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抚顺好的无痛人流多少钱抚顺市矿务局老虎台矿职工医院不孕不育多少钱Around the North Pole, the ice cap has lost 30% of its surface area in 30 years.在北极圈 三十年来冰冠面积减少了30%。But as Greenland rapidly becomes warmer,the freshwater of a whole continent flows into the salt water of the oceans.但当格陵兰岛迅速变暖。一整个大陆的淡水注入海中咸水。Greenland#39;s ice contains 20% of the freshwater of the whole planet.格陵兰岛的冰储存地球上20%的淡水。If it melts, sea levels will rise by nearly seven meters.如果溶化了海平面会升高七米。But there is no industry here.但这里没有工业。Greenland#39;s ice sheet suffers from greenhouse gases emitted elsewhere on Earth.格陵兰岛的大冰原受地球其它地方排放的温室气体所影响。Our ecosystem doesn#39;t have borders.我们的生态系统并无疆界。Wherever we are, our actions have repercussions on the whole Earth.无论在哪里我们的行为在全球各地引起回响。The atmosphere of our planet is an indivisible whole.地球的大气层是不可分割的整体。It is an asset we share.是我们共享的资产。On Greenland#39;s surface, lakes are appearing on the landscape.在格陵兰岛表面湖泊开始形成。The ice cap has begun to melt at a speed that even the most pessimistic scientists did not envision 10 years ago.冰冠融化的速度连最悲观的科学家十年前也预计不到。More and more of these glacier-fed rivers are merging together and burrowing through the surface.越来越多源自冰川的河流汇集并在表层下穿过。It was thought the water would freeze in the depths of the ice.人们以为河水会在冰的深处结冰。On the contrary, it flows under the ice,carrying the ice sheet into the sea,where it breaks into icebergs.但恰恰相反它在冰下流过。把冰原带进海洋并碎裂成冰山。 Article/201411/341263顺城区人民医院疼痛科怎么样 When you talk about what is called the ;peace pipe; at a treaty negotiation, that is more meaningful than to sign a document, so it#39;s a way of sealing a deal not just legally but by giving a vow, and confirming that to the larger universe-so it#39;s not just between humans, it#39;s between humans and the greater powers that are there.;谈判时,“和平烟斗” 仪式比签署文件更有效。这种方式不仅意味着合法协定,还相当于向冥冥中的神灵起了誓。这就不仅签下了人与人,也签下了人与神之间的协议。Even today in Native America smoking tobacco can still be a spiritual act-the smoke rises and mingles, bearing unified prayers skyward and, as it does so, it combines the hopes and wishes of the whole community.直至今天,抽烟对印第安人来说也仍是神圣的。烟雾缓缓升起,逐渐消散, 带着众多的祈愿升向天空,将整个族群的希望连接在了一起。For Europeans, though, who discovered smoking very late, in the sixteenth century, smoking tobacco quickly became less about religion than about relaxation: it was first of all about enjoyment, and then about money.欧洲人晚至十六世纪才开始抽烟。对他们来说,抽烟没有什么宗教意义,更多的只是休闲方式。但很快,烟草便和金钱结合起来。When the British colonised Virginia, the growing tobacco market in Europe rapidly became of prime economic importance-Bremen and Bristol, Glasgow and Dieppe all grew rich on American tobacco. As Europeans explored deeper into the continent in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, tobacco became an article of trade and currency in its own right. The European acquisition of tobacco, and European pipe-smoking, symbolise for many Native Americans the expropriation of their homeland.英国在弗吉尼亚殖民之后,欧洲的烟草市场飞速发展,烟草很快成为经济柱。不来梅与布里斯托尔,格拉斯哥与迪耶普的经济都因美洲的烟草而发达。18世纪至19世纪,随着欧洲人逐渐深入美洲大陆,烟草成了一种货物货币。在土著眼里,欧洲人收集烟草和使用烟斗的行为都是在侵略他们的家园。From then on, in Europe and indeed in most of the world, smoking became an activity associated with pure pleasure, daily habit and considerable cool. For most of the twentieth century, film stars puffed away on screen, while their cinema audiences admired them through answering clouds of smoke.