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A husband and wife who claim to be the world#39;s oldest married couple have celebrated their joint birthdays - with a combined age of 211.自称是世界上最年迈的夫妇庆祝了二人年龄合为211岁的共同的生日。Karam Chand celebrated reaching 109 on the same day his wife of nearly 90 years, Kartari, turned 102.卡拉姆·昌德和他结婚近90年的妻子卡塔莉在同一天庆祝了生日。卡拉姆已经109岁了,而他的妻子也有102岁了。The couple celebrated their birthdays with four generations of their family at their home in Bradford, West Yorkshire, on Sunday.周日,这对夫妇和他们的四代子孙在西约克郡布拉德福德的家里庆祝了生日。They claim to be the world#39;s oldest married couple, tying the knot 89 years ago in December 1925 after meeting in India as teenagers.他们声称是世界上最年迈的夫妇,在1925年12月的时候,还是青少年的他们在印度一见钟情并喜结连理,至今已有89年之久。Their son Paul Chand said he was proud to see his parents celebrate almost a century of married life.他们的儿子保罗·昌德说他为见他的父母庆祝一个世纪之久的婚姻感到自豪。He said: #39;It has been a special day for my family and for us all to be able to come together like this.他说:“对于我的家人来说,今天是特别的一天,也因此我们可以像这样团聚在一起。#39;Relatives have flown in from India to be with us.“亲戚们从印度远道而来陪伴我们。#39;People are so impressed by my parents. They always ask me: ;What do they eat? What are you feeding them and how do they stay so healthy?;“大家对我的父母印象太深刻了。他们总是问我:“他们吃什么?你给他们吃什么?他们怎么身体还是这么棒?”#39;I tell them, ;If I knew that I would be eating the same thing myself!;“我告诉他们,‘如果我知道的话,我自己也和他们吃的一样了!#39;”#39;Everybody asks how they keep healthy and my answer is that for the last 20 years we have given them a stress-free life.#39;“每个人都来问,他们是怎么保持健康的体魄的,而我的回答就是:在过去的20年里我们从来不给他们施加压力。”Mr Chand, who moved to the UK in 1965, has said in the past: #39;Eat and drink what you want but in moderation. I have never held back from enjoying my life.#39;昌德先生已在1965年移居英国,他在过去说过:“吃你想吃的,喝你想喝的,不过要注意调节。我们从不阻止自己享受生活。”The retired mill worker smokes one cigarette a day before his evening meal and also drinks a tot of whiskey or brandy three to four times a week.这位退休厂工人在晚饭前都会抽根烟,而且一周会喝四五次很多威士忌或者白兰地。Mrs Chand said: #39;We have always eaten good wholesome food, there#39;s nothing artificial in our diet but things like butter, milk and fresh yoghurt are what we like.昌德夫人说道:“我们总是吃一些很健康的食物,除了我们爱的黄油、牛奶和新鲜的酸奶,我们不吃任何人工的东西。”#39;We know that being married for 86 years is a blessing, but equally we will be y to go when it#39;s time.“我们知道结婚86年是值得祝福的,但是同时我们有随时离世的心理准备。#39;It#39;s all up to the will of God, but we really have lived a good life.“这全由上帝抉择,不过我们的一生真的过得很幸福。#39;We just get along with each other and we are family focused, its simple really.#39;“我们同彼此和谐相处,我们的重心都在家人身上,这很简单。”Mr and Mrs Chand moved to England 50 years ago with Bradford being their home for more than seven decades.昌德夫妇在50年前移居英国,布拉德福德成为他们的家已有140多年之久。The couple have eight children, 27 grandchildren and many great grandchildren.这对夫妇有8个孩子,27个孙子和很多优秀的孙子。 /201412/347532Every profession has a dress code, whether spoken or unspoken. For men on Wall Street, it’s a pretty stringent one. That suit had better be navy blue, that tie had better be in a Windsor knot and if you want to express yourself with your clothes, your exit interview is down the hall to your right.每一种职业都有明确或不言而喻的着装要求。对于华尔街男士来说,这种要求尤为严格。西装最好为海军蓝,领带最好为温莎结,如果你想用着装来彰显自己的个性,距离你的离职谈话恐怕就不远了。But now, you can add to that a touch of Botox.但现在,肉毒杆菌开始在华尔街大行其道。The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery said that in 2013 alone, 385,000 men had undergonethis procedure. Last week, the organization said the 2014 numbers also show the number of men having cosmetic surgery continues to rise, though it didn’t yet release the latest Botox numbers. Todd Schlifstein, owner of Fountain Medical Group in New York City, told Men’s Journal that the men coming in for Botox are “middle-aged, health-conscious, white-collar guys” who want to look not just younger, but fresher.美国美容整形外科学会表示,仅在2013年,就有38.5万名男性注射了肉毒杆菌。该学会上周发布的2014年数据也显示,接受整容手术的男士人数在继续上升,但尚未公布男士注射肉毒杆菌的最新数据。纽约喷泉医疗集团的所有人托德o斯克里夫斯滕告诉《男士杂志》,注射肉毒杆菌的男士多为“关注自身健康的中年白领”,他们不仅希望看起来更年轻,也希望自己的外貌更有活力。“Since the 2008 meltdown in the economy and the subsequent repurposing of careers and functions, it has been messy on the Street,” New York-based executive coach Roy Cohen said in an interview. “In the process, fear of job loss, diminished prestige and shrinking income have led men to pay closer attention to image and age.”纽约高管教练罗伊o科恩在接受采访时表示:“自从2008年的经济危机导致许多人开始重新审视职业前景以来,华尔街一直处于混乱之中。在这个过程中,害怕失业、声誉下降和收入减少,促使华尔街的男士们更加关注自身的形象和年龄。”For men who want to reboot their image but can’t change their wardrobes, getting a little “work” done can yield the desired benefits. Dr. Norman Rowe, a New York City plastic surgeon, told A TV that he’s aly seeing men come through his office for Botox, specifically asking for a procedure that will provide what he calls “that Wall Street Wrinkle.”