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  • 点击此处收看MVThe Experience of Love--Eric SerraI know you dream a lot,Holding on to lies,And you wait around, someone to know where you hide,In your dreams you feel a lot,But you keep it all inside,And you close your eyes,It helps keep you alive.The experience of loving,Won't take all the pain away,Just understanding the first time,What you feel inside,Love is in your life.The experience of love,And having come this far,Cherishing your dreams,You may have realised now,How they help keep you alone.The experience of loving,Won't take all the pain away,Just understanding the first time,What you feel inside,Love is in your life.Leave the dreams behind,Breathing in the scent of love,Leave the dreams behind,Sensing life in everything,Under the sky.The experience of loving,Won't take all the pain away,Just understanding the first time,What you feel inside,Love is in your life.The experience of love, Under the sky,Searching ever,The experience of love, Under the sky,Won't take all the pain away,The experience of love, the first time,Under the sky, Love is in your life,The experience of love,Take it below, feel the flow,Hold it close, don't let it go,The experience of love, Under the sky,It won't take all the pain away,The experience of love, the first time,Under the sky,When love is in your life,The experience of love, the first time,Under the sky, Searching ever,The experience of love, the first time,Under the sky. 18。
  • 1.(听力)I could never have imagined that a 19-year-old suicide bomber would actually teach me a valuable lesson. But he did. He taught me to never presume anything about anyone you dont know.我从未想过 一个 19 岁的自杀式炸弹袭击者可以让我学到什么有价值的一课但他做到了他教会我,永远不要对你不认识的人有任何的预设立场On a Thursday morning in July , the bomber and I, unknowingly, boarded the same train carriage at the same time, standing, apparently, just feet apart. I didnt see him. I know it wasnt personal.在年七月的一个星期二早上,炸弹客跟我,不期而遇地同时踏上了同一台火车车厢,我们离彼此才几步远但我却没看到他老实说,我知道这不是私人恩怨(阅读)but I guess he saw me. I guess he looked at all of us, as his hand hovered over the detonation switch. Ive often wondered: What was he thinking?Especially in those final seconds.但我猜,他有看到我我猜,他是紧握着手中的引爆器看着我们全部的人我常在想:他当时是在想什么?尤其是最后的那几秒I know it wasnt personal. He didnt set out to kill or maim me, Gill Hicks. I mean -- he didnt know me. No.我知道这无关私人恩怨他不是预谋要杀掉我,或让我重残我的意思是——他根本不认识吉尔席克丝,我这个人,根本不认识(听力)Instead, he gave me an unwarranted and an unwanted label. I had become the enemy. The label ;enemy; allowed him to dehumanizeus. It allowed him to push that button. And he wasnt selective.然而,他却给我贴了个标签,一个我不想要而且莫须有的标签我变成了「敌人」那个「敌人」的标签, 剥夺掉了我们的人性逼他下了钮他别无选择(阅读)Twenty-six precious lives were taken in my carriage alone, and I was almost one of them.同车厢的6条生命 就这样被带走了,我差点成为其中一个(阅读讲解)In the time it takes to draw a breath, we were plunged into a darkness so immense that it was almost tangible; what I imagine wading through tar might be like. We didnt know we were the enemy. We were just a bunch of commuters who, minutes earlier, had followed the Tube etiquette: no direct eye contact, no talking and absolutely no conversation.就在那几秒钟,我们被送进了一个几乎触手就可及的无底深渊;我得想象,奋力求生后会是怎样的世界我们不知道,我们怎么会被归类成敌人我们只是一群早起 遵守着车厢礼仪的上班族:彼此没有眼神交会、没有说话,更没有交谈But in the lifting of the darkness, we were reaching out. We were helping each other. We were calling out our names, a little bit like a roll call, waiting responses.但当悲剧发生后,我们伸出了双手,彼此帮忙协助我们呼喊着我们的名字,有点像在点名,并等待救援的回应 ;Im Gill. Im here. Im alive. OK.;;Im Gill. Here. Alive. OK.;「我是吉儿,我在这,我还活着......好「我是吉儿,我在这,活着......好」I didnt know Alison. But I listened her check-ins every few minutes. I didnt know Richard. But it mattered to me that he survived.我不认识艾利森但我每隔几分钟都会听到他的呼救我不认识理查但他能活着对我意义重大(阅读)All I shared with them was my first name. They didnt know that I was a head of a department at the Design Council.And here is my beloved briefcase, also rescued from that morning. They didnt know that I published architecture and design journals, that I was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, that I wore black --still do -- that I smoked cigarillos. I dont smoke cigarillos anymore. I drank gin and I watched TED Talks, of course, never dreaming that one day I would be standing, balancing on prosthetic legs, giving a talk.