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Will you have breakfast after ing this story?A third of office workers would rather grab a few minutes extra sleep than breakfast, according to a survey that estimated poor eating habits were costing companies dearly in terms of lost productivity.A survey by Ipsos Mori found 17 percent of British office workers never have breakfast and 17 percent have it just one to three times a week.It found eight percent of 1,051 office staff questioned also regularly skip lunch, with these poor eating habits estimated to be costing companies 17 billion pounds ( billion) a year or 97 million lost working days."Worryingly, of those who rarely or never eat lunch, 27 percent also never eat breakfast during the working week," said Ipsos Mori researchers in a statement.The survey, commissioned by food service company BaxterStorey, estimated skipping breakfast cost companies 8.1 billion pounds or 46.5 million lost working days, with many studies finding a link between eating breakfast and attention span, learning ability and general well-being.When other poor eating habits such as having no breakfast and lunch or having no breakfast and snacks, are included, lost productivity rocketed to nearly 17 billion pounds.The survey found most employees -- 92 percent -- have lunch, with 68 percent opting for sandwiches, but most people don't drink enough during the day. Only 11 percent had the recommended eight or more drinks during the working day."People who eat breakfast have better concentration, problem solving ability, mental performance, memory and mood.People who eat breakfast are also more physically energetic and have better coordination," said nutrition specialist Matt Barker."Research tells us that scores on memory tests were about 15 percent lower in people who skipped breakfast. And those who skip it tend to eat sugary, fatty foods later in the day, reducing their productivity." 一项调查显示,三分之一的上班族早上宁愿多睡几分钟,也不愿起床吃早餐。据该调查估计,员工不良的饮食习惯导致工作效率下降,从而给公司造成了巨大损失。该项由益普索#8226;莫里调查机构开展的调查发现,英国17%的办公室职员从不吃早餐,17%的人每周只吃一至三次早餐。调查发现,在1051名受访的办公室职员中,8%的人经常不吃午餐。据估计,员工这些不良的饮食习惯每年给公司造成了170亿英镑(相当于9700万个工作日)的损失。益普索#8226;莫里调查机构在一份声明中说:“令人担忧的是,在那些很少或从来不吃午餐的人中,27%的人也从不吃早餐。”据该项由BaxterStorey食品务公司委托开展的调查估计,员工不吃早餐给公司造成的损失约81亿英镑(相当于4650万个工作日)。很多研究发现,是否吃早餐会影响注意力集中时间长度、学习能力及总体幸福感。如果将其它一些不良的饮食习惯也算上,如早餐和午餐都不吃或不吃早餐而吃零食,公司所遭受的损失则高达近170亿英镑。调查发现,大多数员工(92%)吃午餐,其中68%的员工吃三明治;但大多数人每天摄水量不够,仅有11%的人每天喝水量达到建议的八杯水或者更多。营养专家马特#8226;巴克说:“吃了早餐的人注意力更加集中、解决问题的能力更强,智力表现、和心情也更好。此外,吃早餐的人更具活力,身体协调性更好。”“研究人员称,不吃早餐的人测试得分约低15%。而且早上不吃饭的人之后可能会吃甜食和高脂肪食品,从而会影响他们的工作效率。” /200809/47098。

  • Kids mature faster due to diet, porn 吃出来、看出来的“性早熟”Kids are growing up faster because of nutritious food and access to pornography, doctors claim.The number of children experiencing the early onset of puberty has doubled over the past 10 years, according to a survey analyzing children's endocrine diseases by the Women and Children's Hospital of Guangdong Province.The survey found the average age for the onset of puberty of Guangzhou's children dropped to 11 years old from the previous age of 13.Based on those figures, the frequency of earlier puberty among children in Guangzhou also rose to 1.3 percent this year, from 0.5 percent 10 years ago. This is 0.3 percent higher than the national average.This means that in some cases, boys as young as nine-and-a-half, and girls as young as eight are developing secondary sexual characteristics."There are a few reasons why more children are experiencing the early onset of puberty," said Zeng Ke, a senior doctor at the incretion department of the Women and Children's Hospital of Guangdong Province.He said Guangzhou's citizens have a rich diet, including nourishing soups, seafood and animal innards.Parents also give their children supplements, such as deer antler and ginseng extracts.These foods, Zeng said, are high in protein or essential elements and