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Researchers have even linked children with elevated lead levels with a higher propensity toward crime later in life.Now, state officials are urging schools around the state to test their water for lead.But its also important to know whats going on at home.So with all eyes on water in Flint, you might be wondering whether you should have your tap water tested.Should I test my water?Public drinking water utilities are supposed to routinely test for lead under a rule in the Safe Water Drinking Act.Theyre supposed to go out and sample places in the system where they know lead can be a potential problem – those are places where, for example, water is delivered through an old water line made of lead.Your city is supposed to know where those lead service lines are ...Your city is supposed to know where those lead service lines are, so you can call your city and ask if they know whether theres a lead service line running to your house.In Flint, they might not be prepared to answer that question yet (the information is on index cards that they are trying to digitize). In Lansing, for example, you can give them your address and theyll tell you over the phone whether theres a lead service line running to your house.Its relatively easy, with a Google search, to find out what the lead tests show for your municipal drinking water supply.Water utilities typically manage the drinking water chemistry to control for corrosion in the pipes. It cuts down on the amount of lead that can leach from old pipes into your drinking water. Flint and state officials did not proactively manage for corrosion after the city switched its water supply in early 2014 - a pretty unusual situation.But even though the utility does tests in the system, the situation in your house can always be a little different. The plumbing and/or faucets in your house can contain lead, so ultimately, it never hurts to test your own water.How do I test for lead in water?I called up several cities in Michigan to see how they answered this question.In Grand Rapids, they referred me to the state.In Lansing, they referred me to the county health department. But they did offer to look up an address to see whether the home was serviced by a lead service line.In Ann Arbor, they assured me they test the water, that there are no lead service lines in the city, and offered a free lead test on the first sample.In Flint, youre supposed to be eligible for a free water test if you live in the city. When I called, they were busy, so I had to leave a message at the water plant.If you end up having to pay for it, a water lead test costs around or less. Check with your county or with this state lab for instructions on how to pull the sample.Lead paint is still the main concernIf you live in a home built in 1978 or earlier, you can assume theres lead paint in it somewhere.Heres how the EPA breaks down the risk of lead being in your home depending on when its built:The question is – do you have kids that can get exposed to it? You can talk to your kids doctor about testing them for lead exposure if you live in an older home.Mary Sue Schottenfels is the Executive Director of Clear Corps Detroit. The group helps homeowners clean up lead and other potential hazards in homes.She says the only real way to know where the hazards are in your house is to hire a professional.;To really properly test for lead, youve really got to test every component that either is deteriorating, like chipping and peeling paint, paint on a porch, paint on a railing, or is inherently a hazard like a window that goes up and down, or a door that bangs.;Friction on windows or door jambs can create lead dust – and that dust is