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襄阳上那里医院治鼻中隔偏曲襄阳四院治疗腺样体肥大价格Nestle, the world#39;s biggest food company, has removed beef pasta meals from shelves in Italy and Spain after tests revealed traces of horse DNA above 1 percent. Swiss-based Nestle, which just last week said products under its labels were not affected by the escalating horsemeat scandal, said it had informed the authorities, according to a report on the Financial Times website. Nestle was not immediately available for comment. The discovery of horsemeat in products labelled as beef began in Ireland last month and has rapidly sp across Europe, resulting in several product withdrawals and government investigations into the long and complex food-processing chains that criss-cross the continent.据英国《每日电讯》报道,世界上最大的食品公司雀巢(Nestle)在一些检测中发现牛肉食品里含有1%以上的马肉DNA后,将其牛肉面食从意大利和西班牙的食品架上撤出。Nestle withdrew two chilled pasta products, Buitoni Beef Ravioli and Beef Tortellini, in Italy and Spain, the FT said. Lasagnes a la Bolognaise Gourmandes, a frozen product for catering businesses produced in France, will also be withdrawn.雀巢在意大利和西班牙撤回两种冷冻面制食品,分别为雀巢牛肉馄饨和牛肉水饺。 /201312/269583在襄阳市治疗咽炎的医院 It#39;s often been suggested that the CEOs of the Fortune 500 are of above-average height. We#39;ve never done the number-crunching ourselves, but unofficial studies suggest the assertion has merit. Arianne Cohen, the 6#39;3#39;#39; author of The Tall Book: A Celebration of Life from on High, maintains there is a tangible correlation between height and success -- and offers up a variety of theories on why tall people tend to thrive in business and elsewhere. Fortune recently sat down with Cohen to talk about the role height plays in the workplace.经常会有人提到,《财富》500强企业的CEO身高都在平均线以上。我们从未亲自调查过相关数据,但是非官方研究表明这一说法并非空穴来风。身高超过1.9米(6英尺3英寸)的埃尔瑞娜#8226;科恩(Arianne Cohen)是《高个子之书:至高点的生命礼赞》(The Tall Book: A Celebration of Life from on High)一书的作者,认为身高和成功的确相关,并且提供了一系列理论说明为什么高个子的人更容易在商界和其他领域取得成功。《财富》最近采访了科恩,她就身高在职场中的影响发表了自己的意见。So there#39;s really a connection between height and success?身高和成功真的有关吗?It#39;s huge. Tall people make an average of 9 per inch per year (for every inch above a person of average height) and this has been shown repeatedly in a set of four large-scale salary survey studies over 50 years in both the U.K. and the U.S.关系很大。高个子的人每高出平均身高1英寸(2.54厘米)每年就多赚789美元。过去50年中这个数字在对英国和美国所做的四项大型薪酬调查研究中都反复出现。Numerous studies show that when bosses are given real and fictitious resumes of two competent employees, there#39;s about a 70% chance that bosses will pick the taller person for the job. In follow-up studies where the managers were asked to rate the employees coming in to the job, they gave flying color reviews to the tall people, which is hilarious because none of the employees had even done anything yet. The clear implication of this is that tall people are perceived as very competent before they ever display proof that they are.大量研究表明,当面对两个称职的求职者递来的有真有假的简历时,70%的情况下老板都会选择个子高的那一个。在后续调查中,每当经理被问及如何评价即将上任的员工,他们总会对高个子流露溢美之词。这点实在是很滑稽,因为这些员工还什么都没有做。从这不难看出人们先入为主地认为个子高的人能力也卓尔不群。Why is that the case?为何会如此?One reason tall people are successful is that they are very memorable. We are evolutionarily primed so that whenever somebody sizable walks in the room, everyone in the room glances, because millions of years ago the biggest person was either going to be a protection or a threat. Being memorable is a major boon if you#39;re doing great work, but it#39;s a double-edged sword: If your work is awful, everyone is going to know it; they won#39;t forget.个子高的人取得成功的一个原因是他们让人印象深刻,这点是在人类进化的过程中形成的看法。每当一个大个子进屋时,他会引起每一个人的关注,因为几百万年以前,块头最大的人要么是保护者要么是威胁者。给人留下深刻的第一印象是一把双刃剑:如果你表现出色,那会锦上添花;但如果你表现糟糕,那么也尽人皆知,因为人们都没有把你忘记。