accelerate children's growth."Western fast foods, such as burgers and fries from McDonalds or KFC, are favored by children and can increase their development," Li Wangen, a doctor at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, said.The other reason for early development is improper sex education, Zeng said. Children have easy access to books, movies or music that are pornographic.If parents do not protect their children from exposure to pornographic material they will become sexually precocious, Zeng said.The survey found the number of children with the onset of early puberty was less in rural areas than in the city.(China Daily) 医学专家称,由于饮食营养丰富以及接触色情资料,如今的儿童开始早熟。据广东省妇幼医院一项有关儿童内分泌疾病的调查显示,早熟儿童的数量在过去十年中翻了一番。调查发现,广州儿童进入青春期的平均年龄从之前的13岁下降到了11岁。此外,数据表明,广州儿童的早熟率从十年前的0.5%上升到了今年的1.3%,高出全国平均水平0.3%。也就是说,在某些情况下,9岁半的男孩和8岁的女孩便会开始出现第二性特征。广东省妇幼医院内分泌科高级医师曾可说:“有一些因素造成了性早熟儿童增多。”他说,广州人饮食丰富,人们常摄入滋补汤、海鲜和动物内脏。家长也不忘给孩子们进补,让他们吃鹿茸、人参精华等营养品。曾医师说,这些食物里富含蛋白质及生命必需元素,能够加速儿童的生长发育。广州医学院第二附属医院的李万根医生说:“麦当劳、肯德基的汉堡和炸薯条等洋快餐深受儿童喜爱,而这种食物会使他们发育增快。”曾医师说,导致儿童早熟的另一个原因是性教育不当。现在的孩子很容易接触到色情书刊、色情电影和音乐。他说,父母应采取措施使孩子免受色情侵害,防止孩子性早熟。调查发现,农村地区早熟儿童的数量要少于城市。 /200803/29224。
  • lt;不准行为不端gt;lt;不准谈恋爱gt;lt;不准看卡通gt;学校的职能就是:想干嘛,就不让你干嘛!。
  • A scientific study on love shows that men are increasingly interested in intelligent, educated women with dependable character and emotional stability, and chastity isn't an issue.一项关于爱情的科学研究显示,如今的男性对聪慧、受过教育、人品可靠且情绪稳定的女性越来越感兴趣,而贞节已不再是个问题。The findings by Researchers at the University of Iowa are part of a study ed by media reports Monday.该研究由艾奥瓦大学的研究人员开展,研究结果在本周一的媒体报道中被引述。Conducted every decade since 1939, the study asks participants to rank a list of 18 characteristics they would want in a partner on a scale ranging from "irrelevant" to "essential."该研究自1939年起每十年开展一次,主要让研究对象对18个择偶标准按照“无关紧要”到“非常重要”的标准进行排序。Included are such items as "sociability" and "good cook, housekeeper," as well as "mutual attraction and love," which came in first place for both men and women in 2008. (In 1939, it wasn't in the top three for either sex.)这些标准包括“善于交际”、“厨艺精湛、会持家”以及 “相互吸引和爱情”等,这几项在08年的男女择偶调查中排在前几位(在1939年的调查中,这几条标准在男女调查中均未跻身前三)。 Male and female participants in 2008 rounded out their top traits with "dependable character" and "emotional stability, maturity." Men ranked intelligence fourth, a big jump from 11th place in 1939; in addition, "good financial prospect" moved to 12th place in 2008, a shift from its low 17th-place ranking in 1939 and last-place ranking in 1967.在2008年的调查中,男女受访者最看重的品质都是“人品可靠”、“情绪稳定、成熟”。在本次调查中,男性将“聪明”排在第四位,较之1939年的第11位大幅上升,此外,“良好的经济实力”升至第12位,该项在1939年的调查中仅排在第17位,在1967年的调查中垫底。"This is a generation of men who has grown up with educated women as their mothers, teachers, doctors, and role models," said Christine Whelan, head of the study and author of "Marry Smart: The Intelligent Woman's Guide to True Love" (Simon amp; Schuster, 2008).研究负责人、《嫁得漂亮:智慧女人的真爱指南》(西蒙舒斯特公司2008年出版)一书的作者克里斯蒂·威尔兰说:“这一代男性在成长过程中接触的都是一些受过良好教育的女性,比如他们的母亲、老师、医生和偶像。”"And in tough economic times, sharing the financial burden with a spouse takes the burden off these guys to be the sole provider," she said.她说:“在经济困难时期,找一个能共同负担家庭经济开的伴侣可以减轻男人的压力。”The study's participants were college students from the University of Iowa, the University of Washington, the University of Virginia, and Penn State University.该研究的对象是来自艾奥瓦大学、华盛顿大学、弗吉尼亚大学和宾州州立大学的学生。"Like attracts like, so certainly the fact that we were polling college students would suggest that intelligence and education are going to be important characteristics," Whelan said.威尔兰说:“物以类聚,人以群分。我们在大学生中开展这项调查的做法表明,智商和受教育程度将成为十分重要的择偶标准。”Another notable shift involves the significance of chastity: In 1939, it was valued more than intelligence in women, but in 2008, it was ranked the least important characteristic. Furthermore, it also was ranked the least important for men. This, coupled with the shared top-three ranking for both men and women, suggests a commonality that seems positively modernday.另一个显著的改变就是对于“贞节”的态度。在1939年调查中,男性对于女性“贞节”的重视远超过“智慧”;而在2008年,无论男性还是女性都认为“贞节”是最不重要的因素。从贞节观的转变以及男女在择偶时最看重的三个因素可以看出,当今社会的观念已步入现代化。 /200903/64277。
