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网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:轰动,成功3D版《泰坦尼克号》自上映以来,反响真不小,可谓是轰动全城啊!Our new film will be a real blockbuster.我们的新影片一定会大为轰动。【讲解】blockbuster 是指某个项目取得很大成功的意思,特别是指文艺界作品的成功。【情景一】经典的大片都是经久不衰的,一直存活在人们的心里。The biggest Hollywood blockbuster of all time still remains ;Gone With the Wind;.好莱坞最经典的大片一直是《乱世佳人》。【情景二】畅销小说的作者往往都会一夜成名,接着便是轰动全城。Her first novel was a blockbuster, which made her a millionaire.她第一本小说非常畅销,让她成为了百万富翁。 /201204/177747迷你对话:A: What did you say when she told you the news?当她告诉你这个消息时,你说什么?B: I clammed up. And finally, I asked her to chew the cud for such an important decision. I could not have the heart to disappoint her with a blunt refusal.我没说话,最后,我叫她仔细考虑这个重要的决定。我不忍心直接拒绝她,让她失望。A: But I put my foot down and insisted on her forgetting that.但是我坚决反对她,坚持要她忘了那件事情。B: How could have the heart to do that? She needs warmth and help.你怎么忍心这样做呢?她需要关心和帮助。地道表达:have the heart to do something解词释义:not have the heart to do something的本义是“没有勇气去做某事”,现在多用来表示“不忍心去做某事”。此语的肯定式是have the heart to do something(忍心做某事)。持范例:She didnt have the heart to break the bad news to her daughter.她不忍心把这个坏消息告诉她的女儿。I didnt have the heart to tell my daughter we couldnt keep the puppy.我不忍心告诉女儿我们不能收留那只小。I did not have the heart to refuse the childs request.我不忍心拒绝孩子的要求。 Im serious. How can you have the heart to laugh at me?我跟你说正经话,你倒笑我,真没有良心。词海拾贝:1. clam up讲解:If someone clams up, they stop talking, often because they are shy or to avoid giving away secrets. 翻译成中文为: (常因害羞或避免说漏嘴)不再开口,闭口不言。例句:As soon as I told her my name, she clammed up.我告诉她我的名字后,她就什么也不说了。You should not clam up on him.你不应该拒绝跟他谈话。Whenever John walked by, Mary got so nervous she would just clam up.每当约翰走过时,玛丽总是紧张得说不出话来。The secret for successful marriage is to clam up during a disagreement.成功婚姻的秘诀,就是当双方意见不合时,闭上嘴巴。2. chew the cud:反刍,深思Eg. After retirement, he has enough time to chew the cud of his past.退休以后, 他有足够的时间来回想回想过去。Eg. We needed a few more meetings to chew the cud on some tough decisions.我们需要再召开一些会议,深思一些艰难的决定。Eg. I will no longer chew the cud of misfortune that fate ekes out to us. 我将不再反复地思考命运给我们的不幸。 Eg. I chewed the cud for a couple of days before deciding to refuse your offer.我反复思考了二三天后才决定拒绝你的提议。3. with a refusal:以拒绝的方式Eg. My plan met with a refusal. 我的计划遭到拒绝。 4. put one’s foot down:坚决反对Eg. The boy wanted to quit school, but his father put his foot down. 男孩想退学但他的父亲坚决反对。 Eg. John didnt want to practice his piano lesson, but Mother put her foot down. 约翰不想练钢琴,但母亲坚持要他练。 Eg. The father didnt like his son staying out at night, so he put his foot down and forbade him to do it again. 父亲不喜欢儿子在外夜宿不归,所以他斩钉截铁地禁止他再那样做。4. insist on:坚持,坚决要求Eg. If you insist on leaving now , please go ahead.你一定要走, 那就请便吧。Eg. The tourists insist on keeping to their plan.旅行者坚持按旅行计划行事。Eg. I must insist on your giving me a straightforward answer.我一定要你给我一个直截了当的回答。Eg. We must insist on strict compliance with the regulations.我们必须坚持不违反规定。 /201301/218109关键词:行动迅速,反应敏捷短语释义:首先温习一个单词:mark。作名词表示“标志;马克;符号;痕迹”,比如说This mark represents a village. 这个符号表示村庄。注意一下mark如果用作不可数名词,表示“名声,印象,影响”等,可以与物主代词连用,但是不能与冠词a或the连用,比如:Two unhappy marriages have left their mark on her. 两次不幸的婚姻给她留下了极坏的印象。现在我们来看mark在俚语.quick off the mark中的含义。这个俚语自于短跑运动,mark在这里是指“起跑线”。对于短跑运动员来说,起跑时对发令抢的反应是否敏捷是非常重要的,这往往是能否赢得比赛的关键。Quick: 迅速的,快的。介词off一般有“离开”的意思。那么quick off the mark(很快离开起跑线)是不是就是“充分利用最初的优势,不失时机地迅速开始;行动迅速”呢?当然也可以说成:quick on the trigger。Trigger是指手、步的扳机,当两人决斗时,谁扣动扳机的速度快,谁就能取胜。这里的介词用on。情景领悟:1. If we are quick off the mark, we can be in Newton by ten oclock.如果我们马上出发的话,我们就能在10点钟到达牛顿市。2. In group discussions, John is always quick on the trigger. 在小组讨论会上,约翰总是反应敏捷,争先发言。本节目属 /201304/233878