Tall people are also very good at guarding their personal space, and this pays off in spades in the workplace. When two friends are talking they tend to be 18 inches apart, when two coworkers are talking they tend to be about three feet apart. When a boss and an employee are talking they tend to be at least four feet apart. People always give tall people that full four feet. So when they do studies where they put a camera in an office floor and track the body language, tall people are related to by everyone in the room with that ;boss-space,; whereas with short people, coworkers crowd their personal space.身材高大者善于保护自己的私人空间,这使得他们在职场中容易获胜。两个朋友交谈时,大概相距0.45米;两个同事交谈时,相距大概0.9米左右;当老板和雇员交谈时,至少相距1.2米。和个子高的人交谈时,人们往往会保持1.2米左右的距离。根据放在办公室地板上的摄像机跟踪到的肢体语言记录,在和高个子同事交谈时,所有的人都与其保持着相当于和老板保持的距离,然而在和矮个子同事交谈时,则侵占了对方大量的个人空间。So how do you explain shorter CEOs like Jack Welch and Ross Perot?如何解释像杰克#8226;韦尔奇(Jack Welch)和罗斯#8226;佩罗(Ross Perot)这样身材相对矮小的CEO?These are broad statistics, and there are many short people who do succeed. But people of any height who are successful tend to display certain behaviors that correlate with success. Jack Welch#39;s wife actually told me that Jack thinks he#39;s really tall. And there are behaviors that correlate with success. Successful people, whether short or tall, are known and seen. You know when Barry Diller walks into a room, and Jack Welch commands his physical space. So shorter people who are powerful often display many of the same behaviors as tall people.有大量的数据表明许多身材矮小的人也取得了非凡的成就。但凡是那些获得了成功的人,无论身高几许,都会表现出和成功相关的行为特征。杰克#8226;韦尔奇的夫人告诉我,事实上杰克自认为很高大。成功人士无论高矮,其一举一动都容易引起公众注意。你知道巴瑞#8226;迪勒(Barry Diller)什么时候进屋,而杰克#8226;韦尔奇能控制自己的活动空间。换言之,大权在握的矮个子往往会表现出许多和高个子一样的行为。There are also a number of short CEOs who have succeeded by avoiding the corporate ladder and starting their own companies. This is definitely the case for Ross Perot, who is a self-made billionaire. Ron Perelman and Barry Diller also started their own companies instead of trying to move up from inside a company.还有很多身材低矮的CEO通过自己开公司取得成功,而不是通过在公司内部一个阶梯一个阶梯往上爬。罗斯#8226;佩罗就是一个典型的白手起家的亿万富翁。罗恩#8226;佩雷曼(Ron Perelman)和巴瑞#8226;迪勒也都是这样打出了自己的天下。What are the best and worst jobs for tall people?什么工作最适合高个子,什么最不适合?Tall people make more money and also tend to cluster in higher-paying fields. This is because they tend to thrive in fields in which social interactions take place, since they#39;re helped by their body language. So tall traits are going to shine in these kinds of jobs. For example, if I were a litigator, I would be able to use the full power of my tall body to command presence, whereas if I were a clerk sitting behind a desk, I would gain no benefit from being tall. Granted, plenty of tall people flock to other fields -- for example, there are a disproportionate number of tall people in police work, firefighting work, and physical work where being tall would be of value.高个子的人赚钱更多,也更容易聚集在高薪领域。这是因为得益于他们的身体语言,他们易于在社交互动性强的领域成功,也就是说高大的身材会在这类型的工作中发挥优势。例如,如果我是一名律师,我就能充分利用我身高的优势来把握我的表现,相反假如我是一个文秘,每天坐在桌子后面,那么我的身高就无用武之地。当然,还有很多高个子的人涌向其他的领域。例如在警察、消防员和其他一些能发挥身高优势的行业中,个子高的人占有极大的比例。What advice do you have for tall people in a job interview?对高个子在面试工作时有什么建议?They say that when you#39;re networking, your goal is to be liked. You want to make someone as comfortable as possible. To do this you need to adjust your body language and be hyper-aware of yourself. In my case, this means no hovering. I go out of my way to kill the dumb jock stereotype by being as verbally coherent as possible, and I always sit down as soon as I possibly can. I gain nothing by standing there flexing my physical might.有人建议说面试的时候要迎合对方的喜好,要尽可能的让对方感到舒。要达到这个目标,你需要调整自己的肢体语言并且高度注意自己的言行。对我而言,我不能拖泥带水,要当机立断。我的身材很容易让人把我当成一个笨拙的运动员,我会尽可能以清晰连贯的口头表达来消除这种成见,并且一有机会我就坐下,因为我不会从不断调整站姿中获得任何好处。Isn#39;t it sometimes better to be short than tall?