one of the biggest ways kids can get exposed to unsafe levels of lead.Paul Haan is the executive director of the Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan. He said he once asked a lead assessment professional in Grand Rapids about lead and windows.;And I asked her, how often do you go into an older house thats still an older house, that hasnt been remodeled... and find a window that does not have lead-based paint on it? And she just looked at me with a blank stare and chuckled and said, that never happens,; Haan said.Haan said just about every pre-1950s house tested has lead-based paint on the windows.The other reason to hire a professional is that lead can show up in some surprising places – like bathtubs – old ceramic pots and pans – or the soil outside of your house.You can find a list of professional contractors who can do these tests on this state website.Its not cheap, but you can start smallWhole house lead evaluations like this can run 0 to 0. They use x-ray fluorescence tools to find the lead, and in the end, you get a full report of where the lead is in your house. This can be useful to avoid or fix potential hot spots, and to inform any future remodeling plans.But you can start small too. Lead testing kits from hardware stores can give you an indication of where lead might be – keep in mind that you might get false positives with those kits, or you might not find lead that is below other surfaces (like under several layers of non-lead paint).Another thing you can do is take individual samples yourself. You can send in individual soil samples, or you can get wipes that test for lead in your house.You might be able to get help from federal lead hazard reduction programsThere are several lead hazard reduction programs around the state.Depending on your circumstances, some of these programs will pay to clean up the lead in your house, some will ask you to contribute a little to the project, and some will do the work financed with a 0% loan on the house.With most of these programs, youll have to meet certain requirements.Your income has to be below a certain level.You have to live in an older home.You have to have a child in the house that is 5 years old or younger (they might want that child tested for lead).And you might have to show that the taxes are current on the house.To know the exact requirements in your area, follow the links below for more information:The State of Michigan - Lead Safe Home programDetroit – Clear Corps DetroitWest Michigan – Healthy Homes Coalition of West MichiganWayne CountySaginaw CountyGenesee CountyMuskegon CountyMost of the money for these lead abatement programs comes from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Money for the programs changes year by year, and counties, cities, and the state have to apply for the funds. The state of Michigan recently contributed .75 million to its lead abatement program.Right now in Michigan, these are the active lead remediation grants in the state:State of Michigan - ,410,000 - Lead Hazard ControlSaginaw County - ,000,001 - Lead Hazard ControlMichigan Dept. of Community Health - ,070,001 - Lead Hazard ControlGenesee County Health - ,070,000 - Lead Hazard ControlBerrien County Health Department - ,000,000 - Lead Hazard ControlSaginaw County - ,100,000 - Lead Hazard ControlCounty of Muskegon - ,100,000 - Lead Hazard ControlMichigan Department of Community Health - ,479,602 - Lead Hazard ControlWayne County - ,480,000 - Lead Hazard ControlCity of Detroit - ,525,371 - Lead Hazard Reduction DemonstrationCity of Lansing - ,728,605 - Lead Hazard Reduction DemonstrationSoutheastern Michigan Health Association - 9,995 - Healthy Homes DemonstrationYou might also qualify for a 0% development loanIf you dont qualify for a lead abatement grant program, you might still qualify for whats known as a ;community development block grant.;Typically, these are 0% loan programs to improve the housing stock in the city.Detroit has a new program called Detroits 0% Home Repair Loans program.To see whether your city or area offers these loans, check with your local community development office.And if you dont qualify for any of these programs, you can find a list of contractors who can do lead abatement work here.201510/403907