对于那些希望改变形象但却无法改变着装风格的男士们来说,一些小的“工作”便可以取得期待的效果。纽约市一名整形外科医生诺曼o罗士对A电视台(A TV)表示,有许多男性来他的诊所注射肉毒杆菌,并特别提出整容手术的要求,以获得他所称的“华尔街皱纹”。According to Dr. Rowe, this means that these men don’t want their wrinkles eradicated entirely. They just want enough wrinkles removed to give a fresh look to their faces, yet have enough left over to give the impression of a professional who’s been around the block a few times. After all, they don’t want to give the impression that they’re just kids. And besides, theyearned those wrinkles.“They’re battle scars,” he said. “They’re badges of honor, so to speak.”罗士表示,这意味着这些男士并非要求消除所有的皱纹。一方面,他们希望消除足够多的皱纹,让自己的面部容颜焕然一新,同时又要保留足够的皱纹,给人留下经验丰富的资深从业者的印象。毕竟,他们不希望让其他人认为自己还是职场新丁。此外,这些皱纹是他们拼搏的见。他说道:“它们就像战场上留下的伤疤,是值得骄傲的荣誉勋章。”He added that they’re not just getting Botox treatments for the brows that they furrowed on behalf of their clients. They’re also getting them in the palms of their hands, to eradicate that troublesome sweaty handshake, and in their armpits, to prevent them from sweating through their Turnbull amp; Asser shirts.他补充道,为了不给客户留下眉头紧锁的形象,男士们经常要求在眉毛周围注射肉毒杆菌。但不止于此,他们还会在掌心注射肉毒杆菌,以彻底摆脱在握手时令人烦恼的手汗,另外一个位置是腋窝,这是为了避免汗水湿透他们的Turnbull amp; Asser衬衫。In a release last week, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery said that cosmetic procedures have been gaining traction among men for some time now. ASPS President Scot Glasberg, MD said that the idea that these procedures are the sole province of women is one that should be left in a less enlightened past.“Male plastic surgery rates have significantly increased since 2000 and the notion that cosmetic procedures are just for women no longer exists,” he said. “Men are seeking to regain a more youthful look, improve their self-image and feel better about their appearance.”在上周发布的报告中,美国美容整形外科学会表示,男士整容手术正变得日益流行。学会主席斯科特o格拉斯伯格士表示,以前人们认为整容手术是女士的专利,但这已经成为历史。他说道:“自2000年以来,男士整容手术的比例大幅增加,整容手术只适合女性的观念已经不复存在。男士希望重新获得更年轻的容颜,改善自我形象,对自身的外表更有信心。”Some men of Wall Street are also choosing other, less painful methods to address that not-so-fresh feeling. Diana Melencio, co-founder of the OkMyOutfit shopping service, spent eight years as a Wall Street analyst. She said her company organizes events for the clientele that used to be her male counterparts. In her experience, they’re not just trying to look younger; they’re trying to feel younger by being pampered, just like their female counterparts.此外,有些华尔街的男士们也在选择其他无痛的方法,来缓解“青春不再”的苦恼。购物务提供商OkMyOutfit的联合创始人戴安娜o梅伦肖曾做过八年华尔街分析师。她说自己现在的公司会为客户组织各种活动。这些客户多是她在华尔街的男同行。根据她的经验,他们不仅想看起来更年轻,也希望像女同事们那样获得悉心照料,从而让自己感觉更年轻。“We have thrown several events for our male clientele, and a ‘beauty’ service that has proven popular with this trend is at-home barbers,” she said. “We’ve hosted events where hot shaves have proven to be quite popular. Among this crowd, other procedures that come to mind include manicures and so-called ‘male’ facials.”她说道:“我们为男性客户组织了许多活动,事实明较受欢迎的一项‘美容’务是上门理发。我们举办的活动中,剃须也非常受欢迎。男性客户会选择的其他务包括美甲和所谓‘男士’美容。”Today’s Wall Street man has good reasons to leave the Gordon Gekko look behind, in favor of something more youthful and vibrant. Thanks to modern cosmetic products and hypodermic needles full of botulinum toxin, he has ways of getting there that will allow him to keep coming to work in his Brooks Brothers suits.如今,华尔街的男士有足够的理由抛弃戈登o盖柯式的外表,选择更年轻、更有活力的形象。拜现代化妆产品和装满肉毒杆菌的皮下注射器所赐,他们现在拥有许多改变形象的方式,以期能够继续身穿Brooks Brothers西装纵横职场。 /201503/364315

Chinese people value their family very much because they regard it as a means to keep the family blood stream continuously running. And the running family blood stream maintains the life of the whole nation. That is why children production and breeding in China becomes a focus of all members of families. It is even accepted by them as an essential moral duty. There is a Chinese saying that of all who lack filial piety,the worst is who has no children中国人非常重视家庭,因为他们认为家庭是使家族血脉延续的方式,而只有血脉的延续才能保整个民族的生命力。因此,在中国,所有家庭成员都非常重视孩子的生养,他们甚至认为这是一种道德上的责任。中国有句谚语:“不孝有三,无后为大”,很能说明问题。The fad that Chinese people pay great attention to children production and breeding can be supported by many customary practices. Many traditional customs about production of children are aN based on the idea of children protection.中国人对生养孩子的重视体现在许多传统习俗上。这些习俗都是以保护孩子为出发点的。Pregnancy怀When a wife is found to be pregnant, people will say she“has happiness;and all her family members will feel overjoyed over it. Throughout the whole period of pregnancy,both she and the fetus are well attended,so that the fetus is not hurt in any way and the new generation is born both physically and mentally healthy. To keep the fetus in a good condition,the would-be mother is offered sufficient nutritious foods and some traditional Chinese medicines believed to be helpful to the fetus.