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Cooler weather, seasons changing, things that indicate people getting sick! Here are some tips to avoid getting sick this year. Don't go outside with wet hair. Take vitamins. Visit your doctor for a physical.Make sure you're healthy to begin with! Stay active to keep your body in shape and thus in a good place to ward off germs and illness. Get enough sleep.Keep your immune system healthy! Dress appropriately.Keep warm in the cooler weather to avoid compromising your immune system. Stay away from people who are sick. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Clean your work area with antibacterial cleaners. Wash your hands often. Get a flu shot. Use antibacterial cleaners in your home on areas that get touched often. Clean your steering wheel and other parts of your car you touch a lot. Kill the germs so you're less likely to be affected by them. 天气转冷、季节交替,这些都在暗示人们有可能生病!下面这些小妙招希望可以让你今年不患病。 头发湿漉漉的时候不要出去。 用维生素。 去看医生做体检,让身体永远保持健康。 积极良好的保持身形来抵御病菌和疾病。 足够的睡眠来使免疫系统健康! 着装得体,在天冷的时候注意保暖,避免损害免疫系统。 远离患病的人。 咳嗽或打喷嚏时用嘴捂上。 用抗菌吸尘器清洁工作区域。 经常洗手。 注射流感疫苗。 使用抗菌吸尘器清洁家中经常触摸的地方。 清洁车的方向盘和其他经常触摸的地方。杀死细菌就不大可能受其影响。 /201110/157987After the sensation of Qing dynasty drama series Legend of Zhen Huan, another TV series that’s widely aired in China has come to an end.继清朝古装剧《后宫甄嬛传》爆红之后,另一部国内热播电视剧集宣告剧终。Angel Heart, said to be “one of the most topical Chinese TV series of 2012”, focuses on a hospital and the stories of patients’ and staff.《心术》,这部被称为“2012年度中国最具话题性的电视剧之一”,主要聚焦于某医院中医患之间发生的一系列故事。The theme of hospitals in a TV series isn’t new. Here, let’s take a look at some classic medical drama series and categorize them.有关医院主题的剧集,这已不是第一回了。这里,让我们来分门别类地盘点一些经典的医疗题材剧集。Series which focus on love聚焦爱情的医患剧集Healing Hands (1998)《妙手仁心》(1998年)The Hong Kong TV series focuses on the loves and romantic relationships of the doctors and nurses at a fictional hospital in Hong Kong.香港电视剧《妙手仁心》主要讲述了发生在香港一家虚构的医院中,医生与护士之间的感情故事。Though the series is noted for its realism in depicting medical situations (the Hong Kong Hospital Authority loaned hospital equipment and facilities for filming), audiences seem to be more attracted to the complicated loves and dubious relationships among the main characters, who are all popular TVB television station’s actors and actresses.虽然这部剧集因再现医疗界真实状况而闻名(香港医院为剧组拍摄提供了医疗设施),但观众似乎更钟情于主角间复杂的情爱以及暧昧关系,这些主角全部由TVB当家花旦和小生来出演。Grey’s Anatomy (2005-present)《实习医生格雷》(2005年至今)The series is one of the most popular and familiar US drama series to Chinese audiences.对于中国观众而言,该剧是最热门也是最广为人知的美剧之一。During the eight years it has aired, audiences have been impressed and not only by how these doctors save lives.在该剧播出的八年中,医生救人的场面给观众们留下深刻印象,但吸引观众的并不止这些。Of course, the doctors at Seattle’s Grace Hospital deal with life-or-death situations on a daily basis–it’s in one another that they find comfort, friendship and, at times, more than friendship.毫无疑问,西雅图格雷斯医院的医生们每天都要面对生死攸关的状况,而他们彼此安慰,友情渐生,甚至有时还会擦出超越友谊的火花。Together they’re discovering that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white. Real life only comes in shades of gray.同时他们渐渐发现,无论是医学还是爱情,都不是非黑即白的。真正的生活只能处于其中的灰色地带。Programs which offer a slice of reality一窥现实生活的电视剧Angel Heart (2012)《心术》(2012年)Based on the same-titled novel by Liu Liu, who is known for writing sharply about topical issues, Angel Heart is based in the neurosurgery ward of a hospital and reveals the relationship between doctors and patients.该剧根据作家六六的同名小说改编而成,六六以犀利风格点评热点话题而著称。《心术》以一家医院的神经外科为背景,揭示了医患关系状况。The series reflects the seamier side of medicine in China, especially after several recent real-life hospital scandals. It depicts problems such as the difficulty and high cost of getting medical treatment and conflicts between doctors and patients.这部电视剧反映了中国医疗界的阴暗面,尤其是最近社会上曝出多起医院风波之后。该剧描绘了医患矛盾,以及看病难、看病贵等问题。