Demography人口统计学Hip and hobbling时髦与蹒跚齐行Not all towns are desperate to attract young people并不是所有城镇都渴望吸引年轻人Nationally, an ageing population is a problem. But locally it can be a boon. The over-50s control 80% of Britains wealth, and like to spend it on houses and high-street shopping. The young “generation rent”, by contrast, is poor, distractible and liable to shop online.在国际上,人口老龄化是个问题。但在地方范围内,这可能是个福音。在英国,50岁以上的人群掌握着80%的财富,并乐于将这些财富用于购置房产和商场购物。相比而言,年轻的“租房一代”经济比较拮据,很容易分心,且依赖网上购物。People aged between 50 and 74 spend twice as much as the under-30s on cinema tickets. Between 2000 and 2010 restaurant spending by those aged 65-74 increased by 33%, while the under-30s spent 18% less. The pension pots liberated by George Osbornes budget earlier this year will likely pour into property. And while the young still struggle to find work, older people are retiring later. During the financial crisis full-time employment fell for every age group but the over-65s, and there has been a rash of older entrepreneurs. Pensioners also support the working population by volunteering: some 100 retirees in Christchurch help out as business mentors.年龄在50到74岁之间的人群花在电影票上的钱是30岁以下人群的两倍之多。在2000年到2010年间,65到74岁人群的餐厅费用增长了33%,而30岁以下人群则减少了18%。今年年初因乔治·奥斯本的新财政预算案而被释放的养老金池将很可能大量涌入流通市场。当年轻人还在找工作的苦海中挣扎时,老年人的退休年龄却越来越推后了。金融危机期间,各个年龄阶层的全职工作率都降低了,只有65岁以上的人群没有受到影响,并且还出现了大批的老年企业家。领取养老金的人还通过志愿务来帮助工作人群:克莱斯特彻奇就有约100名退休人员志愿成为企业导师。Even if they wanted to, most small towns and cities could not capture the cool kids. Mobile young professionals cluster, and greatly prefer to cluster in London. Even supposed meccas like Manchester are ageing: clubs in that city are becoming members-only, and there are an increasing number of places, as one resident puts it, that “a 19-year-old wouldnt be seen dead in”. Towns that aim too young, like Bracknell and Chippenham, can find their high streets full of closed La Senzas (a lingerie chain) and struggling tattoo parlours. Outside Britains capital, high concentrations of youth are commonly tied to high unemployment rates.即使很多小城镇希望吸引年轻人,它们也做不到。流动的年轻人喜欢扎堆,尤其是喜欢聚集在伦敦。即使是像曼彻斯特这样所谓的麦加圣地也在逐渐老龄化:城市里的俱乐部正转向会员制,正如一个当地居民所说,越来越多的地方“看不到一个十九岁的少年在其中醉生梦死”。像布拉科内尔和切本哈姆这样定位于年龄过小的年轻人的城市,很容易发现自己的商业区满是倒闭的La Senzas(一内衣连锁店)和艰难经营的纹身室。在英国首都之外,年轻人的聚集通常都与高失业率捆绑在一起。Companies often lag behind local authorities in working this out. They are London-obsessed, and have been slow to appreciate the growing economic heft of the old—who are assumed, often wrongly, to stick with products they learned to love in their youth. But Caroyln Freeman of Revelation Marketing reckons Britain could be on the verge of a marketing surge directed at the grey pound, “similar to what we saw with the pink”. The window will not remain open forever: soon the baby boomers will start to ail, and no one else alive today is likely to have such a rich retirement.公司总是要比地方机构晚一步发现这个问题。他们痴迷于伦敦,并在欣赏日益增长的老年人不断提升的经济地位方面显得很迟钝——老年人通常被错误认为只会购买年轻时就认定了的产品。但来自Revelation Marketing(启示营销)的卡罗琳·弗里曼推测英国可能处于瞄准老年人钱包的营销边缘,“与我们从婴儿身上看到的潜力相似”。这么一个机会不会永远处于空窗期:很快婴儿潮世代的人年岁将会增长,而今天也再没有其他人会拥有这么好的退休待遇。