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广州哪家做人流术最好广州天河好点的产科医院网红的世界只有自拍整容开淘宝? -- :6:59 来源:i1st 导读:扮丑、整容、炫富……在这个社交媒体发达的时代,你有一百种方法跻身网红的行列但是当网红井喷,传统的网红三宝似乎都不奏效了看来想当一名人气不衰的网红,也是门大学问Gone are the days when being a celebrity meant reaching the top of the social ladder. With the Internet as their springboard, people no longer need to be actors, sports stars or politicians to be celebrities.出名就意味着爬上社会阶级顶端的日子已经一去不复返了以网络为跳板,人们不必当演员、运动员或者政客就能成明星You may still remember the time when Furong Jiejie, or “Sister Lotus”, and Fengjie, or “Sister Phoenix”, emerged online. All of a sudden they were the talk of the town because of their crazy outfits and eccentric values. Then there was Yu Xiuhua, a cerebral palsy sufferer who became renowned as a talented poet online. And let’s not get the -year-old South Korean boy who got famous by simply broadcasting himself having dinner every day.你可能还记得芙蓉和凤刚从网上冒出来的时候因为雷人的穿着和奇葩的价值观,她们一夜之间成为大众茶余饭后的谈资之后,脑瘫患者余秀华成了才华横溢的知名网络诗人还有一个岁的韩国男孩也不能不提,他仅仅因为每天在网上晒自己吃了什么就走红了But when the word wanghong, or “Internet celebrity”, was named one of Yaowen Jiaozi magazine’s “popular cyber words” in , its meaning had changed. Those who now dominate the world of wanghong are largely famous their heavily Photoshopped selfies and the exclusive lifestyles they advertise on social media.不过当年《咬文嚼字杂志把网红选为年度“网络热词”时,它的含义就已经变了如今占据网红界半壁江山的是那些在社交网络上发布过度修图的自拍和宣传他们独有生活方式的人The same thing is happening overseas as well. There’s a stereotype that women on Instagram are obsessed with posting photos. This has led to the rise of “Instagram Husbands”, men who are willing–or most likely ced–to take snapshots of their wives or girlfriends their Instagram s.网红那些事儿,在国外也一样有这样一种说法,使用图片分享软件Instagram的女性们疯狂沉迷于发照片这也让“Instagram老公”应运而生,“Instagram老公”就是那些自愿,或者被迫(大部分是被迫)为他们的老婆或女朋友拍照发Instagram的男人“Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me,” one guy says in the joke that launched the term “Instagram Husbands”. Another confesses, “I’ve had to delete all the apps on my phone just to make room more photos.”一个男人在一段介绍“Instagram老公”的搞笑视频里说:“Instagram上每一个可爱女孩的背后都有一个像我一样的男人”另一个人则坦白地说:“为了给照片腾内存,我不得不删光手机里的应用软件”But what wanghong offer their fans is much more than a bunch of pretty pictures. “There is a longing the eftless and classy way of life,” commented China Youth Daily.但是网红给粉丝的可不仅仅只是大把大把的漂亮照片哦“人们总是渴望能不劳而获,过上优质生活,”《中国青年报说Though their lifestyle may seem “eftless”, some wanghong take great pains to run their Taobao stores, communicate with their fans and think of ways to retain their viewership, example.尽管他们的生活方式看起来“毫不费力”,一些网红却在卖命地经营着淘宝店,和粉丝互动,想尽各种方法保持自己的关注度Zhang Dayi, a famous wanghong with over million followers on Sina Weibo, revealed to Southern People Weekly some of her secrets attracting fans. “Usually people look up to celebrities at a 5-degree angle, metaphorically speaking. But I reduced that angle to degrees, because no one likes to strain their necks too much,” she said. Her social media strategies include being more interactive and amicable with fans. “As soon as you let down your guard, people will start to approach,” she said.