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Keep your bicycle safe with this handy guide, prepared with the help of London Fields Cycles. Helpful advice on the most effective way to lock your bike will ensure you never have your bicycle stolen again!伦敦田径自行车协会准备了一些方便的指引,让你保障自己自行车的安全。这些建议非常有用,以最有效的途径锁住自行车可以让你的自行车不再被盗。Step 1: GET GOOD LOCKS1.买质量好的锁Spend money on good locks. No lock is totally thief proof - but the more you spend, the better the lock will be. As a rough-guideline, look to spend 20% of the value of your bike on locks. There are many different types. The more kinds you use, the harder the bike will be to steal. These are the most popular...多花点钱买质量比较好的锁。不上锁的自行车简直就是白白送给小偷。但是你花的钱越多,锁的质量越好。一个普遍的原则就是,购买的锁的价格大概是自行车价格的20%。自行车锁有许多不同的型号。使用的种类越多,自行车被盗的可能性越小。以下是最受欢迎的型号:D or U locks are rigid steel locks that separate into two pieces.D型或U型锁使用非常坚韧的钢铁做成,可以分成两片。Cable locks can been be looped around the bike. Go for a thick one with interwoven ths - which will take a thief longer to cut through. Theyre ideal for securing the wheels as well as the frame.线型锁可以环绕整个自行车。可以选择使用互相编织的线做成的锁,这样会花费小偷更长时间来割断你的锁。这种锁对于保护车轮和车架是最理想的。If you have quick release mechanisms on your seat or wheels, you can also buy locking nuts and bolts. These can be undone with a uniquely shaped key - so passing thieves cant steal them.如果你的车座或车轮上有一些比较容易拆卸的部件,你还可以购买一些特殊的锁,这种锁的钥匙形状独特,小偷不太容易偷走。Step 2: LOCK IT SOMEWHERE SENSIBLE2.随时锁住自行车Always lock your bike - even if you are only leaving it for a minute.一定要给自行车上锁,即使你只是离开一会儿的功夫。Leave it in as public a place as possible. Ideally lock it where you can see it - or where lots of other people can. Never leave it in an isolated place.尽量把自行车放在公共场所。最好锁在你能够看到的地方,或者许多其他人可以看到的地方。千万不要放在偏僻的地方。Step 3: LOCK IT TO SOMETHING SOLID3.锁在固定的物体上Make sure it is secured to an immovable object like a cycle anchor or railings. Some things that look solid are not, so check. If youre locking it to a post, make sure the post is at least 4m high, so thieves cant lift it off the top.一定要锁在一些固定的物体上,例如自行车桩或栏杆上。有一些看上去很坚固的物体其实并不坚固,一定要检查一下。如果锁在栏杆上,确保栏杆至少4米高,这样小偷就不能从栏杆顶端把自行车抬走。Step 4: LOCK IT TIGHT4.锁紧Whatever lock you use, make sure you lock the frame AND the wheels to something immovable.无论你使用什么样的锁,确保把车轮和框架锁在不能移动的物体上。Make sure your d-lock is tight, so the lock is not hanging loose and theres no space between the bike and the object its locked to. This makes it difficult to lever the lock open. Make sure the key-hole is pointing down - so thieves cant fill it with a corrosive fluid, or with glue, which means you cant move it, but they can come back and steal it later and when you leave it, remember to remove accessories like the lights - or the seat if you havent fitted locking nuts.确保你的锁比较紧,所以锁不是松松地绕在自行车上,这样自行车和固定的物体之间没有空隙,小偷要把锁撬开就比较困难。确保锁孔向下,这样小偷就不能使用腐蚀性液体把锁打开,也不能灌上胶水,让你自己也打不开,等到你离开之后他们再回来偷走你的车。如果没有上锁的话,记住摘掉车灯或车座等配件。Thanks for watching How To Stop Your Bike Being Stolen.感谢收看“怎样防止自行车被盗”视频节目。201211/209595

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit? Saudi Arabia is the worlds largest producer of oil.这合理吗?沙特阿拉伯是世界上最大的产油国。Its true. The Middle Eastern nation is home to around one fifth of the entire worlds existing reserves of oil.这是真的。中东国家在全世界现存的石油储量中占了接近五分之一。AZUZ: But Saudi Arabia might lose that number one ranking by the end of this decade.但是沙特阿拉伯或许在十年后不会再是全球第一。A new report says the U.S. will be the worlds top producer of oil by the year 2020.新的报告说,在2020年之前,美国将会成为世界最大的石油产出国。The U.S. is going through a sort of oil boom right now, and part of that is thanks to new technology.美国现在正在经历某种意义上的石油增长,其中部分原因要归功于新技术。For example, hydraulic fracturing, which is sometimes called fracking.举个例子,水力压裂,有时会被称为液压破裂法。Its a process that involves pumping water and chemicals into the ground to cause rock formations to fracture and release oil and natural gas.这是一个包含着输送水和化学物质到地里来压碎石头的形状并释放油和天然气的过程。Its controversial, though.尽管这存在着争议。Some researchers are worried that the process could hurt the environment.一些研究担心这个过程会伤害环境。That same concern, producing oil versus protecting the environment is happening up in the Arctic, where some companies are planning to drill.相同的担心,即产油和环境保护的对立正在北极发生,一些公司计划在那里钻孔。 /201211/209887