如果发现一位妻子怀了,人们会说她“有喜了”。全家人都会因此感到高兴。怀期间,妇和胎儿都会得到悉心照料,以免胎儿受到任何的伤害,影响下一代的身心健康。为了保胎儿发育良好,通常都会给未来的母亲提供充足的富含营养的食品和一些他们认为会对胎儿发育有益的中草药。After Birth出生后When a Chinese baby is born,he/she is aly considered to be one year old:age is calculated from the date of conception not the date of birth.一出生,中国人就会认为他/她已经一岁了。年龄是从怀的日子,而不是出生的日子开始算的。Praise should never be given to or applied to a new-born Chinese baby as this is believed to invite the attention of demons and ghosts:the baby,instead,should be referred to with unfavourable terms and words!初生的中国婴儿是不能夸的,因为人们认为这样可能会引起恶魔或鬼的注意。要用不太好的词语来称呼婴儿。A concave navel is considered a sign of a prosperous life for the baby, while an extruding one is less auspicious. If a baby has more than one hair crown it is thought he/she will be mischievous and disobedient, but if he/she has wide and that it becomes nicely rounded.婴儿肚脐下陷是将来能过上富足生活的标志,肚脐突出就不那么吉利了。婴儿如果有不止一个发冠,人们会认为他/她将来会比较淘气,不听话;如果婴儿的耳朵又大又厚,将来会比较有福气。婴儿的头要经常抚摸,这样头型才能长得比较圆。Babies who continuously cry are thought to have been disturbed by evil spirits and to ward these off, a single pomelo leaf is placed beneath his/her mattress.要是婴儿不停的哭,那说明有邪物来惊扰他/她,可以在婴儿的睡垫下面放上一个袖树的叶子来驱邪。Care is also taken to ensure that the baby#39;s spirit does not leave his/her body permanently:a baby#39;s face should not be powdered with white talcum powder when he/she is sleeping as his/her wandering spirit will not recognise his/her face and not be reunited with the body. When a little older, the baby may be fitted with a black bracelet,talisman or image of the Buddha which iS thought io ensure his/her well being.还应该小心,防范婴儿的灵魂永久离体。婴儿睡觉时,脸上不能擦爽身粉,否则他/她的灵魂在外面游荡时,会认不出自己的脸,不能附体。婴儿大一点后,可能会给他/她戴上黑色的手镯、护符或佛像,人们认为这些东西可以保佑婴儿。Confinement坐月子After birth,the mother is expected to observe a 40-day period of confinement, which is called ;zuoyuezi;,and to stay in bed for a month in order to recover from the fatigue. During this period,she is not allowed to eat food considered“cold; or have cold baths:keeping warm,by the wearing of thick clothes for example,is considered of paramount importance. If it can be afforded,a special helper-responsible for both mother and child- is hired to tend to the new mother for at least two weeks.婴儿出生以后,婴儿的母亲要坐40天的月子,为了从分娩的劳累中恢复过来,她一个月不能下床。在此期间,她不能吃寒性的食物,也不能洗冷水澡。穿着厚衣来保暖被认为是最重要的。如果条件允许,可以雇个保姆来照顾婴儿的母亲和婴儿,时间至少是半个月。Month-Old Celebration满月The first important event for the newly born baby is the one-month celebration.In Buddhist or Taoist families,on the morning of the baby#39;s 30th day,sacrifices are offered to the gods so that the gods will protect the baby in his subsequent life. Ancestors are also virtually informed of the arrival of the new member in the family.According to the customs,relatives and friends receive gifts from the child#39;s parents. Types of gifts vary from place to place,but eggs dyed red are usually a must both in town and the countryside. Red eggs are chosen as gifts probably because they are the symbol of changing process of life and their round shape is the symbol of harmonious and happy life. They are made red because red color is a sign of happiness in Chinese culture. Besides eggs,food like cakes,chicken and hams are often used as gifts. As people do in the Spring Festival,gifts given are always in even number孩子出生后第一件重要的事就是庆祝孩子满月。信奉佛教或道教的家庭会在孩子出生后的第三十个早晨给神佛上供,祈求神佛保佑孩子,同时也告知祖先:家里又添了口人。根据传统,亲戚和朋友会收到孩子父母送的礼物。不同的地方礼物不尽相同,然而不管在农村还是在城市,红壳蛋是必备的。这是因为,红壳蛋是生活过程改变的象征,圆形则象征着和谐幸福的生活。蛋壳被染成红色,因为红色在中国文化中代表幸福。除了鸡蛋,孩子的父母还会送蛋糕,鸡肉火腿等礼物。跟春节礼物一样,满月礼物也必须是双数的。During the celebration,relatives and friends of the family will also return some presents. The presents indude those which the child may use,like foods,daily materials,gold or silver wares. But the commonest are some money wrapped in a piece of red paper. Grandparents usually give their grandchild a gold or silver ware to show their deep love for the child. In the evening,the child#39;s parents give a grand teast at home or in a restaurant to the guests at the celebration.在庆祝满月期间,亲朋好友也会回礼。回礼可以是孩子能吃能用的东西,也可以是金银器物。但是最常见的礼物还是红包。孩子的爷爷奶奶通常会给自己的孙子或孙女一件金或银的东西来表达他们对孩子的疼爱。当天晚上,孩子的父母会在家或饭店设宴招待客人。The day after the feast, the baby#39;s hair is shaved off; the baby#39;s hair is regarded as“interim; hair and its removal facilitates the growth of“permanent; hair.满月第二天,孩子要理“满月头”,剃掉被认为是“过渡性”的胎毛。人们认为这样会有助于真正的头发长出来。