特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。第一、迷你对话A: Lily thinks that the job takes a back seat to the family after she is married.Lily认为结婚后家庭为先,工作处于次要地位。B: She must be a good wife.她一定是一个好妻子。A: Not necessarily. This is only what she says, not what he does.那也未必,说归说,做归做。B: I see.我明白了。第二、 对话精讲【地道表达】take a back seat【解词释义】to become less important than someone or something else 处于次要地位【语法用法】要以......为主要地位而......为次要地位,在短语的后面加上介词to,即:take a back seat to something。【持范例】When the discussion turned to military affairs, the governor had to take a back seat. 当讨论到军事问题时,州长只好靠边站了。 After 30 years in the business its time for me to take a back seat and make room for younger men. 干了30年,现在我该退居二线,给较年轻的人让位了。 My homework had to take a backseat to football during the playoffs.在比赛赛季,我必须以足球危险,而学业功课处于次要地位。Jimmy always took a backseat to his older brother, Bill, until Bill went away to college.Jimmy总是让着他的哥哥Bill,知道他上大学。 /201305/238066

In the nature of things: used for saying that sth that happens is normal in a particular situation and not at all surprising 理所当然,自然,丝毫不令人奇怪Don't worry about it. It's in the nature of things for children to argue with their parents when they are teenagers.青少年常常会和他们的父母争辩,这不足为奇.In the nature of things, people who have power don't like losing it.有权利的人不想失去他们的权利,这很自然.let nature take its course:to allow events to happen without doing anything to change the results任其发展;听其自然With minor ailments the best thing is often to let nature take its course. 对于小病,往往最好是听其自然. /11/89224听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Some government websites are changing what they say about the environment, and a group of researchers is keeping track. Researchers in the U.S. and Canada are continuing to back up scientific data from federal agencies in the U.S.Theyre also keeping a close eye on how information is changing on federal websites like the EPA, the State Department and the Department of Energy, along with other federal agency sites, and theyve been finding changes are happening.One of the groups heading up this effort is called the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative.EDGI regularly releases reports with updates on its findings. The groups most recent report focused on a part of the Government Accountability Office website about the management of federal oil and gas resources.Toly Rinberg is a member of the groups website tracking committee.;This change happened a few weeks ago, and weve seen paragraphs - introductory paragraphs - that now focus more on job creation and economic benefits of oil and gas production, and weve seen removal of sections on environmental and public health risks of shale and oil and natural gas production,; he says.He says EDGI submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the GAO about these changes.The report states that the group received this response from the GAO: ;We have no records responsive to your request. Please be advised that the key issues page is periodically updated to reflect recent GAO work. As an agency responsible to the Congress, GAO is not subject to FOIA. However, GAOs disclosure policy follows the spirit of the act consistent with GAOs duties and functions as an agency with primary responsibility to the Congress.;Rinberg says every two years, the GAO writes a report on its high risk programs.;So this isnt a surprising thing necessarily,; Rinberg says. ;I want to emphasize that its not like we caught the Government Accountability Office or something like that, thats not our intent at all. We just believe that its revealing and useful to compare the difference.;In an email, Chuck Young, managing director of the GAOs public affairs office, says these pages were changed because they updated their annual high risk list:I can see why the group that issues this has a major disclaimer on their first page – they seem to have completely missed the expansion of oversight of environmental issues. The pages were changed because we updated our annual High Risk List to show the Department of Interior has been backsliding from past