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黑龙江省医院做人流多少钱A well-known Chinese pop star accidentally revealed she was lip-synching instead of singing during a televised concert by brandishing her microphone the wrong way around.近日,中国知名流行歌手萨顶顶在电视音乐晚会上因拿倒麦克风而无意中暴露了自己假唱这一尴尬的事实Sa Dingding, a 3-year-old folk singer-songwriter from Inner Mongolia, was perming at the Lantern Festival Gala broadcast on channel CCTV when the embarrassing faux-pas occurred, according to a report by People Daily Online. Opening the song with a section of interpretive dance, the star only realized she was holding her microphone upside down when she began singing.据人民网报道,3岁的萨顶顶是来自内蒙古的民乐歌手和词曲作家,在CCTV-音乐频道播出的元宵晚会上的表演中发生了拿倒话筒的尴尬一幕伴随着一段开场舞,萨顶顶开始进行演唱,但是这时她才意识到麦克风拿倒了The shows Sa smiling sheepishly as she quickly reverses her mistake bee carrying on with her permance like a true professional as if nothing had happened.这段视频还显示,萨顶顶随即露出了不好意思的笑容,她迅速修正了她的错误继续表演,就如真正的专业歌手一样,好像什么都没有发生过After the broadcast ended, Sa reportedly took to Sina Weibo to tell her 1.6 million followers: Next time Ill sharpen up my acting skills. However, the post does not exist on Sa this morning. It unclear whether or not she has taken it down. Some internet commenters were not surprised, believing lip-synching is not uncommon in China.据报道,节目播出后,萨顶顶通过其个人新浪微告诉她的0万粉丝:“下次我会提高我的演技”然而,今早该动态已删除目前还不清楚是否是她删除的一些网上者对此并不感到惊讶,认为假唱在中国并不罕见One user Chen Jianqiang wrote: How many singers dont lip sync in China? It would be news if Sa Dingding doesnt lip sync.用户Chen Jianqiang 道:中国有几个歌手真唱?萨顶顶不假唱,那才是大新闻呢!Others on Weibo argued Sa Dingding made her error on purpose to expose that she was asked to lip-sync by the director of the show.微上的其他用户认为,萨顶顶犯错并非偶然,而是为了揭露导演要求其假唱的事实Tuer Joker said the whole thing was a setup: It was definitely deliberate. She could have felt the microphone in her hand用户Tuer Joker 说,“整件事情都是事先安排好的,这无疑就是故意的,她明明可以感觉到自己手上的麦克风”In , China introduced a national ban on lip-synching by its pop stars following the controversy over the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, along with the promise of a hefty fine.由于北京奥运会开幕式的假唱风波,年中国出台了关于明星假唱的禁令,规定对此项行为实行巨额罚款 9哈市妇幼保健院处女膜修补 Emma Watson plays Belle, the lead in a live action adaptation of fairytale ;Beauty and the Beast;. The film is set global release in March , and, as per usual, a series of collectible toys has been created to accompany the film.童话《美女与野兽的真人改编电影定于今年3月在全球上映,英国女演员艾玛·沃森在片中饰演主人公贝尔和往常一样,配合电影而来的还有一系列收藏玩具One doll of WatsonBelle available from American store JC Penney has delighted the internet, all the wrong reasons.美国零售商店JC Penney销售的一款沃森版贝尔玩偶因为种种阴差阳错而让网友乐开了花After doll collector William Herrington posted photos of the doll online, Disney fans have taken to social media to express their mixed feelings about the doll.玩偶收藏家威廉·赫林顿在网上发布这款娃娃的照片后,迪士尼粉丝纷纷在社交媒体上表达了他们对这款玩偶的复杂感受Some are distraught over Belle shocking new look, but many have found the humor in the toy interesting mug.有的粉丝对贝尔令人震惊的新形象疑惑不解,但不少粉丝觉得玩偶滑稽的脸蛋儿令人发笑From Justin Bieber in a dress to Jennifer Garner in ;Alias;, online fans seem to think the Belle doll bears a resemblance to anyone but the British actress.从穿着裙子的贾斯汀·比伯到出演《双面女间谍的詹妮弗·加纳,网上的粉丝似乎觉得贝尔玩偶跟谁都有相似之处,除了沃森When you order an Emma Watson doll online but a Justin Bieber doll in a yellow dress And a wig arrives instead.“你在网上订了一个艾玛·沃森玩偶,结果收到却是的一个身穿黄色裙子、头戴假发的贾斯汀·比伯”Maybe this all one big bit of immersive storytelling - we all mock the doll being beastly (or Biebstly) when what matters is its personality.“这也许是一种具有吸引力的故事讲授方式我们都在嘲笑这个娃娃长得像野兽(比伯),但真正重要是它的内在” 98哈尔滨做宫颈囊肿手术需要多少钱

