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哈尔滨哪家医院无痛人流做的好呀哈尔滨人流哪家好而且便宜Now, ladies and gentlemen, you aly know this, but we face—we face some pretty big threats in this country.女士们先生们,大家都知道,我们这个国家面临着一些巨大的威胁。You know, Isis, Iran, the looming specter of a Deez Nutz presidency. All very real.比如ISIS恐怖组织,伊朗核问题,和可能会成功当选总统的演员。这都是真实存在的。But for one neighborhood in New York, a recent threat has overshadowed them all. Take a look.但是在纽约的一条街,最近出现了一样东西威胁着所有人的生活。一起来看看。Everyones got problems, of course. But this one is a bit unusual.每个人在生活中都会遇到困难。但是这个有点不寻常Some people in a neighborhood are having to worry about a cat.有条街上的居民的正常生活就受到了一只猫的威胁Yes, a house pat. Apparently it is ferocious.对,家养的宠物猫。很明显这只猫很凶It has got so scary that police are sending out reverse 911 calls telling people to be on the lookout.它看起来很可怕,甚至911开始给市民打电话提醒大家注意安全Is there a part of the story were missing? Did the cat learn how to use a gun?这个事情里我们是不是漏掉了一些信息?比如说这只猫会开之类的?They said theyre making reverse 911 calls.新闻中说911都给市民打电话了The police are calling people to warn them about a cat! Thats not how emergencies work.警察给市民打电话让他们小心一只猫!紧急求助电话可不是这么用的!If theres a problem, send cops. Send firemen. Dont just call me.如果真出了什么事儿,找警察啊,或者找消防啊,别光给我打电话啊Hey, theres a killer loose in your neighborhood so keep your head on a swivel and dont get murdered. OK. Bye-bye.听着,现在有个逃犯跑到了你们街上,小心点儿,别被杀了,好了挂了Ive moved to Los Angeles, and Ive never once gotten a phone call from the police.我搬到洛杉矶去住了,可我从来没接到过警察给我打的电话And this is the city that invented the bloods and the crips.这可是一个发明了臭名昭著的bloods and crips这种黑帮说唱的城市啊Apparently it has gotten so bad, some people are taking drastic measures.很明显事态恶化的很严重,有些人已经开始采取极端措施Some people say they are so scared they are not even leaving their homes. Others say they only feel safe in the pool.一些人说他们很害怕,所以决定不再出家门半步。其他人说只有待在泳池里才会让他们觉得比较安心He came out of nowhere. All of a sudden, he just leaped a at me and I kicked him and he came again.那只猫无处不在。它突然出现在我面前,我就一脚把它踢开了,结果它又来了I mean, you know the old sayings, a cat has nine lives.你们都听过这个说法吧,猫有九条命A cat always lands on its feet.它们被从空中扔下的时候永远是四脚着地。If a cat scratches you, move into your pool.如果猫挠了你一下,赶紧躲到水池里Are they going to sleep in the pool?他们要在泳池里睡觉吗?All right, everyone take turns on the pool noodle.好了,泡沫浮条大家轮流着用You know well take shifts. Danny, youve got first watch. Grab your flashlight and slingshot. OK?中间会换人。丹尼,你先看。拿好手电筒和弹弓But dad, my skin is so pruney! Just do it! And you would do it too.可是爸,我的皮肤都泡胀了。照我说的做!然后你就按他说的做了Because lets not forget, this is a man who admitted to kicking a cat on television,大家可别忘了这个人甚至敢于在电视上公开承认他踢过猫,so when that dad asks you to move into the pool, you move into that pool.那么,他叫你躲到泳池里去,你就得去But it is a problem, and if you dont want to live in your pool, theres only one solution for a problem like this.还有个问题,如果你不想一直住在泳池里,就只有一个办法可以解决这个难题This guy says he got into his house and his cat sat on the welcome mat waiting for him to come out.这个人说他进屋了,猫就坐在他家门口的软垫上等他出来He said he was so scared he took his family to stay at a relatives house. The cat is still out there.他说他实在是很害怕,于是就带上家人躲到亲戚家去了。然而那只猫还在那This is a cat, and all of these people are acting like they owe Tony Soprano ,000.不过是只猫而已,然而所有人都表现得好像他们欠了托尼·色谱拉诺四万美元一样That family had to go and stay with their relatives. How desperate was that phone call?那家人不得不搬去亲戚家。那通电话该有多绝望啊?Hey, Dave, listen. Were in a bit of a bind.嗨,戴夫,是这样的,我们碰上了点儿小麻烦Can we come and stay with you for a couple of months?我们能搬来你们家住几个月吗?Theres a house cat outside our front door and we cant leave!因为有只宠物猫一直在我家大门口守着不让我们出去!OK, all right. Guys, grab everything you need.好的,大家把能带的都带上Socks, underwear, passports, because we dont know when were coming back.鞋子,内衣,护照之类的都要,鬼知道我们什么时候才能回来I mean from the way I see it, weve got one shot from the door to the car. And kids, some of us might not make it.我觉得,有个机会可以让我们从门口跑到车里。孩子们,我们中可能会有人跑不过去Here is the plan. Im going to roll a ball of yarn, and when I do, run for your life! Go! Go! Go!