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Trade ministers from around the world have put what may be the final nail in the coffin of the long-stalled Doha round of negotiations, clearing the way for the World Trade Organisation to start focusing on smaller agreements with a better chance of success.世界各国贸易部长们也许已给长期陷入僵局的多哈回合贸易谈判敲上了棺材上的最后一颗钉子,从而为世界贸易组织(WTO)开始聚焦于一些更小、但成功几率更高的协定扫清道路。In a victory for the US and EU, which have been pushing for a new path forward for the WTO, trade ministers from its 162 member countries meeting in Nairobi on Saturday failed to “reaffirm” the Doha Round for the first time since it was launched amid great fanfare in 2001. They also opened the door to the discussion of new issues at the WTO such as the digital economy and investment.对一直在推动世贸组织走上新前进道路的美国和欧盟而言,上周六汇聚内罗毕开会的162个成员国的贸易部长未能“重申”多哈回合(这是2001年大张旗鼓启动该回合以来的第一次)是一个胜利。贸易部长们还对在世贸组织框架下讨论新问题(如数字经济和投资)敞开了大门。The moves came alongside approval for a smaller package of measures including a ban on export subsidies for agricultural products, new guidelines for the financing of agricultural exports and new access to developed markets for poor cotton-producing countries.与会各方还达成了规模较小的一揽子措施,包括禁止对农产品提供出口补贴,农业出口融资的新指引,以及贫穷的棉花生产国获得进入发达市场的新渠道。The decision on Doha amounts to a fudge that came out of deep-seated differences within the WTO over how to proceed. The WTO operates by consensus and as a result of the membership failing to agree on the path forward the US, which had called for the WTO to remove the “strictures of the Doha Round” in the lead-up to the Nairobi meeting, got the result it was seeking.在多哈回合问题上的决定,相当于对世贸组织内部在如何推进的问题上根深蒂固的分歧进行模糊处理。世贸组织在共识基础上运转,在成员国未能就前进道路达成一致的情况下,在内罗毕会议召开之前呼吁世贸组织“挣脱多哈回合的束缚”的美国得到了自己想要的结果。“While opinions remain divided among the WTO Membership, it is clear that the road to a new era for the WTO began in Nairobi,” said Mike Froman, the US trade representative.“尽管世贸组织成员国之间仍存在意见分歧,但很显然,世贸组织在内罗毕跨入了一个新时代,”美国贸易代表迈克弗罗曼(Mike Froman)表示。That new era is likely to see the WTO move towards more narrowly-focused negotiations rather than the large monolithic global agreement targeted in the Doha round, something the US has been pushing for alongside other WTO members in recent years.这个新时代很可能会看到世贸组织转向有所侧重的谈判,而不是多哈回合所追求的那种面面俱到的大规模全球协定。近年美国会同其他一些WTO成员国一直在推动这种安排。The US in October concluded negotiations with Japan and 10 other countries on a Pacific Rim trade deal. It is pursuing a similar regional deal with the EU and sectoral agreements on services and the trade in environmental goods with small groups of WTO members.美国在10月份与日本等11个国家完成了《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》(TPP)谈判,目前正寻求同欧盟达成一项类似的区域协定,并寻求与少量WTO成员国就务和环保产品贸易达成行业协议。India and civil society groups, however, said the result in Nairobi was a blow to the world’s poor, arguing that by walking away from the Doha round, which put at least a rhetorical emphasis on development, the WTO was betraying its poorest members.不过,印度以及一些公民社会团体表示,内罗毕会议的结果对于世界上的穷人是一个打击。他们提出,多哈回合至少在文字上注重发展,抛弃多哈回合说明世贸组织背叛了最贫穷的成员。 /201512/418066