And we are calling it, iPhone.我们将其命名为 iPhoneHe was about humanizing technology他致力于将科技人性化in a way that made it extraordinarily easy让其变得无与伦比地便捷and it was an absolutely joy and pleasure to use.使操作变成一种享受和乐趣His gut instinct was his genius.他的天才之处在于精准的直觉And its absolutely unteachable.而这些是学不来的Its rare when someone can affect your life in such a personal way很少有人能以这样个人的方式影响到你的生活and you dont know them at all.而你根本不认识这些人Genius is not about making complicated things.天才不在于把事物复杂化Its about making complicated things very simple.而在于把复杂事物变简单Making things simple and beautiful,让产品简洁而富有美感that was the genius of Steve Jobs from the very start.这便是史蒂夫·乔布斯的初衷He was born in 1955 to a pair of unmarried graduate students,1955年 乔布斯出生 父母是一对未婚研究生情侣intellectuals who put him up for adoption.他们把他送人抚养He grew up with a loving,working-class couple in Californias Silicon Valley.他在加州硅谷一个和睦美满的工薪家庭中长大Just like Harry Potter, Steve Jobs realized that he was a wizard,和哈利·波特一样 史蒂夫·乔布斯意识到自己是个魔法师even though he was being raised by Muggles.尽管他是由麻瓜养大He was a hybrid,他是个混合体one part geek and one part hippy.一半技术宅 一半嬉皮士It was the 60s.时代使然When he was a teenager十几岁的时候He met a fellow techy,他遇到了同道中人a hacker,named Steve Wozniak.一名黑客 他便是史蒂夫·沃兹尼亚克They wild away the hours tinkering with electronics in the Jobs house.他们在乔布斯家里花费大量时间研究电子设备I grew up in Palo Alto,我在帕洛阿尔托长大not too far from where Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs hung out.离史蒂夫·沃兹尼亚克和史蒂夫·乔布斯常出没的地方不远Its legendary.说来也神奇Theres so many inventers in the Bay Area who start off in their moms garage.海湾地区的很多发明家都是从自家车库里起家的In 1972, Jobs headed to Oregon1972年 乔布斯前往俄勒冈州where he attended a small liberal arts college.就读于一所小型文科学院Turned on, tuned in and dropped out.他踌躇满志地入学 但很快退学He listened to the Beatles, and Bob Dylan,他酷爱披头士和鲍勃·迪伦took LSD and went to India.吸食致幻剂 然后去了印度When he returned to Silicon Valley in 19751975年他返回硅谷时it was the dawn of the computer age计算机时代正崭露出头角and Steve Jobs had a vision.而他萌生了一个想法 /201305/239225

Step 1 Eat foods rich in heme iron1.食用富含亚铁血红素的食物Eat foods rich in heme iron. Heme iron is more easily absorbed by the body than nonheme iron, so eating foods like meat,poultry, and fish -- all rich in heme iron -- can increase the amount of iron in your body.食用富含亚铁血红素的食物。亚铁血红素比非血红素铁更容易被人体吸收,所以,食用猪肉,家禽和鱼类——这些都富含亚铁血红素——可以增加体内铁的含量。Step 2 Eat foods rich in nonheme iron2.食用富含非血红素铁的食物Eat foods rich in nonheme iron, such as vegetables, fruits, and grains. While nonheme iron is not as easily absorbed as heme iron, combining the two can significantly increase your bodys absorption of nonheme iron.食用富含非血红素铁的食物,例如蔬菜,水果和谷类。尽管非血红素铁不像亚铁血红素那么容易被吸收,两种铁素相结合可以大幅增加身体对非血红素铁的吸收。Eating foods rich in vitamin C, such as green peppers, citrus fruits and juices, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, and leafy greens, also increases iron absorption.食用富含维他命C的食品也能增加铁的吸收,例如青椒,柑橘类水果和果汁,草莓,番茄,西兰花和叶菜。Step 3 Avoid tea3.不要喝茶Avoid drinking black or pekoe teas, which contain substances that bind to iron so it cannot be used by the body.不要喝黑茶或白毫茶,这两种茶中的成分会和铁螯合,导致身体难以吸收。Step 4 Use cast iron cookware4.使用铸铁炊具Use cast iron cookware. Studies have found that cooking most foods containing iron in cast iron cookware increases the foods iron content significantly.使用铸铁炊具。研究发现,使用铸铁炊具来烹饪大部分含铁食物可以大幅增加食物中的铁含量。Step 5 Read labels5.阅读标签Beware of misleading package labels. While many food labels -- especially iron-fortified breakfast cereals -- boast high iron content, only 4 to 10 percent of the iron listed actually gets absorbed.警惕误导性的包装标签。尽管许多食物标签——尤其是高铁早餐谷类食品——都吹嘘含铁量高,然而只有4%至10%的铁能被吸收。Step 6 Take a supplement6.用补充剂Take an iron supplement if diet alone isnt sufficient to maintain healthy iron levels in your body. Have your physician measure your level of serum ferritin, the storage form of iron, to determine whether you need an iron supplement.如果仅从饮食中不能获得足够的铁元素来维持健康的铁水平,可以让医生测量血浆中储存的铁含量,以确定你是否需要用铁补充剂。Almost two-thirds of iron in the body is found in hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen to tissues.人体大约三分之二的铁都在血色素中。血色素是红细胞中的蛋白质,负责向组织供氧。 /201301/222034

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