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VOA流行美语 9: all-nighter; cram[流行美语]又和大家见面了。Michael是一个在纽约上大学的美国年轻人,他经常跟中国学生李华一起玩。Michael向李华学中文,李华向 Michael 学英文。Michael 正在准备考试,有很多功课要做,但是李华要他出去休息休息,两人约好下午在动物园见面。他们在对话中会用这两个词:all-nighter和cram。L: 嗨,Michael. 我在这儿!M: Hey, Li Hua. Oh, the elephant house, let's go in and take a look.L: 噢,那是大象馆啊? 好, 进去看看。 不行,不行,这儿太臭 了。走吧!M: Oh, yeah. Let's get out of here. In fact, I've got a lot of studying to do. I'm going to need to pull an all-nighter.L: 我知道你有很多功课,但是你在准备考试的时候也总得休息休息 嘛。我听说这次考试会很难。你刚才说 all-nighter 是不是开夜车 的意思呀?M: Yeah, that's what I meant. Li Hua, you're smart!L: 我是猜出来的, all的意思是整个,全部,nighter和 night 很像。我想一个人要整夜学习,那不就是开夜车吗?但是,有一点我不太懂,你说:to pull an all-nighter,什么是pull ?M: Pull means to get yourself through a difficult time.L: 噢, pull an all-nighter, 就是迫使自己整夜念书,因为要这样做是很辛苦的。M: Yep. You wouldn't have to pull an all-nighter because you have been studying all semester, I haven't been.L: 这你可说对了。我不需要开夜车,因为我整个一学期都在学习。 你要开夜车,因为你平时不学习。M: I know, I know, you're a better student than I am. L: Michael, 我真喜欢纽约的秋天, 空气很清新。你要是能跟我一起玩,不用回去念书,那该多好啊!M: I don't want to go study either, but I should.L: 对啊, 你 要是上星期多花点时间念书不就好了嘛。现在你得临时抱佛脚了。M: I perform better on tests when I cram.L: Cram? Cram是把什么东西塞进去的意思,跟学习有什么关系呢?M: Well, it's sort of the same meaning. I'm going to do a lot of studying at the last minute, that's what it means to cram.L: 意思差不多?噢,我知道了!Cram就是我们中文里说的填鸭式方法,就是硬把食品塞给鸭子吃,这样鸭子就长得肥。北京烤鸭 就是用这种鸭子做的。你说的cram 是临时抱佛脚,在考试前猛记猛背,把知识往脑子里塞。你还认为这是好办法?M: Well, everyone's different. Cramming works for me.L: 你认为临时抱佛脚对你来说行得通。可是,Michael,想把半学期的内容在一个晚上记住,这样做可真傻。M: Stop being my mother, Li Hua!L: 我才不想当你妈呢, 你不听我的话,那就算了。Michael, cram这个词是否还能用在别的场合呢?M: Not really. It's only used to describe studying for a test, usually college or high-school level.L: 噢,只能指大学生或中学生在考试前开夜车,临时抱佛脚。M: And that's what I need to do, right now. It's getting late and I know I will have to pull an all-nighter.L: 好吧,我明天早上给你打电话。M: No, don't worry about me, I'm sure I will still be cramming.L: 哟,你还准备开夜车开到天亮呐? Ok, well, good luck!今天李华向Michael学了两个常用语,一个是:all-nighter, 意思是开夜车;另一个是:cram, 这是指中学生或大学生在考试前临时抱佛脚。 今天的[流行美语]就学习到这里,我们下次再见。 /200601/3080。

  • 【学习提示】第一步:先听,理解句子;第二步:看原文模仿!【原声模仿】1. Come on. Dad! We’ve gotta go. Wake up!2. You promised!3. I can’t marry her. She is my friend. /200605/7327。
  • I was blown away. Here is a young guy who has every reason to be cynical.我被震撼到了。这个本该是个完全可以愤世嫉俗的年轻人。He wasnt sure if the country he calls home—the only one hes known—was gonna deny him his dream of going to college.他不知道他所称之为家乡的,他唯一知道的国家,是否会拒绝他上大学的梦想。But he wasnt feeling sorry for himself.但他自己并不觉得遗憾。He wasnt even thinking of himself.他甚至都没有想到自己。He has a greater sense of purpose, and hes going to bring people along with him.他有更宏大的使命感,他想要带着大家一起前进。It says something about our situation today that I cant even say his name because I dont want to put him at risk.由于现在所处的情况,我并不能说出他的名字,因为我不想把他置身于危险之中。But if a high school senior who doesnt know what the future holds for him can do his part to move the world forward,但是,如果一个不知道自己未来会怎样的高中生都能为推动世界做出自己的贡献,then we owe it to the world to do our part too.那么我们也理应对这个世界做出我们的贡献。So, before you walk out those gates one last time, as we sit here in front of Memorial Church, I am reminded of a prayer, Mi Shebeirach,所以在你们最后一次走出校门之前,当我们坐在纪念教堂前的时候,我想起了一段祈祷,Mi Shebeirach,that I say whenever I face a big challenge, that I sing to my daughter thinking about her future when I tuck her at night.每当我面临巨大的挑战时我都会说的,每当我把女儿放进婴儿床里想象着她的未来都会唱到的:and it goes:;May the source of strength, whos blessed the ones before us, help us ;find the courage to make our lives a blessing.;“愿力量之源,庇佑着我们,帮助我们找到面对生活的勇气,也祝福着我们的生活”I hope you find the courage to make your life a blessing.我希望你们也可以找到属于自己的勇气,使你们的生命成为一个祝福。Congratulations, Class of 17! Good luck out there.恭喜你们,2017届的同学们!祝你们好运!201706/513025。