There are simple ways to practice ‘hygge’, the Danish lifestyle craze one of Collins English Dictionary’s words of the year, like ritualising the making of tea and brewing it in real china cups, 柯林斯英语词典年度热词之一修噶指的是最近备受推崇的丹麦人的生活方式。如果你也想修噶,有很多简单易行的方法,比如把泡茶变得有仪式感,用真正的瓷器来泡茶,and there are more dramatic but potentially exponentially rewarding ways, like buying a wood.但也有一些更疯狂而又益处多多的方式,比如买一片树林。Living in a city where shoebox apartment housing is astronomically expensive, 身居城市,房子是蜗居,还贵得离谱。the idea of owning your own woodland might sound an impossible dream, but it’s cheaper than you might expect.拥有自己的一片树林这个想法听上去可能不现实,不过比你想象中的要便宜得多。This charming five-acre broadleaf woodland, filled with bluebells and situated half an hour outside of Sheffield, costs £45,000. 这片迷人的阔叶林面积为五英亩,林间长满了风铃草,离城市谢菲尔德有半个小时车程的距离,售价4.5万英镑。This sunny bank of maturing oak in South Wales is on the market for £18,500.而南威尔士河岸的这片阳光充足的成熟橡树林市场价为1.85万英镑。Many buyers will have their eyes on the lots’ lucrative produce, of course, but many families are buying them in order to build Scandinavian log cabins, enjoy the wildlife, fish in nearby rivers and simply enjoy receding into nature.当然,许多人购买树林是为了获取林地上丰厚的产出物,不过也有很多家庭购买树林是为了在林子里修建斯堪的纳维亚风格的小木屋,欣赏野生动植物,在附近的河里钓鱼,单纯地享受归隐自然的乐趣。Residential building is not allowed without planning permission (which is very unlikely) 在树林里修建民居必须获得建筑许可,但得到建筑许可又十分困难。but there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the spaces.不过还有很多其他方式来享受这片空间。Treehouse, art spaces, pagan ceremonies and natural burial sites are all potential uses with the correct permissions, 树屋、艺术空间、宗教仪式和自然墓地等都可以获得许可。Woods4Sale’s Ed Midmore tells me, Wildlife is one of the key things people cite when buying a wood - you can collect firewood, do crafts, forage.森林资产管理公司Woods4Sale的工作人员艾德.米德茂尔告诉我:人们购买森林时常常会提到野生动植物,对于他们来说这是很重要的一点。人们可以收集柴火、制作工艺品、觅食等。Jona Desselberger and family, from Cambridgeshire, purchased a 60-acre upland broadleaf and conifer woodland in West Wales out of a desire to get closer to nature.来自剑桥郡的乔纳.戴斯尔伯格及其家人购入了六十英亩的高地阔叶林和西威尔士的一片针叶林,就是为了与自然更亲近。We go up there with the kids and sometimes their friends and camp, he said. 他表示:我们会和孩子一起到这里扎营,有时候还有孩子们的小伙伴。It is fantastic to have so much of our own space and not to have to worry about anything, letting the kids run amok. 能拥有这么大的空间,把烦恼都抛在一边,孩子们还能尽情地玩耍,这种感觉棒极了!我定下了一条规则:禁止使用电器。I have one rule - ‘no electronics’ - and once we had arrived there were no complaints.只要我们身在树林,就不会有人抱怨。It is wonderful to get away from everything, sitting out listening to the trickling stream by the log burner with a good book. 远离一切,静坐着聆听溪水潺潺的声音,抱着一本好书在篝火旁阅读,真是美好啊!And the best thing is there is no phone signal!而且最棒的就是手机再也不会响了!Alan Desborough meanwhile purchased 1.3 acres of woodland in Cornwall in the hope of leaving a legacy for his grandchildren; 艾伦.德斯伯洛夫也购入了康沃尔郡一片1.3英亩的树林,想作为遗产留给孙子们。being able to get away from phones, electricity, running water and gadgets was a happy by-product. 远离手机、电、自来水和电子设备真是值得开心的事情,这是他们的意外收获。Alan and his wife have managed to source English bluebells and wild garlic in their wood which remind them of their youth.艾伦和妻子想办法在树林里找到了英格兰风铃草和野生蒜,这让他们想起了年轻的时候。Owners have reported that woodland upkeep is quite physical work, but good for the mind and body and yields a tangible result.树林的拥有者都表示,进行维护是很累人,但却有益身心健康,维护结果也能够感受到。One owner even used their space to set up a forest school, letting children climb trees and engage with the environment in a safe way. 甚至有人在树林里建立了森林学校,让孩子们爬树,以安全的方式与自然相处。All children should be exposed to rural environments to thrive, they noted.他们表示:所有的孩子都应该享受田园风光,这样才能茁壮成长。Buying a woodland is similar to buying a house, and though the owner cannot live there full time, staying in the wood for up to 28 days a year is permitted.买树林就像买房子一样,虽然拥有者不能一直住在树林里,但一年呆28天还是允许的。 /201611/480249