张大奕是个颇有名气的网红,新浪微粉丝数超过四百万,她就向《南方人物周刊揭秘了自己吸引粉丝的秘诀她说:“我只是把网友看名人的角度从5度转成了度,没人愿意把头抬很高去看人,脖子会不舒”她的社交媒体策略包括提高互动性,对粉丝友善她认为:“如果你愿意亲近,他们就会靠近你”广州看不孕不育哪里比较好 国际护士节为什么也叫“南丁格尔节”? -- :: 来源:chinadaily 头戴燕尾帽,身穿白制,语调温柔,笑容甜美……提起护士这一职业,很多人脑海中都会浮现出这样的女性形象然而在不少医院里,也活跃着一群阳刚帅气的男护士“5.”国际护士节到来之际,让我们对他们说一声,感谢有你【International Nurses Day】【国际护士节】International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world on May each year to appreciate the contributions of nurses towards people's health. The day is held coinciding with the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale. 每年的5月日是国际护士节,以感谢护士们为了人们的健康所付出的辛苦这一天也是(现代护理学科的创始人)弗洛伦斯bull;南丁格尔(Florence Nightingale)的生辰纪念日【Theme】【国际护士节主题】Each year, there is a particular theme chosen the day. 每年的国际护士节都有一个特别的主题年5.国际护士节的主题是: Nurses:A ce change:Improving health systems' resilience 护士:变革的力量,提高健康系统的适应性【Facts about Nursing Profession You Did Not Know】【关于护士工作你不知道的几件事】1. The Date of May was chosen coinciding with the birthday anniversary of Florence Nightingale, who is considered to be the founder of modern nursing. 国际护士节选在5月日是为了纪念现代护理学科的创始人弗洛伦斯bull;南丁格尔,这一天是她的生辰. There is something really interesting about Florence Nightingale's name. She was born in Florence—hence the name. Similarly her sister, Frances Parthenope Nightingale, was born in 'Pathenopolis', a region of Naples. 弗洛伦斯bull;南丁格尔的名字很有趣,她出生在意大利佛罗伦萨,这就是她名字的由来她的弗朗西斯bull;帕斯诺普bull;南丁格尔则出生在意大利那不勒斯的帕斯诺普地区3. Originally, the word 'Nurse' would mean wet nurse, and were employed to breastfeed aristocratic babies. 'Nurse'(护士)这个词最初指奶妈,一些贵族雇佣奶妈来母乳喂养自己的宝宝. The modern meaning of the word evolved after 'nurses' were referred to any woman who looked after children. 之后'nurses'泛指所有照顾孩子的人,慢慢演化成了如今“护士”的含义5. In the US military, approximately one-third of all nurses are male. 在美军中,大约的护士都是男性6. The New England hospital Women and Children, established in 186, was the first nursing school in the country. 新英格兰妇女儿童医院于186年创立,是该国第一所护理学校【南丁格尔誓约】【The Florence Nightingale Pledge】I solemnly pledge myself bee God and in the presence of this assembly,to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully.I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous,and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug.I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession,and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling.With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work,and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.余谨以至诚,于上帝及会众面前宣誓:终身纯洁,忠贞职守勿为有损之事,勿取或故用有害之药尽力提高护理之标准,慎守病人家务及秘密竭诚协助医生之诊治,勿谋病者之福利谨誓!(中国日报网英语点津 yaning)退欧还是留欧?荷兰也即将面临抉择 -- :5:58 来源: 英国退欧余波震荡北海,引起部分国家交流而另一个问题也逐渐引起人们的关注,荷兰会成为下一个退出欧盟的国家吗? Geert Wilders, leader of the Eurosceptic Freedom Party, was among the first to congratulate his colleagues across the North Sea securing their "Independence Day".吉尔特·威尔德斯是荷兰反欧盟自由党领袖,他是第一批为其英国同志取得“独立日”胜利而送上祝贺的人There are shared concerns about European immigration and Brussels bureaucracy among the Dutch electorate.荷兰的选民对欧洲移民和欧盟官僚主义有着相同的看法And yet, "Nexit" is by no means inevitable.但是,“荷兰退欧”并非不可避免In fact, according to the rules of the Advisory Referendum Act there is no legal possibility of holding a vote on the Netherlands’ membership of the EU. Referendums can cover only new legislation and treaties, and are only advisory.