自此,在欧洲和世界上大多数地方,抽烟成了一种单纯的享乐方式、日常习惯或是扮酷手段。大半个二十世纪,电影明星都在屏幕上抽烟,观众们则在影院里吞云吐雾。 Article/201501/353756The Nile delta of Egypt,埃及尼罗河三角洲地带Twelve hundred years Before Christ.公元前一千二百年Mankind#39;s greatest civilizations falling one by one.人类最伟大的文明接踵而至地衰落A new enemy.新劲敌出现Egyptians call them the sea people.埃及人把他们叫做海上民族Hungry, violent,穷凶极恶的敌人Their origin a mystery even today.他们来于何方至今仍是个谜;Their ships came, our cities burnt,;他们船舶驶来 吾城面临涂炭;And they brought evil to our country.;;邪恶侵城而来;A thousand years after the age of the Pyramids,金字塔时代之后的千年Even mighty Egypt faces destruction.甚至强大的埃及也难逃没落之命Around the Mediterranean,地中海沿岸Great cities and empires are swept away大城市沦陷 帝国毁灭By peoples on the move.海上民族所向披靡Troy, the Mycenaeans in Greece,特洛伊 希腊迈锡尼人The hittite empire of Turkey.土耳其赫梯帝国The sight of ships on the horizon船只出现于地平线的景象would have just sent chills down your spine.令人不寒而栗It would have been the most terrifying thing imaginable.这是人们想象中最恐怖的一幕When the sea peoples cause one great state to fall,海上民族一旦攻占一个大国then that one domino has fallen,多米诺骨牌就会依次倒下and then the rest around the Mediterranean go.蔓延至地中海沿岸各国 Article/201509/397469清原满族县医院收费贵吗

抚顺人民医院龟头炎症When a creature croaks,its natural defenses fail and tiny decomposers start digging in within just five minutes.To deter bigger carnivores in search of a meal,some feasting microbes produce toxins like anthrax and botulinum,tiny doses of which are fatal to much of the animal kingdom.Yet many scavengers get shoulder deep in deed meat without seeming to suffer and we#39;re just beginning to understand how they do it.当生物死去,躯体防御瓦解,五分钟后微生物就会开始分解尸体,为了防止大型动物跟它们抢食,一此微生物会释放毒素,诸如炭疽和肉毒菌,剂量虽小,但对许多动物而言却是致命的,但许多食腐动物食用这种毒肉后却安然无恙,我们来了解一下其中的奥秘。Quality control is one of their earliest lines of defense.Wolves and foxes have been known to pass up diseased reindeer carasses in favor of prey killed by other predators,although it#39;s not yet clear how they can tell the difference.And,despite their reputation,spooted hyenas prefer to dine on fresh meat,minimizing their contact with microbes.质量控制是它们的初始防御线之一,我们知道,狼和狐狸会避开,其他捕杀的患病的驯鹿肉,不过它们是如何判断的,我们还不了解,且不论斑鼠的恶名,它们喜欢食用鲜肉,尽量避免与微生物打交道。But sometimes,severly rotten flesh is the only item on the .And some scavengers,such as burying beetles and vultures.actually seek out putrid carrion because it#39;s easier to detect,dig into,and defend.To combat the microorganisms in these meals,the beetles smear carcasses with antimicrobial slime before feeding.但是有时,动物们只能找到严重腐烂的尸体,埋葬虫和秃鹰等良腐动物,会特意寻找腐肉,因为腐肉好找,易食,没人抢,为了斗赢腐肉里的微生物,曱虫在食用腐肉前会在上面涂上一层抗菌粘液。Other scavengers prefer an after-dinner antibiotic.Bearded vultures assault microbes with stomach acid that#39;s ten times more acidic than our own,and strong enough to corrode steel.But some tenacious pathogens,including the ones that cause botulism and tetanus,make it through this caustic cauldron and thrive in the intestines beyond.有些食腐动物则选择饱食后再反腐抗生素,秃鹰用胃酸来对付微生物,它们的胃酸酸度是人类的十倍,浓度高到足以腐蚀钢铁,但是一些顽强的病原体,包括那种导致肉毒和破伤风的病原体,它可以活着通过秃鹰强腐蚀胃液,并在肠道另一端繁衍生息。We#39;re not sure how vultures survive their first few toxic exposures,but we know that with each encouter,their immune systems churn out more and more antibodies,building resistance to the toxins.Socializing can also give scavengers an immune boost.Hyenas and lions,for instance,likely pass small doses of germs around as they groom,eat,and compete with each other,which may help build up group-wide immunity to toxins like anthrax.