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2019年08月18日 09:52:57 | 作者:华龙诊疗 | 来源:新华社
Gordon Brown has arrived in India for a two-day visit, pledging to forge stronger trade links and cooperate against terrorism. But the fate of Northern Rock continues to dominate his tour. The prime minister denied he's aly struck a deal with Sir Richard Branson. Our political editor Gary Gibbon reports from Delhi.Well Gordon Brown's here in India to talk about aid, trade and counter-terrorism. He attended a women's empowerment event when he arrived here in Delhi. And a short while after that, he had this to say about how he wanted more international cooperation on counter-terrorism.What I would like to see is greater contact between our two countries in winning the battle of hearts and minds, isolating extremist ideologues who are trying to poison young people and the views that they have.Tomorrow Gordon Brown's gonna be talking about what he calls global governance, changes to institutions like ed Nations. He wants India to have a seat on the Security Council. But he wants a lot else as well. He's talking about a sort of force, a bit like the Blue Berets, the military forces that the ed Nations currently deployed to troubled countries. He wants a backup as it were a blue suit force which could include teachers, judges, doctors, people who can come in when a country is in dire difficulty. But there is another issue that is dogging him around here and it is in a way personified by the ever-present, Sir Richard Branson, boss of Virgin. He's been following the prime minister on his tour and insisting at every turn that there are no secret negotiations going on between the two of them when it comes to the sale of Northern Rock. This is what the prime minister himself had to say about that today.I can reassure people entirely that any negotiations about Northern Rock will be taking place in London. If a number of commercial companies are expressing interest in the future of Northern Rock, then it is right that the government explore all options available to us. But as I said the prime minister is gonna be talking about the ed Nations and other matters tomorrow when he's here in Delhi but his heart and mind are gonna be very much back in London where the Chancellor will be making a very important statement about Northern Rock. The prime minister wants people to think that he's no longer on the back foot on Northern Rock, he's taken a grip of the situation and that he is not bailing out whoever buys Northern Rock. Will it look like that? Will it sound like that? Will people think that the government is actually making a sweetener for Richard Branson or whoever buys Northern Rock? That will be the key moment tomorrow. Gordon Brown will be watching from a distance here in Delhi. 200805/40242探索世界奥秘之万里长城 11With the Mongols expelled, the new rulers, the Ming emperors, were determined that an invasion would never happen again. And so in 1368, when Europe was being decimated by the Black Plague(黑死病, 鼠疫), the Ming rulers created the world's largest and greatest civil engineering project, even greater than earlier walls, because this wall was mostly built of stone. The Ming Wall stretches from Shanhaiguan(山海关) on the Yellow Sea to Jiayuguan(嘉峪关) in the Gobi Desert. It lies across China like a long winding spine, 4,000 miles in length, with thousands of watchtowers poking out like vertebrae.Much of the Great Wall was made of stone, a building material 100 times more labor-intensive than mud brick. The wall builders were not in the least daunted by spiked mountain peaks. And even among these misty mountain tops, the wall had to be zealously guarded. Watchtowers were crucial to the protection of the wall. If reinforcements were needed, the guards signaled to the village of