – oh my god.;2016年1月的慧俪轻体(Weight Watchers,健康减重咨询机构)会议上,奥普拉·温弗瑞承认,“40年来,我对土豆着了魔,不管是炸土豆,烤土豆,或者土豆片,我都百吃不厌。”Admittedly, that reliance probably hasn#39;t been the cause of her success over the years, but Winfrey does consider kicking the habit her greatest achievement.必须承认,对土豆的热爱很可能并不是这些年来她取得成功的原因,但是,温弗瑞却把戒掉土豆嗜好认为是她最大的成就。;I actually was travelling the other day and opened a 5 oz bag of crinkle cut, black pepper potato chips and I counted out 10 chips,; she said. ;And I ate 10 and I savoured every one. And I put the bag away.她说:“事实上,前几天我去旅游的时候,拆开了一包5盎司的波纹状黑椒味薯片,我数了10片来吃,每一片都细细品味,然后把剩下的收起来。”;Of all the accomplishments that [I#39;ve] made in the world, all the red carpets, and all the awards, the fact I could close the bag and not take another chip – it#39;s major for me.;“事实上,对我而言,封上薯片包装袋并保不偷吃,比我在这个世界上所取得的成就,所走过的红毯,所得过的奖项都来的重要。”Donald Trump: Whatever he likes唐纳德·特朗普:随心所欲According to his personal family doctor, if elected, 69-year-old billionaire Donald Trump will be ;the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.;唐纳德·特朗普的私人家庭医生透露,如果他当选,那么这名69岁的亿万富翁将成为历任美国总统中最健康的一位。It#39;s a questionable claim, especially given that Trump told Bloomberg last year that he loves ;steak and hamburger and pasta and French fries, all of the things that we shouldn#39;t be eating.;这个说法无法让别人信,尤其是去年,特朗普接受彭社采访时表示,他喜欢“牛排、汉堡、意大利面和炸薯条,所有我们不应该多吃的他都喜欢。”;Bacon, eggs, steak. You hear a report that comes out, and it says you can#39;t eat it and then you can, so I eat what I like.;“培根、鸡蛋、牛排。你听到报道说,你不能吃这些东西,然后报道又说,你能吃这些东西。所以,我听从自己的心,想吃什么吃什么。” /201605/445165The Process from the Groom#39;s House to Obtain the Bride从新郎家到新娘家The dim of firecrackers, loud gongs and drums marked the start of the procession from the groom#39;s home.鞭炮喧天,锣鼓齐鸣标志着迎亲队伍的出发。The groom led the procession accompanied by a child as an omen of his future sons,and the bridal sedan chair was proceeded by attendants with lanterns and banners, musicians, and a “dancing” lion or unicorn.新郎带领着迎亲队伍,随同的还有一个小孩象征着他以后的儿子,仆人抬着新娘轿子,带着横幅和灯笼,有吹奏家,还有舞狮团。According to a voriter, “Several decades ago, when there was a wedding in Fujian Province, the groom would to the bride#39;s house to fetch her, taking with him the bridal chair,which was completely covered with red satin and fresh flowers.Votiter说:“几十年前,在福建省的一个婚礼,新郎去新娘家引新娘上花轿,花轿的表面盖满红缎和鲜花。He himself made the journey there and back in a blue and yellow teak sedan chair. ”新郎自己一人去完成这段行程,回来时坐在蓝黄柚木的轿子里。”On arriving at the bride#39;s house, the groom#39;s party was met by the bride#39;s friends, who would not“ surrender’the bride until they were satisfied by red packets of money.到了新娘家,新郎的兄弟团最先遇到的是新娘的团,团不会轻易“投降”除非她们拿够了红包。This was the occasion of much good-natured haggling before the two parties could reach an agreement.这是在双方达成一致前的一种温和的讨价还价的过程。In some cases, the groom would take dinner with the bride#39;s family, and receive a pair of chopsticks and two wine goblets wrapped in red paper, symbolic of his receiving the joy of the family in the person of their daughter.有时候新郎会和新娘家人共进晚餐,并收到一对筷子和两个用红纸包裹的红酒高脚杯,象征着他因他们的女儿得到女方家庭的欢愉。In some regions,he would be offered sweet longan tea,two hard-boiled eggs in syrup and transparent noodles.在一些地区,女方家会招待新郎喝一杯甜甜的龙眼茶,两颗枫糖浸泡的茶叶蛋还有水晶面。Another variation was the groom#39;s partaking of soup with a soft-boiled egg, the yolk of which he was expected to break, arguably symbolic of breaking the bride#39;s ties with her family.还有些地区是新郎伴着半熟的蛋喝汤,他得把蛋黄打破,无疑象征着打破新娘和娘家的纽带。 /201606/445107

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