鹤岗市孕前检测多少钱The newest street-style fashion star has been photographed dining at Balthazar and Nobu, shopping at Barneys, vacationing in Marrakesh and the Napa Valley and going to the ballet in London. She favors Chloé, Marc Jacobs and Zara, and seems to have an occasional fondness the color pink.最新的街头时尚明星被拍到在Balthazar和Nobu餐厅用餐,在巴尼斯百货(Barneys)购物,在马拉喀什和纳帕瓦利度假,在伦敦观看芭蕾舞剧她最喜欢Chloé、马克·雅可布(Marc Jacobs)和Zara,有时似乎特别喜欢粉色And she is years old.她今年岁Her name is Harper Seven Beckham, and if you didn’t aly know, she is the daughter and youngest child of Victoria and David Beckham.她的名字是哈珀·塞文·贝克汉姆(Harper Seven Beckham)如果你不知道她是谁,那么让我来告诉你:她是维多利亚和大卫·贝克汉姆(Victoria and David Beckham)的女儿和最小的孩子She was at her mother’s fashion show on a frigid Sunday morning in New York this week, sitting in the front row with her father, the retired soccer star, and her three brothers, Cruz, ; Romeo, ; and Brooklyn, — the latter two also budding fashionistas. (Romeo has starred in a Burberry ad campaign shot by Mario Testino, and Brooklyn is a sometime model and aspiring fashion photographer.)在纽约时装周寒冷的周日(月日),她出现在妈妈的时装秀上,和她一起坐在头排的是退役足球明星父亲和三个哥哥:岁的克鲁斯(Cruz);岁的罗密欧(Romeo)和岁的布鲁克林(Brooklyn)——后两位也是初露头角的时尚达人(罗密欧在马里奥·泰斯蒂诺[Mario Testino]拍的柏利[Burberry]广告片中担任主角,布鲁克林有时做模特,也是一个很有抱负的时尚摄影师)Harper was clad in a black bespoke Burberry winter coat that had been chosen her by the Burberry creative director Christopher Bailey and a pair of black patent leather loafers by Gucci, her hair styled into two glossy braids. As the British newspaper The Sun put it in its report about Ms. Beckham’s New York Fashion Week show: “Harper Beckham steals show.”那天,哈珀穿着柏利的创意总监克里斯托弗·贝利(Christopher Bailey)为她挑选的柏利黑色定制冬季外套,脚上穿的是古驰(Gucci)黑色漆皮便鞋,头发编成两个光滑的辫子就像英国《太阳报(The Sun)在关于贝克汉姆夫人纽约时装秀的报道中说的:“哈珀·贝克汉姆抢了时装秀的风头”Much like kindergarten contemporaries North West and Prince George, whose celebrity parents also command a global cult following, Harper has garnered a multimillion-strong army of admiring fans on Instagram and other social media platms thanks to her impeccable outfits.和她的幼儿园同辈诺丝·韦斯特(North West)和乔治王子(Prince George)一样——他们的名人父母在全球也得到疯狂追捧——哈珀凭借完美无瑕的着装在Instagram等社交媒体上收获数百万赞赏她的粉丝She has been featured on the websites of British Vogue and Elle UK and is the subject of a full-time blog devoted to chronicling her every look, titled simply enough, “Harper Beckham.”她是英国版《Vogue和《Elle网站经常报道的人物,还有一个专门记录她每个造型的客,客名字很简单:“哈珀·贝克汉姆”“Goodness, a full-time blog just on her, does she really?” said her mother, Victoria Beckham, who was interviewed backstage after the show, with her family and well-wishers milling around. “That’s quite amazing. I had no idea. And perhaps a little odd.”“天哪,一个专门关于她的客,真的吗?”