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哈尔滨市医院哪家好哈一大一院打胎妇科整形宫颈糜烂Top TV stars over 40 Showbiz Tonight's Brooke Anderson and More Magazine name the top women on TV who make over 40 look fabulous. The CNN contact is sponsored by the Dow chemical company, finding the bond between the chemistry and human. Hi there, I'm Brooke Anderson and welcome to the Showbiz Tonight podcast. Now this is where we go inside Hollywood's biggest story. By now is the Showbiz's special event over 40 and fabulous. Showbiz Tonight has teamed up with More Magazine to name the top-10 women on television who are making over 40 look fabulous. Stars like Felicity Huffman, Sally Field and Brooke Shields are taking Hollywood by storm and making all those stereotypes about aging disappear in the air. Here's your excusive look at some of the top-10 women in TV who make over 40 look fabulous. In Hollywood, the women of TV are really proving the age is just a number. How are you being here my husband's graveside, that's in position. It's true, Showbiz Tonight can tell you women over 40 are now dominating TV. From 61-year-old Sally Field on A's 'Brothers and Sisters'. You are sharing a toco with your daughter I can lead the way. To 43-year-old lipstick jungle star Brooke Shields. I don't know, I'm just over-clastic. Today I dropped tailor off in the kindergarten class, and taken in first grade. These women are proving you certainly can have it all, even if they are over 40. And Showbiz Tonight is teaming up with More Magazine to name the top-10 women on TV who make over 40 look fabulous. If you are over 40, you are having shows actually crafted for you. Lesley Jane Seymour, who's the editor-in-chief of More Magazine tells Showbiz Tonight her ers are cheering over the fabulous over 40 set. Let's face it, you know, at a certain point in your life, you are not even able to get to the movies all the time. We are all incredibly dizzy, TV's a lot easier to deal with. And it's wonderful to check in on a weekly basis, and not have to wait, you know, 6 months through a year to see the people you really relate to. And women are relating to one of Showbiz Tonight and More Magazine's top-10 pitch, Brooke Shields. Showbiz Tonight broke the news to broadcast the season premiere party for lipstick jungle, and Brooke tells us she is excited. I'm just honored to even be, still be around. You know I think I, I feel I can finally believe it or not, coming into my own, physically and emotionally. And it's taken a while but I'm thankful for the honor. Shields through been in the business since she was just a baby is now juggling two babies and a successful TV career. And her lipstick jungle co-star Kim Raver tells Showbiz Tonight Brooke is just fabulous. She is incredibly intelligent, she is so funny, she is one of the most generous women I know. 70-year-old legendary actress Mary Tyler Moore tells Showbiz Tonight she's been a fan of Brooke for years. She is so good, She makes her comedy so real, she is down the earth. She is balancing everything in her home life and doing these acting things on TV, so it really hits some. And Brooke has plenty of companies, also smashing right rule the ridiculous aging stereotype in Hollywood is Emmy award winning actress Sally Field who is 61 and also on the Showbiz Tonight and More Magazine's top-10 list of women on TV making over 40 look fabulous. I would say that Sally Field definitely must have some painting that's aging somewhere in her house, because it is not showing up from her face. And another face proving older is better. 43-year-old Kyra Sedgwick who plays deputy Police Chief Brenda Johnson in the Closer. Useless crap and no more could pardon you. Here are knows a thing or two about steen power. She turns in practically an Oscar award performance every single time, and more so than that, she is too pat us. The nap ! XXX, how are you doing? 