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2019年09月22日 04:13:32 | 作者:挂号生活 | 来源:新华社
In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. From time to time we've been tempted to believe that society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule, that government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people. But if no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else? All of us together in and out of government must bear the burden. The solutions we seek must be equitable with no one group singled out to pay a higher price. We hear much of special interest groups. Well our concern must be for a special interest group that has been too long neglected. It knows no sectional boundaries, or ethnic and racial divisions, and it crosses political party lines. It is made up of men and women who raise our food, patrol our streets, man our mines and factories, teach our children, keep our homes, and heal us when we're sick professionals, industrialists, shopkeepers, clerks, cabbies, and truck drivers. They are, in short, "We the People."This breed called Americans. Well, this Administration's objective will be a healthy, vigorous, growing economy that provides equal opportunities for all Americans with no barriers born of bigotry or discrimination. Putting America back to work means putting all Americans back to work. Ending inflation means freeing all Americans from the terror of runaway living costs.All must share in the productive work of this"new beginning", and all must share in the bounty of a revived economy.201110/158091The people demand reform in the administration of the Government and the application of business principles to public affairs.人民渴望改革政府行政,把企业原则应用于公共事务。As a means to this end, civil-service reform should be in good faith enforced.为实现该目标,文官制度改革应切实实行。Our citizens have the right to protection from the incompetency of public employees who hold their places solely as the reward of partisan service,人民有权防范那些务于政党而获得官职作为报偿的不合格官员,and from the corrupting influence of those who promise and the vicious methods of those who expect such rewards;避免随意许诺者的腐败影响和为得到此种报酬而使用的卑鄙手段;and those who worthily seek public employment have the right to insist that merit and competency shall be recognized instead of party subserviency or the surrender of honest political belief.那些有资格担任公职的人则有权坚持以才干和任职能力为标准,而不能以党内的阿谀奉承或放弃政治信仰作为任职的代价。In the administration of a government pledged to do equal and exact justice to all men there should be no pretext for anxiety touching the protection of the freedmen in their rights一个承诺要平等而绝对公正地对待全体人民的政府,or their security in the enjoyment of their privileges under the Constitution and its amendments.不应有任何借口触犯在宪法和宪法修正案保护下自由人享有的权利或安全保。All discussion as to their fitness for the place accorded to them as American citizens is idle and unprofitable except as it suggests the necessity for their improvement.关于美国公民的权利是否符合其地位的一切讨论,都是空洞无益的,建议对此加以改进则属例外。The fact that they are citizens entitles them to all the rights due to that relation and charges them with all its duties, obligations, and responsibilities.作为公民,他们享有相关的一切权利,但同时也要承担公民所具有的一切义务和责任。These topics and the constant and ever-varying wants of an active and enterprising population上述所有问题以及一个活跃而勤奋的民族不断变化的需求,may well receive the attention and the patriotic endeavor of all who make and execute the Federal law.联邦法律的制定者和实施者自会加以关注,并以爱国精神来为之奋斗。Our duties are practical and call for industrious application, an intelligent perception of the claims of public office,我们的责任实际可行,它要求我们辛勤地付诸行动,要求我们对公职的权益加以明智洞察,and, above all, a firm determination, by united action, to secure to all the people of the land the full benefits of the best form of government ever vouchsafed to man.而最重要的是,要求我们拥有坚定的信心,通过共同行动,确保我国人民享有人类历史上最好的政府能给予人民的全部裨益。And let us not trust to human effort alone, but humbly acknowledging the power and goodness of Almighty God,让我们不要单独依靠人类的努力,而要谦恭地看到全能的上帝的力量和仁慈。who presides over the destiny of nations, and who has at all times been revealed in our countrys history, let us invoke His aid and His blessings upon our labors.上帝不仅主宰着国家的命运,而且一直与我国历史息息相关。让我们祈求上帝帮助,使我们的努力获得成功。