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Part . Clean air cars.Keywords. natural gas, taxicabs, fossil fuel.Vocabulary. pollutant, carbon monoxide, fleet, entrepreneur, inaugural, dissipate, impact, combustible, fossil fuel, untapped, wean off, gas hose, Chevrolet Caprice, compressed natural gas (CNG).A. Have a pre-listening discussion on the following three questions.1. Besides gasoline or petrol, what can cars be powered by?. Have you ever heard about cars powered by natural gas? Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of using natural gas?3. Do you think cars powered by natural gas will be a new trend of automobiles in the future, Why or Why not? 8

Turn your face to the sun面朝太阳Beloved,亲爱的:There are days when nothing seems right, when every shell you pick up on the winding shore is broken,when the silken treasure slips through your fingers too quickly, and when comts are empty and the world is noisy.总有这样的日子:一切似乎都不正常,你在弯弯曲曲的海滩上捡到的贝壳都是残缺不全的,珍贵的宝物从你指缝中一忽儿就溜走了,别人应该给的慰藉荡然无存,而整个世界喧闹不堪On those jagged edged days, when the wind is screaming a reason only she understands.在那些艰难的日子里,狂风莫名地呼啸,And you find yourself all alone.而你发现自只是孤身一人Turn your face to the sun.面朝太阳吧There is goodness in the world that even the river of tears cannot erase.因为人世间存在美善,即便是成河的泪水也无法将其冲掉There is love in the world that the numbed armies of fear can not destroy.因为人世间存在着真爱,即便是冰冷的恐惧也不能将其摧毁Sometimes that goodness is everywhere apparent.有时,那种美善处处可见,It pours from the heart of every moment, from the light of every smile.它来自每时每刻跳动的心,来自每一个微笑On those soft days, love hides in the eaves to drop like sweet honey on your ehead and sings her lilting lullabies in the arms of the winds.在那些顺风顺水的日子里,干甜如蜜的真爱由天而降,在和风的怀抱中唱着轻快的歌But on some days, Beloved. On days like today...但是亲爱的,在有些日子里,比如今天…We need to look, to see.我们需要去留意,去观察So turn your face to the sun.所以,面朝太阳吧Even when she is nowhere to be seen.即便是在她躲了起来,不知所踪的时候Go inside yourself. Find a speck, a splinter of beauty to be grateful .审视自己,找到一处可以让你感激的美丽瑕疵吧Yes, the day has worn you.是的,生活让你疲惫不堪And Yes,our mistakes have been so many.是的,我们的失误是如此之多But say Thank you anyway.但不管怎样,说声谢谢吧Take of all that is in your possession.善待你所拥有的一切,A mind. A heart. A body.思想,心灵,还有身体A life that breathes, even if just one more day.还有能够呼吸的每一天,即便是还有最后一天Now count the eyes that have smiled at you on your wild journey,数数在你流浪的旅途中对你微笑的眼睛,the hands that have held you tenderly,温柔地扶着你的大手,the ears that have listened,倾听你心声的耳朵,the prayers that have been made on your behalf.还有为你祈祷的声音And whisper your Thank you again.然后,再次说声谢谢吧Count the sky that has watched you grow with His painted eyes,数数那用五斑斓的眼睛注视这你成长的蓝天,The heaving waves that find their echo in the tides of your breathing,随着你呼吸的节奏而激荡回响的起伏的波浪,The little birds that have sung you their songs,还有献给你歌声的鸟儿,The stars which have been a lamp to your path,照亮你路途and are your rightful inheritance.而又属于你的星星 763

The Extension Courses System; Famous Americans: Lizzie Borden; Boston accentdialect and the Boston Brahmin; to speak out of turnWords:to be enrolledhobbyoffbeatpalm ingcertificatestep-hatchetprime suspectsensationalto speculatedetectivemotiveto convictdialectBoston Brahminto speaktalk out of turnidentical twinsfraternal twins 3559