我们也不清楚秃鹰一开始是如何熬过毒素活下来的,但我们知道在经此磨难后,秃鹰的免疫系统开始大量分泌抗体,抵抗毒素,社交也有助于食腐动物提高免疫力,例如,土狼和狮子,会在舔毛和进食的时候摄入少量病菌,并且互相竞争,这可以让整个种群获得对抗病毒的免疫力,如炭疽。Similarly,we humans have establishe our herd immunity through controlled exposure to diseases like meningitis and smallpox-we call it vaccination.But we have yet to beat botulism or anthrax,so perhaps we can scavenge some of these scavengers#39; tricks-after all,we have more in common with them than we may like to admit.同样的,我们人类也通过接触微量病毒,建立起集体免疫力,如脑膜炎和天花,我们称之为疫苗接种,但是我们无法抵抗肉毒和炭疽,或许我们可以向这些食腐动物学习一下,不管我们承认与否,我们与它们确实很相像。 Article/201505/373543新宾满族县医院预约 东洲区妇幼保健院医院预约

顺城区人民医院治疗阳痿多少钱During the last weeks of this campaign there will be debates, speeches and more ads. But if I could sit down with you in your living room or around the kitchen table, here#39;s what I#39;d say:在竞选活动的最后几个星期将会有辩论、演讲以及更多的竞选广告。但如果我可以跟你一起坐在客厅或是餐桌旁, 我会跟你说:When I took office, we were losing nearly eight hundred thousand jobs a month and were mired in Iraq. Today, I believe that as a nation we are moving forward again. But we have much more to do to get folks back to work and make the middle class secure again.当我就任时,我们正每个月减少八十万个就业机会,并深陷伊拉克战场中。今天,我相信做为一个国家,我们再度继续前进。但我们要更努力去让社会大众再度就业,且让中产阶级再度感到安全无虞。Now, Governor Romney believes that with even bigger tax cuts for the wealthy and fewer regulations on Wall Street, all of us will prosper. In other words, he#39;d double down on the same trickle-down policies that led to the crisis in the first place. So what#39;s my plan?现在,Romney州长相信让富人减更多税并给华尔街少一些规范,大家就能够更繁荣。换句话说,他要加倍实行那同一套富人获利政策,那政策一开始就引起金融危机。那么,我的方案是什么?First, we create a million new manufacturing jobs and help businesses double their exports. Give tax breaks to companies that invest in America, not that ship jobs overseas.第一,我们创造一百万个制造业工作机会,并帮助企业加倍它们的出口。给予在美国投资的企业税收减免,而不是那些将就业机会移到海外的企业。Second, we cut our oil imports in half and produce more American-made energy: oil, clean-coal, natural gas and new resources like wind, solar and bio-fuels, all while doubling the fuel efficiency of cars and trucks.第二,我们会减少一半的石油进口量并生产更多美国制能源:石油,净煤技术,天然瓦斯及新兴能源像是风力、太阳能及生质燃料,做这些的同时也加倍提升汽车和卡车的燃油效能。Third, we ensure that we maintain the best workforce in the world by preparing a hundred thousand additional math and science teachers; training two million Americans with the job skills they need at our community colleges; cutting the growth of tuition in half and expanding student aid so more Americans can afford it.第三,我们会准备十万个额外的数学和自然科学老师以确保我们维持世界上最好的劳动力;在社区大学训练两百万美国民众有所需的工作技能;学费调涨减半并扩大学生补助,使更多美国人能负担得起。Fourth, a balanced plan to reduce our deficit by four trillion dollars over the next decade: on top of the trillion in spending we#39;ve aly cut, I#39;d ask the wealthy to pay a little more.第四,则是在接下来十年减少四兆美元财政赤字的一个收平衡方案:除了我们己经缩减了的上兆美元出以外,我会要求富人多缴一些税赋。And as we end the war in Afghanistan, let#39;s apply half the savings to pay down our debt and use the rest for some nation-building right here at home. It#39;s time for a new economic patriotism, rooted in the belief that growing our economy begins with a strong, thriving middle class.而当我们结束在阿富汗的战争时,让我们使用一半的国家储蓄来付债务并使用剩下的钱在国内做些国家建设。