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Most of us know balloons from festivals and fun fairs, where they are colorful and amusing, but in the 19th century, before airplanes were invented, balloons were used in wartimes to spy on the enemy position.我们大多数人都知道,人们在节日或游乐园里会放飞丰富多的气球。但在飞机发明之前的19世纪,气球在战时被用来对敌人位置进行侦探。One or two men would go up with a telescope in a balloon tied to the ground with a rope.一到两个人会带着望远镜进入气球,升到空中,而气球则绑在地面的绳子上。However, because the enemy might fire a cannon at them, this was dangerous.然而,因为敌人可能用大炮向他们开火,因此这相当危险。So before men would go up in a balloon, they would first float (or send up) a trial balloon without any men in it to test the situation.所以,在侦查人员进入气球之前,他们会首先放起(或发射)一个试探性气球(里面没有任何人)来试探一下情况。If the enemy tried to shoot that trial balloon, the men would not go up.如果敌人试图攻击这个试探性气球,侦查人员就不会再坐上去了。From this origin, today we use this idiom in any situation where we want to measure public reaction or opinion before committing a lot of money and effort to some project.正是来源于此,在我们给某个项目投入金钱或精力之前对公众的反应或意见进行试探的情况下,都可以使用这个成语。 /201501/355111We are back with Jennifer Aniston.我们继续 这位是詹妮弗安妮斯顿and not only is your movie called Cake,but our birthdays are coming up really soon.不仅仅因为你的电影叫“蛋糕” 还因为我们生日快到了So we thought wed play a little game we are calling it ;Let Them eat cake;所以我们决定玩一个小游戏 叫做 ;让她们吃蛋糕;So, we have two volunteers from the audience, you are-我们请上了两位现场观众参与游戏 你是Merisa Merino And where do you live and what do you do?梅丽莎·梅兰诺 你住哪 你的职业是什么I live in Covina California and I am a pharmacy assistant.我住在加州柯文纳 我是一名药剂师助手Wonderful.I am Ashley Loeb,I am from Thousand Oaks and I will get a retail store.很好 我是阿什莉·勒布 我来自千橡市 我在零售店工作Wonderful.Thats very vague about what you do, but I believe you.很好 你们说得很模糊 但我相信你们Alright right.She said pharmacy.好的 她说了是药剂师I know,she says pharmacy assistant and retail which could be any real.我知道 她们说的药剂师和零售商范围太广Alright, alright One of you is gonna get a chance to come back to my birthday show,好吧 你们当中一人可以有机会 参加我的生日秀and sometimes we get a waste up on my birthday show I dont know.生日秀上可能会分发礼物 我也不清楚到底会发什么So heres what you have to do.接下来就是你们要做的You gonna both go back there and put your heads through those holes,你们去那后面 把头从那个洞里伸出来Go back there, alright.Do they, do you know whats happening? - They kinda do.去吧 你们知道会发生什么吗 -她们貌似知道一点You are gonna go the other side Jenn,Right, and you have to stay behind this line你去另一边 珍妮 站在线后面So, first one of us, to get a cake in your face.I am gonna, I am gonna throw to you.我们两谁先把蛋糕砸到你们脸上 对 我向你投You are the one to the pharmacy assistant over there,;A pharmacy assistant;你向药剂师助手投 ;药剂师助手; /201512/418259But so,and what else?还有什么Its,I mean you live here so you can have a glass of water and dont feel guilty about it.住在那里 你喝水不会觉得愧疚Theres a lot of water and great food.有很多水 食物很好I have friends from England and if they come over in the summer,they always,what do you want to do,guys?我有英国的朋友 夏天来玩 我问他们想做什么why dont we just go for a walk in the park.他们就说去公园逛逛I go,and its silly.Its just because in Denmark,when its warm and sunny and people go to park to sunbathe and everyone is topless.我说这事挺傻的 因为在丹麦 天气好的时候 大家会去公园晒日光浴 大家都裸着上身What,in public parks?Yes.Thats not silly,thats fantastic.什么 公共公园吗 是的 这不傻啊 这多棒So there are topless women in the parks in Denmark in the summer?Yeah,yeah.夏天丹麦公园里有裸上身的女人吗 是啊Well,I know where were doing our shows.我知道我们要去哪做节目了That sounds amazing.I didnt know that.听上去好棒啊 我不知道呢Well,its nice.Right.But its funy.And yet youre the third happiest country.是挺好 嗯 但挺好玩的 你们还第三幸福国家呢I dont know what happened.What else could you want?不知道是怎么回事 还能求什么啊Its because of Swiss are bottomless.Bottomless always wins.Bottomless wins.因为瑞士不穿底裤 不穿裤子的总是赢家 不穿裤子的赢Well,Game of Thrones,I want to make sure I mention this to anyone who doesnt know,I think thats absurd,but it airs sunday at 9:00 on HBO.