  • If you really want to have success with women then you need to learn the right way to attract a woman. What I mean by this is that you have to avoid doing what 99% of all men do. When most men approach a woman they usually don't have any confidence, they don't sustain any meaningful eye contact, and they lack the necessary social skills to generate attraction from an initial conversation. The good news is that talking to a woman the right way is a learned skill. And just like ing a book or riding a snowboard anyone can learn how to talk to a woman the right way.There are three basic types of conversation that you can have with a woman. The first type, is known as an informational conversation. This is when you are talking to a woman and you are simply giving her information about a topic in a very blasé or scientific way. Talking about your next job assignment is a good example of this. Obviously, this does not generate attraction. This could be the reason why many scientists have trouble getting a date. The second type of conversation is known as a one-way conversation. This can be either a man talking mostly about himself and not allowing a woman to get in a word in edgewise or this could mean that the man does not know how to engage or challenge a woman so that she will want to engage him back.The third kind of conversation is known as a two-way conversation and this has a higher likelihood of generating attraction in a woman because she is now fully engaged with you. But having a two-way conversation is not enough to get a woman attracted to you. You must also be in total alignment with who you are as a confident male. Women are not attracted to men who don't know what they want in life. Women are also not attracted to men that don't have a spine. If you always cave into her demands, then she will actually get bored of you .You will notice that in your many interactions with different kinds of women that they are going to challenge you. This is their way of testing you to see if you are who you say you are. So while you are trying to have a conversation with her she might start to become interested in you. One thing that I've learned over the years is that women love to test men. So they will do things that might seem a little strange. Out of the blue she might ask you to buy her a drink. She might also excuse herself to the bathroom and then on the way there she will stop and talk to a guy that she knows. And she's not doing this to be mean, she is simply going to see if you will get jealous. An insecure man gets jealous and a man who is not insecure won't. So watch out for these tests because they happen all the time.Some things to keep in mind when you are talking to a woman.1. Maintain eye contact longer than normal.2. Make sure you have confident body language.3. Ask her open-ended questions and then let her run with it.4. Don't talk too much about yourself and never brag about your job, your money, or your car because these things only communicate insecurity.5. Make sure you're well-groomed. This will communicate that you care about your appearance and that you have self-respect.6. Ask for her contact information when your conversation is at it's conclusion.7. Do not hang around too long unless you plan on getting her alone so you can really build up the rapport. Otherwise change locations or get her contact information and then leave.By following these guidelines you are going to be much better off than the competition. So the next time you go online or you are at a coffee shop or you are in a bookstore make sure you keep the these guidelines and mind and your chances of success will skyrocket. /200904/67809。
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