reforms, using outdated policies and procedures, even in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon incident. Also, unlike most other federal agencies, GAO is in the legislative branch and works only for Congress, not for the White House.EDGIs Toly Rinberg says that although the public can access millions of government websites, there are too many for the layperson to keep track of any changes. Thats why EDGI uses software to do just that.He says theyre currently analyzing 25,000 government agency websites with that software, including EPA, DOE, NASA, NOAA, and others.Once the software notes a change, an analyst decides whether its significant.;I think the value of us looking at the comparison and the difference between these pages allows someone to analyze that and say, you know, ‘what is the trend here?; says Rinberg.In addition to the changes to the GAO website, Rinberg says there have been recent significant shifts in tone when it comes to climate change across several government websites.;We saw an EPA initiative that used to be called ‘Climate-Ready Water Utilities now renamed to ‘Creating Resilient Water Utilities. And from that page, all 19 mentions of the word ‘climate were removed; replaced with terms like ‘extreme weather or ‘resilient.;Rinberg says his group also found that mentions of greenhouse gas emissions had been eliminated from the website of the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs.201704/502395大家好。欢迎走进“布朗尼加分”口语课堂。今天让我们一起到西班牙的班尼奥尔感受一下那里举世闻名的番茄节盛况,同时了解和学习几个能够表达尽兴,甚至疯狂状态的短语。一起来听。 Once a year, the town of Bunyol in Spain throws a big party. The festival is called "La Tomatina." To get y, townspeople put big plastic sheets over their windows. By noon on the day of the festival, an enormous crowd gathers on the central square. people shout, "Tomato! Tomato!" at the top of their lungs. They're dying to see the tomatoes. Just after 12:00 noon, the tomatoes arrive--in five big trucks! Some people put on goggles. The trucks dump the tomatoes, and the party begins. People go bananas. They dive into the tomatoes and begin throwing them everywhere. Before long, the square is a red, juicy pool. "It's wonderful to let loose and throw a big wet tomato at a neighbor," says Minerva Gonzalez of Bunyol. "Everyone has a great time." 很多朋友应该都知道举办聚会可以用have a party来表示,但是您知不知道还可以用throw a party来表达呢?例如这句话:Throwing a great party surely goes beyond the scope of any "how to" page. 办一次出色的聚会当然比某些“如何办聚会”网站介绍的要复杂的多。再比如,举行一个庆新年聚会,也可以说成throw a New Year's party. 节日尚未开始之前,大量聚集在中心广场上的人会先做什么呢?shout “Tomato!” at the top of their lungs. Lungs “肺”,at the top of their lungs 在他们肺部的顶部,肺里的气儿都用上了,可见是 shout as loudly as possible了。用最大的力气喊。这么卖力的原因是,they're dying to see tomatoes。Be dying to, 相当于eager to, look forward to, 以及long for,也就是“渴望”,或者口语里我们常说的“巴不得”怎么样的意思。来看一个例句:London was a new world to me and I was dying to find out more about it for myself. 伦敦对我来说是个新世界,我渴望了解这个城市的一切。 文章中对Party中人们“发狂,异常兴奋的状态”用了go bananas这样的一个短语来形容。再比如:Wow, my friends are going bananas for that new Planet of the Apes movie. They love that movie. 哇,我的朋友为那部《猿族崛起》疯狂了。他们爱死那部片子了。 最后再来看let loose这个短语。很多人不远千里跑到西班牙参加番茄节的原因之一也是因为”it's wonderful to let loose”, 能够放松一下非常好。Let loose放松。释放。再来看一个例子:Just close your eyes and let loose your imagination. 闭上眼睛,海阔天空地遐想一番吧。 生活多艰,但总有希望。祝愿大家都能找到适当的方式释放自己,保持身心健康。好了。我们下期再见。 /201110/157805