I am a Vietnamese. I love China. A lot of Vietnamese people do not like China because ( politics here ) Chinese goverment is aggressive on our Sea and doesn’t respect our small country.我是一个越南人,我爱中国。许多越南人不喜欢中国(这里谈一下政治)是因为中国政府在我们的海域富有侵略性,不尊重我们小的国家。I love China because I have watched a lot of chinese films. Chinese films are interesting like Three kingdoms The Swordsman…我爱中国,我看过很多中国电影。中国电影很有趣,像《三国演义》和《笑傲江湖》等等。Chinese musics are good.中国的音乐也很不错。We share many similarities with China like Tet(the Vietnamese lunar new year celebration) worshipping ancestors Confucius’ s teachings…我们与中国有许多相似之处,比如在越南的农历新年期间祭拜祖先孔子的教诲…China and Vietnam are neighbours asian countries. Why do we hate china when we love peace? If China wants to make ours as their enemies( invading our land) then it is their job forcing us to do something.中国和越南是一衣带水的亚洲邻邦。我们为什么在热爱和平的时期讨厌中国?如果中国想使我们成为他们的敌人(入侵我们的土地),他们会迫使我们专心去做一件事(反抗)。It is better to unite and to love than to hate. China and Vietnam will get big gains when China and Vietnam buy and sell goods to each others.团结和热爱总比仇恨要好,中国和越南的往来贸易将会使双方利益最大化。I love a lot of Chinese girls Zhu lin…. They are beautiful.我喜欢很多的中国女孩,比如朱琳(在85年版《西游记》中扮演女儿国国王),她们是美丽的。Chinese people are ambitious smart competitive practical hard-working… I love them.中国人雄心勃勃,聪明,竞争,实际,勤奋……我爱他们。Chinese goverment is greedy smart calculating ahead… But Chinese people are good. Why hate chinese people?中国政府贪婪精明,但中国人很好。我们为什么讨厌中国人?A lot of chinese people live in Vietnam a lot of vietnamese people live in China.中越两国有不少人们住在对方国家。Who will win a war between Vietnam and China? US and western countries. A war will cost much to two countries.谁将总中越战争中收益?是美国和西方国家。中越的战争将使两国耗资巨大。A war is our worst enemy. Hatred could lead to a war.战争是我们最恨的敌人。仇恨可能导致一场战争。I think Chinese people are wise enough not to make us as their enemies.我认为中国人民足够智慧,避免我们成为他们的敌人。And a lot of Vietnamese people love China. We and chinese people are asian people.和很多越南人喜欢中国。我们和中国人都是亚细亚子民。I am glad to see that China will be the pride of Asia in the near future.我很高兴地看到,中国将在不久的将来会成为亚洲的骄傲。 /201701/486761

China has named and shamed 10 travel agencies as the country attempts to create a sound environment for tourists, the National Tourism Administration (NTA) said Sunday.国家旅游局在周日表示:中国已经列出10家评价恶劣的旅游中介,并对游客进行声明公示The tourist companies, which are based in Yunnan Province, Hainan Province and Shandong Province, have been blacklisted, effective for two years, due to ;irregularities.;根据旅游“不平等条约”这一事件,包括云南省,海南省和山东省的几家旅行社被加入到了该黑名单当中。该名单有效期为两年Five agencies#39; licenses have been revoked and the remaining heavily fined, according to an NTA statement. Seven tourist guides were also blacklisted and punished.根据国家旅游局近日表示:五家旅游中介的营业许可被吊销,并处以巨额罚款。七名导游也被加到黑名单中同时加以处罚The NTA introduced the blacklist in July. The agencies and guides were the first group on the list. The behavior of blacklisted companies and individuals will be closely watched by tourist authorities.国家旅游局在7月制定出台了黑名单。上述旅行社和导游是第一批被加到名单上的。除此之外,这些名单上的的公司和个人也会被旅游相关部们密切监视.China is one of the world#39;s largest tourism markets. During the week-long National Day holiday in early October, tourists make a total of 526 million trips to attractions across the country.中国是世界上最大的旅游市场之一。在10月初的国庆黄金周假期中,共计有5亿2600名游客到全国各地的景点旅游However, tourist complaints have mounted in recent years about irregularities in tour company operations, most typically over mandatory shopping excursions.然而,游客对旅游中介不公正待遇的抱怨在近些年来也有所增长,其中最典型、最常见的现象就是强制消费 /201510/404579