事实上,根据《咨询公投法案的规定,对荷兰的欧盟成员国身份进行表决不存在法律上的可能性公投只能覆盖新法案和新条约,而且只能是咨询性的The only way to hold a Nexit vote would be to change existing legislation, and that is only likely to happen if Mr Wilders wins elections next year.唯一有可能使得荷兰退出欧盟的办法是修改现存的法律,而那只有威尔德斯在明年的大选中胜出才有可能办到Most recent polls suggest a slight majority of voters oppose the idea of an in-out Nexit vote. A Maurice de Hond survey suggested that 53% were against a referendum.最近大部分的民调都显示,略微过半的人反对进行一场荷兰退欧投票据Maurice de Hond的调查显示,53%的人反对进行公投"We don’t see the EU as a threat as a big imperial monster, we see it as something you can negotiate with," says Hans Steketee, editor of the NRC Handelsblad newspaper.NRC商报编辑汉斯·斯特克蒂说道:“我们不认为欧盟是一个庞大帝国怪物那样的威胁,我们认为是可以和欧盟进行谈判协商的”"It’s like Brussels sprouts, you might not like them but you eat them because you know they’re good you. My gut feeling is that people will say: ’Oh well, if this is what happens after Brexit we should definitely think twice.’"“这就好像芽甘蓝一样,你也许不喜欢但是你还是要吃它,因为你知道它们对你的身体有好处我的直觉是人们会说:‘呃,如果英国退欧之后发生了这么多事,那么我们一定要对荷兰退欧一事三思而后行’”Nestled in a booth in a cosy cafe beside an Amsterdam canal, prominent Eurosceptic campaigner Thierry Baudet warns me of a deliberate and cynical attempt by European politicians to punish the UK to prevent others from following suit.在阿姆斯特丹运河旁边一个舒适的咖啡馆里,著名反欧盟活动家蒂埃里·宝迪依偎在卡座里警告我说,欧洲政治家正蓄谋对英国进行打击报复,以防止其他成员国也效仿脱离欧盟"Do they really think this is the way to keep countries in? By scaring and fighting Britain?" says Mr Baudet, one of the key instigators of an April referendum in which Dutch voters rejected an EU trade deal with Ukraine.宝迪说道:“他们真的认为这个方法能把欧盟成员拧在一起吗?通过吓唬和打击英国?”荷兰今年月份举行了一场公投,荷兰选民们拒绝了一个和乌克兰的欧盟贸易协定,而宝迪正是煽动这场公投的一个主要人物However one potential deterrent could be a cap on bankers’ bonuses imposed by the Dutch government in .年荷兰政府颁布了对奖金上限的规定,这有可能起到潜在的威慑作用Prime Minister Mark Rutte has tried to reassure the banking industry, suggesting the cap of % of annual salary is "flexible eigners".首相马克·吕特曾试图安抚业,表示说年薪%的上限“对外国人有灵活的安排”The Dutch cap is far lower than the 0% cap set by the EU in response to public outrage at excessive bankers’ pay during the financial crisis.在金融危机时,民众对于家们的过高收入感到愤怒,欧盟对此设立了一个0%的上限,而荷兰的上限只有%,要比欧盟低得多And Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem appears less keen to remove those limits. "The really big investment banks are driven by a bonus culture, the majority of pay there is bonuses, and I don’t see any room that in the Netherlands," he says.而财政部长戴塞尔·布鲁姆似乎不太热衷于解除这些限制他说道:“真正的大投资是由奖金文化驱动的,收入的大部分来源是奖金,而在荷兰我没有看到任何这样的情况” Mark Rutte, the fallout from Brexit is personal as he lost a close friend and ally in David Cameron.对于马克·吕特来说,英国退欧的后果只局限在他个人,因为他失去了一个至交和盟友--卡梅伦They texted regularly - "mostly about stupid stuff," he told me recently.两人经常互发短信--“都是一些蠢东西,”他最近告诉我说And the self-confessed anglophile prime minister took a somewhat softer stance than other European leaders over Brexit, arguing that Britain should not be rushed, given the country had "collapsed - politically, economically, monetarily and constitutionally".马克·吕特自认为是一个亲英派,在英国退欧一事上他采取了一个比其他欧洲领导人都要温和的立场,认为英国不应该受到太大冲击,因为这个国家已经“崩溃了--无论是从政治、经济、货币、还是宪法上来说”That message was perhaps partly to his own electorate - suggesting they should be careful what they wish .