Meanwhile, with the over-50s holding the purse strings, the towns that draw them are likely to grow more and more pleasant. The lord mayor of Manchester, Sue Cooley, notes that decent restaurants and nice shops spring up in the favoured haunts of the old, just as they do in the trendy, revamped boroughs of London. Latimer House, a Christchurch furniture store full of retro clothing and 1940s music, would not look out of place in Hackney. Improved high streets then entice customers of all ages.同时,由于50岁以上的人群手握着钱包,吸引他们的城镇正在变得越来越令人满意。曼彻斯特的荣誉市长苏·库利指出受老年人青睐的高档餐厅和精致的商店正在崛起,正如在伦敦时髦、改造过的街区一样。拉蒂之家,一家摆满复古饰、播放着40年代音乐的克莱斯特彻奇家具店,在哈克尼也不会显得格格不入。改进后的商业街可以吸引各个年龄层的顾客了。Indeed, gentrification and gerontification can look remarkably similar. Old folk and young hipsters are similarly fond of vinyl and typewriters, and wander about in outsized spectacles. Some people never lose their edge.确实,中产阶级化和老年化看起来惊人的相似。老伙计和年轻潮人都喜爱和打字机,并都戴着大号的眼镜在外闲逛。有些人永远风华正茂。 /201410/333529

Employment就业市场Zero tolerance毫无余地The problem with zero-hours contracts is not that they are too flexible零时工合同的问题可不是时间太灵活BRITAINS flexible labour market was a boon during the economic slump, helping keep joblessness down and then, when the recovery began, allowing employment to rise. Yet one of its bendier bits is causing politicians to fret. Ed Miliband, the leader of the Labour Party, has promised a crackdown on “zero-hours contracts” if he wins the next election. The government has launched a consultation.英国灵活的劳动力市场在经济衰退期间是一个福音,因为这既帮助压低失业率,而且当经济开始复苏又促进就业。但其所带来的一些福利却让政客们烦躁不安。工党领袖埃德·米利班德承诺如果他赢得下次选举,他将打击“零时工合同”。政府也就打击零时工合同的事项展开磋商。Zero-hours contracts allow firms to employ workers for as few or as many hours as they need, with no prior notice. In theory, at least, people can refuse work. Fully 1.4m jobs were based on these contracts in January 2014, according to a snapsho taken by the Office for National Statistics. That is just 4% of the total, but the share rises to a quarter in the hospitality business.零时工合同政策允许在没有事先通知的情况下雇佣工人工作,工作时间根据公司需求可长可短。在理论上,至少人们可以拒绝工作。根据国家统计局的统计,2014年1月,有140万个就业岗位是基于这种合约的。虽然只占总数的4%,但在酒店业务份额上,这种合同聘请的员工比例则有四分之一。The contracts are useful for firms with erratic patterns of demand, such as hotels and restaurants. They have also helped firms to expand during the recovery—allowing them to test new business lines before hiring permanent staff, who would be more costly to make redundant if things went wrong.零时工合同对酒店和餐馆这样不稳定需求模式的行业十分有用。这些零时工合同帮助公司在经济复苏期扩大规模,其方式是在雇佣固定员工之前测试应聘者的业务水平。因为一旦雇佣固定员工之后,这些员工出了问题,裁员的代价会更高。Flexibility suits some workers, too. According to one survey, 47% of those employed on zero-hours contracts were content to have no minimum contracted hours. Many of these workers are in full-time education. The ability to turn down work is important to students, who want to revise (or sit in the sun) at this time of year. Pensioners keen for a little extra income can often live with the uncertainty of not having guaranteed hours.灵活性对一些工人很适用。根据一项调查,47%零时工合同雇佣工对没有最少工时限制很满意,其中有很多人还在接受全日制教育。拒绝工作的能力对学生来说非常重要,因为他们想要在每年的这个时候复习(或者晒太阳)。渴望得到一点额外的收入的养老金领取者也可以在没有固定工作时间这种不确定的情况下游刃有余。Yet that leaves more than a quarter of workers on zero-hours contracts who say they are unhappy with their conditions. Some of this is cyclical. During recessions, a dearth of permanent positions forces people into jobs with no contracted hours even if they do not want them (the government has just said that unemployed people who refuse to accept zero-hours contracts could be cut off from benefits). Underemployment is particularly prevalent among these workers, 35% of whom would like more hours compared with 12% in other jobs. As the economy recovers, many should be able to renegotiate their contracts or find permanent jobs.然而,超过四分之一的零时工合同工说他们不满意他们的工作条件。有些不满是周期性的。在经济衰退期间,永久职位的缺乏迫使人们即使在不情愿的情况下也要选择没有合同时间的工作(政府刚刚说拒绝接受零时工合同的失业者有可能再也得不到好处)。这些工人中,失业情况尤其普遍,这些人中有35%想工作更长时间,而从事其他工作的人中只有12%想工作更久。随着经济的复苏,许多人能够重新协商合同或找到固定工作。