Subject:That tears it. 迷你对话A: Overtime! Overtime! That teas it! The boss doesn’t give me raise.加班!加班!我真是受够了。老板不会给我加薪。B: Take it easy. Everything will be OK.想开点,一切都会好起来的。 地道表达 That tears it! 1. 解词释义Tear的意思非常丰富,作为名词,它是“眼泪”的意思,作为动词,它是“流泪,撕破”的意思,在这里,tear it的意思是“撕破它”,引申为“to ruin all hope,spoil everything”,这非常形象地表达出“打破计划,是希望毁灭”的意思。That tears it.这个短语的意思就是“我再也忍受不了了”。同样的表达还有“I cannot bear it anymore.” 2. 拓展例句e.g. My husband is always cheating me. That tears it.我的丈夫总是欺骗我。我再也受不了了。 Ps 1: give sb raise的意思是“给某人加薪”,也可以用作give sb a pay raise。例如:You promised to give me a raise after six-month probation.您答应过我六个月试用期后给我加薪。Im sure of the news that my boss will give me a pay raise soon.我对此消息很有把握,我的老板不久会给我加薪。 Ps 2:take it easy在这个对话中的意思是“不烦恼,不发怒,不放在心上”。例如:Take it easy. He will realize his mistake and apologize to you.不要发火,他会意识懂到自己的错误的,会向你道歉的。 /201406/303129tune up调弦;维修The band tuned up their instruments before the performance乐队在演奏前要调试乐器。Your car needs to be tuned up occasionally.你开的汽车每隔一段时间就要送去维修A crew of seven will tune up the space telescope.一个七人的小组将对这个太空望远镜进行维修crank up 起动we have to crank it up to start it.我们要摇动手柄才能用它The musician will crank up her touring concert this summer.这个音乐家暑假将开始她的巡回演奏会There was a massive campaign cranked up in this school.这个学校里开始了一次大规模的运动背景音乐:booty music /201006/106425Ive got a crush on the world.我好喜欢这个世界。单词记忆:crush:vt.镇压;压破,压碎;弄皱;挤榨,榨出vi.挤;被压碎,被起皱n.粉碎,被压碎的状态; (特指女子对男性的)迷恋 ;拥挤的人群;果汁饮料 /201605/445791

I would rather own little and see the world than own the world and see little of it我们宁愿拥有少一点也要去旅行(本栏目主播为:Lily.Wong 微信账号:贵旅特) /201506/379506大家好,欢迎收听Faith口语课堂-天天学,我是Faith老师。英语学习从平时积累,贵在坚持,每天轻轻松松学一点,用一点,坚持下来,成功并不那么遥远。 点击此处收听往期节目 “do”是一个用法相当广泛的词,在很多时候,当你不知道该用什么动词来表达你的意思,何尝不试试用“do”呢?“do”可以用来做很多东西:You seldom do your homework. 你总是不做你的家庭作业。I have a lot of laundry to do tonight. 我今晚要洗一大堆衣。Patience and perseverance will do wonders. 耐心和毅力可产生奇迹。I’ll do a translation for you. 我来帮你翻译。Who will do the cooking tomorrow? 明天谁做饭?Are you doing science at school? 你在学校里学科学吗?Please do the flowers, arrange them in vases. 请你插一下花。Go and do your hair. 去梳梳头。Have you done your teeth? 你刷过牙了吗?I will do you next, sir. 下一个就轮到您了,先生。I have a lot of correspondence to do. 我有很多信件要处理。下次,当你很痛苦于不知道该用哪个动词时,可以试试用这个万能动词“do”哦。用“do”的过去分词“done”表示完成:The interior design for your apartment will be done by the weekend. 你公寓的室内设计会在这个周末完成。Is your report done? 你的报告写完了吗?Done, let’s go out and grab something to eat. 搞好了,现在出去吃点东西吧。“…will do.”, “…won’t do.”的意思,表示可行,可以,或者不可行,不可以。Can I bother you for a while, 5 minutes will do. 我能打扰你一会儿吗?5分钟就够了。--Would you like coffee or tea? 你想要点咖啡还是茶?--Thanks, tea will do. 谢谢,来杯茶吧。I’m afraid your proposal won’t do. 我恐怕你的提议行不通。让我们一起学好英语吧!这里是Faith口语课堂-天天学,我是Faith老师,现在听到的这首歌是一对双胞胎Marie Sisters演唱的Circle of Love, I hope you like it, see you!Faith的Email:faithchen@163.com QQ空间:http://757973360.qzone.qq.com /201107/145819And then it surprised him when it told other crows and it could point out in a crowd.It was like that dudes cool.That dudes cool.Thats the dude.当它告诉其它乌鸦 并能在一群人中认出他时 他觉得很惊讶 像是 那人很酷 那人很酷 就是那哥们Then those crows sp the word to even more crows.Theyre like,thats the man who bullied Jonathan.然后那些乌鸦告诉了更多的乌鸦 他们说 那就是欺负了乔纳森的人That doesnt sound crazy because we also recognize other human faces.听起来也没有那么疯狂 因为我们也能认出别人的脸That would be teh equivalent of us recognizing an individual crows face.Like there he is.那就相当于我们认出了一只乌鸦的脸 它在那呢Thats the one who stole my window sill pie.是它偷走了我窗台上的派So dont mess with crows because theyre smart and they hold grudges and groups of crows are called murders.所以不要惹毛乌鸦 因为它们很聪明 会记仇 一群乌鸦就是谋杀犯You know what groups of people are called?Groups.Ill tell you who else holds a grudge.Crow Zimmerman.你知道一群人叫什么吗 人群 我告诉你谁还会记仇吧 齐默曼乌鸦Now I got a grudge against google because I still cant remember my original question.现在我记仇谷歌了 因为我还是记不起我开始要问的问题了Google is amazing,but the suggestions are too distracting.How to lose weight?Is that what youre going to ask?谷歌很棒 但是建议太令人分心了 如何减肥 你要问这个吗No,hold on.I got this.I was going to ask how to make money fast?Thats what other people are asking.不 等等 我知道 我是要问 如何快速赚钱 别人在问这个问题No.Wait,how fast?So now Im donating plasma.Thank you.不 等等 有多快 现在我在捐血浆了 谢谢which,by the way,also one way to lose a little weight.Joe looking good.Whats your secret?Less blood.顺便说一句 这也是减肥的好方法 乔 身材不错 有什么秘诀 血更少了Hey,you guys,so awesome.My name is Joe and I appreciate it.Thank you.你们真棒 我是乔 谢谢你们 谢谢201611/479976

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