时装秀结束后她妈妈维多利亚·贝克汉姆在后台接受采访时说她的家人和祝贺者簇拥在周围“那太不可思议了我完全不知道是不是有点奇怪”Ms. Beckham added: “I suppose it says a lot about the world we are living in today. And yet it doesn’t surprise me. Harper is incredibly chic — especially this morning in that coat from Christopher, and wears some incredibly sweet things. She’s a very stylish little thing with her own sense of how she wants to dress. She tends to choose exactly what she wears herself.”贝克汉姆夫人又说:“我觉得它很大程度上反映了我们现在生活的世界这并不令我意外哈珀特别时髦,尤其是今天早上,她穿上克里斯托弗给她挑选的外衣,还有一些非常甜美的东西她是个非常时尚的小孩,非常清楚自己想要怎么着装她的衣大多是自己选的”There seems to be a booming trend designer children’s wear (some of Harper’s outfits come from labels like Little Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney Kids), making the wearers look more like mini-versions of their parents rather than rapidly developing toddlers and adolescents who will soon outgrow those expensive designer duds.设计师童装似乎正成为一股新兴潮流(哈珀穿的装有些来自小马克·雅可布[Little Marc Jacobs]和Stella McCartney Kids),孩子们穿了这样的衣,不像小孩子,倒像是是爸爸妈妈的迷你版,而且他们正处在快速发育期,这样昂贵的设计装很快也就穿不下了The premium brands that regularly feature in the wardrobes of pint-size A-list offspring, and the retailers that sell them, are reaping the rewards. Net-a-Porter has registered the domain name Petite-a-Porter, and Harrods of London recently expanded its children’s wear department to 66,000 square feet. When a figure like Harper is spotted wearing one outfit, brands say, sales can skyrocket and pieces sell out only hours after a photograph appears online.一线明星子女的衣橱里经常出现的名牌以及销售这些装的零售商们正在收获这股潮流的回报Net-a-Porter已经注册了域名Petite-a-Porter,伦敦的哈罗德百货公司(Harrods)前不久把童装部的面积扩大至6.6万平方英尺(约合61平方米)那些品牌称,当哈珀这样的人物被拍到身穿一套装,照片上线仅数小时后,那些衣的销量就会迅速上升,甚至脱销“Our loyal customers are always interested in seeing who is wearing our clothes, and we do find that the clothes worn by Harper sell very quickly,” said Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, creative director of the luxury children’s label Marie-Chantal in London. Pink velvet party dresses from the brand sell around Catherine在和好友Jake聊天,谈到Catherine今天在公司的职位,以及所取得的优异成绩,Jake赞不绝口于是Catherine就提到了之前的种种努力与艰辛,最后还说:I have had a hard time many years. I have had a hard time many years.我经历了很久的艰难日子啊have a hard time意为“过得很艰难”,类似的词组还有很多,例如:have a good time玩得很高兴;have fun玩得很开心完成时表示一种状态持续到现在,可能结束了也可能还在持续,在这里当然是指已经结束了的艰难日子,是一种成功后对艰辛努力的回顾所以,如果有人以为你的成功来得很容易,你就可以跟他说:I have had a hard time many years.我经历的很久的艰难日子啊 Jane:I heard you were promoted today.简:我听说你晋升了Shirley:Yeah! What I've done in the past time is worthwhile. I have had a hard time a long time.雪莉:是的,过去我所付出的一切都是值得的过去的艰难日子我已经过了很久了◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎-口语频道免费下载《一周商务英语Google提供的广告 期待事业更上一层楼?让沟通更轻松 助你熟练掌握商务英语交流术 www.englishtown.comEF 6小时掌握学英语的秘诀!--点击看答#3;: 19, while a pillar-box red coat with a bow collar costs 5.伦敦奢侈童装品牌玛丽-尚塔尔(Marie-Chantal)的创意总监、希腊王妃玛丽-尚塔尔说:“我们的忠实顾客总是很想看到谁在穿我们的衣,我们的确发现,哈珀穿过的衣卖得很快”该品牌的粉色天鹅绒派对裙售价约为0美元,带蝴蝶结衣领的大红色外衣的售价为395美元“Victoria has been a great supporter over the years, and Harper has been wearing Marie-Chantal since she was a baby,” the princess said. “We are so happy that Harper still loves wearing our clothes even as she gets older.” (The Harper Beckham blog lists 31 times that Harper has been photographed in Marie-Chantal.)