02/436964Download Video: mp4 (121MB) | mp3 (12MB) PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, it’s a pleasure to welcome President Lobo to the White House, and this gives us an opportunity to reaffirm the friendship between the American and the Honduran people. Not only has Honduras been a traditionally close partner with the ed States, but the people-to-people relationship is profound, particularly given the Honduran-American population that has contributed so much to the growth of our country. Today also begins a new chapter in the relationship between our two countries. Two years ago, we saw a coup in Honduras that threatened to move the country away from democracy, and in part because of pressure from the international community, but also because of the strong commitment to democracy and leadership by President Lobo, what we’ve been seeing is a restoration of democratic practices and a commitment to reconciliation that gives us great hope. And President Lobo’s leadership is responsible not only for helping to restore constitutional order and democracy and a commitment to fair and free elections, but it’s also allowed Honduras once again to rejoin the Organization of American States, and for Hondurans -- the Honduran relationship with its neighbors to be restored to a normal place. Of course, much work remains to be done. And I’m looking forward to a excellent conversation with President Lobo about how we can be helpful in ensuring that human rights are observed in Honduras. We will discuss ways in which our two countries can work effectively together to deal with the security situation that exists not only in Honduras but through Central America, and how we can cooperate effectively in preventing the countries of Central America from being corrupted and overrun by the transnational drug trade. And we also will have discussions about how we can continue to strengthen development in Honduras and the region so that people have opportunity, we will see economic growth, see economic development, and expand trade and further interactions between our two countries. So Mr. President, I welcome you. I’m looking forward to a good conversation that will help to strengthen the relationship between our two countries. And, again, we are very appreciative of the leadership you’ve shown during what’s been a very difficult time. PRESIDENT LOBO: (As translated.) Thank you so much, Mr. President. It is indeed a very high honor for me to be here in the White House today. I want to state very emphatically that this is a great opportunity to celebrate the friendship between our peoples. It’s also an occasion in which we are reaffirming the permanent gratitude that we have for your friendship, for the permanent assistance we have received from the ed States, and very especially because at a time of great crisis you were there to help, and you were there to help us restore the family that is our nation. I began my administration bringing together all the forces that make up Honduran society. And what I have tried to establish is unity and reconciliation in my country. We are on the road, as you said, Mr. President, to a number of things. We have returned to the Organization of American States, and in fact, I was able to visit that organization yesterday. It was a very warm visit. It was a wonderful occasion. We have reaffirmed our democratic vocation. We have reaffirmed the road to democracy that we are on and that we will continue on. We will be opening even more spaces for our people to be able to express themselves. We have aly created spaces within our representative democracy, but we will continue to do that so that there is evermore direct participation from our people in all levels of society. That is a road we’ve started on, and we will continue down that path. The enormous challenge we face is that of crime and drug trafficking. But we have good friends, like you, who have helped us in the past, who continue to help us. And your words today, Mr. President, are a reaffirmation of that good friendship and that good support that we receive from you, and we hope we will have that in the future. I also want to say to you again today that we will continue to respect human rights and do everything we can to build on what we have aly done in that area. We know that there are some areas in which we have weaknesses we need to work on -- the investigation of such crimes is one of those. But we hope to be able to get help from the ed States on that so that we can overcome the hurdles we have in this respect, and we are able to find those people who are guilty of violations of human rights. So we are on the road to reconciliation. Next year, our political parties will be holding their primaries. And in 2013 we will be holding our general election, and so we will be complying with our constitution for a man or woman to be elected president every four years. PRESIDENT OBAMA: All right. Thank you, everybody.201110/156115The budget going through Congress can often come off as boring process, one too mired in details and political back-and-forth to be worth following. But the President traveled to Parkville Middle School and Center for Technology in Baltimore to unveil his budget plan this morning in a reflection of the fact that in the tough choices we face as a nation, our kids' futures are at stake. That's why the President's Budget would get our deficits under control, but it's also why he stands by investments in education, and it has a lot to do with why he supports investments in building a 21st Century infrastructure and fostering American innovation -- in short, a budget to win the future:Read the Transcript | Download Video: mp4 (169MB) | mp3 (16MB) 201102/125740

