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And nobody ever talks about this much, nobody ever talks about this much, but its important to me. She tripled the number of people with AIDS in poor countries whose lives are being saved with your tax dollars, most of them in Africa, going from 1.7 million lives to 5.1 million lives and it didnt cost you any more money.没有人反复探讨这些问题,但这些于我而言却十分重要。因你们税费的持,她成功将贫困国家艾滋病患者存活的数量提高了两倍。这些艾滋病患者大多分布在非洲,原本只有170万人能够存活,而如今这个数字是510万。而在座的各位并没有因此花费很多。She just bought available FDA-approved generic drugs, something we need to do for the American people more.前不久,她经过食品与药物批准购买了一些非专利药物,这是我们更需要为美国人民做的。Now, you dont know any of these people. You dont know any of those 3.4 million people, but Ill guarantee you they know you.虽然现在你们不认识这些人中的任意一个。你们不认识这340万人的任何一位,但我向你们保,他们都认识你们。They know you because they see you as thinking their lives matter.因为他们看到,你们为改善他们的生活所做的努力。They know you and thats one reason the approval of the ed States was 20 points higher when she left the secretary of states office than when she took it.他们都会明白你们的付出。这也是为什么她卸任国务卿时全美持率比刚刚就职时高了20%。Now, how does this square? How did this square with the things that you heard at the Republican convention? Whats the difference in what I told you and what they said? How do you square it? You cant. One is real, the other is made up.现在,为什么截然不同呢?你们在共和党大会上听到的那些,与这一切有力的实能够相提并论吗?我告诉各位的与他们说的有哪些不同呢?你们能将它们混为一谈吗?你们不能。有一方是真相,而另一边只是在编造谎言罢了。You just have to decide. You just have to decide which is which, my fellow Americans. The real one had done more positive change-making before she was 30 than many public officials do in a lifetime in office.你们必须要做出判断。你们必须要做出判断。我的同仁们,你们要做出明智的选择。真诚的那一个致力于带来积极的变革。三十岁前,她所达成的成就就已经比许多公职人员在办公室里工作一辈子做的还要多了。201612/480398103. So what? 那又如何? 用法透视 表示不在乎,不气,不甘示弱,就用这个反问句。 持范例 1. He doesn't like you. So what? 他不喜欢你。那又怎样? 2. He's won 00. So what? 他赢了一千美金。那又如何? 3. You say his father's very rich. So what? He wouldn't accept any help from his father. 你说他父亲很富有,那又怎样?他不会接受他父亲的任何帮助。 会话记忆 A: She is so stupid. 她太笨了。 B: Who cares? She is pretty. 谁管她笨不笨?她很漂亮。 A: So what? 那又怎么样? B: You're just jealous. 你只不过是嫉妒罢了 /200706/14673英语会话800句 70 /200609/9369NO.4What’s Cooking 《感恩节晚宴》 在一位美国人的家中,大家都在忙碌着准备感恩节盛宴。电话铃响,正在大学读书的大儿子吉米打来电话。电话旁的幼子赶忙抓起电话。父亲从他手中接过电话。开头免不了例行的几句寒暄。你知道打英文电话开始应该说些什么了吗?单词通缉令1. disgrace vt.使耻辱;使失体面2. condom n.避套Joey: I got it. Father: I got it. Hello? Hey, Jimmy, how are you? Hey, hey, it’s Jimmy.Jimmy: Is everything all right?Father: Fine. Listen, how’s everything at school?Jimmy: Everything’s good. I was just thinking about you guys is all. I’m sorry I cannot come home today, school’s just crazy.Father: Oh, you’re a good boy. Jimmy, listen, your mom wants to talk to you.Mother: Jimmy.Jimmy: Mom, hey, Happy Thanksgiving.Mother: Jimmy, you have to talk to Jenny. She has 1)disgraced the family.Jimmy: What’s going on?Mother: Jimmy, Jenny gives 2)condoms out to girls.Jimmy: I don’t know, Mom. Let me talk to her.Mother: Jenny, Jenny, Jimmy wants to talk to you. You see, she doesn’t listen to us. You have to talk to her. Oh, my God…(The food in the kitchen gets burned, she hurried to take care of the mess, leaves Jimmy behind.)Jimmy: Ma, Ma?Joey: Hi, Jimmy, Happy Thanksgiving.Jimmy: Wait. Joey, let me talk to Mom. Joey…(Joey hangs up.)乔伊:我来听。父亲:我来听。你好?嗨,吉米,你好吗?嗨,嗨,是吉米。吉米:家里好吗?父亲:很好,听着,学校里好吗?吉米:都很好,没别的,我正想你们大家。对不起,今天我不能回家,学校里太忙了。父亲:噢,你真是个好孩子,吉米,你妈妈要和你说话。母亲:吉米。吉米:妈妈,嗨,感恩节快乐。母亲:吉米,你必须和杰妮谈谈。她让全家人丢尽了脸。吉米:什么事?母亲:吉米,杰妮给女孩子们发避套。吉米:我不知道啊,妈妈,让我和她说。母亲:杰妮,杰妮,吉米要和你说话。你看,她不听我们的话。你一定要找她谈。哦,我的天……(厨房里的食物烧焦了,她急忙赶去照应,留下吉米在电话的另一头。)吉米:妈妈,妈妈?乔伊:嗨,吉米,感恩节快乐。吉米:等等,乔伊,让我和妈妈说话。乔伊……(乔伊挂上了电话。) /200603/5392

My Lord Mayor, My Late Lord Mayor, Your Grace, My Lord Chancellor, Your Excellencies, My Lords, Aldermen, Sheriffs, Chief Commoner, Ladies and Gentlemen, We meet tonight in a world transformed. A year ago, few among us would have predicted the events ahead. A clear, determined decision to leave the European Union and forge a bold, new, confident future for ourselves in the world. And, of course, a new President-elect in the US who defied the polls and the pundits all the way up to election day itself. Change is in the air. And when people demand change, it is the job of politicians to respond. But its also the job of all those in positions of influence and power – politicians, business leaders and others – to understand