是否有时候身材矮小比身材高大有优势?The big challenge for tall people is that they cannot hide. Tall people are always public, and this can be pretty tough. Short people and those of average height can camouflage and sort of disappear in a crowd when they choose to. It#39;s just a beautiful thing to be able to hide, and really stressful when you#39;re tall and not able to do this.对于身材高大的人而言,一个很大的挑战是不能隐藏。高个子的人总在人们注意之中,这其实是一件麻烦事。矮个子以及中等身材的人可以根据自己的需要在人群中伪装甚至消失在人们视线之外。能够隐藏是一件很美妙的事,可惜对于高个子来说,由于无法隐藏自我而总是活在压力之下。Have you ever wished you were shorter?你是否曾经希望自己变矮?Absolutely. In my first job, in consulting, we would sit around in the conference room and I would always be the one called out and asked questions -- especially when I hadn#39;t even had a chance to have my first cup of coffee. Now it#39;s not a matter of wishing I were short, but of wishing that I could make the awkwardness and all of the really god-awful body language just go away!当然!我的第一份工作是咨询,那时我们经常围坐在一个会议室里开会。有时候我都来不及喝第一杯咖啡就被点名发表意见。现在,重要的不是希望自己变矮,而是希望我可以避免做出笨拙和特别糟糕的肢体语言。 /201311/263738樊城看中耳炎哪家医院最好

襄阳看五官科的医院Names amp; Titles 美式的名字与称谓 "What's in a name?" According to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, not too much. "That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." But Shakespeare may have been wrong. In most cultures, names and titles matter a great deal. 一个名字到底意味着甚么呢?根据莎士比亚的名著,罗密欧与朱丽叶,名字里没有太多的意义--「就算给玫瑰取任何其它的名字,它闻起来还是一样的芬芳。」不过莎士比亚也许错了。因为在大部份的文化中,姓名和称谓可是很重要的呢。 Americans choose names for their children with care. Parents usually think about the impression a name gives, not its meaning. Most Americans would consider a "Jennifer" more attractive than a "Bertha," for example. The last name, or surname, must also be considered when choosing a first and middle name. A name like Lester Chester Hester would sound poetic, but odd. Parents may avoid names that remind them of people they don't like. On the other hand, people might name their children after a respected older relative or even a famous person. The popularity of certain names can change with each new generation. Names that were once common, like Fanny or Elmer, sound old-fashioned today. But other names-like John and David, Mary and Sarah-have stood the test of time and continue to be favorites. 美国人会很小心地为孩子取名字,父母们通常会考量的是名字给人的印象,而不是名字本身的意义。比如说:大部份的美国人会觉得Jennifer这个名字比Bertha要来得吸引人。取第一和第二个名字的时候(注:美国人除了姓和名之外,有些人还有中间的名字)也要将姓考虑进去。像「雷司特.彻司特.海司特」这样的名字或许听起来很诗意又押韵,其实是很奇怪的名字。有些名字会使父母们想起自己不喜欢的人,他们就会避免使用;另一方面,人们会以一位敬佩的年长亲戚或是名人的名字来替孩子命名。某些名字受欢迎的程度在每一代都不尽相同。曾经相当普遍的名字像是Fanny或Elmer,现今听起来都过时了,不过有些名字像是John,David,Mary和Sarah都历久不衰,仍是大家的最爱。People in America don't always call their friends and relatives by their given names. Instead, they often use nicknames. Sometimes nicknames are short forms of a longer name. For instance, a girl named Elizabeth may be called Lisa, Beth or Betsy. As children grow up, they may decide for themselves which nickname they wish to be called. If they consider their nickname childish, they may start using a more adult form. Some people just go by the initials of their first and middle names, like B.J. or R.C. And of course, people may call their children or their sweethearts other special nicknames. Often they have a "sweet" flavor, like Honey or Sugar. 美国人通常不是直呼亲戚或朋友的名字,而是喊他们的小名,有时候小名就是较长的名字的简称。例如说,名为伊丽莎白(Elizabeth)的女孩,可能被叫做丽莎(Lisa),贝丝(Beth),或是贝兹Betsy(Betsy)。当孩子们长大了之后,他们可以决定要别人叫他们哪个小名;如果他们觉得小名太幼稚了,就会开始用一些比较像大人的称呼方式。有些人干脆用第一和第二个名字的首字母作为称谓,像是B.J.或R.C.。当然,人们还会有一些特殊的昵称来称呼他们的孩子或是甜心。这些昵称通常有「甜甜」的味道,像是Honey或是Sugar。 In informal settings, people are normally on a first-name basis. Sometimes older folks even allow young people to call them by their first name. But in most formal situations, people use an appropriate title-such as Mr. (Mister), Ms. ("Miz"), Dr. (doctor) or Prof. (professor)-with a person's last name. After an introduction, the person may say, for example, "Please call me Tom." If not, use his or her surname. 