President Bush Attends Dedication of 9/11 Pentagon MemorialTHE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. Mr. Vice President; Secretary Gates; Madam Speaker; Justices of the Supreme Court; members of my Cabinet and administration; members of Congress; Admiral Mullen and the Joint Chiefs; Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, a first responder on September the 11th, 2001; directors of the Pentagon Memorial Fund -- Mr. Chairman, congratulations; families and friends of the fallen; distinguished guests; fellow citizens: Laura and I are honored to be with you.Seven years ago at this hour, a doomed airliner plunged from the sky, split the rock and steel of this building, and changed our world forever. The years that followed have seen justice delivered to evil men and battles fought in distant lands. But each day on this year -- each year on this day, our thoughts return to this place. Here, we remember those who died. And here, on this solemn anniversary, we dedicate a memorial that will enshrine their memory for all time.Building this memorial took vision and determination -- and Americans from every corner of our country answered the call. Two young architects in New York City came up with the design. A foundry near St. Louis cast the steel. An Iraqi immigrant in Illinois gave the metal its luster. And citizens from across our nation made contributions large and small to build this graceful monument.The Pentagon Memorial will stand as an everlasting tribute to 184 innocent souls who perished on these grounds. The benches here bear each of their names. And beneath each bench is a shimmering pool filled with the water of life -- a testament to those who were taken from us, and to their memories that will live on in our hearts.For the families and friends of the fallen, this memorial will be a place of remembrance. Parents will come here to remember children who boarded Flight 77 for a field trip and never emerged from the wreckage. Husbands and wives will come here to remember spouses who left for work one morning and never returned home. People from across our nation will come here to remember friends and loved ones who never had the chance to say goodbye.A memorial can never replace what those of you mourning a loved one have lost. We pray that you will find some comfort amid the peace of these grounds. We pray that you will find strength in knowing that our nation will always grieve with you.For all our citizens, this memorial will be a reminder of the resilience of the American spirit. As we walk among the benches, we will remember there could have been many more lives lost. On a day when buildings fell, heroes rose: Pentagon employees ran into smoke-filled corridors to guide their friends to safety. Firefighters rushed up the stairs of the World Trade Center as the towers neared collapse. Passengers aboard Flight 93 charged the cockpit and laid down their lives to spare countless others. One of the worst days in America's history saw some of the bravest acts in Americans' history. We'll always honor the heroes of 9/11. And here at this hallowed place, we pledge that we will never forget their sacrifice.We also honor those who raised their hands and made the noble decision to defend our nation in a time of war. When our enemies attacked the Pentagon, they pierced the rings of this building. But they could not break the resolve of the ed States Armed Forces. Since 9/11, our troops have taken the fight to the terrorists abroad so we do not have to face them here at home. Thanks to the brave men and women, and all those who work to keep us safe, there has not been another attack on our soil in 2,557 days. (Applause.)For future generations, this memorial will be a place of learning. The day will come when most Americans have no living memory of the events of September the 11th. When they visit this memorial, they will learn that the 21st century began with a great struggle between the forces of freedom and the forces of terror. They will learn that this generation of Americans met its duty -- we did not tire, we did not falter, and we did not fail. They will learn that freedom prevailed because the desire for liberty lives in the heart of every man, woman, and child on Earth.We can be optimistic about the future because we've seen the character and courage of those who defend liberty. We have been privileged to live amongst those who have volunteered to sp the foundation of peace and justice, which is freedom.Seven years ago this morning, police officer Cecil Richardson was on duty here at the Pentagon. He saw the terror that day with his own eyes. He says on some nights he can still smell the burning metal and smoke. Not long ago, he wrote me saying, "I remember the reasons we fight. I remember the losses we felt. And I remember the peace we will have."That day of peace will come. And until it does, we ask a loving God to watch over our troops in battle. We ask Him to comfort the families who mourn. And we ask Him to bless our great land.And now it's my honor to dedicate the Pentagon Memorial. (Applause.)200809/48374