mere a half mile away. Here, the old garrison walls of a long abandoned barracks still stand. Some 500 troops would have been stationed here, and if this wasn't enough, there were even larger concentration of troops in forts, a few minutes' signaling away. In this way, a small number of men on the wall could alert an army of over one million men in a matter of a few hours.Army garrisons competed with each other in wall building. Each general wanted his section to be more impressive than all the others. A plaque proclaims that in the spring of the year 1597, Tongkai was commander in charge of the gang building this section of the wall. Chen Yiting was in charge of food and even the lowly stonemason Wu Zengye had his name carved.To build a wall to this standard was not easy, much of the labor was carried out by convicts, who if they died, had to be replaced by another member of their family, and so on until the sentence was completed, hardly a method that encouraged happy workers. Every 50 feet, the builders installed drains to carry off rain water. These waterspouts were always built on the inside of the wall, the side away from the enemy. So we couldn't lasso a spout in climb of the wall.decimate: destroy or kill a large part of (a group); inflict great destruction or damage onwinding: twisting or turning; sinuousin the least: also, in the slightest. At all, in the smallest degree. These terms are nearly always used in a negative context.stonemason: a craftsman who works with stone or brick200707/15851In India, Infrastructure Falls Short as Economy Moves Forward印度基础设施落后拖经济后腿 India is building new roads, airports and power plants to cater to the needs of an economy that is growing at a rapid pace. But, infrastructure continues to be woefully inadequate.  印度正在修建新的道路、机场、发电站,以满足经济高速发展的需要。不过尽管如此,印度的基础设施仍显得不堪重负。Later this month, a gleaming, new airport will open in India's famous information technology hub, Bangalore, meeting a long-standing demand of the I.T. industry.  本月晚些时候,一座崭新敞亮的机场将在印度信息产业中心班加罗尔正式投入使用。这座素有“印度硅谷”之称的高科技城市长期以来一直需要这样一座机场。However, access roads to the new airport -- 36 kilometers north of the city center -- have not been widened to ease chronic traffic snarls. As a result, people fear the commute to the airport could take up to three hours -- longer than a short-haul flight.  但是,位于班加罗尔北部、距离市中心36公里的机场虽然落成,从市区到机场的公路却没有相应拓宽,交通仍然拥挤不堪。于是人们担心,从市里到机场可能要花上三个小时,比一般的短途飞行时间还要长。Inadequate transport networks in bursting cities is just one of the problems confronting a country where all infrastructure is in short supply -- whether it is reliable power, highways, ports or world-class airports.  大城市交通设施的缺乏只是印度基础设施面临的问题之一。这些问题还包括缺乏可靠的电力供应、高速公路、港口、以及世界一流的机场。Bidisha Ganguly, a consultant at the Confederation of Indian Industry, says these shortages have intensified amid the recent economic boom.  比迪沙.刚古利是印度工业联盟的顾问。他说,印度经济的高速发展使基础设施落后的问题暴露无遗。"India has been growing at a very fast rate," Ganguly said. "So, as a result, all infrastructure is strained, so there are huge gaps and bottlenecks everywhere. We don't build infrastructure ahead of demand. We typically build it once the bottlenecks are there and fairly apparent."  刚古利说:“印度经济近来增长迅速。因此,所有基础设施都感到压力。瓶颈现象随处可见。我们没有在需求到来之前修建基础设施。我们典型的做法是在瓶颈出现后才开始考虑补救。”The bottlenecks are becoming severe. Vehicles choke aly crowded roads as car sales go up. Average loading and unloading time at busy sea ports is 85 hours -- 10 times longer than at Singapore or Hong Kong. Airports and ports often run short of warehouse space. It takes manufacturers days to transport goods from one part of the country to the other -- partly because trucks are barred from congested cities during the day for fear they might bring traffic to a standstill. 的确,印度发展的瓶颈变得越加严重。汽车销量上升使得本来就拥挤不堪的道路更加堵塞。在吞吐量较大的海港,货柜装卸的平均时间是85个小时,相当于新加坡或香港的10倍时间。机场和港口的仓储能力常常不足。