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4. Finding the Classroom 4.找教室A: It takes me hours to find my classroom.A:我花了几个小时才找到教室。B: I might be able to help you.B:我或许能帮到你。A: Really? That would be great!A:真的吗?那真好!B: Whats your classroom number?B:你的教室号是多少?A: My classroom number is A21.A:我的教室是A21.B: So the ;A; is the building type.B:所以A是楼号。A: Okay, but I dont know where that is.A:嗯,但我不知道它在哪。B: Do you know where the gym is?B:你知道体育馆在哪吗?A: Yeah, I do.A:是的,我知道。B: Okay, your classroom is behind the gym.B:好的,你的教室就在体育馆后面。A: Thats really helpful! Thank you.A:你真的帮到我了!谢谢你。B: No problem, and the ;21; means its upstairs. B:没问题,21代表楼层。 译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201509/399023武汉市生殖泌尿For:正方辩词:Job-hopping should be encouraged.跳槽应当得到持。I think job-hopping should be encouraged, since it can give us new drive and make us stimulated. After all, there is no better thing than to meet more people, make more money and get more experience.我认为跳槽应当得到持。因为它可以给我们新的动力,使我们得到激励。毕竟没有比结识更多的人,挣更多的钱,获得更多的经验更好的事情了。Job-hopping is beneficial to the young people to grow and develop. The combination of different jobs would collectively give us more experience than what we could gain from only one job.跳槽对于年轻人的成长和发展是非常有益的。不同工作的结合比单单在一个岗位上获得的经验要多得多。As a young boy, I liked doing exciting things. Therefore, I think job-hopping from one place to the other can make life different and attractive.作为年轻人,我喜欢做令人兴奋的事情。因此,我认为从一个地方跳槽去另一个地方可以使生活变得不同且充满吸引力。Of course, there is no set time about the life span of ones job. If youre still learning and growing in your current job, just keep working. But if not, job-hopping is the best choice.当然,我们没有办法设置一个人的工作期限。如果你在你目前的工作岗位上仍然在学习和成长,那就继续工作下去。如果不是,跳槽是最好的选择。Life is just like a journey, and we have nothing to regret as long as we do what we want to do. So why not make a change if you are fed up with your present job. Whats more, job-hopping can help you realize what you really like.生命就像一次旅行,只要我们做了我们想做的事情就没有什么好后悔的。所以如果你已经从你现在的工作中得到了足够的成长,为什么不换一份工作呢?另外,跳槽能够帮助你认清楚你自己。Against:反方辩词:Job-hoppiog should oot be encouraged.跳槽不应该被鼓励。I think job-hopping should not be encouraged. The longer one works in a particular field, the more skillful one will be and the more chances of promotion one will have. And people are more likely to become specialists in their fields and make great achievements.我认为跳槽不应该被鼓励。在一个特定的领域工作时间越长,所获得的技能就越多,升职的机会也越大。人们通常都喜欢变成自己所在领域的专家,获得优异的成绩。If you are a job-hopper, people may be questioning your integrity and loyalty. Employers dont like to see resumes filled with short-term jobs. They would rather hire a person who has commitment and devotion to an employer. Too frequent job switching leaves employers the impression that youre not reliable. It is not good to possess resumes that reveal very short tenures with a string of employers.如果你经常的跳槽,人们就会怀疑你的正直和忠诚。招聘人员不喜欢看到满是短期工作的简历。他们更愿雇佣一个有责任心且很忠诚的新人。太频繁的更换工作会给招聘人员留下不值得信任的印象。对于一些招聘人员来说,简历上有太多的短期工作经历不是件好事。I think frequent job-hopping should not be encouraged. As the old saying goes ;Jack of all trades and master of none.; Tradition tells us those who spend years and years at one job can gain success at last because of their rich knowledge in the particular field.