45-year-old Felicity Huffman is doing just fine, thank you. And also makes the Showbiz Tonight and More Magazine's top-10 list playing the hurried housewife Lynette Scavo on Desperate Housewives. What's up? You look good. Felicity Huffman is amazing because, you know, she is the the typical frazzled housewife. And Huffman who was featured on the cover of More September issue is honored about her real life juggles as a mom with two kids. In her real life, she will tell you that, you know, children are everything for her, she has a job and a career. A running theme for this fabulous over 40 sets. Even Oscar winning 50-year-old star Holly Hunter who became a first time mom to twins when she was 47, is proved that women over 40 can be that fabulous. Much fabulous north, have some women album. Hunter plays a smoking, bench-drinking, sexually charged Oklahoma City police detective, on her hit shows Saving Grace. Remember she must got you red, neck ass. And did we mention she can throw quite a punch. Remember Showbiz Tonight is TV's most provocative entertainment new show, you can always catch Showbiz Tonight on the 11, 11 PM Eastern and Pacific, and in the morning 11 AM Eastern. Thanks for watching the Showbiz Tonight podcast, I'm Brooke Anderson.200810/54332哈尔滨四院打胎流产要花多少钱 Coolest cars of 08, part 1 Fortune's Sue Callaway picks the fastest, best performing and good looking sports cars and takes them to the track. Hi, I am Sue Callaway, car columnist of Fortune Magazine. And I am here the Las Vegas motor’s field way to test the coolest cars of 08. Wow, Lamborghini knows not only how to feel the joy ride, this is a thrill ride, this is a most engaging brutal, drawn, crazy car out here. So many cars coming up today, even with the super cars are building in so many small electronics that control your traction in your brake balance, well this doesn’t have all that junk on it, this is a pure Italian monster. Porsche has been evolving and refining the 911 Turbo for decades. You might think that make it ubiquitous, he did see lot of them on the roads. But I’ve got to tell you, of all the cars here today, this is the most capable and easiest to drive of all of them. Stand out to the rest of the competition, but only you as a driver look amazing. This is the incredible car that gold standard of sports cars. I had to sit down for this one, I never through I’d see it, but I am glad to finally, an American super car that is worthy of its competition. The Corvette ZR1 is incredibly competent, incredibly powerful machine. Trashing control on, it’s balanced, it’s powerful, it / to do anything stupid. Trashing control off, you can slide this car around for days unlike an all-wheel drive car like the 911 Turbo. Bravo, GM, this wins the final reward. But here’s a strange problem I ran into today, the Nissan GT-R is so competent, I really wasn’t aware of the performance level I was getting. Sure I felt the tiers’ squealing and you know, it’s hitting the gas as hard as I could on the street way, but it felt like kind of a daily drive until I look down and realize that hitting higher numbers than any other cars so far today. In fact, for 70,000 dollars, the cheapest car in the line up. You are getting performance that battles the 911 Turbo, the Lamborghini Gallardo, all the other all wheel drive competition out there. Are there a few niggles, its second gear too short, but I change the shape of paddle shipped. Yeah, maybe, but, come on, this is an insanely good deal and an insanely competent. 200811/54874Britain to Hold Independent Inquiry into Iraq War英对卷入伊拉克战争进行独立调查British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced a broad, independent inquiry into the country's involvement in the Iraq war. But despite considerable pressure, Mr. Brown said the inquiry would not be held in public.英国首相布朗宣布就英国卷入伊拉克战争的问题进行一次范围广泛的独立调查。但是尽管有很大的压力,布朗说,这次调查将不公开进行。Speaking before the House of Commons, Mr. Brown said since British military operations in Iraq have ended, the time had come for a thorough inquiry into the war.布朗在下议院讲话时说,既然英国在伊拉克的军事任务已经结束,现在是对战争进行彻底调查的时候了。"I am today announcing the establishment of an independent privy counselor committee of inquiry. It will consider the period from summer 2001, before military operations began in March 2003, and our subsequent involvement in Iraq right until the end of July this year," he said.