Naming a child给孩子起名In Chinese culture, a person#39;s name has an important role to play in determining his/ her destiny. Because of this,Chinese parents will often spend a long time choosing their child#39;s name and all possible factors must be taken into account when they are naming their children.A typical Chinese name has three characters, in principle these are the family name,a name indicating the child#39;s generation and a personal name .though often the second;principle; is not followed. The generation indicating characters in the names are usually given by the forefathers,who chose them from a line of a poem or found their own and put them in the genealogy for their descendents to use.For this reason,it is possible to know the relationships between the family relatives by just looking at their names.中国文化认为,名字非常重要,可能会决定一个人的命运。因此,父母在给自己的孩子起名时常常要花很长时间,必须要考虑到所有可能的因素。中国人的名字原则上讲通常有三个字:姓,表示辈分的字和自己的名。然而,表示辈分的字常常会不取。姓名里表示辈分的字通常都是祖辈们的,他们把要用的字从诗句里选出来,放在族谱中供子孙们使用。因此,只看一个人的名字,就可以知道家族里亲戚之间的关系。Naming a child must take into consideration five principles:the name must have a favourable meaning(particularly favoured are meanings reflecting wealth or well-being ) and names with negative possibilities should be avoided,the name must sound pleasant when spoken,the name must reflect favourable mathematical calculations,it must be harmonious with regard to yin and yang,and it must possess one of the five elements of metal,wood,water,fire,and earth.It is a common practice to find the newborn baby#39;s Eight Charocters(in four pairs,indicating the year, month,day and hour of a person#39;s birth,each pair consisting of one Heavenly Stem and one Earthly Branch,formerly used in fortune-telling ) and the element.。the Eight Characters. It.traditionally believed in China that the world is made up of five principal elements; metal, wood,water, fire, and earth. A person#39;s name is to include an element that he lacks in his Eight Characters. If he lacks water, for example,then his name is supposed to contain a word like river, lake,tide,sea,stream,rain,or any word associated with water. If he lacks metal,then he is to be given a word like gold,silver, iron,or steel.给孩子起名要考虑五个原则:名字的意思要好(跟“财富”或“福气”有关的意思最好),要避免不太好的可能性;名字念起来必须要好听;笔画上必须要好;必须符合阴阳的理论;必须具备金木水火土中一个要素。起名时,往往会找出孩子的生辰八字(分为四组,分别表示一个出生的年、月、日、时;每组包括一天干一地,过去用于算命),算出八字中缺金木水火土五要素中的哪一种。算出缺哪种后,起的名字里要包含那一要素。比如说,如果缺水,那起的名字里就要包括河、湖、潮、海、雨或者其他跟水有关系的字眼。如果缺金,给他起个带金、银、铁或钢的名字。Some people even believe that the number of strokes of a name has a lot to do with the owner#39;s fate. So when they name a child,the number of strokes of the name is taken into account. When written,each Chinese name has a certain number of strokes,and the number of brush strokes of each character corresponds to a certain element. A two-stroke character is associated with wood,three and four strokes fire, five and six strokes earth and nine and ten strokes water. The total number of strokes in a name can determine a person#39;s fortune:for example twelve strokes bespeaks a life of illness and failure,while 81 strokes presages prosperity and a happy future.有人甚至认为,名字的笔画也跟命运有很大关系。所以给孩子起名时,还要考虑名字的笔画。每个人的名字写起来时笔画都是一定的,每个汉字的笔画对应金木水火土中的一个元素。两画的字对应水,三画四画对应火,五画六画对应土,九画十画对应水。名字的总笔画数可以决定一个人的命运。例如,十二画预示着一个人会多灾多病,生活失败,而八十一画则表明这个人生活富足,未来幸福。Some parents prefer to use a character from an eminent person#39;s name, hoping that their child inherits that person#39;s nobility and greatness. Characters with noble and encouraging connotations are also among the first choices. Some parents inject their own wishes into their children#39;s names. When they want to have aboy,they may name their girl Zhaodi meaning ;expecting a brother;.有些父母喜欢用伟人名字中的字给自己的孩子起名,他们希望自己的孩子能继承那个人的高贵和伟大。有好的意思的字也在首选之列。还有一些父母通过孩子的名字表达他们的愿望。比如如果他们想要个男孩,就可能给自己女儿起名为“招弟”。One-Hundred-Day Celebration百天It is another important occasion to mark when the child is one hundred days old. In ancient times there used to be a grand ceremony, which was called “baisui;,Or“one hundred years old;.By this name,the Chinese are in fad expressing their wish that their beloved child will enjoy a life of longevity. This celebration is not so common now, so we will not go to details.孩子一百天的时候也要庆祝。在古代,会举行一个叫“百岁”的盛大仪式。通过这个名字可以看出,中国人事实上在表明:他们希望自己心爱的孩子能长命百岁。如今庆祝百天已经不太常见了,所以此处不再赘述。One-Year-Old Birthday周岁生日When the child is one year old,there is an interesting custom called“zhua-zhou;.Zhuazhou is regarded as one of the most important customs on a child#39;s first birthday.孩子一岁时有个非常有趣的风俗叫“抓周”。抓周被认为是孩子周岁生日最重要的组成部分之一。The earliest written record of this custom can be traced back to the Song Dynasty ( 960一1279).In the late Qing Dynasty(1644一1911),this custom prevailedin Beijing. Zhuazhou is not an occasion for grand feasts and elaborate gifts:thehosts do not even send out invitations. The idea is that relatives will show up spon taneously to celebrate the child#39;s first birthday. Gifts from relatives on this day are usually not costly,and do not include such items as gold or silver jewellery. Instead,dimsum or toys are presented to the child. Seniors meeting the child for the first time usually offer a coin to be fastened around the child#39;s neck with th.This custom is not only applicable to birthdays,but many other occasions,as well.