But the recovery will not cause unwanted zero-hours contracts to disappear. Some workers will never have much negotiating power: they are constrained by geography, family commitments and lack of competition for their skills among a small number of big employers. Zero-hours contracts make it easier for employers to abuse their labour-market power. Some use them to avoid statutory obligations such as sick and maternity pay. Workers are penalised for not being available when requested. And some contracts contain exclusivity clauses which prevent workers from taking additional jobs. These can harm other employers as well as workers, and actually reduce labour market flexibility. That, at least, is worth doing away with.但经济复苏不会造成不必要的零时工合同消失。一些工人永远不会有太多的谈判资本: 在少量的大雇主面前,他们受到了地理、家庭承诺和技能竞争力等各方面限制。零时工合同使雇主能够更容易地滥用劳动力市场的力量。一些雇主用它来避免病假工资和产假工资等法定义务。工人们正在因为之前需要他们时没有及时到位而受到惩罚。一些合同还包含排他性条款,防止工人从事其他工作。这些既可以伤害其他雇主,也会伤害到工人;实际上,这也减少了劳动力市场的灵活性。所以至少这一项规定是应该摒弃的。译者:张丹 校对:周晓婷 译文属译生译世 /201508/392701Germanys parliament德国议会Order, order!命令不止Many Germans crave a less boring Bundestag, including its own president即便是总统也渴望议院不再那么无聊Gripped by question time被提问时间紧抓不放GERMANYS parliament, the Bundestag, has produced some memorable moments over the years. Whether they qualify as oratory is less clear. In 1984 a young Joschka Fischer (nobody dreamt of a Green foreign minister just 14 years later) yelled: “With your permission, Mr President, you are an arsehole!” Herbert Wehner, a leading member in the 1960s and 70s, told one opponent to “go wash yourself first” and another that “you are a pig, do you know that?”德国议会,即联邦议会在过去几年有过一些难忘的时刻。对于他们是否符合演讲这一点尚不明确。在1984年一位名叫约什卡·费舍尔的年轻人(没人会想到他会在那14年之后当上外交部长)呼喊:“总统先生,你就是个混蛋!”上世纪60年代至70年代领军人物赫伯特·维纳警告一个对手“先洗干净了再来”,又称另一个对手“你特么就是一头猪你造吗?”Those members attempting wit—and there are some—face a more humdrum reality. Often they address a chamber that is mostly empty. Chancellor Angela Merkel and her ministers, if present at all, sit diagonally behind the orators, so that they can ignore them and catch up on some ing. This may explain why many of Berlins political wonks go online for their thrills, watching prime ministers questions in Britains House of Commons. How else to have fun?那些领军人物们用仅剩的一些智慧来面另一个更加单调的现实。他们经常在一个几乎空无一人的屋子里演讲。总理安吉拉·默克尔和她的部长们如果出席了的话一般会坐在演说者的斜后面,这样他们就可以忽略那些演说家并且可以自己阅读自己的。这或许可以解释为什么很多柏林的政治家们喜欢在网上看着总理在英国下议院提问时自娱自乐。除了这样他们还有别的方式来寻开心吗?Certainly not during the two Bundestag slots allotted to “question time”. One, on the first Wednesday of a parliamentary session, is billed as an interrogation of the government. But the government chooses the topic, the opposition must submit questions in writing the preceding Friday and ministers usually dispatch minions to out replies. The second, also on Wednesdays, is meant to be more spontaneous but in practice turns out much the same.当然这不是在议会设置的两个“提问时间”期间。一个“提问时间”是一个议会期的第一个周三,这被称为政府的审讯。但是是由政府选择主题,反对党必须在之后的星期五写出要提交的问题,然后部长一般分派手下宣读答复。第二个“提问时间”也是在星期三,这原本是更加自发自由的,但实践明意义与前者没什么区别。In April Norbert Lammert, the Bundestags president, called these question periods the “weakest part of German parliamentary democracy” and “politically meaningless”. Last month he went from cranky to irate when, on one occasion, not a single cabinet member turned up. Another no-show, he let it be known, and he would call the charade off.在四月议会主席诺贝特·拉默特将这些“提问时间”为“德国议会民主最大的弱点”并且“毫无政治意义”。当上个月无人出席议会时,他开始暴走了。第二次时,他便将此公之于众且不找任何借口伪装了。The opposition, which has just one-fifth of the seats against the grand coalitions four-fifths, wants to change the format to make it more like Westminster, with direct questioning of the chancellor and her ministers. Unthinkable, for that would make politics a “show”, counters Mrs Merkels Christian Democratic Union, the largest party. (Mr Lammert is also a Christian Democrat, but the Bundestag is his focus of loyalty.) So here is a modest proposal: if witty repartee is out of the question, why not take a leaf out of the Ukrainian or Italian parliaments book and go straight to the fisticuffs?