《权利的游戏》我一定要对不知道的提一句 不过应该不会 周日9点在HBO播出Its bringing great delight to many people.So nice to see you again.nice to see you.这部剧给很多人带来了无限欢乐 再次见到你太好了 见到你也很高兴Great,yeah,really good talking to you.Nikolaj coster Waldau.we will be right back,Zach Woods.跟你聊天太好了 尼可拉·科斯特 瓦尔道 我们稍后回来 扎克·伍兹将到场201608/460324And everything you told me to do by the time I got there you have done it你叫我做的每件事情 在我去到的时候你都已经完成了Oh,yeah,well I like to do things.This,thiss Laura.恩 我喜欢做事情 这是LauraPorzak was the photographer that you recommended who was unbelievablePorzak 你推荐的摄影师 她真的非常不可思议she has done very beautiful picture you have ever seen shes done,just kind of all ways around us and we didnt know她拍下了许多你看过的非常好看的相片 她就在我们的身边拍着 我们却没发觉she was taking pictures,easy to be around you looked much better in the picture if you liked your photographer她一直帮我们照相 是的 如果你喜欢你的摄影师 那么你在拍片时会看起来更加漂亮I think its really important,cause shes kind of disappeared我觉得这非常重要 她好像一直都没在我们身边This is us running from Paparazi,we keep taking pictures这张 我们在躲开仔们 我们一直在照相everytime we go out to take a picture out in the garden,the parparazi would keep running back and forwards每次我们决定出花园照相时 那些仔们会前后跟着Three helicopters,yeah,they were kind of circling and taking chance他们一共有三架直升机 是的 他们一直在上面盘旋 试图找到拍照的机会So thats the one thing I did,do I picked out the linen in the table cloth这是我做的其中一件事 我选了铺桌子的麻布and have them made and designed all that and we should thank the bountiful loaners,suit bountiful loaners包含定做和设计 我们要感谢所有慷慨的赞助 合适而且慷慨的赞助者the beautiful dishes,all different that portia wanted,all different things of dishes,fantastic,French dishes,beautiful那些漂亮的碟子 Porita想要的各种不同碟子 各种不同的碟子 非常棒 法国碟子 非常漂亮whats the biggest mistake that people make when they are planning wedding人们在计划婚礼时常犯的最大错误是什么I think one of the biggest mistake is planning the entire wedding the day after you get engaged我觉得最大的错误之一 就是他们在订婚后就马上计划自己的整个婚礼I mean i have bribes coming and says i hire the photogarpher,the bibliographer,the band 我意思是有一些新娘子说 我要请摄影师 乐队and thiss my budget and they spent all their entire budget on those three things那就是我的预算 他们会把这所有的预算放在这三项上So thats the big problem,they have to take a deep breath这会带来很大的麻烦 他们需要深呼吸 /201608/460323

Oh,really wonderful at this,wonderful.Thank you.太棒了 太棒了 谢谢Thanks everybody.Oh boy,have a seat.Thank you so much,Tony.谢谢各位 哦 天哪 坐下吧 非常感谢Im so excited today.So am I.我今天真激动 我也是Its wonderful not only do I have a co-host,but a little later,我不仅一会儿会有共同主持 而且过一会儿the beautiful,the talented,the wonderful,the marvelous,my wife.Portia de Rossi will be here.我漂亮 有天赋 无与伦比的老婆 Portia de Rossi 会过来You know,I dont want you to get lonely over there.你知道吗 我不想让你一个人在那里孤单So I got you,ah,like a guest DJ host the scene with you as well.所以我给你找了个DJ 和你一起For me? yes Oh,thank you.Please welcome the DJ for today.为我? 是 谢谢 有请今天的DJthe 16th president of the ed States Abraham Lincoln.第十六任美国总统 亚伯拉罕·林肯How are you sir?Thanks Wow.thanks for being here.总统今天如何? 谢谢 哇 谢谢今天来这里All right,hes very confused by all the modern technology,clearly.好吧 他对这些现代技术很困惑All right,Abraham,enjoy the show.享受节目吧I think you will enjoy it more than the last one you were at.我觉得你会比上一次享受的Right,here we go.Now,lets bring out my co-host for the hour.现在我们开始 好了 有请我的共同主持Lets welcome my friend jeniffer Aniston.欢迎我的朋友Jeniffer Aniston /201604/436296