关于“抓周”的最早的记载可以追溯到宋朝(960一1279 )。清朝(1644一1911)后期,在北京地区尤其流行。抓周时并不需要举行盛大的宴会,不需要精美的礼品,甚至不需要请帖。亲戚们会自发地出席,来庆祝孩子的周岁生日。虽然也会给孩子礼物,但往往不会很贵,不会有金银首饰,通常都是零花钱或玩具。第一次见到孩子的长辈会把一个硬币用线系到孩子的颈上。当然这一风俗不仅适用于生日,也适用于其他场合。The zhuazhou ceremony usually takes place before the longevity noodle at lunchtime. A wealthy family will install a table on the bed(or“kang”-a heated brick bed used in Northern China ) where stamps,dassic Confucian,Buddhist and Taoist books,a Chinese brush pen,ink, paper, an ink stone,abacus,coins, an accounting book, jewellery,flowers,rouge,food and toys are placed. If the baby is female, the following items are added:a scoop,scissors,ruler, th,etc.The practice, however, is much more simplified in a common family. Usually a bronze tray instead of a table is placed on the“kang; and a book from old-style private schools,like the Three-Character Primer, is put on top. Other things include a Chinese brush pen,abacus and a cake. Scissors,and a ruler are added for a girl.抓周仪式通常会在午饭吃长寿面之前举行。富庶的家庭会在床或炕上摆个桌子,放上印、经典儒佛道家典籍、笔墨纸砚、算盘、硬币、账本、珠宝、花、粉、食物和玩具。如果是女孩,除了这些再加上勺子、剪子、尺子、线等物。平常人家的抓周仪式要简单多了。通常会在炕上放上一个铜盘,而不是桌子,在盘上放本私塾用书,比如《三字经》。再放上毛笔、算盘和蛋糕。如果是女孩,就加上剪刀和尺子。The parents then seat the baby in front of the table or the tray. Without help or guidance from anyone,the baby is then free to choose anything in front of them. The selected items he or she chooses are used to foretell the child#39;s interests, carear and indinafion in the future.父母把自己的孩子放到桌子或盘子前面。不给任何帮助和指导,让孩子自由地选择前面的东西。孩子选的东西会预言孩子的兴趣、事业和未来的倾向。Selecting the stamp means the child will be an officer in the future; if he or she chooses the stationery first,the baby will be industrious and endowed with great literary talents; the abacus suggests a penchant for statistics and financing. A girl baby who first grabs a sewing item or cooking utensil will be a good housewife. On the other hand,when the child picks a cake or a toy,he or she will know how to enjoy the pleasures in life. In the great Chinese literary classis, Hong Lou Meng,or the Dreary of the Red Mansion,Jia Baoyu,the hero,actually grabbed powder and other girls#39; stuff at the ceremony when he was a child. As a result, he likes mingling with girls very much. It is said that Qian Zhongshu,a very famous scholar in China,took a book at the ceremony. His father gladly named him Zhongshu,which literally means“book lover;,and he proved his penchant for studies later in his life.选了官印,孩子将来会做官;选了文具,孩子会勤奋学习,有很高的文学天赋;选了算盘,说明孩子将来会很喜欢统计和金融。选了缝纫或烹饪用品的女孩将来会成为很好的家庭主妇。反之,如果孩子选了蛋糕或者玩具,将来就会享受生活的乐趣。在中国古典名著《红楼梦》里,贾宝玉在抓周时抓了脂粉和其他一些女孩的东西,他后来非常喜欢在女孩堆里厮混。据说中国著名学者钱钟书在一岁抓周的仪式上抓了本书。他的父亲因此非常开心,给他取名为“钟书”。后来,他的成就也明了这一点。The custom of Zhuazhou influences how the parents,grandparents and other relatives will encourage the child,and how they will conduct enlightenment education. Therefore,even though some parents may not be superstitious,they will still carry out the custom. This is also why the custom has been passed on through so many generations and is still practiced to this day.抓周的习俗会影响家长和亲友将来怎样鼓励孩子,怎样对孩子进行启蒙教育。所以,虽然有些父母并不迷信,他们也会举行抓周仪式。这就是这一习俗历经数代仍然延续不息的原因了。 /201505/376697

ARIES白羊Rams are fiery, impulsive and active, so to please the Aries in your life, try taking them on a date that is adventurous and fast-paced -- or short and sweet. Sports go over well, both playing and attending them. Spicy food or games of any sort will keep the Ram#39;s fires stoked. In the end, just keep in mind that people born under the Sign of Aries like physical challenges and are looking for a dating experience that will reflect that.羊儿热情冲动、积极活跃。因此要想取悦他们的话,你和他/她的约会一定要充满刺激,直截了当。一块去运动是不错的选择。另外,带他/她品尝辛辣的食物或是参与任何形式的游戏也很对羊儿的胃口哦。最后,一定要记住的是白羊座人喜欢能带来身体挑战乐趣的约会。TAURUS金牛Ready to spend some money? If you have a Taurus date, you#39;d better have a big pocket book or a rich imagination. Taureans like luxury, so do it up right -- expensive dinner, the theater, dessert and a foot massage might just earn you a permanent place on your Taurean#39;s calendar. If you don#39;t have the money, get creative- - make the experience feel rich, earthy and delicious.准备好花钱了吗?如果你想和牛儿约会,一定要有鼓鼓的钱包或是丰富的想像力喔。牛儿喜欢奢华的生活,因此,无论是价格不菲的晚餐、一部电影大片,还是餐后甜点和足底都会让她/他对你刮目相看。如果你没有经济实力的话,那就来点创意吧,一定要让对方觉得有意思才行。