以下是我的计划。我会扔一团毛线去吸引它的注意,我一扔,你们就赶紧逃命去吧!快!快!快!201706/512880哈尔滨人工流产 This is an interesting painting and I want you to just take a look at it for a few seconds before we talk about it.这是一幅很有趣的画 我想在我们讨论它之前 让你先观察几秒Ive looked at this painting a thousand times.我已经看了一千遍这幅画了I use it in my classes, Ive seen it in art museums when its been on view and there are so many subtleties.我把它应用在课堂上 当它展览的时候我也在艺术物馆里见到过 这里有太多的细微之处可供探究But one of the assumptions that I made, not as an art historian不以艺术史学者身份 而仅仅是以艺术品观赏者身份 我曾有过这样一个猜想but just a viewer of art is that what I was looking at on the plate was a piece of meat like a piece of ham with and eye in the center.那就是碟子上我所见到的是一片肉像是一片正中央有着眼睛的火腿片And when I first showed it at one of my classes I said okay whos going to tell me what they?see后来当我第一次在班里展示这幅画时 我说 好 现在谁能跟我说说你看到了什么and someone raised his hand and said thats a big old pancake on the plate.有学生举手说他看到有一块变质的大煎饼在盘子里And I would have never considered that it was a pancake.我从没想过那是一块煎饼Is it a material distinction? Maybe, maybe not.这是材质之间的区别吗 有可能 但也有可能不是But he was so sure that it was a pancake and I was so sure that it was a piece of meat,但是他确定那是一块煎饼 同时我则确信那是一片肉while it might seem like a really subtle distinction its not if you think about something like eyewitness testimony.然而这区别看起来相当微妙 而若你考虑到像人词这样的情景时就不再是微妙的区别了Well, he was wearing a red sweater.比如 他那时穿着一件红色的毛衣No, he was wearing a blue sweater. Thats a big difference.不 他那时穿着一件蓝色的毛衣 那就是一个巨大的差别And one of the things that reminded me of the Magritte painting这幅玛格丽特的油画使我想到发生在德州的一个犯罪现场there was a crime scene in Texas and they were speaking to a witness and they said what did he look like?警员正在与人进行交流 询问嫌疑人的体貌特征What did the suspect look like?到底嫌疑人的体貌特征是怎样的And the witness said he had a cowboy hat on.人说他戴着一顶“牛仔帽”So everyone was looking, and in Texas lots of people wear ten-gallon hats.于是所有人都在找一个戴着“牛仔帽”的人 而德州的人多是戴“牛仔沿帽”So they were looking for a suspect with a cowboy hat on.于是大家都是找一个戴着(有帽沿的)“牛仔帽”的嫌疑人Well, it turns out the suspect was wearing a Dallas Cowboys cap.那么 结果发现是嫌疑人戴的是一顶达拉斯牛仔帽(注:跟德州的不一样,达拉斯的是有帽舌)So the choice of words it wasnt a cowboy hat it was a Dallas Cowboys hat.所以正确的词应该是一顶达拉斯牛仔帽 而不是牛仔帽The idea of saying what you see and being sure about what you say thats how communication lines can get crossed.如何表述你所见以及确信你所言会影响交流能否顺利得到And another interesting thing about that Magritte painting that I found fascinating, one of the wonderful things about writing the book is people write to you.而我从玛格丽特的画中发现很美妙的另一件事是和写书有关的一件妙事是读者会给你写信They your book and they send you their own observations他们在读过你的书之后 会告诉你他们自己的发现and I received an email from a woman who said has anyone ever told you我曾经收到过一位女士的电邮 说之前是否有看这幅画的人告诉你when they look at that painting and describe it to you that the fork to the right of the plate is turned upside down and the tines are facing into the table.盘子右边的叉子是反着放的叉子的尖儿对着桌子I had never noticed that.我从没注意过这点I had a look at the painting a thousand times.这幅油画我看过上千遍And again, material difference?又来了 这是材质的区别吗?No. Critical? No. Important? Yes.不是 吹毛求疵吗 并不 重要吗 是的Its one of those details because if someone said to me describe the silverware in the painting I wouldve said you have a knife and a fork.这就是其中一个极易忽略的细节 因为如果有人请我描述图中的银器我会说图里的是一把刀和一把叉子And sometimes its those very small details of the tines facing the table that can bring a whole case together有时正是那些像叉子尖儿对着桌子一样极小的细节or crack a case or be that one detail that brings all the other pieces together.能将整个案件化零为整或者破获案件 又或者会是那一个关键细节去使其他所有细节融合起来201707/516785I just really think, I really believe this from the bottom of my heart,我这样想,我真的从心底认为I think we only live one time. And we dont act like it.我们只能活一次,但我们的表现却好像是从来没意识到这一点I wish in my 20s, I spent an enormous amount of time hanging out with 90-year-old people. 我曾希望在我二十多岁的时候,我花了很长时间和90多岁的老人们待在一起And it was unbelievably intense for me as somebody who is so ambicious.