这一信息也许部分是针对荷兰的选民--建议他们对其所渴望的事情小心谨慎Ahead of parliamentary elections in , Brexit has presented him with a valuable opporty to show what the Netherlands has to gain from remaining in the EU.在年议会大选前夕英国退欧给了他一个宝贵的机会,使得他能够展示留在欧盟荷兰能够获得的东西Instead of spawning referendums elsewhere in Europe, the UK vote could serve to counter the Eurosceptic rise in the Netherlands, France, Sweden and elsewhere.不把英国当做榜样来引起其他欧洲国家也进行退欧公投,反而可以用英国退欧一事来打击荷兰、法国、瑞典和其他地方反欧盟主义的抬头But with eight months bee the Dutch election, there is plenty of time the tide to turn.但是目前距离荷兰大选还有8个月,有充足的时间来使得局势反转中山附属三院妇科专家

广州白云治疗子宫肌瘤习近平夫人彭丽媛会见澳大利亚师生 -- :33: 来源: 月19日下午,中国国家主席习近平夫人彭丽媛在北京市中心的钓鱼台国宾馆接见了一群来自澳大利亚悉尼的师生Peng Liyuan, Chinese President Xi Jinpingrsquo;s wife, met with a group of students and teachers from Sydney, Australia Tuesday afternoon at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in central Beijing.月19日下午,中国国家主席习近平夫人彭丽媛在北京市中心的钓鱼台国宾馆接见了一群来自澳大利亚悉尼的师生In a merry atmosphere, Peng, together with the girls and 5 teachers, watched a recalling her visit to the Ravenswood School Girls in Sydney in November during Xirsquo;s state visit to Australia, and listened to the girls telling their experience over the past ten days in China.在欢快的气氛中,彭丽媛和其它位女孩和5位老师一起观看了一个视频,回忆起她在年月随习近平主席出访澳大利亚时,访问Ravenswood女子学校的情景,她还听取师生们讲述了在中国这天里的所见所闻、所思所感Prior to Beijing, the girls went to Shanghai and Nanjing in east China, Chengdu in the southwest and Xirsquo;an in the northwest.在到北京之前,她们先去了中国东部的上海和南京,中国西南部的成都以及中国西北的西安They had conversations with students in Nanjing No.1 Middle School - a sister school of Ravenswood - took a high-speed train between Shanghai and Nanjing, saw pandas in a research base in Chengdu and the terra cotta warriors in the ancient city of Xirsquo;an.在南京,她们还和Ravenswood学校的学校;;南京第一中学的学生们交流,还乘坐了上海到南京的高铁,在成都的研究基地亲距离接触了大熊猫,在古城西安参观了兵马俑They also visited the Great Wall and the National Stadium, or the Birdrsquo;s Nest, the main venue of the Beijing Olympic Games.在北京,她们登上了长城,访问了年北京奥运会主场馆、又被称为鸟巢的国家体育场Calling their visit ;fruitful and rewarding,; Peng said the girls not only saw the picturesque scenery of China and had a taste of the Chinese history and culture, but also knew quite some Chinese friends.彭丽媛称赞他们的本次访问;成果丰硕;,她表示,姑娘们这次不仅领略了中国优美的自然风光和悠久的历史文化,也结识了不少中国朋友;I hope the visit will help deepen your understanding of China,; said Peng.她说,;我希望这次访问能加深你们对中国的理解;She encouraged the girls to make the best of their youth to study more and travel more, and continue to learn the Chinese language and culture so as to be ;young ambassadors; and contribute greater share to the friendship between Chinese and Australian peoples.她鼓励姑娘们抓住美好的青春时光,读万卷书,行万里路,继续学习了解中文和中华文化,以成为;友好小使者;,为促进中澳两国人民友谊作出更大的贡献Speaking highly of the booming development of education cooperation between the two countries in recent years, Peng expressed the hope that both sides can further expand two-way education cooperation in the hope of nurturing more successors to the cause of China-Australia friendship.高度赞扬近年来中澳教育交流的蓬勃发展,彭丽媛希望两国能不断扩大学生双向教育交流,为中澳友好事业培养更多的接班人;As UNESCO Special Envoy the Advancement of Girlsrsquo; and Womenrsquo;s Education, I am fully aware how important education is all girls and the world,; Peng said.