仅占五分之一席位的反对党来反对五分之四的大联盟,这五分之一希望能改变议会形式使之更像威斯敏斯特,可以更直接的向总理和部长提问。这个情形难以想象,因为这将使政治变成了一场“作秀”来抵制默克尔领导的最大党派基民盟。(拉默特也是基民盟党员,但是议会才是他效忠的重心。)因此得出了一个小小的建议:若已不能理智对话,为何不效仿乌克兰和意大利,亮出拳头一决雌雄?译者:邵夏沁 校对:顾佳慧 译文属译生译世 /201410/337819According to Hawaii officials, a small plane crashed on Monday morning near the island of Kauai, killing all five people aboard. 据夏威夷官员称,一架小型飞机周一上午在考艾岛附近坠毁,造成五人遇难。A county statement said that the plane, which was part of a skydiving tour, crashed around 9:30 a.m. near Port Allen Airport. 县声明表示,这架飞机属于空中跳伞演出,于早上9:30左右在艾伦港机场附近坠毁。The pilot, two skydiving instructors, and two jumpers were killed in the crash. 飞行员、两名跳伞教练和两名跳伞者在空难中丧生。Four of the people were declared dead at the scene while a fifth person was pronounced dead after being taken to a nearby hospital. 四人在现场被宣布死亡,第五人在被送往附近的医院后宣布死亡。Their identities have not been immediately released.他们的身份没有立即被公布。译文属。201605/445530

;When the dew is on the grass, rain will never come to pass;When grass is dry at morning light, look for rain before thenight.”“如果早晨青草上有露珠,当天就不会下雨;如果青草上没有露珠,傍晚前就会下雨。”Whats the science behind this old aphorism?这句古老的格言背后有什么样的科学依据呢?Is the amount ofdew in the morning a good way of predicting the weather forthe rest of the day?朝露的数量是一种很好的方式来预测当天天气情况吗?As a matter of fact, this saying is roughly accurate, at least in the spring and fall, but the reason itworks is more complicated than we might initially think.事实上,这句话大致是准确的。至少在春季和秋季是准确的。但是这句话成立的原因要比我们想象的复杂得多。We might imagine that the saying works because on a dewy morning, much of the atmospheresmoisture has aly condensed out as dew, so there isnt a lot left over for a rain storm.我们也许会这样想,早晨的露珠已经把空气中大量的水分凝结成露水,所以没有足够的水分产生暴雨。This isnt the case.然而情况并非如此。The amount of water in dew is usually much less than what would fall in a storm, and besides, that dew is likely to evaporate back into the atmosphere as the morning progresses.露水中含的水分量远少于暴雨所降的雨量。另外,在早晨这段时间里,露水可能会蒸发回到大气中去。As it turns out, the formation of dew is linked to the amount of cloudiness in the sky at night.事实明,露水的形成是与晚上天空中云的数量有联系的。On a clear night the ground cools, radiating its heat away into space.在晴朗的夜晚地面冷却后,将热量散发到空气中。When the ground gets cool enough, dew forms, like beads of condensation on a can of cold soda.当地面冷却充分后露水就形成了,就像装着冰苏打水瓶罐表面形成的水珠一样。If the sky is cloudy at night, however, the Earths surface doesnt cool as much.如果夜晚天空多云,可是,地球表面冷却不充分。Some of the heatradiates into space, but much of it bounces off the cloud layer and goes back into the ground.一些热量就会散发到空气中,但大部分的热量会弹出云层,回到地面。If there are lots of clouds, the ground wont get cool enough to form dew.如果有大量云层,地面冷却不充分,就不会形成露水。The saying worksbecause, chances are, all those nighttime clouds might also cause a rainstorm during the comingday.这句格言成立是因为可能所有这些夜间的云也许会在即将到来的一天制造一场暴雨。201409/332029Austerity in Portugal葡萄牙的紧缩政策More pain, less gain痛苦更多,收益更少Yet another austerity budget raises concerns about future growth但是另一轮预算紧缩引发了对未来发展的担忧In happier days before the euro crisis, one government in Lisbon rebranded the Algarve as the Allgarve, hoping to appeal to English-speaking tourists. Now a Portuguese wit suggests rebranding the whole country as Poortugal.在欧元危机到来之前,日子还较为愉快,里斯本政府还将阿尔加维改名为Allgarve,希望吸引讲英语的游客。而如今,聪明的葡萄牙人建议,把整个葡萄牙改名为“穷葡萄牙”(poortugal).Amid furious protests and thundering editorials, such mordant humour was a restrained response to the draft 2013 budget that Vitor Gaspar, the finance minister, presented on October 15th. To meet the targets agreed to by the “troika” of the European Union, European Central Bank and IMF, he wants “enormous” tax increases, including the raising of average income-tax rates by as much as a third.