制造商把货物从印度一个地区运到另一个地区常常要花上几天时间。这其中的部分原因是为了防止交通状况进一步恶化,很多城市禁止卡车白天进城。Lack of adequate power is perhaps the most severe problem. Most industries and offices rely on massive power generators because electricity is often shut off for hours at a stretch, even in prime business and industrial areas.  缺少电力可能是最严重的问题。由于频繁停电,即使在繁华的商业区和繁忙的工业区,很多工厂和办公楼仍然需要安装大型发电机来保持供电。The head of the Indian Council of International Economic Relations, Rajiv Kumar, says lack of adequate infrastructure holds back growth and discourages investors -- both domestic and foreign. 印度国际经济关系理事会的负责人拉吉夫.库玛尔说,基础设施匮乏阻碍了经济增长,同时也令国内和国外投资者望而却步。"The industry has to provide all the infrastructure needs, itself, rather than these be available to it as it is in all other countries routinely as a part of the delivery of public services," Kumar said. "That means that even for those who can afford to do this, the costs become very high. But for a large number of medium and small enterprises it just means that they simply have to forego investment opportunities. So, infrastructure deficit in my view is probably costing India up to two percent growth in GDP (gross domestic product)." 他说:“印度的企业常常要自行满足基础设施需要。而在其他国家,这只是公共务的一部分。这意味着,即使有的印度企业有能力这样做,但是成本将因此变得很高。而对于很多中小企业来说,这意味着丧失投资机会。所以,我认为,印度基础设施不足至少把印度的GDP拉低了两个百分点。”The government acknowledges the country is grappling with a huge infrastructure deficit. It estimates India needs to invest 0 billion, in the next five years, to build roads, seaports, airports, high-speed expressways and power plants. The government is calling on the private sector to share the task.  印度政府承认基础设施不足的问题。印度政府估计,印度需要在未来五年里投资5千亿美元修建公路、海港、机场、高速公路和发电厂。印度政府呼吁私营企业跟政府共同承担基建费用。Some of that investment is aly in the pipeline. A project to link the country's four major cities with wide roads is to be completed this year. Modern airports are being built in several cities, under a new model under which private groups will build facilities, collect tolls and eventually hand the project back to the government. 一些基础设施投资已经在规划之中。一条连接印度四大城市的高速公路项目预计将在今年完工。几座城市的现代化机场也正在修建。私营企业出资修建这些机场,然后收取使用费,并将最终把机场交还给政府。The government says the results of all these investments will be visible in five to 10 years. But many fear it may be longer, because many infrastructure projects often get delayed.  印度政府说,这些投资将在五到十年内产生效果。但是很多人担心需要更长时间,因为很多工程受到延误。Ganguly says India needs to speed up the pace at which projects are implemented. 印度工业联盟的顾问刚古利说,印度需要加快工程进展速度。 "The feeling is that much more should be done," Ganguly said. "While the government has a broad plan, there are problems in implementation, getting clearances. Bureaucratic delays are there and it is not a straightforward issue, where you can just go and build a port or a airport." 他说:“我们认为需要做得更多。印度政府的计划很庞大。但是计划的执行、审批过程出现很多问题。很多时候是官僚机构的拖累,所以没办法直接了当地修建港口或机场。”But many acknowledge that it is not always easy to fast track projects in a democracy where issues like land acquisition are sensitive and time consuming. 不过,很多人承认,在民主体制下,包括土地征用等问题都非常敏感,解决起来也是旷日持久。Critics often compare India to the other Asian giant, China, which has built world-class infrastructure in record time. But others point out that although the Chinese central government's nod is enough to get a project off the ground, the task is far more difficult in India, where consensus is needed before any project can go ahead. 观察人士常常把印度和亚洲另外一个经济大国中国相比。中国在创记录的短时间内修建了世界一流的基础设施。但是也有人指出,很多在中国只需要中央政府点头就可以上马的项目,在印度却需要各方达成共识。200805/37524UN Holds Food Crisis Talks in Switzerland潘基文:粮价飙升演变成全球危机   U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is heading emergency talks aimed at tackling the growing crisis caused by soaring food prices around the world. Participating in this two-day high-powered meeting in the Swiss capital, Bern, are the President of the World Bank, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and the Heads of nearly 30 ed Nations aid agencies.  