她说,;作为联合国教科文组织促进女童和妇女教育特使,我深知教育对女孩、对世界的重要性;;We need to work together to ensure the equal access to education all girls in the world so that they can enjoy a happy life,; she said.她说,;让我们共同努力,帮助世界上更多女孩享有平等的受教育机会,拥有幸福的人生;The students and teachers, headed by Deputy Principal David Garner, expressed their honor to receive Peng in and their excitement to be in China.由副校长戴维加纳带领的师生们表示,对于彭丽媛年的到访备感荣幸,对于本次中国之行也非常激动;There is no better way to learn the language, history and culture of a country than to visit that country, ; said Garner.加纳说,;要想学习一个国家的语言、历史和文化,最好的方式就是到这个国家去;Chloe Verman, a th grader, said she loved China more than ever through the visit.年级的学生克洛伊.韦尔曼表示,此行使她比以前更热爱中国了;I have great interest in learning the Chinese language and history. I think I will come back to China one day,;she said in fluent Chinese.她用流利的中文说,;我对学习中文和中国的历史有着深厚的兴趣我相信,有一天我还会来中国的;During the gathering, the girls also sang the theme song of the Beijing Olympic Games in both Chinese and English.在联欢活动中,姑娘们还用中英双语演唱了北京奥运会的主题曲Established in 1901, Ravenswood School Girls is an independent day and boarding school girls from kindergarten to grade .Ravenswood女子学校成立于1901年,是一所集幼儿园到年级的全日制寄宿学校As one of Australiarsquo;s leading girlsrsquo; schools, it set up a Confucius Classroom in to provide Chinese language education.作为澳大利亚首屈一指的女校,该校在年开设了孔子课堂,以提供中文教学广州天河长安看乳腺检查多少钱 为什么捷克遍地都是图书馆 --30 :58: 来源:chinadaily PRUE — In the age of Amazon and the internet, the idea of going to a public library to borrow a book may seem ever more quaint and old-fashioned in many parts of the world, but one country, at least, is clinging to it tenaciously: the Czech Republic. 布拉格——在这个亚马逊(Amazon)与网络当道的年代,在世界上许多地方的人看来,上公共图书馆借书一举似乎更显得古怪过时然而至少还有一个国家仍顽强地保持这项习惯,那就是捷克共和国 There are libraries everywhere you look in the country — it has the densest library network in the world, according to a survey conducted the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. There are more libraries than grammar schools. In fact, there is one library every 1,971 Czech citizens, the survey found — four times as many, relative to population, as the average European country, and times as many as the ed States, which has one every 19,583 people. 放眼望去,捷克到处是图书馆:根据比尔及梅琳达盖茨基金会(Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)进行的一项调查,该国有全世界密度最高的图书馆网络,数量比文法学校还要多事实上,这项调查发现,每1971位捷克人就有一间图书馆,依人口比例算来是平均欧洲国家的倍、美国的倍(美国每19583人才有一间图书馆) Why so many Czech libraries? Well, decades they were mandatory — every commy, from a big city down to a tiny village, was required by law to have one. 为什么捷克有这么多图书馆?其实在数十年的时间里,图书馆的建造曾是强制规定——以前捷克从大城到小镇的每个社区,依法都必须要有一间图书馆 The law was enacted in 1919, soon after Czechoslovakia emerged as an independent country. The idea was to promote universal literacy and education after the country was free of the German-speaking Austro-Hungarian Empire. And it worked. 该项法案是1919年颁布的,当时捷克斯洛伐克独立不久,用意是为了在脱离说德语的奥匈帝国统治后,提高全民的识字率、普及教育而这种做法的确有效 “Czechs developed a strong ing habit, and even today, those who visit libraries buy more books — a year, on average — than others,” said Vit Richter, director of the Librarianship Institute of the Czech National Library. “捷克人养成了很强的阅读习惯,即便在今天,会上图书馆的人买书也更多,一年下来平均会买本书”捷克国家图书馆附设图书馆学中心的主任维特?