GEMINI双子The first step to keeping up with a Gemini date is to put on your running shoes. Ready for change, fast and furious? Gemini#39;s love variety and are the most curious Signs of the Zodiac. They want to be constantly stimulated mentally, yet they get bored quickly. So, take your Gemini out on an unusual date, or maybe a bunch of mini-dates, all in one night! Gemini#39;s enjoy literary events, intellectual events and unique experiences.和双子座约会的第一步是穿起你的跑鞋,赶紧大步追上这个善变的对象。因为双子座人是在整个黄道带里最富好奇心的星座。他们希望不断地得到精神刺激,但是很快又会厌倦。那么,和他/她的约会一定要与众不同,也许一个小型的烛光晚宴是个不错的选择。切记,双子座喜欢独特且有深度的约会。CANCER巨蟹Wait -- don#39;t take that Cancer date anywhere. Cancers are emotional, sensitive and somewhat domestic. This is your chance to get romantic and somewhat traditional, and have those efforts be truly appreciated. Don#39;t forget the rich fantasy life that the Crab in your life possesses -- put a little imagination into your efforts, whether that means more candles, incense and velvet table cloths, or perhaps a theme evening -- French food, movie and music.耐心等待吧,不要带蟹子去任何地方。巨蟹座人大都敏感多情,还有一点居家。如果你的约会兼具浪漫和传统的话,一定会让他/她很开心。不要忘了蟹子也爱做白日梦哦,那么在你的约会里加一点创意,比如多些蜡烛,熏香和天鹅绒的桌布都能给对方惊喜;邀请他/她去看电影和听音乐会也是不错的主意。LEO狮子To keep your Leo date happy, there had better be some drama in your evening. Your Leo date will love dressing up to the nines, and needs to have an engaging and social event to attend. Cultural events will be popular with the Lion in your life, as will gambling or anything exciting. The key to a successful date with a Leo is to make them feel like royalty.想让狮子开心的话,最好带他/她去看晚场的话剧。狮子座人喜欢把自己打扮地光鲜亮丽,这样可以在赴约时显得美丽动人。涉及文化或是任何令他/她感到兴奋的事都可以成为你与狮子座人约会的内容。与他/她成功约会的关键在于一定要让对方有居高临下的感觉。VIRGO处女The key to romancing a Virgo is simple elegance -- take your date out for a tasteful, stylish evening. But don#39;t be too spendy -- your Virgo will be embarrassed by splashy shows of money, and will be more impressed by value rather than amount. Also keep in mind that Virgo rules the house of health, so a date with physical activity (especially outdoors) will be a hit. Virgos also love animals, so a date that puts your Virgo in contact with them (like a trip to the zoo!) will earn you a smile.与处女约会的关键是要体现优雅-独特风格的晚宴最有可能俘获对方的芳心。但是不要太奢侈,处女座不喜欢随意挥霍钱财的人,他/她更容易被价值而不是数量所打动。还要记住的是,处女座人身处“健康宫”,因此与他/她的约会最好能涉及身体锻练(尤其是户外运动)。处女座人还很喜欢动物,带他们去动物园肯定也是不错的选择。LIBRA天秤Libra rules the House of Partnership, which means they tend to be socially inclined and more interested in other people than themselves. Your Libra will need you to have as much fun on your date as they are! Something social would be successful with a Libra date. Beauty and sensuality are important to Libras, so this is definitely the person for whom you want to bring flowers to the door.天秤座身处“友情宫”,这意味着他们很愿意结交朋友,并且往往对别人比自己的事情更有兴趣。你得想尽办法让秤子高兴。多一些社交活动肯定能让他/她满意。天秤座人天生爱扮靓,因此要是看到你手捧鲜花站在他/她家门口等待约会的话,肯定乐开了花。SCORPIO天蝎Mystery is the name of Scorpio#39;s game, so suspenseful games, movies or theater will be your ticket to a wonderful evening. In fact, holding one of those dinner mystery nights might be the perfect evening -- your Scorpio could act like someone else, figure out the mystery and spend some quality time with you -- all at once! Scorpios are also quite passionate, so don#39;t be stingy with affection when you are having a good time.蝎子喜欢神秘的事物。因此,晚上约他们去看一场充满悬疑的电影一定是件很美妙的事。实际上,与蝎子共享一个神秘的晚宴也是好的选择。天蝎座人充满热情,与他/她在一起时千万不要吝啬自己的感情哦。SITTARIUS射手How to make your Sagittarius happy? Spontaneous trips to somewhere unusual -- the beach, the desert, you name it. They also love physical activity in the outdoors, so asking them to go hiking or camping will make you get noticed and appreciated.怎样让射手座开心呢?带他/她去海滩、沙漠这样与众不同的地方旅行吧。他们也很喜欢户外运动,和你一起去郊游和野营一定让他们兴奋不已。CAPRICORN羯Capricorns can be conventional, but who said conventional couldn#39;t be fun? Your classic date will go over well with the Capricorn in your life, so relax -- flowers, dinner and a movie would make a perfect and comfortable evening. Whatever you do, the goat in your life will appreciate an experience that feels affluent but doesn#39;t cost a lot of money. Capricorns also enjoy a little one-on-one competition, so playing tennis or golf together might be just the ticket to romance after the game.羯座比较传统,但谁说传统的人就不能享受快乐呢?送鲜花、赴晚宴和看电影,这些浪漫的约会方式都很适用。无论你做什么,羯座人会为你精心的安排感到开心,但不要花太多的钱。羯座还喜欢一对一的方式,打网球或是高尔夫都是不错的选择喔。AQUARIUS水瓶Taking an Aquarius out could be the easiest or hardest dating experience of your life. Aquarians like anything different, new, technological or progressive. If you are feeling up for it, take your Aquarius on an adventure date -- windsurfing, hang-gliding or spelunking. Get creative, and don#39;t shy away from something intellectual -- your Aquarius will love you for it.与瓶子约会可能是你生命中最难也可能是最容易的事。瓶子喜欢新鲜、技术含量高的稀奇事情。如果你想讨好他/她,冒险刺激的约会是少不了的-可以尝试帆板运动、攀岩或山洞探险。只要是有创意,最好再带上点高科技的玩意肯定会让瓶子爱死你的。PISCES双鱼Pisceans are interested in everything that isn#39;t quite real. Any date that involves the arts, from painting together to attending the theater, will make your Pisces smile. Romance will be appreciated by this Sign, so try a beach picnic with wine and cheese or high-tea in a garden. Whatever you do, put a little magic into your date -- creating the right mood will romance your Pisces more than any money you spend.鱼儿对任何不太真实的东西充满了兴趣。任何涉及艺术,如画画和欣赏戏剧这样的活动都能得鱼儿嫣然一笑。这个星座的人喜欢浪漫,因此带上美酒和奶酪去海滩野餐一定会让他/她倍受感动。无论你做什么,在你的约会里加一点小小的创意也会让鱼儿开心不已。要知道在鱼儿看来,心灵的契合比物质上的宽裕更重要。 /201507/385800