财政部长维克多–加斯帕尔(Vitor Gaspar)于10月15日提交的2013年预算草案引发了强烈的抗议和雷鸣般的社论,在这种背景下,这一辛辣的幽默仅仅是对这一草案的委婉回应。为了达成得到三大巨头----欧盟,欧洲央行和国际货币基金组织同意的目标,加斯帕尔想要极大的提高税收,其中包括提高将收入税税率提高三分之一。Seldom have protesters, economists and politicians been so united in describing the plans: “brutal”, “a crime against the middle class”, a “fiscal atomic bomb”. Few agree with Mr Gaspar’s claim that “this is the only possible budget” and that to question it is to risk being subjected to a “dictatorship of debt” with Portugal condemned to depend on its official creditors indefinitely.抗议者,经济学家和政客很少如此团结。他们一致将这项计划描述为“残酷的”,“反中产阶级的犯罪”,一颗“财政原子弹”。加斯帕尔称,“这是唯一可能的预算”,质疑这项预算就是要冒险遭受“债务独裁”,葡萄牙会因无限依赖官方债权人受到谴责。但是很少有人会同意他的观点。Yet most voters would agree with Mr Gaspar that to default on the country’s debt, as the radical left advocates, would be “catastrophic”. Even so, recent protests have been swelled by tens of thousands of mainstream voters who believe that squeezing working families is not just unnecessarily painful but is also choking off growth.但是大多数选民会同意加斯帕尔的看法,认为如果像极右派提倡的那样进行债务违约的话将会带来“灾难性的”后果。但即使如此,近期成千上万的主流选民还是加强了抗议,他们认为压榨工薪阶层家庭不仅会带来没有必要的伤害,还会扼杀增长。The critics have latched on to the latest outlook from the IMF in which the fund argues that, in today’s economic climate, fiscal consolidation is having a bigger negative impact on growth than usual. The opposition Socialists believe this perfectly describes Portugal’s predicament. They want more time to meet budget targets, on top of an extra year granted last month. More worrying for Pedro Passos Coelho, the prime minister, is that the IMF line is echoed by President Anibal Cavaco Silva, also from the centre-right, who has written that it is wrong to pursue deficit goals “at any cost”.批评者抓住了国际货币基金组织最新的展望,该基金会称,在如今的经济形势下,财政巩固带来的消极影响要比平常的时候更大。社会主义反对者认为,这极为恰当的描述了葡萄牙的困境。除去上月同意增加的一年外,他们想要更多的时间来实现预算目标。而更令总理佩德罗·帕索斯·科埃略担心的是,国际货币基金组织的说法得到了极右派总统阿尼巴尔·卡瓦科·席尔瓦(Anibal Cavaco Silva)的赞成,他曾用写过,“不惜任何代价追求”追求赤字目标是错误的。Another concern is the rift in the coalition over the budget. The conservative People’s Party, junior partner to Mr Passos Coelho’s Social Democrats, wants more public-spending cuts (new revenues account for 80% of the 2013 fiscal adjustment). The two parties must vote together to get the budget through parliament. But Mr Gaspar insists there is “no room for manoeuvre”.另一个担忧是联合政府在预算问题上的分歧。芭苏丝·科埃略(Passos Coelho)领导的社会民主党的初级合作伙伴保守人民党想要进一步削减公共开(2013年预算调整中,新收入占据80%)。两党必须共同投票让议会通过预算。但是加斯帕尔坚持“不允许耍任何花招”。Some say that his intransigence is more for form than for fiscal doctrine. Unlike Greece, Portugal has gained much kudos in Brussels and Berlin for being a model pupil for the euro zone. That could help it if and when the Spanish government requests a bail-out—and starts to argue with the troika about whether ever more fiscal austerity is really sensible.有人说,他拒绝妥协更多的是做做样子,而不是出于财政理论。与希腊不同,葡萄牙一直是欧元区里的模范生,在布鲁塞尔和柏林都获得了很多赞赏。如果西班牙政府要求紧急援助,并且开始与三巨头争论进一步的财政紧缩政策是否真正明智,或在出现这种情况的时候,葡萄牙会因此受益。 翻译:孙齐圣译文属译生译世 /201608/459244

Car-hailing apps in China中国的打车软件More than mobility不只是客运The ambitions of Didi Kuaidi, Ubers Chinese rival, go far beyond taxi-hailing作为Uber的竞争对手,滴滴快的不再只限于召唤出租车。FOREIGN internet giants often struggle in China. Facebook, Twitter and Google are largely irrelevant on the mainland. Uber, an American car-hailing app that is conquering markets everywhere else, is also finding China hard to crack. But unlike those other tech titans, the taxi disrupter is not being frozen out by unfair Chinese regulations favouring local firms. Ubers biggest problem is that it has encountered a world-class local upstart.国际互联网巨头经常在中国栽跟头。Facebook, Twitter和Google基本上都无法涉足这个市场。