李希特(Vit Richter)表示 The library law survived the German occupation, the communist era and even the breakup with Slovakia in the early 1990s. What it couldn’t survive, in the end, was budgetary pressure. To save money, the requirement was dropped in 01, when there were about 6,019 libraries in the country; since then, about percent have merged or closed. 这项图书馆法案挺过了“二战”德国占领期、共产主义时期,甚至当捷克在上世纪90年代初期与斯洛伐克分家时仍照行不误它最终挺不住的是预算压力这项法案在01年为减省开而废除了,而当时捷克全国上下有将近6019座图书馆自此以后,有大约%的图书馆遭合并或关闭 Rather than just linger on as an eccentricity from a bygone age, though, the surviving Czech libraries are doing what they can to stay vibrant and relevant. They serve as polling places elections and as local meeting venues. They organize ing clubs and art exhibits and offer computer literacy courses, and they welcome droves of schoolchildren and retirees during the day. 然而,现存的捷克图书馆并不甘于作为历史遗留的怪癖传世,它们尽可能地保持活跃及与民众生活的联系图书馆是选举时的投票所、是当地居民的集会场地,馆方也会组织阅读俱乐部与艺术展览、提供计算机教学课程,并且在日间接待成群来访的学童与退休人士 But mostly, they do what 9 percent of Czechs still want them to go on doing, according to the Gates Foundation survey: They lend books. 不过,根据盖兹基金会的调查,这些图书馆的主要工作还是提供9%的捷克人仍希望他们继续下去的务:借书给大家看广州番禺医院做人流需要多少钱

广州天河妇科怎么样不幸遇上鲨鱼,这样做你才不会被吃掉 -- 18:7:6 来源: 为了避免被鲨鱼袭击,有没有什么简单的预防策略呢?如果真的遇上了一条鲨鱼,你又该怎么做呢? (CNN)Ah, the joys of summer. Getting lost on road trips. Firework injuries. Shark attacks.(CNN)恩,夏天来了,很多乐趣也跟着一起来了比如在旅途中迷失,被烟花爆竹炸伤,又或者,遭遇鲨鱼袭击Yes, we know there are a ton of terrible things more likely to befall you than a shark taking a liking to you. But it does happen (last year, there were about 0 attacks worldwide). So, as you head to the beach, here are some tips to keep you from becoming shark snack.当然,众所周知,被鲨鱼袭击的概率非常低,远低于其它更多更可怕的、会发生在你身上的事情不过,它的确发生过(去年,全球大约有0起鲨鱼袭击事件)所以,当你计划去海滩,这里有一些建议,能避免你成为鲨鱼的点心Be the bigger man做一个更强大的人See a shark and think it’s about to attack? Act "big," because sharks respect size and strength, says shark expert George Burgess, director of the International Shark Attack File. And pop it on the nose. "A smack to the nose is startling to a shark," he says.遇到鲨鱼,发现它将要攻击你?据全球鲨鱼袭击档案的负责人、鲨鱼专家乔治.伯杰斯介绍,“表现得强大些,因为鲨鱼敬畏体型和力量猛击它的鼻子”他说,“这里是鲨鱼最致命的地方”Thrash about拼命挣扎,别装死Attacks are rare; deaths are rarer (six worldwide last year). But if you do find yourself in the jaws of a great white -- or bull shark, or tiger shark -- don’t play dead. "If you play dead, you’re going to be dead," says Burgess. Because the shark, after taking an exploratory bite of you, will think it’s won the battle and will commence to chomping.鲨鱼袭击很少见,而被鲨鱼吃掉更少之又少(去年共有6起)但是,如果你真的发现自己已经在大白鲨、牛鲨、或者虎鲨的嘴里了——别装死伯杰斯说,“如果你装死,你真的就要死了”因为在鲨鱼试探过之后,会认为自己是赢家了,就会上来大快朵颐Fight! Fight! Fight!还击!还击!还击!Deal with a shark like you would a neighborhood bully. "So hit him, and maybe he’ll go home to mommy," Burgess says. If you got something handy, like your selfie stick or scuba gear, smack the shark with it. Or just use bare hands and go the nose, gills and eyes -- all sensitive areas.对付鲨鱼,就好像是被邻居欺负一样,“所以你就打它,也许它会回家找妈妈”伯杰斯说如果你手上有什么工具,比如自拍杆或潜水装备,猛击鲨鱼或者就只是赤手空拳的去打它的鼻子,腮和眼睛——它所有敏感的部位Spring the shore迅速上岸Successfully fought off Jaws? Hightail it to the beach. That might sound obvious, but it makes sense. All of that splashing and commotion (not to mention the blood) is sure to attract other sharks that might be swimming by, says Burgess. Once on solid ground, stop the bleeding and get help.