IRWU%rxRJt!N(Bg#!82)-XIZ%3q~NKBut there are other questions which are inherently public in nature, which we must decide together as a nation, and where religion and religious values can and should speak to our common conscience. The issue of nuclear war is a compelling example. It is a moral issue; it will be decided by government, not by each individual; and to give any effect to the moral values of their creed, people of faith must speak directly about public policy. The Catholic bishops and the Reverend Billy Graham have every right to stand for the nuclear freeze, and Dr. Falwell has every right to stand against it.q2%cvd94%L%P])yu9wYuhNpj^6HOtmfTV^c740cpnK#zHZ9;_8c;AW]!rn163311

With the cooperation of business, private capital, agriculture, and labor in this country,在我国企业、私人资本、农业和劳工等方面的协作下,this program can greatly increase the industrial activity in other nations and can raise substantially their standards of living.这一计划能够极大促进其他国家的工业活动,从实质上提高他们的生活水平。Such new economic developments must be devised and controlled to benefit the peoples of the areas in which they are established.这种新的经济发展必须加以规划和控制,从而使被开发地区的人民有所得益。Guarantees to the investor must be balanced by guarantees in the interest of the people whose resources and whose labor go into these developments.在保投资者利益的同时,必须兼顾人民的利益,因为在这些经济发展中倾注着人民的才智和劳动。The old imperialism—exploitation for foreign profit—has no place in our plans.在我们的计划中,剥削他国利润的老牌帝国主义没有立足之地。What we envisage is a program of development based on the concepts of democratic fair-dealing.我们拟定的是一个以民主的公平交易的概念为基础的发展规划。All countries, including our own, will greatly benefit from a constructive program for the better use of the worlds human and natural resources.所有国家,包括我国在内,将极大地受益于为更合理地使用世界上的人力资源和自然资源而制定的一项建设性计划。Experience shows that our commerce with other countries expands as they progress industrially and economically.经验明,我们同其他国家的贸易将随着这些国家在工业和经济上的发展而扩大。Greater production is the key to prosperity and peace.提高生产是繁荣与和平的关键,And the key to greater production is a wider and more vigorous application of modern scientific and technical knowledge.而提高生产的关键是更广泛、更积极地运用现代科学技术知识。Only by helping the least fortunate of its members to help themselves can the human family achieve the decent, satisfying life that is the right of all people.人类大家庭只有通过帮助最不幸的成员自助,才能享受体面的、令人满意的生活,而所有人郁有权过上这样的生活。Democracy alone can supply the vitalizing force to stir the peoples of the world into triumphant action,只有民主政治才能产生生机勃勃的力量,not only against their human oppressors, but also against their ancient enemies—hunger, misery, and despair.以激励世界人民不仅为反抗人类的压迫者,而且压力反抗人类古老的敌人——饥饿、贫困、失望——而斗争。On the basis of these four major courses of action we hope to help create the conditions that will lead eventually to personal freedom and happiness for all mankind.根据这四项主要的行动方针,我们希望有助于创造各种条件,最终实现个人自由和全人类的幸福。If we are to be successful in carrying out these policies, it is clear that we must have continued prosperity in this country and we must keep ourselves strong.若想实现这些政策,我们就要首先保本国富强。Slowly but surely we are weaving a world fabric of international security and growing prosperity.过程缓慢,结果肯定,那就是编织起国际安全网,世界国富民强。02/441677

(Dec.2 ,2006)Good morning. This week, Americans across our Nation gather with loved ones to give thanks for the many blessings we share. We're grateful for our friends and families, who fill our lives with meaning and purpose. We're grateful to live in a land of plenty and during a time of great prosperity. And we're grateful to Almighty God for the freedom to enjoy all these gifts. Every Thanksgiving, we remember the story of the Pilgrims who came to America in search of a better life and religious freedom. Much has changed in the four centuries since these humble settlers landed at Plymouth Rock. While they were only a shivering few, we are now a strong and growing Nation of more than 300 million. And the desire for freedom that led the Pilgrims to the New World still guides our Nation today. Americans believe that every person has the right to live, work, and worship in freedom. And we're thankful to the men and women of our Nation's armed forces who risk their lives to protect those rights. This Thanksgiving, we are mindful that many of our finest citizens are spending the holiday far from their homes and