就连在世界其他地方都所向披靡的美国打车软件Uber(优步),也认为中国市场难以攻克。然而,不像其他科技巨头那样,Uber所面临的最大难题,不是中国政府对本土企业的偏袒政策,而是,它遇上了有世界级水平的本土竞争对手。Didi Kuaidi was forged last year by the merger of rival taxi-hailing apps controlled by Alibaba and Tencent, two Chinese internet giants. It now dominates Chinas online market for personal transport. Last year it arranged 1.4 billion rides in China, more than Uber has done worldwide in its history. It has perhaps two-thirds of the market for private-car rides (the source of most of its revenues) and provides a taxi-hailing service in several hundred cities. Uber, with a third of the market for private-car service, this week announced plans to expand to cover 55 Chinese cities. Both have spent heavily on subsidies to lure drivers to sign up.去年,由中国互联网两大巨头阿里巴巴和腾讯分别控制的滴滴打车和快的打车合并为滴滴快的。如今,它主导了中国线上个人交通市场,去年仅在中国就接单14亿次,比Uber过去在全球的战绩还要辉煌。滴滴快的已经占领了三分之二的私家出租车市场(也是其收入的主要来源)并为几百个城市提供了打车务。而为剩下三分之一的私家出租车市场提供务的Uber,本周宣布将扩张至55个城市。滴滴和Uber都在加大补贴以吸引司机的注册。Unlike Uber, which in China focuses on private-car services, Didi lets users select a taxi, private car, shared car, shuttle van or bus to pick them up. During next months Chinese New Year mass migration, when millions of travellers will encounter sold-out flights and trains, Didi will help users share intercity rides at prices comparable to train fares.不同于Uber在中国主要专注于私家出租车市场,滴滴让消费者有权利选择让什么车来接他们——出租、私家车、拼车、往返货车、甚至是公交车。在下个月的春运期间,数百万乘客可能买不到机票或火车票,滴滴软件则能向用户提供跨城拼车业务,价格与火车票相当。It has also forged alliances with, and invested in, Ubers rivals elsewhere: GrabTaxi in South-East Asia, Ola in India and Lyft in America. Jean Liu, Didis president and a former Goldman Sachs dealmaker, helped Didi raise billion to take on Uber. Soon half of the global market will be on her alliances technology platform, Ms Liu says, which will help both Chinese people travelling abroad and foreigners visiting China.滴滴还与Uber在全球的其他竞争者结成同盟或者投资他们:东南亚的Grab出租车,印度的Ola以及美国的Lyft。柳青,滴滴的董事长也是前高盛集团投资经理人,帮助滴滴筹集30亿美金来与Uber竞争。柳青表示,很快全球一半市场都将纳入她的联盟科技技术平台上,这既有助于中国人去国外旅行又便于外国人来访中国。But getting people from A to B is just the start of Didis ambitions. It plans to offer a variety of other services that make the most of its huge base of users and the trove of data it holds on them. On January 26th the firm announced an agreement with China Merchants Bank (CMB). A growing number of Didis drivers want to buy a new car, and many have a steady income thanks to the app, but often lack formal credit. Didi and CMB will start offering car loans—first to drivers, but in future perhaps to passengers as well.但是在两地间接送乘客仅仅只是滴滴野心的开端。滴滴还计划提供其他多种务,充分利用大规模的用户资源及其数据库。1月26日,公司宣布与中国招商达成合作协议。多亏了这一打的软件,许多司机都有了份稳定的收入,越来越多的滴滴司机想要买辆新车,但是常常缺乏正规信贷。滴滴与中国招商将开始提供汽车贷款——起初给司机,但是未来可能也会面向乘客。Didis app aly lets passengers book test drives of new cars on behalf of several carmakers, including Mercedes and Audi. Some 1.4m customers have taken one of 92 models for a spin since this service was launched in October.滴滴软件已经能让乘客预约多个汽车品牌的新车试驾,其中包括奔驰与奥迪。自十月提供了这项务以来,已有大约1400万用户从92款车型中挑选其中一款进行试驾。Perhaps Didis quirkiest new sideline is that of matchmaker. Hitch, its ride-sharing service, will soon allow drivers and passengers to select each other based on their shared interests. It aly has a deal with LinkedIn, to let people join up their accounts on the two networks. The intention of such initiatives is that white-collar workers, who often endure daily commutes of an hour or two, will have more fruitful journeys during which business, friendship and maybe even romance will develop.也许滴滴最奇特的附加业务是做介绍人。滴滴顺风车,这一拼车务将会允许司机与乘客基于共同的兴趣选择彼此。滴滴已经与LinkedIn(领英)达成协议,可为用户提供两个网站的账户合并。这些举措的初衷是为每日需在上下班路上花费一两个小时的白领工作者提供更多收获的旅程,而在通勤路上,他们可以拓展商务关系、发展友谊甚至邂逅浪漫的爱情。翻译:邓小雪 amp; 颜琪琳 校对:王丹培 amp; 鲁城华 译文属译生译世 /201602/426676

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