  • Lets take a final example thats prominent in contemporary political debate: same-sex marriage.最后再举一个例子,一个当代政治的热点话题:同性婚姻There are those who favor state recognition only of traditional marriage between one man and one woman,有些人只持传统婚姻,一男一女and there are those who favor state recognition of same-sex marriage.有些人同时持同性婚姻How many here favor the first policy:在座有多少人属于前者?the state should recognize traditional marriage only?各州应该只允许传统式婚姻?And how many favor the second, same-sex marriage?有多少人持后者,同性婚姻?Now, put it this way:这么说吧,What ways of thinking about justice and morality underlie the arguments we have over marriage?我们对于婚姻形式的争论体现了哪些关于公正伦理的价值观呢?The opponents of same-sex marriage say that the purpose of marriage, fundamentally, is procreation,反对同性婚姻的人说,婚姻的根本目的是传宗接代and thats whats worthy of honoring and recognizing and encouraging.传宗接代才是值得尊重、认可和鼓励的价值本质And the defenders of same-sex marriage say no,赞成同性婚姻的人说procreation is not the only purpose of marriage;繁衍后代并非婚姻的唯一目的what about a lifelong, mutual, loving commitment?大家都忘了长相厮守、白头偕老、相濡以沫了吗?Thats really what marriage is about.那才是婚姻的真谛So with flutes, with golf carts,所以,无论是分配笛子,高尔夫球车and even with a fiercely contested question like same-sex marriage, Aristotle has a point.还是尖锐的同性婚姻话题,亚里士多德有一点说得很有道理Very hard to argue about justice如果不首先讨论社会组织的目的,without first arguing about the purpose of social institutions以及值得认可和称道的价值理念and about what qualities are worthy of honor and recognition.是很难讨论公平公正的So lets step back from these cases and see how they shed light现在让我们反思这些案例,看看能从中得到什么启发on the way we might improve, elevate, the terms of political discourse in the ed States, and for that matter, around the world.来帮助我们提升改进美国乃至世界的政治辩论状况There is a tendency to think现在有这样一种倾向,that if we engage too directly with moral questions in politics,认为如果我们直面政治方面的道德问题thats a recipe for disagreement,就很容易产生观点上的分歧,and for that matter, a recipe for intolerance and coercion.从而导致偏狭与排异,并相互强加观点给对方So better to shy away from, to ignore, the moral and the religious convictions that people bring to civic life.所以最好是避开那些宗教及道义方面的大命题It seems to me that our discussion reflects the opposite,我觉得我们的讨论明事实恰恰相反that a better way to mutual respect一个更好的互相尊重的方式是is to engage directly with the moral convictions citizens bring to public life,是直面日常生活中所涉及的伦理道德问题rather than to require that people leave their deepest moral convictions outside politics before they enter.而不是要求人们在讨论政治问题时回避他们最深层的道德信仰That, it seems to me, is a way to begin to restore the art of democratic argument.在我看来,这是复兴我们失落了的民主辩论艺术的一种方式Thank you very much.非常感谢大家201607/453046。
  • Good morning, FIU! Thank you, President Rosenberg, for reminding me how old I am. Thank you, Dean Stack and Provost Furton, for letting me share this very special day with you. And Marcia, congratulations on your honorary degree and your lifetime of extraordinary work.I believe a good commencement speech should be like a good commencement speaker – short. So, if I go on too long, Breezeway cookies for everyone on me.First things first. To the SIPA Class of 2016 – congratulations! Felicidades. You did it. You survived the hurricanes and Professor Gils math assignments. You juggled schoolwork and jobs. Somehow, against all the odds, you even managed to find parking on campus. And you did it all with hard work, grit, and more than a few cafecitos from Bustelo. Imagine some of you could use one right now.Of course, it wasnt just the caffeine that got you here. As a mom whos about to send her