The White Tower (2003-2004)《白色巨塔》 (2003-2004年)The Japanese TV series, adapted from a novel by Japanese writer Toyoko Yamasaki, focuses on the life of two doctors at Naniwa University Hospital in Osaka. One stops at nothing to rise to a position of eminence and authority, while the other busies himself with his patients and research.这部日剧改编自日本作家山崎丰子的小说,讲述了大阪浪速大学医院中两位医生的故事。一位为追求名誉和权力不择手段,而另一位则致力于治病救人和医学研究。By contrasting the life of the two, the series unveils the distortion and corruption of medicine in Japan and the inside story of high-level power struggles.通过对比两位医生的人生,该剧揭示出日本医疗界的扭曲与腐败,以及高层权力斗争的内幕。 /201206/185871俗话说,“民以食为天”,饮食是我们生活中必不可少的组成部分,它也与黄道十二星座有着紧密的关系。且看一下最近各个星座都有着怎样的饮食习惯吧。   ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)   Always on the go and y to rush off to the next big thing, the Ram will most likely grab some fast food en route. When dining in a restaurant, try a variety of appetizers, which will suit your investigative nature.   白羊:一贯急匆匆的羊儿喜欢边走边吃。各式的开胃食物通常是你的最爱,这很符合白羊座喜欢深究的个性哦。 /201002/95926First, the researchers surveyed more than 1,100 people who had achieved significant weight loss and maintained it. The researchers identified 36 weight-loss and weight-maintenance practices that at least 10% of the group used.   首先,研究者们调查了超过了1100人的情况,这些人均已经取得了显著的减肥效果,并且设法保持体重没有反弹。研究人员们发现,受访者中至少有百分之十的人进行了36种减肥之后防止体重增加的方法。 The study noted four strategies that were associated with weight maintenance but not loss:   研究列出了能够有效保持体重,而非减轻体重的四个方法。   1.Eating a diet rich in low-fat proteins   日常饮食做到低脂肪高蛋白质   2.Following a consistent exercise program   持之以恒的进行某一项减肥的计划   3.Rewarding yourself for dieting and exercising   不时犒赏自己在饮食和锻炼方面的坚持   4.Reminding yourself of why you need to keep weight off   时刻提醒自己为何要保持体重 /201107/144263

Women Steer More Charitable Giving摘要:女性掌管着美国一半以上的财富,同时正将越来越多的钱投入慈善事业。Women control more than half of the nation's wealth, and are channeling more of that money into philanthropy.As affluent women take charge of family or business giving decisions, they are directing more donations toward historically underfunded causes. Some are joining forces to make their philanthropic dollars go farther.Last week, 100 wealthy women, including Jennifer Buffett, daughter-in-law of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, and Walt Disney Co. scion Abby Disney, said they would each give million or more to grant-making organizations focused on women and girls.As part of an initiative called Women Moving Millions, launched by sisters Helen Lakelly Hunt and Swanee Hunt in partnership with the San Francisco-based Women's Funding Network, more than 6 million have been pledged to benefit 43 organizations world-wide.A sizable group of women are 'waking up to the fact that we have the voice, power and money to bring to the table,' says Ms. Buffett, who heads the NoVo Foundation along with her husband, Peter.Propelled by a hefty 2006 pledge from Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. class B shares, the foundation focuses on causes that empower young women and girls. Peter and Jennifer Buffett are co-chairmen of the foundation's board, but Ms. Buffett oversees policy and program development and serves as NoVo's president.The economic clout is aly there: Women control almost 60% of the nation's wealth and 80% of purchases, while occupying about half of the managerial and professional jobs in the U.S., according to research from OppenheimerFunds Distributor Inc.The key for affluent women now is to recognize that ability, influence and access and do something with it, says Andrea Pactor, the associate director of the Women's Philanthropy Institute at the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.Women are more likely than men to be donors to charity and give more than their male counterparts, particularly at the highest income range, she says. /200905/71292

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