loved ones, and we know that their service makes it possible for us to live in freedom.On Tuesday, I had the chance to visit our troops and their families at Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our service members there have deployed around the world -- to fight the terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq, conduct important maritime exercises in the Pacific, help deliver humanitarian aid to the victims of disaster, and fight drug trafficking. I told the men and women at the base that we're grateful for their bravery and service and that we will never forget those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.One American who made the ultimate sacrifice was Marine Corporal Jason Dunham. Two-and-a-half years ago in Iraq, Corporal Dunham gave his life when he threw himself on top of an enemy grenade and absorbed the blast. His selfless act saved the lives of two of his fellow Marines, and earlier this month I announced that our Nation will recognize Corporal Dunham with our highest decoration for valour, the Medal of Honor.Corporal Dunham's friends remember him as the kind of guy who would do anything for you, his superiors remember him as a model Marine, and a grateful Nation will forever remember him as one of America's most valiant heroes. This Thanksgiving, our thoughts and prayers are with his family and with all military families, especially those mourning the loss of a loved one.During this holiday season, we also think of those still working to recover from the devastating hurricanes that struck our Nation last year. We are grateful to the armies of compassion who rallied to bring food, water, and hope to those who had lost everything, and we renew our commitment to help those who are still suffering and to rebuild our Nation's Gulf Coast.Thanksgiving reminds us that the true strength of our Nation is the compassion and decency of our people. And as we count our blessings, we remember that those blessings are meant to be shared. I encourage all Americans to look for a way to help those in need -- from tutoring a child, to working in a shelter, to giving a hand to a neighbor. I thank all those Americans who volunteer this season, and Laura and I wish every American a safe and happy holiday.Thank you for listening. 200703/11246

President Obama’s Fourth of July Message奥巴马总统发表独立纪念日献词THE WHITE HOUSE, WASHINGTON July 4, 白宫,华盛顿 年7月4日 Today, we are called upon to remember not only the day our country was born, but also the indomitable spirit of the first American citizens who made that day possible. We are called to remember how unlikely it was that our American experiment would succeed at all; that a small band of patriots would declare independence from a powerful empire; and that they would form, in the new world, what the old world had never known — a government of, by, and for the people.今天,我们受到这个日子的感召,不仅纪念我国诞生的那一天,而且需要继承建国初期美国公民不屈不饶的精神,是他们使这一天成为值得纪念的日子。我们应该记住,当年的这一切多么来之不易。我们进行创建美国的试验,结果获得了成功;为数不多的爱国者宣布独立,脱离了帝国强权的统治;他们还在新世界建立了旧世界不可思议的事物──民有、民治、民享的政府。That unyielding spirit is what defines us as Americans. It is what led generations of pioneers to blaze a westward trail. It is what led my grandparents’ generation to persevere in the face of a depression and triumph in the face of tyranny. It is what led generations of American workers to build an industrial economy unrivaled around the world. It is what has always led us, as a people, not to wilt or cower at a difficult moment, but to face down any trial and rise to any challenge, understanding that each of us has a hand in writing America's destiny.正是这种顽强的精神构筑了美国人的特征。正是这种精神指引一代又一代先驱者开拓西进之路。正是这种精神指引我们的祖祖辈辈,以坚韧不拔的毅力渡过了大萧条,战胜了专制暴政。正是这种精神指引世世代代的美国劳动者建成全世界无可比拟的工业经济。正是这种精神始终指引全体美国人民在时局艰难的时刻永不气馁,永不退缩,敢于经受任何考验,迎接任何挑战,因为我们知道美国的命运有待于我们每一个人为之努力。On this day, we also remember that during our most defining moments, it was brave and selfless men and women in uniform who defended and served our country with honor — waging war so that we might know peace; braving hardship so that we might know opportunity; and at times, paying the ultimate price so that we might know freedom. This service — the service of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen — makes our annual celebration of this day possible. This service proves that our founding ideals remain just as powerful and alive in our third century as a nation as they did on the first July 4. This service guarantees that the ed States of America shall forever remain the last, best hope on Earth.在这一天到来的时候,我们还不应该忘记,在我国最紧要的关头,勇敢无私的男女军人不辱使命,保卫我们的国家,忠心为国效力──为实现和平奔赴战场;为赢得机会不辞劳苦;有时还为捍卫自由付出极为高昂的代价。正因为他们为国效力──陆军、海军、空军、海军陆战队和海岸警卫队士兵做出的奉献,我们才有可能每年庆祝这个节日。这种为国效力的精神说明,在进入建国后第三个百年之际,我国的建国理想仍然长盛不衰,生气勃勃,永远保持第一个7月4日的活力。这种为国效力的精神保美利坚合众国永远是地球上最后、最大的希望。12/92941

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