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A lot of plastic ends up in our oceans every year, and animals love to eat it.每年有大量塑料抛入我们的海洋,而动物喜欢吃这些塑料。For a long time, scientists just assumed the animals ate the plastic because it looked like food. But it turns out, it smells like food, too.很长一段时间,科学家们假设动物吃塑料是因其看起来像食物。但事实明,它的气味也像食物。In fact, it smells so enticing that 90 percent of seabirds eat it right now. And by 2050, nearly all of them are expected to dine on it.事实上,它闻起来很诱人,现在百分之90的海鸟会吃它。到2050年,预计几乎所有海鸟都会去食用。Its not just seabirds that are eating plastic. Over 700 species have been seen eating it. And every year, over 100,000 marine animals die from it.不只是海鸟吃塑料。有超过700个物种食用塑料,每年超过十万只海洋动物因此死亡。This discovery could help make plastic safer for marine animals. 这一发现可能有助于使塑料对海洋动物更安全。But the bigger problem is still the amount of plastic,8 million tons that gets dumped into Earths oceans each year. 但更大的问题仍然是塑料的数量,每年有800万吨塑料倾倒在海洋。译文属。201611/477724

栏目简介:The Shanghai Consumer Council says many car dealerships in town dont list transparent prices on vehicles. And some charge customers extra fees after promising an attractive price. Yuan Chenyue has more.201707/515526

Its about time your makeup kept up with your fast-paced lifestyle. From a romantic dinner date to the hottest club opening, every day is filled with countless events, and every occasion calls for a different look.是时候让你的妆容跟上你快节奏的生活方式了。从一顿浪漫晚餐约会、到最火辣的夜店开幕,每天都充满数不尽的活动,而每一个场合都需要一个不同的妆容。The seasons hottest red carpet celebrity looks, the most inspired fashion-forward runway trend—all at your fingertips! Smoky cat eyes, bright pink lips—instantly replicated in less than 30 seconds! Upload and show off your amazing new look!本季最火的红毯明星妆容、最激发灵感的时尚伸展台潮流--全都在你指尖!烟熏猫眼、亮粉色唇妆--短短三十秒内立刻复制!上传炫耀你美呆了的新妆容吧!Get y for the MODA, the worlds first digital makeup artist. Only by FOREO.准备迎接MODA,全世界首台数字妆大师。FOREO独家呈现。It integrates cutting-edge 3D printing technology with the most advanced real-time facial mapping software. The MODAs biometric lens scans and analyzes every nook, cranny, and plane of your face. Made from FDA-approved mineral powder that is safe, natural, and breathable on your skin, it goes on in three steps: Primer, foundation, and high-impact color. Whatever your look, the FOREO MODA will help you rock it to its full potential. Once again, FOREO is revolutionizing the beauty world. The MODA will transform makeup application forever.它整合尖端3D打印技术以及最先进的实时脸部扫图软件。MODA 的生物特征镜头扫描并分析你脸上每个小角落和肌肤表面。由FDA认安全、自然且在肌肤上可透气的矿物粉末制成,它分三步骤上妆:妆前乳、粉底,以及亮眼妆。无论你的妆容是什么,FOREO MODA都会帮你将它变成最完美。再一次,FOREO彻底改革美的世界。MODA将会永远改变上妆的方式。Discover more at foreo.com/moda.到foreo.com/moda发现更多。201611/478317