全球粮食价格上涨引发的危机日益加剧。为此,联合国秘书长潘基文在瑞士首都伯尔尼主持召开为期两天的紧急会议。与会者包括世界行长、国际货币基金组织主席、以及将近30个联合国援助机构的负责人等国际发展领域的重量级人物。U.N. Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon says the steeply rising price of food has developed into a global crisis. He says the U.N.-sponsored meeting in Bern must find solutions to a problem that is increasing poverty, hunger and instability in the world. 联合国秘书长潘基文说,粮价飙升已经演变成一场全球危机。他说,联合国在伯尔尼召开的紧急会议必须找到解决方案,应对这个在全球范围内加剧贫困、饥饿、和动荡的问题。The ed Nations estimates about 100 million of the world's poorest people cannot afford to buy food. Because of the spiraling costs, the World Food Program says its original budget for this year is not enough to feed all the hungry. It is appealing for an additional three quarters of billion to meet the extra expenses. 据联合国有关机构估计,目前世界上有大约一亿贫困人口买不起食物。由于粮价上涨,世界粮食计划署宣布本财年预算出现资金缺口,无法为所有的饥民提供食物。粮食计划署呼吁捐助国提供7.5亿美元的额外资金,以满足预算开。The U.N. refugee agency says millions of refugees and internally displaced people will be particularly hard hit by skyrocketing food prices. Spokesman, Ron Redmond, says most of these people are totally dependent on food donations from the international community. 联合国难民事务高级专员公署说,千百万名在本国境内流离失所的难民尤其容易受到粮食涨价的冲击。该机构发言人朗.雷德蒙德说,这些人绝大部分依赖国际社会的粮食援助。"This kind of dramatic price increases can also trigger instability, particularly in poor countries and this is of great concern to UNHCR as well, because we are aly seeing this happening in several countries," said Redmond. "Of course, the possibility could be eventual increased displacement should it trigger further conflict and instability in those countries."  他说:“食品价格的迅速上涨可能引发动荡,尤其是在穷国。难民事务高专署对此深表关注。因为我们看到一些国家已经出现这种问题。而且,这些国家的冲突和不稳定持续加剧的话,难民流离失所的问题可能会更严重。”The Food and Agriculture Organization warns sharp rises in cereal prices have left 37 poor countries in an emergency situation. This has sparked food riots in many countries including Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Egypt and Senegal. 联合国粮农组织警告说,粮食涨价已经使37个贫穷国家陷入紧急状态。在布吉纳法索、喀麦隆、海地、科特迪瓦、埃及、和塞内加尔,粮荒引发骚乱。The meeting in Bern will also address the impact of climate change on food production and explore ways to help poor countries adapt to these changes. The growing controversy over bio-fuels is also on the agenda.  伯尔尼的会议还将讨论全球气候变化对粮食产量的影响,同时探讨如何帮助穷国应对这些变化。日益引起争议的生物燃料开发也是议题之一。Critics argue that the cultivation of crops for bio-fuels is taking good land away from food production and causing prices to rise. Some people are calling for a moratorium on the production of bio-fuels. 批评者认为,使用农作物转化生物燃料减少了粮食供应,造成粮食涨价。一些人呼吁,生物燃料应当缓行。The U.N. meeting is expected to come up with a plan of emergency measures to solve the immediate global food crisis. Participants also will begin to address the longer-term problems.  预计,联合国此次会议将推出一项解决眼下全球粮食危机的紧急方案。同时,与会者也会讨论更为长期的问题。200804/36935

Case Against Turkey's Ruling Party Gets Under Way土耳其法院就取缔执政党举行听  Turkey's constitutional court has begun hearing a case calling for the ruling Justice and Development Party to be shut down on the charge of undermining the secular state. The prosecutors are asking the court to disband the party and ban the prime minister and president from politics. Just as the case got started, Turkish authorities arrested more than 20 hardline nationalists, including two retired generals. 土耳其宪法法院开始就一个要求取缔执政党正义与发展党的案子举行听。土耳其正义与发展党被指控破坏土耳其政教分离制度。检察官要求法院解散这个政党,并且禁止总理和总统从政。在这个案子开审之际,土耳其当局逮捕了20多个强硬的民族主义者,包括两名退役将军。In a 90-minute argument before the constitutional court, Turkey's chief prosecutor Abdurrahman Yalcinkaya called for the ruling Justice and Development Party, known as the AK, to be closed down. Yalcinkaya accused the party of seeking to replace Turkey's secular state with Sharia rule.  在土耳其宪法法院进行的90分钟的陈词中,土耳其首席检察官阿卜杜勒.亚尔琴卡亚要求取缔执政党正义与发展党。亚尔琴卡亚还指控这个党企图用伊斯兰教规取代土耳其的政教分离体制。