练习题:Listen to the phone calls.Identify who they are looking .听电话问答,并找出该电话所找的人1.Wilie Mart Wiliam Smith Wilson Smith Winston Video.Henry Carter Henry Graham Henry Jackson l Henry Homer3.Jaime Yang Jennifer Chou Janis Chou Jennifer Yang.Matthew Mrs. Morgan Dr. Wang Mrs. Wang5.Mr. Carson Mr. Brown Brown Carson Brian Smith 31

They run into Clyde at MeskeremClyde:Good evening Ms. Jackson. Fancy meetin’ you here.Nikki:Hi, Clyde. This is my friend, Wen. She visiting from UCLA.Clyde:Clyde Smith. Pleasure to meet you. May I treat you ladies to dinner?Nikki:OK!I was just tellin’ Wen about African-American food.Clyde:You werent going to tell her about chitterlings and hog maws, were you? Well, my Creole ancestors never ate that stuff. We have refined French tastes.Nikki:Hey! That “stuff” is my grandma cooking, and it good!参考译文:她们在玛斯克林餐厅遇到克莱德克莱德:晚安,杰克森在这遇见你真是太奇妙了妮 琪: 嗨,克莱德这是我的朋友,小雯她从加州大学洛杉矶分校来找我克莱德:我是克莱德史密斯很高兴认识你我可以请两位吃晚餐吗?妮 琪: 好啊!我才和小雯说到非裔美国人的食物呢克莱德:你不是要告诉她猪肠和猪肚吧,是不是?像我们克里奥的祖先从不吃那种东西我们有精致的法式品味妮 琪: 喂!那种;东西;是我阿妈的煮的菜,很好吃重点词汇:fancy (a.)出乎意料之外的Fancy meeting you here.真意外在这里见到你nod (v.)点头Many people nod when they agree with something.多数人在同意某件事时会点头refined (a.)精致的A: My father says that refined sugar is bad your health.我爸说精致砂糖有害健康B: Brown sugar tastes better anyway.反正红糖比较好吃chitterlings (n.)(常用复数)猪肠,通常念做chitlin hog maw (n.) 猪肚(胃)Im gonna cook me up some chitterlings and hog maw.我要自己煮个猪肠跟猪肚来吃ancestor (n.)祖先Creole (n.) 克里奥人在美国路易斯安那州出生的法国后裔My ancestors rode around on horses.我的祖先在马背上讨生活. 3736

As it might say back in her hometown in Louisiana that Britney sure has changed. She walked into an L.A. hair salon on Friday and asked to have her head shaved."And I said, well, I am not shaving your hair off and I tried to talk her out of it. I said, are you sure you're not having a bad day and tomorrow you will feel differently about it. Why don't we wait a little bit? She said, no, I absolutely want it shaved off now. Next thing I know is she grabbed the buzzer and she went to the back of my salon and she was shaving off her own hair and she actually enjoyed shaving off her own hair."Next stop was a tattoo parlor where she pulled her low-rise jeans a little lower and also explained the hairstyle, sort of."She basically just said that she was tired of having things plugged into it and she didn't want anybody to touch her, um, tired of people touching her, that sort of things. It seems like she's a kind of sick of it all, whatever it all is."People Magazine reports that Spears checked herself into a rehab facility this week, but checked out a day later. A spokesman Spears has not answered CNN's request comment. The 5-year-old has two young children and filed divorce last November. Lately she has been turning weird behavior into an art m."She hosted New Year's Eve at Pure Nightclub ( Las Vegas) and you know, there were reports that she collapsed. So, she's sort of starting out on that note and she really just continued. She's been out along with every night, a lot of partying somebody with two small children.""The only emotion she showed was when she said my Mom is gonna be really upset and she got teary-eyed. And I think her Mom should maybe get a hold of her little girl. I think she needs her family."Spears hasn't had a hit record in three years, but she doesn't necessarily need the money. bes has estimated her net worth at 0 million dollars.Peter Viles, CNN, Los Angeles. 5

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