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481055

This chopper crew know this stuff,and Im safe on the deck,and the helicopter is out of here.这队机组人员驾轻就熟 我安全着陆以后 直升机就返航了But things dont always go that smoothly.但事情不会总是如此顺利In Guatamala,Simon and I plan to rappel together out of that breen helicopter.在危地马拉时 西蒙和我打算一起从盘旋的直升机上绳降下去And this time, we went in hot.然而这次 我们踏进了火坑Theres a live volcano beneath us,Thats the lava.我们下方有座活火山 那就是岩浆You can feel the heat coming out of this stuff.你能感觉到它散发出来的熊熊热气Must have hundred of feets here,Its hot.这儿起码离地有几百尺高 但还是很热You know theres no land right on top of a volcano,飞机无法停留在 一座岩浆迸发的火山上lava, just off the back side of it,Smoking sulfur fumes everywhere,岩浆从后面喷发 到处弥漫着呛人的硫磺烟雾and winds that were just throwing the helicopter all over the place, and it was a real battle.狂风把直升机吹得左右摇摆 这真是一场恶仗Youve got a helicopter higher,but he cant see whats going on.我们得提升直升机高度 但这样一来飞行员无法看到下面的情况And, basically, I become the pilots eyes,so I tell the pilot exactly whats going on.我几乎成了飞行员的眼睛 告诉他们下一步的指示Okay, then, were good.Bear is underneath...the helo.好的 一切正常 贝尔已经在 飞机下方The pilot was fighting with the helicopter,cause the winds were throwing the helicopter all over the place,飞行员努力控制着直升机 因为大风将飞机吹得东倒西歪and I was lowering Simon down the other side.那时我正要从一侧把西蒙放下去I was halfway down the rope,between the helicopter and the ground.我就挂在半空中 在飞机与地面之间And the pilot said,Dave, I got to go.I cant hold the helicopter any more.这时飞行员说 戴夫 我得走了 我控制不住飞机了I had one hand on Simon,and Im trying to look at Bear, Im trying to lower Simon.我一手扯着西蒙 一边关照贝尔 一边放下西蒙Im trying to convince the pilot just to hold on for another,同时还要说飞行员再坚持15秒you know, 15 seconds so I could get Simon to the ground.好让西蒙安全着陆Literally, just about to pull my knife out to cut the rope.然后 我马上拔出刀子 切断绳索201610/472779

But by far the most serious trouble now came from across the border.而迄今为止最棘手的问题 正穿越国境线径直而来The Union failed to dampen enthusiasm in Scotland for the Jacobite cause.国家的统一并未浇熄苏格兰境内 詹姆斯二世党人的热情In fact, quite the opposite.事实上 情况恰恰相反The promise of miracle trade and abundance had failed to cross the Firth of Forth,带来巨大商机和财富的承诺 未能跨越福斯湾and all of Scotland was suffering from high taxes imposed by Westminster.整个苏格兰都在英格兰政府的 高税收政策下饱受煎熬The Jacobite leader, the Earl of Mar,而詹姆斯二世党的领袖 马尔凯利公爵buoyed up by promises of support from English Tories and Jacobites,在承诺会得到英格兰托利党 和詹姆斯二世党的持后declared James the rightful king at Braemar and proceeded to raise an army.在布雷马宣布 詹姆斯才是合法国王 并迅速纠集军队The Jacobite slogan of ;King James and no union;.詹姆斯二世党的口号 ;奉詹姆斯王正朔 拒统却和;meant support from both the Highlands and Lowlands came swiftly.迅速得到了苏格兰高地与低地的持10,000 men joined the rebellion.一万人加入到了叛军队伍中When news came through of a Jacobite rising in Lancashire,当詹姆斯二世党的军队 在兰开夏集结的消息传出时the government knew it was in serious trouble.政府意识到事态严重了But the Earl of Mar set new records for military ineptness.但马尔凯利公爵一败涂地 败得前无古人After the Battle of Sheriffmuir, which ended in a draw,在雪利弗缪尔战役打平之后and with his troops set new records for military ineptness.Mar moved energetically into retreat!在他的军队在人数上 绝对压倒汉诺威军队的情况下 马尔凯利公爵却带大队人马落荒而逃By the time James Edward Stuart landed at Peterhead on December 22nd,it was all over.当詹姆斯·爱德华·斯图亚特 于12月22日登陆彼得赫德时 战争宣告全面结束 /201705/509457

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