the drivers of that demand too. And I think that if we take a step back and look at the world around us, one of the most important drivers becomes clear – the forces of liberalism and globalisation which have held sway in Britain, America and across the Western world for years have left too many people behind. Lets be clear: those forces have had – and continue to have – an overwhelmingly positive impact on our world. Liberalism and globalisation have delivered unprecedented levels of wealth and opportunity. They have lifted millions out of poverty around the world. They have brought nations closer together, broken down barriers and improved standards of living and consumer choice. And they underpin the rules-based international system that is key to global prosperity and security and which I am clear we must protect and seek to strengthen. But we cant deny – as I know you recognise – that there have been downsides to globalisation in recent years, and that – in our zeal and enthusiasm to promote this agenda as the answer to all our ills – we have on occasion overlooked the impact on those closer to home who see these forces in a different light. These people – often those on modest to low incomes living in rich countries like our own – see their jobs being outsourced and wages undercut. They see their communities changing around them and dont remember agreeing to that change. They see the emergence of a new global elite who sometimes seem to play by a different set of rules and whose lives are far removed from their everyday existence. And the tensions and differences between those who are gaining from globalisation and those who feel they are losing out have been exposed ever more starkly through the growth of social media. So, if we are to continue to make the case for liberalism and globalisation, as we must, we have also to face up to and respond to these concerns. If we believe, as I do, that liberalism and globalisation continue to offer the best future for our world, we must deal with the downsides and show that we can make these twin forces work for everyone. Because when you refuse to accept that globalisation in its current form has left too many people behind, youre not sowing the seeds for its growth, but for its ruin. When you fail to see that the liberal consensus that has held sway for decades has failed to maintain the consent of many people, youre not the champion of liberalism, but the enemy of it. When you dismiss the very real and deeply felt concerns of ordinary people, whether here at home or abroad, you are not acting to defend your world view, but to undermine it. And there is no contradiction between embracing globalisation, and saying it has to be managed to work for everyone. Indeed, as anti-globalisation sentiment grows, it is incumbent on those of us in positions of leadership to respond: to make sense of the changing world around us and to shape a new approach that preserves the best of what works, and evolves and adapts what does not. That is the true mark of leadership. Not standing inflexibly, refusing to change and still fighting the battles of the past, but adapting to the moment, evolving our thinking and seizing the opportunities ahead. That is the kind of leadership we need today. And I believe that it is Britains historic global opportunity to provide it. So often over our long history, this country has set the template for others to follow. We have so often been the pioneer – the outrider – that has acted to usher in a new idea or approach. And we have that same opportunity today. To show the world that we can be the strongest global advocate for free markets and free trade, because we believe they are the best way to lift people out of poverty, but that we can also do much more to ensure the prosperity they provide is shared by all. To demonstrate that we can be the strongest global advocate for the role businesses play in creating jobs, generating wealth and supporting a strong economy and society, but that we can also recognise that when a minority of businesses and business figures appear to game the system and work to a different set of rules, the social contract between businesses and society fails – and the reputation of business as a whole is undermined.201612/481309

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