In a survey that will be published on Thursday, almost two-thirds of Americans would support roadway user fees to help fix the countrys deteriorating transportation infrastructure. 在周四将公布的一项调查中,近三分之二的美国人持对道路使用者收费,以帮助解决美国日益恶化的交通基础设施。Over 1,000 Americans over 18 years old were surveyed between March 14 and 22. The survey was conducted by transportation consulting firm Kelton Global. 3月14日至22日间,对超过1,000名18岁以上者进行调查。调查由交通咨询公司Kelton Global执行。Many feel that the countrys roads, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure is in desperate need of repair. 许多人认为国家的道路、桥梁和其他交通基础设施急需修复。Last year the U.S. Government Accountability Office said that it would cost ;hundreds of billions of dollars to upgrade and repair the nations transportation infrastructure.去年,美国政府问责局表示,将花费“数千亿美元”来升级和修复国家的交通基础设施。译文属。201604/440385

Politics英国政治Winding down时钟停摆Over a year before the general election, Parliament is aly clocking off大选后一年多,议会已像时钟一样停摆PARLIAMENT feels different from usual. The lobbies and corridors are quieter. The queues in the canteens are shorter. Records of internet activity in the Palace of Westminster show that monthly visits to YouTube have overtaken those to Parliaments information pages. Visits to cricket websites are up, too. The division bells still ring in MPs offices to announce votes and the wood-panelled committee rooms are still busy—but debates tend to be on independent (and sometimes eccentric) initiatives by MPs rather than on government bills. Each seems to be doing his own thing.英国议会与往常大不一样。议会大厅和走廊比以往安静许多,在餐厅钱排队的人也变少了。议会大厦网络活动记录显示,YouTube的月访问量已经超过了议会信息网页。板球运动网站访问量也有所增长。议员办公室的分组表决铃依然在宣布着投票结果,镶木会议室里依然繁忙——然而,议会辩论与其说是关于政府债券,倒不如说是关于议员的自主(有时略显诡异)积极性。大家似乎各行其是。Britains Parliament normally stands out for its raucous debates, its might and its bustle. Unlike Americas Congress, it is not prone to long spells of deadlock; unlike Frances National Assembly, it is not subordinate to a monarch-like president; unlike the German Bundestag, regional legislatures do not dilute its power. And not long ago it was a whirlwind of activity. In the 2010-12 session the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition passed 42 bills overhauling the national finances and most major public services.英国议会一向以其激烈的辩论、威严的力量和热闹的场面而著称。英国议会不像美国国会那样长期僵持,也不像法国国民议会那样从属于一个君主式的总统,更不会像德国联邦议院那样使地区立法机关将其权利分流。不久以前,英国议会活动频繁。在2010-2012年间,保守党和自由民主党联合通过42项法案,大力整改了国家财政和大部分公共务机构。But last years Queens Speech introduced just 15 bills, several of them minor. With seven weeks left in the parliamentary year, MPs have passed only 801 pages of government legislation (excluding money-raising measures and bills mostly debated in the last session). Even in the unusually short 2012-13 session they managed more than twice as much. Thirteen months before the next general election, the legislative motor is spluttering.但是去年的女王演讲仅仅引进了15项法案,其中一些都是小修小改。本届议会任期还有七周,但议员们仅仅通过了801页政府立法(除了筹款措施和上届议会主要讨论的法案)。即使是在2012-2013年较短的任期内,议员们通过的法案也比现在多出一倍。距离下届大选还有13个月, 而立法运动举步维艰。Why? “They passed a hell of a lot of legislation in early sessions, much more so than Blair or Thatcher,” explains Peter Riddell of the Institute for Government. So the government soon ran out of policies that both sides of the coalition found acceptable. It is now stuck. Having fixed the parliamentary term at five years, it must sit out the remaining months.这一切原因何在?这是因为“他们在早期的议会中已经通过许多立法法案,比布莱尔和撒切尔时期还要多,”政府研究院的彼得·里德尔(Peter Riddell)解释道。因此,政府很快就穷于政策,无法使联合议会的双方都满意。所以如今,立法进程受阻。议会将任期修改为5年,所以他们在剩下的几个月必须耐着性子坚持到底。The slumber of all parliaments麻木的议会Amid the torpor, minds are turning to the election. “A year ago all the conversations were about policy; now it is positioning and campaigning,” observes one MP. Those with swing seats, particularly Lib Dems who need to overcome their partys poor polling, are using the quiet time to woo constituents. Some spend as little as a day a week in Westminster.议会已经麻木,人们的想法渐渐向大选转移。一位议员观察到,“一年以前,大家都在谈论政策,如今,大家都在谈论定位和运动”。一些议员尤其是需要力克其正当惨淡的投票情况的自由民主党人,正需要利用这一麻木期来争取那些立场不坚定的选民。有些议员一周仅在议会大厦工作一天。