first child off to college, Ive got to give a lot of love to your incredible parents and families. They believed in you, sacrificed for you, and maybe even gave you a nalgada or two when it was necessary. So, lets hear it for your families one more time!I want you to revel in this moment. Today is your graduation. But, it is also a reaffirmation of the American Dream – the embodiment of our founding ideals. In a world where great gaps still persist between those with power and privilege and those without, education is the great equalizer. No matter where you come from, no matter what language you grew up speaking, this diploma is your passport to a future of possibility.Ive seen this in my own family. My mothers parents emigrated from Jamaica to Portland, Maine, in 1912. My grandfather was a janitor; my grandmother worked as a maid and a seamstress. Neither had much formal education, but they scrapped and they saved, and they sent all five of their kids to college. My wonderful mom has devoted her career to expanding higher education opportunities for all. My beloved late father was born in segregated South Carolina. He was a Tuskegee Airman and, through sheer talent and willpower, rose to become an accomplished economist and a governor of the Federal Reserve. Because my parents refused to accept the limits society imposed – and because my grandfather bent over a broom – I stand here as the National Security Advisor of the ed States.That is the incredible power and the enduring promise of this great country. It is the insistent tug of hope that has drawn generations of immigrants and refugees to our shores. ;That notion,; as President Obama says, ;that here, in this country, we can make of our lives what we will.;Now, there are voices out there that disparage our diversity – that question whether America should welcome people of all races, religions, and creeds. Those voices can be loud. They can be intimidating. They can make us feel like we dont belong. But, you know what? Let fear be their problem, not yours. Shake it off. Ignore the haters. And, dont you dare let them slow you down.Because heres the truth. What distinguishes us from so many other countries is not just the might of our military or the size of our economy. What sets us apart is our people. Its our innovation, our fearlessness, and our diversity. We see it in Americas businesses, where many of our most successful companies were started or grown by immigrants – think Apple, created by Steve Jobs, the son of a Syrian immigrant from Homs. We see it in magnificent poets like Richard Blanco, a Cuban exile and two-time FIU alum, reminding us that we all live under ;one sky.;And, we can see it in the profound importance of our diversity in the realm of foreign policy and national security.To those who deride our diversity, my answer is: I see why it matters every day, in those who protect this country and grapple with the toughest global issues we face. Im privileged to work with brilliant and dedicated professionals across our government. But we must acknowledge that our national security agencies have not yet drawn fully on the strengths of our great nation. Minorities still make up less than 20 percent of our senior diplomats. Less than 15 percent of senior military officers and senior intelligence officials. Too often, our national security workforce has been what former Florida Senator Bob Graham called ;white, male, and Yale.; In the halls of power, in the faces of our national security leaders, America is still not fully represented.201605/446060。
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