在非正式的情况下,人们一般会以名字相称,有时候长辈甚至允许年轻人喊他们的名字。不过大部份的正式场合里,人们会采用适当的称谓。例如:先生、女士、士、教授再加上姓来称呼人。经过介绍之后,对方可能会说:「请叫我Tom就好了。」否则,还是以他的姓称呼之。 Americans still use a few very formal titles which reflect their Old World heritage. The British address their king and queen as Your Majesty; Americans address the judge in a court as Your Honor. Americans speaking to their nation's leader respectfully call him Mr. President. And many churches refer to their leader as Reverend. In everyday situations, the polite forms sir and madam (or ma'am) show a measure of respect. But Americans don't generally use the names of occupations or positions as formal titles. Students might address their teacher as Mr. (or Ms.) Hudson, but not Teacher Hudson. 美国人仍会使用一些很正式的称谓来反映出他们欧洲背景的传统。英国人称呼他们的国王和皇后为殿下,美国人则称呼法官为阁下;美国人很尊敬地对国家元首说话时,会称他为总统先生;而很多教会提到教会的领导者,则以牧师尊称。在日常生活中,先生或是夫人这样礼貌的称谓,表现出相当的尊重。但是美国人一般不会用职业或是职位的名称来称呼人。学生们可能会称呼他们的老师为哈德森先生(或女士),而不是哈德森老师。 What's in a name? A world of significance. So if you're choosing an English name for yourself, take care to choose a good one. A made-up name could sound strange to native English speakers. And a translation of your Chinese name may not make an appropriate name, either. But a good name can leave a positive and lasting impression. As an American politician once remarked, "In real life, unlike in Shakespeare, the sweetness of the rose depends upon the name it bears." 「名字到底意味甚么呢?」意义可是很重大的呢!所以如果你正试着为自己取个英文名字,仔细地选一个好一点的吧。自创的名字对以英语为母语的人而言,可能听起来有点奇怪。而直接翻译你的中文名字可能也不太适合。一个好名字会留给人持久的好印象,就像一个美国政治家曾经说过的:「有别于莎士比亚的戏剧的是,在真实的生活中,玫瑰花有多香,就全看它的名字有多好听了。」 /200803/32554襄州区妇幼保健中医院治疗打鼾哪家医院最好 Taking antibiotics? You might want to boost their powers by drinking some green tea. New research indicates that drinking green tea helps the action of important antibiotics in their fight against resistant superbugs, making them up tothree times more effective.“We tested green tea in combination with antibiotics against 28 disease causing micro-organisms belonging to two different classes,” says Dr Mervat Kassem from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Alexandria University in Egypt. “In every single case green tea enhanced the bacteria-killing activity of the antibiotics. For example the killing effect of chloramphenicol was 99.99% better when taken with green tea than when taken on its own in some circumstances.”Green tea also made 20% of drug-resistant bacteria susceptible to one of the cephalosporin antibiotics. These are important antibiotics that new drug resistant strains of bacteria have evolved to resist.The results surprised the researchers, showing that in almost every case and for all types of antibiotics tested, drinking green tea at the same time as taking the medicines seemed to reduce the bacteria’s drug resistance, even in superbug strains, and increase the action of the antibiotics. In some cases, even a low concentration of green tea was effective.These data were presented during the Society for General Microbiology’s 162nd meeting recently held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. 用抗生素吗?那么你也许想喝点绿茶来增强它们的效用。最新研究表明,绿茶有助于抗生素对抗那些顽固的超级病菌,使得抗生素的功效达到之前的三倍。埃及亚历山大大学医药学教授Mervat Kassem说:“我們在结合抗生素对抗 28 种疾病的情況下测试绿茶(這些疾病由属于两种不同纲的微生物所引起)。在每個单一的例子中,我们发现绿茶都能增強抗生素的杀菌作用。例如,当抗生素与绿茶结合在一起用時,氯黴素在某些情況下的杀菌效果比单独药要好上99.99%。”绿茶也使得20%的抗药性细菌易受其中一种头孢子菌素(cephalosporin)抗生素的影响。這都是些重要的抗生素,而新抗药性品种的细菌正逐步对它们产生抗药性。这些结果让研究者感到惊讶,因为几乎在所有被测试的抗生素例子中显示,在人们药的同時,辅佐绿茶可以減少细菌的抗药性,即便是在超级病菌存在的情况下,绿茶也能增加抗生素的作用。在某些例子中,即便是低浓度的绿茶都有效果。这些数据都来源于近期于爱丁堡国际会议中心举行的第162届普通微生物大会。 /200804/34939宜城市妇幼保健中医院治疗鼻息肉哪家好

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