现在是发扬新经济爱国主义的时候了,我们深信强健、繁荣的中产阶级是经济成长的开端。Read my plan. Compare it to Governor Romney#39;s and decide for yourself. Thanks for listening.请看看我的方案。和Romney州长的做比较,然后为自己做决定。感谢你的聆听。I#39;m Barack Obama, and I approve this message.我是Barack Obama,我批淮这段咨文。 Article/201411/343096 Do you hate the thought of eating animals, but Mom and Dad are die-hard carnivores? Use cold hard facts to let them know that going veggie is the way to go.你讨厌吃肉,而你的父母却无肉不欢?利用下面这些铁一般的事实让他们知道,素食是正确的选择。You Will Need你需要Health facts健康知识Environmental data环境数据Humanitarian reasons人道主义理由A list of famous vegetarians and vegans著名的素食主义者名单A willingness to cook愿意烹饪Steps步骤Never change your diet without first consulting your physician.未咨询医生之前一定不要改变饮食习惯。STEP 1 Discuss vegetarian pros1.讨论素食的优势Point out the health advantages of vegetarians: lower body mass, cholesterol, blood pressure, and rates of heart disease, type two diabetes and certain cancers.指出素食的健康优势:较低的体重,胆固醇,血压,患心脏病,二型糖尿病和某些癌症的风险也较低。STEP 2 Argue meat cons2.吃肉的弊端Argue that antibiotics used for growth in animals can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections in humans.告诉他们,动物生长过程中用的抗生素会导致人体内细菌产生抗药性。STEP 3 Reference environmental data3.提及环境数据Reference environmental data, such as habitat loss, ecosystem damage, soil erosion, and the greenhouse gas production involved in growing animal feed.提及一些环境数据,比如动物栖息地损失,生态破坏,土壤流失,以及动物饲养过程产生温室气体。Fossil fuels are also a main component of animal farming, and industrial fishing damages lake and ocean ecosystems.石化燃料也是动物饲养的重要组成部分,工业化破坏了湖泊和海洋生态系统。STEP 4 Use humanitarian reasons4.使用人道主义理由Tell them that much of the arable land worldwide is being used to grow grain to feed animals rather than people. Many people are starving while animals are being force-fed. Cruelty to animals is also implicit in producing meat, dairy, and eggs.告诉他们,世界上大部分耕地都用来种植饲养动物的谷物,而不是用来供应人类食用。在饲养动物的过程中,许多人被饿死。生产肉类,奶制品和蛋类对动物来说也非常残忍。STEP 5 Name famous vegetarians5.提出一些奉行素食主义的名人Give them a who’s who of notable vegetarians, including the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, Leonardo da Vinci, Mahatma Gandhi, and Sir Paul McCartney.告诉他们一些奉行素食主义的名人,包括希腊数学家毕达哥拉斯,著名艺术家达·芬奇,印度民族主义运动先锋甘地,英国音乐家詹姆斯·保罗·麦卡特尼爵士。STEP 6 Ask for their support and input6.请求他们的持和投入Ask your parents for their support and listen to their concerns and suggestions. They’ll be more open to the idea if you get them involved.请求父母持你,倾听他们的担忧和建议。如果让他们参与进来,他们会更容易接受。STEP 7 Plan sample meals7.计划样餐Invite them to help you plan sample meals with alternate protein sources. Be willing to compromise.邀请他们帮助你用蛋白质替代品来准备样餐。愿意做出妥协。Some good non-meat sources of protein are nuts, seeds, beans and lentils, tofu, soy products, dairy, and eggs.一些非肉类蛋白质来源包括坚果,籽类,蚕豆和小扁豆,豆腐,豆奶制品,奶制品和鸡蛋。STEP 8 Offer to cook8.主动烹饪Offer to cook some of the meals. This will take the pressure off Mom or Dad trying to juggle one for you and one for the rest of the family. It’ll also show you’re serious about your decision and willing to put in the work.主动提出烹饪。这样会缓解父母要为你准备一份菜单,为其他人准备另外一份菜单的压力。还可以表明你对待自己的决定是严肃认真的,愿意付诸行动。Did you know? Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday was named World Vegetarian Day.你知道吗?世界素食日就是根据甘地的生日来确定的。视频听力译文由。 /201503/366419抚顺中山妇科医院男科医院在那儿东洲区医院不孕不育收费好不好




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