European enclave欧洲飞地Another model for London would be for it to assert the European identity it has developed in the past 20 years by becoming a European enclave within an otherwise Eurosceptic Britain. The model for that is West Berlin, which survived as an enclave in hostile East Germany after the Berlin Wall was built. West Berlin was connected to West Germany by a narrow strip of railway line; that role would be assigned to the high-speed line to the Channel tunnel.对伦敦来说,还有一条路。那就是坚守过去20年来形成的欧洲身份认同,成为一块欧洲的飞地,即使英国其他地区都怀疑欧洲。西柏林就是一个例子。在柏林墙修建起来以后,西柏林就成了敌意重重的东德中的一块飞地。西柏林仅仅依靠一条狭长的铁路线与西德联系;而穿越英吉利海峡隧道的高速铁路将扮演起这个角色。London could only become a European enclave thanks to quite a lot of creativity about what it means to be a citizen. As proposed by Rohan Silva, founder of the tech co-workspace Second Home, London could have its own visa system, which would allow for freedom of movement between London and the EU, so long as people lived and worked in London. Presumably this would have to be matched by complex arrangements over London’s access to the single market and contributions to the EU budget. One leading London politician described the visa plan thus: “It is an absolutely bonkers idea. We are 100 per cent behind it.”只有在定义公民方面发挥极大创意,才有可能使伦敦成为一个欧洲飞地。科技共同工作空间Second Home创始人罗恩#8226;席尔瓦(Rohan Silva)提议,伦敦可以实施一套自己的签制度,允许人员在伦敦和欧盟之间自由流动,只要人们在伦敦生活和工作。那么,在伦敦进入单一市场和对欧盟财政的贡献方面,想必需要复杂的安排来作为配套。伦敦的一名主要政治人士对这个签计划的描述如下:“这绝对是一个疯狂的主意。我们100%持。”The UK might have to reimagine London as a “special European economic zone”, much as Shenzhen was China’s portal to the rest of the world. An alternative might be that London, like US immigration gateway cities such as Charlotte, North Carolina, could create its own identity card to entitle people to use local services even if they do not have full citizenship. People who did not get past the new points-based immigration system would be like the metics in ancient Athens: aliens who were permanently resident in the city.英国可能不得不再次把伦敦想象成“欧洲经济特区”,就像深圳作为中国面向世界其他地方的门户一样。一个替代方案是,伦敦可以效仿像美国北卡罗来纳州的夏洛特(Charlotte)这样的移民门户城市,发放本地区自己的身份,让没有正式获得英国国籍的人也能使用当地的务。在积分制移民新政下没有攒够分数的人们就像是古代雅典的外邦人:永久居留在这座城市的外来人员。None of this will be possible, however, unless the UK becomes even more of a patchwork state of devolved powers to nations, regions and cities, something a Theresa May-led government is unwilling to countenance even with former London Mayor Boris Johnson as foreign secretary. George Osborne was the great decentraliser. To force such a shift, London would have to become much more organised politically and mobilise a movement for independence, perhaps in alliance with other pro-European cities like Cambridge, Oxford and Bristol.然而,除非英国将权力下放给各构成国、各地区和各城市,变成一个更加松散的国家,否则以上这些情况都是不可能的。而由特里萨#8226;梅(Theresa May)领导的英国政府并不愿持这种松散组合,即使担任外长的是前伦敦市长鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊(Boris Johnson)。前财政大臣乔治#8226;奥斯本(George Osborne)是坚定的去中心化人士。要强行推动这样的转变,伦敦的组织形式必须更有政治性,并且发起一场独立运动,或许还可以和其他亲欧洲城市,如剑桥(Cambridge)、牛津(Oxford)、布里斯托(Bristol)联合起来。The hovercraft city漂浮城市A fourth option would be to imagine London hovering just above the territory of the UK, a global city-state governed by British law, like Singapore.第四个选项是想象伦敦只是漂浮在英国的版图之上,受到英国法律管辖的全球化城邦,和新加坡类似。London will respond to this current crisis in the way a great trading city always does, by following the money. The money is all coming from Asia. The people who see Brexit as an opportunity are Chinese and other Asian investors who want to snap up London property companies, heritage brands and tech companies. Central London at times aly resembles Dubai-on-Thames. It could become Shangdon.对于当前的危机,伦敦会以一个伟大贸易城市的一贯做法来应对——跟着资金走。目前资金都从亚洲来。把英国退欧视为机会、想要抢购伦敦的地产公司、历史悠久的品牌和科技公司的,正是中国和亚洲其他地方的投资者。伦敦市中心已经时不时像是泰晤士河上的迪拜。它也可以变成第二个山东。Seen in this light, Brexit might be a blessing in disguise for London. An ageing Europe is gripped by slow growth and German-led austerity. Employment in banks has aly passed its high point as artificial intelligence starts to lay waste to trading floors.