成功地脱离了“鲨口”?迅速撤回海滩这听起来可能平淡无奇,但它确实非常有效伯杰斯说,溅起的水花和骚动(更不用说血了)一定会吸引其他游过这儿的鲨鱼一旦到了陆地上,迅速止血并求助Whew, surely you don’t ever want a repeat of that experience. So what should you differently next time?哦,下次你肯定不想再重复这一经历那么,有哪些要注意的呢?Stay out of Florida别去佛罗里达州OK, we’re kidding (but only a little). The Sunshine State usually leads the world in unprovoked shark attacks. It had 30 last year. Makes sense if you think about it: lengthy coastline + throngs of tourists shark buffet.好吧,我们是在开玩笑(但真的是这样哦)这个阳光充足的地方,是全球最容易无端遭鲨鱼攻击之地仅去年就发生了30起如果你思考下,其实不无道理:漫长的海岸线+众多的旅游人士鲨鱼自助餐Don’t swim at night不要在夜间游泳Contrary to the joys Michael Stipe sings about, avoid night swimming, because you can’t see the sharks coming. Also avoid mouths of rivers, inlets, channels and any place where fish congregate. "Where there’s fish, there’s predators," Burgess says.与迈克尔.斯泰普演唱的恰恰相反,你要避免晚上游泳因为鲨鱼来了你也不容易发现,也不要在河口、水湾、运河以及其它任何鱼群富集的区域游泳“哪里有鱼,哪里就有食肉动物”伯杰斯说Ditch the bling不要佩戴闪光的东西Light reflecting off jewelry is a surefire shark draw. They think it’s fish scales. So, leave those gold chains on the shore.珠宝等反光的东西会吸引鲨鱼它们会认为这是鱼鳞,不要把珠宝项链等带下水 人类身上十个奇怪的器官 -- 18::1 来源: 人类在长期进化过程中,身体也发生了许多变化在进化过程中,有些器官已经慢慢退化,而在现代人身上留下了残留的痕迹 Modern humans have been walking the Earth about 0,000 years.现代人已在地球上生存了约万年了So it’s not surprising that over time our bodies have adapted.所以我们的身体与时俱进也不足为奇From looking out sabre-tooth tigers in the distant past to checking the latest on social media now, our frames have had to cope with changing demands.从远古时代提防剑齿虎到现代在社交媒体上查看最新消息,我们的身体不得不适应变化的需求But, says B Focus magazine, some adaptations have left a few weird leftovers in modern humans…然而,据B焦点杂志称,有些进化在现代人类身上留下了一些奇怪的痕迹……1) A tail1)尾巴Bee you were born, you had a tail, albeit only a few weeks.你出生前是有尾巴的,虽然仅仅存留了数周All mammals develop a tail in the womb, but humans (except in a few very rare cases) lose it bee birth. The coccyx, or tailbone, at the bottom of the spine is the tail’s last remnant.所有哺乳动物在子宫内都会发育出尾巴,但人类(除了极其特殊情况)在出生前尾巴会消失在脊柱末端的尾骨或者叫尾椎骨,是尾巴最后的遗迹) Third eyelid)第三眼睑In the corner of your eye, next to your tear duct, is what’s left of a third eyelid.在你的眼角泪腺旁边,是第三眼睑的残留In many reptiles and birds, and some mammals, this translucent blinking membrane can be drawn horizontally across the eye to add moisture, extra protection or to remove debris. In humans it assists tear drainage.在很多爬行动物和鸟类以及一些哺乳动物中,这层半透明眼膜可水平横跨眼睛以增加水分,为清除杂物提供额外保护对人类而言,它能够帮助泪液排泄3) Wisdom teeth3)智齿Most people only become aware of their wisdom teeth thanks to toothache in their late teens and early twenties.大部分人意识到智齿的存在还多亏了他们青少年晚期和二十岁出头时的牙疼These extra molars were probably used by our larger-jawed ancestors to grind up raw plant material. Now, these teeth are virtually useless, and their removal is one of the most common surgical precedes in the UK.这些多余的牙齿很可能是我们的大颌祖先用来磨碎生鲜植物的现在,这些牙齿几乎失去了作用,而拔智齿在英国是最常见的外科手术之一) Darwin’s Point)达尔文点Around a quarter of the population has a small bump on the upper edge of the ear, known as Darwin’s Point, after its description in naturalist Charles Darwin ’s book on evolution, The Descent of Man.