Other MPs are away from Parliament for different reasons. For those with comfortable majorities, foreign junkets and media careers beckon. “Ive never had more time to write,”chuckles one. So occupied are some MPs with their second jobs that Andrew Lansley, the leader of the House of Commons, is said to have reminded them that their first duty is to their voters. Scottish MPs have a less cushy distraction: canvassing voters ahead of the referendum on independence, which will take place in September.另一些议员因为不同原因离开了议会。对于舒适的大多数议员,国际旅行和媒体事业吸引着他们。一名议员笑道:“我从来没有这么多时间来写作。”一些其他有副业的议员也过着充实的日子,例如下议院领袖安德鲁·兰斯利(Andrew Lansley)。据说他已经提醒大家,他们最重要的任务就是对选民负责。而苏格兰议员们却并不轻松,他们还需要关注这一问题:在九月开始独立公投之前拉选票。Those left in Westminster spend their time on three main things. One is scrutiny. Since 2010 select committees have been elected by MPs rather than by party bosses. That has enlivened them. They are busy holding the government to account and, in the case of the Consolidation Bills committee, tidying up outdated legislation. One recent victim was a series of 19th-century laws governing the railways in Imperial India. “The romantic in me was rather sad to see them go,” says Robert Buckland, one of its members.留在议会大厦的议员们主要进行三项工作。一是选票复查工作。自2010年,特别委员会由议员选举,而不是党魁。这使得他们生机勃勃。特别委员会忙于令政府负责,至于合并法案委员会,他们正整理过时的立法法案。近期,一系列19世纪的印度帝国铁路法律遭到废除。特委会成员罗伯特·巴克兰德(Robert Buckland)称,“看着他们被废除,我很难过。”Others pursue idiosyncratic political campaigns. Peter Bone, an outspoken Tory, is trying to rename the August Bank Holiday after Margaret Thatcher. Other campaigns concern b-and-butter matters like household bills and consumer rights. Robert Halfon, the Conservative MP for Harlow, a blue-collar town in Essex, is especially prolific. His Additional Charges for Utility Bills Not Paid by Direct Debit (Limits) Bill awaits its second ing. In the lobbies and tearooms these campaigning MPs seek their colleagues support for such private members bills, Early Day Motions (short written declarations) and backbench debates.其他议员追求特殊政治运动。心直口快的保守党议员彼得·伯恩(Peter Bone)继玛格丽特·撒切尔之后,正试图重新命名八月公共假日。其他运动关注民生问题,如家庭出和消费者权利。罗伯特·阿尔丰(Robert Halfon)是埃塞克斯蓝领镇哈洛的保守党成员,他在这一运动中硕果累累。他提出的《不额外收取水电费由直接借记付(限制)法案》正等着第二次阅读。在大厅和茶室里,这些运动的议员都就类似的私有法案、早一天运动以及后座议员辩论寻求同事们的持,Other parliamentarians are busy agitating within their parties. Pressure groups of MPs are becoming more vocal, and new ones like Renewal (a campaign for working-class Conservatism) and One Nation (a gang of young Labour MPs) have sprung up. Some of these publish reports and papers, others host guest speakers. “Every five minutes there is another bloody supper club,” groans one MP in a marginal seat. These gatherings mostly serve as networking opportunities. More troublingly, for party leaders, they are also perfect places for idle hands to make trouble: for leadership pretenders to peacock and for disgruntled MPs to plot and scheme. Tory backbenchers have taken to gathering signatures on letters grousing about government policy.其他议员正忙于在其党派内鼓吹信息。议会施压小组变得更加有力,新的运动不断涌现,如“复兴”(一项为保守党工薪阶层而掀起的运动)和“单一民族党”(一群年轻的工党议员)。有些运动发布了报告和文件,有些则客串嘉宾主持人。一位在边缘席位的议员呻吟道:“每五分钟就有一场血雨腥风。”这些聚会主要是作为联系机会而存在的。更麻烦的是,对于党魁来说,这里也是一个闲杂人等闹事的好地方:对于假装领导人的人来说,是个炫耀的好地方,对于心存不满的议员来说,是个密谋和计划的好地方。保守党后座议员已经开始收集签名,抱怨政府政策。The depth of Westminsters legislative lull may be unusual, but it is not entirely new. In the 1850s the Spectator, a news magazine, reported that Parliament was so quiet “you may hear a bill drop.” In the 18th century MPs could talk for as long as they liked—and often did—as their colleagues ate oranges and cracked nuts. Something for MPs to ponder, in between doing not very much.议会大厦立法间歇的深度可能非同寻常,但也并非全新。19世纪50年代的《旁观者》杂志报道,议会安静得“听得到法案落地的声音”。18世纪,议员们可以想说多久说多久—事实上他们的确经常这样做—而他们的同事吃着橘子和坚果。有些东西需要议员思考,其中很多事情他们做得并不好。译者:卫婷婷 校对:周晓婷 译文属译生译世 /201509/400414

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