从这个角度来看,英国退欧可能会让伦敦因祸得福。日渐老龄化的欧洲已经被经济增长缓慢和由德国主导的紧缩所束缚。的就业高峰已经过去,因为人工智能开始让交易大厅变成无用之地。This could be a chance for London to jump on to a different trajectory. Its strength is that it is a pragmatic, commercial trading city that gives shape to whatever forces are running through the world. Just as Miami is a largely Latin American city on the southern tip of the US, so London could become an Asian outpost in Europe.对伦敦来说,这可能是转向截然不同的发展路径的机会。伦敦的长处在于它是一个务实的商业贸易城市,可以帮助塑造在世界各地蔓延的任何力量。就像迈阿密大体上是一个位于美国南端的拉美城市,伦敦也可以变成欧洲的亚洲前哨。This shift would require London to follow its own foreign policy. It would have to be prepared to embrace Asian companies, values and culture in a way it has only played with so far. Shanghai was once a western enclave in China; London might become a Chinese enclave in Europe. We are just getting used to the idea of Chinese tourists; we will have to get used to the idea of Chinese landlords, owners and employers. Suck it up.这种转变可能需要伦敦实行自己的外交政策。伦敦必须准备好接纳亚洲的企业、价值观和文化,在这方面,迄今为止伦敦只是漫不经心。上海一度是中国的西方飞地;伦敦也可能变成欧洲的中国飞地。我们正在习惯中国游客的想法;我们以后也会习惯中国房东、业主和雇主的想法。接受这个事实吧。Muddling through挺过危机The most likely and perhaps the most optimistic scenario is that everyone muddles through, in Europe, in the UK and in London, perhaps with aspects of all four of the previous scenarios in play at the same time. This London would be part of a UK that would still be an associate member of the EU albeit on strained terms. A model for this is Greece and a model for London might be what has happened to Athens.最有可能发生,同时也是最乐观的情景是,无论是在欧洲,在英国,还是在伦敦,每个人都凑合着对付过去,与此同时,上述4种情景的一些方面也可能出现。在这种情况下,英国依然是欧盟的准成员,尽管条件会很严格,而伦敦是这样的英国的一部分。对此可参照希腊,伦敦则可以参照雅典。The Conservative party now faces a challenge not unlike the Syriza-led government in Greece, which threatened to pull out of the eurozone over the punitive terms of the bailout. Syriza, led by Alexis Tsipras, campaigned strongly against the plan, winning elections on that ticket in 2015. However, the exit deal offered by the EU was so unappealing that eventually most of Syriza swallowed its pride and decided to stay in the fold. The party split as a result. Surely the EU will play the UK the same way: offering it a deal so bad that choosing to remain seems the better option.英国保守党现在面临的挑战与激进左翼联盟(Syriza)领导的希腊政府所之前面临的挑战很相似,后者因为纾困方案中的惩罚性条款威胁退出欧元区。亚历克西斯#8226;齐普拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)领导的激进左翼联盟激烈反对这一计划,并借此在2015年赢得大选。然而,欧盟提出的退出方案太缺乏吸引力,最终大多数激进左翼联盟人士都放下自尊,决定留在欧盟。结果是该党出现了分裂。欧盟肯定也会对英国使出这一招:提供一个非常糟糕的方案,使得选择留欧似乎是一个更好的选择。If Brexit negotiations are drawn out; if the Leavers grow remorseful and distracted; if the terms offered are deeply unattractive, then the question of leaving the EU might once again become a dispute confined to the ranks of the Tory party and its splinter groups.如果英国退欧协商旷日持久地进行下去;如果脱欧人士开始后悔,注意力也被其他事情分散;如果欧盟提供的退欧条款极度缺乏吸引力,那么退出欧盟的问题可能会再次变成一场局限在保守党及其分裂的派别之中的争论。Athens, under the leadership of Mayor Giorgos Kaminis, has been a model of civic resilience during these crises. Not only has it had to cope with existential economic and political crises, but with an influx of refugees as well. Athens has come through, albeit with its port of Piraeus majority-owned by the Chinese government, thanks in no small part to a mass of collaborative self-help among citizens to take over the running of parks, public spaces and cultural institutions, inspired by Amalia Zepou, a documentary film-maker-turned-politician. London will have to be like Athens, resilient enough to cope, make do and get through the next few years before something akin to normality and common sense returns.