The prosecutor is also calling for banning 71 leading and former members of the party from politics, including Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President Abdullah Gul.  这位检察官还要求禁止这个党的71名领导人和前成员从政,包括总理埃尔多安和总统居尔。Ayse Bohurler is one of those facing a political ban. She says the case against her is absurd.  波赫勒是检察官要求禁止从政的人员之一。她说,针对她的指控十分荒谬。She says she is facing a ban because she believes teachers and judges should be able to wear a headscarf. She says banning her will not make much of a difference because she cannot be a member of parliament anyway. 波赫勒说,要求禁止她参政是因为她认为教师和法官应该可以佩戴头巾。她说,禁止她从政不会有任何意义,因为她无论如何都不可能担任国会议员。Turkey, since its creation in 1923, has been a strictly secular state. The wearing of religious dress in universities, schools and courts has been banned by the constitution. 土耳其自从1923年建国以来,一直是一个严格的政教分离国家。土耳其宪法禁止在大学、学校或者法庭穿戴宗教饰。But the AK Party is has tried to change the constitution to lift the religious dress ban in universities, but its reforms have been struck by the constitutional court. But easing the ban is a central part of the prosecutors case against the party and its leaders. 但正义与发展党一直试图修改宪法,取消不准在大学穿戴宗教饰的禁令。不过这项改革在土耳其宪法法院受阻。但是放宽禁令是检察官对这个党及其领导人提出的诉讼的中心内容。Lawyers for the AK Party argue the charges against it, which run to 162 pages, are baseless and filled with inaccuracies. 为正义与发展党辩护的律师辩称,控方长达162页的指控毫无根据,同时充斥着不准确的内容。While a majority of Turks are deeply suspicious of the AK Party's Islamic roots, most - 51 percent in the latest poll - oppose its closure and only 34 percent support a ban on the AT Party. 虽然大多数土耳其人对正义与发展党的伊斯兰根源心存戒意,但是在最近一次民意调查中,有51%的人反对取缔这个党,赞成的只有34%。Political columnist Nuray Mert says the case is creating deep divisions in the Turkish society. "This tension will go on and on; I cannot see any solution at the moment, neither the government takes a step back nor the opposition. They are not inclined to take a step, so I cannot see any future of compromise." 政治专栏作家莫特说,这个案子给土耳其社会造成了深刻的分歧。他说:“这种紧张局势会继续下去。目前我实在看不出任何解决问题的办法。无论是政府还是反对派都不愿意后退一步。他们无意让步,所以我看不到任何妥协的前景。” Only hours before the case opened, Turkish authorities arrested more than 20 high-profile government critics, including two retired generals and a leading journalist. The arrests are part of an investigation into an alleged attempt to overthrow the government. 在开庭几个小时前,土耳其当局逮捕了20多位公开批评政府的人,包括两名退役将领和一位著名记者。这次逮捕行动是对所谓企图推翻政府的阴谋进行调查的一部分。The government is scheduled to present its case to the constitutional court on Thursday. 土耳其政府定于星期四在宪法法院做陈述。200807/43202

US Leaders Break Ground for Peace Institute布什等政治领袖为和平研究所奠基 American political leaders gathered in Washington Thursday for the ceremonial groundbreaking of a building for a nonpartisan group helping to resolve international conflict and promote peace. 美国政治领袖星期四聚集在华盛顿,参加美国和平研究所的奠基典礼。和平研究所是一个帮助解决国际冲突和促进和平的跨党派组织。This will be the first permanent headquarters for the U.S. Institute of Peace, founded by Congress in 1984 as an independent, nonpartisan organization to resolve conflict and promote post-conflict stability and development. 这座建筑物将成为美国和平研究所的第一个永久总部。美国国会于1984年成立了这个 独立的、非党派的组织,以解决冲突并促进冲突后的稳定和发展。Former U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz said the group is focused on trying to better understand what factors lead to violence and how are they resolved. 美国前国务卿乔治.舒尔茨说,这个组织的重点是要更深入地了解哪些因素导致暴力以及如何解决暴力。"How did something violent go to something more stable and peaceful? How did that breakdown and all of a sudden there is violence, from the killing fields of Cambodia to something more stable," he said. 舒尔茨说:“怎样才能让暴力转向更加稳定与和平?稳定与和平是如何破裂的,怎么会在突然间出现暴力?怎样才能让柬埔寨的屠杀场转变成一种比较稳定的局面?” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the U.S. Institute of Peace helped resolve some of the worst violence of the last century and continues that work today. 美国国会众议院议长佩洛西说,美国和平研究所帮助解决了上个世纪的一些最严重的暴力事件,今天仍在继续工作。 "The Institute has played a role in helping to find peaceful solutions from South Africa to Rwanda in Kosovo and now in Sudan," she noted. 她说:“从南非到卢旺达、科索沃以及现在的苏丹,这个研究所在帮助找到和平解决方案方面发挥了作用。”U.S. President George Bush said it is in America's vital interest to help resolve conflict because people who live in free societies are less likely to turn to ideologies of hatred and fear. 美国总统布什说,帮助解决冲突符合美国的切身利益,因为在自由世界生活的人不太可能转向仇恨和恐惧的意识形态。 "Freedom is universal," he said. "We believe that freedom is the birthright of every man, woman, and child. Free societies are peaceful societies. Freedom helps supplant the conditions of hopelessness that extremists exploit to recruit terrorists and suicide bombers." 他说:“自由是普世的。我们相信,自由是每个男人、妇女和儿童与生俱来的权利。自由社会是和平的社会。自由能够取代绝望的状态,而正是这种绝望被极端分子利用来招募恐怖分子和自杀炸弹手 。” The president again spoke of the ideological struggle against extremism and three primary ways it challenges free societies. He said countries including Colombia, Lebanon, and Pakistan are facing drug cartels or terrorist networks that are threatening to overwhelm state institutions. 布什总统再次谈到了反对极端主义意识形态的斗争以及自由社会的三个主要挑战。他说,哥伦比亚、黎巴嫩、巴基斯坦等国正在面临毒品跨国集团或恐怖网络要推翻这些国家政权的威胁。 "There are developing nations, many on the continent of Africa, that are facing extreme poverty and health epidemics and humanitarian catastrophes and are therefore vulnerable to extremists who take advantage of chaos and instability," he added. 布什说:“一些发展中国家,特别是非洲大陆很多国家,正面临极端贫困、疾病流行和人道主义灾难。这些国家的混乱和不稳定很容易被极端分子所利用。” And in Afghanistan and Iraq where U.S. forces have removed previous governments, Mr. Bush said the ed States has a special obligation to help build free societies by providing the security necessary for that freedom to grow. 在阿富汗和伊拉克,美军已经推翻了前任政府。布什说,美国有特别的义务来帮助建立一个自由社会,提供必要的安全让自由能够成长。The U.S. Institute of Peace is currently working on conflict and post-conflict analysis in Afghanistan, Nigeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and Liberia. 美国和平研究所目前正致力于对阿富汗、尼日利亚、黎巴嫩、伊拉克、伊朗和利比里亚的冲突以及冲突后的局面进行分析。 Its headquarters near Washington's Lincoln Memorial will include a public education center, a research library, archives, classrooms, and a conference center. 美国和平研究所的总部座落在华盛顿的林肯纪念堂附近,大楼里将包括一个公众教育中心,研究图书馆,档案馆, 教室和一个会议中心。200806/41266

Yes, I understand.是的,我懂。I’m sorry to hear youre not happy with our price… but hopefully we can sort something out?很抱歉听到你不满意我们的价位,但是希望我们可以解决此事?Oh yes?是吗?You are a valued customer and your business is very important to us…你是重要的客户并且你的生意对我们很重要,and we would love to see our Imperial Lemons on display in the restaurants and shops of France.我们很乐意看到皇家柠檬展示在法国的餐馆和商店里。Thats a nice touch Anna, well done!干得漂亮,安娜,做得好!So?所以呢?So, Ive done some calculations and we can offer you a better price.所以我做了一些计算,我们可以给你提供更好的价位。But Tutti Fruity can offer us a good price.但Tutti Fruity提供给我们的价格非常好。Im sure they can but… we… we…我肯定他们会这样,但我们……Yes Anna?怎么样,安娜?…at Tip Top Trading we pride ourselves on quality products and good value and I think we can match Tutti Fruitys price… in fact I know we can beat it.Tip Top Trading以优质的产品和物有所值的价格为豪。我认为我们能给出Tutti Fruity匹配的价格。事实上我们可以超过他们。I see. Thats good to hear but…我明白了,听你这么说很好但……Well give you an extra 10% discount – but obviously we would like you to make a bigger order.我们另外给你10%的折扣,但显然我们希望你的订单量更大。Oh, a bigger order.更大的订单。I will have to have a think about this.我会考虑一下的。Yes, of course, but please let me know as soon as you can before someone else snaps up this offer.当然,但是请在别人抢先取得这份订单前尽快通知我。Merci. Au revoir. Ah, merci, au revoir.谢谢,再见。谢谢,再见。Excellent work Anna!干得好,安娜!I can see why shes got the job now.我知道为何她能得到这份工作了。But will her sales tactics pay off?但她的销售策略能成功吗?Lets remind ourselves of some of the great lines that Anna used in trying to resolve a tricky sales deal…让我们回顾一下安娜在处理棘手的销售订单时用到的好句子。 /201704/506745

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