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Many homeowners get muddled down in the debate between granite and marble countertops, forgetting that there#39;s another great option: butcher block. These wooden countertops, made by laminating wood blocks together, not only look beautiful, but also provide other advantages as well. Keep ing to discover the benefits of butcher block countertops.很多房主在讨论是买花岗岩台面还是买大理石台面的时候都很困惑,别想那些了有另一个好的选择:木质台面。这些木质台面是由多层木块拼接在一起的,不仅美观而且也有其它的优势。继续往下读了解木质台面的好处。Affordable价格实惠Compared to pricey marble or granite, wooden countertops are surprisingly affordable. The price is dependent on upon the type of wood, thickness, construction, and finish, but on average costs from - a square foot.与昂贵的大理石和花岗岩相比,木质台面价格非常实惠。价格取决于木材的种类、厚度、构造以及光洁度,但是平均价格为每平方英尺40到60美元之间。Simple to Install便于安装While solid stone slabs can be finicky and fragile during install, requiring special training, wooden blocks are easy to put in place. DIYers can even save money by doing the install themselves.安装一块坚硬的石质台面工序繁琐、易碎并且需要经过专门的培训,而木质台面非常便于安装。自己动手来安装甚至可以省钱。Surprisingly Sanitary清洁度很高Studies have shown that wooden cutting boards are actually cleaner than plastic ones. Applying the same logic to wooden countertops - and considering that butcher blocks have been used safely for years - the concern about bacteria surviving seems untrue. It#39;s still necessary, however, to clean all surfaces after preparing food on them to avoid contaminants.研究显示木质砧板确实比塑料的更干净。同样的道理运用到木质台面上--想到木质台面已经放心使用了很多年--不用担心滋生细菌。但是准备完食材之后仍然有必要清洗整个表面避免被污染。Gentle比较柔软Knock over a wine glass on a stone surface and you#39;ll have shards of glass flying everywhere. Do the same thing on a softer wood surface, and you might only have to clean up the spilled wine. Wooden countertops are easier on dishes and glassware, which means less breakage and chipping.在石质台面上打翻一个红酒杯玻璃碎片到处都是。如果是在一个柔软的木质表面上,你可能只需要清理溢出的红酒就可以了。木质台面对餐具和玻璃器皿起到了保护作用,这意味着将减少破损。Durable耐用When properly maintained, a butcher block countertop can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Unlike fragile marble, which stains and scuffs easily, wood is a hearty surface. If scratch marks don#39;t bother you, you can even do your food chopping right on them.经过适当的保养,一个木质台面耐磨碎性很强。不像脆弱的大理石,很容易沾染污渍或磨损,木材有一个很暖心的表面。如果有了划痕你不用担心,你仍然可以在上面切菜。译文属 /201607/453732

If Michelin gave stars for unintentionally brilliant dish names, an eatery in Pingyao, China, might well be the world’s top restaurant. It has a large sign outside showing some of its tastiest dishes, with English translations: “In Bowl,” “You Flour Silk,” “Beef Cat’s Ear” and a noodle dish in broth known as “Sauce on My Grandma.”如果米其林给意外取下的绝妙菜名打星,中国平遥的一家餐馆很可能会是世界上的顶级餐厅。它的外面有一个大招牌,展示了店里最美味的菜肴名字,从英文来看,有“在碗里”、“你面粉丝绸”、“牛肉猫耳朵”,以及名为“浇在我姥姥上的汁”的面汤。The Chinese and English languages are so completely different that you often see awkward translations like these. They may make English speakers chuckle, but Chinese officialdom is not amused: When major international events come to China, the state tries to clean up the most egregious ones. Before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, for example, 400,000 signs and 1,300 s were revised, including “Racist Park,” a permanent cultural exhibition that was rebranded as “Minorities Park.”中文和英文差异太大了,所以经常可以看到这类尴尬的翻译。它们可能会令英语使用者发笑,但中国官方并不觉得此事好笑:每当中国举行重大国际活动时,政府都会试图清理那些最荒诞的译名。例如在2008年北京奥运会前,就有40万个标识和1300道菜名进行了修订,其中包括“种族主义公园”。它是一个永久性的文化展览场所,被更名为“少数民族公园”。Still, a stroll through just about any Chinese city will reveal the joys of eating in China: A restaurant in Xian offers “The Smell of Urine Dry Noodles.” Shenzhen is proud of its famous “Gollum Shrimp.” A Beijing restaurant serves “The Hand That Grasps the Cowboy Bone” and “Fried Swarm.”不过,直到现在,在任何一座中国城市漫步,都会让人对中华饮食忍俊不禁:西安一家餐馆菜单上写着“尿味的干面条”。深圳为其著名的“古鲁姆虾”感到自豪。北京的一家餐厅提供“握着牛仔骨头的手”和“炸蜂群”。Public institutions don’t do much better with their signs: One warns travelers in Shanghai to “Beware Wallet/Carefully Slide” (it means to suggest that you should watch your wallet and your step on the slippery floor). In Beijing, some wheelchair-accessible bathrooms are marked “Deformed Person.”公共机构的标志也不怎么样:上海有一个警告标识是“当心钱包咬你/小心翼翼地滑倒”(意思是,看牢你的钱包,在湿滑的地面上行走时要注意)。在北京,坐轮椅者的一些专用洗手间上采用的标识是“畸形人”。And it is worth a visit to the Ecstasy retail clothing chain on the island of Taiwan just to see what is posted out front. Apparently unaware that its trademark is also a street name for the illegal drug MDMA, the store has signs saying, “Welcome to the Ecstasy World” and “The Ecstasy Family Make You Crazy.”就算只是为了看看招牌,台湾岛上的象鼻人(Ecstasy)装连锁店也是值得一逛。商家似乎没有意识到其商标也是非法毒品摇头丸的俗称,所以店里的招牌上写着“欢迎来到摇头丸世界”和“摇头丸家族让你疯狂”。 /201606/446897

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