If you want to express something so unbelievable that it must have been a special effect, you have a new word to add to your vocabulary.现在,如果你想要表达某物“仿佛带了特效”一般难以置信,你又有一个新词可以用了。It`s ;Duang;, an onomatopoetic word which doesn`t correlate with any particular Chinese character and refers to special effects.没错,就是Duang,这个找不到对应汉字的拟声拼音,它现在有了“特效”的意思。A parody adapted from a shampoo commercial featuring Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan went viral online, leading Internet users to coin the word.这个词出自一段恶搞香港男演员成龙代言洗发水广告的视频。该视频迅速走红,其中的Duang更是被网友们赋予新意。。The begins with Chan flashing his black, sleek hair, which would have been flawless except that it was not his real hair, to the tune of online hit, ;My Skating Shoes;, known for its coarse melody and the singer`s strong southern Mandarin dialect.视频伊始,成龙甩着乌黑、顺滑的头发,一切似乎堪称“完美”,只是(如视频所言)这是一头假发;随后,就响起了网红神曲《我的滑板鞋》的粗糙旋律,以及庞麦郎操着浓重口音的歌声。Next, a smug Chan confesses, to the repetitive, rhythmical sounds of ;Duang;, ;I refused to endorse this product when they first came to me because of my thin hair, but the director insisted, saying special effects could be used to make my hair look healthy on the screen. Now you see. It`s all special effects. It`s not real.;紧接着,就是成龙那段洋洋得意的“自白”,伴随着不断重复的“Duang”,他说:“当我第一次知道要拍洗发水广告的时候,其实我是,是拒绝的,我跟导演讲,我拒绝,因为,其实我,根本没有头发。导演跟我讲,拍完加特技,头发很黑很亮很柔。我现在呢……头发乌黑浓密,因为我,加特技……”The original advertisement became the target of regulators` crackdown for overhyping the effects of the shampoo after it was broadcast in 2004.原广告片在2004年播出之后,因为过度宣传其防脱发功效而曾遭到工商部打假。;Duang; has now become one of the hottest hashtags on Sina Weibo, a Twitter-like Chinese social networking site amid a frenzy of posts imitating Jackie Chan`s speech in different scenarios.如今,#Duang#已经成为新浪微热门话题,而恶搞视频中“成龙”的台词,也被网友们大肆模仿,用于各种场合。The actor`s Weibo account was flooded with comments containing the word in this sweeping online trend.与此同时,成龙的微也被带着Duang的淹没。The came at a time when the renowned movie star has been under public scrutiny after trying to salvage the drug scandal-tainted image of his son, Jaycee Chan, who was released from prison this week.视频发出之时,正值因涉毒案入狱的成龙之子房祖名出狱。Data from Baidu also proved the phrase`s popularity as it has been searched more than 586,000 times as of Thursday on the major Chinese search engine.这个词到底有多火?百度的数据即可见一二:截止到上周四,Duang在百度上的搜索量就超过了586,000次。It`s not the first time that online slang has invaded the regular lexicon in China.网络用语成为中国的普通词汇,Duang并非首例。The word of geili`s sudden rise in 2010 caught the attention of international media when it coined the word`s official translation – geilivable – to describe something cool or awesome.2010年,“给力”一词迅速走红,其“官方”翻译geilivable(出色的或了不起的)曾一度引起国际媒体的关注。 /201503/362440Women apologize more often than men do, a new study showed。一项最新调查研究表明,女性要比男性更频繁地道歉。But it#39;s not that men are reluctant to admit wrongdoings, the study showed. It#39;s just that they have a higher threshold for what they think warrants reparation. When the researchers looked at the number of apologies relative to the number of offenses the participants perceived they had committed, the researchers saw no differences between the genders。研究显示,并不是男性不愿意道歉,只是他们认为值得道歉的标准应该更高一些。当研究人员把被调查者道歉的次数和他们认为自己冒犯别人的次数放在一起比较,结果发现两性之间不存在差异。Study researcher Karina Schumann and her colleagues conducted two studies to see if genders do indeed differ in how often they apologize, and if so, why this might be。调查研究者卡莉娜·舒曼表和她的同事们进行两项研究试验,来观察两性是否在道歉的频率上存在差异,如果有,这些差异是因何而起。In one, 33 university students aged 18 to 44 kept an online dairy for 12 days documenting whether they apologized or did something they thought required an apology, even if they didn#39;t actually say they were sorry. They also kept track of how often they felt someone had committed an offensive act against them that warranted an apology。第一个试验要求年龄在18岁到44岁的33名大学生连续12天记录网络日志,在日志里注明那些自己做错了但没有道歉的事情,或者自己没有道歉,但是自认为应该道歉的事情。他们还要跟踪记录多久他们会认为有人对他们做出冒犯的事情,而冒犯者应该为此向他们道歉。Women apologized more and reported committing more offensive acts, but both men and women apologized about 81 percent of the time when they deemed their actions offensive。记录显示女性道歉次数更多,做出冒犯的事情也比较多。但是研究显示无论男女,当他们认为自己做错事情,承认错误的比例都是81%。