“这么多年,维多利亚一直很持我们,哈珀从婴儿时起就常穿玛丽-尚塔尔的衣”这位王妃说,“我们很高兴看到哈珀长大后依然很喜欢穿我们的衣”(哈珀·贝克汉姆客列举出哈珀有31次被拍到身穿玛丽-尚塔尔的衣)Eleanor Robinson, head of accessories and children’s wear at Selfridges, said last week that best-selling designer items in recent seasons the upmarket British department store have included a Burberry trench worn by Romeo Beckham, Pink Dr. Martens and Charlotte Olympia kitty flats seen on North West; and items by Chloé, Bonpoint and Little Marc Jacobs that Harper has been spotted wearing.上周(月7日至月日),塞尔福里奇百货公司(Selfridges)的配饰和童装主管埃莉诺·鲁宾逊(Eleanor Robinson)说,这家英国高级百货公司近几季最畅销的名牌装包括罗密欧·贝克汉姆穿过的柏利军大衣,诺丝·韦斯特穿过的粉色Dr. Martens鞋和Charlotte Olympia猫脸平底鞋,以及哈珀穿过的Chloé、Bonpoint和小马克·雅可布的装“Here in the ed Kingdom especially, there is this very British sense of pride with celebrities and their children, and in particular with the Beckhams and Princess Catherine and Prince William,” Ms. Robinson said. “These are family role models who dress their children beautifully, and consumers aspire to replicate this personal sense of style that also reinces positive family ideals. Children’s wear has become an increasingly important part of our fashion business.”“尤其是在英国,人们对名人及其孩子有英式自豪感,特别是对贝克汉姆一家以及凯瑟琳王妃(Princess Catherine)和威廉王子(Prince William),”鲁宾逊说,“他们是模范家庭,把孩子们打扮得很漂亮,顾客们希望亲身复制这种时尚感,同时强化正面的家庭理想童装正变成时装业越来越重要的一部分”The person who runs the Harper Beckham fashion site, Anastasia Medvedeva, is a blogger based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She said the site got about 3,000 hits a day and was an “unremarkable” moneymaker, deriving its income from a few Google ads. “I first started eight years ago with a fashion blog about Suri Cruise because I loved her style when she was little, and have been a lifelong fan of Victoria Beckham, so a focus on Harper was a natural progression,” she wrote in an email. “Harper is very popular because of who her parents are and their personal style.”运营哈珀·贝克汉姆时尚网站的阿纳斯塔西娅·麦德弗德娃(Anastasia Medvedeva)是旧金山湾区的一位主她说,该网站每天的点击量大约为3000次,赚钱能力“一般”,主要来自几个谷歌广告她在接受电子邮件采访时写道:“最初是8年前,我开了一个关于苏瑞·克鲁斯(Suri Cruise)的时尚客,因为我很喜欢她小时候的着装风格我一直很喜欢维多利亚·贝克汉姆,所以关注哈珀是自然的由于父母以及他们的个人风尚,哈珀很受欢迎”Despite the haute fashion pieces Harper sported supporting her mother at the Sunday show, another apparent factor behind her breakout street-style star status is the a of items she wears that are afdable the general public, Ms. Medvedeva wrote, making copying her looks more accessible many parents.麦德弗德娃还写道,尽管周日哈珀在妈妈的时装秀上穿的是高级装,但她能成为街头时尚明星的另一个明显的原因是她穿的大部分衣普通公众也买得起,所以很多父母可以效仿她的穿着Though the Bonpoint and Chloé dresses frequently worn by Harper can range from <牛人_句子> to , Ms. Medvedeva wrote, she can often be seen in emerging brands like Billieblush, Gardner and the Gang, and Courage amp; Kind, which are relatively more afdable.麦德弗德娃写道,尽管哈珀经常穿的Bonpoint和Chloé的连衣裙价格在0美元至50美元之间,但她也经常穿Billieblush、Gardner and the Gang以及Courage amp; Kind等新兴品牌的衣,这些衣相对便宜一些How aware Harper is of her style supernova status remains to be seen. She will return to school next week in London after her half-term break. But her mother said she doubted the attention would deter Harper from continuing to wear her consistently favorite item.哈珀对自己的超级时尚明星地位有多少认识仍需拭目以待下周,在期中假期结束后,她将返回伦敦上学不过,她妈妈说,她觉得人们对她的关注不会阻碍她继续穿自己一直喜欢的衣“More than anything,” Ms. Beckham said, “she loves her football jersey.”贝克汉姆夫人说:“她最喜欢足球衫,胜过其他任何衣” 75 <牛人_句子>哈尔滨武警医院怎么样哈尔滨医大一院哪家妇科医院好



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