我能分享给他们的就只有我的名字他们不知道我就是Design Council的一个部门老大这一个是我最爱的公文包,那个早上,它救了我一命他们不知道我有发行建筑与设计的杂志,我也是一位皇家文艺学会的成员,我喜欢穿黑色的—— 现在仍是—— 我抽小雪茄,但现在不抽了我喝琴酒,我看 TED 的演讲,当然,从来没有梦想过会有这么一天...... 我会跛脚着......站在这个舞台上演讲I was a young Australian woman doing extraordinary things in London. And I wasnt y that all to end.我是一位在伦敦表现出众的澳洲年轻女士我还没有准备好就这样结束生命. I was so determined to survive that I used my scarf to tie tourniquets around the tops of my legs, and I just shut everything and everyone out, to focus, to listen to myself, to be guided by instinct alone. I lowered my breathing rate. I elevated my thighs. I held myself upright and I fought the urge to close my eyes.我努力地求生,我用头巾包扎我的大腿,并向每个人大声求救,专注、倾听着我自己的内心声音我降低我的呼吸速度抬高我的大腿让自己腰背挺直 对抗着我即将闭起来的眼睛I held on almost an hour, an hour to contemplate the whole of my life up until this point. Perhaps I should have done more. Perhaps I could have lived more, seen more. Maybe I should have gone running, dancing, taken up yoga. But my priority and my focus was always my work. I lived to work. Who I was on my business card mattered to me. But it didnt matter down in that tunnel.我大概坚持了一个小时,在那一个小时里,我回顾了我的这一生,想着.....也许我应该要做更多的事,也许我可以活得更久、看得更多也许我应该要去跑跑步、跳跳舞、做瑜珈但我最在意最关注的却都是我的工作我为工作而活,名片上的我比我自己还重要但在那个隧道里,我什么都不是3.(阅读)By the time I felt that first touch from one of my rescuers, I was unable to speak, unable to say even a small word, like ;Gill.; I surrendered my body to them. I had done all I possibly could, and now I was in their hands.当我第一时间与救援人员接触时,我说不出话来甚至自己的名字「吉儿」都喊不出来我把我的身体托付给他们我已经竭尽所能的存活下来,接下来就只能靠他们了(听力)I understood just who and what humanity really is, when I first saw the ID tag that was given to me when I was admitted to hospital. And it : ;One unknown estimated female.; Those four words were my gift. What they told me very clearly was that my life was saved, purely because I was a human being. Nothing mattered other than I was a precious human life.我这时才明白,人性的真正意义就在我被送进医院,第一次看到我的ID识别卡的时候上面是这么写的:「一位身份不明,无法判断的女士」这行字是我的礼物它清楚地告诉了我,我被救活了,只因为我是个人类一切都不重要了,只因我是一个珍贵的人命(阅读讲解)Difference of any kind made no difference to the extraordinary lengths that the rescuers were prepared to go to save my life, to save as many unknowns as they could,and putting their own lives at risk. To them, it didnt matter if I was rich or poor, the color of my skin, whether I was male or female, my sexual orientation, who I voted ,whether I was educated, if I had a faith or no faith at all. Nothing mattered other than I was a precious human life.任何的差异不再是距离,不管有多大的差异,救援人员随时待命准备把我救活他们把自己的生命至于生死之外,竭尽所能地救活每一个人对他们而言,不管我多有钱或多贫穷、不管我的肤色、不管我是男是女、我的性别倾向、我投票给谁、我在哪受教育、不管我有没有宗教信仰I see myself as a living fact. I am proof that unconditional love and respect can not only save, but it can transm lives. Here is a wonderful image of one of my rescuers, Andy, and I taken just last year. Ten years after the event,and here we are, arm in arm.我把自己当作一个活生生的例子我可以明无条件的爱与尊重不仅可以救人,还可以改变一个人的命运这里有一张很棒的照片,我的救命恩人安迪和我,去年拍的照事发后的十年,我们肩并肩地走在一起Throughout all the chaos, my hand was held tightly. My face was stroked gently. What did I feel? I felt loved. What shielded me from hatred and wanting retribution, what given me the courage to say: this ends with me is love. I was loved.经历了这场纷乱,我的手握的更紧了我的脸满溢着慈祥我感受到什么?我感受到被爱而让我卸下仇恨与复仇的怨念并给我勇气站出来说:「到我这里就结束吧!」的是....爱,我是被爱的I believe the potential widesp positive change is absolutely enormous because I know what were capable of. I know the brilliance of humanity.我相信正向能量改变的潜力是无穷大的,因为我了解人类的能力,我了解人性的智慧(听力)Is what es us not far greater than what can ever divide? Does it have to take a tragedy or a disaster us to feel deeply connected as one species, as human beings? And when will we embrace the wisdom of our era to rise above mere tolerance and move to an acceptance all who are only a label until we know them? Thank you.比起分化,还有甚么事情比 我们团结还更重要的?一定非得要等悲剧或灾害的发生,才能让我们感受到做为人类我们本是一体相连?我们何时才能拥抱我们这一世代的智慧,体现出我们对所有人的宽容并原谅所有的人,让大家知道,其实我们人类只有一个标签? 6380。
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