In the second study, 120 undergraduates rated how severe they thought a particular offensive was. For instance, they had to imagine they woke their friend up late at night, and because of the sleep disturbance, the friend did poorly on an interview the next day. Women rated the offenses as more severe than men did, and women were also more likely to say the friend deserved an apology。在第二个研究试验中,120名本科生对一项特定的冒犯进行严重程度评级。例如,他们必须想象他们在夜里很晚的时候把朋友给吵醒,朋友因为睡眠被打扰,所以在第二天的面试中表现很差。在研究中,女性认为自己冒犯朋友的程度要比男性高,而且女性会认为她们应该对朋友道歉。Women might have a lower threshold for what requires an apology because they are more concerned with the emotional experiences of others and in promoting harmony in their relationships, Schumann speculated。舒曼推测,(相比男性),女性的道歉标准更低一些是因为他们更关注其他人的情感体验,也更希望和其他人保持融洽的关系。Recognizing that men and women may perceive situations differently may help the genders to get along。认识到两性在认知周围环境时存在差异可以帮助他们更好地相处。The studies, detailed in the journal Psychological Science Online, were small and involved only university students, so the findings might not be applicable to all men and women in general。这些调查详细刊登在《心理学科学杂志》网络版,因为调查对象人数较少,又都是大学生,所以一般来说,这些发现并不适用于所有的男性和女性。 /201507/384640

ABOUT 18 months ago, my 97-year-old grandmother went out to dinner with some friends. As Nanna got out of the car, she tripped over her friend Shirley’s cane, fell to the pavement and came down hard on her elbow. Back at home, she headed to the kitchen to get some dessert — “and my left leg just crumpled.”大约一年半前,97岁的外婆和几个朋友外出用餐。外婆下车时,绊到朋友雪莉(Shirley)的手杖,摔到人行道上,肘部重重地摔了一下。她回到家,去厨房拿甜点时发现“左腿有点不对劲”。At the hospital, the doctors ordered X-rays, but couldn’t see anything wrong. After two weeks of therapy, Nanna was sent home, but she’d made up her mind. After 30 years of living in Florida, 28 of them as a widow, and most of those spent insisting that the only way she’d go back to her native Michigan was “in a box,” Nanna asked her older daughter, my Aunt Marlene, to find her a sunny place near Detroit.医生给她拍了X光片,但没看出什么问题。治疗两周后,外婆出院了,这时她已做了一个决定。她在佛罗里达住了30年,其中28年是寡居,大部分时候她坚称,她只有“在骨灰盒里”才会回到故乡密歇根,但是现在她让大女儿、我的姨妈马琳(Marlene)给她在底特律附近找一个阳光灿烂的地方。Last summer, she moved into an independent living facility with access to a range of services and activities. She has her own apartment, with a kitchen, but can eat her meals in a dining hall. After giving her a few days to unpack and settle in, I got her on the phone. How was it going?去年夏天,她搬进了一个独立生活机构,这里提供一系列务和各种活动。她有自己的公寓,里面有个厨房,不过她也可以在食堂用餐。在她安顿好几天后,我给她打了个电话,问她过得怎么样。“Well,” Nanna began. Her apartment was lovely. The food was just fine, and there were all kinds of classes and courses to while away the hours. “Have you made any friends?” I asked, in the same chipper tone I used when my younger child returned from her first day at kindergarten.“呃,”外婆说。她的公寓很可爱。食物还可以,还有各种讲座和课程,可以消磨时光。“你有没有交到什么朋友?”我用活泼的语气问道,就像我的小孩第一天从幼儿园回来时我问的那样。There was a pause. Then: “They won’t let me sit at their table!” Nanna cried.外婆停顿了一下,然后大声说道:“他们不让我跟他们坐在一起!”“Wait, what? Who won’t let you sit at their table?”“等等,你说什么?谁不让你坐?”“You try to sit and they say, ‘That seat is taken!’ ”“我想坐下,他们却说,‘这个座位有人了!’”“Oh, my God,” I said, instantly thrust into a painful flashback of junior high, when I walked into the cafeteria and was greeted with the sight of leather purses looped across the chair backs and the sound of one girl with dramatically plucked eyebrows announcing, “Those seats are taken!” I hadn’t known enough to carry a purse. I had a lunchbox. (And it would take me another decade to figure out the eyebrow thing.)“哦,天哪,”我说。我一下子想起了初中时的痛苦经历。我走进食堂,看到椅背上都挂着小皮包,一个眉毛修得很夸张的女孩大声宣告:“这些座位有人了!”我当时还不知道要带个小包。我只带了饭盒(又过了十年我才学会修眉毛这档子事)。“And just try to get into a bridge game,” Nanna continued. “They’ll talk about bridge, and you’ll say, ‘Oh, I play,’ and they’ll tell you, ‘Sorry, we’re not looking for anyone.’ ”“我就是想打打桥牌,”外婆继续说道,“她们在聊桥牌,我说,‘哦,我会打’,然后她们说,‘对不起,我们不是在找人打牌。’” “Mean girls!” I said. “There are mean girls in your home!”“真刻薄!”我说,“这些女孩在你家里还这么刻薄!”“It’s not a home,” Nanna said sharply.“这不是我家,”外婆马上反驳道。I considered. “Here’s my advice,” I said. “Find a bridge foursome. Figure out which one of them looks weak. Then hover.”我想了想,接着说,“我的建议是,找一个桥牌四人组。看看其中哪个人最弱。然后在她周围转悠。”When I was young and innocent — say, last summer — the idea of 90-year-olds in pecking orders, picking on those at the bottom, was a joke. Everyone knew that the real danger to the elderly came from unscrupulous relatives, con artists or abusive caregivers. We’ve all heard sad tales of senior citizens being beaten, starved or neglected by the people paid — usually underpaid — to care for them.我年幼无知时——比如去年夏天——认为90多岁的老人要排资论辈,欺负排在等级最底层的人这种事是开玩笑的。谁都知道老年人真正的威胁来自没良心的亲属、骗子或虐待人的看护员。我们都