我认为频繁的跳槽不应该被持。俗话说;门门精通样样稀松;。过去的经验告诉我们那些常年做一份工作的人可以在最后取得成功,因为他们在特定的领域有丰富的知识和经验。 /201501/351744武汉治疗男科最好的医院19. On the Wrong Bus (2) 19.搭错车(2)A: Excuse me, bus driver. I have a question.A:打扰了,公交司机。我有一个问题。B: What do you need to know?B:你需要知道什么?A: I dont recognize where Im going. Where are we?A:我不知道现在车开向哪?我们在哪?B: You are on the bus headed to East Los Angeles.B:你正在开往东洛杉矶的公交车上。A: Oh, I see. I believe I have gotten on the wrong bus.A:噢,我知道了。我想我一定是搭错车了。B: Well, Im sorry, but I cant give you a refund.B:好吧,抱歉,但我不能给你退钱。A: Thats fine. I need to go to Pasadena. Can you give me directions?A:那没关系。我要去帕萨迪纳。你能给我指路吗?B: Sure. I have a bus pamphlet for you, too. Here you go.B:当然可以。我也有一本公交手册。给你。A: Thank you. Im new to the area.A:谢谢你。我对这不熟。B: Dont worry. It happens. Ill let you off down here.B:别担心。这时有发生。我会让你在这下车。A: Alright. Thank you very much. Have a nice day.A:好的。非常谢谢你。度过愉快的一天。B: You too, and good luck getting to Pasadena. B:你也是,祝你到帕萨迪纳那好运。 /201604/437990Statement Intonation with PronounsWhen you replace the nouns with pronouns i e old information, stress the verb.They eat them.As we have seen, nouns are new information; pronouns are old information.In a nutshell, these are the two basic intonation patterns:Dogs eat bones. They eat them. /201508/392239武汉市江汉区医院男科

湖北武汉汉阳看男科好吗武汉华夏男子在线咨询Language PointsYou look/seem familiar.I know you from somewhere.Im sure Ive seen you before.Do I know you from somewhere?Have we met before?Hey girl!Your name rings a bell. /201705/509780武汉包皮需要多少钱Flash附带文本如下:对话原文:Mary:Could I have my hair dyed?我能把头发染一下吗?Hairdresser:Certainly. Which color do you want to dye it?当然。您想染什么颜色?Mary: I want the latest fashion. Can you make some suggestions?我想染最时尚的。你能给点建议吗?Hairdresser: Right now, many girls are dying their hair blonde。现在很多女孩都把头发染成金黄色的。Mary: I don’t think that would suit me very well. Blonde is kind of erratic。我觉得这颜色对我不太合适。金黄色有点怪异。Hairdresser:Then what do you think about pink?粉红色怎么样?Mary: Oh, no. I think it better to be a natural Chinese with natural Chinese hair? Have you got a good brand of hair dye?哦,不。我觉得还是拥有自然的头发,做个自然的中国人更好。有好牌子的染发剂吗?Hairdresser:Yes. We have several brands. Which one do you prefer.有,有几个好牌子的。您喜欢哪一种?Mary:I want the best one。要最好的。Hairdresser: First, you need a shampoo. It makes it easier for your hair to be dyed…Well, let’s dunk your hair in the water.Your hair will be thoroughly cleaned that way。先洗头吧,这样比较容易上色...咱们把您的头发都经泡在水里,这样就能彻底洗干净了。(one hour later)Mary:After this dye job, it feels like I look younger。染发之后,我看起来更年轻了。Hairdresser:Your hair is definitely fresh and shinier-looking。您的头发非常清新,而且更亮了。重点句子:我想染头发。I want to dye my hair。我想把头发染成棕色。I’d like my hair dyed brown。您想染什么颜色?Which color would you dye it?做个染发怎么样?How about doing hair coloring?这会褪色吗?Will it fade?我的头发需要焗油吗?Do I need hair treatment?有好牌子的染发剂吗?Have you got a good brand of hair dye?金黄色太怪异了。Blonde is too erratic。我一直喜欢黑色。Black is always my favorite。 /201501/356617武汉江夏区男科专家

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