布朗说:“我今天宣布成立独立调查顾问委员会。该委员会将调查从2001年夏天到2003年三月军事行动开始之前,以及我们随后参与伊拉克战争直到今年7月结束为止这段时间。”The prime minister said the inquiry would be fully independent with access to all relevant British documents and witnesses. Mr. Brown said he expected it to last about one year.布朗说,这次调查会完全独立,可以查阅所有和英国有关文件,探访人。布朗说,他预期这次调查将进行大约一年。"I have asked the members of the inquiry that the final report of the inquiry will be able to disclose all but the most sensitive information, that is, all information except that which is essential to our national security," he added.他说“我已经要求委员会成员,这个调查报告的最终结果除了最敏感的信息以外将会公布于众,也就是说,除了最重要的国家安全问题外,其他所有的信息都可以公布。”Prime Minister Brown said the disclosed findings would be debated in parliament. But, he said the inquiry itself would be conducted in private. 布朗首相说,公布的结果将在议会进行辩论。但是布朗说,调查本身将在私下进行。That displeased those who had pushed for a full public inquiry into the war, among them Nick Clegg, leader of the opposition Liberal Democrats.这使得那些推动进行公开调查卷入伊拉克战争原因的人士感到非常不快,尼克·克莱格就是这些人士当中的一位,他是反对派自由民主党的领导人。"A secret inquiry conducted by a clutch of grandees, handpicked by the prime minister is not what Britain needs. Does the Prime Minister not understand that the purpose of an inquiry is not just to produce a set of conclusions, but to allow the people of Britain to come to terms with a mistake made in their name," said Clegg.克莱格说:“由一伙贵族,首相精心挑选的人所进行的秘密调查不是英国所需要的。首相先生难道不明白调查的目的不是仅仅为了得出一套结论,而是要允许英国民众明白以他们的名义所犯的错误。”Mr. Brown said a private inquiry would encourage witnesses to speak out more freely. He also said the investigation would not seek to lay blame.布朗说,私下调查可以鼓励见人更自由地讲话,他还说,这次调查不会追究责任。"As I have made clear the primary objective of the committee will be to identify lessons learned. The committee will not set out to apportion blame or consider issues of civil or criminal liability," Brown explained.他说:“就像我已经清楚地表明的那样,这个委员会的主要目标不是指明所得到的教训。这个委员会不会追究责任,不会考虑民事或是刑事责任的问题。”That comment did not go down well with the leader of the opposition Conservatives, David Cameron.这种说法没有顺利地得到认可,反对派保守党的领导人戴维·卡梅伦反驳说:"If mistakes were made we need to know who made them and why they were made," he said.“如果犯了错误,我们需要知道是谁犯了这些错误,为什么犯了这些错误。”Britain has held four different and more specific inquiries into the Iraq war. This one is designed to be the most comprehensive.英国已经对伊拉克战争进行了四次不同、也更为具体的调查。这次调查是所有调查中最全面的一次。British forces were based mainly in southern Iraq, around the city of Basra. They ended full military operations at the end of April and fewer than 500 British troops remain in the country. Britain says 179 of its troops have died in Iraq.英国军队在伊拉克主要驻守在南方城市巴士拉附近。他们四月底结束了所有的军事任务,目前只有500名军人留守在伊拉克。英国说,179名将士在伊拉克战争中殉职。06/74404哈尔滨哪个医院看不孕好

黑龙江省哈尔滨八院在线医生WHO says Swine Flu Virus Unpredictable and Constantly Changing世卫促各国不要放松防范流感戒备The World Health Organization says flu viruses are unpredictable and constantly changing. It says countries must not let down their guard, but must remain vigilant in monitoring the evolution of the Influenza A, H1N1 virus, which is being called Swine Flu. The number of cases officially reported to WHO from 20 countries stands at 1025 confirmed cases, including 26 deaths.世界卫生组织表示,甲型H1N1流感病毒是不可预测的,并且在不断地变化。该组织说,各个国家一定不要掉以轻心,而是要继续保持戒备,监督目前被称为猪流感的甲型H1N1流感病毒的变异发展。20个国家向世界卫生组织报告的官方确诊数字是,1025个感染病例,包括26个死亡病例。The World Health Organization says people should not focus too much on the figures, as they are fluid and change with great frequency. It says the influenza A H1N1 virus is continuing to evolve and no one yet knows whether it will be a mild or serious outbreak. 世界卫生组织表示,人们不应该过于关注数字,因为数字是不稳定并经常变化的。该组织说,甲型H1N1流感病毒在继续变化,没有人知道这次的疫情轻微还是严重。Assistant Director-General for Health Security and Environment, Keiji Fukuda, says the largest number of cases continue to be reported from Mexico, the ed States and Canada, although infections are reported in Asia, Europe and Latin America.世卫组织负责卫生安全与环境的助理总干事福田敬二说,墨西哥、美国和加拿大报告的甲型H1N1流感病例仍然是最多的,尽管亚洲、欧洲和拉丁美洲也有感染甲型H1N1流感病毒的病例。He says WHO is maintaining its international influenza pandemic alert at phase five. He says there has to be evidence of sustained community transmission of the virus in a c