在市长乔治#8226;卡米尼斯(Giorgos Kaminis)的领导下,雅典在这些危机中成为了城市韧性的典范。雅典不仅需要应对关乎存亡的经济和政治危机,还要同时应对涌入的难民。尽管比雷埃夫斯港(Piraeus)由中国政府持有多数股权,在纪录片制作人出身的政治人士阿马利娅#8226;泽普(Amalia Zepou)的启发下,市民之间进行大规模的协同自救,接手公园、公共空间、文化机构的运营,这起到了相当大的作用,让雅典挺过了这些危机。伦敦必须效仿雅典,有足够的韧性去应对、将就、度过接下来的几年,直到类似常态和常识的东西再度回归。‘The flour of Cities all’“众城之精粹”Whichever of these scenarios comes to pass, given the shock that London has experienced over the past few weeks, a few things have become clear.不管今后会发生以上哪一种情景,考虑到伦敦在过去数周经历的冲击,有几点显而易见。First, London will need new levels of ambitious, shared leadership and not just from the mayor. London’s universities should be pooling their expertise to chart a better future for the city. Cultural institutions should start programmes to promote European culture and values. London needs to show the world through thousands of everyday acts that the city remains open, a place where minorities are not just succoured but celebrated. This is an extraordinary opportunity for London’s leadership to galvanise a city that was close to self-satisfied complacency. The challenge and so the opportunity is far greater than the easy wicket Mayor Johnson enjoyed with the 2012 Olympics.首先,伦敦需要全新水准的有抱负的集体领导,不应该只由市长来行使领导权。伦敦的大学应该集思广益,为这座城市描绘一个更美好的将来。文化机构应该启动推广欧洲文化和价值观的项目。伦敦需要通过成千上万种日常行动向全世界展示,伦敦依然是一个开放的城市,少数群体不仅能在这里得到帮助,还会受到欢迎。在这个已经近乎自鸣得意的城市,现在是该市领导者激发人们行动起来的绝佳机会。其中的挑战比前伦敦市长鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊在2012年奥林匹克轻易达成目标的过程中遇到的挑战要大得多,但因此其中的机遇也要大得多。Second, other European cities tempted to gloat at London’s travails should recognise that the faultline between more cosmopolitan, innovation-driven cities and their more nationalistic, cautious hinterlands now runs around the globe. Major cities in different countries share as much with one another as they do with the nations that host them. There’s a strong case for the recreation of the medieval Hanseatic League of free-trading northern Europe cities, of which London was one. European cities have a strong shared interest in a civic, open, cosmopolitan Europe. If cities are held hostage by the forces of provincial conservatism and nationalism then Europe has no future.第二,其他忍不住为伦敦的困境而幸灾乐祸的欧洲城市应该认识到,更国际化、创新驱动型的城市和更具民族主义色、更谨慎的内陆城市之间的断层线现在贯穿全球各地。不同国家的主要城市之间彼此的共同点,就如这些城市和它们所在国家之间的共同点一样多。有充分理由重建中世纪欧洲北部城市之间自由贸易的汉萨同盟(Hanseatic League),伦敦也是当年的汉萨同盟中的一员。一个市民化的、开放、国际化的欧洲非常符合欧洲各城市的共同利益。如果城市被地方保守主义和民族主义的势力挟持,欧洲就没有未来。Third, London has a prodigious capacity for reinvention, precisely because it is messy, slightly chaotic and not overly planned. Above all it must remain a polyglot city, what the 16th-century poet William Dunbar described as “the flour of Cities all”.第三,伦敦有惊人的再造能力,这正是因为伦敦有些混乱无序,并没有被过分规划。最重要的是,伦敦必须保持自己的多语性,就像16世纪的诗人威廉#8226;邓巴(William Dunbar)所说的,伦敦是“众城之精粹”(London, thou art the flour of Cities all)。London is not a place for people to feel sorry for themselves. No one owes the city a living. London must be a city for people excited by mixing with people who are different. Those who find that alarming should live quietly in Arcadian suburbs and provincial towns. Good on them. They should leave London to pursue its own role to give form to the ideas and forces that are remaking the world.伦敦不是一个适合人们自怨自艾的城市。没人欠这座城市什么,以至于必须无偿供养它。伦敦必须是这样一座城市,人们会因为和与自己不一样的人相处而感到兴奋。那些对此感到惊慌的人们应该在郊区和城镇过着田园牧歌式的平静生活。这对他们挺好的。他们应该让伦敦去扮演自己的角色,即塑造在当下改变世界的思想和力量。 /201608/459578

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