约四分之一的人类在耳朵上边缘都有一个小肿块人们在自然学家查尔斯达尔文关于进化的书《人类起源中有所了解后,将其命名为达尔文点Its position matches the location of more prominent points on the ears of many of our primate cousins, providing another sign of our common ancestry.它的位置与许多人类灵长类表亲耳朵上的凸点位置相匹配,更加明了我们具有共同的祖先5) Ear wigglers5)耳动症If you’ve ever seen someone wiggle their ears, then you’ve seen them use a set of vestigial muscles called the auriculares muscles.如果你曾经看到有人会动耳朵,那么你肯定见过他们动用一组叫做耳廓肌的遗迹肌Cats, dogs and many other mammals use them to move their ears and focus hearing.猫、以及许多其他哺乳动物动用这组肌肉来转动耳朵,使它们更能集中听声音Our ancestors all but lost this ability, making the muscles good little more than the occasional party trick.然而我们的祖先丧失了这项能力,使得这些肌肉的作用仅限于偶尔在聚会上的小特技6) Another nose6)另一个鼻子Jacobson’s organ is an important smell sensor in many animals, from elephants to salamanders (the picture shows the mouth of a Mexican beaded lizard, which contains the organ).雅各布森器官(犁鼻器)在很多动物身上是个很重要的气味传感器,不论是大象还是蝾螈(下图展示了念珠蜥蜴的嘴巴,里面包含了这种器官)Some studies suggest humans have a remnant of this organ at the back of the nose, but as there are no nerves connecting it to the brain, it’s unlikely to play a role in our sense of smell.一些研究发现人类在鼻后有这种器官的残留,但它上面没有神经与大脑相连,不太可能在我们的嗅觉中起到什么作用7) Claw retractor7)爪牵缩肌About 85% of people have what is called a palmaris longus, a vestigial muscle running from the elbow to the heel of the hand.约85%的人类都有一种叫做掌长肌的肌肉,它是一种从肘部延伸到手掌根的遗迹肌In some primates, this muscle assists climbing, while in cats and other predators, it retracts the claws. You can test if you have it by flexing your wrist and touching your fifth finger to your thumb - if it’s there, it will pop up.在某些灵长类动物中,这块肌肉有助于攀爬,而对于猫和其他猎食者,它能帮助收缩爪子想知道你是否有这块肌肉,你可以弯曲手腕,并将小拇指和大拇指贴合-如果你有这块肌肉,它会凸起8) Baby animal grip8)婴儿抓握反射Place an object in the hand of a baby under five months old, and the fingers will automatically close around it with a surprisingly strong grip. This reaction, known as the palmar grasp reflex, is a throwback to hairier times when babies of our predecessors would have clung to their mothers by gripping on to their body fur.将一个物体放在不到五个月的婴儿手中,他们的手指会自动抓住该物体,并且力量惊人的强大这种反射叫作手掌抓握反射,是一种返祖现象,人类还有体毛时,我们祖先的婴儿会通过紧紧抓住妈妈的体毛而依附在母亲身上9) Goosebumps9)鸡皮疙瘩They appear when you are frightened or a bit chilly, thanks to the tiny muscles called arrector pili surrounding the hair follicles in your skin.由于皮肤上毛囊附近的竖毛肌,当你恐惧或感到寒冷时,会出现鸡皮疙瘩When these muscles contract, your hairs stand up.当这些肌肉收缩时,你的毛发会竖起In humans, such hair-raising has little effect, but it could have made our furrier ancestors appear larger when threatened, and would have provided insulation in cold weather by trapping a layer of air by the skin.对人类而言,毛发竖起的作用微乎其微,但对于我们毛茸茸的祖先来说,毛发竖起能让他们在受到威胁时显得更高大,在天气寒冷时也会在皮肤附近通过形成一层空气层而保温) Branch grabber)跖肌The plantaris is a small muscle that plays such a minor role in humans that about one in people don’t have it at all.跖肌是一块很小的肌肉,在人类身上只起到非常次要的作用,因而约有十分之一的人类根本就没有这块肌肉Situated behind the knee, this muscle connects to the ankle via a long tendon that, in our more flexible primate relatives, can be used to make the foot grasp branches or pick up objects.跖肌位于膝盖后方,通过一条长腱与脚踝相连,它可以帮助我们灵活的灵长类表亲用脚抓树枝或捡起物体广州计划生育专科医院收费好不好东莞去那输卵管疏通最好



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