当我感受到他们中的某些人仍有野心的时候 我感到非常的不可思议At the time how many of them literally, one by one那时 他们当中有多少人 真的毫不夸张的说 一个接着一个at airport at airport, park or park, event or event, bar or bar从一个机场到另一个机场 从一个公园到另一个公园 从一件事到另一件事 从一个酒吧到另一个酒吧every one of them to a ;teen; started with ;Tell me about your life他们每个人都变成了青少年似的 以“跟我说说你的生活吧Im young kid. Im hungry. Youre old. I want to know. Tell me about your life.;我只是个小孩 我还在渴望 而你已经是一名年长者了 我想知道你的生活 告诉我呗;为开头Everyone of them,all of them started with ;I wish;.他们所有人都从;我希望;这三个字开始They all wished. They wished they worked harder.他们都梦想过 他们希望以前工作的时候更加努力They wished they spent more time with their family.他们希望过去能有更多的时间和家人在一起They wished they didnt listen to their mom and did what they wanted to do.他们希望从前没有听妈妈的话 只是去做他们想做的事情They wished, they wished, they wished.他们曾希望 他们曾希望 他们曾希望The biggest poison in us is regret. Its poison.人生路上最毒的毒药是悔恨 悔恨是毒药啊And I push so hard, so hard and will through my vehicle我将用我自己的驱动器奋力驱使自己which isnt meditation, which isnt health and wellness which isnt nonprofit.这种驱动器不是冥思 不是健康 也不是公益My vehicle is business.我的驱动器是事业Youre more than welcome to tell me how bad it is or你可能会非常热心地告诉我做事业如何糟糕或者是why you cant, because or what but its just not true.你做不到的原因之类的东西 但这些都是错误的Because if anybody ever did it then you can too.因为别人能成功 你也能成功201706/512257黑龙江省哈尔滨第八医院做彩超B超价格

呼兰区妇女医院是正当的吗TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201607/452225哈尔滨看妇科炎症那个医院比较好 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/466619哈尔滨市红十字中心医院人工流产多少钱

巴彦县保胎哪家医院最好的The extremist group Boko Haram released 21 Nigerian schoolgirls Thursday. The girls are now in the custody of the countrys domestic intelligence agency.周四,极端组织“科圣地”释放21名尼日利亚少女。现在,女孩由该国国内情报机构监护。Militants kidnapped 276 girls from a school in 2014. More than 50 were able to initially escape, and many of the other girls have been shown in the background of several Boko Haram s since then.2014年武装分子绑架了一所学校的276名女生。最初超过50人能够逃跑,自那时起其他许多女孩出现在几处“科圣地”视频的背景。Prior to Thursdays release, Boko Haram had freed just one other kidnapped schoolgirl. That happened in May of this year.周四释放女孩前,“科圣地”仅释放了另一名被绑架的女学生。这发生在今年5月。This latest release is the result of negotiations between militants and Nigerias government. 最近的释放是武装分子和尼日利亚政府之间谈判的结果。Its unclear if Boko Haram gained anything because of the release. 目前不清楚“科圣地”是否因释放获得任何东西。The Associated Press says detained Boko Haram leaders were given in exchange, but an anonymous source told CNN no such exchange occurred. 美联社表示,用了被拘留的“科圣地”领导人进行交换,但一处匿名消息告诉美国有线电视新闻网,没有发生这样的交易。译文属。201610/471639 Im always a little bit nervous taking people whove got no experience into a very wild place.我总是担心带那些完全没有经验的人 进入荒野地带You know, its one thing operating on my own.我一直都是单匹马Suddenly youve got other peoples lives in your hand.突然发现 手中还拽着其他人的生命You know, he instilled a lot of trust.他给我们灌输了很多信任And I think that was the most important thing I learned on this journey, was learn to trust.我觉得在这趟旅程中 我学到最重要的东西 便是信任When you see someone whos never done it before suddenly on the edge of the cliff,你看着一个没有任何经验的人 就这么突然站到了岩壁边上and you can almost feel their heart beating,and I could see that look of horror,你甚至能感受到他心跳加速 能看见他脸上的惶恐but, you know, he did it, and thats amazing to see.但最后 他成功了 这真令人惊叹As terrified as I was,I think it made me a stronger person by coming out here虽然我一直提心吊胆 但这段刻骨铭心的经历and experiencing it and putting myself in those kind of situations.这番身临其境的洗礼 让我变得更加坚强And it really did push us to the limit.它也确实让我们超越了极限I think its always captivating,seeing somebody overcome real struggles.能目睹他人征那些真正的困难 总是令人心驰You know, we gave them the whole nine yards.我们完全放手让他们去做We didnt kind of hand it to them.并没有伸出援手And we threw them in, literally, the deep end.可以说 我们把他们投入了困境之中You know, this is ;Man vs. Wild;. This is the real deal.这就是荒野求生 这可是来真的We came to Canada, and were done with Canada.我们来到加拿大 并成功结束了加拿大之旅This experience has been unbelievable.这是段难以置信的经历201707/517142哈尔滨市第六医院收费好不好哈尔滨市可视无痛流产



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